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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Windsor's Empty Threats

While Bill racks up a long list of legal defeats across the nation, he continues to check in now and then on his facebook page....not to talk to his brain dead followers, but to try and scare those who speak the truth about him.  If the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.....Bill is completely insane.

TURN OUT THE LGHTS, THE PARTY'S GONNA BE OVER oh its been over for well over a year now are just a little slow to catch on.

My cyberstalkers aka truth tellers will be like this old sign on an abandoned building. They won't even have a bulb left I have to say, thats a pretty lame analogy even by your standards.

I'm sorry that I haven't had time to be posting things I just haven't had any good news to report. I've just been burning the midnight oil on legal matters maybe you should try "working" during the day instead of internet stalking all night long.

Mark your calendars not again: July 24, 2014 nope, I'm busy that day, we will have to cancel. That's the day that I hope a court compels Facebook to produce documents, IP addresses, server log information, and more you do realize you have a much higher chance of being knighted by the Queen of England by that date?.

I don't know how much longer it will take for me to organize all the evidence that I already have given your mental inabilities I would say never, but as soon as I do and again that date is never, I'll pursue a full-court press on getting people suboenaed, etc ummmm, its been over a year now that you have been trying to pull this pathetic scare tactic.....why don't you admit the obvious, you can't and you wont.

By piecing together a lot of information you mean random guesses, I continue to identify the actual identities of the many fake pages on Facebook you actually haven't been able to identify even one. I wonder if there are thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands at least a gazillion. I've identified dozens of fake identities most of them are my followers who have posted defamatory comments about me on Facebook. I reported each of them to Facebook, and surprise surprise, the fake pages have never been removed maybe they are real and you are fake?. That's against Facebook's terms so is buying fake followers. But perhaps even more important, I am asking the court to hold Facebook liable as the publisher of that defamation because there isn't a valid agreement with a fake identity, so that makes Facebook the publisher kinda like if someone was publishing that they were filming a movie but were actually just deceiving people. There's no question that Facebook needs to be held accountable for all that they've done oh there are several questions and you won't be able to answer those questions in usual, especially for removing the Lawless America Facebook page which was for a fake movie claiming it contained nudity, pornography, and sexual solicitation when it never had any such thing it did have your porn surfing link on there.

The dishonesty in America is mind-boggling especially for a mind that doesn't work. I think we all need to be concerned abut a big fire or a giant flood what no earthquakes, asteroids?. And it will either start in Silicon Valley or Ellis County Texas if the winds get high enough you may see a few grass fires but no reason to get your panties in a wad.

Photo copyright William M. Windsor, 2014 because I said so. All of William M. Windsor's photos and videos are copyright William M. Windsor because....I said so. Unauthorized use will be charged $1,000 per day per unauthorized use payable in Confederate or Monopoly money. — in Texas 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

You're A Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

Bill Windsor is still hard at work with his vexatious lawsuits and ground zero seems to have become the Missouri court.  Among the multitude of frivolous motions he has filed there in just the last week, one in particular is worth exploring.  Bill says he isn't a public figure, or even a limited purpose public figure......because he says so and thats all you need to know.

Bill's entire argument seems to boil down to two made up points....he says he hasn't gained mainstream media attention and there isn't any public controversy.  Of course he has told us over and over that he is a card carrying member of the press and he publishes his online newsletter.....but lets just let that slide for a moment and go back to his assertion that he hasn't gained any mainstream press coverage:

So once again Bill Windsor is calling Bill Windsor a liar.  And who can forget that opening line he had in his letter to every elected member of Congress:

"My name is Bill Windsor. If you don’t know who I am, you should. I am leading a new American revolution, and we have formed a new political party – The Revolutionary Party. It is our goal to become the dominant party in America, formed from the 99% of us who currently have little or no power.
If you are honest, we ask you to step up and expose the corruption of your colleagues and other government officials."

Doesn't really sound like a quiet private citizen to me.  He is claiming to be leading a party to take over the Nation and if you don't know him should.

Bill says, repeatedly, that there is no public controversy.  Afterall, what could be controversial about claiming that virtually all our elected officials are corrupt and need to be replaced...hook or crook?  He goes on to explain how these "haters" have created blogs and sites that are against him and his movement....yet there are no controversies and people were not discussing it.  Bill says he has no access to the media, therefore he isn't a public figure.  This is the same individual who has claimed, in his other lawsuits, to be a card carrying member of the press.

One thing that we can all agree on is that Bill has been an utter failure in his attempt to gain attention.  For instance, he decides to agree with me on his failure in DC when 300 people (only 48 ever showed up on cam or in pics) show up but nothing happens.  He claims its the haters fault because by that time we had killed the movement by making fun of it on a blog. The problem for Bill is no one would dare claim he is a successful public figure....far from it, he is a disaster.  But that he "thrust himself into the arena" of public debate.  He did so intentionally.  That fact cannot be disputed by any sane individual.....Windsor of course being disqualified because of that disclaimer.