Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bill Tells the Truth, Lemmings Freak Out

I generally ignore the remaining few walking dead (fb followers of Bill) because thats what everyone else in their life, including their own family does.  But this is just too much.  The other day, Bill in the midst of a flurry of nonsensical fb posts, tried something new and unique........what if he posted something that was 100% accurate and true?

What was I thinking?
What do I know? I'm just a lowly pro se defendant charged with five crimes. I have to be wrong. And the Joeys will gloat their little a$$e$ off.
I shouldn't have become overconfident. I shouldn't have become confident at all. I lose in court regularly."

That's an irrefutable and factually laced statement.  He is a lowly pro se defendant who loses in court regularly (in fact all the time)......why in the world should someone like that ever be confident about anything in court?  Of course Bill is simply trying to be sarcastic here, but his lemmings will have none of that.   Factual statements have no place Bill's Lawless America.

Crystal L Cox are you drunk or something this sounds delusional. of course we lose in court lose in court lose in court and then we win and change the world. your thinking is divine and of the light and you are a hero and have done everything right. you are a savior and you are paving the way for all victims to rise up out of the dark.

Deborah Lynne Connor Hang on Bill, you'll be fine.

Ruth Gange William Windsor. Don't you dare talk like that or have those thoughts in your mind. You have come to far and fought to long to be doubting yourself now. Never say never and I mean it. God Bless you sweety. Don't give in or give up. You got this.

Richard Wingret Dont You Dare Give Up If You Know You Are Right Dont Give In You Can Prove Them Wrong That's What Their Afraid Of Check Out Mine Miller County Missour

Carol Eaglin That is not the Bill I know you are our hero

As you can see, the zombies don't do humor, or facts.  And as always, Bill is reduced to trying to explain his attempt at sarcasm to his band of misfits:

Bill Windsor I'm not discouraged. smile emoticon Just a slightly-cryptic message to the Joeys. Stay tuned. The ghost of Darryl Dawkins just paid me a visit....

Bill you shouldn't do that, you might have several of your followers jump off their local bridge.....no really they might.  Bill is bragging 24/7 right now about his brief he filed and how it is a "slam dunk" to get the charges dropped".  He seems fascinated with athletic basketball players that can dunk.  And when you think about it, I guess that stands to reason here. Where else but on his facebook page would a 5'8, fat, and slow guy with exceptionally effeminate qualities dream of being a top level international athlete?   While we are announcing your victory over your opponent in the second quarter, you also might as well pretend that you are Lebron James.

Speaking of pretending, Bill Windsor's entire life in the court room could be summarized by imagining a short pudgy little boy watching a group of kids having fun playing duck duck goose.   He thinks to himself, that looks like fun and I want fun so he asks to play along and the group graciously lets him.  Once he now starts playing the game, the kid discovers a major flaw in his quest to have fun......he's embarrassingly slow and thus doomed to the goose role.  He tries to cut corners, get a head start or even trip a chasing kid in his attempt to discard the goose role, but none of those underhanded tactics work as his lack of quickness is too much to overcome.  Upon realizing that even with cheating he can't change the outcome of the game, he abruptly goes to his mother crying and saying that all the other kids are cheating and being mean to him. That sums up Bill's legal quest.


  1. Rebecca McLaughlin
    By the way Mr. Windsor I think the joeys hung themselves or all in prison absolutely nothing going on over there. Please please watch your
    Back do not open your door unless you know who it is ... Those people are not psychologically well...I was taught to be very careful of the quiet ones. Plz.
    Edited · 1 · More · 10 hours ago

    Does this mean Ginger is now a ghost writer?

    1. Gingersnaps are everywhere, Especially at local grocery stores in all 50 states and even in all 50 state capitals

    2. Nationwide. Snaps are everywhere.

      ℗ ♛ ❥

  2. After reading Bills brief that he is so proud of and calls a slam dunk.....I'm reminded of a phrase by former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan "irrational exuberance"