Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Windsor Seems to Have a Death Wish

Now that Bill has had some time to sit and reflect on his colossal defeat in Montana, his rage has consumed him.  He is making it very clear that he will not abide by any of the sentence given to him in Missoula.  He will not stop harassing Sean Boshie, nor will he cease his attacks on Judge Haynes or deputy DA Clark.  Its driving Bill crazy that Judge Haynes would have the audacity to tell Bill or his fellow terrorists that they can't publish any information pertaining to the jurors in his pro se trial. As a self made member of the press how dare they tell him what he can't say, he has freedom of speech.....meaning he can say whatever he wants whenever he wants.  This is why he is Lawless Bill, the laws dont apply to him.

As he drives off into the sunset and away from Montana, Bill filed a:

Notice of Withdraw (because he doesn't like the ruling of the "kangaroo court" and he wants a do over)
Notice of Criminal Charges (he's filing these on everyone he can think of and even though he can't actually file criminal charges.....he did anyway and wants someone to notice his authority)
Motion to Vacate the Sentence (he doesn't understand the sentence, he didn't have good counsel, the poor thing had to represent himself, he didn't even have a backup counsel after he filed a motion asking his back up counsel to be removed, he didn't have anyone to advise him during sentencing, and that "there is a strong likelihood that the outcome would have been different if Windsor had counsel"  I think we can all agree on that one)
Motion to Vacate the order regarding Jurors (because the guilty verdict was the final scene in Lawless America even though he didn't film it, Bill is a member of the press and this order is greatly happening his terrorist right to defame and intimidate innocent citizens)

So he is demanding that the courts to vacate everything they did and do a re-do, ohhh but when you do Bill can only participate by phone as he's not really keen on returning to the scene of the crime.

Coming off that striking defeat, what's the stupidest thing he could possibly do?  If you guessed drive back down to Ellis County and go into Judge Cindy's court and demand hearings.....you would be correct.

"If there is anyone in the Dallas area who will accompany me to Ellis County, please send me a private message. I could be arrested when I go there, so I'd like to have someone join me just in case.
I will have a hearing in Ellis County Texas in which I will subpoena Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson, Ellis County District Attorney Investigator Barnie Fife, Ellis County Clerk of Court Melanie Reed, Deputy Ellis County Clerk of Court Kate Roberson, Ellis County Deputy Sheriff James Cook, Ellis County Deputy Sheriff Cheri Lujan, and a few other special guests."

Would anyone like to join me in getting arrested in Ellis County, I could use a buddy?  As we all know, Bill jumped his $100,000 bond set by Judge Cindy about a year ago.  He was given very specific orders which he broke.  Now the multimillionaire-nationwide domestic terrorist is going to return to the scene of his crime.  Or at least he is pretending to.  He is never going to cease his criminal activity until the authorities pull the plug on him.  Stern warnings and slaps on the wrist only inflame his criminal behavior.  Bill is stepping into uncharted territory if he returns to a county that now knows his game.  His MO has always been hit and run, and never return.....will he actually test his own blueprint?


  1. What a doofus! Why would Windsor need 'a buddy'? Didn't he buy, er, I mean bond out 7 last year? Are they unwilling? Unavailable? Not totally stupid?
    Welcome back Windsor.

    1. Yeah, he should call his bestie "Nacho" as they seem to have quite the friendship, on and off FaceCrack and Nacho's familiar with Ells Co. Lol !!

    2. Nacho friend?
      Bill loved Nacho because of the warm cheesy relation in the name, except Nacho was more slang that old man Windsor doesn't, couldn't, and would never understand.

  2. 01112016-Windsor-CriminalCase-DC14509-WindsorsMotionToVacateSentencingAndBriefInSupport




  3. He has seriously gone off the deep end. He really, really wanted to go back to jail. As he said, it would be the perfect ending for his movie. And the perfect excuse not to finish the movie. But they didn't give him what he wanted (jail time), so he's going to bait the authorities in Texas on the warrant for jumping bail, he's posting pictures of his car exceeding the speed limit (which will land him back in jail for more than 200 days), and he's already toying with letting his supporters publish Boushie's name and, quite possibly, jurors names as well. I honestly think that he wants to go back. It makes him the perfect political martyr with no responsibilities to actually produce something or make real change, it actually gives him a social life, companionship, almost family (based upon his descriptions of "the guys"). He gets to be the benevolent benefactor to others, buying food at the commissary, bailing people out, etc. I honestly believe he is trying to get himself incarcerated again. There is just no other explanation for his behavior.

  4. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 13, 2016 at 9:10 AM

    And now to switch focus from those hole filling "criminals" in MT to the "Criminals" in TX who are "making up a scam" claiming Windsor failed to turn himself in in Montana, but he was really there, in Montana. Nuances? honest. (That was not Bill Windsor in ID. It was the wrong one...) Uh--WTFingF?

    "Judge Ermatinger has falsely charged me with felony bond jumping and has a $100,000 bail bond forfeiture against me. I didn't jump bond! I went to Montana exactly as agreed. The corrupt Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson orchestrated this scam.

    I am excited to have a hearing because I will subpoena all the witnesses that will enable me to prove it was a scam. The star witness will be the desk clerk at the Marriott who will testify that Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson lied to Judge Cindy Ermatinger. My other "star witnesses" will be the two people who claimed they witnessed my signature on a bond form, but they didn't. They signed on a bond form, but I have the copy that I was given in the courtroom, and they weren't there, and their signatures are not on it! There was supposed to be signing done at the jail before I was released, but there was not -- they just let me go."

    1. Marriot desk clerk? ★ witness?
      Of all the documents Windsor has claimed that were either destroyed by flooding, lost, withheld or he never received? He's managed to locate this supposed nugget.
      That's funny. Theatre funny.
      DA Wilson also excels at comedic theatre as a hobby.
      Windsor could inadvertently be correct, this show could me hilarious.
      Windsor's Dear Diary he updated daily via Facebook will make great evidence! >eyeroll<
      The irony of Windsor using the word scam as he's a victim? That's funny, too!
      Just more Windsor Facebook badassery of "look at me, pity me, pay attention to me".
      Cracks me up. Go on Windsor, get ya some DAWilson theater. Price is $100,000. Helluva a price for front row seat.

  5. For your entertainment, meet Mark J. Cuyler, another vexatious litigant:



    Pretty sure this is the man who was sitting next to Windsor in the courtroom before his trial started.

  6. And pretty sure he is one of Windsor's legal coaches. The following is from a summary of one of Cuyler's legal filings:

    When a judge rules against them, the Plaintiff[] respond[s] by filing frivolous (and usually successive) motions seeking disqualification of that judge. When that tack fails, Plaintiff[] then file[s] a lawsuit against the judge, seeking exorbitant sums as damages, in retaliation for the adverse rulings. Then, Plaintiff[] return[s] [his] attention to the original case and argue[s] the judge cannot continue to preside over it because [he has] sued the judge. It is an understatement to characterize this course of action, repeated over and over again, as an abuse of the judicial system.*fn6

    This action precisely fits within the pattern. The complaint accuses the defendants of numerous "violations," which allegedly arise from previous lawsuits and which include treason, "willfully and intentionally" dismissing valid complaints, ignoring "rules and laws," "intervening and taking over the cases and answering motions and objections for defendants," directing the clerk to close cases, instructing the U.S. Marshal to escort the plaintiff "from the time he enters the courthouse until the time he exit [sic] the courthouse," "answering their own motions to disqualify," "threatening [the] plaintiff" with sanctions, and refusing hearings. Each allegation of illegality wholly lacks factual detail and coherence; only a set of generalities remains.

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 13, 2016 at 12:43 PM

      Wow! Where can one obtain this Sov. Cit Vexi play book? Windsor has never been original, so there must be a secret "How to fuck with the courts vexi style" book floating around somewhere.

      I'd bet that is the only thing that survived the TX Flood, car theft, hotel hopping, misplace--stolen--illegally ceased--prized filing possessions he holds near and dear to his shriveled black heart.

  7. I just finished reading the excrement Bill filed in MT. Thanks to Renee Harrington for providing the links and making the docs available.

    I was particularly struck by Bill's motion to vacate the order regarding jurors. A few things that come to mind:

    1) I'd love to know where Bill gets his legal sources. My initial reaction was that he might have a subscription to LEXIS or WestLaw; however, he is a cheapskate and both of those services have a rather costly monthly subscription fee, particularly for multi-jurisdiction access. Now I believe (a) he is exceptionally good at conducting Google searches; (b) he has access to somebody else's previous work and cuts and pastes what he thinks will be effective; or (c) has several lemmings performing his "research". I'm leaning towards some combination of B and C.

    2) Despite having filed documents that, on their face, would indicate a deep investigation on the subject of juror privacy, including reviewing multiple tertiary sources (law journals, primarily), he doesn't seem to understand the very laws he cites. A brief reading of the applicable MT codes cited in his brief (and adjoining sections of the code) strongly suggests that the only publicly available list of jurors is a list of all potential jurors for a given session of court. In his case, IIRC, that would be all selected potential jurors for any case being tried in that particular court's jurisdiction for the period from June 2015 through June 2016. At a minimum, I would expect that list to be hundreds of names long.

    What Bill wants is the name and contact information for each of the individual jurors that served on the jury for his criminal trial. He doesn't cite (and I didn't run across during my cursory review of the statutes) any legal justification in the MT Code for such a request. Windsor certainly didn't cite any in what was otherwise a workmanlike essay on the history of juror privacy in the United States.

    Frankly, Bill's argument wasn't bad (until you got to Paragraph 27). Paragraph 27, however, may actually hurt him on appeal. Frankly, I think Windsor's argument doesn't look half bad, particularly given that the most grave concern about revealing a juror's personal information-- that the revelation might expose the juror to physical harm in retaliation for the jury's decision -- is already a crime under MCA 45-7-102(b).

    I could see the Montana Supreme Court finding that a general right to juror information exists. There is a smaller likelihood of the MTSC carving out a very narrow exception in cases where the circumstances indicate the jurors would be subjected to unreasonable harassment or where there is a reasonable belief that revealing information about the jurors would unreasonably expose them to personal harm. I'll be interested in seeing how they rule on this matter.

  8. Looks like LawlessAmerica.com and Lawlessamerica.org is down

    1. Odd how Windsor chooses the timing of taking his sites offline. Several of his hate .con sites are still up.

  9. Wonder if Big Bad Bill will call ahead to see if Patrick Wilson will be in his office or in court? Why does he need a process server? Why can't he serve Wilson himself?
    What a doofus.

    Bill Windsor updated his cover photo.
    6 hrs ·
    I am back in Texas. I first wore handcuffs here on October 28, 2014. I was essentially "in custody" until January 6, 2016.
    The extremely corrupt Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson has been out to get me since leaders of the Joeyisalittlekid Gang pull his strings. So, I'm going to find out what this scumbag wants to do as I am waltzing into his office with a process server who will serve him with a subpoena. It will be interesting to see if they want to incarcerate me on bogus charges yet again!
    I will be well-prepared, and I will have some of "my people" with me. I will also be doing some filming at various locations in Ellis County. I want to film outside the jail in a bright orange and pink striped uniform like the one I wore there.
    I have been contacted by many victims of the Ellis County Mafia (A, judges, sheriff), and I will be meeting with those folks.
    I'm sure some of you will think I am crazy to go right into the lion's mouth, but I'm out to expose these people, and I'll stick cameras right in their faces."

    1. A few issues with his post.

      One, I thought he claimed last night, he just reached TX, and had a few more hours to go until he hits Dallas.

      Second, didn't he already claim he needed the court to issue the subpoena's first? How does one obtain inner transit--air subpoenas while traveling?

      Third--his choice of words about the lions mouth? BAHAHA ****Waving to Windsor***
      I see your obsession with this blog and your lack of originality remains as consistent as your Vexatious games.


    2. Vic Fedorov
      I think the joeys are working in the reactionary interests of judges who are exposed through your work as consistently unjust
      1More · 8 hours ago

      Vic Fedorov
      Bill the pt of the joeys is to distract you and oppress you from making the movie. Once the film is being shown in festivals nation wide, you and the lawlessed et al can run parallel reform suggestions and have some media wind at your back
      More · 1 hour ago

      My questions for Vic and any of the Windsor window lickers: Who exactly is stopping "THE MOVIE"? No one has stopped Windsor from Facebooking, hate. coms, filing flurries of documents at numerous courts, roaming all over the country. Vic, why can't Windsor slap together the movie? I, personally, want to see it. 1,500 plus hours of interviews filmed, over 700 people telling their stories, Windsor's many 'climaxes'...and that's just from the coma inducing boredom of clips on YouTube. Who exactly is it that is hindering the progress? I'm really curious who is stopping this Movie.
      Vic? Help Windsor out! He's busy filing lawsuits, he hasn't got time to mess with the movie. You, Vic, seem to have some spare time, could you just do it already?
      Please? And thank you.

    3. And hurry, Vic! Bill is evidently 'needed' in Oregon to assist the #WorstMilitiaEver. The Movie sequel!

      Connie Fielding
      Bill - They need help in Harney County (the Ranchers and Patriots) researching their corrupt Judge. The Fire Chief resigned today and squealed on this judge who wants them out of town because he does not want them to find more dirt on him. With what I know about the crime family to include land and mortgage fraud, it is my belief that this judge (and his brothers) took the Ranchers land (via BLM) and deeded some off to themselves, that there are deeds in their names. Their pattern of practice is to set up LLCs in other states and then the LLC owns the land. I know your busy, but they need help with research there on the crooks.

  10. Hey uh Vic? Get a grip (lol) dude! Windsor chose to divert from the fake "movie" plot. No one stopped him, and you all still believeing in this lie, keeps excusing the very fact that you are much like those "Corrupt attorneys" who side with "Corrupt" Judges. Keep feeding the lies, supporting a man who's done nothing honorable with your support, but has infact committed fraud upon the court--across the US now for 3+ years.

    "Vic Fedorov-- Bill the pt of the joeys is to distract you and oppress you from making the movie. Once the film is being shown in festivals nation wide, you and the lawlessed et al can run parallel reform suggestions and have some media wind at your back"

    Reform? What reform? Exactly what is it, that you support? Treason for all who you deem unfit? Who runs this? Who decides? The man who turns on everyone who doesn't support him? Let that soak in...

  11. Reading his Bills latest, I believe he will puss out and not serve wilson. He's all talk.

    1. He doesn't have anything to serve Wilson with. What's he going to serve him? A subpoena to a yet to be scheduled hearing? New lawsuit? Bill has nothing. That's all just more Billshit for the dumb ass lemmings to eat up.

    2. So, you think Windsor's not gonna prance into Wilson's office with a process server and his homies in tow with their flip phones filming?
      Dang. I would've watched that video.
      I really hope you're wrong.

    3. I was thinking the same thing as Anon@12:27 -
      What's he serving Wilson with? And, a subpoena for what?
      And, I thought both Texas and Montana were not accepting new filings-appeals of his. And, I thought he must comply with the order out of Texas to pay Fleming before he can file more bogus crap?

    4. He's basically stalking, harassing, threatening Patrick Wilson now.

    5. Maybe he will serve him lunch?? He sure can't serve him anything paper LOL

      And Vic, he has media wind behind him, every time he farts L O L

  12. Windsor said this: The extremely corrupt Ellis County Texas District Attorney Patrick Wilson has been out to get me since leaders of the Joeyisalittlekid Gang pull his strings.

    How so? How exactly did the joeyisalittlekid gang pull his strings? Because from my seat on the bleachers Wilson was doing his JOB by ARRESTING YOU ON A WARRANT.
    Again the drama QUEEN refuses to take responsibility for his Stalker actions.

    No one is pulling anyone's strings, except for YOU pulling the strings of your little lemming puppets by LYING to create drama and gaslighting. IDIOT!

  13. Wowzers,can someone get Ticky the mental help she so desperately cries out for in psycho babble comments like this one?

    "Mary D It was Illegal to Arrest Bill Windsor in a Courthouse Leaving a Civil Trial; and, Without Prior Legal Notice, Denied Miranda Rights and Denied Notice of Rights of a Public Defender for an extradition arraignment?"

    1. There is no help for tickyd. None. She just can not comprehend how moronic her comments are. I think she just types a bunch of legal word she read somewhere and like Vexi boy, believes that means it's legit.

      Painful and pitiful as she is, sadly there is no help for stupid.

  14. Billy the "Cyber Bully" is all Butthurt. i have a number for you to call 800-555-WHAA. Probation must suck as much as that LawlessAmerica website that is losing it's web ranking every minute.

    1. LMAO what web ranking? The one he manipulated himself? Yeah--that doesn't count. If it's attached to the name "Windsor" you can bet it's a big, hot, steaming pile of BILLSHIT.

  15. "JP Grund-- More power to ya Bill! Sometimes we need more people just like you to traipse into Lions’ Dens just to do the right thing. I’ve been watching you since Cobb County and am still watching. Keep on going!! JP"

    Keep going? Really? rah, rah Billy? what a bunch of morons. Keep on being vexatious!! Lead us to the treason charges...we're still waiting on you Billy. You promised. Maybe, just maybe, some day--Windsor will end up with treason charges. Just not the way he had hoped.

  16. Breaking BillSchit!!!

    Bill Windsor updated his cover photo.
    15 mins ·
    Police are on the way.
    The timing and the stolen items are awfully suspicious. And there was a lot of other stuff in the jam-packed vehicle. They didn't take the laptop -- just the motion picture cameras and gear.
    I saw a fancy white pickup truck earlier today that I thought might have been watching me.

  17. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 14, 2016 at 10:33 PM

    Windsor's claiming his car was broken into. Why is there a picture of a Honda, when he said he was driving a jeep?
    Also, why is it always "Suspicious" instead of just some Karmic justice if it's even true? Stolen camera equipment and all his film from the last 15 months? I wasn't aware he'd filmed anything since his incarcerations. Drama Queen strikes again IMHO

    1. Yup, Honda & picture taken in daylight.

    2. Windsor packed Jeep, then unpacked it, moved all the plunder to Honda and then took pic in daylight, waited until after 10pm to claim it had been broken into?
      Sure he did.
      Just like he called police, the corrupt, awful police.

    3. I think I just felt a rushing of Dejavu. Wasn't this an excuse the last time when he was at some hotel it was broken into and they took the laptop and some other stuff. He rushed right out and purchased whatever. What would he had been filming for the last 15 months anyhow? Maybe it was part of the Ellis 7 welcoming him back home.

    4. 20 minutes until the break in, but 15 sounds better.

      It's all good. "Those stupid lemmings aren't worth keeping my story straight."

      For the record, I called this when he packed up his crap for the road trip of the century...

    5. Yup, I call Billshit, too.
      This is just his lie (excuse) to the lemmings why he'll never be able to finish the movie (because those bad thieves stole 15 months of filming he did in jail, lol) And earlier he said " I will be driving a vehicle that no one knows about. I'll be wired for video with four video cameras on me or in my possession at all times." .....

      So, why didn't the 4 video cameras catch the thieves?

    6. Good Question =

      David Moffatt Why does the photo show a broken front left window?

    7. Major BillSchit edit and addition AFTER reading here and at P's.

    8. Yeah--a semi smart lemming noticed the 'Story' wasn't jiving, so Windsor goes back to edit and correct ONE major flaw in his tall Windsor tale. SMDH Wow!

      But god forbid when a "hater" points out the same shit? It's "Defamation", "Libel," "Slander," Blah, blah.

      We're back to rerun drama because he wants everyone to focus their hate on TX now. Asshole
      When's the emergency surgery again? At a selected time? Preferable when he's needing a "get out of court" note?

    9. He has edited that story 19 times now. The last edit was just an hour ago. But look at the bright side. I'm sure that CSI team will find the thief's DNA and prove it was a Joey.

    10. LOL he watches too much t.v.
      Again, nothing original every comes from that dolt.

    11. Interesting 30 reponses and not one of them give a damn about the completion of the movie. It reads more like a pitty party. I bet this story is a false flag concocted story to give bill attention. Especially when there are no real pbotos and police reports to show anyone.

    12. Yeah it appears to be yet one more gaslighting attempt to the conspiracy nuts.

      Oh Bill, I bet it was done by the Government to silence you...
      Oh Bill, they just don't want the truth out there...
      Oh Bill, they're afraid of what you can expose...

      Unfrickenreal. Still, to this day, I haven't found ONE story of legitimate "Corruption" or the appearance of "Wrongdoing" on those crappy youtube woe is me clips. Not one. Just a ton of whiney, lying, cry babies who didn't like being held accountable. Just like their "Leader".

      If they were all scraped up and shipped off to some other country, kind of like a reverse Syrian deal? I'd bet the US would start getting a hell of a lot better. Take all the "Lawless" and the "NLA" all the "Sovereign Citizen" mentalities and just get them the hell out of here!

      They love to fight and cause controversy so send them over yonder--to replace those looking for peace here. Even steven.

    13. From 20 minutes to 15 and now 10 minutes later.

      Pretty soon, the story will be that he was in the vehicle at the time.

      "Perhaps a carjacking would be a nice, dramatic change?"

    14. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 15, 2016 at 9:57 AM

      He'll think of it now...probably copied and pasted in some excel sheet under Billshit excuses #______

      I'm thinking it might be another insurance scam to get money. If he had that repaint job after the alleged sand storm of the century? All excuses seem to come immeditally after some kind of 'output' by Windsor. Court filings, judgments, etc. Now THAT seems highly "Suspect" to me...unlike his edited version of a break in. Some investigators would call that an unreliable source. The "Accusers" story keeps changing...someone might want to review those plethora of edits.

    15. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 15, 2016 at 2:14 PM

      Oh, did I mess up your con Windsor? Worried your little "story" would backfire in your face? Well, now your sidestep shuffle excuse makes you look even more foolish.

      If you are claiming your incarceration is what caused you to lose your "Apartment" of which you keep claiming you were in "hotels" that is yet another LIE you just documented. You had the loft in TX (not the stupid hotel excuse you tried to get Judge Cindy to believe), and it was your residence. You had Jennie go "clean it out" when you were "incarcerated" so if that's the story, why would you have your equipment with you on the road? All your shit was there remember?? And further more, what the hell do those two things even have to do with each other? You allege you were not a resident of GA in April 2013, so why would you have "Homeowners insurance" after that anyway?

      If you had "renters" insurance it still would only cover items in the home, not in your car dumbass.

      Just stop lying and you wouldn't have to keep editing, changing, and re writing your fake history. Asshole!!

    16. 19 EDITS???
      Bwahahahahahaha! This couldn't get any funnier!

    17. Lol @19 EDITS !!!!!!!!!!

  18. Barry Goldstein When Bill Windsor started taping many protective moms they were so convinced that he would be the savior. I saw that he did not understand the issue and did not get involved but could not tell the moms to abandon what they considered their only hope. It turned out he is a fraud and attacked many of the moms. I never had any contact with Keith. The larger problem is that too often protective moms are attacking each other which hides the even larger problem of the broken system.

    1. https://www.facebook.com/julia.fletcher.92/posts/974991272562529?pnref=story

  19. Maybe the lemmings are not as stupid as Billy thinks ...

    "Bill McKeaan- Maybe it's a blessing in disguise & God encouraging to wrap up the project & retire. It's been my epxerience that there are dimishing returns on continuing to accumulate additional corruption stories. You have been telling everyone for years that you were producing a Hollywood style documentary (which would require a lot of financing). Is this fair to the victims you itnerviewed year ago. How about posting your stories on YOUTUBE by state so that the judicial reform activists in each state can benefit from the fruits of all your sacrafices (before your fruits rot away). I always say: "Use it or Lose it. "

    Rick Bertrand- So this is just a picture of some car from Yahoo?And you had no other copies of all your work???That seems very strange to me..."

  20. It would appear some of the lemmings are starting to catch on. Reposting here before Bill deletes it from his page:

    Bill McKean Maybe it's a blessing in disguise & God encouraging to wrap up the project & retire. It's been my epxerience that there are dimishing returns on continuing to accumulate additional corruption stories. You have been telling everyone for years that you were producing a Hollywood style documentary (which would require a lot of financing). Is this fair to the victims you itnerviewed year ago. How about posting your stories on YOUTUBE by state so that the judicial reform activists in each state can benefit from the fruits of all your sacrafices (before your fruits rot away). I always say: "Use it or Lose it. "
    2 · 48 mins
    Rick Bertrand
    Rick Bertrand So this is just a picture of some car from Yahoo?And you had no other copies of all your work???That seems very strange to me...

  21. Here's the same exact pic, from some auto body shop on the web.


  22. I am 100% certain this car fiasco is onw big story. No photos to prove anything.

  23. 9+

    Bill Windsor updated his cover photo.
    16 mins ·
    Bill Windsor was just informed that auto insurance does not cover the contents of his vehicle. As he had to give up his apartment while in jail, his homeowner's insurance was canceled as he had no home.
    $100,000 is the estimated loss. Devastating!

  24. $100,000 is nothing to Bill. He can throw that on his American Express card for bail and he's willing to lose it by jumping bail. I don't actually believe he lost $100,000 worth of stuff. He's so full of it. And I'll say it again: what kind of moron leaves electronics worth that much money in a car at a hotel?

    In any event, Rick Bertrand is definitely going to find himself banned by Windsor:

    Rick Bertrand Sorry for being suspicious but is this when you start taking donations on gofundme?

    1. Bill Windsor
      My photo is now posted. I didn't have a camera. I have copies over a year's filming. I had no copies of the work done when I wasn't in jail over the last 15 months. My primary concern over the last 15 months was avoiding dying in the Montana State Prison. It never crossed my mind that I needed to copy anything.
      More · 13 minutes ago

      His picture is of a plastic bag taped over a window. No actual damage is visible.

    2. It's interesting his equipment loss is the exact same amount of the bond he owes Ellis Co for. And now he's ready to accept donations again.

    3. This has the smell of a scam. What happened to him marching in with the supoenas this morning. Hmmmmmm great excuse. Lets run a scammy fun raiseor just incase they demand 100,00 or lock me up and to have a diversion because i really dont have the balls or the supoenas to give to anyone.

  25. Your average news camera, that I've never seen him personally use (he uses a 1-2K Best Buy model), is around 20-30K. He's used a production company in the past, maybe theirs were 40K.

    I thought he was indigent, where did he get this treasure trove of AV Stuff?

    So he left it in the car for 10 minutes under a light (so the contents of the car were clearly visible), and the car was broken into, but they left his laptop (probably the easiest piece to sell) and that allows him to keep blogging away.

    Even his followers must be catching on. From an easier post his pic was apparently taken from the web of a broken window. He's gone completely nuts.

    1. Great points about the indigent crap. He sure didn't mention in the court papers of his brokenness about the 100K assets of equipment he was hiding. Nice!

  26. Interesting that he claimed to have made multiple copies of all of his proof of corruption in his case, but it "never occurred to him" to copy the filming product for a film he claims is being sabotaged? How stupid does he think people are? He goes on to say that he just never uploaded anything in the last 15 months from his camera because he was busy trying to keep from dying in a Montana prison. Well, that's interesting, because four months ago, he DID upload a video about his case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eU2iZVm2z3s

    So he copied just this one filming out of everything he supposedly did in the last 15 months, but left the rest on the camera?

    The BillShit is getting really, really deep.

  27. Methinks he may have realized this whopper was even a little big for him, expect backfilling. Then again, this could be the MT Sniper Team working with Ellis County and the Feds.

    I wonder if he's on the no-fly list yet?

    1. Obviously not. We are witnessing the Monkey flying high right now...

  28. Rick Bertrand Sorry for being suspicious but is this when you start taking donations on gofundme?
    54 mins

    Bill Windsor Thanks, Rick. I tried Kickstarter in 2012 and it failed. I haven't wanted to accept donations, but I now must reconsider that.

    1. Good. You do that Windsor. Just more fraud to be investigated for...

  29. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 15, 2016 at 2:49 PM


    "This is the back of the cargo area in the SUV. My only view is the rearview mirrors. Camera equipment, legal files, computer, printer, scanner, clothes, dirty clothes, books, office supplies, and more."

    Also interesting is that in the picture of his alleged hotel room a few days ago he has a desk top computer, large monitor and key board are visible in the picture. No Laptop is seen. Now, if you're toting a very large monitor, that's not going to be easily hidden under your dash like he claimed. So, does Money bags Windsor actually have two computers? More assets he's hidden and lied about? Look at the back of his car in the "I'm loaded down" pic. Do you see any random loose camera equipment in sight? If he will place his precious "Files" in boxes, why wouldn't he also put his 100K worth of equipment in some carrying case? This Billshit is just too deep! He's drowning now.

  30. I have 2 cameras set up on each side of my mail box, just in case Bill decides to drive by my house in Ellis County

    1. I think it is Hilarious that his precious filming equipment was stolen. Now he can't film jack anything. BRUUHHHAAAHAAAAAA!

    2. lol, indeed, oddly enough it happens every year....

    3. Heck with cameras, set up claymores. Err, maybe piemores.

      After two men broke into my vehicle and stole all of my motion picture equipment and most of my photography equipment, I had to move everything out of the broken car into my little hotel room.
      I haven't heard from the detective. I have secured the serial number for my big motion picture camera, and I am providing it to the police who will check this against all pawn records,
      I am still waiting for a report from the security camera company.
      Thanks Heavens the movie film was given to someone for safekeeping before I left Montana. There were four sets of the 17 movie hard drives. One set has been stolen. I hope one set is in storage near here. For the life of me, I can't remember who i sent the fourth set to. If you are reading this and have a set of the movie film, please send me a private message.
      The window glass repairman showed me several spots where there is body damage from the break-in. I have to go by State Farm to let them inspect and give me an estimate.
      When I wasn't licking my wounds and dealing with this huge financial loss, insurance, police, and repairs, I processed letters with my criminal charges against Montana folks. I am mailing today to the U.S. Attorney General, the Montana Attorney General, the FBI, and numerous others.
      I have been unsuccessful in finding the legislative record for when Tile 40 Chapter 15 of the Montana Code Annotated was enacted or amended. If anyone knows where to get this information, I would REALLY appreciate it.

    5. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 16, 2016 at 10:50 AM

      Here's a question--if Windsor has roughly 18+ boxes of "Files" in his possession (that he's been toting around for 15 months,) how is it, that when asked to produce something needed of him, he claimed "he didn't have the files?" That sure looks like an awful lot of frivolous papers in one room to make any claim of not having the requested ones handy. Also, within all that rubble of dead trees, how does he make a claim that the ONE key missing piece of evidence lacking holes isn't actually misplaced within one of those spiffy boxes?

    6. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 16, 2016 at 11:10 AM

      Yeah--also funny is someone said they felt sorry for him having to lug all that around. Forget the fact that all those papers ARE his filings. He created that mass of mess.

      When he got irritated in TX, because he actually thought the court was his executive administrative assistant and would fetch documents out of the mess of boxes he himself didn't have the patience to sort through and fetch the one he needed and made a snide comment about the "mess." Hysterical! It's HIS MESS! He loved bombarding the courts and defendants with it--that is, didn't care how deep it was, until he had to experience his own paper terrorism fishing expedition.

  31. Anyone remember The "Gray State" Documentary Filmmaker's death, who Windsor tried to sell off as a Conspiracy? Trying so hard to spin the story around to himself being "silenced?" Yeah--about that. Just as everyone that isn't a lemming/conspiracy nut suspected, the guy fricken snapped. Became SOOO obsessed with his delusional world it took over and consumed him to the point of murder/suicide.

    "Disturbing details about the last moments of a Minnesota man who shot his wife and child before turning the gun on himself have surfaced one year after the killings."

    “The Rise” appeared to accompany his feature film project “Gray State,” an apocalyptic government takeover movie he had worked on obsessively for years."

    “It almost embodied him. Almost to the extent to where it would dictate a lot of his thoughts and ideas and outlook in reality,” co-producer Danny Mason told Fox 9."

    "Investigators said that a deal to get the flick made fizzled before the holiday season violence, and Crowley’s business teaching actors how to use weapons for film also reportedly closed."


    I didn't accomplish much today. I'll be working hard starting tomorrow on my Motion for a New Trial as well as gearing up to go after the Joeyisalittlekid Gang with every legal effort possible.
    One of my Texas friends set me up with a date tonight with an extremely sweet and very beautiful lady. We had a fabulous time until I told her about the cyberstalking, jails, and trial. She was scared to death. There won't be a second date. This is pretty sad. Just makes me want to nail all the corrupt bastards just that much more badly!
    I don't think I am dating material.
    I have ground down my front teeth. I have a plastic guard to wear over my teeth at night, but it hasn't been seen for the last 15 months.

    1. "gearing up to go after the Joeyisalittlekid Gang"

      In my honest opinion--This is worthy of a middle finger salute. ESAFWTFB Windsor.

  33. I don't think I am dating materialJanuary 17, 2016 at 8:31 AM


    My date was scared to death of the stalkers.


    I was scared to death of Bill!

    It's the same way he twisted this with his family. By saying "Just makes me want to nail all the corrupt bastards just that much more badly!", he's now blaming his poor dating and paranoid delusions on others.

    I'm sure he monopolized the conversation as well. Has anyone noticed all of the vast # of pics on his FB are all of him?

    1. Pfftt. That idiot never left his hotel last night. Probably just hung around the ladies room door in the lobby.

    2. LMFAO! The comments over there on his FB page are hilarious. Pick me Bill, pick me!! Oh, if I wasn't married...(that didn't stop Bambi--allegedly)I want to be your partner in crime...(now that's fricken funny) helping you expose crime. (what? the? fuck?)

      It's like fricken buzzards, picking on the carcass of another buzzard. Where's TickyD to throw her manic ass in the middle?

    3. HAHAHA TickyD showed up late to the brown nose game. Everyone else is up Windsor's butt, except her. She's the only one making rambling, incoherent run on sentences with legal mumbo jumbo. Poor thing...just doesn't seem to understand how craay craaay she sounds. It's like "one of these things is not like the other" and it's her--sticking out like a sore thumb.

  34. another Bill Windsor supporter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohCszHHmnkQ&feature=share

    1. "The government teet"?

      Too bad the pen-and-paper process doesn't involve a spell-checker.

    2. No words. Just painful blinking.

    3. She want more women to do this, and she did not give it to Bill Windsor. AMPP posted it to their page, so I just wonder what Bill Windsor is going to do about it. Is he going to try to get more women to join her in posting their boobs online for anti government reason or call her a hater for giving it to AMPP?

    4. So, the Windsor supporter made a video, sharing with a group who Windsor clearly stated was "OFF LIMITS" to associate with or they'd be cut off, clearly defying Windsor World orders. Interesting.

      Also, I just have to insert ***EYE ROLL**** over poor taste video. WHY. THE. FUCK. would showing titties bring validity to this case? To me? That just reduced any chance of being taken seriously. But, hey--not many of Windsor's supporters (if any) have any class.

    5. ha ha it was remove

    6. This is a job for "Corruption Boy."
      How dare they remove smut film. I mean, documentary. What an absolute OUTRAGE! He'd be "delighted" to sue Youtube you know. Alert the media! This is another 1st amendment violation!!

      ***shoulda never been uploaded***smh

  35. Anyone in Texas can see if Bill Has been arrested ... he has said nothing for over a day?

    1. No, he's still Narcissistic posting. Now he's going back to his pretend offers to help with his lameass talksnooze shows. Should be titled Narcissists on Air.

    2. Yup, he's blathering away bilshit as usual.

  36. Ok, so here's a prime example of the Billshit Bill does. Holds "All about Me" shows, mostly talking about himself, and occasionally tolerating commenters. Now, what is he going to do for them? He's been doing these empty promise shows for years now, and what exactly has he done to help? Not a damn thing. This is nothing more than another "Gaslighting" show to stir more hatred towards the Government. He's impotent in every form of "Reform". Useless old man child, who loves taking money under false pretenses--yeah--he's building up to it again IMO, highlighting himself with fake stories of "They done me wrong" (C)NB, and any dramatic spin on reality he can hijack--that he thinks will get him more noticed.
    (upon information and belief of course)


    Hi friends. I continue to receive so many please for help that the only practical way to help folks is with a call-in show where I can be responsive to multiple people at once.

    I'll let everyone know when I set a regular schedule. If you want to be on the email list for notifications, please email me at bill@billwindsor.com.

    There must be a way that we can make a bigger impact in the battle against corruption. I want to discuss those ideas."

    1. Ah, the slithering stalker has once again crawled out from under his rock - attempting to obtain new email addresses...




    2. Well that's messed up. Who wants to wind up in this assholes "Data base" because some acquaintance of theirs winds up being copied on some email at one point or another, and someone in the link is clearly weak and actually emails him? That's some desperate stalker shit right there IMO to capture or even need to, random people from other peoples accounts--who don't and aren't requesting your crap. No wonder Spammers so easily obtain your info, and use it maliciously. Windsor is proof of that!

    3. Well then perhaps THIS is how he obtained Boushie's information? Via COX? She was harassing him for a long time...just a thought.

    4. Another thought - the emails that the Texas and Montana DA's office sent to Windsor, that Windsor may have scraped using XOBNI. Just a thought...From the peanut gallery

    5. Mary Deneen Talk Show... are we going to get further stalked, defamed, libeled, slandered, with, by and thru invasions of privacy in communications by the Bullying "Hate Gang" Joey's?

    6. Mexican word of the day - PLEASE

      " I continue to receive so many please for help"

    7. Not Friends Of Bill Windsor (or MaryD)January 18, 2016 at 12:55 PM

      Shut up MaryD you tickwit.
      A) THE only one who's committed violations of privacy is WINDSOR who has obtained private information via an EMAIL phishing app.

      You--dear moron--are posting to public pages, and listening to a public broadcast. IF you are going to continue to spew VIOLATIONS like a bad walking dictionary, please (correct use of the word Windsor...) USE IT PROPERLY.

      Just because you feel the need to ramble legal terms across a half-ass-attempted sentence does NOT make it legally sound. UGGH!!

    8. Mary Deneen,
      RE: " invasions of privacy in communications by the Bullying "Hate Gang" Joey's"

      Let's talk about what the Windsor groupies have been doing since Windsor's criminal conviction in MT, with that information Windsor illegally obtained via XOBNI.

  37. I cant wait to listen to the new conference calls. Will they starting up grand juries again is the question.

    1. Citizen grand juries? Pfffttt no....he never said such a thing, and if he did, it was once, and a poor choice of words. I think because he explained it in a transcript or something somewhere, that must make it true right?


  38. So Bill started a gofundme page. Pretty sure anything he raises can be attached to satisfy the judgment against him. Someone might want to warn his donors.

  39. http://theprettylieortheuglytruth.blogspot.com/2016/01/gofundme-bill-windsor-lawless-america.html

    1. How ironic. A site called "the pretty lie or the ugly truth" sharing Windsor's lies? His attempt to "pretty up" those lies? Begging for money again?

      No, the ugly truth offends him. He's suing because of the ugly truth. He truly views Truth as ugly. Spent his entire life building pretty lies to sell. That entire go fund me resume' is laughable and completely debunkable. It really should be some kind of "crime" to maliciously mislead people into donating money under false pretenses like that.

  40. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 19, 2016 at 9:16 AM

    One of the lies in the go fund me drivel that I would LOVE the answer to is this one:

    "I help as many as I can."

    HOW? How have you helped anyone Windsor? Listened to them cry? On film? The closest profession that would come to is possibly "therapist." But, just sitting there without offering any sort of support or advice to them? Still isn't "help."

    Please list the actual people you put in touch with attorneys. Filed court papers on behalf of. Turned their cases around--like you told them you would. Actual HELP! Out of the alleged 7000 that contacted you. (This number BTW seems to be ever fluctuating--you do realize that right? You know, here's a therapeutic tip for you--from me--for free. "IF YOU TELL THE TRUTH, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WRITE A SCRIPT OR COPY/PASTE, OR KEEP DATA BASES FOR YOUR ASSORTED STORIES/LIES/DRAMA. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEARCH YOUR MEMORY (with the every annoying pregnant pauses) TRYING TO RECALL PREVIOUS LIES SO AS NOT TO INCRIMINATE YOURSELF--WHICH YOU ALWAYS DO."
    Should be called the "DOH" factor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6GuEswXOXo


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