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Monday, August 4, 2014

Windsor Came, He Saw, and He Squandered

Bill finally got his big day in court....sorta.  He got to actually take a deposition of someone. Needless to say he blew his big break.


The deposition of All-lie began on August 1, 2014 and ended on that very same day. The court must now be consulted for approval on the additional days that it will take that will involve you showing back up at said guess is you are going to run. I anticipate at least two days and maybe longer I anticipate a no...possibly a hell no.

The witness did as anticipated in most respects. Much more of the same -- lies, lies, and more lies which translated into human speak...means she answered your questions truthfully.. She totally fabricated some stories about events that never took place and things that were never said at the events that never took place somehow you lost me with your hypothetical of a hypothetical. The lies were expected.

What I didn't anticipate was the "RANSOM NOTE DEFENSE." It appears that the cyberstalkers will use this defense. Like cutting letters from a magazine for a ransom note, the witness claimed that a word here, a phrase there, a sound bite from a TalkShoe show, and other random stuff all combine to make statements true do you have any idea how idiotic and incoherent this analogy is?. That was how she claims her published statements are true, such as "He repeatedly published on his website that he bought a gun for use on a group of people - I am one of those people." I hate to burst your bubble, but yes people can effectively use the defense of using your words to directly contradict yourself.

No way a jury will buy the RANSOM NOTE are right, they wont have a chance since this will never see a jury

So then it was time to flee the scene and possibly never return to Missouri again as it looks like Bill is planning on skipping out on his emergency hearing on the 5th.


I spent one day in Missouri attending a lying demonstration, two days in Kansas, and today I visited Iowa, Nebraska, and ended the day in South Dakota. ummm, this was posted on the 3rd, the "lying demonstration" occurred on the 1st.  I guess after your countdown to nothing you can no longer count to 3

Ahh, home sweet home Georgia?  Texas?  A padded cell?. My permanent residence is in South Dakota since I became a nomad nomads don't have a residence.....its sort of the reason they are called nomads.

I was here last year on almost the same dates thats what I call permanent residence...being there once a year, even your home is a fraud. I saw many a motorcycle heading home after Sturgis how many of them were Joeys?.

One of the surprises for All-lie at her deposition was that she didn't produce a copy of a criminal complaint that she filed against me with the FBI as she was required to do in document production its kinda hard to produce a paper record when you call the FBI. But voila, I pulled it out for her to identify for the record after asking her questions where she lied about statements in the report so you took your country back?

When time permits it does, all you have is time, you are an unemployed nomad remember?, I will publish this FBI complaint with my explanation of the lies and the truth never one to let the audience make up their own mind are ya?. It is simply mind-boggling the stories she made up for the FBI you know there is a simple answer to why your mind is constantly boggled.

You may be disappointed to learn that All-lie swore this was true in her report to the FBI: "His followers are all very extreme anti government people because all the regular people see he is weird and leave. They all thing they have no laws to follow and all politicians and judges should die and think I should too because Bill Windsor says I am stopping his progress." I would say that is an accurate description of your cop hating terrorist cell.

This is, of course, false and defamatory which means its true. I am not anti-government whatsoever you just want to be the government., and I don't believe very many of the people filmed are extreme anti-government why dont you ask them.....they post anti-government rhetoric constantly. I believe laws are to be followed unless you don't like them, then you can void them, and I do not believe all politicians and judges should die just most of them. I do not believe All-lie should die straw man rebuttal. And I don't believe any of you believe this stuff either. You better double check with Kpat on that.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Windsor is an Expert, And He Can Verify that With His Own Testimony

With all his frivolous lawsuits caving in on him across the Nation, Bill is now claiming that he will sue everyone for copyright infringement.  And he should know, after all he was sued for doing that exact needless to say he is now an expert on the issue.

Speaking of that, here is Bill's "expert witness" document he submitted to court in his Medieval Times case. The only person that could back up his claims was himself, but that doesn't stop him from trying.

Ok, so to sum up, he says he can explain how it was that Alcatraz had about $112,000 net annual profit from the sale of Medieval Times tickets, but because MT didn't allow Alcatraz to participate in some of their direct marketing promotions.....they caused Alcatraz a $4.4 million loss.  But the real fun starts on page 14 when he gets all nostalgic about his "life's work".

He explains how he got started as a flunk out student from UT who started selling credit cards to poor college kids who couldn't afford it, what a noble endeavour.  He was accepted to law school, but he wont say where, but since he was making so much money he decided to invest all of his savings....$3,500 into his new company.  Well its gets even crazier from there....the whole thing should have had the preference of "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away".  Spoiler alert..Ryan discovered the internet.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Windsor Tries To Do Math


I know some of you aren't interested in my battles against cyberstalkers actually no one is. But unfortunately, it is currently the most important issue to me personally so you gave up huh? -- more important than than the effort to expose government and judicial corruption especially since you were not really going to do that anyway. Until this is resolved, I cannot accomplish much with corruption issues you didn't accomplish one single thing before it, not one tangible accomplishment.

You might be interested to know the magnitude 7.2? or even higher? of the defamation and cyberstalking. There have been 455 published articles on ummm, you pinky swore to the court that there was 320 articles posted as of Jan 7 2014, and there has been less than 30 since, you just called yourself a liar. plus 44,362 published statements by 681 screen names, 95% of which are anonymous I think you missed a few, go count again. Based on my calculations, there are 3,312,027 words in the 455 articles and comments given your kind of "calculations" I can see why the IRS would need some further information from you. According to a study mentioned in Wikipedia, the average person writes 19 words-per-minute when composing. This means 174,317 hours were spent by the 681 screen names as they composed ok so 174,000/681=255 hours over a two year period which equals 1.5% of their time, thats about right Bill, you take up about 1.5% of my time, maybe 2%. There are 8,760 hours in a 365-day year its almost April Bill, you shouldn't be able to read, much less do math, what will Uncle Sam think?. This means 20 years of 24/7 time was spent composing plus an untold number of years spent reading by the 681 "people uhhh, now you lost me." The average adult reads prose text at 250 to 300 words per minute but in this case we are reading cons. While proofreading materials, people are able to read at 200 wpm on paper, and 180 wpm on a monitor. Assuming 180 words-per-minute for me whoa think you are anywhere close to "average"?, it will take me 306.67 hours JUST to read what has been written and at least 408,579 hours to understand it. Assuming I can stay at it eight hours a day why just 8? You have nothing else to do, you just said it, lets bump that up to at least 14, it will take two-and-a-half months for me to do a first read all the hands go up at this point....shouldn't you have read it before you filed it in the court and called it defamation?  Or is this like the Minority Report thing where you know its defamation even before you read it?. Joeyisalittlekid is just one of the blogs what blogs?  there is more blogs with this name?. I have identified dozens of them "dozens" is a word liars use to say I didn't really count. Then there are videos and talkshoes. One of the defendants, Sean D. Fleming, has 561 videos of his own on his YouTube site oh yeah, from the Sean Fleming Show. There are perhaps 700 or more videos and radio programs that need to be reviewed, many of which have been hidden from me. And I have no way to determine the identity of these people without court orders or law enforcement intervention and you will never get that so is this you waiving the white flag finally?

In Texas, I cannot find a reported case that is ANYTHING like my case thats because they get thrown out immediately. If anyone knows of a defamation case anywhere in history I think US courts usually like to cite US cases, taking it to the world court now are we? involving this much stuff, I'd love to know about it. Maybe I can read up on any such cases "in my spare time." hahahaha, that is so funny

Then in the comments section, we get some tinfoil Billy:

Bill Windsor How could a group of people justify spending 20 years of time publishing comments defaming me and others? I just have to wonder if someone hasn't paid some or all of these people.