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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So Whats Up With the National Liberty Alliance?

The above picture is an action photo of John Darash/Virdurek researching up for one of his weekly papers to the court.  Well, so how is the new lawless america...aka the NLA doing these days? Have they taken their country back?  Not quite, in fact they are still in the same place they were about a year ago.....writing pointless papers to the court and making inept demands.  While they are not getting anywhere in terms of the court or even any real recognition.....John has started to combine his stupid people with some of the other stupid people groups out there.  Just this week, the NLA picked up Redneck Radio who will simulcast the NLA's redundant Monday night call on their network.   In exchange for that great privilege, the NLA will start hawking some of the Redneck Radio crap on their website. If you are looking for a good deal on Freedom oxygen or survival you can go to the NLA website for all your shopping needs.  So to sum up, they are still stuck in neutral but donations are up so lets keep going.  Are you jealous Bill?

Anyway, the main reason I brought back up this topic was mainly to highlight a comment that came on this blog the other day in response to my last NLA article about the unmasking of John Darash as Virdurek.  We got this comment/threat:

"AnonymousFebruary 16, 2015 at 3:09 PM
Everything about this article is non-sense. Show me some of your work poster. You like many others that came before you, like to shine the light on those who stand up to the gang bangers. Let me just say this, how would you like it if i told EVERYBODY, that every freaken single law out there does not apply to us. But that it applies to you, the PERSON, CORP. in the day to day operation of your businesses, and in the courtrooms, to beef up your juris-FICTION. Every law is copy-write protected meaning that when "we the people" use these laws, you ignore us as you are not operating under any constitutionality or oath of office unless i disclose your w-9, Dunns Account and Cage # and GSA account. For which the public should write up so many bills you won't know what hit you. People, the only way they have power over you, the CIVILIAN, is when you CONSENT. There are 12 presumptions of law you must rebut, so look that up and rebutt them have them pre-written up so you can send these charlatans to hell. They are using Lieber Codes, Special Admiralty, Title 50, spoils of war, and use no laws whatsoever people. They are using opinions, they call it case law, you call it common-law, but it is only the common law of their inner circle. Don't mess with me, I'll spill some more beans on your sorry behinds, i'll cream your arses in court too."

Ahhh, there you have it, the typical SovCit rant complete with no paragraphs and random all caps and multiple threats. My favorite part of this rant by this this domestic terrorist is this part here:  
"Let me just say this, how would you like it if i told EVERYBODY, that every freaken single law out there does not apply to us. But that it applies to you, the PERSON, CORP. in the day to day operation of your businesses, and in the courtrooms, to beef up your juris-FICTION.:

There we go, and yes that really sums it all up doesn't it?  Not only is that Windsor's life-long mantra, thats the key ingredient to all these Me the People mutant's creed.  The law applies to us, but not to them, they are above it, over it, superior to it.  They will bully, intimidate and threaten anyone who dares speak against them. They will use the law or abuse the law more accurately to go after those people, but that same law never applies to them.  He should be the new PR person for these people.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Inmate 14-1898 Tattles on The Guards

It's never a good idea to complain about the corrections staff while under their supervision, but Bill Windsor aka inmate 14-1898 doesn't seem to be aware of that or fact.  He scribbled out several motions and the following two need careful examination:

You see, inmate 14-1898 needs his computer.  He has personal matters to attend to, stranger's information to post and harass, frivolous lawsuits to attend, incriminating files and emails to delete and a no good ungrateful son to chew out.  His "family" in both Georgia and Austin have so far ignored his pleas for assistance  I'm guessing they don't really want to be an accomplice to a felon. This jail thing is really inconveniencing inmate 14-1898, and he demands that Judge Carroll step in and tell those meanie guards to give him special privileges as requested.  Oh and he has lots of medical conditions, take your pick.  Because of these complaints, he needs his computer and phone.

Then we jump over to inmate 14-1898 second emergency request for a stay in his frivolous lawsuit in Ellis County.  You see, he is currently in jail and.....let me pause for effect......being held against his will!!!  Lets just take a moment to let that fully sink in.  If that's not an emergency, I don't know what is.  He tried to pay the proper Montana out of state bond, but the judge rejected his properly paid bond.  I guess he will be lecturing the Montana judges on Montana procedures when he gets up there.

He doesn't have his evidence (he never had any), he can't get emails from Susan to get his "research". In short, he is flying blind.  His mail service in jail is not up to par, he has mailed 6 letters and they haven't even gone out yet.

It seems that staff member "Dennis" told the attorney for defendant Fleming some information about Bill that he really didn't want the court knowing.  This must mean that "Dennis" and probably some of the defendants, are colluding to ruin his case.  An investigation must take place, and he is asking the court to send him the paperwork to open up a lawsuit against the Ellis County Detention Center. Therefore, he is asking that the case be stayed except for discovery for the "wrongdoing of defendants and Ellis County Jail employees".  Inmate 14-1898 is special, the rules don't apply to him, he deserves special treatment in the jail and if he isn't given that he will open up a legal war against those currently over him.  His constitutional rights have been violated thanks to his alleged felonious activities in Montana.

None of these excuses are anyone else's fault but that of inmate 14-1898.  He made his bed, now he refuses to lie in it.  He picked this fight, now he refuses to fight it.  Now its time for him to face justice both in civil and criminal court.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bill Windsor Phones It In

After a string of embarrassing defeats in both Michigan and Missouri, Bill is desperate for some good news in the form of a favorable ruling in the legal world.  Yesterday, his attention turned to his show trial in California of Facebook.


It looks like Bill knew this was doomed as the coward didn't even show up to the lawsuit he created. But then again, showing up in court these days runs a high risk of contempt for Bill. Facebook's attorney Julie Schwartz had been schooling Bill in her legal briefs before the court and he was clearly scared of facing her mono y mono in front of a judge. So he phoned it in.

Judge Foiles gave Bill 10 days to do the unthinkable.....get leave in accordance with Thrash's order in order to proceed. At this point you can just hear that phone vibrating as the crazy man on the other end of it starts screaming out "THAT ORDER IS VOID!!!!!!". As always, he can't get leave, his lawsuits are frivolous, in fact he is incapable of filing anything but. I guess he can kiss his dream goodbye of taking a slice of Facebook's "multi-billion dollar" pie. And, once again, Bill is legally destroyed in court by a female attorney which is especially rough on someone like him. Now Bill's vexi tour of frivolous lawsuits in Cali, MT, SD, KS, MO, MI, and TX is now just down to TX where the State motto is "Don't Mess With Texas". Its probably time to find another hobby as nationwide vexatious litigant isn't working out too well.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Bill Windsor doesn't understand concepts, words, definition of words or reality.  Some might think that this has come about as he ages, but lets go back and look at his past.  Bill can't stop talking about his misguided view of copyright.  He thinks every stupid mundane picture he posts is copyrighted simply because he said so.  For that matter he didn't even think to register Lawless America in the first place as a WTP group beat him to the punch.  It turns out that this is a lesson he should have already known about.

So here we are, 34 and 1/2 years ago and someone working for Bill (its never actually Bill himself that comes up with an idea) says why don't we publish a magazine called Texas Sports?  Great get to work on it and I'll start bragging about it says Bill to his employee.  Well it turns out some other guy already thought of that but not only had the thought, he took the effort to go register the name as a trademark.  Well don't let that stop Bill from a long drawn battle over something that isn't hardly worth anything in the first place. Forget that he had no legal grounds whatsoever, even back then Bill got his sick legal thrills by wasting the courts precious time as this Easterly guy offered a reasonable and cost effective (for both sides) settlement to end the madness.  Once a vexatious litigant, always a vexatious litigant.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Windsor Goes Back On the Road

With August approaching, its time to get out of Texas, and what better way for Bill to spend his summer vacation than by filming more frivolous actions and filming people for his YouTube channel? That's the plan anyway.  No movie?  No problem as he seems to have no shortage of idiots who want to go in front of the creepy old man's personal camera.  But first, its off to Missouri where he has a pointless 8 hour deposition of Allie which he has already stated will be a waste of time.


At long last, Allie Overstreet will appear for deposition testimony for eight hours on Friday, August 1 in Missouri. It should be interesting. The deposition will be transcribed by a court reporter, and it will also be taken by video.

Then it's off to beautiful Madison Heights Michigan and the Oakland County Courthouse for a hearing on whether I will be given a protective order against Sean D. Fleming. That's at 1:30 pm on August 6.

If you want to be filmed in Detroit Michigan, Springfield Illinois, Sioux Falls South Dakota, Wichita Kansas, or Tulsa Oklahoma, please be sure to email me at

Graphic copyright 2014, William M. Windsor

At long last?  He forgets to point out that its he who has been cowardly backing out of the depositions so far. Can anyone care to wager on how many times Matt O'Conner will have to say "objection, how is this relevant"?
Ahhh, but did you notice how he seems to be heading out after that deposition on the 1st?  That is interesting because he has a hearing in Missouri on the 6th and then he scheduled an "emergency hearing" in MO on the 5th to try and get out of the hearing on the 6th.  He also wants a stay in the MO case.  If there is one thing Bill should be a pro at, its knowing when a lawsuit is about to get thrown out. He seems to know his goose is cooked there.  But surely he won't flat out go AWOL will he?


Well, it's not like the two previous 25,000+ mile trips, but I'm off. The schedule keeps changing between Kansas City and Detroit. First stop is Kansas City. second stop is Sioux City South Dakota. Then a quick stop in Rockford Illinois before Detroit Michigan. we have his "home" in South Dakota in between MO and MI.  Judge Rolf scheduled the hearing on the 6th specially for that case as its the only one on the docket that date.  Bill and Allie agreed to that date a month ago in the Judge's presence.  Since that time, Bill filed for a PPO against Sean Fleming and now has a hearing on that scheduled on the same day, the 6th, as is the one in MO. Naturally, a new judge in Michigan who has not seen or heard of Bill Windsor is going to take precedence over the one who has had all he can take of the liar in chief.  This seems to be Bill's way of throwing in the towel in Missouri as he looks to ignore the case.  Remember, Bill has built his entire miserable life on starting things....but never finishing them.  He is also one of the biggest cowards in this nation as he loves to stalk women but runs like hell when its time to account for his evil deeds.
As we have said, Bill is a terrorist.  He is literally addicted to filing frivolous lawsuits and other legal filings. His addiction is out of control and only forced institutionalism or incarceration will help protect the American public from this evil monster.  Is there a judge out there that wants to be an American hero?

Monday, June 30, 2014

Windsor Gets Scolded in Montana

As Bill continues to stalk, threaten, intimate and harass innocent people (mostly women), all while claiming to be in fear for his life, he took a major beat down in Montana as the Federal Court put him in the corner where he belongs.

Not only did they beat him down for being frivolous, the Court added that Windsor is also irrational and delusional.  He is simply unable to hide his abusive behavior within the courts.  Its all he knows and the only thing he is capable of doing.

"Windsor's affidavit reflects his irrational misunderstanding of the civil justice system, and his seemingly delusional or fanciful allegations of corruption which he believes he has exposed through his meritless litigation activities"

Indeed, Windsor's entire legal argument is based on the "because I said so" claim.  Once you remove his idiotic and insane claims.....he doesn't have any tricks left in his magic bag, much less actual proof.  And the Court in MT called his bluff by doing the one thing that really does strike fear in Bill.....they forced him to show cause.  He now must prove that what he did was in fact not frivolous and vindictive, and no amount of self sworn or lemming sworn statements to the effect of "because I said so" will be enough to get him off the hook.  Translation: you can now cross off MT from the lists of States that Windsor can bring his own form of paper terrorism.

This is setting up to be a bad month for Bill as he faces the high possibility of going down in both MO and CA in the next thirty days for his vexatious litigation in those states.  As his legal failures compound on him, his hatred, rage and all around pure evil is now more evident than ever in his relentless attempt to stalk, defame, harass and intimate any and everyone simply because he is a monster who won't take responsibility for his own actions.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For Windsor, Its Always Someone Else's Fault

As we continue to look at the mountains of documents filed in the Maid of the Mist case, and appeal, we see a clear pattern of a complete lack of personal responsibility from Bill.  The judges are mean to me, I'm just a pro se litigant, the housing bubble popped and took all my money.  But what really drives Bill over the edge is when a judge uses a word that perfect describes his actions.

114. Judge Duffey even branded me as a “litigious plaintiff” in the order dated July 30, 2009 (attached hereto as Exhibit 2). “Litigious” is identified as “tending to engage in lawsuits.” (Exhibit 3 hereto.) A “litigious plaintiff” is a person who tends to file lawsuits.” Judge Duffey has no basis to say that. He would have no idea what I have and haven’t been involved with in terms of litigation unless he has false information obtained from some extra-judicial source. Other than Maid of the Mist’s totally improper lawsuit against me, the only lawsuits that I have been involved with personally for the last 15+ years were two legal actions involving real estate (one was an eviction in which my wife and I prevailed but never got paid, and the other was a small claims lawsuit by an attorney trying to buy our home that was dismissed because it was improper under the law). A third lawsuit was filed against me in California by a National Park Service employee who claimed his photograph taken by me at a National Park while he was on duty should not have been used on my personal travel web site. My insurance carrier paid the man $1,000 to go away. My 15-year history as what Judge Duffey describes as a “litigious plaintiff” is that my wife and I sued some people who bounced their rent checks on our unsold Ohio residence, stiffed us for $30,000 or so, and refused to vacate. Contrary to Judge Duffey’s presentation in the order dated July 30, 2009, that I am involved in “three cases,” the truth is that I am involved with one issue: Maid of the Mist and their attorneys. Maid sued me wrongfully. I have sued Maid. 115. The “litigious plaintiff” case that Judge Duffey cites in his order is Martin-Trigona v. Shaw, a case in which a litigant had filed over 250 lawsuits and used litigation as a cruel and effective weapon against his enemies, who are more often imagined than real. Trigona has reportedly sued literally hundreds, if not thousands, of attorneys, judges, their spouses, court officials, and other human beings. His lawsuits have been pursued with "persistence, viciousness, and general disregard for decency and logic." He has used legal pleadings to ventilate his contempt and hatred of persons of Jewish heritage and to level accusations which "have often been personal, have often emphasized racial or religious affiliations, and have often involved the members of ... judges' and counsel's families." The purpose, nature and effect of his resort to multiple litigation has been to involve as many persons in as many confounding legal processes as possible.

Judge Duffy hit the nail on the head, and Bill objected He then selectively choose 15 years because more than that would definitely prove the Judge's point. But what is particularly amazing is how Bill has an out of body experience as he characterizes the Trigona case as something far different than what he is doing. Unlike Bill, Trigona filed tons of lawsuits as a cruel weapon against his enemies, many of which are imagined. This monster even included "judges, court officials, their spouses and other human beings in an effort to involve as many persons in as many confounding legal processes as possible". Right, and we can all see how this Trigona monster differs from what Bill is doing?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Don't Mess With Texas

Windsor came in to Judge Bob Carroll's court this morning in what he told his followers was a "trial".  It was actually just a hearing on Google's special exception.  Not only was Google's exception upheld, but Carroll ruled that Bill must adhere to Judge Thrash's vexatious litigant ruling. Windsor tried to tell Judge Carroll about all the new motions, names and fillings he wanted to add but he was cut off mid-sentence and told that they were only there to address the Google issue. This means that Joeycon is on hold while Bill begs for a federal judge to let him sue his legion of unknown "haters".  Windsor's horrible reputation precedes him.

The back of Bill's head started to turn red as Carroll read his ruling.  Windsor's hands were visibly shaking as you could feel the rage building.  Now all his named defendants can be dismissed upon request while he waits for a federal judge to let him continue his frivolous lawsuits in Texas.  If the federal judge learns that Bill tried to sue 50+ judges in Georgia alone, he most certainly will not be granted permission.

Having suffered a huge loss today as his made up "trial", Bill is once again looking for a new home. The vexatious litigant is not allowed to ride in Texas and Georgia now, so where will he go to quench his insatiable thirst for frivolous lawsuits.

Friday, February 21, 2014

First Rule of Fight Club?

So the phrase of the week seems to be citizen grand juries.  It seems that Bill and David Schied were both contacted by the FBI and asked about their involvement in the Sovereign Citizen movementand specifically their plans related to citizen grand juries.  And with this coming on the heels of Lawless member Paulson being arrested for trying to carry out the stupid stunt, Bills' and David's answers differ quite a bit.

Bill is only playing games and he can change his story in mid sentence without batting an eye.  When asked if he was a Sovereign....he adhered to the first rule of being a Sovereign  He then brought in a new phrase to his lexicon by saying he didn't propose citizen grand juries but rather "Special Regulatory Grand Juries" despite the mountains of documents and videos where he did propose citizen grand juries.

Then we have ole David Schied who really is a believer.  He isn't playing games and he refuses to lie.  This puts him at a great disadvantage in this world of underground anarchists and makes him a liability to the them. David recaps all the details and more in this article:

Incredibly long story slightly FBI agent contacted David because of his connections to both the late Trish Kraus and Bill Windsor and that they "were somehow involved in a "domestic terrorist" organization called Lawless America".  Will Bill now be adding the FBI to his lawsuits?  Well, instead of following SOP, David like a boy scout went right ahead and gave this agent a long lecture about the sad state of our Country, particularity the legal system. Then when asked about the buzz word of the week, citizen grand juries, instead of denying it or making up a new word like Bill, David went full speed ahead.

"In addressing Agent Brand’s concern about independent grand juries springing up in Michigan without the authorization of these very same (corrupt) judges (and their counterparts in the executive branch), I reasoned that I and others across Michigan and the United States have enough evidence to show that We The People have no other means of accessing any other state or federal grand juries for reporting these government crimes. As case-in-point, I referred to my own numerous case demands to both the judicial and executive branches of both state and federal government for access to the real government of “the People,” by way of either petit or grand juries, and as both a civil “plaintiff” and as a bona fide “crime victim.” I also described how I have thereafter been repeatedly denied such access to anyone outside of government (i.e., “the People” of a petit or grand jury) by both the courts and the prosecutors. I pointed out that I have had so many denials of grand juries by the judicial branch that the latest responses to my demands, at both the state and federal levels, have been to threaten me with sanctions if I file such a court action again clarifying and redressing my demand of this all-important recognition that government crimes are being committed…in spades."

So there you have it mr. FBI agent in an unusually open, honest and transparent way.  Agent Brand goes on to articulate the whole platform of this blog and why we have been following bill and his appointed number two guy Schied:

"I doubt that Agent Brand was taking notes, though he was likely recording our conversation as he further elaborated upon his characterization of the classic sovereign by his definition. He described the person as one who locates a single code or statute and uses it to justify one’s own exemption from being subjugated to the chain of other written laws. This is the person who propagates wrongful information while relying upon just that one statute and a limited interpretation of the law, even though such an interpretation might be entirely correct. His concern was the disregarding of the greater context of other laws, either leading up to or encompassing the one being referenced by the sovereign; and that they were encouraging others to join in on relying upon such a limited interpretation of the law while breaking other laws. In regard to those who are undermining and circumventing the laws to form their own grand juries, Agent Brand insinuated that some of those involved in this movement appear to be people who might have fought numerous court battles and emerged as “disgruntled litigants” (like Bill Windsor) who simply did not like the results of the judicial rulings against them."

I give a standing ovation to our brave public servant FBI agent Brand in articulating exactly what is going on here.  Bill, David and Lawless are not about exposing real government corruption, its about revenge against a system that rendered a ruling they didn't like and they simply refuse to abide by the ruling of the court. Instead, they want to destroy the very fabric of our society.  No evidence, no due process, no actual democracy, just pure vigilante justice at its most primitive form.

The rest of the piece is Schied putting on his reading glasses and giving the agent a long....long.......loooong lecture filled with the usual Sovereign Citizen propaganda with the all caps word TREASON littered throughout the dissertation.  The main point being that when asked by a man with a badge, David didn't run from the Lawless America dogma, he reiterated it.  Bill Windsor, when put in the same spot, ran from his previous initiates.  For all his faults, and they are many, Schied sticks to his guns as a true believer in what he espouses.  I can at least respect that.  Bill is just simply a vindictive baby hell bent on getting back against any and everyone who dared to speak out against his self serving goals.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Bill Windsor Adds Google to His Frivolous Lawsuit List

Move over Facebook, Bill has a new multi-billion dollar company he wants to sue, yes that's right, its Google.  They wouldn't play ball in his Windsor vs. the world fishing expedition so now they must face the fury of his vexatious ways.  Proverbs 26:11 comes to mind, "As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly".

Bill thinks he is entitled to damages from Google for their "intentional infliction of emotional distress, tortious interference with contract or business expectancy, tortious interference with a perspective business relationship, conspiracy".  Ahhh yes, I guess like FB, google "lured" him in to using their free programs like youtube to peddle his fake movie.  And when those pesky "joeys" went and clicked the thumbs down button on his vidoes, Bill suffered embarrassment.  This must be what kept Bill from getting funding for his movie. You know, that funding no one ever offered? Therefore Google intentionally, yes he said intentionally, engaged in this act against Bill and why not throw in the word conspiracy while we are at it?  Yes, Google teamed up with "the Joeys" to make Bill look stupid. Google has nothing better to do than to figure out ways to harm Bill Windsor all day.

Now this suit is basically Bill vs Google and reality.  They won't bait his hook for his fishing trip and with no fish he has no conspiracy or case.  The ironic part is his "emotional distress" is just starting for him, wait till he sees what Google will do to him in a court of law while many people are watching. What happens when they point out that Bill is suing FB for the exact same thing?  What happens when they point out that he is suing people in multiple states right now for the very same thing with the same damages?  That he is a court ordered vexatious litigant? That he is a self-proclaimed public figure?  That he tried to blackmail them?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Will Bill Windsor Give a State of the Union Response Tonight?

A year ago, Bill gave his SOTU response on behalf of his anti-american revolutionary party.  He spent over 30 minutes explaining how he wanted to destroy America and replace it with his own form of dictatorial anarchy.  Well, a year has gone by, and thankfully Bill's plans have been foiled by....reality, and now he just sits as a lonely old man who can't even boss his cat around any more, much less the Nation.  Its been a bad year for Bill, and 2014 looks to be even worse.

Friday, January 10, 2014

With No Leadership, The Lemmings are Confused

As we have pointed out before, the remaining few followers that still haven't put two and two together about Bill are not safe to be left alone.

Nancy Evans Figat Those joeys, are Mike Figat. One person. Being Nancy Evans Figat Uses the same words as Mike also. about an hour ago · Like
Bill Windsor Nancy, you know I care about you and your case...but the Joeys are not Mike Figat. I know who the Joeys are (for the most part), and they are real people. Plus we have real IP addresses from a variety of locations. about an hour ago · Like
Lin F Duty Bill you seem to have crazies working for you! No wonder you have yet to track Curtis Butler down! You Want his boat it is mine not his! Try again. Curtis filed for bankruptcy for other reasons not you! 52 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Filed for Bankruptcy likely so that Bill does not discover that he is just another one of your alters Mike. 32 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Glad you answered me Bill. Mike is the "Man Behind the Curtain". What he is doing to you is similar to what he does to me. He does have quite a few brainwashed and blackmailed/bribed..FOOTSOLDIERS. Bill I saw your court papers you posted pdf. Prior to dismissing my claim. That theyvwere signed by the same man that has signed. Tens of thousands of Deeds etc. Tell me where to send a sample for comparison. Do you want checks he signed, police reports he wrote, some of my hundreds of court documents sent to me. Signed by Mike. Judges let him sign their name. Before you doubt..take a look. He is stalking the s..t out of you. Projecting onto you Bill. Word for word. Every character defect HE HAS. Everything he writes is him. Liar, Conman, Deviant, Pervert Allabout money Mike. 24 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Mike is also copying my posts here onto his joey blog.He is just a pissed off schoolyard taunting Bully. Emotional five yr.old. 22 minutes ago · Like
Bill Windsor We know exactly where Curtis Butler is, and his bankruptcy filing to try to avoid liability with me doesn't work. He will still be held liable, and bankruptcy does not forgive judgments awarded for the intentional, malicious torts of Curtis Butler and every single person who has posted on Everyone who has posted should be accountable due to the conspiracy that had the stated goal of destroying me. "Lin F Duty," I am sure you will be named as well. I hope you have money. 21 minutes ago · Like · 2
Ahhhh, poor Nancy, she doesn't know it yet but she just disagreed with her messiah. She will now be cast off to the isle of lost lemmings where her own paranoia will doom her.

Then we have "ticked off" Mary who just wants to play with Bill, whatever game it is he is playing:
Mary Deneen Many Joeys' aided/abetted Sean Boushie's civil and criminal (HIPAA) violations, cyberstalking, bullying, humiliation, intimidation, aggravated assault w use of a 'Big Knife' against me. 33 minutes ago · Like

Forget that there is nothing at all anywhere that would support any of their claims...this is Lawless America. Bill set it up this way, reality is what you say it is. And how dare Bill try and rain on Nancy's hallucination? Its every bit as insane as any one of his delusions yet only he seems to get to smoke the magic pipe and tell everyone what he sees. No wonder the real word scares these people to near death.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bill Windsor Admits He is Mentally Unbalanced

Shortly after my post about him hiding and ignoring his lemmings (not even saying happy new year to them) Bill decides to stick his curiously red face out and give his followers another proof of life.  He clearly is enjoying all the conspiracies they are throwing around as to why he is ignoring them and he decided to play around with it.

AM I DEAD OR IN PRISON???? are you really alive and free?
That's the latest news report on me ummm the latest lemming conspiracy, not to be confused with real news. Says I have been missing since August.
Unless I'm having one helluva hallucination with all those pills don't count it out, I am alive, reasonably well, and free in Texas.
I was in Plano Texas for abdominal surgery (giant hiatal hernia)... scheduled for December 15. A terrible ice storm hit on December 7. I had no business being outside on December 8, but hey, I lived in Cleveland and stayed at a Holiday Inn once - so I should be able to handle a little ice. I slipped, fell, hit my head you seem a little confused on the dates here as you originally said it happened on the 5th, hard to keep all your stories straight, stood up with blood gushing out of my right ear which is like the first time in the history of mankind that someone fell hit their head and all the blood gushed out of their ear. I was transported by Fire Department ambulance so you mean ambulance? to the nearest hospital where I was diagnosed with a Basal Skull Fracture along the base of the back of my skull up over my right ear. Many cat scans. Two days in Intensive Care, and I was released to heal bs on all of that. I have, at least for now, lost most of the hearing in my right ear. I am way off balance the courts agree with you on that. The doctors hope the hearing ill return, but thus far, there has been no change. all I want for Christmas is my hearing aid
So, I'm alive. but not well on any level
No one has tried to put me in jail for anything....or maybe they can't find me why are you hiding?. I've never done anything to be put in jail, but as we know, we have corrupt judges and law enforcement people in every nook and cranny of America, so anything is possible with these criminals. your day will come
I can't function very well because I am so off balance its good that you finally admit it, thats the first step, but I am pleased to report that Facebook has been sued for removing the Lawless America page claiming it promoted nudity, pornography, and solicitation of sex. Complete horse manure, and I have the proof. cue the circus music
I am also pleased to report that Soushie has been sued in federal court in Montana you mean you want to?. This is the criminal who has threatened to kill me at least 16 times who is being protected by law enforcement and the courts in Ravalli and Missoula counties in Montana. I'm hoping the federal courts there might not approve of what the state courts are doing in protecting this criminal. (See uhhhhh.....isn't that the website you were ordered to remove? Remember that little quip about never being put in jail?
And I am equally pleased to report that has been sued. ahhh, yes it was and a hilarious slap down of John Margetis by Google was the result, thanks for the year in review. So, I now have litigation pending in Missouri, Kansas, Montana, and Texas what about facebook? They are in California...remember what I said about not keeping all your stories straight?. With a little luck, someone associated with one of these cyberstalking groups will have money, and I will get millions that can be used in our efforts to save America its nice of you to admit to what all your vexatious activities are about. I also expect to get precedents established that should cause other would-be cyberstalkers to think twice before cyberstalking. you might also want to run in the next Boston Marathon....but neither one is going to happen.
Movie and TV work continues, but at a slow pace due to the fact that I'm not doing it and never planned to fractured skull and loss of hearing.
I will resume a weekly radio show in January but I won't be taking any calls as you see I can't hear...its not that I dont care, I just cant hear any of you. Sundays at 7 pm Central Time ummm 7 is too early for me Bill, I checked your schedule and you are can move that back till 9 like always. The first show of 2014 will be January 12, 2014. so what year will that be?
Once again, i will try to start doing regular updates here here being a facebook page? The same facebook you claim to be suing? hmmm how long will that last?. If my hearing would just return, I'd be back in full action. meaning what? You are going back on the road to film a movie? Or do we have a new lie already cooked up?
Happy New Year everyone you damn Joeys.....look what you made me do. or as happy as possible in light of the massive dishonesty an corruption that has stolen our rights from us and ruined America. you are more than free to move to another country Let's hope we make some significant headway in educating our fellow Americans in 2014. you won't make nearly as much headway as we will in educating everyone to who and what Bill Windsor is

Friday, December 13, 2013

Bill Windsor's Tall Tale Gets Him A Stay of Execution

Even though his life was supposedly in danger as he had cracked his skull and was bleeding from his ear, Windsor was still somehow able to rush his version of the dog ate my homework excuse up to the appellate court in Montana.  Yes, never mind that all the roads were icy and shut down. Never mind that he was supposedly in the hospital as they performed multiple cat scams to check from brain damage.  No no, that can wait, first thing is first he must submit his lie to court so that he can get extra time to develop his new lies.

The reality is that Windsor has so many vexatious cases going right now he can't keep them all straight. While he was busy trying to subpoena a cookie in Kansas, he forgot that his answer to Boushie's motion for dismissal was due.  That is when it became imperative to hit his head on the ice.  And his lie paid off, he was able to buy an extra two weeks in Montana which is now due on the 20th.  Its funny how kids break in to his car and only take his laptop, or his slips on ice right before he is due to answer in court.  Once we look at his life we can see that this is only par for the course.  Windsor has been lying to take advantages of loopholes in our legal system all his adult life.  In fact, that may be the only thing he is really good at doing.

But reality won't be delayed forever.  Extra time won't give him that hidden cookie recipe he so craves. Even with the extra two weeks the clock will run out and he won't be able to give the Montana court a compelling reason not to dismiss the case.

Monday, November 11, 2013

"The Joey's Must Have Gotten Windsor"

Yes that is the common refrain going on now from a group of panicked lemmings who have not received instructions from their Fuhrer.  No doubt Bill must have come under the spell of those dangerous "joeys" down in Texas because he always checks in on facebook that he is alive and well.  Some have said that they must face the reality that he is probably gone as they now look for a new huckster in chief to lead them deeper into the swamp.  Maybe the Scientology people got him?  Maybe that last piece of pie was too much and his heart finally gave up?  Maybe he forgot his password to login and just gave up?

Well here is a bit of truth for you lemmings since this is the only place you are going to hear such a thing in this wacky world of windsor.  Bill Windsor is alive but most certainly not well.  He is an evil, sick, perverted terrorist, who most of all is a narcissist.  And you know who narcissist care about?  Thats right only themselves.  Windor has been very busy filing brief after brief (even this very week) in his vexatious litigation both in Missouri and Montana.  Yep he is still doing what he always does, but since you lemmings stopped sending him money he no longer feels the need to check in with you.  He played you for a fool, a role you seem to be typecast for life.

Oh sure Bill will be back and ready to con again, but he most certainly wants a new group of followers next time around.  Bill blames you, the Lawless followers for his failure.  You didn't send in the right back story videos, you didn't send enough money.  You didn't like enough of his websites and drive up his google hits. Yep, it seems you "nobodies" really are a bunch of nobodies.  You have no connections, no pull, no leverage and in the end you are nothing but a waste of time to Bill.  There is a valuable lesson here, but I doubt you will learn it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Marty Prehn Doth Overflow

This Comment Overflow has been inspired by the spillover of Marty's 
abdominous, steatopygous, and just generally corpulent bod. 


I've been told it just oozes out.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Windsor Goes MIA!!

After shouting out one threat after another along with more empty promises for "something BIG" coming, Bill has gone ice cold quiet for about a week now.  Maybe he still hasn't figured out how to use system restore on his computer.  Maybe he was finally arrested, maybe the IRS finally showed up.  Who knows, but one this is for certain, he doesn't have anything good to tell to his lemmings, and he is even out of ideas to hype to them.

His websites like Round America and other Alcatraz Media related sites have started to disappear in the last week as well.  Has the family finally stepped up to the plate and pulled the plug on Bill? If so, its long overdue but better late then never.

Bill's legal problems continue to escalate as many of this stalking targets are poised for legal action ageist him. Not only that be Matt O'Conner has given a very rational fact based response and request for dismissal in Bill's weak case against Allie in Missouri.  Matt makes the long overdue point that Windsor is not the author and arbiter of what is truth.  Just because Bill makes claims doesn't not mean they are established as facts. And this is exactly where Bill is the most vulnerable, his "proof" can't back up his big mouth.  He makes wild and asinine claims but when it comes to proof he is far short of anything close to meeting the standard he is required to show. His few subpoenas have most likely come back empty and he still has nothing to go on in his never ending search for an online cookie.

With all this going wrong and Bill no closer to stopping any of his "haters" than he was over a year ago...its probably time he just close up shop and go underground for a while.  There is no happy ending for people like him, and I think he is beginning to realize that.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Windsor Resorts to Blackmail

So the man who supports convicted murderers, engages in stalking, harassing, slandering, lying, mail fraud, cyber hacking, and internet threats has turned to blackmail now as his way to crack that cookie he can't seem to break.

HEY ALL YOU JOEYS -- WANT TO AVOID THE HUGE EXPENSE OF CIVIL LITIGATION? WANT TO OBTAIN A "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" CARD FROM LAWLESS AMERICA? WANTED: ONE JOEY WHO WANTS TO BE PROTECTED WITH A RELEASE FROM ME IN EXCHANGE FOR THE LIST OF SCREEN NAMES AND REAL NAMES FOR ALL THE JOEYS. Just email me at with JOEYS RELEASE WANTED as the subject line. Or private message me on Facebook. This is a one-shot deal for one person other than Ginger Snap, OReader, Megan Van Zelfden, Brandy Owens, Curtis Butler, or Brannon Bridge. Better hurry.

Wow, what a deal.....for giving up that list of all of our names and addresses he is just sure must exist, you won't have to answer for all that wire fraud, witness tampering and general criminal racketeering you most certainly are going to face. Can you trust him? Why sure you can, he hasn't told a lie that he is aware of and he hasn't had a parking ticket in 10 years so what more do you need to know?

Then the lemmings chime in with their brilliant thoughts:
Trisha Wakat Shafer Joeys a little kid said some bad post about me.. I am not sure how I got involved in the mess. I.just try to ignore the negatives 52 minutes ago via mobile · Like Danny Scheltgen their has to be someone who wants to have a cleaned heart that's a great start bill 48 minutes ago · Like Bill Windsor Trisha, this is all about a group of criminals, a stupid group, but none of it is about childish games. This is a major part of the group that I intend to see brought to justice both criminally and civilly. 41 minutes ago · Like · 2 Bill Windsor Okay, we have one Joey candidate. Do we have more? I need someone with as much identity poop as possible. 39 minutes ago · Edited · Like Trisha Wakat Shafer Are you still doing the movie? I hope things are going great for you. 38 minutes ago via mobile · Like Bill Windsor The movie is alive and well. Just dealing with scum for a while. 30 minutes ago · Like · 1

Oh now we are stupid? And yeah Trisha, the movie is alive and well he is just not ever going to think or talk about it again.

The only thing this really reveals is that he is both desperate and hopeless in his chase of the "Joeys". He has played pin the tail on the donkey with names for over a year now and he is no closer to cracking the cookie than he was back then. At the end of the day he can't take away our right to espousing an opinion on our own site about the things and words he chooses to make public. His continued over the top threats and resorting to racketeering is his way of admitting defeat. Just like his movie...after all that time, money and effort he has nothing.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Terrorist Bill Windsor Rides Again

Well the idea that maybe if you just ignore him, he will go away just wont work with with Bill.  As Bill went in to hiding after his defeat in Missoula, he has spent all that time doing the only thing he can do....stalking people.

First, Bill went back to his old stand-by stalking target of Claudine and the AMPP.  He claimed to have gotten a restraining order against her and her organization which includes anyone who has ever said a meanie thing about him.  He says everyone is connected and that must be true because he said it and he is Bill Windsor.  Of course the only "proof" of such an order is coming from Bill and it most certainly does not include all those that he is trying to broad brush it in to pertaining too. 

Then its on to stalking his favourite cookie and us "racketeers" at Joeyisalittlekid:

BILL WINDSOR OF LAWLESS AMERICA a now defunct terrorist organization IS HEADED TO IRVING AND PLANO TEXAS BECAUSE IT IS JOEYS' TIME well then why would you go to irving and plano....Joey is in Prison in West Texas?.
My attention has been focused on bringing Allie Overstreet, Sean Boushie, Claudine Dombrowski, and the American Mothers Political Party to justice and I failed miserably on all counts. Now that each of those projects is well underway projects? you mean you made a website and tried to go stalk their residences?, it's Joeys' Time I'm sure Joey will appreciate that, he has been waiting for that his whole life. I will now turn some attention to as opposed to reading it every waking hour......night and day?. I want to see everyone associated with that criminal racketeering enterprise put in prison yeah its a hell of a racketeering operation we got going on here.
Megan Van Zelfden has been the person behind Joeyisalittlekid no, she has nothing to do with this site and never are slandering her and I hope she sues you for that. I have received reports to indicate that she is a dangerous person who may be capable of doing just about anything uhhhh, no that would be you. I will be investigating the Church of Scientology and a practice called Scientology Fair Game thats a great idea Bill....I hear they love people snooping around their operation asking stupid questions. See:
Megan Van Zelfden, Curtis Butler, Brannon Bridge, and assorted others...their time has come I bet Brannon is ready to do the happy dance. I will be visiting the Church of Scientology facility in Irving Texas, and I may take a quick trip to Longmont Colorado where some strange stuff has happened yeah you do that Bill.
I am going to strategically position myself between pie and adult book stores for a few days in states where defamation, libel, slander, and stalking may be prosecuted in the state where the crimes are received kinda sounds like entrapment. This will make it easy for me to get all the Joeys in one friendly court a bunch of baby kangroos in a kangaroo ironic.
William M. Windsor
Then, in response to that we get this from his number two terrorist:
David Schied Bill: They have published so many fraudulent and defamatory statements about me and I have captured numerous screen shots. They also contributed to the defamatory pressures that Trish Kraus felt before she committed suicide. I understand that there has been at least one (other) suicide caused directly by these defamatory practices. Contact me. My info has not changed. 20 minutes ago · Like

Schied has been franticly trying to do everything he can to try and divert his own culpability in Trish's death and project it on to both this site and to her loving family. This included unleashing this especially stupid individual:
This is Marty Prehn who considers himself a special agent for the gubment. He has been out saying all of this about who he, Bill and David, all think run this site and trying to shift the blame away from terrorist David Schied in the suspicious death of Trish Krauss.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

RIP Trish Kraus

As I have spotlighted him for quite a while as Bill's number two domestic terrorist, David Schied leaves pain and suffering to those he leaves behind.  His ex-wife, who reportedly has a learning disability, was left to fend for herself with her son as she lives out of her van.  That was the woman that David "became married to with a child".  Then he leaves her and shacks up with Trish Kraus as we saw them both show up in Missouri to support Bill on his terroristic endeavors against Allie.  So what happened with Trish and David?  Well, this is how they are spinning it at Lawless:

"Marty Prehnposted toBill Windsor 8 minutes ago Bill it is with a very heavy heart that I am sharing with you and our LAWLESS AMERICA family that on Friday August 16, 2013 that our dear friend Trish Kraus died unexpectly and is now in heaven. Please contact me at my cell number and I can share with you more. This has been confirmed by David Schied in a phone call I recieved from him an hour or so ago. When funeral arrangements are made I will see that they are posted so that those in Michigan can attend and say their good bye's to a very courageous woman who took on many battles in her lifetime and won. This one she did not. There is only so much a heart can take before it breaks as was the case here. REST IN PEACE Trish Kraus. Trish was 50 years old. She was the driving force behind LAWLESS AMERICA in Michigan."

But well before that was posted we had this posted on the blog which I believe is very much credible from the second it was posted.  I had emailed with Trish's daughter back in June where she was concerned for her mother and worried that David was causing her great pain and alienation from everyone (much like a cult).  I think its important that the world hears this as it relates to David, again this is just what was posted:

I live long a distance from my mom trish and all of my family. So as i sit at the computer typing to the people i need to notify, i see the link on my desktop to this webpage. i figured id update you. dave and my mother are no longer together. he tried to control her life. he didnt want her working. he was keeping mail from her. he even held her dog hostage for approximately a week. they are no longer together and she is no longer a part of lawless. she committed suicide today :'( she was very mentally ill. because of david, she alienated her whole family. he convinced her we were all the enemy (there are email messages between them to prove this). when she could no longer be with him because of his controlling ways, she ended up with no one. and now she is lost to us forever. i blame her mental illness first, she wouldnt get help. i blame david second. he is why she thought her family was the enemy. i dont think you will ever hear from me again. there is no need for me to be here.