Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Criminal Convict William M. Windsor!!!!!

That's his new legal title, details to follow.



  2. Huh...guess the jury didn't buy his "member of the press" (license to stalk) argument...


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  5. HAHAHAHAH!!! Awesome! Justice prevails.
    Stalker held accountable! Bam!

  6. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 6, 2016 at 4:53 PM

    FINALLY! He's been legally BRANDED.

    All his nonsense and lies couldn't snow the jury. Priceless

  7. Well that didn't take long for the lemming update and subsequent Windsor spin. What a moron!

    Bill Windsor updated his cover photo.
    4 mins ·


    Well, what can I say? I have said that a guilty verdict would be a better ending for the movie, but I didn't want to be found guilty. I was, so the movie will end with what I hope will have audiences shaking their heads in disbelief.

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 6, 2016 at 5:16 PM

      Exactly! The "EXCUSE OF THE CENTURY" movie.
      The shadow movie to "The never ending story" is Windsor's version of "The never coming out story". It was prefaced by the "Never coming out book" from the early 2000'S.

    2. Wtf happened to the #Tweet?
      Most notorious #tweeter?
      Poor gaggle of goofy he's got are going to as least as Easter Eggs on the 4th of July!
      Not #TweetGate

    3. Are going to be as lost as Easter Eggs...
      I was ROTFLMAO

    4. Oh wait...he wasn't done posting part two of epic spew...

      "I had my appeal ready just in case, so I advised Judge James A, Haynes immediately that my appeal was being filed that second.

      So, good news first. I was sentenced to only the maximum amount allowed by law -- one year in the Missoula County Detention Center. Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark asked the Court to allow my 134 days behind bars, and he (likely most reluctantly agreed). So, I won't be gaining any more weight on the excellent food at the Missoula County Detention Center. I am as free as one can be in Lawless America. After 845 days of being under restrictions of a TEMPORARY Order of Protection, most of those restrictions have been removed.

      Jennifer Clark asked for a permanent order of protection for the UNIVERSITYOFMONTANAEMPLOYEE. I argued that there was never even a hearing to expose all the lies. Judge James A. Haynes said he believes the law allows him to order no contact with the UNIVERSITYOFMONTANAEMPLOYEE, his wife, and the University of Montana for a year. So, that's good in that after a year, I can expose this guy again. I can't publish this UNIVERSITYOFMONTANAEMPLOYEE'S name for a year.

      This means the movie cannot be released for a year unless I take the names out.

      It was Kangaroo Court at its finest. I was denied 99% of my evidence. I was denied 75% of my testimony. I was denied 50% of my Opening Statement. I was denied 90% of my proposed Jury Instructions. Judge James A. Haynes committed a host of wrongdoing before the jury.

      To be continued..."

    5. Sigh...he will never learn. Never.
      Narcissists/sociopaths/psychopaths don't change and can't learn.

    6. LOL =
      I was terribly disappointed with the verdict, but not terribly surprised. I hoped the jury was upset with Jennifer Clark for the constant interruptions of my testimony, but apparently they weren't.

      Based upon the facts, they couldn't have found me guilty. They must not have liked me or believed me.

    7. At the conclusion of the trial, Judge James A. Haynes asked me to autograph his copy of my Wanted Poster. I smiled and did. I hope it long serves as a remembrance to him of just what a corrupt piece of sh*t he is.
      Before the trial resumed this morning, I moved to have a mistrial declared. I cited about 10 reasons. Ignored.

    8. The jurors spent more than 15 minutes in the same space with Windsor. Duh, no they or anyone else with good sense God gave grass likes Windsor!

    9. #BillWindsorMath! And? Fractions and percentages!

      "I was denied 99% of my evidence. I was denied 75% of my testimony. I was denied 50% of my Opening Statement. I was denied 90% of my proposed Jury Instructions."

    10. Hey POSER WIFE: The tweet charge was dropped along with TWO of the other charges. That would be three charges dropped. The three charges that were felonies. DROPPED. Because they were completely baseless.

      Try to keep up.

    11. Hey Susan! Has the depression set in yet now that it's obvious Willy is going to be to obsessed with revenge on MT to continue to chase us for you? Who will you try to use to teach us a lesson now? LMAO SMH.

  8. Bwahahahahahaha!!
    The misdemeanor trial that was never going to take place? The one the judge would dismiss? The one Scunt claimed the brief was a #SlamDunk? That trial? Trial of the century?
    Where is Scunt Susan? She has favored Judge Haynes for awhile... In her words:
    Susan Harbison
    I think someone has to address the elephant in the room. Haynes is a handsome guy, lol. That won't hurt his career any. I know it doesn't have anything to do with whether he is a good judge or not, but I just HAD to point out the fact that he is easy on the eyes.
    More · Oct 23, 2015

    1. POSER WIFE: I acknowledged the man is handsome.

      What part of, "it doesn't have anything to do with whether he is a good judge or not" don't you get?

      See, it's called being objective. I give credit where it is due, regardless of my overall opinion of a person. I criticize where it is due, regardless of my overall opinion of the person. I STILL have no opinion of whether Haynes is a good judge and he is STILL handsome.

  9. Top picture is hilarious...

  10. "This means the movie cannot be released for a year unless I take the names out."

    Shoot. And he was so close...

    1. Again What Movie. Now he has an excuse for not filming. Maybe he will break it again following him and all around. Would not surprise me. Does this mean he has to drop the appeal of the lawsuit against the University and the employee also? Will all the sites really come down? I sure in a year he will start back up again.

    2. I bet he violates the year PO within months, if not weeks.
      He can't help himself.
      Thankfully, when he does violate it ..his big blubbery ass goes directly to jail.

    3. I feel that post he just did was a violation ... hope they arrest him the next time he is in court for the appeal

    4. Yeah, it should be a violation and the fact that these continual lies are flaming his anti govt people into making threats like this? Disgusting.

      "David Neick-- Bill run for office i will run for sheriff just like walking tall feds let that man be blown up! disgusting but some one has to do something!"

      Who's disgusting again? Yeah--that'd be the Lawless Losers of America that's who!!

    5. Darlene Kostelac Hinman shared Bill Windsor's photo.
      44 mins ·
      i cant believe they got you for this!!!! 4 people pull a gun on me & not one arrest in PA!!! Bill you need to just wrap up your movie & play it! you have plenty of dirt on many people! God bless you!
      Show Attachment

    6. I Agree Anons@6:06/6:17
      And this comment by Ticky is as well,I belive-

      Mary Deneen The Way MT protects criminals and their perjury under Oath - an outrage, I know, I am also a victim of the and criminal conspiracy by U of MT Sean Boushie, and others.

    7. At a minimum Mary should have gotten Windsor booted from Faceblech (in honor of the current theme). If someone points it out, he will be.

    8. Windsor is not responsible for what people post on his FB. Try to get that through your empty head, lol.

    9. You poor thing. Don't be bitter Susan, it's not our fault you're an idiot. We've been trying to tell you for years now. I'm glad you finally figured it out but there's no need to be butthurt about it.

  11. This word puke? Wtf has Connie or any of the other Windsor Whackadoodle ever done for themselves, much less anyone else or our nation?
    The "film"! They're expecting that film now.
    The squirming begins hard! No trials. Civil cases dismissed. Appeals denied. Time to make that movie Windsor!

    Connie Fielding
    There are thousands of us that put our necks on the line every day! And because Bill was courageous and sacrificed for all of us to film our stories, they retaliated against him and he's had to pay. We've all lost family as well. And it is the corrupt DOJ that controls the puppet US Attorneys so they can't prosecute the judges, politicians, attorneys, GAL, CPS, etc. We need to all pray for bill that he will be lead to the right person who will produce the film.

    1. Movies, documentaries, films are made everyday. They don't affect me in any way, I'm oblivious of 95% of them. Any of the rest of you give a care if Windsor makes a movie?
      Didn't think so. Not me either.

    2. I do. I want to see him get sued left and right because he didn't vet any of them. It's a slander/defamation documentary in the making.

      Oh, and he claimed he wasn't going to be in it, so why does he need the trial footage? Or any of the stalking of Boushie? This was allegedly about "Them" in the Put it out Windbag. Go on. You aren't the pivitol plot to this POS. It's allegedly "Lawless America" with you tankassin' cross country. Not "Bill Windsor's tales of Woe." Connie is right. Remove yourself, and all your crap, and finish it for them. I dare you.

    3. I thought it was supposed to be 55 minutes of Marty Prehn?

  12. I'm still rolling at the thought of him questioning himself, then answering himself. That's not the best (or even an advisable) way to do that. In fact, it's fairly tedious and tends to make the witness look like a moron. I'm just sorry I couldn't watch this one. I think it would've been a riot.

    1. That is a giggle snicker right there!
      What a dipshit doofus!

  13. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 6, 2016 at 8:18 PM

    Windsor's problem is that he doesn't like all sides of the story. So, he's promising to post his opening and closing (one sided because I said so) statements with the "Evidence" that DID NOT APPLY BECAUSE IT WAS ALREADY DENIED REPEATIDLY. That is not corruption, that's One Way Windsor once again, attempting to LIE HIS ASS OFF.

    I hope the transcripts are available relatively quickly. I'd bet Scunt's crypt, that he lied at least 6 times under oath. He should be grateful they went easy on him, and didn't throw him in jail. He deserves no graces. He doesn't give any, and he certainly has earned his new spiffy GUILTY title.

    1. I'm interested if he fulfilled my prophecy - that he mentioned to the jury that he's 6 ft tall - when they could see with their own eyes he isn't. Easy to doubt that because to any sensible person, his height is irrelevant. He would have said it because he can't back off of the con. It would just come tumbling out and everyone would have looked at him like, what? No you're not!

    2. I was thinking Miss Clark was being easy on him too, @NFOBW and she'd eventually regret it. But then I thought about it and she's a smart cookie and always been a step ahead of Blustery Billy. I believe that now that she has 2 misdemeanor convictions against him that she knows if he violates the PPO/stalks SB that he will be charged with a automatic felony charge no misdemeanor, but a felony that he may have to do prison not jail time for.
      She, I believe knows Billy will violate the PPO sooner then later and Boom, bye, bye Billy!! JMHO

    3. Good point. And that would be why Windsor can't seem to grasp that real people, living in the real world have eyes, and functioning brain cells to weight EVERY facet. Not just the Windsor version.

      Just because he loves the con, and he believes if he says "I don't lie" people are simply going to take that at face value. Espically when he has been caught in lie after lie. And yes, he is a pathological liar.

      Everything he says and does is a deflection of his own twisted life. He blames someone for stalking because he's a stalker. He blames someone for lying because he is a liar. He claims someone falsified emails because he does.

      It doesn't matter where he goes in life, the only thing that's 6 feet tall are the lies he tells. His problems will follow him everywhere. He'll always have issues with people that don't cave into his dementia. It's him. Always him.

    4. Exactly right. He would have injected the irrelevant 6 ft tall blurb because he couldn't help but do that. In his mind, until the jury found him guilty, he was invincible so he would have just repeated every element of the con, mechanically, that he's gotten away with on his Facebook page. He can't stop it. Impossible.

  14. Butthurt cream is flying off store shelves in Montana!
    For that tankass ©, they better re-order QUICK! The obese and sedentary get wounds much faster!

    1. Bahahaha. Who's butthurt? Who's always butthurt but tried to say he wasn't butthurt, but posting like "THE" queen of butthurt?

      Ah, there's his sponsor for the "Movie." "THE" Butthurt ointment sales co should be calling soon Windsor! You're welcome. OH and hey, they have real televised commercials! Just think. Your ugly ass monkey fucker face on a HUGE (that'd be grandpa size jar) of Butthurt ointment, special judicial-oil blend. Fresh banana scent.

  15. Bahahahaha, here we have Vic's version (part of it as it went on and on and on) of "Billy the Stalker's" story ...

    Vic Fedorov- He was making a documentary interviewing people in every state abused by the judiciary. Then the network of judges got this group to libel him. That shouldnt havent bothered and deterred him but it did and he thought he could sue for libel and further the cause that way. It soon became obvious tho the courts and judges would just protect the libelers; so he should have gone back to making the movie. However one thing led to another and he kept taking on the libelers, one of whom shot at him on the highway it seems; and in the course of defending himself from and trying to prosecute libelers they put an illegal restraining order on him, knowing it could or would be violated by something as simple as an email or letter and then they tried him for that. He was offered a plea deal involving no time but he didnt want to agree to to not name names and little bs things like that and wanted complete vindication for he truly did not violate the law. The problem is he doesnt drink and that can cause anxiety and stop you from seeing the big picture and make you think the government isnt some relative instrument of destruction so he didnt really work with me as some relaxed people turn to me and this is the result. The lesson is if u are hurt and abused, have a couple drinks and chill out instead of launching some vendetta contingent upon the government. Instead of realizing being up against guns and government requires total enlightenment and peacefulness

    1. Actually, that explains a lot. Vic is drunk!

    2. Thats my motto, too.

      Alcohol is the answer to everything!

    3. Robert Cookout IIIJanuary 6, 2016 at 9:01 PM


    4. Well, damn. I don't drink, but Vic really told it to Windsor (kinda, the guts of it).
      Keep your word
      Windsor can't and won't ever do those. Vic knows there's no movie and the BillSchittery isn't fooling Vic.
      Oh're about to be off the Windsor island. Welcome. Have a beer.

    5. I hear he is on the way to Oregon to help the Bundy’s they made a Facebook post they need snacks.

  16. LMAO oh noooo!! The pressure is on for the completion of the movie. They're all coming out of the woodwork now, basically telling him "no more excuses." I can't blame them. They've waited for 3-4 years now for it, all his stalls and made up delays aren't going to work for him now.

    So, the clock is ticking once again Windsor. Tick tock, tick tock. If you don't produce some kind of something for them, they will all hate you. Oh, but make sure you pubically state that they all need to sign new consent forms. The old ones are....VOID! Ask Dotty or Jim to explain it to you, if you're too stupid to understand. Oh, and also Windsor? Make sure you have and actual legitimate company to put it under this time.

  17. Ruth Grange: "What goes around comes around."

    Very perceptive. That's exactly what happened, at long last.

  18. Being convicted of stalking isn't going to help Windsor's civil legal endeavors one bit. Not that anything could.

  19. Bill said the filming company in California had some needs of the last minute type, as in he couldn't negotiate them filming without being PAID to do it. That doesn't surprise us, nor does it surprise Windsor. He knew it wasn't going to be filmed a month or more ago, just as we did.

  20. From Windsor's LA .con site
    A very small portion of what Windsor claimed he prepared and that he would have included in his closing statement.
    The opening statement? Damn. It was looooooooong. Just reading it would've taken an hour of the court's (jurors' time).
    Windsor keeps repeating that the jury just didn't like him, as if that is a revelation. I keep thinking, " Really? Get over it already! Numerous individuals and groups of people that have had to read, or worse, got stuck listening to and/or watching you, Windsor, have NOT liked you for many decades. Why act all surprised now? When your wife, son, daughter, son in law, grand kids, siblings take drastic measures to avoid you? CLUE ONE- you're unlikeable." Derrrrrrrrr

    Anyway, Windsor hurls this out on the www shortly after the trial of the century concluded:
    "Jennifer Clark asked for a permanent order of protection for the UNIVERSITYOFMONTANAEMPLOYEE. I argued that there was never even a hearing to expose all the lies. Judge James A. Haynes said he believes the law allows him to order no contact with the UNIVERSITYOFMONTANAEMPLOYEE, his wife, and the University of Montana for a year. So, that's good in that after a year, I can expose this guy again. I can't publish this UNIVERSITYOFMONTANAEMPLOYEE'S name for a year.
    This means the movie cannot be released for a year unless I take the names out."
    *UNLESS* Derrrrrrrrr again! Not a thought to take those names out? For real? There are 1,500 hours of video, by Windsor's own math, and that is not enough? Many of the stories filmed were interesting (I thought) and needed some exposure (not necessarily in a good way). Why would the director/producer's story be the most important?
    When Windsor started Lawless America, The MOVIE, it was not presented to those filmed as being all about him.
    Why, if Windsor already has 1,500 hours of video of people on video, detailing their court experiences, is a film NOT ready to distribute, just slap the verified, real stories together and let it fly! Repeat that distribution 4-5 times, and there's an entire series!
    Just me, but I see absolutely no need to include the "Windsor infamous saga" into a MOVIE (documentary) or whatever label these very patient people have been expecting since 2013.
    Many of the most watched (viral) videos, that have sparked attention, concern, even started legislation were cell device videos, raw and unedited, made by average people that simply uploaded those to various social media such as Facebook (Windsor's favorite), Twitter, Vine, InstaGram, FlipaGram, etcetera. One upload, one day and views are over a million, and shared widely for even more views. This is the same Windsorvthat claims to have earned a degree from Texas Tech, correct? Journalist, real members of the press know this! The marketing is made so simply with social media. This conundrum, obstacle, show stopper (pun intended) is a NO BRAINIER! Reviewing Windsor uploading what he had amassed to YouTube over 2 years ago, proves to me, that was ALL he ever intended to do with his massive hours of video. Windsor is (was) very capable of editing the length of footage and using his Facebook followers to promote what he claimed was his main agenda.

    1. Continued:
      As an example, my teen sons and I made 3 videos about the deterioration of the county roads, just in our rural area.A smart phone video? With no editing, minimal commentary, our original video was viewed over 6,700 times and shared 184 times in less than a week. And, despite extremely back, vast improvements were made and the nearing road commissioner election has several knowledgeable and usual drought, then flooding, then a repeat of both. Our county precinct has several very qualified candidates on the ballot.
      One 53 year old woman and 2 teenaged boys, no hype needed, took a total of 2 hours of driving, and no editing. We even did 2 follow ups videos to praise the improvements made and show appreciation .
      Yet, Windsor, a self proclaimed film producer/movie director, can't manage what mere novices did in three afternoons over a 2 month span? Pffffffft
      Windsor's mention of his "home" in Texas and that he has been unable, even insinuating he's been prohibited from being "at home"? What's that? Windsor has been adamant his home address is in South Dakota for over a year, at the least.
      It seems to me, the jury in Windsor's wanna be trial of the century saw, heard and assessed him very accurately. Windsor (per his version) should be thankful his percentages were not allowed to be presented.
      Lastly, Windsor took the plea offered, he just did it publicly in misdemeanor court aka his "trial of the century". In doing so, he achieved #convicted and #guilty
      Much #IRONY and even more #IDIOCY. In less than 12 hours of the trial's rulings and orders? Windsor has chosen to violate those.
      I thoroughly enjoyed Windsor's loss of the trial that would never happen, charges dropped, blah blah blah
      Very funny and entertaining to me, my sincere condolences and gratitude to the less fortunate individuals were that had to serve on that jury!

      Didn't realize I'd gotten so wordy! Probably a #gabillion typos. Apologies! Off to the real world, now!

    2. Yup. A lot of typos. I own it, y'all will 'get' it though.
      No more excuses Windsor! Make that movie for all the people you promised you would! They deserve it after ALL your "drama". The movie was for and about them, so you said. B

  21. I have to say there are so many false statements that bill says that disputing or rebutting them all we could spend another year because he tells lies daily.

    1. False statements. Lies, Deception, fraud. Con artists, Sov. Cits, Domestic Terrorists. "Lawless America."

      "Gene Paulson-- good job As I said they had to convict you or they could not justify the time you had spent in jail. It apparently turned out exactly as I knew it had to. They are all common criminals. It was a replay of my deal"

      Take no responsibility. Shift the blame. Destroy everything around them. The "Entitled." Unlawful Abiding Citizens. These are the people destroying our Country with their fake "rights."

      Refresher to Eugene (Gene) Paulson

      Take note of this one special line:
      "These highlighted portions purported to show that judges have taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, and judges who make unconstitutional decisions make “war[ ] against that Constitution” and are “guilty of treason and shall suffer death."

      Now where's the clip of Windsor from DC stating on film, this exact same mantra? Oh, and they are not Domestic Terrorists? Yeah...

  22. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 7, 2016 at 1:35 PM

    Windsor is melting down today. Needs some Narcissistic feedings--and Deborah is right there with her belligerent support.

    "Deborah Lynne Connor-- Bill, Haynes hair alone made him look like a demented buffoon! He did not afford you due process, I was there!!!! To all of your efforts to defend yourself, prosecutor Jan Clark would interject "Objection!", and Judge Haynes would rule in the majority of the objections, "sustained!". This is exactly what Judge Affluenza did to me!!!! They deny due process to pro se litigants!!!!"

    Hey Deb? Do you know WHY Windsor's crap was being objected to, or are you simply going off of the made up reasons he's been feeding you? Perhaps before you go spouting off, libeling and slandering the Judge and the DA, you might want to go read the mountains of orders from the Appellate court.
    Windsor knew damn well none of his excuses were relevant because they were already ruled on. He's conning you all into believing he was denied wrongfully, but what he tried to do was the WRONGFUL ACT!!
    Windsor? You are continuing to put out maliciously false information. I hope they drag your ass right back. You deserve to be made an example of.