Friday, October 30, 2015

Windsor's Slam Dunk Comes Back in His Face

Bill received word today that all three of his felony charges were being dropped.  But sometimes the devil is in the is the order:

Windsor had been hyping up, on a daily basis, this idea that his charges were going to be dismissed because of his "slam dunk" brief that he filed which pointed out that the TOP was not valid at the time of the accused acts.  As you can see from Judge Haynes' ruling.....Bill and his"legal expert" Susan (henceforth know as Irrelevant Intermittent Chirper) were both dead wrong.  And like the MT Supreme Court had tried to spell out to Bill, once again Judge Haynes went into written detail so even someone as stupid as Bill and his Irrelevant Intermittent Chirper could understand.  The TOP was most certainly valid and this is now settled law.  Bill and his IIC had staked their worthless reputations to the idea that the TOP was void.

This ruling, while a slap to his ego, is of course a "win" for Bill in Montana.  He is now down to two misdemeanours and even those don't look too promising.  As I have pointed out several times on this blog....the charges against him in MT were "meh" at best.  Basically, all the charges amounted to ticky tacky fouls.  But how long until Windsor realizes that his "win" in MT is actually a loss for everything he has been screaming for the last decade?

No Corruption!!!!!!!!

Windsor went all in on the idea that Missoula MT, participially Judge Haynes, was corrupt and all working together in some kind of cabal that was out to get him so he wouldn't expose the rampant corruption.  He was hoping that a guilty verdict there would be the climax and proof (per se) that his claims were right all along.  Bill tried everything he could to get Judge Haynes removed calling him completely corrupt and incapable of rending a fair ruling.  How humiliating for Bill, and ironic, that after all that and after it was proven that the main contention of his entire pro se defense was rejected......a very fair and uncorrupted Judge who adheres to the rule of law instead of the emotions of the day ruled in his favor.  Judge Haynes ruled that the TOP, while upholding that it was in fact valid and in effect, still had major deficiencies in its ambiguity.

The other major theme from this whole TwitterGate of Bill's is that it took him over a year, with 134 days behind bars and additional felony bond jumping, a fugitive from the law for over a month, to finally rid himself of these ticky tacky charges that almost anyone could have remedied almost instantly.  Since Bill suffers from a lethal dose of ignorance and arrogance, he fought tooth and nail the extradition to MT that would have led to his freedom.  The phrase "making a mountain out of a molehill" is the perfect way to describe this last year for Bill.....and he has no one else to blame other than himself (of course he will spend the rest of his bitter days on this earth trying to point to the finger at anyone but himself for this fiasco)

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