Friday, October 16, 2015

Texas 10th Court of Appeals Gives Windsor an Overdue Spanking

The 10th Court of appeals in Texas has been more than fair to Bill.  They have given him plenty of time to get his story straight.   They have given him several redos and even one try again.  In short, no reasonable person could conclude that Windsor hasn't had more than ample opportunity to correct his severely flawed lawsuit.  Finally, the Court brought out its whooping stick in a harshly worded order.

There are currently four civil proceedings pending before this Court in which William Windsor is the appellant Bill, this is them identifying you as a vexatious litigant by your own actions. In each proceeding, Windsor has filed a brief which on its face is grossly deficient from compliance with the rules of appellate procedure what they are saying here is you are exceptionally stupid, even for a pro se litigant and you really have no business playing litigant in a court of law. The most glaring deficiency is that Windsor does not include “appropriate citations to authorities and to the record.” TEX. R. APP. P. 38.1 but but but.....he is the authority, didn't you read his signed affidavit? (i). He makes general references to the record without specific page numbers, or even volume numbers, thus requiring this Court to sift through a voluminous clerk’s record for the document Windsor references thats exactly part of his vexatious game, kill em with sheer volume. We are not required to sift through the record for support of Windsor’s arguments spoiler alert, even if you did, you still wouldn't find anything to support it. See Hajjar v. State, 176 S.W.3d 554, 566 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] 2004, pet. ref'd). Windsor v. Round, Fleming, McDougald, and Joeyisalittlekid Page 3 Additionally, some issues are not supported by citations to authorities at all. TEX. R. APP. P. 38.1(i). Windsor also includes an appendix with his brief containing a multitude of documents, many of which, if not all, are included in the clerk’s record and cites to this appendix as authority rather than to the clerk’s record thats what he calls "making it your own". Windsor had previously been informed by order of the Court issued on September 3, 2015 that he could not use his own documents in lieu of a clerk’s record how dare you violate his constitutional rights, its in there somewhere,. read the Constitution The appendix included with Windsor’s brief evidences a conscious decision to ignore that order Bill that means you wilfully disobeyed a direct order from the court, now bend over. This appendix was voluminous, unnecessary, and consumed an undue amount of time for this Court to process and file you just summed up Bill's entire legal history. Furthermore, there are a number of potentially dispositive issues pending decision by the Court, including pending motions to dismiss by some of the appellees oh and these motions actually follow the rules and cite specific case law to bolster the argument. In light of these facts, the Court stays the briefing schedule for the appellees in each proceeding to potentially avoid the cost and burden of complying with the due dates for filing an appellee’s brief that means no more motions Bill. The appellees may file their brief in response if they choose to, but the due date for those briefs is hereby suspended until further order of the Court you can respond if you want, but dont worry, we are about to take care of this monster. This does not, however, prevent any party from filing any interim response to the briefs or motions regarding other relief sought, if any but its a waste of time at this point. Finally, the Court is considering whether the briefs filed by Windsor should be stricken, as his previously improper briefs were, or whether it would be appropriate at this juncture, based on the history of this litigation, to dismiss the proceedings as a Windsor v. Round, Fleming, McDougald, and Joeyisalittlekid Page 4 sanction uh oh, Billy is getting the S word from the court. Windsor is invited to respond to the Court’s notice of its consideration of further sanctions against him you have any last words until we spank you?. Upon Windsor’s response, if any and we know he will.....and many trees will die in the process, other parties may reply to Windsor’s response if they so choose but again, there is no reason to, we got this.

Once again, we see a court that has given pre se litigant Bill Windsor all the leeway you could ever afford someone, but at the same time they are paying attention and taking note of Bill's deliberate and abusive tactics.  Not only that, but his entire argument is devoid of a rational thought, much less an actual legal claim.  He's wasting everyone's time, and most importantly the taxpayers are suffering as a result of Windsor unstoppable malicious litigation.  After this case is kicked, he now has another claim to add to his nationwide vexatious litigant title.......dead beat litigant.  Yes, he now has two separate judgements against him, both of which he has, and will try and continue to ignore. Bill started the fight, lost it, and then runs off when its time to account for his actions.  In short, among about a million other things...he's a coward.


  1. Is this Windsor's appeal from the dismissal of his biggest-in-history libel suit? Or is that suit still pending?

    1. yes, this is his 4-some appeal of the "biggest defamation case in American history".....a case that has been dismissed with two separate judgements pending

  2. Can you link to the dismissal of the lawsuit? I'm fairly new to the Windsor Saga and I'm trying to get up to speed.

    1. it was here on the first page.....but the link to the dismissal doesn't work for some reason. Anyone else have a copy of it?

    2. Ohhh, here is the big one...

      Essentially the 4 appeals break down to this:

      Defendant Sam Round was dismissed because of lack of jurisdiction (he lives in Georgia) Bill of course appealed that

      Defendant Sean Fleming was dismissed under TX's Anti-Slapp laws with a judgement (that's the link above) he appealed that

      Defendant McDougald was dismissed and awarded attorney fees....he appealed

      And then the court pointed out that he appealed the whole case before it was actually dismissed in the 40th district court so he adds a whole new appeal just in case

      That's how the 4 appeals break down

  3. "Windsor is invited to respond to the Court’s notice of its consideration of further sanctions against him. Upon Windsor’s response, if any, other parties may reply to Windsor’s response if they so choose."

    I would suggest that if Windsor is stupid enough to respond (LOL, just kidding)
    WHEN Windsor responds, I would encourage everyone here that has been a target of his attempted terrorism, to use this opportunity to express to the judge how sanctions are not only warranted, but necessary to prevent further abuse.

    And that he has proven by his actions, now recognized by yet another court, will not stop until he is dealt with in the strictest of manners

  4. We know he's going to file something, because he says so on Facebook:

    "And Waco Texas is the home of the Texas Tenth Court of Appeals. This is where Bill Windsor is spending all of his legal time of late. Three justices are threatening to dismiss his appeals on bogus grounds. Yes, corruption has reared its ugly head in Wacko.
    Bill will be posting his responses once he finishes them. This Court has issued orders in which one statement after another is easily proven false just by looking at the documents filed in the appellate court.
    It is simply amazing what corrupt and/or incompetent people will do.
    As some know, Bill Windsor discovered massive corruption in Ellis County Texas involving judges, District Attorney Patrick Wilson, Sheriff Johnny Brown, and the Joeyisalittlekid Gang and their political flunkies. Well, Justice Al Scoggins of the Texas Tenth Court of Appeals just happens to be a former Ellis County Texas judge.
    Gee, we wonder who is driving the corruption."

    in other words, he is going to file something that will GUARANTEE that he is sanctioned.

  5. Oh he filed something. His "I'm outta here" motion.
    Windsor's about to hit the road.
    The dismissal slam dunk circled the rim & bounced out.

    1. Yea he filed a 5 page notice that he plans to respond to the order. I think a uhaul may be enroute to file the response

    2. Having read Windsor's past BilSchit, he will need the 18wheeler rental.
      He's such a doofus.
      Windsor is scared, seems to have finally sunk all the way into his overly thick head, that he's in deep trouble.

      ~~~waving @GS~~~~
      ℗ ♛ ❥

  6. So I guess the Windsor Cronicles continue? I didn't call him Windbag for nothing, I guess. He'll keep writing as long as he thinks people are reading, lol.

    1. He can't stop. Its all he knows. Even if he's just talking to himself he keeps his fairy tale going