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Friday, February 6, 2015

Bill Windsor Dreams of His Future

As he continues to manufacture his daily papers of copy and waste, Bill's thoughts and dreams start to betray him as he knows where his future now lays.  While he tries his best to picture his days in a Montana prison like the above picture....he knows its going to be much more gloomy than that.

Now that he is a fugitive, his rants and threats are even less threatening than before.  Because of this, his tone is becoming more and more Sovereign Citizenish in nature.  He says he is bringing forward charges against 5 different DA's and thinks he will do this before a grand jury.  Well surely even he knows this wont be happening before a real grand jury...but are we back to his citizen grand juries now?  Maybe he could call the clowns over at National Liberty Alliance and ask to borrow their official state stamp they have (express order from office depot).

Reality is slowly seeping in on Bill and even he is getting tired of his boring 3rd person "I'm alive and free" daily drivel.  He can't get the attention he demands, and he can no longer appear in a court....its his own vexatious limbo.  He tries to rely on his daily tantrums and threats to fuel his resolve....but even that is wearing off.  How long can Windsor survive without appearing pro se in court?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bill Windsor Gets Scared

So Bill says more lies, threats blah blah blah.....he's getting mad because no one cares, and they don't:

Bill Windsor is taking a stand for Freedom of Speech at 7:30 pm Eastern Time no you are not, you are sitting down deep in your dark room hiding from reality on February 2, 2015 -- Day 36 as a "wanted" you are a fugitive, but trust me no one "wants" you man no, you are not a man.

Freedom of speech is as fundamental a right as there is yeah thats what fundamental means...this sentence is superfluous.  What these crooks ummm you are the mutiple felon on the run here are trying to do to Bill Windsor is beyong outrageous -- put him in prison for life for sending a Tweet its a lot more than that, sending an email to an attorney, and publishing the name of Sean Boushie felony who attempted to murder him thats a proven lie and you know it and mercilessly cyberstalked him you don't even have a child's understanding of what the word cyberstalk means.

Bill Windsor thought the jig was up it is, you just can't figure it out...

They haven’t caught him yet you are living in your own worst one is in a hurry.

But something happened today that scared the bejeezus out of Bill Windsor what?  Did Susan send you a selfie?.  He doesn't want to share something tells me even going back to your baby days you were never much on sharing the details as he doesn't want to give ideas to the bad guys don’t worry, no one cares, but he reports he was terrorized for about an hour did you find that fugitive show on cable tv?.  So, a quick change of plans and a new state yeah that will fix it.  Good thing there are 50 of them you are down to 48 and dropping.

Bill Windsor is taking a stand about Freedom of Speech don't you mean "for"?, but will many people ever know about it or care no, and no, but quite a few are laughing hysterically?  With Bill Windsor, it's the principle that matters speaking of laughing histerically.....I'm gonna need a moment.  Corrupt judges, corrupt law enforcement, corrupt prosecutors like with cyberstalking, you don't have any idea what the word corrupt means, and all of them trumping you can't even write a sentence anymore up charges over Ned and the First Reader Bill....lets just have a talk about your know like your jokes...the first step is admitting you have a problem freedom of speech rights.  They are protecting an evil scumbag you mean the non-fugitive private citizen? who terrorizes people people?  like real people? for fun before he goes to his favorite public restroom with again, you just are better off skipping the whole attempt at humor thing ....  Sean Boushie oh wow, you just committed another felony has committed hundreds of real crimes this is called projection Bill....look it up, yet he's protected because he gets paid by the government to terrorize people like Crystal Cox and Bill Windsor I'm still waiting for you to name an actual person.

Bill Windsor is not and cannot be oh yes you can restricted on publishing the name "Sean Boushie," felony though these corrupt Montana folks want to claim he is what you call corrupt is actually justice and you can run but you can’t hide from it.  Since August 23, 2013, Bill Windsor has not allowed the name "Sean Boushie"felony to be published on this website, Facebook what do you mean not allowed?  You are the only one that publishes anything on it...Did Bill Windsor not allow Bill Windsor to post Sean Boushie?, or any other site I'm not sure you have that kind of power.  So the crooks took away his fundamental right of freedom of speech you fundamentally have no clue what free speech means - the right to say or print or type or handwrite or spell out in blocks or sky-write in the air a two-word proper name go find the Constitution and show me where it says that, Sean Boushie felony.  Well, the gloves are off why were you wearing gloves?.  Bill Windsor says if he dies, he'll die with his boots on but no gloves? (or orange fluorescent flip-flops if they put him in prison.)  So in the meantime, he wants everyone this creepy third person stuff is old to expose that Sean Boushie felony is a government-paid stalker could you please provide evidence of this?  And keep in mind you also are unfamiliar with the definition of the word evidence who terrorizes people not people, threatens to kill them, and attempted to kill Bill Windsor never stop lying huh Bill?.  Judges, police, sheriffs, prosecuting attorneys, FBI, legislators, governors, etc. all let him get away with it well then maybe it’s probably time to just admit he won.  People need to know this type of stuff is happening right here in what has become a police state, the USA well they dont, mainly because it’s not true....that’s the uphill battle you have been fighting this whole time.....lies never win,

For those who don’t know and probably dont care, the short story emphasis on story is this: Bill Windsor set out to film a fake movie exposing government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption I mean justice. He traveled to every state (except Alaska), and he filmed over 750 stories again, emphasis on story of corruption and has thousands more who wanted to be filmed but you were too lazy. Evil people what exactly makes them "evil" as opposed to, some working for various government entities evidence please, set out to destroy Bill Windsor and the fake movie, Lawless America you can't destroy that which never existed. Bill Windsor has been defamed you mean exposed online in the largest case of defamation in U.S. history evidence please. His life has been threatened many times evidence please. A UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE you mean Sean Boushie?  Copy and Haste attempted to murder him yeah ummm, thats a lie. He was put into the Ellis County Texas Jail illegally no very much legally for 53 days as a political prisoner nope, just as a common fugitive. The State of Montana has filed five criminal charges against William M. Windsor don’t worry, it will be much more than that now for sending a Tweet, publishing the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE‘s name (the would-be killer) four times, sending a legal notice email to a University of Montana attorney, and filming the movie what movie? and the pilot for a TV  what tv? show that will expose Montana as the most corrupt state in the country umm no, that one is for not turning over the website that you were court ordered to do. Now Bill Windsor is wanted a fugitive, but not really wanted for these dastardly crimes multiple felonies is the correct term, and he is hiding out like the Koward he is in exotic places like Tahiti and Bora Bora ohhh and he lies profusely . All of that was true except the last four words no, none of it was cute little lies at the end don't cancel out all the other ones. And in a recent development, “law enforcement” means you have no clue who did it but lets say LE because it fits my lying narrative better had removed from the Internet. This website contains over 1,400 articles exposing corruption you mean lies. Bill Windsor worked wth a friendly offshore hosting company I though your "techie" did that to return the website to the Internet outside the clutches of American evildoers if you hate America so much why don't you just leave?

Bill Windsor will continue to have a short boring and repetitive article published every morning and every night so you will know he is still as “free” as one can be in Lawless America you mean in America...we rejected your Lawless America. That’s where we live thats where I live.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

"The Joeys" Dunk Windsor!!! Case Dismissed

What a bad day for the multiple felon/fugitive/vexatious litigant/national terrorist named Bill Windsor.  First, the South Dakota Federal District Court said your fee so we can rule on it. Bill finally paid, and they said this:

"pro se baby".....real smooth move there Bill.

Then today, in front of Judge Joe Grubbs in Ellis TX, the case of Windsor vs. The World was dismissed for want of prosecution.   You know, this was the case where Bill said everyone he decided to name to the case would be writing him a "big fat check" that would no doubt bankrupt each defendant?    Well as it turns out it will be Windsor that must open his checkbook (involuntarily) as he must pay dearly for his frivolous and vexatious litigation addiction.

The essence of this lawsuit boiled down to one thing....a nation wide huckster/defamation artist wanted to shut down, through intimidation, any and everyone that would dare speak the truth about his immoral/illegal activities on a public stage.  Lawless America was a fake movie/scam where Bill would go state to state filming any and everyone who would be willing to say something negative about our current judicial system.  This served to create two kinds of victims.....on one side you have his film subjects who were unaware of the fraudulent nature of all that is Bill Windsor.  They poured their heart out on film for that they thought would be some kind of documentary movie...instead Bill used their stories as leverage against them.  Then, on the other side you had judges all across the nation being slandered and defamed with zero evidence or proof to back up any of the crazy claims. As Windsor set up domain names under each and every one of these judges it was clear that his goal all along was retribution to a judicial system that rendered him justice......a justice he was unable to swallow.

In the end though, truth, freedom of speech, and justice reign supreme.  The United States of America has defeated Bill's Lawless America.  Windsor wanted to live in a nation of double standards, he wants everyone to do as he says....not as he does.  But, in the end, the rule of law applies to everyone....even Bill Windsor.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Windsor Just Needs a Hug

Its now been 18 days since Bill said goodbye to his civil litigating career.  He continues to try and fill the void with pointless motions and appeals at locations he knows he wont be attending, as well as domain name defamation.  He desperately keeps reaching out to his followers for reassurance, but they continue to dwindle and only the especially insane are the ones left to give him a hug.

This fugitive thing was supposed to be more fun than its turning out to be.  He expected the world to wake up each morning with a where is Windsor quest, turns one really cares including his followers.  His trial by facebook of his criminal charges in MT isn't generating much buzz so now he figures its time for phase two of his master plan......paper bomb MT with 13 gigabytes of his repetitive blather under the title of "love letters" to Montana.

Reality, a dirty word in Lawless land, is starting to set in on Bill.  He ran to avoid jail.....but in the process he opened himself up to all his victims to exact justice on his vexatious litigation.  His vexatious soul is about to die a death of a thousand paper cuts of hearings he can't attend and sanctions he won't be able to fight.  Being a fugitive on the run isn't exactly an excused absence for court.  And even worse than that, his own paranoia continues to consume him....."is that a Joey"  "is that police car coming my way"  "will they track that credit card payment" "why is that waitress looking at me funny" "can they see my IP"

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bill Windsor Has a Bad Day In Court

Still waiting for his ride up to Montana, Windsor was brought into the Ellis county court yesterday in his prison outfit and shackles along with that security escort he always wanted.  Windsor's elaborate lies started to seep out on him in court:

-the entire Boushie episode was read aloud in court including the PPO and Bill's omission of telling that to the Court.

-He is more than capable of handling the $100,000 bond in MT and said he is going to hire an attorney for his criminal defense (no public defender), but I think he forgot he already told the court he was broke and couldn't afford an attorney, that is why he was pro se.

Judge Carroll noted that it seemed that Bill had sued defendant Sam Round and Sean Boushie in Texas because he could no longer continue litigation in their home states (he's a vexatious litigant in MT and GA).  This is exactly true.....and further evidence is with two of the other defendants Allie and Claudine.  Bill, of course, sued Allie in her home county for the exact same thing he is suing her in TX.  That case went on for over a year and then Bill dropped the case when it came time for him to answer questions.  That case is in Lafayette Co in # 13LF-CV00461
He sued Claudine and the American Mothers Political Party in her home county in KS again for the exact same thing:  Shawnee County KS  case number 2013-CV-001045

This is how Bill operates. All of these cases are about harassment and intimidation, not justice. He will modify his lies however he needs to in order to get his foot in the door with a lawsuit. Then its immediately to discovery where he tries to force the court to make the defendants give up personal information which he will then post on website domains he took out in their names. And even if he is ordered to remove his defamatory content from a website...he still wont do it....enter Montana and their 3 felony charges, or at least part of those charges.

Bill wanted to ask for a stay in the TX case. He used a couple of his classic excuses. Seeing how the jail wasn't up to Marriott Rewards standards, he has developed a cough that seems to only effect him during court time. Some of you will remember way back when, he used this same excuse about an uncontrollable cough as a way to get out of talking to his followers. Then he employed my personal favorite of the ole "I can't see" excuse. This time it was because he didn't have his glasses. I wonder if the Court knows that this is the same person who claimed this in court in GA:

"The 2009 income tax return is inaccurate. It was submitted when Windsor was unable to read. It will be amended when time and reading permit. The 2010 Income tax return is on extension due to the same factors."

Windsor wants his laptop back.....BAAADLY!! Those meanie guards took it, and it seems it may be heading up to MT as *gulp* evidence. Uhhh Ohhh, it just got real for Bill and all of those on his email list. No telling what kinds of incriminating evidence they will find on that poor machine. Bill tried to get the TX court to intercept his damning evidence before it reaches Montana, but TX will have no part of that.

He claimed to have an attorney for his criminal case...and named dropped Clay Jenkins, but he said he hadn't paid the retainer. This of course would also expose his "I'm broke" lie. He says, in true Windsor fashion, that he is going to fight extradition to Montana. I guess he wouldn't be Bill Windsor if he didn't.

Judge Carroll asked him if he was still interested in dismissing the crazy case as he mentions in his emergency stay motion. Bill claimed it was a moment of weakness, or maybe clarity, and that his vexatious blood had returned and he was ready to continue on to the bitter end.

The next hearing is on the 20th where he will have to deal with Anti-slapp motions. It doesn't help matters that he claims in his 3rd amended petition that even after suing the "Joeys" they still won't shut up. Yeah thanks Bill, thats the exact essence of Anti-Slapp. Will he even be in Ellis County on the 20th? Or will the extradition hearing be over and he's on his way up to Montana?

Heh, I forgot to mention one of the main procedural points from the day.....Bill is a limited purpose public figure and must prove actual malice in statements by defendants.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Windsor Breaks Down in Jail

After one week in County lock up, Bill is at the breaking point.  This is someone who has lived his life on the upgraded plan.  He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and it was ripped away from him for the first time in his life, last week.  As he continues to wait for his no frills ride up to Montana, Windsor now knows that his life as he knows it could be coming to an end.  Frivolous lawsuits, stalking, harassing, defaming people online must take a back-seat as he now must find a way to rebut the very serious charges the State of Montana is charging him with.

His lawsuit against Facebook was dismissed last week and his crazy Joey lawsuit is hanging by a thread as he has a hearing Thursday morning and I'm guessing this won't be an excuse that will fly. Will he even be here Thursday?  Will the County let him go to the hearing if he is?  If he can't copy and paste his motions....what argument can he come up with?

And then lets think ahead to his looming Montana case.  Remember how all Bill ever wanted was a chance to be heard in front of a jury?  He may get that chance.  Will all of his past sins and victims come together to testify against him?  I think a DA could make just about any jury hate Bill with his long established pattern of behavior.  Will he be offered a plea?  So much drama yet to unfold, and we will be glued to our keyboards in anticipation.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Windsor's Time is Kinda Valuable

Inside the lawsuit of Windsor vs. the World, there is a fracas breaking out between Bill and Sean Fleming....specifically his attorney Barbara Hachenburg.  In short, she is making Bill look like a fool and he doesn't appreciate that.  In addition to her air tight argument that Bill is a public figure and her anti-slapp motion, she also made one that makes the case that Bill should be labelled a vexations litigant and put up $50,000 in security in the extremely likely scenario he loses and is charged with Fleming's expenses.  This is not a happy subject for Bill as he thought he already dodged that monkey by playing his "ohhh I forget to pay the fee on time" game.

So that starts this little email game that Bill likes to do "please advise me on your strategy to fight what I'm doing so I can prepare for it"

Notice her shut-down of him at the end....uhhh yeah what is the name of that business entity you are suing for damages again?  Crickets chirp, Windsor goes dark on that one.  She could have also asked him to show her that affidavit from Barbara Windsor where she claims she divorced him because of the "Joeys".  His entire suit is based on lies.

Anyway, back to the spat.....Bill thinks he wins because she filed this 4 days past his calculated deadline while she points out the court has the inherent power to do whatever it wants.

So, apparently it took bill 4 "long" days to come up with a response to the simple fact that he most defiantly is a vexatious litigant.  He could have spent that time filing additional frivolous motions and asking for discovery on defendants who have stayed all discovery.  Maybe if he had those 4 "long" days back he could have finally sorted the 37,000 comments on this blog by author (he says 96% of them are anon).  If Bill had paid for this tedious work which he performed pro se, he would have paid $15 an hour totalling $480.  Now, when we break down the math on that, it turns out that those 4 "long" days equate to 8 hours a day.  So now we know what a really long work day is according to Bill.

So in the "interest of economy"....lets just strike this whole motion altogether without having to make me try and argue against the merits of it.  And, even though the "court can't give me back my valuable time" can just pay me the $15 an hour I'm worth.

Notice #35. seems that some of these defendants are copying from their classmate's answers. This really bothers Bill.....if there is one thing he can't stand is for someone to just copy and paste duplicative charges and accusations against someone else without specific and unique evidence in each case.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Bill Windsor doesn't understand concepts, words, definition of words or reality.  Some might think that this has come about as he ages, but lets go back and look at his past.  Bill can't stop talking about his misguided view of copyright.  He thinks every stupid mundane picture he posts is copyrighted simply because he said so.  For that matter he didn't even think to register Lawless America in the first place as a WTP group beat him to the punch.  It turns out that this is a lesson he should have already known about.

So here we are, 34 and 1/2 years ago and someone working for Bill (its never actually Bill himself that comes up with an idea) says why don't we publish a magazine called Texas Sports?  Great get to work on it and I'll start bragging about it says Bill to his employee.  Well it turns out some other guy already thought of that but not only had the thought, he took the effort to go register the name as a trademark.  Well don't let that stop Bill from a long drawn battle over something that isn't hardly worth anything in the first place. Forget that he had no legal grounds whatsoever, even back then Bill got his sick legal thrills by wasting the courts precious time as this Easterly guy offered a reasonable and cost effective (for both sides) settlement to end the madness.  Once a vexatious litigant, always a vexatious litigant.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Windsor Again Gets Caught With His Hands in the Cookie Jar

And the hits keep coming.  In the same week that he takes a true beatdown from the Federal Court in Montana, Bill then takes another blow out in California this time from the attorney for Facebook. After Bill played games with FB's demur motion, Julie Schwartz did the most damaging thing anyone could do to Bill....she made that court aware of his horrific past.  Thats right, she Thrashed him:

Uh Oh, Bill got caught with his dirty hand in the cookie jar once again.  He tried to play the same game in Cali as he did in Texas by sending a letter and assuming that no response means a yes.  Well that dog wont hunt and now they are filing an exparte order, and it was granted, to obtain the leave he never got.  The emails from Schwartz to Bill serve as the perfect example of who and what Bill is.  He is a liar and a bully.  He says the Thrash order is void and he will provide proof....but never does.  Of course the order is very much not void despite what he and his partner in crime "susan" claim it to be.  Bill's little game of semantics between "seek leave" and actually obtaining leave are exposed.  His third grade antics won't work here.

Another interesting thing to come out is Bill demands, in the email exchange, that Schwartz tell him who it was that alerted her to the GA order.  How dare she, or someone else bring up his paper terrorist history into this case.

The irony is that just like in the Texas case where Bill played this sneaking little "if you don't say no that means yes" game with a letter to the Federal Judge in that district, the FB case now backfires on him as he has already demonstrated to the court in California the exact behavior that mandated the ruling in the first place.  Had he gone in and obtained actual leave right off the bat...before anyone really knew who this monster was, he might have pulled it off similar to what he did in MO and KS. But as always, the biggest enemy to Bill is Bill himself.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Windsor Gets Scolded in Montana

As Bill continues to stalk, threaten, intimate and harass innocent people (mostly women), all while claiming to be in fear for his life, he took a major beat down in Montana as the Federal Court put him in the corner where he belongs.

Not only did they beat him down for being frivolous, the Court added that Windsor is also irrational and delusional.  He is simply unable to hide his abusive behavior within the courts.  Its all he knows and the only thing he is capable of doing.

"Windsor's affidavit reflects his irrational misunderstanding of the civil justice system, and his seemingly delusional or fanciful allegations of corruption which he believes he has exposed through his meritless litigation activities"

Indeed, Windsor's entire legal argument is based on the "because I said so" claim.  Once you remove his idiotic and insane claims.....he doesn't have any tricks left in his magic bag, much less actual proof.  And the Court in MT called his bluff by doing the one thing that really does strike fear in Bill.....they forced him to show cause.  He now must prove that what he did was in fact not frivolous and vindictive, and no amount of self sworn or lemming sworn statements to the effect of "because I said so" will be enough to get him off the hook.  Translation: you can now cross off MT from the lists of States that Windsor can bring his own form of paper terrorism.

This is setting up to be a bad month for Bill as he faces the high possibility of going down in both MO and CA in the next thirty days for his vexatious litigation in those states.  As his legal failures compound on him, his hatred, rage and all around pure evil is now more evident than ever in his relentless attempt to stalk, defame, harass and intimate any and everyone simply because he is a monster who won't take responsibility for his own actions.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Windsor's Empty Threats

While Bill racks up a long list of legal defeats across the nation, he continues to check in now and then on his facebook page....not to talk to his brain dead followers, but to try and scare those who speak the truth about him.  If the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.....Bill is completely insane.

TURN OUT THE LGHTS, THE PARTY'S GONNA BE OVER oh its been over for well over a year now are just a little slow to catch on.

My cyberstalkers aka truth tellers will be like this old sign on an abandoned building. They won't even have a bulb left I have to say, thats a pretty lame analogy even by your standards.

I'm sorry that I haven't had time to be posting things I just haven't had any good news to report. I've just been burning the midnight oil on legal matters maybe you should try "working" during the day instead of internet stalking all night long.

Mark your calendars not again: July 24, 2014 nope, I'm busy that day, we will have to cancel. That's the day that I hope a court compels Facebook to produce documents, IP addresses, server log information, and more you do realize you have a much higher chance of being knighted by the Queen of England by that date?.

I don't know how much longer it will take for me to organize all the evidence that I already have given your mental inabilities I would say never, but as soon as I do and again that date is never, I'll pursue a full-court press on getting people suboenaed, etc ummmm, its been over a year now that you have been trying to pull this pathetic scare tactic.....why don't you admit the obvious, you can't and you wont.

By piecing together a lot of information you mean random guesses, I continue to identify the actual identities of the many fake pages on Facebook you actually haven't been able to identify even one. I wonder if there are thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands at least a gazillion. I've identified dozens of fake identities most of them are my followers who have posted defamatory comments about me on Facebook. I reported each of them to Facebook, and surprise surprise, the fake pages have never been removed maybe they are real and you are fake?. That's against Facebook's terms so is buying fake followers. But perhaps even more important, I am asking the court to hold Facebook liable as the publisher of that defamation because there isn't a valid agreement with a fake identity, so that makes Facebook the publisher kinda like if someone was publishing that they were filming a movie but were actually just deceiving people. There's no question that Facebook needs to be held accountable for all that they've done oh there are several questions and you won't be able to answer those questions in usual, especially for removing the Lawless America Facebook page which was for a fake movie claiming it contained nudity, pornography, and sexual solicitation when it never had any such thing it did have your porn surfing link on there.

The dishonesty in America is mind-boggling especially for a mind that doesn't work. I think we all need to be concerned abut a big fire or a giant flood what no earthquakes, asteroids?. And it will either start in Silicon Valley or Ellis County Texas if the winds get high enough you may see a few grass fires but no reason to get your panties in a wad.

Photo copyright William M. Windsor, 2014 because I said so. All of William M. Windsor's photos and videos are copyright William M. Windsor because....I said so. Unauthorized use will be charged $1,000 per day per unauthorized use payable in Confederate or Monopoly money. — in Texas 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Facebook Responds to Windsor's Lawsuit with "So What?"

While Bill continues to file his hurt feelings report across the country, he now has another female attorney to add to his can't stand list as he received the legal equivalent of a bitch slap in California from Facebook's legal department.  As you might recall, this lawsuit is because his feelings were hurt when FB took down his site due to sexually related material.  Of course this is very much within their right, but Bill's feelings were badly hurt and a frivolous lawsuit must ensue.

After not being served correctly, Facebook finally got notice of the lawsuit and they filed a Demurrer.  In this, attorney Julie Schawrtz points out that even if every single thing Bill is claiming is true, which btw he didn't document any of it, it still doesn't meet the standard for making a claim.  In another of words, its another frivolous lawsuit by someone whom seems incapable of filing anything but.

Ms. Schawrtz's assessment of Bill is spot on with the first sentence in the Introduction:

"Plaintiff William Windsor' s (" Plaintiff') Complaint against Defendant Facebook, Inc.
(" Facebook") is replete with inflammatory rhetoric, but it is entirely bereft of any factual
 allegation of misconduct attributable to Facebook."

Indeed, and well put.  In fact, you could apply that statement to all of Windsor's legal filings.  He is big on claims, short on evidence, and as we will see in this response.....he can't even provide even the most basic forms of evidence in support of his crazy claims.

"Each of Plaintiffs claims fails because Plaintiff fails to identify any Facebook account or any of the alleged actionable statements, leaving the Complaint devoid of even the most rudimentary facts necessary to support his claims."

Wow Bill, you didn't even save any evidence of the facebook pages you are claiming somehow harmed you? You expect FB to provide you with all the evidence that you need in order to sue them?  This ranks right up there with asking Google to give you all of your own emails.

The response goes on to list the TOS for FB which show that they were well within their rights as well as cite the CDA in that they are not responsible for 3rd party content, same as with Google.  I wonder if they know that Bill doesn't consider the CDA to be Constitutional?  But the real fun is when Schwartz gets to the different claims Bill tried to make:

"Negligence. To state a claim for negligence, a plaintiff must plead " the existence of duty
( the obligation to other persons to conform to a standard of care to avoid unreasonable risk of
harm to them); breach of duty (conduct below the standard of care); causation ( between the
defendant' s act or omission and the plaintiffs injuries); and damages." Merrill v. Navegar, Inc.,
Cal. 4th 465, 500 ( 2601). Plaintiff alleges no facts giving rise to liability for negligence.
Indeed, Plaintiffs contention that Facebook owed him a duty to keep Facebook safe is directly
contradicted by the Terms. ( See Schwartz Decl., Ex. A at §§ 16.2, 16. 3.); see also Young v.
Facebook, Inc., 5: 10- CV-03579- JF/PVT, 2010 WL 4269304, at * 4 ( N.D. Cal. Oct. 25, 2010)
The plaintiff' s] first contention is without merit because, as noted above, Facebook expressly
disclaimed any duty to protect users' online safety"). Because Facebook had no duty to Plaintiff
to prevent others from posting content that Plaintiff finds objectionable or for guaranteeing that
content posted by Plaintiff would not be removed, Plaintiffs negligence claim fails."

"Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. The elements of intentional infliction of
emotional distress are: "( 1) extreme and outrageous conduct by the defendant with the intention
of causing, or reckless disregard of the probability of causing, emotional distress; ( 2) the
plaintiffs suffering severe or extreme emotional distress; and ( 3) actual and proximate causation
of the emotional distress by the defendant's outrageous conduct." Christensen v. Superior Court,
54 Cal. 3d 868, 903 ( 1991) ( citations omitted). " Conduct to be outrageous must be so extreme as
to exceed all bounds of that usually tolerated in a civilized community." Id. (citing Davidson v.
City of Westminster, 32 Cal. 3d 197, 209 ( 1982).) The defendant must have engaged in " conduct
intended to inflict injury or engaged in with the realization that injury will result."

-With this kicker of a sentence to sum up the essence of Bill Windsor:  
"That Plaintiff disagrees with Facebook' s decisions does not mean that Facebook' s behavior was " false," " malicious," or outrageous."

In response to Tortious Interference:
"In addition, because Plaintiff described the Page as about a movie that is still in production with no known release date, there can be no economic damage resulting from its removal."
You don't understand, all of his cases are based on that faulty premise....if you take that one away all he has left is Barbara left me because someone said meanie things about me.

In relation to Fraud:
"Not only are Plaintiff' s general conclusory allegations insufficient
to satisfy general fact pleading standards, but they are unquestionably deficient in satisfying the
heightened pleading standards required for fraud and other fraud -based claims, such as Plaintiff' s
unfair business practices claim."
Don't you know that Bill Windsor is smarter than all of the lawyers out there?  He is on a level you just can't even begin to comprehend Julie.

On Unfair Business Practice:
"Plaintiff' s allegations similarly do not plead an " unfair" practice. An act or practice is
unfair if (l) the consumer injury is substantial; ( 2) the injury is not outweighed by any
countervailing benefits to consumers or competition; and ( 3) the injury is not one that consumers
themselves could not reasonably have avoided."
-Those sound like really high marks to reach, can't we just all agree to the Windsor Rules of Court and say that if Bill said he had a business and that business was harmed.....thats good enough for court?

Ms. Schwartz sums all of this up nicely with this zinger for Bill:
"When Plaintiffs hyperbolic characterizations are removed, at most, Plaintiff alleges that
he disagreed with Facebook' s decision to remove the Page. And protection from spurious claims
of wrongful removal is exactly what the CDA was implemented to protect."

Once again, when you remove all the histrionics....all that is left is spurious allegations.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Bill Windsor Files his Writ of Ignoramus

After reading Judge Solis' order to pay the $46 filing fee and hear what Solis thinks of him, Bill decided to protest paying the $46 by filing a $500 case with the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. That's right, Bill just dropped the legal equivalent of a nuclear bomb in his Texas case.  Bill needs this "emergency" motion because he claims that Judge Fitzwater and Solis' slow and then disheartening responses are damaging his vexatious behavior.

Windsor's convoluted argument seems to be based on his claim that Judge Fitzwater/Solis have no jurisdiction over him since State Courts and Federal Courts are separate (repeat that 10 times). The problem for Bill is that he seems to understand the authority when he wrote his two, if you don't say no I will take that as a yes, letters to Judge Fitzwater's office.  Then you have the additional factor of Judge Bob Carroll, in the State Court, saying that Bill had to get leave from the Fed.

No Windsor filing would be complete without a straight up lie:
"70.  Windsor has already had one party dismissed in the Ellis County lawsuit, and if Judge Fitzwater/and or Solis does not act, all will be dismissed.  This is an emergency"

No Bill, that's a lie.  Non-party Google was dismissed but no party has been.

If he pays the $46, Bill thinks that will give Solis personal jurisdiction over him, and he doesn't want to deal with that.  Instead, he spends the majority of his 41 page filling lecturing everyone on how Judge Thrash doesn't know the law, rules, and is corrupt because he wouldn't recuse himself. Judge Thrash has "foreclosed" on Windsor's ability to wield his paper terrorism across the Nation.You can almost hear Judge Thrash responding with a sigh "that was the point".

In the end, Bill is trying to paint himself as some kind of Constitutional martyr.  But too bad for him, no one cares.  Anyone that reviews his history will see exactly why the courts had to take the action that they did. Bill is always complaining about his rights but its the rights of everyone else that are being trampled in his vexatious fury.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bill's Trial By Facebook gets Stayed

Since he can't seem to get anywhere in court, Bill has decided to try his case on his facebook account as he libels and defames all kinds of people he doesn't know, and and they don't know him either.  Not only is his lawsuit against Facebook not going too well, now his trial by facebook has been suspended as he is locked out of his account. Yep, he did it again, he violated the rules and now he can't post anything for 30 days. This must be some kind of violation of his Constitutional rights.

Where will he go to stalk and harass people if he can't post it on the internet?  Will this bring about a new lawsuit against Facebook?  Will his victims find out about his defamation of them?  Is it time to pretend he is getting that skull surgery he has been threatening?  Is there even anyone left that will follow him?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Windsor Won't Pay the Filing Fees

The Texas case is currently stayed, but that would be news to Bill as he keeps filing away as if nothing changed.  The case is stayed while they wait for word from the Federal Judge on the vexatious litigant status of Bill and his lame attempt at circumventing the order.  Yesterday, Judge Solis issued an order:

Judge Solis isn't interested in beating around the bush and the opening line says it all:  "William Windsor is a vexatious litigant with a track record for filing frivolous lawsuits and, once those frivolous suits are filed, filing legions of frivolous motions."

History repeats itself, because that's exactly what he is currently doing in all his frivolous cases across the Country right now.  Now its going to take Bill several months and a small forest of trees to object to that first line, but Judge Solis gives Bill another hay-maker in the second line:
"In July 2011, the Honorable Thomas W. Thrash, Jr., of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia entered an injunction against Windsor, prohibiting him “from filing any complaint or
initiating any proceeding, in any court (state or federal) or agency in the United States without
first obtaining leave of a federal district court in the district in which the new complaint or
proceeding is to be filed.”

Honorable?  Bill has already declared Judge Thrash "massively corrupt" and Bill went ahead and voided his order.  You can feel Bill's hand shaking just reading this.  Then, Judge Solis addresses Bill's little sneaky attempt to get around the order with his game of "if you don't say no I will take that as a yes".

"On November 21, 2013, Windsor sent a letter to Chief Judge Sidney Fitzwater seeking
permission to file a suit in Texas state court. Doc. 2 at 4. In it, he stated that “[I]f I do not hear
from you by December 7, I will assume that you did not disapprove.” Doc. 2 at 4. On February
25, 2014, Windsor sent a letter to Judge Fitzwater’s judicial secretary stating the he “accepted no
response from Judge Fitzwater as ‘leave’ to file as [he] stated [he] would do in [his] letter.”

Oh no, they are on to you Bill.  And we see just how much in the footnote at the bottom of page one:

"Windsor appealed the decision to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, but the appeal was dismissed “for want of prosecution because the appellant… failed to pay the filing and docketing fees to the district court.” Windsor, Certified Copy of Order at 1, Sep. 15, 2011, ECF No. 119."

The ghost of Bill's legal past is coming back to haunt him.

"On March 15, Windsor submitted another letter to Judge Fitzwater’s chambers again seeking leave to pursue a state court lawsuit. Doc. 1 at 2. At that point, the issue was referred to the clerk’s office to be filed as a miscellaneous matter.
To this point, Windsor has not paid the filing fee to the Clerk of the United States District
Court for the Northern District of Texas. The Court will not address Windsor’s request for leave
until he has paid the filing fee. Windsor is directed to pay the Clerk $46.00 filing fee or file a
motion to proceed in forma pauperis within 21 days of the date of this order or the case will be
dismissed for want of prosecution."

Fool them once, shame on you, fool them twice....contempt for you.  Now Bill has a very tough decision to make with his $ it and hear what he knows he is going to hear?  Or just file a bunch of objections and try and sue Judge Solis?  Are we now about to enter the phase were this millionaire starts complaining about how he can't pay his filing fees......or...spoiler alert, defendant attorney fees?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For Windsor, Its Always Someone Else's Fault

As we continue to look at the mountains of documents filed in the Maid of the Mist case, and appeal, we see a clear pattern of a complete lack of personal responsibility from Bill.  The judges are mean to me, I'm just a pro se litigant, the housing bubble popped and took all my money.  But what really drives Bill over the edge is when a judge uses a word that perfect describes his actions.

114. Judge Duffey even branded me as a “litigious plaintiff” in the order dated July 30, 2009 (attached hereto as Exhibit 2). “Litigious” is identified as “tending to engage in lawsuits.” (Exhibit 3 hereto.) A “litigious plaintiff” is a person who tends to file lawsuits.” Judge Duffey has no basis to say that. He would have no idea what I have and haven’t been involved with in terms of litigation unless he has false information obtained from some extra-judicial source. Other than Maid of the Mist’s totally improper lawsuit against me, the only lawsuits that I have been involved with personally for the last 15+ years were two legal actions involving real estate (one was an eviction in which my wife and I prevailed but never got paid, and the other was a small claims lawsuit by an attorney trying to buy our home that was dismissed because it was improper under the law). A third lawsuit was filed against me in California by a National Park Service employee who claimed his photograph taken by me at a National Park while he was on duty should not have been used on my personal travel web site. My insurance carrier paid the man $1,000 to go away. My 15-year history as what Judge Duffey describes as a “litigious plaintiff” is that my wife and I sued some people who bounced their rent checks on our unsold Ohio residence, stiffed us for $30,000 or so, and refused to vacate. Contrary to Judge Duffey’s presentation in the order dated July 30, 2009, that I am involved in “three cases,” the truth is that I am involved with one issue: Maid of the Mist and their attorneys. Maid sued me wrongfully. I have sued Maid. 115. The “litigious plaintiff” case that Judge Duffey cites in his order is Martin-Trigona v. Shaw, a case in which a litigant had filed over 250 lawsuits and used litigation as a cruel and effective weapon against his enemies, who are more often imagined than real. Trigona has reportedly sued literally hundreds, if not thousands, of attorneys, judges, their spouses, court officials, and other human beings. His lawsuits have been pursued with "persistence, viciousness, and general disregard for decency and logic." He has used legal pleadings to ventilate his contempt and hatred of persons of Jewish heritage and to level accusations which "have often been personal, have often emphasized racial or religious affiliations, and have often involved the members of ... judges' and counsel's families." The purpose, nature and effect of his resort to multiple litigation has been to involve as many persons in as many confounding legal processes as possible.

Judge Duffy hit the nail on the head, and Bill objected He then selectively choose 15 years because more than that would definitely prove the Judge's point. But what is particularly amazing is how Bill has an out of body experience as he characterizes the Trigona case as something far different than what he is doing. Unlike Bill, Trigona filed tons of lawsuits as a cruel weapon against his enemies, many of which are imagined. This monster even included "judges, court officials, their spouses and other human beings in an effort to involve as many persons in as many confounding legal processes as possible". Right, and we can all see how this Trigona monster differs from what Bill is doing?