Friday, November 21, 2014

Extradition Hearing Today

Artist's rendering of  Windsor based on the eye witness accounts on the 20th of November, 2014.


  1. Nice work!. Ironically, it's the real Alcatraz media.

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  3. LOOLLL Why is Bill in a tunnel??? LMFAO...........

    Debbie Lynn Marie Smith That was the most disgusting blog chat I'd ever seen. Whoever posted here that he is OKAY and they are treating him well, is a LIAR. The photo and their comments about him trembling is all the proof I need. I have screen shots of pertinent comments. So upsetting!

    8 mins · Edited

    Debbie Lynn Marie Smith Does this look like someone who is treated fair and well? Why is he in a tunnel underground? That doesn't sound normal to me.


    1. You see it's not enough to pull your head from the sand; you gotta wipe the sand out of your eyez...!

    2. You also need to take the lithium the Dr prescribed.

    3. Oooooooooooooh mah gawd, I cannot stop laughing at Debbie Lynn Marie Smith's FB comment about the pic at the top of this post. I mean is she really that frickin stupid????

    4. Read with extreme valley girl tone.:

      "O.M.G did you read that blog? It's terrible. Why is Windsor is a tunnel? Anyone who said he's ok is a liar. This is all the proof I need. O.M.G"


    5. It's OK, a train hit his prisoner bus, he escaped, has eluded the feds by jumping down a dam, and is clearing his name as I type this..

    6. You know what I forgot?
      Windsor repeatedly said that he can receive #pertinent #jailmail via email while incarcerated at the Ellis County Jail! His new email address is.....wait for it......ready?
      This was set up so that legal documents can be quickly rec'd & reviewed by Mr Windsor.
      He made such a big deal out of repeating it numerous times? I'm just guessing that was a hint to give to his supporters/followers! So, again, it is
      I do hope the Debbies of the group know that all correspondence is carefully reviewed before an inmate receives it, UNLESS it is legal documents from inmate's attorney or opposing counsel & marked with a cover sheet as such.
      I'm gonna make a reach here, & bet a dollar, that there'll be some that simply cannot help themselves & will feel they should email him via that #jailmail address of because, well, they are just special & know more than anyone else!
      #windsorinjail@yahoo #jailmail
      On your mark! Get set! Go!

  4. Debbie Lynn Marie Smith - According to the ugly blog, no extradition to MT. Next hearing is Dec. 19th. Bail is set at $100,000

    Correction Debbie: Windsor didn't get extradited because he is fighting it. And because of that stupid decision on his part, he is setting in jail until a hearing can be held in December.

    Another Correction Debbie: Windsor cannot bond out, while he is in Texas on a Montana arrest warrant.

    Debbie, something you failed to report back to LA LA Land about today's hearing: Windsor himself told Judge Carol that he is not indigent and is not eligible to have the court appoint an attorney for him. Windsor didn't even bother to fill out the paperwork to see if he was eligible, because 1] He has lots and lots of money, although he is telling everyone in LA LA Land that has nothing ; and 2] He doesn't want records of the amount of money / assets he has.

    1. 2] He doesn't want records of the amount of money / assets he has.
      2] He doesn't want records of the amount of money / assets he has.
      2] He doesn't want records of the amount of money / assets he has.
      2] He doesn't want records of the amount of money / assets he has.

    2. I also can't believe that she or the rest of em think Bill actually gives a shit about em

    3. they are sooooo dumb and blind. it's amazing.

  5. Debbie must not be the brightest bulb in the lemming pile hu?
    Clearly if Windsor accepted extradition, he'd be able to argue the crap he is trying to get TX to hear, which isn't their Jurisdiction. AND, the bond is the same as it was when he was arrested.

    Clearly the photo above is satire/mockery and not real. Says so right under it. Had she not been eavesdropping on our chat, she wouldn't know anything, but even after reading, she's still completely lost. TX has nothing to do with the MT case. Windsor is prolonging the inevitable. It's all his own doing. Not TX and not MT. Where are those big Billy stalking balls now?

  6. I have to say that the followers of bill are not to brilliant.

  7. One correction to the above: Bill told Judge Ermatinger, not Judge Carroll, that he couldn't qualify as indigent.

    1. This is just in my opinion, but having known this rascal for decades, he probably has money in alot of mattresses. That leads to the question, why is he dragging this legal thing out with no attorney?

    2. He's probably going to pull an Argersinger v. Hamlin, Sixth Amendment stunt that won't work.

  8. At least Helen Childers got half of this right. Posting on Billy's fb openly, eh?

    Helen Childers the Joeys are hateful people but the fact remains. This man is a fraud

    1. Uh, hateful of liars and people who take advantage of others, yes. If not for the exposure by this blog and others, of Windsor's lies, the "Helen's" would still be blindly supporting him.

  9. Helen Childers? Eat shit & #PTFD. For real, how's that for hateful?
    Helen? You're swift enough to know that Windsor is a fraud, I'll give you credit for being brighter that the average dim bulb with the ability to post on his page.
    Next time some freak circles your house, stalks your family, uses your tragedy as a cover photo? Call me, or numerous others that Windsor has done even more horrid things to, then sued them & we'll talk about some #hateful. Okie dokie, big girl?
    & Helen? While you're posting over there on the man you claim is a #fraud Facebook's thread, could you let Debi know she IS a HUGE dipshit, please? Debi is hiding out of the country, but she's unable to read that the image above had a disclaimer attached to it? How did Debi manage to get out of this country? Shitfire, out of her bunker? I'm thankful she's just out of the US!
    *eye rolling* & still nursing my ear from the onslaught of BillShit from yesterday!

    1. Pardon me, I spelled Debbie's name incorrectly.
      It was Dani using the cutesy 4 letter thang. Debbie is too old for that.
      It is so scary that there so much stupid gathered in one place. I hope they stay there until Windsor gets back to them.

    2. Helen Childers is Marty Prehn's head detective and super sleuth. She has been trying to supply Marty names to feed Windsor for over a year. Kinda funny she suddenly thinks Windsor is a fraud now that Marty knows he's going down with Windsor. That comment reeks of CYA!

    3. Figures.
      I knew the name was familiar.
      She's that old heifer that Marty guys bilks for money?
      But, Windsor is a fraud?
      Yeah, Helen needs to take a sit down & hush. I apologize for cursing at an elderly woman. I meant it though, Helen, if you're smart enough to navigate over here. Look long & hard at your internet buddies.
      Save your money, spend it on yourself!

    4. Marty does bilk money from her, but she's not old. You're thinking of Florence. Helen is Hula Helen from Hawaii.

    5. RE: SemperFi Wife @5:44 PM -
      Whoop, whoop, whoop!!!! You go, girl.

    6. "Marty Prehn
      God created the Heavens and the earth and on the 8th day He created Helen Childers. Does anyone else agree with me that God does good work?
      Like · 1"

    7. "Marty Prehn
      Did I mention that there will be some real live Husky dogs at this years reunion picnic? Classes with a 5 year incremental reunions 1959,1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009. We will be looking for classic cars from these years to be on display for photos to be taken and a drive down memory lane. Whose car do you remember as being a really cool car while attending Lakeview High School? My friend FISH at INCHES custom car restoration will be having some of his restored "pimped out rides" on display and there is a rumor that a DeLorean like the one on back to the future will be on display and also in this years Memorial day parade. The class of 1974 is challenging these other mentioned years to a parade float contest for the 2014 Memorial Day Parade. I have to get with Bob Montgomery and the SCS Parade Committee but several of my Detroit Tiger old timers from the 1968 and 1984 World Series Championship Teams have agreed to take part in the parade and possibly our reunion picnic as well. Helen Childers check with Bob Seger who is vacationing on Maui and see if he is still going to come and sing a few songs with Billy Hulet and the Hip Replacements. The invite is also out to Kid Rock and other unnamed tv personalities. Does anyone besides myself remember Russ Ryans 1968 or 1969 white and orange convertible Camaro that was the Pace car for the Indy 500 in 1969. It helps that his dad either owned a Chevy car dealership or worked there. My friend FISH has one of those and pimped out Nick Fairley's Escalade who is #98 on the Detroit Lions Football team.
      Edited · Like ·"

    8. Welp, I had a lip smacking supper all ready, I read that snit? & lost my appetite.
      Broads fall for this snit?
      Helen is in Hawaii? But she sends money to this loser? as does that elderly lady Flo? I get them & the LawlessLeaderlessLosers all mixed up. They just run together, sometimes. Ack! Y'all think they say that about us? Nah, we're way smarter & funnier! And we keep getting cool new folks over here all the time.

    9. She's pretty thick with Marty and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Windsor.

      Before this is over, I'm sure we'll find out how thick.

    10. "Marty Prehn shared a link.
      December 27, 2012
      OMG Helen Childers my sister Marlene "the manipulator" Nelson uses all of these words or phrases. I think this makes her a big fat liar. Her number 1 give awayt is either when she clears her throat before she says something OR watch her lips...if they move she is lying. The other thing she does to deflect attention is she comes down with serious illnesses like thyroid cancer and asks for people to pray for her and "THANK YOU JESUS" (SARCASM INTENDED) she is healed and talks about how good has been to her. I wonder how she will feel when GOD lets the devil put to CURSE OF JOB on her and her fly and co-conspirators. "What does it profit a greedy person if they gain the whole world and lose their soul in the process"? She will be going to federal prison with no chance of parole. Maybe while she is incarcerated she can get the mental help that she needs."

    11. You have a right to be angry, SemperFi Wife. What he did to you was unspeakable and for the drama associated with his nutzoid attention seeking.

      I fell for the Billshit at first and I don't know what these people have been through or what they may be avoiding given the extreme methods of manipulation Billy has put so many through. Not all of them are Debbies or MaryDs. What his lemmings are doing is most of the time without thought or valid reason, but I don't know what the underlying pressures are either. I'm trying to use some #wisdom here because in the end, so many pissed off former followers are going to want some type of resolution for having been taken/mislead.

      I agree with #StayOverThere. You got used by a psychopath. I'm so sorry that you've had to endure so much revictimization that was NOT coming to you.

    12. "Helen Childers: Marty why do you keep the haters on? Hey petunia snotgrass I actually go to libraries and read books. Google is for lazy people!"

    13. "Spamanon September 19, 2013 at 1:15 PM

      "Marty Prehn commented on this.
      Helen Childers shared The Glory Hole's photo.
      Yesterday at 11:17pm
      The Glory Hole
      Yesterday at 7:01pm"

      It's all starting to come together..."

    14. "Anonymous August 8, 2014 at 6:49 AM
      The great legal lemming analyst have given Windsor an original idea!
      It's worked so well in MO & TX! (Yup, whoop out a transcript!)

      Helen Childers File a civil suit
      7 hours ago · 1

      Charles William O'Connor Indeed,Helen -
      about an hour ago"

    15. Marty Prehn - Guys just plead the 5th and admit that June is busting out all over. The question of the day is are these all natural or have they been surgically enhanced? Now you know where the term NIP and TUCK come from. You are quite the character Helen Childers. I wonder how long it took for other guys to realize that there was anything written below one of God's creations. He made woman and said "THAT'S GOOD". If God is for it who can be against it. Helen as I told you before "If I told you that you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?" I am still waiting for your answer. LOL CJ is a very lucky guy. Please tell him I said Hi.

    16. Ewwwwwwww
      What a creepy whack a doodle!
      So, this is the same Helen that was busy today casting her great disdain today at commenters here? Really? That's special!
      That Marty thing was a humongeous cheerleader for Windsor for over a year! But now? He's leapt 'ship'? & sicced his internet women squad on his once great Hero? That's funny!

  10. Those screenshots Debbie is posting on Bill Windsor's Facebook page?
    The chat log screen shots?
    She does realize that a tab is open titled #HowToCompletelyDisappear?
    Thanks Debbie!
    I'll be emailing your screen grabs with that tab open to various #LE re: bond revocation, flight risk, ect.
    For an inmate with a Black AmEx card at his disposal, a SD Driver's license, only Post Office Boxes as addresses in both South Dakota & Texas, access to a Jeep with tags & registration from Geogia in another person's name?
    Windsor needs more Debbies to assist!
    Thank you again Debbie! You have helped numerous victims of Windsor's stalking expeditions!
    #GoDebbie #PostMoreScreenShots

    1. Clever one, that Debbie...


    2. Debbie Lynn Marie Smith
      46 mins ·
      William "Bill" Windsor is a filmmaker for Lawless America: Movie
      He has recently been persecuted and currently residing in Ellis County Texas jail, for exposing corruption in American government through a documentary film, Lawless America. It has come to my attention, that this man is being held under false arrest, because he was never served with a warrant, while perpetrators accuse him of multiple bogus charges.
      His supporters agree, that this is an obvious attempt to destroy Bill and obstruct justice.

      It appears that he is not being treated well and has likely been tortured. A photo of him posted today, while on his way to a hearing, shows him looking sleep deprived, unhealthy and unkept. Perpetrators in the courtroom today were involved in a blog chat session, where they spoke of him "shaking and trembling."
      Please check out the links below for more on this story and share, share, share!

    3. InDamnDeed!
      If Windsor has very many Debbies, he's the title of his own planned book, #ScrewedBlueAndTattooed
      #How to completely disappear?
      I despise Windsor & even I think she needs to #Facepalm herself!
      The rest of the usual bucket blowhards have dived into thier bunkers, locking Debbie out!

    4. Check out this whackadoodle. Is she praying that Windsor dies? Sounds very creepy.

      Flordeliza Arrojo Ayson Viloria heavenly FATHER in HEAVEN and EART Kindly PLEASE!! go AND get Mr. Bill Windsor and TAKE HIM HOME in YOUR CARE and PROTECTION, AMEN.. HEAVENLY FATHER in HEAVEN and EART,, you're the GODEST of ALL MAN KIND, AMEN..

    5. That Debbie is whacked, the cra cra still doesn't get the pic is a "rendering" ...Bahahahahhahaha ...

    6. He'll never get it together in this lifetime.

  11. Don't worry, SemperFi Wife, Helen just opened herself up and we're going to see suits from within the jail. He's going to continue looking for ways to get around the rules, the psycho *%$&@ who wants to keep his evil machine going. Anyone who participates from here on out is a co-perpetrator and you are effing on NOTICE of the same. Obviously he needs to be disciplined more than most for his crazy-a$$ and he has harmed a lot of people. I swear, the very places you go to for help for help are the very places that can hurt you the most, e.g., Bill Windosr. His over-the-top, "my wife of 42 years divorced me" and "I'm forbidden to see my grandchildren" and it's everyone else's fault because I can't just swoop in with a convincing theme and take your money. Yack, yack, yack and gag.

    I hope the judicial system imposes hugh stops on Windsor. Butt he'll never shut up. A guy like him should be declared incompetent and let's get on with productivity as opposed to being so captivated with a crazy. Shame on Bill Windsor and his former wife for putting up with his stupidity, vengeful ways and just ripping people off point blank. He's a con artist, put simply.

    1. Judge Carroll even asked Mr Windsor yester after nearly 40+ minutes of Windsor's speaking? "Mr Windsor, you do realize you still have not mention how Flemming's statements damaged your life!"
      Seriously, I'm the opposing side & I even cringed seeing the open tabs including #HowToCompletelyDisappear!

    2. Sorry for typos!! Laughing hysterically!
      With friends/supporters like Debbie? Who needs opponents?

    3. We love you, SFW. Don't be so hard on yourself.

    4. Smoochies from around the U.S. for all you've done. Just showing up and being your sweet self had changed lives. Keep on doin' it.

    5. Message meant for SFW. And from around the world. You did your time and you deserve to have a decent family life after the loss of your husband. You're doin' it love.

    6. Bwahahahahaha!!!! Thank you! I did #DoTime, awhile back. I never tried to act like I didn't either.
      That's the whole part of #BillShitSlinging I never did 'get'. I was supposed to be all outraged that he blasted my mugshot?
      This nugget of my life wasn't a closely guarded secret!
      Damn, I live in a small town in East Texas! Everybody & their grandmaw's' 13 dogs knows everybody else's business! Breaking news this was not! Not a proud moment, by any stretch, but mine, nonetheless.
      And? Derrrrrr! He talked shit, like "She's a criminal! I'm in fear! Cease! Desist!"
      Okie dokie, I'm a criminal, Windsor's big manly Tankass © is so I fear of all 114lbs of me that he brings his tankass © to my little Podunk town AFTER he sued me & thought I'd #PTFD & was gonna send out a welcome to Kemp, Texas wagon?
      Uh? No.
      Now? Really, Windsor thought (in my opinion) "Eh, she's all down & pitiful, I've got some embarrassing dirt on her mouthy ass, lemme just scoot on down Highway 175 to Kemp from Dallas (just a short 45 minute drive) & give her a good dose of #stalking. She's so grief stricken, distraught, alone now, she'll get skeeeert/intimidated & she'll just crawl away sobbing quietly!"
      Eeeeert! Wrong Tankass ©!
      I didn't get outta TDC being 114 lbs & stupid or by being a wuss.
      I mighta went for doing something really stupid. My conviction wasn't corrupt, a conspiracy, no RICCO was involved, I wasn't railroaded or tortured.... This part is really not rocket science. I committed the crime is prescription (Rx) fraud. I called in my own Rxs. I ain't gonna lie, I was addicted to Rx pain pills. I was too ashamed to admit I had a problem & I wasn't criminal enough to know how to get them from a drug dealer. I overheard the nurse calling in Rxs once & I memorized the # she recited as I eavesdropped. It was 1998. There are stricter laws & technology now in place to safeguard this type of Rx fraud, now. (Eureka! I don't think I was the 1st brainiac, ashamed addict to pull this maneuver off! Shocking, I know!!)
      I'll still match my mugshot & 'criminal' history to ANY of the nuk futzs of his YouTube clips' movie. Damn! He seriously was supporting some hardcore killers.
      I recall one killer, from Texas, that dismembered their victim & the dude's family whined to Windsor how unjust his conviction & incarceration is/was! #ComeInBerlin! Which part of dismembered is not sinking all the way in? Did Windsor ask that dismembered victim's family their version? Nope. He flaunted the fact he was supporting the killer & killer's family. That's just flat out shitty, no matter how you smear it, isn't it DebbieDumbShit? What if dismembered victim was your mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife? Imagine for a few seconds the horror of being THAT victim's family, then insert Windsor, DebbieDumbShit. #ouch huh?
      Anyway.... meanwhile back in my real world.... Yup, I skipped right out of the criminal justice system, aka TDCJ, here in Texas & resumed my rather quiet, normal life, minus the addiction, cause TDC Rehab worked for me! I went back to my same job, same husband, same kids (Nope CPS didn't snatch them, they stuck together like glue & managed to thrive, adult ones tending younger ones), same house, same lifelong friends in same hometown.
      God Bless America! Stuff like that really happens! Not everyone is a repeat offender that cries "the law dawgs are profiling & picking on me! & a corrupt judge threw me in jail! Oh! Boo hoo". Some offenders actually benefit from incarceration! It's so unpleasant? You don't dare wanna go back! #CourtyardByMarriotItIsNot


    7. DebbieDumbShit would be all kinds of horrified at the freaky, nasty, hatefilled tours her Revolutionary Party Leader has done IF she read ANYWHERE else on the www for 15 minutes.
      DebbieDumbShit? No one sits in a county jail for weeks, awaiting extradition to another state for playing tiddlywinks! Derrrrrrrr! Windsor KNEW he had been #SLAPPed w/a PPO in Montana for his #stalking of an entire family there.
      Did he quit?
      Nope. He donned his flak jacket/bullet
      proof vest & beat his Tanass © ass back to Montana to stalk them some more! All while bragging about his escapade on his Facebook page & YouTube channel.
      Multi-tasking old geezer was state hopping, free as the wind, doing similar creepier shit to @AllieGate & several others AND cranking out civil litigation in his spare time!



    8. Exhausting, when you ponder it, huh, DebbieDumbShit?
      Peek your ass around the www, that same one you had a tab open in your #screenshots, that you Googled ™ #HowToCompletelyDisappear & see what ALL Windsor has actually done, not just his spun out, fictitious version.
      I really would not ever wish that anyone, not even DebbieDumbShit get given a dose of the real William Windsor.
      I do wish some of Windsor brighter supporters would spend a coupla hours using Windor's own Google ™ #HowTo & search through ALL his many civil suits. Read how he's used the exact same claims of losing his family, ruined his 'businesses', blah...
      This is used material!
      C'mon Debbie! Give it a try!

    9. *sorry for typos & left out words! Teenagers playing marathon XBox & Thunderstorm alerts interrupting my internet! Surely someone, somewhere over on the #FreeWindsor campaign could attempt to see more than one side to ALL that has gone on since he began 'filming'.
      I could give 2 rats' fuzzy asses if he did or did not make a documentary! His documentary would've had zero effect on my life. Film til you all turn purple!
      It's Windsor's abuse of the courts, taxpayer waste & just pure disdain for our judicial system and his vendettas against ANYONE that dared to utter a question or disagreed with his political ideas that is wrong!!
      The #stalking of defendants? That's #CRIMINAL, seriously deranged, dangerous #CRIMINAL.
      It's America! I'm entitled to say that! Just as Flemming, AllieO & dozens of others have, & then suffered Windsor's malicious revenge.

      Windsor is now finally facing real consequences, & for that? I am relieved.
      Suck it up, DebbieDumbShit outta the country! Go use Google ™! Windsor even attempted to sue them! Study that & report back!

    10. Those Meddling Joeys:

    11. Yup, Debbie does Dallas. She's as smart as a bag of rocks.

    12. Debbie can't do Dallas. Debbie hasn't mastered international calling or even using Skype to do so. She is also unable to read the disclaimer under the artist's photo above.
      Debbie can use Google ™ to search for ways to disappear, take a screen shot & then blast it, un-cropped, showing the open tabs via Facebook.
      I still find that hilarious. All while out of the US!
      Yay Debbie!

  12. New victims are chiming in. Hahahahahah, Bill Windsor, you bully. You're goin' down.

    1. The Bill Cosby of stalkers?

    2. When victims feel powerless and threatened with negative impact, they shut up. May they both burn in hell.

    3. Pssssstt! Good Sunday morning!
      I'm waiting on my bubble bath & was goofing off on the Internet & I thought "hmmmm? I wonder what Windsor's doing this morning?" I recalled how unpleasant county jail mornings are, especially Sundays....and Then?
      I got 3 extra pieces of bacon, made another cup of extra hot coffee outta the Kuerig, added a little caramel to it, grabbed my own tv remote & giggled to myself!
      It's just not THAT difficult to do what you're supposed to do to keep yourself outta jail. Seriously, think about it.
      Sure is a long time until Dec 19, huh?
      I'm kinda curious how Windsor's remaining 'supporters' will spend these next few weeks 'helping' him. Are they 'hired' as he referred to Jennie, while she was claiming she was 'helping someone who has no one'? Are they flooding the jail with handwritten letters to uplift him? Visiting him? Or are they just sitting in front of glowing screens in undisclosed outta the country locations, stomping their virtual feet before hitting a few rounds of Candy Crush?
      Oh well, back to my hot coffee & warm bubbles that Windsor doesn't have access to while 'fighting' extradition.


  13. " I committed the crime is prescription (Rx) fraud." Me too. Even bought pills on the bridge market (guy sold them underneath a bridge). Treatment worked on me as well. What I learned from all that is that there are other people on this planet, and to try not to piss them off all the time. Live. Let live. Opposite of Mr. Windsor.

    Now I've got a great family and a fine business. And 3 dogs. And a cat.

  14. Durn autocorrect! I meant of & it put is...

    Fist bumps to you @Anon 1:53pm!
    Life goes on!
    Everyone has something, whether it's drugs, alcohol, food, smoking, something...we're human, we cope w/stress & life's struggles as best we can.
    It's how we recover & learn from our mistakes that makes us better people~or not.

  15. What I dont get is why he is offering me a job on my alternate account. I believe Bob has the screen shot

    1. It's funny you say that Curtis. It wasn't Bill contacting people, it was Jennie. And tho only way she would have known to send you a message to your "alternate" account would be if you were already listed in Bill's messages. To me, looks like you were already talking to Bill and Jennie happened across your messages and figured since you were previously helping Bill, you might want to continue and start getting paid.

    2. Why would Bob have screen shots of your message?

    3. what's the name for the alternate account?

    4. Yeah, what Anon above said.
      You're a named defendant Butler, why are you even dinking with Windsor? Stooping to his level? Thought you were all military to the core shit...
      You never did answer from previous thread, why didn't you make a showing at the hearing?
      Shit like that? Dinking with Windsor while the rest of us are 'doing the heavy lifting'? Speaks volumes to me about your character, or lack thereof. Damn.

  16. Incase you didn't notice SFW my wife and I are separated due to this billshit. Wait you dropped me from your Facebook friends list. Character I have it. I also have a child support payment I meet.
    I am sorry if you question either. My wife has done some heavy lifting herself and the separation does neither of us any good.
    While I sympathize with the loss of your husband does it not do all of us good if an insider works for him? If your answer is no then not only do you not know me but you were not a true friend.

    1. As to replying I did. You have been too wrapped up in another universe to go back and look. I got off from the bank later than expected.

    2. As to why bob would have it I sent it to him through Facebook. DUH

    3. Y'all get into your tizzies and wrap your tampons in knots just because I divulge a little information here. I could have let you sit and spin on what WIndsor has given me.

    4. A chance to reconcile with my wife. You guys over my family I choose my family

    5. Maybe you should spin out your excuse for being in Bill's message list. You kinda skipped over that part.

    6. If you want to reconcile with your wife, maybe you should sober up, go back home, and get off the internet.

    7. so, spill the beans what type of "insider" knowledge you got?

    8. Curtis, are you referring to "replying" as in you replied to the court? I must have missed that filing--not due to my tampon being knotted like you claim--but due to the fact that your name seems to be missing in "defendant response" filings.

      Just wondering why Jennie would think you would be willing to aid Windsor. What kinds of exchanges were you exactly having with him, in which would make her assume you'd be willing to toddle over to the jail, fetch some frivolous papers to toddle back to the court to file? Clearly you're missing some very important details to your just dropping "a little information" here. Nope, please elaborate far more.

    9. How about I don't believe butlers separation story anymore and I believe he is a working with Windsor gathering information down in Texas maybe even working on taking photos. Will be interesting when the Montana people read his emails and if conspiracy felony counts are given out. Btw I seen some exchanges between Curtis and bill about people's identites in evidence that bill supplied to us on a disc. So sorry Curtis your marriage scandal is just that.

    10. Yes, @Curtis Butler, I question why, when the worst of the BillShit nears a foreseeable end, you have re-appeared.
      I do appreciate your condolences, thank you.
      I, too, am sorry for your marital troubles. Though, I do recall some rumbles of marital discord, that I read via your very own Facebook posts, long prior to 'Windsor vs the Internet' being filed in late January of 2014.
      And? Regarding your 'insider' information? I think far too many self-deemed super sleuths were feeding Windsor a lot of conjecture & purposeful mis-information. In doing so, causing unsuspecting persons, for example, that elderly woman from Weatherford, Texas, to become targets for Windsor's malicious vendettas. Those 'insiders' messaging with Windsor did sic him on numerous invidividuals, while keeping themselves, what they considered to be 'safe' from him & any litigation, for now.
      I don't care to know what 'insider' information was gathered from Windsor. I'm patient, I'll simply wait for those computers of Windsor's, that are being examined by the proper LE authorities, to reveal the many private messages, emails, data bases, photographs, etc. This lawsuit has dragged on for over 10 months, what's a few more weeks or a month. Especially when the revelations will be not only be very insightful as to who was sending what to him, but what ALL he was gathering about SO many others.
      My interests? The domains he's purchased & those that assisted in that endeavor, to know who assisted him in his stalking expeditions in numerous states. Also of interest to me? Windsor's associations & communication from & to anti-government, anti-LE, Sovereign groups to be exposed.
      I feel Windsor has wasted valuable resources in the 40th District in Texas, as well as in Missouri, Kansas, Montana, Georgia, ect. I,would very much appreciate as a taxpayer, that those wasted resources be replenished by Windsor IF he is (as I believe) more than financially capable of doing. Mostly? I want very heavy sanctions imposed on Windsor to encourage him & many similar to him, to STOP the Vextacious, frivolous & malicious vendettas when their opinions/rhetoric are disagreed with or questioned.
      I believe the 'insider' information you may or may not have gained is worthless.
      You purposely avoided accepting service, you did not submit an Answer or any other motions to this lawsuit. That was your prerogative.
      So? Yes, @Curtis Butler, I do find the sudden timing of your availability to shed insight of any kind, hmmmm, uh... just questionable, period.
      It has been unpleasant, without a doubt, burdensome, inconvenient & time consuming. Some of us, though, did manage to work, support our children, deal with our personal problems to deal with Windsor's lawsuit vendetta.
      All while you, Mr. Butler, were too busy as you explained above, yet you had the time to become a Windsor insider via Facebook messaging? Ok....

      Facts and Truth, both of those seem to me, to be to be complete strangers with Mr Windsor. #UponInformationAndBelief has been his most used line in attempting to add defendants. Whose information is Windsor basing his beliefs upon? Insiders? And which ones?

    11. And? Mr. Butler? Just to be very clear, you & I have never met.
      We may have been Facebook friends at some point. But, no, I was not ever among your real life's friends, true or otherwise.

    12. Is Curtis going to let us know what he picked up from Windsor today and where he filed it?

    13. Was it thirty pieces of silver?

    14. Bottle of cheap booze!

    15. Trading Places Whisky, All You Want!!:

  17. Also you can read this to Windsor on your next visitation

  18. Worth the time to read and ponder:

    1. I am sure he is pondering a lot in jail.

    2. Nah, he's whooping out another #scribbled #manifesto!
      Judge said he'd rulr within 72 hours, before Thanksgiving.
      Windsor is already whining to #AppealsCourt how #Unconstitutional & how #Corrupt blah blah blah.
      Think they'll have tricky mystery meat WITH gravy for he & the guys in the tank?

  19. So eloquently put, SemperFi Wife [@ 6:16pm]

  20. So Windsor's still trying to set up stings. Not smart.

    1. Just for Curtis, from jail! Crafty rascal, that Windsor, eh?

  21. You can run from your past, but can't hide from it, Marty.

    At least he understands that PPO/felony thing...

    Marty Prehn shared Bill Windsor's photo.
    Jan 8, 2013
    "It appears that American Super Hero and crime fighter Bill Windsor is alive and has opened one hellava 55 gallon of Windsor WHOOP ASS and has opened the Pandoras Box against the Texas Cyber Whackjob and Nutcase Megan Van Zelfden and have Contempt of Court charges brought against her for FAILING TO COMPLY to a Cease and Desist Order and non compliance of a restraining order which is a 3 year felony. This applies to her her agents and her chicken ass anonymous little joeys real or imaginary and Gingesnap and Allie Overstreet Martiez Adoofis BOOBY COOKOUT III SEAN FLEMING and CUrtis BUTTLER et al. And Petootey Sodinherass."

  22. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!
    Yup, those Tankasses© really put some #whoopass on, didn't they?
    My, my! What a year will bring, huh?


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