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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Windsor Breaks Down in Jail

After one week in County lock up, Bill is at the breaking point.  This is someone who has lived his life on the upgraded plan.  He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and it was ripped away from him for the first time in his life, last week.  As he continues to wait for his no frills ride up to Montana, Windsor now knows that his life as he knows it could be coming to an end.  Frivolous lawsuits, stalking, harassing, defaming people online must take a back-seat as he now must find a way to rebut the very serious charges the State of Montana is charging him with.

His lawsuit against Facebook was dismissed last week and his crazy Joey lawsuit is hanging by a thread as he has a hearing Thursday morning and I'm guessing this won't be an excuse that will fly. Will he even be here Thursday?  Will the County let him go to the hearing if he is?  If he can't copy and paste his motions....what argument can he come up with?

And then lets think ahead to his looming Montana case.  Remember how all Bill ever wanted was a chance to be heard in front of a jury?  He may get that chance.  Will all of his past sins and victims come together to testify against him?  I think a DA could make just about any jury hate Bill with his long established pattern of behavior.  Will he be offered a plea?  So much drama yet to unfold, and we will be glued to our keyboards in anticipation.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bill Windsor Exploits Mentally Handicapped People for his Own Evil Plans

Bill was called out on his facebook page for his continued stalking and harassing of innocent people, oh and the fact that he is a fraud.  He then went into full meltdown as a coward always does when confronted with the truth.  Bill decided to try and change the topic by downloading a bunch of year old video clips from his nobodies doing a "promo" for his fake movie.  You know, its that stupid clip where they hold a mask up to their face saying I'm a nobody...and then removing the mask as everyone screams "ohhh please no put it back on".  Bill did this to rebut a claim that he doesn't even have a trailer for his fake movie.  But the main reason he did this was to drown out the dissent and truth telling that was going on with his page at the time. But bringing up all his old clips and showing all the different people he exploited brings to mind some other videos of his....

This poor woman was part of his "targeted individual" group...yes he did more than one of these. She believes the government is sending her messages in her head by microwave or whatever other big words she can think of. She even suggested that they (the government) control her casino card and allow her sister to win just to make her jealous.  As you can see in the video, this woman has a very clear mental deficiency and anyone who cared about her would try and get her help. Bill most certainly doesn't care, he just wants to exploit her and toward the end of the video you can hear him interject and even lead her on.  Instead of helping her, he is feeding into her mental disorder and making it much worse.  This is why Bill is a monster, he isn't a human being and isn't capable of compassion outside of his own self, thats why he is divorced....can't say his wife's name in public and is banned from contact with his grandchildren.  Pain, despair, destruction and hopelessness follow whatever he touches.  We have obviously touched on his legal woes, but the most despicable act he does is to those who believe in him and actually think he is working for them.

Of course Bill also exploited the truly evil people in this world as well.  You can read about some of those cases here:

Windsor is due in court in Missouri tomorrow and the big question is will the coward even show up for his scheduled beat down tomorrow?  Will he fake another injury, will he skip it or will he storm into that courtroom with all his anger and fury?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Windsor Again Gets Caught With His Hands in the Cookie Jar

And the hits keep coming.  In the same week that he takes a true beatdown from the Federal Court in Montana, Bill then takes another blow out in California this time from the attorney for Facebook. After Bill played games with FB's demur motion, Julie Schwartz did the most damaging thing anyone could do to Bill....she made that court aware of his horrific past.  Thats right, she Thrashed him:

Uh Oh, Bill got caught with his dirty hand in the cookie jar once again.  He tried to play the same game in Cali as he did in Texas by sending a letter and assuming that no response means a yes.  Well that dog wont hunt and now they are filing an exparte order, and it was granted, to obtain the leave he never got.  The emails from Schwartz to Bill serve as the perfect example of who and what Bill is.  He is a liar and a bully.  He says the Thrash order is void and he will provide proof....but never does.  Of course the order is very much not void despite what he and his partner in crime "susan" claim it to be.  Bill's little game of semantics between "seek leave" and actually obtaining leave are exposed.  His third grade antics won't work here.

Another interesting thing to come out is Bill demands, in the email exchange, that Schwartz tell him who it was that alerted her to the GA order.  How dare she, or someone else bring up his paper terrorist history into this case.

The irony is that just like in the Texas case where Bill played this sneaking little "if you don't say no that means yes" game with a letter to the Federal Judge in that district, the FB case now backfires on him as he has already demonstrated to the court in California the exact behavior that mandated the ruling in the first place.  Had he gone in and obtained actual leave right off the bat...before anyone really knew who this monster was, he might have pulled it off similar to what he did in MO and KS. But as always, the biggest enemy to Bill is Bill himself.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Windsor's Empty Threats

While Bill racks up a long list of legal defeats across the nation, he continues to check in now and then on his facebook page....not to talk to his brain dead followers, but to try and scare those who speak the truth about him.  If the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.....Bill is completely insane.

TURN OUT THE LGHTS, THE PARTY'S GONNA BE OVER oh its been over for well over a year now are just a little slow to catch on.

My cyberstalkers aka truth tellers will be like this old sign on an abandoned building. They won't even have a bulb left I have to say, thats a pretty lame analogy even by your standards.

I'm sorry that I haven't had time to be posting things I just haven't had any good news to report. I've just been burning the midnight oil on legal matters maybe you should try "working" during the day instead of internet stalking all night long.

Mark your calendars not again: July 24, 2014 nope, I'm busy that day, we will have to cancel. That's the day that I hope a court compels Facebook to produce documents, IP addresses, server log information, and more you do realize you have a much higher chance of being knighted by the Queen of England by that date?.

I don't know how much longer it will take for me to organize all the evidence that I already have given your mental inabilities I would say never, but as soon as I do and again that date is never, I'll pursue a full-court press on getting people suboenaed, etc ummmm, its been over a year now that you have been trying to pull this pathetic scare tactic.....why don't you admit the obvious, you can't and you wont.

By piecing together a lot of information you mean random guesses, I continue to identify the actual identities of the many fake pages on Facebook you actually haven't been able to identify even one. I wonder if there are thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands at least a gazillion. I've identified dozens of fake identities most of them are my followers who have posted defamatory comments about me on Facebook. I reported each of them to Facebook, and surprise surprise, the fake pages have never been removed maybe they are real and you are fake?. That's against Facebook's terms so is buying fake followers. But perhaps even more important, I am asking the court to hold Facebook liable as the publisher of that defamation because there isn't a valid agreement with a fake identity, so that makes Facebook the publisher kinda like if someone was publishing that they were filming a movie but were actually just deceiving people. There's no question that Facebook needs to be held accountable for all that they've done oh there are several questions and you won't be able to answer those questions in usual, especially for removing the Lawless America Facebook page which was for a fake movie claiming it contained nudity, pornography, and sexual solicitation when it never had any such thing it did have your porn surfing link on there.

The dishonesty in America is mind-boggling especially for a mind that doesn't work. I think we all need to be concerned abut a big fire or a giant flood what no earthquakes, asteroids?. And it will either start in Silicon Valley or Ellis County Texas if the winds get high enough you may see a few grass fires but no reason to get your panties in a wad.

Photo copyright William M. Windsor, 2014 because I said so. All of William M. Windsor's photos and videos are copyright William M. Windsor because....I said so. Unauthorized use will be charged $1,000 per day per unauthorized use payable in Confederate or Monopoly money. — in Texas 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

You're A Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

Bill Windsor is still hard at work with his vexatious lawsuits and ground zero seems to have become the Missouri court.  Among the multitude of frivolous motions he has filed there in just the last week, one in particular is worth exploring.  Bill says he isn't a public figure, or even a limited purpose public figure......because he says so and thats all you need to know.

Bill's entire argument seems to boil down to two made up points....he says he hasn't gained mainstream media attention and there isn't any public controversy.  Of course he has told us over and over that he is a card carrying member of the press and he publishes his online newsletter.....but lets just let that slide for a moment and go back to his assertion that he hasn't gained any mainstream press coverage:

So once again Bill Windsor is calling Bill Windsor a liar.  And who can forget that opening line he had in his letter to every elected member of Congress:

"My name is Bill Windsor. If you don’t know who I am, you should. I am leading a new American revolution, and we have formed a new political party – The Revolutionary Party. It is our goal to become the dominant party in America, formed from the 99% of us who currently have little or no power.
If you are honest, we ask you to step up and expose the corruption of your colleagues and other government officials."

Doesn't really sound like a quiet private citizen to me.  He is claiming to be leading a party to take over the Nation and if you don't know him should.

Bill says, repeatedly, that there is no public controversy.  Afterall, what could be controversial about claiming that virtually all our elected officials are corrupt and need to be replaced...hook or crook?  He goes on to explain how these "haters" have created blogs and sites that are against him and his movement....yet there are no controversies and people were not discussing it.  Bill says he has no access to the media, therefore he isn't a public figure.  This is the same individual who has claimed, in his other lawsuits, to be a card carrying member of the press.

One thing that we can all agree on is that Bill has been an utter failure in his attempt to gain attention.  For instance, he decides to agree with me on his failure in DC when 300 people (only 48 ever showed up on cam or in pics) show up but nothing happens.  He claims its the haters fault because by that time we had killed the movement by making fun of it on a blog. The problem for Bill is no one would dare claim he is a successful public figure....far from it, he is a disaster.  But that he "thrust himself into the arena" of public debate.  He did so intentionally.  That fact cannot be disputed by any sane individual.....Windsor of course being disqualified because of that disclaimer.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bill's Trial By Facebook gets Stayed

Since he can't seem to get anywhere in court, Bill has decided to try his case on his facebook account as he libels and defames all kinds of people he doesn't know, and and they don't know him either.  Not only is his lawsuit against Facebook not going too well, now his trial by facebook has been suspended as he is locked out of his account. Yep, he did it again, he violated the rules and now he can't post anything for 30 days. This must be some kind of violation of his Constitutional rights.

Where will he go to stalk and harass people if he can't post it on the internet?  Will this bring about a new lawsuit against Facebook?  Will his victims find out about his defamation of them?  Is it time to pretend he is getting that skull surgery he has been threatening?  Is there even anyone left that will follow him?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Windsor Melts Down, Admits He is a Fraud

With all his legal endeavours collapsing on him, Bill took to his facebook page in an effort of revisionist history.  He lashed at out Sean Fleming for putting Bill's words in his mouth, specificity his plan to form citizen grand juries and use them to try officials for treason.  Well lets look at the facts:

Seems pretty clear cut, surely he isn't pretending he didn't say and send all that?  This was in the comments under his meltdown post last night with his new #2 (of 2) Susan:

Susan Harbison Bill, Fleming and some of the other GENII indicate you propose the formation of citizen grand juries which would hold criminal trials and sentence the convicted. Is that statement true or false? Did you propose that the citizens grand jury could impose the death sentence and somehow see that it was carried out? I never heard you suggest such a radical plan but there are those that insist they did hear it. ???

Bill Windsor No, Susan, I never said any such thing. I never said any jury of any type could impose a death sentence and somehow carry it out. I spoke many times about the fact that citizens grand juries were worthless because no one pays attention to what they do. What I presented was a way for people to go to the county/ state and federal grand juries with their criminal complaints, and I shared the list of criminal statutes that I researched and determined to be possible. There have always been links to this information At one time, I used the term "citizens grand juries" (unfortunate choice of words since I feel they are a joke) as to something I proposed that could be done if the government grand juries could not be reached, but that was to be like the case review that the New Hampshire legislature has done. It would have no power, but it would be a way to highlight injustice and alleged wrongdoing. There were never any details discussed about that. These Joeyisalittlekid people have no evidence of any of this outrageous stuff they say.

Susan Harbison OMG, all this time from what I read on Joey I thought you were a proponent of citizen grand juries! So you were really just trying to help people REACH legitimate grand juries to try to get indictments? Incredible.
Bill Windsor They knew the truth. there are multiple looong TalkShoe shows about this. There are links on the home page of about this.
Bill Windsor There is a video where I used the term "citizens grand juries." That was a bad use of words by me. All the TalkShoe shows will show that my thought was never defined. My ideas had been made crystal clear, and there is massive proof of the grand juryeffort being the county/state and federal government-sanctioned grand juries. They then take the fact that I feel the death penalty should be abolished except for treason to be that a jury would find that death should be the penalty for treason. Treason is punishable now by prison and with the possibility of death as a sentence. I never ever said I wanted people to be sentenced to death. In fact, I joked about some of the victims volunteering to work for free at the prisons where the traitors would be put (if a legal jury found them guilty). I never planned executions and murder and all this garbage that these sick people have written. And the only way to get new people in office is to have them elected; that's how it works in America. Since these cyberstalkers cannot produce videos or audios or stories where I said I was going to kill people or have them executed, they have a big, big problem. Accusing someone of being a killer, murderer, executioner is defamation to the extreme.

Now, obviously we have the clear fact that his pants are on fire.  He lied, he didn't just misspeak one time on he made that the crux of his threatening letter to Congress (where he stole their seal too).  He can't run from his past, but he sure is trying.  I want to highlight another fact that he just gave away in his meltdown.......Bill admitted that what he was preaching to his followers was "worthless, waste of time, and a joke".  That is exactly why I call him a fraud, he doesn't even believe in what he is proposing.  Its all an illusion intended to scam his audience.  Last night, Bill said that very thing.  Its not defamation if its true.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Windsor Won't Pay the Filing Fees

The Texas case is currently stayed, but that would be news to Bill as he keeps filing away as if nothing changed.  The case is stayed while they wait for word from the Federal Judge on the vexatious litigant status of Bill and his lame attempt at circumventing the order.  Yesterday, Judge Solis issued an order:

Judge Solis isn't interested in beating around the bush and the opening line says it all:  "William Windsor is a vexatious litigant with a track record for filing frivolous lawsuits and, once those frivolous suits are filed, filing legions of frivolous motions."

History repeats itself, because that's exactly what he is currently doing in all his frivolous cases across the Country right now.  Now its going to take Bill several months and a small forest of trees to object to that first line, but Judge Solis gives Bill another hay-maker in the second line:
"In July 2011, the Honorable Thomas W. Thrash, Jr., of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia entered an injunction against Windsor, prohibiting him “from filing any complaint or
initiating any proceeding, in any court (state or federal) or agency in the United States without
first obtaining leave of a federal district court in the district in which the new complaint or
proceeding is to be filed.”

Honorable?  Bill has already declared Judge Thrash "massively corrupt" and Bill went ahead and voided his order.  You can feel Bill's hand shaking just reading this.  Then, Judge Solis addresses Bill's little sneaky attempt to get around the order with his game of "if you don't say no I will take that as a yes".

"On November 21, 2013, Windsor sent a letter to Chief Judge Sidney Fitzwater seeking
permission to file a suit in Texas state court. Doc. 2 at 4. In it, he stated that “[I]f I do not hear
from you by December 7, I will assume that you did not disapprove.” Doc. 2 at 4. On February
25, 2014, Windsor sent a letter to Judge Fitzwater’s judicial secretary stating the he “accepted no
response from Judge Fitzwater as ‘leave’ to file as [he] stated [he] would do in [his] letter.”

Oh no, they are on to you Bill.  And we see just how much in the footnote at the bottom of page one:

"Windsor appealed the decision to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, but the appeal was dismissed “for want of prosecution because the appellant… failed to pay the filing and docketing fees to the district court.” Windsor, Certified Copy of Order at 1, Sep. 15, 2011, ECF No. 119."

The ghost of Bill's legal past is coming back to haunt him.

"On March 15, Windsor submitted another letter to Judge Fitzwater’s chambers again seeking leave to pursue a state court lawsuit. Doc. 1 at 2. At that point, the issue was referred to the clerk’s office to be filed as a miscellaneous matter.
To this point, Windsor has not paid the filing fee to the Clerk of the United States District
Court for the Northern District of Texas. The Court will not address Windsor’s request for leave
until he has paid the filing fee. Windsor is directed to pay the Clerk $46.00 filing fee or file a
motion to proceed in forma pauperis within 21 days of the date of this order or the case will be
dismissed for want of prosecution."

Fool them once, shame on you, fool them twice....contempt for you.  Now Bill has a very tough decision to make with his $ it and hear what he knows he is going to hear?  Or just file a bunch of objections and try and sue Judge Solis?  Are we now about to enter the phase were this millionaire starts complaining about how he can't pay his filing fees......or...spoiler alert, defendant attorney fees?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Windsor Tries To Do Math


I know some of you aren't interested in my battles against cyberstalkers actually no one is. But unfortunately, it is currently the most important issue to me personally so you gave up huh? -- more important than than the effort to expose government and judicial corruption especially since you were not really going to do that anyway. Until this is resolved, I cannot accomplish much with corruption issues you didn't accomplish one single thing before it, not one tangible accomplishment.

You might be interested to know the magnitude 7.2? or even higher? of the defamation and cyberstalking. There have been 455 published articles on ummm, you pinky swore to the court that there was 320 articles posted as of Jan 7 2014, and there has been less than 30 since, you just called yourself a liar. plus 44,362 published statements by 681 screen names, 95% of which are anonymous I think you missed a few, go count again. Based on my calculations, there are 3,312,027 words in the 455 articles and comments given your kind of "calculations" I can see why the IRS would need some further information from you. According to a study mentioned in Wikipedia, the average person writes 19 words-per-minute when composing. This means 174,317 hours were spent by the 681 screen names as they composed ok so 174,000/681=255 hours over a two year period which equals 1.5% of their time, thats about right Bill, you take up about 1.5% of my time, maybe 2%. There are 8,760 hours in a 365-day year its almost April Bill, you shouldn't be able to read, much less do math, what will Uncle Sam think?. This means 20 years of 24/7 time was spent composing plus an untold number of years spent reading by the 681 "people uhhh, now you lost me." The average adult reads prose text at 250 to 300 words per minute but in this case we are reading cons. While proofreading materials, people are able to read at 200 wpm on paper, and 180 wpm on a monitor. Assuming 180 words-per-minute for me whoa think you are anywhere close to "average"?, it will take me 306.67 hours JUST to read what has been written and at least 408,579 hours to understand it. Assuming I can stay at it eight hours a day why just 8? You have nothing else to do, you just said it, lets bump that up to at least 14, it will take two-and-a-half months for me to do a first read all the hands go up at this point....shouldn't you have read it before you filed it in the court and called it defamation?  Or is this like the Minority Report thing where you know its defamation even before you read it?. Joeyisalittlekid is just one of the blogs what blogs?  there is more blogs with this name?. I have identified dozens of them "dozens" is a word liars use to say I didn't really count. Then there are videos and talkshoes. One of the defendants, Sean D. Fleming, has 561 videos of his own on his YouTube site oh yeah, from the Sean Fleming Show. There are perhaps 700 or more videos and radio programs that need to be reviewed, many of which have been hidden from me. And I have no way to determine the identity of these people without court orders or law enforcement intervention and you will never get that so is this you waiving the white flag finally?

In Texas, I cannot find a reported case that is ANYTHING like my case thats because they get thrown out immediately. If anyone knows of a defamation case anywhere in history I think US courts usually like to cite US cases, taking it to the world court now are we? involving this much stuff, I'd love to know about it. Maybe I can read up on any such cases "in my spare time." hahahaha, that is so funny

Then in the comments section, we get some tinfoil Billy:

Bill Windsor How could a group of people justify spending 20 years of time publishing comments defaming me and others? I just have to wonder if someone hasn't paid some or all of these people.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Windsor Can't Stop Himself in Montana

Bill can't take no for an answer.  So after losing in MT, then losing his appeal, its time to go to the Montana Supreme Court as he is requesting supervisory control, with control being the one thing that continues to elude him.

Windsor thinks this is deserved because the judges are corrupt, Boushie is a serial liar, and he forgot to alphabetize his table of contents.  But here is what really fries his circuit board:

30. Judge Larson also issued an order placing filing restrictions on
Windsor. The filing restrictions injunction is outrageous. [APPELLANT'S BRIEF
in DA-13-0785, Exhibit#21.] [Exhibit#22,165; Exhibit#24,165.] There has been
no finding of anything that Windsor has filed that was frivolous or improper. No
court in Ravalli County or Missoula County made any such finding, nor could any
honest judge so claim. This issuance of the injunction was done in complete denial
of due process to Windsor. Windsor received no notice or opportunity to be heard.
Windsor does not have $50,000, so the requirement of $50,000 BOND deprives
Windsor of any ability to ever file a lawsuit against this judge and the other corrupt
judges and judicial employees who Windsor intends to sue and intends to seek a
grand jury to bring criminal charges against the corrupt judges, corrupt court
employees, and corrupt law enforcement officials. There was no show cause order
issued to Windsor, and Windsor was not given an opportunity to be heard on this
matter as is required by law. Meaningful access to the courts is a Constitutional
right that has been denied by DC, and this alleged ORDER denies significant
rights. [APPELLANT'S BRIEF in DA-13-0785, Exhibit#21, RECORD.]

Its like we are in a time warp, this could just as easily be Judge Duffy in Georgia and the year is 2012.  Bill's "rats" have been violated because he has to post $50,000 which he most certainly does have but doesn't want to post, so he thinks he no longer has meaningful access to the courts.  Meaningful being the operative word here.  Bill has had more access to the courts than thousands of people put together.  There is nothing meaningful about any of his filings as they are all copy and paste jobs of his previous frivolous filings.

Notice also Bill's terminology....he didn't say before a jury, he said he intends to bring these judges before a grand jury.  He doesn't want to let John Darash and the National Liberty Alliance steal all his fun, he wants to play judge, jury and executioner as well.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The National Liberty Alliance Stole Bill's Pie

As Bill continues to scream and demand attention, the fact of the matter is his lemmings have moved on. John Darash has been able to gain the attention Bill has yet to get, in just a few months.  Darash has taken over the controls of the Me The People movement and isn't playing games.  Unlike Bill, he really is a 99%, he doesn't have two mansions and over $1 million saved up in a retirement account to fall back on.  He is just a mere carpenter.  He doesn't seem to have a personal vendetta either.  To Darash, this isn't a game, he isn't scamming people, he is a true believer.  Darash also adds a religious twist to his movement that gives it "extra" authority on top of his citizen grand juries and Common Law.  Darash is a Harold Camping disciple so we know he doesn't posses an iota of discernment, which, the lack thereof, is a prized asset in the Me The People community.

Darash comes from the Oathkeeper movement but after forming his National Liberty Alliance (he did a better job than you Bill in picking a name) he has begun to execute on the plan Bill had set out a year ago.  John is taking over the Country, county by county and claims to already have the State of New York with 67 counties in Florida.  He also claims to have three world powers backing him too in UK, Canada and Australia.  What do you have Bill?  Just some youtube videos?  Darash is targeting all the county elected sheriffs as he demands they take action on his made up citizen grand jury charges.  He even has his own seal and everything, you couldn't even register your movement's name Bill.

This Darash guy is proving to be what they had hoped for in Bill.  Bill's lemmings are flocking to him as even old Niki gave Bill the link to the new movement and said he could call in and listen to their blogtalk shows....I pause for the irony.  Bob Shultz, Jon Roland and even David Schied have moved on to this new Davash guy. When David was being questioned by the FBI, it was the National Liberty Alliance website, not LA, that David told the agent to go check out to get some "education".  Poor old Mary B now writes her daily affirmations about her new hope, the NLA.

All along, they have been looking for someone like this.  They have plenty of creative writers, they have a script, supporting cast, and even a stunt man.  What they lack is a lead actor that will get them the media attention they desire.  Darash is proving to be that person as his citizen grand juries are getting the attention of the local media and the FBI.  John is a quoteist, in that he uses out of context quotes from many of our Founding Fathers to fit his current purpose.  Its not about him, its about the cause.  The nobodies believe in him because they can sense that he really is one of them, not an actor like Bill.  He is focused, specific, and on target and most importantly he seems motivated to do something instead of just endless chatter. Obviously, all these factors make John exceptionally dangerous and is why he has the attention of the FBI. But for the time being, he is their new William Wallace...not another William Windsor.  Bill had his shot, and he blew it.  Now they all move on as Bill continues to scream and cry like a baby who just lost his candy.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Don't Mess With Texas

Windsor came in to Judge Bob Carroll's court this morning in what he told his followers was a "trial".  It was actually just a hearing on Google's special exception.  Not only was Google's exception upheld, but Carroll ruled that Bill must adhere to Judge Thrash's vexatious litigant ruling. Windsor tried to tell Judge Carroll about all the new motions, names and fillings he wanted to add but he was cut off mid-sentence and told that they were only there to address the Google issue. This means that Joeycon is on hold while Bill begs for a federal judge to let him sue his legion of unknown "haters".  Windsor's horrible reputation precedes him.

The back of Bill's head started to turn red as Carroll read his ruling.  Windsor's hands were visibly shaking as you could feel the rage building.  Now all his named defendants can be dismissed upon request while he waits for a federal judge to let him continue his frivolous lawsuits in Texas.  If the federal judge learns that Bill tried to sue 50+ judges in Georgia alone, he most certainly will not be granted permission.

Having suffered a huge loss today as his made up "trial", Bill is once again looking for a new home. The vexatious litigant is not allowed to ride in Texas and Georgia now, so where will he go to quench his insatiable thirst for frivolous lawsuits.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Many people are getting letters from the very lonely and desperate Bill Windsor this Valentines Day, but none of them are filled with love.  Its hard suing in 6 different states all at the same time all for the same thing.
But this is how the divorced Bill Windsor is spending this Valentines Day.  Hopefully this is the last Valentines Day Bill spends as a self made public figure.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Bill Windsor Adds Google to His Frivolous Lawsuit List

Move over Facebook, Bill has a new multi-billion dollar company he wants to sue, yes that's right, its Google.  They wouldn't play ball in his Windsor vs. the world fishing expedition so now they must face the fury of his vexatious ways.  Proverbs 26:11 comes to mind, "As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly".

Bill thinks he is entitled to damages from Google for their "intentional infliction of emotional distress, tortious interference with contract or business expectancy, tortious interference with a perspective business relationship, conspiracy".  Ahhh yes, I guess like FB, google "lured" him in to using their free programs like youtube to peddle his fake movie.  And when those pesky "joeys" went and clicked the thumbs down button on his vidoes, Bill suffered embarrassment.  This must be what kept Bill from getting funding for his movie. You know, that funding no one ever offered? Therefore Google intentionally, yes he said intentionally, engaged in this act against Bill and why not throw in the word conspiracy while we are at it?  Yes, Google teamed up with "the Joeys" to make Bill look stupid. Google has nothing better to do than to figure out ways to harm Bill Windsor all day.

Now this suit is basically Bill vs Google and reality.  They won't bait his hook for his fishing trip and with no fish he has no conspiracy or case.  The ironic part is his "emotional distress" is just starting for him, wait till he sees what Google will do to him in a court of law while many people are watching. What happens when they point out that Bill is suing FB for the exact same thing?  What happens when they point out that he is suing people in multiple states right now for the very same thing with the same damages?  That he is a court ordered vexatious litigant? That he is a self-proclaimed public figure?  That he tried to blackmail them?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

You've Got MY Mail

We have chronicled many times just how stupid Bill Windsor is.  But I have to say, this one takes the cake. After threatening Google with adding them to his frivolous lawsuit, Bill asked Google to provide him with this:

2.  All documents relating or referring to, or evidencing, reflecting, or constituting communication to, from, or information about names, screen names, registration information, and server log information for users of Gmail who have emailed the Plaintiff at,, or from January 1, 2012 to present.

Thats right, Bill can't keep up with his emails, so Google could you help a brother out here, and while you are at it tell me everything you know about anyone who has emailed me in the last two years.  That is all.....well not really I have 84 more requests just like this.  Windsor continues to waive his vexatious wand of paper terrorism at any and everyone he can think of.  But one thing keeps coming up again and again...he is too dumb and lazy to ever remember any details.  Lets just throw everything out there and make the court sort it out while I just claim its a nationwide conspiracy.  Oh, and then we have another short and sweet request to Google:

3.  All documents relating or referring to, or evidencing, reflecting, or constituting communication to, from, or information about names, screen names, registration information, and IP activity for users of YouTube who have accessed from January 1, 2012 to present

You see, under some of these videos that I have put up where I single out judges and call them corrupt and guilty of treason, some people click the "thumbs down" button and some even leave meanie comments about me on these public pages.  I am Bill Windsor and I make the laws and I consider that defamation and I want everyone's personal info so I can stalk and harass them for unliking my youtube page.  So you better pony up that info Google, or you too will be on the receiving end of my sensationally frivolous lawsuit.  Oh and fyi....I'm loaded just in case you want a piece of my pie for legal fees.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bill Windsor Continues To Purge His Followers

While Bill continues to brag about how many people he is suing, some of his followers are starting to ask the logical question....what about that movie thing you filmed all us for?  Why not quit complaining and just go ahead and produce the documentary?  Seems like a pretty good idea to me, but not to the Supreme Chancellor of the Milky Way Galaxy in Bill Windsor. 

Ben Keller *sigh 29 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller How's the film going, Bill? 28 minutes ago · Like
Robert Hodge thing lives in another state and is making threats against you that is something you should contact the FBI for help. 23 minutes ago · Like
Robert Hodge I am still praying for you Bill Windsor. 23 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat There should be lots of excitement Bill. When you learn, nwho is the churning behind this B.S. Mr. Above The Law. I do what what I want. The rules. They are for everyone else..not me. Been allowed to run wild without consequences. Way out of control now. Has to ge reigned in. 22 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller I think it's ridiculous, really, and kind of childish how many enemies Bill makes and then threatens with frivolous lawsuits and then posts the resulting drama on facebook. I thought he was a filmmaker, making a film? I feel sorry for the people who trusted in him to tell their stories, because Bill isn't focused on a film. He's focused on boyish internet squabbles. 20 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller Not exactly more than I ever will. I like Bill. I just think his energy is better spent focusing on the film, rather than these sophomoric squabbles. 3 minutes ago · Like
Nancy Evans Figat Bogus post, done by the joeys. Who have nothing better to do today. Such a shame. That it came to this. I had high hopes for success. Gained kn our own efforts. I never felt fraud would be a big part of who you are. Biggest part. Whatva let down. Over it now. about a minute ago · Like
Debbie Lynn Marie Smith Oookay then. 10 minutes ago · Like
Ben Keller Yeah, I don't Nancy's post either. It's incoherent. All I'm trying to say is focus on the target. Produce the film. Many were counting on their stories being told. I speak for myself, and probably others too, when I say I don't give shit about this other drama. 8 minutes ago · Like
Debbie Lynn Marie Smith He has stated the reason for this a few times. Even though we may not agree with it, we all do what we have to do. I have chosen another route but that's me. I think fighting this cesspool is a big waste of time too, because I've been doing it for years, with nothing gained. I think it's a losing battle. But what do I know? Maybe Bill knows something that we don't. Maybe he's attempting to wipe out all the judicial corruption, BEFORE he even gets started on everyone else and their cases. Otherwise, what good would it do, if the same people were still in office? NONE. 4 minutes ago · Like
Bill Windsor Ben Keller, if you don't like what I am doing, your option is quite simple: go away, and don't come back. I am doing what I feel I need to do personally, and I also believe it is the right thing to do for the film work I am doing and the hope to do something that will make a difference. about a minute ago · Like · 1

Yes thats right, there is no board of directors...there is no members, Lawless America is a simple dictatorship. Bill decides what is best for everyone, and whatever he decides is to be considered the best choice for everyone. Bill Windsor hates America. He has said that our soldiers all died in vain. He wants to destroy our Nation and install his own form of vigilante justice as he, and only he, sees fit. Fortunately, he will never accomplish this as he isn't very good at anything, in fact he is far below average.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bill Windsor Takes a Dive

Its not easy being a vexatious litigant.  Bill Windsor checked in today with his new story that he had fallen on ice and cracked his skull.  Yes with looming mental exams on the horizon, Windsor has decided to beat his detractors to the punch and declare himself not right in the head.  Even though everyone was told to shelter in place, Bill thought it was his American duty to venture out and see if it was safe to travel to the local Golden Corral.  Now his lemmings must once again pray for (or to?) their messiah as he will not be able to make it to his upcoming court dismissals.

BILL WINDSOR IS ALIVE, BUT HE SUFFERED A FRACTURED SKULL ON DECEMBER 6, 2013. are we talking to ourselves in third person now?
I slipped and fell on some ice. I hit my head how can anyone who feels themselves falling not put their hands out to brace themselves and protect their head?. I started bleeding from my right ear maybe your ear just had enough of listening to your lies. I was taken to the Emergency Room by a fire department ambulance wasting tax payer dollars again. Several cat scans and all types of tests were run, and I was diagnosed with Basal _______ Skull Fracture that extends to my right jaw.
I was transferred to another hospital that has a neurosurgeon on duty at all times you should have gone to the vet, hospitals are for real people. More tests, more cat scans to eliminate neck and spinal cord involvement. Diagnosis confirmed.
I can't hear out of my right ear....not yet known if the hearing will come back it matters little though because I only hear what I want to anyway. I feel like a truck hit me I can see how your fat ass hitting the pavement might feel like that, constant headache, blurred vision didn't you complain about this before?. But I am told that I am very lucky to have avoided brain damage ohhh I would get a second opinion on that.
It is hard for me to sit here and type oh you are such a trooper, doing this just for the poor little lemmings, but I will update all of you wonderful people regularly. "wonderful people" did you hear that? That means he is going to be looking for donations again, fire up the paypal accounts, Windsor fell on his ass
NEVER WALK ON ICE. NEVER. thanks, but I already knew that, you skate on ice