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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Windsor Report

Remember that movie Minority Report where three psychics could see the future through precognition with such certainty that they could prevent crime before it happened?  Well Bill has added that power to his super vexatious abilities.  Yes he can sue you before you defame him, he just knows you will.

Bill Windsor 32 minutes ago · Edited
WITH JOEYISALITTLEKID ALONE, APPROXIMATELY 8,000 PAGES OF STUFF what is stuff?, SINGLE-SPACED well why would you double space it?, 9-POINT TYPE.  yeah you are the master of specificity
The Joeys include many people who were filmed ummm name one? and proved to be dishonest your definition of proof doesn't jive with Websters'. You all know many of the names you mean random names you constantly throw out?. You may be surprised at a few that will soon be disclosed. don't tell me Santa Claus is next
I can't even hazard a guess how many libelous statements there are well you kinda have to in a court of law. I would guess tens of thousands not millions?. Each libelous, defamatory statement is a separate violation of the law. It could take the rest of my life just to cite them all what a fulfilling life you have here Bill.
These things you can't sue objects Bill, but I would leave it to you to try will not be able to prove that any of these libelous statements they made are true.
Let me state a few things for the record: the record is now on a facebook page?
I am not now and never have been a so-called "sovereign." you can't stand their monthly dues Anyone making such a claim to the FBI or anyone else is making a false accusation and is defaming me by trying to link me to radical groups. other than adopting all their ideology and trying to carry out most of it on my own, I have nothing to do with them
I am absolutely non-violent, and I have never proposed or supported any violence. Anyone making such a claim to the FBI or anyone else is making a false accusation and is defaming me by trying to link me to radical groups.  this is starting to sound like you know you are in trouble
I have never proposed that any American be put to death except public officials for treason. You believe what you choose preferably the truth, but I personally support abolishing the death penalty in all cases except treason well you just contradicted yourself, maybe we can see a Windsor vs Windsor case coming to a courthouse near you. I believe treason is as serious as it gets forget murder, potentially affecting every American. I believe the death penalty should remain for treason as a deterrent and lets let the cop killers run off. And if a jury finds a person has committed treason and decides the death penalty is proper, then I support that and who gets to define this treason of yours?. I am totally opposed to the death penalty in all other matters because the system is so hopelessly broken with dishonesty, corruption, and an apparently widespread convict-at-all-cost mentality that sounds like a lot of death penalties you have lined up then doesn't it?. Anyone making the claim to the FBI or anyone else that I have proposed killing all (or even one) elected official, appointed official, or government employee is making a false accusation of a crime and is defaming me. YOU JUST SAID THAT EXACT THING BILL.  You can't even make one sentence between lies anymore
I have never proposed "citizen grand juries" as the solution to our problems yeah, you proposed them without the "". I proposed the creation of "Special Regulatory Grand Juries" by state legislatures well this is news to all those Lawless Followers and all those talkshoe shows where you gave them step by step instructions to infiltrate local grand juries. This has been fully explained on www, we can both agree on that. IF we can't get some honest people elected who will try to save America from the rampant corruption, then I proposed that we create some type of citizen review structure where we bring the corruption to light uh huh, case by case. Anyone claiming that my proposal is to create citizen grand juries of the type that have failed in the past is making a false accusation and is defaming me. ohhh here we go with the Bill semantics....yeah, you only propose the kind that won't fail, other than that its the same ole garden variety citizen grand jury.
I have never in my life scammed anyone where can I get a copy of Round America?, committed fraud what happened to the donated RV?, or conned anyone where can I see the movie Lawless America?. Anyone making such a statement is making a false accusation of crimes and is defaming me. or being deadly accurate with what you have been doing
I have never evaded taxes in my life you just don't file tax returns, at least not lately. All donations received by me for the movie what movie, videos what videos?, and Lawless America projects like pie eating contests? have been fully accounted for where is this?  Why not be transparent?. The movie trips and work have been financed approximately 75% by me wow, that's a lot more donations than I thought. Until I formed a 501 c 3 was it approved?, I never said any donation was tax-deductible yeah you said they might be, and I have proof galore of that. Once the 501 c 3 was formed, a very small number of donations were received (perhaps less than $2,000), and I don't know if those are deductible or not show me the money. Anyone telling the FBI, IRS, State of Delaware, or anyone that any money is unaccounted for, a receipt was not provided if requested, or that anything improper was done is making a false accusation of a crime and is defaming me. why not prove that?
Neither my ex-wife, my son, nor any family member has ever owned any part of Lawless America, my websites, or the movie uhhhhh, if you say so Mr. Bill. I used to use my son's hosting service uh huh, but when the threats got to be too great, he told me I had to leave he said dad has to go. I moved to Godaddy you took him literally several years ago -- before the movie trip and then to Bulkregister wait so the "threats" were that bad even before you started your fake movie tour?. My ex-wife was listed as the administrative contact for all web domains that I own yeah that would kinda imply she had something to do with it. That does not in any way indicate ownership but certainly points to it. I always owned them. I set them all up you did do lots of set ups, I'll give you that. I paid for them. Anyone making claims about involvement of my family and ex-wife is making false accusations for which there is and can never be any proof, is defaming me, and is wrongfully attempting to include people who are not involved just to cause trouble. sounds like you are pretty worried about Barb getting sworn in for court testimony
Anyone who claims I ever stalked anyone is making a false accusation of a crime and is defaming me so you just drove by Allie, Boushie, Brannon, and Hernandez's houses and post the pictures of them online by happenstance?. All I have ever done is expose criminals name one, and I will continue to do so with every ounce of energy that I have so you stalk and you will continue to stalk?. If you don't want to be in a video or movie, be honest and don't defame and cyberstalk me. If you do, I will expose stalk and harass you. I will come to your town to film, if possible. that's what we call stalking...Mr. bill
I will soon start posting the evidence to you are coming over here to stalk us now? It will chronicle all the legal filings and evidence in this case. I bet the court clerk loves seeing you come in Other evidence and legal filings may be seen at ,, www,, those are three examples of cyber stalking, and
We we?  all the voices in your head? now have a very good system for capturing all the online statements wow, most people had that 15 years ago. I have sued every person who has defamed me or will defame me what if the other two agatha's disagree?  Sue em as I have named "John Doe, Jane Doe, and Joey Doe" parties sounds like you really have them pinned down. I would be delighted to add you as long as the courts allow it he is now speaking to all humanity here, and if you defame me, I will sue you and expose you and even if you don't, consider yourself sued. That's not a threat; it's a promise and you have the vexatious badge to back that up. I want to make each and every one of the cyberstalkers famous but you don't have a movie though do you. I hope my cases will establish precedents that will serve as a deterrent to others hope isn't a plan.
I could type for the rest of my life, so I will stop. you should try sleeping sometime, maybe a nice walk in the park or a night out on the town, your obsession is consuming you
I pray that I have gotten lucky with honest judges and that I will get to present this outrage to jurors we don't have enough trees to survive that. These people have all but "killed" Lawless America good that was the goal, the movie so you admit there is no movie, and me you are still around aren't ya?, and we need a massive financial award and removal of all the defamation and stalking to have a chance to continue effectively. so no movie it.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Windsor of Oz
The scene in that movie at the end is so perfect to where we see Bill at this point.  The curtain has been pulled back, everyone can see he is just a crazy old man trying to play god, but he still keeps acting as if his cover isn't blown.  More analogies for that movie is that the lemmings are to follow the Lawless American brick road and never take one step off it.  And they do this to see their wizard, why?  Well because....because of the wonderful things he does none of which any of them can be give an example. Why is the Oz great?  Because they said he is, and he said he is, no more verification needed.

So the very public figure and man who gave the response to the State of the Union address on behalf of his political party, thinks he can play district attorney as well. This was posted by Bill back on the 7th of this month:

Bill Windsor- By the way, any Joey who would like to get a release from the lawsuit should contact me with all the info they have. I am willing to give one more release to someone who would rather spill the beans to me than go through this litigation. All Joeys should be aware that I am asking that each Joey be held jointly and severally liable for the damages. That means, Curtis Butler and Brannon Bridge and Megan Van Zelfden and all the other people who have posted defamation on will owe the full amount of the damage award. Consider this like a plea's your chance for a get out of Bankruptcy Free Card. And guess what, a judgment of this type is not dischargable in bankruptcy, so you will owe me forever and ever and ever. 6 minutes ago · Like

Ok, for like the 20th time now, Megan has nothing to do with this blog, and never has. But beyond that, he actually says the words "consider this like a plea bargain", he is playing DA and making his extortion offers public. Then he goes on to respond to his precious "Susan" with this little titbit.

Bill Windsor Thanks, Susan. Nice to see you on the right side. I anticipate that Joeyisalittlekid will default, and I doubt that Google will answer the lawsuit for them. I detailed a lot of the facts in the lawsuit simply so they have to respond to each point. Disclosures have been served, and Requests for Admissions should be ready tomorrow, to include a digital copy of every article and comment that has ever appeared on their site. 10 minutes ago · Like

Notice how he is bragging about how he intentionally got vexatious with his filling so that Google would want no part of the Windsor of Oz. His filings are just too much for Google to deal with and because of that he will roll them. Then, as of last night we got more attempts at intimidating Google from Bill.

The attorneys for Google have been very cooperative. My sense is that they don't want to be the one to pay tens of millions for all the defamation, stalking, and crimes perpetrated on their BlogSpot website.
I have given them a specific list of tings that I want, and they were served yesterday with several hundred document requests that will expose the identities and/or IP addresses of all the users on the Joeys site and other BlogSpot sites.
I can't wait. 17 people like this.
Ahhhh, the good ole blackmail Google approach, its gotta work right? They better play ball with Bill and give him the "several hundred document requests" he has sent them or if they don't watch out they will be at the mercy of this vexatious litigant known as Bill Windsor in the form of a named defendant. Thats right, this is Windsor's world where even Google is at the mercy of his legal skills.

Friday, January 10, 2014

With No Leadership, The Lemmings are Confused

As we have pointed out before, the remaining few followers that still haven't put two and two together about Bill are not safe to be left alone.

Nancy Evans Figat Those joeys, are Mike Figat. One person. Being Nancy Evans Figat Uses the same words as Mike also. about an hour ago · Like
Bill Windsor Nancy, you know I care about you and your case...but the Joeys are not Mike Figat. I know who the Joeys are (for the most part), and they are real people. Plus we have real IP addresses from a variety of locations. about an hour ago · Like
Lin F Duty Bill you seem to have crazies working for you! No wonder you have yet to track Curtis Butler down! You Want his boat it is mine not his! Try again. Curtis filed for bankruptcy for other reasons not you! 52 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Filed for Bankruptcy likely so that Bill does not discover that he is just another one of your alters Mike. 32 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Glad you answered me Bill. Mike is the "Man Behind the Curtain". What he is doing to you is similar to what he does to me. He does have quite a few brainwashed and blackmailed/bribed..FOOTSOLDIERS. Bill I saw your court papers you posted pdf. Prior to dismissing my claim. That theyvwere signed by the same man that has signed. Tens of thousands of Deeds etc. Tell me where to send a sample for comparison. Do you want checks he signed, police reports he wrote, some of my hundreds of court documents sent to me. Signed by Mike. Judges let him sign their name. Before you doubt..take a look. He is stalking the s..t out of you. Projecting onto you Bill. Word for word. Every character defect HE HAS. Everything he writes is him. Liar, Conman, Deviant, Pervert Allabout money Mike. 24 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Mike is also copying my posts here onto his joey blog.He is just a pissed off schoolyard taunting Bully. Emotional five yr.old. 22 minutes ago · Like
Bill Windsor We know exactly where Curtis Butler is, and his bankruptcy filing to try to avoid liability with me doesn't work. He will still be held liable, and bankruptcy does not forgive judgments awarded for the intentional, malicious torts of Curtis Butler and every single person who has posted on Everyone who has posted should be accountable due to the conspiracy that had the stated goal of destroying me. "Lin F Duty," I am sure you will be named as well. I hope you have money. 21 minutes ago · Like · 2
Ahhhh, poor Nancy, she doesn't know it yet but she just disagreed with her messiah. She will now be cast off to the isle of lost lemmings where her own paranoia will doom her.

Then we have "ticked off" Mary who just wants to play with Bill, whatever game it is he is playing:
Mary Deneen Many Joeys' aided/abetted Sean Boushie's civil and criminal (HIPAA) violations, cyberstalking, bullying, humiliation, intimidation, aggravated assault w use of a 'Big Knife' against me. 33 minutes ago · Like

Forget that there is nothing at all anywhere that would support any of their claims...this is Lawless America. Bill set it up this way, reality is what you say it is. And how dare Bill try and rain on Nancy's hallucination? Its every bit as insane as any one of his delusions yet only he seems to get to smoke the magic pipe and tell everyone what he sees. No wonder the real word scares these people to near death.