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Friday, January 10, 2014

With No Leadership, The Lemmings are Confused

As we have pointed out before, the remaining few followers that still haven't put two and two together about Bill are not safe to be left alone.

Nancy Evans Figat Those joeys, are Mike Figat. One person. Being Nancy Evans Figat Uses the same words as Mike also. about an hour ago · Like
Bill Windsor Nancy, you know I care about you and your case...but the Joeys are not Mike Figat. I know who the Joeys are (for the most part), and they are real people. Plus we have real IP addresses from a variety of locations. about an hour ago · Like
Lin F Duty Bill you seem to have crazies working for you! No wonder you have yet to track Curtis Butler down! You Want his boat it is mine not his! Try again. Curtis filed for bankruptcy for other reasons not you! 52 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Filed for Bankruptcy likely so that Bill does not discover that he is just another one of your alters Mike. 32 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Glad you answered me Bill. Mike is the "Man Behind the Curtain". What he is doing to you is similar to what he does to me. He does have quite a few brainwashed and blackmailed/bribed..FOOTSOLDIERS. Bill I saw your court papers you posted pdf. Prior to dismissing my claim. That theyvwere signed by the same man that has signed. Tens of thousands of Deeds etc. Tell me where to send a sample for comparison. Do you want checks he signed, police reports he wrote, some of my hundreds of court documents sent to me. Signed by Mike. Judges let him sign their name. Before you doubt..take a look. He is stalking the s..t out of you. Projecting onto you Bill. Word for word. Every character defect HE HAS. Everything he writes is him. Liar, Conman, Deviant, Pervert Allabout money Mike. 24 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Mike is also copying my posts here onto his joey blog.He is just a pissed off schoolyard taunting Bully. Emotional five yr.old. 22 minutes ago · Like
Bill Windsor We know exactly where Curtis Butler is, and his bankruptcy filing to try to avoid liability with me doesn't work. He will still be held liable, and bankruptcy does not forgive judgments awarded for the intentional, malicious torts of Curtis Butler and every single person who has posted on Everyone who has posted should be accountable due to the conspiracy that had the stated goal of destroying me. "Lin F Duty," I am sure you will be named as well. I hope you have money. 21 minutes ago · Like · 2
Ahhhh, poor Nancy, she doesn't know it yet but she just disagreed with her messiah. She will now be cast off to the isle of lost lemmings where her own paranoia will doom her.

Then we have "ticked off" Mary who just wants to play with Bill, whatever game it is he is playing:
Mary Deneen Many Joeys' aided/abetted Sean Boushie's civil and criminal (HIPAA) violations, cyberstalking, bullying, humiliation, intimidation, aggravated assault w use of a 'Big Knife' against me. 33 minutes ago · Like

Forget that there is nothing at all anywhere that would support any of their claims...this is Lawless America. Bill set it up this way, reality is what you say it is. And how dare Bill try and rain on Nancy's hallucination? Its every bit as insane as any one of his delusions yet only he seems to get to smoke the magic pipe and tell everyone what he sees. No wonder the real word scares these people to near death.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

As Nancy says, Where there is smoke, there is fire.

While Bill has been busy with court filings, the lemmings have been running loose. Many of them are fraternizing with people and groups Bill specifically told them not to. One loose lemming, Nancy Evans Figat wandered over to the club house, and doesn't want to leave. While it was a bit amusing in the beginning, her stories have become more and more delusional.
Nancy tried to tell Bill, that we are all her ex, and variations of his many personalities. Bill didn't reply. So, Nancy aka KittyKat unleashed her conspiracy theories about who we are, and why we are here posting on this blog. Forget the pesky details that this blog has been around longer that Windsor's conspiracy group, Nancy knows better. NOT! (sorry Nancy, last time, we are not your ex, or any variations of your ex, friends with your ex, or any such nonsense. Bill is the one who believes you people, not us...)
‎"Today, ‎December ‎22, ‎2013, ‏‎6 hours ago | (kittykat)
It just occurred to me to look at your connection to the mental health field past three years, suddenly that is your new defense. Bill needs help, Crystal her too everyone including me are expected to go on psych meds. Due to your being unable to manipulate and control us like you do to my kids. Into believing that you are some great Messiah, like Charles Manson or Rev.Jim Jones. We dont refer you only because WE know that YOU are just one very mentally disturbed fucked up Asshole. Simple..thats all."
Wait what? Crystal needs help? Who said anything about Crystal. Do you mean Crystal Cox?
"Kittykat December 19, 2013 at 6:26 PM
May I suggest, that you focus in yourself all of yourselves.Instead of people like myself, Crystal Cox and Bill Windsor. Start stalking yourself.Start with the above crimes, Taunt yourself about them too.Call yourself, on your own cell from the cell of one if your alters.You love to do evil thibgs in darkness.Then you get pleasure by using cell taunt the victims families.Taunting gets you excited.
You have been unsuccessfully, trying to taunt me, using my son Mike.Sorry, it doesnt work anymore.You only had fake power, fake is fake =no power at all.
Yes.Crimes involving taunting of the victims families after the fact.The Long Island Serial Killer, he taunted victims family by using her cell call them.Hmm..was that you from NYC?The other girl from Medford?
Taunting, is a dark sinister act performed secretely.
As far as Angels go.The Devil, was once an Angel.Who fell.A fallen Angel.
Some food for thought.Bon Apetite."
Why yes, yes she does. In her delusional ramblings, a piece of clarity or truth seemed to escape. Now, why does Kittykat keep mentioning the connection between Crystal Cox, and Bill Windsor? Bill cut ties with Crystal, supposedly. He put her name on his "haters" list, (page 3) which he presented to the court in Kansas as one of the 532 people he said he knows or strongly believes to be "stalking" him.  Interesting.
Crystal runs a website (one of her numerous domains) for another one of the people Bill put on his haters list and who he is currently trying to serve for his lawsuit in Kansas (unsuccessfully), Loryn Ryder. Bill made it clear, that he would NOT associate with anyone affiliated with, friends with, "likes", or anything close, with AMPP or who he deemed a hater. (Speaking of domain's...I forgot to mention Crystal and her counter part Bernstein had the Sean Boushie domain before Bill "acquired" it...things that make you go hummm)
This raises many questions into why Bill is so hell bent on going after people? Maybe some of KittyKat's conspiracy theories have rubbed off on me. Lets take a closer look at one set of connections Bill has to people who have been unsuccessful in litigations. Who's opponents are those same people Bill now has targeted as "haters." All of the "Montana" videos Bill made, he tried desperately to connect the same people Cox has issue with. (while there are more connections between failed lawsuits (or issues) with Bill supporters, and Bill proclaimed "Haters" we'll just focus on this one...for now)
Crystal Cox/Eliot Bernstein and Bill Windsor connections re: "Haters"
Roxanne Grinage
Sean Boushie
The University of Montana
Royce Engstrom
Police departments and Judges in Montana
(Just to name a few)
Just how close are Bill and Crystal? The similarities are uncanny. Would it be a possibility that Cox/Bernstein offered Windsor something, to go after certain people? There is a lot of money riding on this if they could  "help" him win in Montana. Just sayin...
Awesome break down of Cox's litigations. A must read, then compare with William M Vexatious Windsor.

Article contributed by Ninja