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Monday, October 6, 2014

Windsor's Time is Kinda Valuable

Inside the lawsuit of Windsor vs. the World, there is a fracas breaking out between Bill and Sean Fleming....specifically his attorney Barbara Hachenburg.  In short, she is making Bill look like a fool and he doesn't appreciate that.  In addition to her air tight argument that Bill is a public figure and her anti-slapp motion, she also made one that makes the case that Bill should be labelled a vexations litigant and put up $50,000 in security in the extremely likely scenario he loses and is charged with Fleming's expenses.  This is not a happy subject for Bill as he thought he already dodged that monkey by playing his "ohhh I forget to pay the fee on time" game.

So that starts this little email game that Bill likes to do "please advise me on your strategy to fight what I'm doing so I can prepare for it"

Notice her shut-down of him at the end....uhhh yeah what is the name of that business entity you are suing for damages again?  Crickets chirp, Windsor goes dark on that one.  She could have also asked him to show her that affidavit from Barbara Windsor where she claims she divorced him because of the "Joeys".  His entire suit is based on lies.

Anyway, back to the spat.....Bill thinks he wins because she filed this 4 days past his calculated deadline while she points out the court has the inherent power to do whatever it wants.

So, apparently it took bill 4 "long" days to come up with a response to the simple fact that he most defiantly is a vexatious litigant.  He could have spent that time filing additional frivolous motions and asking for discovery on defendants who have stayed all discovery.  Maybe if he had those 4 "long" days back he could have finally sorted the 37,000 comments on this blog by author (he says 96% of them are anon).  If Bill had paid for this tedious work which he performed pro se, he would have paid $15 an hour totalling $480.  Now, when we break down the math on that, it turns out that those 4 "long" days equate to 8 hours a day.  So now we know what a really long work day is according to Bill.

So in the "interest of economy"....lets just strike this whole motion altogether without having to make me try and argue against the merits of it.  And, even though the "court can't give me back my valuable time" can just pay me the $15 an hour I'm worth.

Notice #35. seems that some of these defendants are copying from their classmate's answers. This really bothers Bill.....if there is one thing he can't stand is for someone to just copy and paste duplicative charges and accusations against someone else without specific and unique evidence in each case.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bill Puts Barbara Windsor Front and Center

Sean Fleming, of course from the Sean Fleming Show, has another great video where he shows the direct deception that Bill has engaged in.  As Sean points out, most scam artists choose the State of Delaware to incorporate their organization because it gives them a year to report specific information.  Well its been over a year now since LA was incorporated, and guess what?  No annual filings have been done as required by law.

Sean then goes on to discuss the Barbara Windsor connection as she is the only named director of Lawless America.  She claims in her divorce filings that she never had anything to do with LA, and then reiterates it in a recent email to Sean (or at least from an address appearing to be from Barb as it sounded very Bill-like in its response).  Bill is also putting Barbara right in the middle of every single one of his frivolousness lawsuits right now as he lists her divorcing him as one of the reasons he is due damages.  She also knows full well why Bill can't speak to his granddaughters and it has nothing to do with some blog  How much longer can she do the Windsor thing and hide from her obligations?  Will she forever be known as Mrs. Bill Windsor, or will she finally stand up to Bill and his lies and tell the truth?