Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Anniversary Bill!!!

One year ago, right before Bill's appearance in court, I wrote this article:

Obviously it turned out to be more accurate than even I had ever imagined as people in the courthouse in Waxahachie that afternoon were all wondering why was some woman screaming in the elevator.  Well, that woman screaming (as reported by many who were there) was actually Bill Windsor going down on the elevator....not to the ground level as he intended, but to the basement and on out to the Ellis County Detention center as he was under arrest.  Windsor's "life" changed last Halloween.  He turned what amounted to a slap on the wrist into over 130 days in jail and a felony bond jumping.  Bill spent over a month on the run as a fugitive before being caught in Ada Idaho and returned to Missoula Montana where he is still waiting to stand trail.

These days Bill "lives" on his facebook page.  Between staring at the clock and waiting for the slam dunk order from MT that never seems to come, and gushing over the latest effeminate male singer on The Voice....he has very little time left in the day for anything else.  But this Halloween has stirred up some emotions as he continues to lash out at Ellis County for ruining his nationwide campaign of legal terrorism.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BILL WINDSOR! from Bill Windsor, and by Bill Windsor
From the Ellis County Jail.  would you like to come back and re-vist your old "stomping grounds?"
Yes, one year ago today, William Michael Windsor was unlawfully incarcerated in the Ellis County Jail in Waxahachie Texas a great day for America. He was handcuffed for the first time; frisked for the first time (by a man) if only he could sing in a high voice; strip searched for the first time; and sprayed with de-licing spray for the first time in his life to bad all your lice are on the interior. Had his first mugshot taken. Was fingerprinted for the first time. Had all of his stuff taken away. Only had two phone numbers memorized well who's fault is that?, and neither his ex nor former son would accept even one of the dozens of calls he placed thats a pretty telling sign of a horrible human being that is Bill Windsor. Felt completely and totally alone for the first time in his life that's called reality, guess what Bill, you are completely alone.
Little did he know that he would be unlawfully incarcerated for 134 days "little did you know" is probably a phrase you can't use enough in describing your "life", handcuffed more times than he can count, frisked even more than that by both male and female deputies #equality, and shackled on numerous occasions. Forced to deal with a$$hole$. Denied every imaginable Constitutional right. Got free rides in an armored bus several times well there, look at the bright side.
It was a learning experience except you didn't actually learn anything. Bill Windsor learned first-hand just how horrendous law enforcement people are wrong answer. They don't give a sh*t about anyone lets watch our potty mouth shall we?. They don't even know what the Constitution is you haven't got the slightest clue what the United States Constitution is or what it says. They pretend they can't read and understand the law. It's screwzy vouzey youzey. are you trying to be funny again?
Perhaps the most disturbing thing is that most of the inmates aren't aware of how badly they are being abused or maybe they have accepted reality that they probably did violate the law and are now in the place most lawbreakers end up. Almost everyone has a public defender, and they care even less about their "clients" than the guards. why pay good money for an attorney when you know you did it?
Bill Windsor cannot wait to sue Ellis County for all the violations of his civil rights oh yea and Ellis County can't wait for you to pay up on your $100,000 bond you ran away from. The result should be that future residents of the Ellis County Jail have a law library, a toothbrush, and more. I'm sure they will all be thrilled, I can see the tshirt now "Bill Windsor came and fought for my freedom and all I got was this stupid toothbrush" 
Be prepared for the possibility that you could be arrested not me, you, you still haven't learned anything......random people don't just "get arrested", lawbreakers do....there is a direct correlation you still can't seem to comprehend. :

Bill's disdain for Ellis County is apparent, as in an earlier post he called it the most corrupt place on earth blah blah blah.  What Bill probably doesn't understand is that his constant attacks on Ellis County and Missoula Montana are actually ringing endorsements to good law abiding citizens.  When a sworn enemy of America and nationwide domestic terrorist like Bill Windsor decries living in a place like Ellis County or Missoula Montana....message is received.  Lawbreakers and severely mentally ill people (who are in complete denial about their condition) are probably better off steering clear of communities like that.  Lets just say.....the feeling is mutual. 

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  1. Three years ago this week, I was in my state capital with Windbag. The following two years were, uh, a learning experience. Facebook Memories Tool has given me a few laughs recently. I was pretty whack there for awhile in late 2012 and early 2013. Thanks goes to Windbag for being more whack than me, causing me to snap out of it and the last year or so has been Windbag free. I still hope he snaps out of it someday. For every punishment he thinks he hands out, he gives up twice as much from his own life. If that isn't whack, I don't know what is.