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Friday, January 10, 2014

With No Leadership, The Lemmings are Confused

As we have pointed out before, the remaining few followers that still haven't put two and two together about Bill are not safe to be left alone.

Nancy Evans Figat Those joeys, are Mike Figat. One person. Being Nancy Evans Figat Uses the same words as Mike also. about an hour ago · Like
Bill Windsor Nancy, you know I care about you and your case...but the Joeys are not Mike Figat. I know who the Joeys are (for the most part), and they are real people. Plus we have real IP addresses from a variety of locations. about an hour ago · Like
Lin F Duty Bill you seem to have crazies working for you! No wonder you have yet to track Curtis Butler down! You Want his boat it is mine not his! Try again. Curtis filed for bankruptcy for other reasons not you! 52 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Filed for Bankruptcy likely so that Bill does not discover that he is just another one of your alters Mike. 32 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Glad you answered me Bill. Mike is the "Man Behind the Curtain". What he is doing to you is similar to what he does to me. He does have quite a few brainwashed and blackmailed/bribed..FOOTSOLDIERS. Bill I saw your court papers you posted pdf. Prior to dismissing my claim. That theyvwere signed by the same man that has signed. Tens of thousands of Deeds etc. Tell me where to send a sample for comparison. Do you want checks he signed, police reports he wrote, some of my hundreds of court documents sent to me. Signed by Mike. Judges let him sign their name. Before you doubt..take a look. He is stalking the s..t out of you. Projecting onto you Bill. Word for word. Every character defect HE HAS. Everything he writes is him. Liar, Conman, Deviant, Pervert Allabout money Mike. 24 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Mike is also copying my posts here onto his joey blog.He is just a pissed off schoolyard taunting Bully. Emotional five yr.old. 22 minutes ago · Like
Bill Windsor We know exactly where Curtis Butler is, and his bankruptcy filing to try to avoid liability with me doesn't work. He will still be held liable, and bankruptcy does not forgive judgments awarded for the intentional, malicious torts of Curtis Butler and every single person who has posted on Everyone who has posted should be accountable due to the conspiracy that had the stated goal of destroying me. "Lin F Duty," I am sure you will be named as well. I hope you have money. 21 minutes ago · Like · 2
Ahhhh, poor Nancy, she doesn't know it yet but she just disagreed with her messiah. She will now be cast off to the isle of lost lemmings where her own paranoia will doom her.

Then we have "ticked off" Mary who just wants to play with Bill, whatever game it is he is playing:
Mary Deneen Many Joeys' aided/abetted Sean Boushie's civil and criminal (HIPAA) violations, cyberstalking, bullying, humiliation, intimidation, aggravated assault w use of a 'Big Knife' against me. 33 minutes ago · Like

Forget that there is nothing at all anywhere that would support any of their claims...this is Lawless America. Bill set it up this way, reality is what you say it is. And how dare Bill try and rain on Nancy's hallucination? Its every bit as insane as any one of his delusions yet only he seems to get to smoke the magic pipe and tell everyone what he sees. No wonder the real word scares these people to near death.

Monday, December 16, 2013

We Spoiled Bill's Pie

Marty Prehn, lemmings, losers, and zombies are Lawless Americas cult following.

Windsor checked in with his few remaining lemmings last night:

Bill Windsor December 15, 2013 -- 11:15 pm: I am feeling better today. I am no longer in excruciating pain when I chew...just some discomfort. Still not much progress on the hearing in my right ear. Not as dizzy as I was -- just a little off balance. After eating nothing but chicken noodle soup for several days, I ordered a pizza, and I've felt better ever since. There's a lot to report on the criminal cyberstalkers who have ruined my name and reputation online. I have people refusing to have anything to do with me because of the garbage. While that makes me upset, each time it happens, I add it to the damages file. I will continue to sue each and every one of the cyberstalkers.

Besides the typical self centered diatribe about what all he did today, notice the last part. Those pesky "cyberstalkers" have ruined his name and reputation....ruined as in past tense. Then the kicker, he has people refusing to be scammed by him thanks to all this online exposure, and while that ticks him off it makes me smile. He is directly giving us credit for not being able to get more victims of his scams thanks to the continual exposure. Ahhh but yeah, he is tacking on all this reputation damage to his lawsuits. I think even he knows just how scared we are of his litigious desires by now.

Then its always fun to do a lemming check and see how they respond to bill...besides the usual hero worship and the "all you need is a juicer" claims.....we get this:

Nancy Evans Figat Bill I know you doubt me.But..My gut rarely fails me. Those Cyberstalkers, are my ex.and his many fake profiles.Talking to eachother.I am soo tuned on to everything.I KNOW the lingo, I know his writing on the court docs you posted.They match my court documents, and many deed transfers and mortgage sats..He has court access, across US A.Crime ring is huge.He is signing for the judges, cops even doctors.Of course there is a reason. 4 hours ago · Like Nancy Evans Figat I am going to out those Yappys, Snordgrass psycho with Disasociative Identity Disorder.These are alters.They get on my Facebook page all the time.Have to unfriend non people..they are just profiles. 4 hours ago · Like Nancy Evans Figat He really has declined so much that, he has nothingbettertodotoday.He is the fatty, the pervert, fraudster and conman.COUNTER TRANSFERENCE. He sees his shortcomings in others, always did. 4 hours ago · Like

Ahhh, now there is an idea. Since Bill won't pay attention to our issues, lets claim that our problems are also Bill's problems. Sure, why not, when you spend your entire life making things up on the fly, what is to stop you from making a claim like that? This is the umpteenth time some certifiable lunatic has decided that everyone that posts here must all be the same person with split personalities. It must be difficult for all of Bills followers to have to come here to get their updates. Reality is like sunshine to zombies.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Marty Prehn Doth Overflow

This Comment Overflow has been inspired by the spillover of Marty's 
abdominous, steatopygous, and just generally corpulent bod. 


I've been told it just oozes out.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marty Prehn: Man, Myth, or Monster? Part two

By Bob Cookout

In this post we'll address some of Marty's most outrageous claims. There is no way to cover all of them here because there are so many. I'll touch on a few and everyone can feel free to add their favorites in the comments. 

Marty's biggest claim to fame is the day he spent with Ronald Reagan making plans to tear down the Berlin Wall.  He claims to have been in Reagan's security detail during a campaign stop at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.  His profile picture on Facebook is from that day.  However, Marty acquired that very picture quite accidentally only a few years ago, through - you guessed it - Facebook.  Someone else shared the picture and then the legend was born!  It's hilarious how he presses the person who shared the picture for dates and details of "that historic day".  Regardless, he still is unclear on whether it happened in 1979 or 1980, but certainly can embellish the details of him and Reagan chewing that fat, exchanging favorite jokes and planning world peace.  He wasn't in the security detail but managed to get close enough to get in a picture.  It's like what they call photo bombing today.  There was no dialog exchanged between Marty and Reagan. The two never spoke. Marty was more than likely ordered by a real security detail to get the hell away from the candidate. I'd be willing to bet my house & kids that Nancy never flirted with Marty about his dimples. 

Out of this one photo came the claims that Marty gave Reagan the idea to pursue the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Marty's father was a German soldier who still had family in Germany. He made trips back to his homeland roughly once every three years.  This is where the photos of him collecting pieces of the wall come from, not dissimilar to about a million other pictures of Germans and tourists at the time. There was no state sponsored trip for Marty's father to participate in the removal of the wall - and even if there was - wouldn't the State Department and Reagan want to include their favorite muse for the idea? 

Why wasn't an important man like Marty invited to participate when it was his idea?  Surely Reagan, Thatcher or Gorbachev would have wanted him there?

Maybe Marty was busy back in the US plotting his evil plans for the future.  Or maybe he was busy rescuing the elderly, veterans or some other victim of the moment. 

The above begs the question - Why? According to several of Marty's old classmates, he was always a compulsive liar. Marty wasn't a popular kid and he was always overshadowed by his more popular siblings. I assume this caused Marty to start lying to make himself seem like the someone he so desperately wanted to be. It's almost like the lazy mans way of being accomplished in life.  Marty's father made a career of working for the JL Hudson Company.  Marty tried to follow in his fathers retail footsteps at JC Penny, but failed.  His life is void of genuine accomplishments and he continuously seeks to fill that void with the most outlandish stories, made famous by this blog as "Marty Moments".

I guess his only true success has been found in providing countless of hours of enjoyment to those keen enough to see through his legacy of lies.

Coming soon: Has Marty ever served our country and what exactly is his version of a " Special Agent"?

DISCLAIMER:  The opinions expressed above are mine alone. They are not the beliefs of any cookies,alpacas,chihuahuas,  large bodies of water,Asian warriors,canned ham products,pumas,play doh men,anyone who wears a morph suit and jumps fire pits,or any other animals or objects residing in an alleged clubhouse. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Presley Dauben-Tuma

We all remember Presley Crowe through one way or the other.  We got to see her first as Joey Dauben played a Nancy Grace wanna-be in trying to raise publicity for selected cases of sexual molestation of a child.  Joey fell head over heels for Connie Bedwell and her story as soon as he saw her picture.  Based on her picture, she had to be telling the truth so Joey turned everything over to her including his then nightly radio show.  It was there that we were introduced to Connie's partner in crime, Presley Crowe.  Presley had become Connie's "plus one" to just about everything they did out there in California.  As Connie slowly rebuffed all of Joey's attempts to get a "personal" interview, Joey started to turn his attention to Presley. And, unlike Connie, Presley was willing to give Joey the time of day even without him asking.

Presley's story is somewhat unique in that she is not fighting for her own child, she is claiming to be fighting for her half sister whom she says was abused just as she was.  Presley decided to come forward with her own claims of sexual abuse by her dad over a decade after the fact and during a contentious divorce between her dad and mom.  Her claim to fame was going on the Dr. Phil show with her claims even though she didn't use her real name on the show.

So Joey, having been shown the Heisman pose from Connie, decided to really start interjecting himself in to Presley's war on her father.  This included Joey making posters that Presley then passed out at her half sister's school, calling her dad a pedophile with a picture of him on it.  Then the hammer dropped and Joey was charged with having sex with a then 14 year old boy on a camping trip.

Presley dropped everything out in Califorina and rushed to Ellis County to be with her new hero and boyfriend Joey Dauben.  She even changed her last name to Dauben and used the disgraced reporter David Webb to proclaim that she and Joey were engaged.  The clear inference they were trying to make is that "Joey can't be gay, see he is in love with Presley and they plan to be married".  Well as the trial started Presley bolted and left Joey to fend for himself as he was convicted on all counts and sentenced for the main part of the rest of his life in prison.

No, it was on to her new hero in life, none other than Bill Windsor and Lawless America.  Presley thought he would be her saviour and she filmed several youtube clips for Bill where she sobbed uncontrollably and rambled off a bunch of incoherent names, dates and instances.  She was so taken with Bill that she called him her daddy, and of course being the sexual deviant that he is....he went along with that name calling as well.

Well trouble brewed again as Connie, who had also fallen for the Lawless scam, got in to a fight with Bill and of course he banned her and all her friends including Presley.  This put Presley in a tough spot as her former "daddy" was now calling her a liar and threatening to sue her, so she went back crying to Bill and pleading with him to take her back.  Bill did, in that he didn't name her on the list of people he wanted to sue, but she lost her youtube rights and her connection to Lawless.

Now its back to Connie.  And low and behold Connie's father is now accused of being a serial rapist of young girls.  Once again Presley shows her undying support for child molesters by changing her last name to Tuma in support of Connie's pedophile father.  And, once again, he is convicted and will spend the rest of his life in prision.....and does Presley learn her lesson as recently as last week?
Presley Renae Crowe I'm so proud of you & wish I could be there to raise some hell with you! I LOVE YOU! #FreeTimothyBedwell we should get that hashtag trending on Twitter! 31 August at 23:27 via mobile · Like · 1

Nope, looks like nothing has been learned even still. Now why do I bring all this up again? What still kills me about Presley is that she, absent all the stupid she has inserted in her life, is a bright young girl with her whole future ahead of her. But she is choosing to fight other peoples battles and it is sucking the life out of her. She has pushed away all her family, and the more isolated and alone she is, the more she gets used and abused by all these predators. We saw how this can end tragiclly as it did for Trish Krauss, who like Presley was a smart vibrant person full of life but allowed others and these "causes" to literally suck that life out of her.

We are never going to change the minds of the Bill Windsors, David Schieds, Connie Bedwells of the world. They sold their soul and there is no turning back for them.  I can only hope that we can do something to help the future Presley and Trish Kraus' of the world from falling in to their web of lies and abuse.  If Presley had never met Connie, Joey, and Bill....I have no doubt that her life would be in a much better, more productive and happy place.  If Trish had never met the vampire known as David Schied....I have no doubt she would be alive and well.

Monday, July 29, 2013

I Guess He Is Not in Kansas Anymore

Bill spent the weekend stalking Allie and Cluadine and continuing to avoid his showdown with Boushie in Montanta.  He fired up the Claudine site and listed this sworn affidavit he says he filed with the court there:
I, William M. Windsor, the undersigned, hereby declare under penalty of perjury which means nothing to me anyway:
  1. I am over the age of 21 way way way over, I'm 64 and 7/10ths years old, am competent to testify ohhh, I'm a pathological liar so you might want to take that with a grain of salt, and have personal knowledge of the matters stated herein.  I provide this affidavit to be used in this matter and in any other legal proceeding never stop vexaiting.
  2. I failed at life to include Exhibit 5 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 5.
  3. I failed at life to include one document in Exhibit 6 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 6A.
  4. I failed as a son, husband, father, grandfather, RV owner, movie producer, activist, taxpayer, author, business owner, being a human being to include Exhibit 8 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 8.  This exhibit is information posted on the American Mothers Political Party Facebook page.  Page 4 shows one mention of watching the movie “Kill Bill.” it's a pretty good movie  The members of the organization were encouraged to watch it.  This document is filled with many other defamatory published statements.  DOMBROWSKI has published that she and she alone is responsible for everything on this website.  This is shown in Exhibit 47 hereto.
  5. I failed at everything, yes we know Bill to include Exhibit 9 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 9.
  6. I failed a telling pattern huh? to include some documents with Exhibit 10 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 10A.  Sean Boushie has stalked me by email I think we all know just how serious email stalking can be, Facebook messages and posts oh my, by mail you guys are pen pals, and through published information online.  He has threatened me in many ways the worst of which is he challenged my manhood.  He uses lewd language and is continually telling me to go fuck myself but judge....I don't even know how to do it.  He publishes information online pretending to be me, and he uses aliases including John Smith and John Brown btw...isn't this about Claudine?.  He sends me emails showing the email address as and and I have reason to believe he created those email addresses just for me.  He is associated with DOMBROWSKI and the American Mothers Political Party as well as with how?  I don't see him listed on the member list.....bluff called.
  7. I failed so just quit to include Exhibit 19 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 19.  This exhibit shows some of DOMBROWSKI’S websites.  She stalks and defames a number of local attorneys, doctors, and social workers by setting up websites in their names.  Note that she publishes all of their personal information – name, address, phone, email, and more and we know how horrified you must be of someone that would do something like that.  These websites were set up before she and her organization and associates began stalking me how many times has she driven by your house and taken pictures of it?.  It demonstrates a pattern and practice of wrongful behavior by DOMBROWSKI.  Page 1 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Dr. David C. Rodeheffer.  Page 2 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Dr. Milfred ‘Bud’ Dale.  Page 3 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Christopher Dykes.  Page 4 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Kara Haney.  Page 5 of Exhibit 19 is one of several websites about Rene Netherton.  Page 6 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Donald R. Hoffman.  Page 7 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Drex Flott.  Page 8 of Exhibit 19 is a website about Jill Dykes.  Page 9 of Exhibit 19 is the website about GAL Scott D. McKenzie.  Pages 10 and 11 of Exhibit 19 are websites about her former husband, Hal Richardson.  Page 12 of Exhibit 19 is another website about Jill Dykes is this give a shout out night?.  Page 13 of Exhibit 19 is another website about Rene Netherton.  Pages 14-18 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Glenn’s Cult that also attacks Rene Netherton.  Pages 19-21 of Exhibit 19 is a website called The Truth About The Family Court.  Pages 22-23 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Kansas Court Whores, one of the sites that published an article calling me a sexual predator.  Pages 24-29 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Kansas Fatherhood Initiatives, one of the sites that published an article calling me a sexual predator.
  8. I have been unable to locate Exhibit 7 oh no, not exhibit 7....this whole thing doesn't make any sense without exhibit 7.  A recent posting online by DOMBROWSKI said she would have an army to meet me when I came to Topeka but after checking with the Pentagon, she doesn't have command of any known armies.
  9. Exhibit 47 hereto includes several publications by DOMBROWSKI that make it clear that she is the American Mothers Political Party and claims full responsibility for everything that appears on its web pages.  She states that she created the American Mothers Political Party.  Thousands of people involved with family court issues nationwide know that DOMBROWSKI is the American Mothers Political Party have you actually talked with all of these people to verify this or are you just talking out of your ass?.
  10. Exhibit 48 hereto contains two published articles by DOMBROWSKI on the news service, Newsvine.  One shows the video that I filmed of her and says I am a con man you are.  The other says I am a sexual predator.  These articles clearly show they were published by her.
  11. I ask the Court to realize you can't ask the court to realize anything, present evidence and allow them to make their own conclusions that it is not possible for the hundreds and hundreds of defamatory articles posted in the name of DOMBROWSKI could have been done by anyone other than her.  She also claims responsibility for everything published by theAmerican Mothers Political Party, and there is a massive amount of stalking and defamation done on their Facebook page, which is provided as part of Exhibit 1 – flash drive hey, flash drives get thrown in the trash, just saying.
  12. Exhibit 49 hereto is a publication that DOMBROWSKI made that talks about the Safe At Home program and shows her card with the assigned address.  This is the address published online for the American Mothers Political Party.  This is defamatory and stalking what is?  the Safe at Home program?  Have you just randomly said those words so many times you forget their original meaning?.  For someone else to have written this article, they would have to have access to her state-issued ID card as well as information about this program.  DOMBROWSKI wrote this, just as she has written and claimed all of the stuff that has been published.
  13. Exhibit 50 hereto is the home page of a website titled “I-am-a-pedophile-william-windsor.”  It shows 102 articles have been published about me on this site in 2013.  It lists many other sites about me, including sites about me being a pedophile, having a tiny penis do you plan to contest this in court?, being a terrorist you are a paper terrorist, by definition, being a sexual deviant asking for strangers to tell you their stories of rape and incest qualifies as sexual deviancy, not having balls you plan to show the court that this is not true?, liking to suck cock I, and I'm sure the court, can't believe you actually filed all this, and other such outrageous terms.
  14. Exhibit 51 hereto is DOMBROWSKI’S most recent post on her website.  In this post, she admits that she and the American Mothers Political Party are on in the same.  She speaks of an article that recently denounced her written by internationally-renowned spousal abuse advocate, Lundy Bancroft Lundy advocates spousal abuse?.  This article is included in a prior exhibit.  Additional pages from her website are included with comments about me.
  15. I have shown that I am in fear for my safety look hands, even now they are shaking.  I have demonstrated that my family is terrorized in fear for their safety what family? They are doing much better after they dumped you.  I have shown a perhaps unprecedented volume of stalking ohh you mean that flash drive...yeah sorry about that, in terms of both the number of people involved and the volume of written material I think what is unprecedented is the amount of vexatious litigation you have done in your so called life.  I have shown that Google shows over 15,000 web pages did you really count them all? that publish that I am a sexual deviant.  I am not a sexual deviant uh huh, don't ask for strangers to send you their stories of rape and incest then.  I am not any of these things that these sick people publish.  I have shown a continual publication of hundreds of articles over a long period of time that is continuing as I type this well stop typing.  I have proven as well as anyone could ohhh others could have done a much better job that DOMBROWSKI published an extensive amount of defamatory and stalking material.  To say that she didn’t publish this material would be to say that someone has stolen her information, ID card, identity, business, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, MySpace pages, YouTube pages, WordPress pages, numerous websites, Business Week login, Newsvine login, and has done all of this without the very active DOMBROWSKI ever saying someone was doing this I seem to remember you pulling that trick...."my facebook page was hacked, I didn't post what I posted".
  16. I have filed criminal charges with the Topeka Police Department you filed a complaint.  I ask this Court to contact the District Attorney and ask him to investigate guys got to help me out here or I'm just chasing my tail.  If this doesn’t meet the criminal defamation statute, I don’t believe anything ever will and I can not overstate how much the State of Kansas cares about your opinion of defamation.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We Have Reached a Verdict: Not Competent

Yesterday in Lexington Missouri, Windsor had most of his motions tossed out along with Mark Supainich being dismissed from the case.  But he was allowed to continue on with a specified discovery process that will include a deposition of Allie.  Obviously this is going to be spun as a big win for Bill as he avoided contempt of court (although he was threatened with it) and the entire case was not thrown out and he gets to keep playing Perry Mason, at least for a little while longer.

Apparently the Judge needed more in the way of discovery to be able to rule on the merits of the case.  One point that was made very clear to Bill, and I'm sure ignored, is that he really needs to hire an attorney, his utter incompetence is basically unreadable in a court of law.  He was visibly shaking in the courtroom and fumbling over his mountain of vexatious documents.

In Bill's mind, Allie committed the ultimate sin by retaining counsel in the lawsuit he filed on her.  Now he knows he is going to lose, he knows he is going to be exposed and he is now directing that anger at her attorney Matt O'Conner:

"I have developed an instant intense dislike for Allie Overstreet’s attorney, Matthew J, O’Connor.  He wears these really ugly alligatorish patchwork black shoes.  Picture a slick hair used car hustler, and that’s what I see when I look at him.  He has lied in court pleadings, and he has filed false pleadings.  He lied to the judge today, and I called him on it right there.  I’m going to refer to him as Weasel Curly.  My late former father-in-law used to tell stories about a guy he knew named Weasel Curly.  The guy looks and acts like a Weasel Curly, in my opinion." 

Translation.....this guy is smarter and more connected than me in every way.  He is legitimate....Bill pretends. He works for a living, Bill spends his life trying to avoid actual work.  He is a somebody, Bill is a nobody. He gets asked to be on TV, Bill can't even hijack a real television camera.  He knows the law, Bill knows he hates any kind of law.

Windsor blames us, his "haters", for the demise of his movie scam, his drop in fake followers, and his family leaving him, and we should all pay him a cool one million each at the very least for resitution.  Why thank you Bill, I guess what you are admitting to is that we literally own you in every conceivable way.  You have allowed your unbridled hate for anyone that calls you on your bluff to the point that it has completely consumed you.  Case in point, today you are back on the stalking warpath as you try and stalk Claudine at her Kansas home.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Windsor Can't Keep His Eye on the Prize

Remember that Lawless America scam?  The fake movie?  The radio show?  The citizen grand juries?  The Congressional testimonies?  The Constitutional amendments?  The RV?  The non-profit?  The response to the State of the Union?  The Revolutionary Party?  Ahhhh, ain't nobody got time for that.  Bill Windsor has only ever been about one thing, and one thing only, what Bill wants.

Bill went on his website to give everyone an "update" about the death of Lawless America which is the same ole same ole.  Boushie is mean to me, I need a rich person to give me money.  I'm single and I'm lonely.  Allie cheated by getting an attorney.

While Bill has gone stone cold quiet about his now defunct Lawless America scam, he is literally obsessed with his two new stalking sites devoted to Allie and Sean Boushie.  On the site he has about Sean, he continues to post updated threats and talks about his upcoming TV show in Montana devoted just to Sean (have we taken our Country back now?).

Then we have the site.  What better way to show the court the depth of the stalking and harassing Allie has done to you by setting up a site in her name and asking everyone to give you any kind of dirt they can find on her.  Bill continues to claim he is a member of the press, and wants the superpowers associated with it.  He does not recognize Allie's attorney and says he should be stricken from the record in Bill's "expert" opinion.  He continues to vexaite the court with continuous filings and already alludes to suing the court for corruption.

As to the death of Lawless?  Well that's facebook's fault.  He is going to sue them as well.  Sure facebook provided a free service to Bill with all the rights reserved to revoke it for any reason they decide, but don't let that stop Bill from trying to file a lawsuit.  Lawsuits and pie, lawsuits and pie, that is why this monster even gets up in the morning.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bill Is Going No Where Fast

Remember when Lawless America was going to save the Country by an award winning documentary movie?  Well, what about the sweeping changes that would take place in Congress by way of legislation as a result of the "indisputable evidence" Bill would provide them?  What about how he and his partner in crime David Shied were going to take their country back by way of citizen grand juries?

Well all of that must be put on hold indefinably, as the man who gave his own State of the Union response now needs help saving his website.


Ahhh yes, how the mighty have fallen.  And while he spends his days and nights reading this blog trying to figure out how to subpoena a cookie and some farm animals, his confused followers keep dropping off or end up institutionalized.  Yes, these are troubling times for the so called Revolutionary Party, as their dictator in chief has gone awol from reality and has no clue which road to take to get back.  Ohhh and one other little thing, you know Bill's youtube account?  Yes that one that holds all the video footage that he has uploaded from his fake movie for two years?  Yeah, ummmm, he kinda forgot his password and can't log in to it any more.  Have we taken our country back?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who is Stalking Who?

So a very reliable inside source confirmed to me that Bill Windsor spent the night in the Marriott Hotel just off of I-10 and right behind the beautiful Franklin Mountain State Park.  Not only that, but this source can also confirm that Bill spent the entire night, from 1 am to late this morning, reading up on the blog.  No time for sleep, no time for the lemmings, just nothing but "the Joeys".  The poor old man can't look away, he has to keep up with every single post and every single comment, it consumes him.

Further evidence of the man's complete detachment from reality can been seen in this post this morning:


Beautiful sunset in El Paso on May 27, 2013. It takes forever to drive from San Antonio to El Paso. There was no one on the list to be filmed along the route, so I stopped for a photo at county courthouses that were along the route.

Filming in three cities on May 28. Then I will be filming and working in the Phoenix area for several days.

You may no longer see comments on this Facebook page. I haven't figured out another way to keep the riff raff out. When finally gets restored, I will set up a chat forum there.

Ok, well aside from the fact that everyone can still see and comment on there, we also have this:  "filming in three cities on May 28".  Ummm Bill, thats called today, most human beings refer to it as "today" instead of May 28 and you can't even remember the names of the three cities you are going to today?  Thats right, none of that is really important anyway, just sit back and keep reading the play by play broadcast of your own self-destruction.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sometimes You Eat the Cookie, Sometimes the Cookie Eats You

So yeah...Bill had a complete meltdown last night.  The failure, the stress, the loneliness, the aimless nature of all of it must have come to a head late last night.  Bill put up a post, which he has since deleted, where we pleaded for help from anyone to help him stalk down Connie Bedwell (I kinda thought she was out of the picture at this point).  He is heading out Californi way to stalk down Connie and is desperately pleading to contact her ex.  As he said last week..."I hate to sound vindictive, but I guess I am".  Something tells me he will regret incurring her wrath.

Then he lashes out at me and the clubhouse, naming a $1,000 reward for information that will lead to the arrest err I mean stalking of the infamous Ginger Snap and other main characters of "the Joeys" (though not specifically designated).  Curtis decides to take him up on that offer and tells him he will surrender his information to Bill for the money.  Well it turns out that the 1K was for all of "the Joeys" collectively.  Yeah Bill if you want a box of cookies, you better up that offer substantially....maybe like start with putting that RV that you cant drive up as an offer.  By the way, would any of the slow kids still in his class like to ask the obvious question of how it is he has no money but can offer $1,000 bounty for a cookie?  You can read more about the exchange between Bill and Curtis over at Curtis' blog

This morning, after taking down his wanted add against us and Connie, he replaced it with an all points bulletin out on Lorraine.  Now we are back to the AMPPs again as the cause of all his self destruction, the insanity has gone full circle.

The other interesting thing about last night was that in his rush to delete all the new posters that flooded his blog, his responses to them were unusually loopy, even for him.  At this point...forced institutionalization is the only appropriate option.  He needs protection from the cookie, or the AMPPs, or big bad Connie, Allie, Elizabeth, the man with tiny hands, or the most terrifying Brannon.  Its simply too much for him, he needs his own witness protection facility inside a secure mental health compound.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Bill Windsor Show

There will not be a movie, tv show, or even a book, but we are all getting a 24/7 look at the ugliest kind of person..a self absorbed, self centred, egotistical tyrant in Bill Windsor.  He hates his country, he hates his followers, hates his family and is obsessed with his critics.

Bill tried to apply some humor to his usual deception.  He made a news headline-like report that he was rushed to the morgue on his facebook page.  Well none of his followers know what humor is nor have the time to even look it up, so they freaked out.  They censured Bill for this little stunt and he tried to explain his way out of it by saying "hey it was technically true, I did go there", but none of the lemmings were buying that.  Then he goes out and posts a generic photo and then comments underneath it that his account was hacked and he didn't post what he posted.  Ironically, that post he claimed was hacked got more likes than any of the ones he claims.  Anyway, this was all part of his scheme to create plausible deniability with his lemmings.  If he says something you like....that was me.  If it was something you didn't like, that was this mysterious hacker.

He then sticks his rapidly ageing body back in front of his unmanned camera to attack Sean Boushie once again.  He then takes shots at all his other "haters" and vows to continue his stalking of us.  He scolds his followers for not waiting all day for him to arrive for their big youtube filming and chides them to not waste his time like that.  He even tells them that they will be removed from his imaginary movie.

The more he allows himself to be consumed by his hate of us exposing him for who he really is, the less time he has for ruining other people's lives.  This blog, and others will be what writes his obituary, at least in terms of the internet.  And as Bill knows, it doesn't really matter what is said on your tombstone its what google says about you in the end.  He has literally destroyed the Windsor name and reduced it to trash, and some of that falls on the rest of the family for not publicly distancing themselves from this monster (and its not like they can pretend to be a private family).  Bill knows he is losing this battle, and the more he tries to lash out, the more we can cement his legacy as to what it really is...not the windsor spin.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bill Spends All Weekend Travelling, Can't Seem to Get Anywhere

Talk about spinning your wheels, Bill continued his Texas vacation and stalking tour all through the weekend.  After taking two days to go after Brannon, he then tried to find me and then it was off to Austin to do a prop with 5 hippies who don't like laws.

Bill doesn't really hide the fact that he is just on a never ending vacation as he keeps posting up all his site-seeing pics including the places he likes to eat.  He is an attention whore who no longer has any real family whatsoever so he is using the zombies that follow him as his captive audience.  He even uses his facebook page as a venue to do his creepy old man flirting that he apparently is unable to contain:  Lawless America Bambi, I would be delighted to have you as my bodyguard. 

Beyond all the jokes and non-stop hilarity that Bill provides, the truth is that this is a rabid psychotic on the loose and until he ends up either behind bars or institutionalized, more people are going to be harmed by him.  At this point it really doesn't matter why he is the way he is, since he won't seek a remedy for his condition society must do it for him.

We also get more of the same in his constant contradictions.  He continues to point out how he has no money, but then gives us a screen shot inside his fully loaded jeep with his own mobile terrorism command center.  The man (or man-like creature) has to be burning at least $200 a day while he begs his lemmings to donate $300 for a stupid $50 banner that says "crime scene".  So at day 330 or something, he has had to burn at least $60,000 just on gas, food and lodging alone.  This doesn't count the crazy RV that is sitting in his driveway.  Yet he has no problem taking donations from people who don't even have enough gas money to get back home.  This ridiculous story needs an ending.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Billy Stalks the Clubhouse Looking for the Hammer Man

He had said that he was going to spend the day taking care of personal matters, but of course he lied.  He spent the day stalking our very own Brannon, both at his residence in a late night drive by, and at his former place of employment in Italy Texas.

Bill also managed to squeeze in time for his other favorite hobby of manufacturing his own drama.  Bill posted this:  "The mother of all thunderstorms hit here this evening. Cars pulled off the road. It was severe. It's still storming as I type this."
Thats not true either, the "mother of all thunderstorms" hit about 30-40 miles west of him, but why let facts get in the way of a "look at poor me out here braving the elements all for you lemmings..worship me"?

His website is down once again (its that time of the month), and Bill again blames his abject failure on someone else.  " is down because the tech guy I have used is more than worthless. He's had months to complete the move from GoDaddy to BulkRegister, and GoDaddy finally zapped the site again."
He is worth exactly what you pay him, nothing.  That is also what your entire 64 3/4ths years on this earth has amounted to.  Once again, for those scoring at home, you failed as a son, a father, a husband, a granddad, a student, a businessmen (many many many many times), a terrorist, a webpage owner, a facebook page owner, a networker, an RV driver, diet, victim's advocate, a member of the press, a protest organizer, a book publisher, a movie producer, a pro se litigant, a bully, trip organizer, radio show producer, a home owner, politician for office, and much much more.

Bill did his late night drive by of Brannon's home and said this on his facebook page:  "He's a guy who threatens to beat me with a hammer in a series of videos he does to stalk me. I drove by his home, and I visited his place of employment. Both are as strange as he is. I'm hoping I can help get Brannon Bridge committed to a mental institution."
Thats funny because most of society is hoping for that very outcome for you.  You can also read between the lines when he talks about wanting Brannon to be committed to a mental institution, that means he was run out of the local law enforcement office. 

So what's next?  More of the same, more stalking and support of murder as the terrorist network know as Lawless America will ride again, and riding shotgun right there with Bill is his fellow co-conspirators:  David Schied, Trish Kraus, Nikki Hannavig Cary-Andrew Crittenden, Mary Deneen, Naomi Chambers, Julia Fletcher, Stupid David Dauben (stuipid was his parental given name), Angie Gilmore, Nick Marrs, Kevin Brady, Matthew Orames, Dottie Lafontaine, Dennis Lawrence, Glen Gibellina, Sharon Anderson and many others.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Stalking He Did Go

Bill celebrated Mother's Day the only way he knows stalking a young mother.  The creepy old pervert spent the day taking pictures of the former places of residence he suspects Elizabeth Hernandez to have resided.  He even got vexatious in local restaurant which he believed Elizabeth was fond of.

Windsor then went down to the Biloxi PD to have a "sit down" with the police and to file criminal charges against EHH.  He says the matter will now go before a judge, but he is forgetting a key step...the PD must go forward with those charges.  More than likely his charges went the way of the morning junk mail.  Another failure for Bill Windsor.

Of course this is really all about bullying.  Bill wants to stalk and intimidate anyone who dares speak out against him, but like everything else in his life, he isn't very good at it.  How the zombies at lawless america can still support this kind of pathetic behavior is a testament to their own character.

Next up is Texas.  Bill plans to spend a week and a half in the Lone Star State.  No doubt his stalking campaign will continue.  Meanwhile, what about the fake movie?  The grand jury stunts?  Congressional hearings?  Local public access TV?  Has he "taken his country back"?  All of that was just lip service to an old man who wants to stay on vacation for the rest of his life, forever in search of someone to give him unquestioned love and attention.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lawless America Becomes a Cold Blooded Murder Advocacy Group

As always, there is the truth, and then there is what Bill says.  So here is what Bill said:


Gee, it looks so pretty in the photograph. It's a shame that what happens inside isn't pretty. When I exited the mens room, I heard people all over the courthouse talking about the Lawless America Jeep outside. I was quite the attention-getter all over this small town.

This is the courthouse where Stacy Ramsey and Theresa Deion Harris were found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole because they were riding in the cab of a pickup when a man in the bed of the pickup shot a boy. Felony Murder Rule -- if you are with someone who commits a murder, you are guilty of murder. One of our legislative proposals is to eliminate this outrageous law.

"Because they were riding in the cab of a pickup when a man in the bed of the pickup shot a boy" is how American Terrorist and murder advocate Bill Windsor sums up the case.  So lets consult the statement of facts that you can find here

Stacy Ramsey, Deion Harris, and Steve Smothers were riding in Stacy's truck to go over to Deion Harris' ex-boyfriend's house to beat him.  Ramsey's truck overheated and the three of them decided to carjack the next vehicle that came by and they agreed that they may have to kill the driver.  That unfortunate next vehicle,was operated by Dennis Brooks Jr., a 19 year old criminal justice student heading back home from his night job working at Subway.  Harris, the female in the group, was out by the overheated truck presenting herself as a woman in distress.  Brooks, being the good Samaritan that he was, stopped to help Harris.

All three grabbed Brooks and forced him into his truck and began driving.  They shot Brooks in his hip, a wound that would be fatal.  Screams of pain came out from Brooks and Smothers shot him in the head killing him instantly.  And the story doesn't end there, I will just cite the actual court records to paint the rest of the picture:

"Thereafter, the petitioner suggested that they bury the victim.
The trio decided to cut off the victim’s legs to make burial easier. Further, the autopsy revealed that
one of the victim’s arms and his penis were also amputated. At Harris’ behest, Smothers removed
the victim’s heart, and all three held the victim’s heart to their mouths. Additionally, they repeatedly
stabbed the victim post-mortem with a butcher knife. Next, they poured oil and gasoline on the
victim and his truck and set both ablaze. The petitioner was later discovered wearing the victim’s
shoes and possessing the victim’s shaving kit containing tools. The petitioner was convicted of the
first degree murder of Brooks, and he received a sentence of life without the possibility of parole."

The petitioner here being Ramsey.  So yeah, thats what Bill calls being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ramsey and Harris have started this crusade to free themselves as they have both decided that they had poor representation and that they should get a re-do.  Of course Dennis will never get a re-do but Bill thinks these monsters should roam free.

This is what Lawless America is about.  As Bill becomes more and more unhinged and deranged, the more violent his rhetoric is becoming.  So too are the zombies that are following him.  We are no longer talking about mothers rights or family court, we are talking about some of the most extreme cases of violence in this Nation.  If you support Lawless America, this is what you stand for...ignorance is not an excuse under the law.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Terrorist Bill Windsor Increases His Stalking of Allie

Fresh off his "victory" in the court room yesterday, Billy decided to show everyone just how petty and vindictive he really is.  He couldn't just leave, he couldn't just let it go and move on with his pathetic life, he has to rub it in.  To continue to stalk and harass a single mother is just to good to pass up for Windsor.  This is what he posted just a short time ago:

Following the trial when Allie Overstreet was shown to have committed perjury, Judge John Frerking directed Bill Windsor to present his charges to the Sheriff of Lancaster County. And so he did, and the Sheriff's Deputy directed Bill to fi...le some of then charges with the Higginsville Police Department. So, Bill traveled to the rural town of Higginsville, saw the police, drove quickly by Allie Overstreet's house, and snapped a few shots around town.See More
— in Higginsville, MO.
And yes, he included a pic of Allie's home.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bully Bill Turns of the Heat With Intimidation, Judge Snooty Chimes in

Forget working on the fake movie, forget trying to help out in any of his followers personal cases, even forgot the fake grand jury stunt for the time being...the most important thing in America seems to be Bill stopping this restraining order against him.


This is where I will stand trial for allegedly buying a gun and threatening to use it on a group of people. Outrageous lie, but that's usually what courts are all about.

I'll be in Lexington, Missouri from April 4 to April 9.

Anyone who would like to be filmed should meet me in Lexington, Missouri. Email me at

So now if you want to be filmed, you have to show up to support my right to intimidate and harass others.  And by filming you, I mean I will film you along with everyone else as they protest on my behalf, because the first step in taking back our country starts with squashing a TRO in Lexington Missouri (I know, who would have thought).

Bill then goes on to not so subtlety intimidate Allie:
Lawless America I never threatened anyone. If there's any "evidence," it will be manufactured. I have a lot of exciting things in preparation....

Translation:  "just wait till you see what I have planned for you Allie"

And then the angels begin to sing from on high, the heavens open up and slowly descending down from the sky with her glasses pulled down to the tip of her nose is Judge Snooty aka Little Miss Cant be Wrong Sharon Kramer.  Good, now all things will be put in their proper order and everyone will finally be able to understand things once she sorts this out for us:

Sharon N. Kramer darlene kostelac hinman, while I agree w/your evalation that 2+2 does not equal five - meaning something doesn't add up here of how Bill suddenly became a vilian; the underlying problem is not that simple. Allie has every right in the world to make a video of what she perceives the courts are doing to harm her child. That is called a Constitutional right to freedom of speech. The courts have ZERO right to even threaten to remove her parental rights for speaking of it. is alot at stake here. It is the courts themselves that have caused this problem. Now that her videos are down, I fear the court will have a vested interest in going after Bill in an effort to cause all the videos come down. Wake up people. There is alot at stake here for everyone

Lawless America Sharon, there is no Constitutional right to libel, slander, and defame.

Sharon N. Kramer Lawless America Correct. You appear to be mixing apples and oranges of my statement. To my knowledge there is not evidence that Allie did not believe what she stated on video. That would be a right guaranteed under the Constitition, if that is a correct understanding. Conversely, it is not a Constitutionally guaranteed right to say and do some of the things I know she has said of you, that provably false. That would be slander and libel as I understand it.

There you have it, 2+2 does not equal 5, therefore Allie has every right to keep her LA videos up.  Thank God we have Judge Snooty here to clear up these complex issues.  Having her come in is kinda like Morgan Freeman coming in at the end of the movie to explain the plot to you.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Der Fuhrer Purges His Minister of Propaganda

There is sooooooo much going on right now that the best I can do is give a cliff note's version of the run down.  We have all heard at least some of the story by now, but the truth to the story is vomit inducing.

Apparently, leading up to and certainly after the DC event, Allie had started to really pay attention to this blog and the questions we were raising (such as the fake fb profiles).  She even began to ask bill some questions about them, and as a dictator he expects blind loyalty and nothing else.  So they quietly parted.

Well, the problem is, she was too big of a figure in the movement to just fade away into the sunset   Many of the followers started asking questions and thinking that Bill banned her.  At this point, it became clear to Bitler that he had to make a public exaction and example out of his former number two.  So he devises a plan only Satan himself could come up with much like Hitler and his Reichstag Fire.

He decided to choose a story he covered in the same town as Allie, in fact it was someone who was brought to Billy by Allie, and this story involved a troubled teen.  Since Bill hadn't had any real hero worship from this family since his filming of them, he figured he would throw them into the purging as well.  So late in the night, bill receives a facebook message from someone he believes to be (translation:  I'm lying) the mother of the child saying that he had committed suicide.  Bill runs with this story all over his plethora of facebook pages and tried to use the story to rally the troops to his cause.

Then he stated to receive messages back that the story was bogus.  Instead of taking responsibility for posting the story and apologizing, he then moves to phase two of his plan, blame it all on Allie.  He bans her and everyone involved in the story from facebook so that he can control all information given to his lemmings.

But there is a reason you never out your number two, because they have all the goods on you.  And that is certainly the case here as Allie has enough to bury Bill once and for all.  Before she was banned, Allie posted the greatest post in the history of Lawless America, as she shot a hole in everything:

Allie Overstreet That's it? This is your big public ousting? A simple trace on the computer that sent that suicide message, would clear things up. Although I doubt that gets posted. Unblocking me so I can watch the train wreck, yet blocking me from commenting to defend myself is a bit juvenile I think. Tell them, Bill, of the donations receipts. Tell them of the movie and Sundance fiasco. Tell them of the thousands of emails you copied me on. Tell them of the one where you are calling them stupid. Tell them of Homeland Security list Bill, and the filming at the capitol. Tell them how Stacey did send your hard drives back and how you gave permission to use the banner and camera. Tell Dottie what you really think of her. Tell them about Montana and the cops chasing you out of the state. Tell them how many social security numbers you have. Tell them about your database Bill. Tell them about the emails you DONT publish. Tell them about the tv show Bill. Tell them of your bad guy list and why they are on it . Tell them how many times you were in your basement when you you said you were on the road. Tell them about the death threats, or rather, the lack there of. Tell them about the trademark and copywrites Bill. Tell them how you sent me every email you ever sent any of them. Tell them about the meetings with movie agents. Go ahead, tell them. Tell them about your precious spreadsheets with all their personal info Bill. And while you are at it, tell them how to track IP's and proxy's, and how you never should have trusted a woman with brains enough to keep everything you ever said. ...You have made a grave mistake jerking innocent people around for your own midlife crisis. Haters aren't causing you to fail, YOU are causing you to fail. Lying about stupid shit trying to ruin peoples name, just because they dared to not bow correctly to you. Go ahead, trace the computer. I dare you. Tell them where all these criminal charges you have filed are. Tell them that you knew two weeks before DC we couldnt film in the capitol and that no legislators were coming. Tell them about the two under cover FBI agents in the Senate theater Bill. Tell them how you changed from a regular room to the biggest suite the Crowne had. Tell them how you told me there wont be any movement and you are going to back out. Tell them the timing in which this suicide message appeared. won't do that, now will ya. Tell them how many letters you have written to congress Bill. Tell them who actually wrote them . Tell them who does all your work for you. Tell them why your son won't associate his company with Lawless. Tell them how you didn't renember Noah until I told you who he was. Tell them who got Stop the Silence to endorse you. Who got Washington Families United to endorse you. Who got you conference calls with media. Tell them how you forgoymt to copywrite Lawless and asked me what to do. Tell them how you have tens of thousands of unanswered emails. Tell them who did what Bill. I do dare you to sue me and file charges on me. I cannot wait. I will expose the real corruption within Lawless America gladly, and not on faacebook to a bunch of people who believe in you. I hope you do go to the cops, but I know you won't because they already know you well. You are the sick one, for not giving a shit about these peoples stories unless it is good PR for you. You are good at talking sweet but suck at covering your tracks. Bring it on Mr. Windsor, we will see where that suicide message came from and we will blow you wide open for all your lies and using these folks vulnerabilities to your advantage. I am not your average lemming and lying about me to publicly and maliciously discredit my name was a big mistake.

Bill made a fatal mistake in choosing to purge Allie.  He also made a major moral error in choosing this boy as the crux of his made up story.  He exposed himself to the world as a monster, and a stupid one at that.  Now, as the vultures are swirling above, the final chapter of Bill Windor's lawless america has begun.