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Friday, November 7, 2014

Bill Windsor Has a Bad Day In Court

Still waiting for his ride up to Montana, Windsor was brought into the Ellis county court yesterday in his prison outfit and shackles along with that security escort he always wanted.  Windsor's elaborate lies started to seep out on him in court:

-the entire Boushie episode was read aloud in court including the PPO and Bill's omission of telling that to the Court.

-He is more than capable of handling the $100,000 bond in MT and said he is going to hire an attorney for his criminal defense (no public defender), but I think he forgot he already told the court he was broke and couldn't afford an attorney, that is why he was pro se.

Judge Carroll noted that it seemed that Bill had sued defendant Sam Round and Sean Boushie in Texas because he could no longer continue litigation in their home states (he's a vexatious litigant in MT and GA).  This is exactly true.....and further evidence is with two of the other defendants Allie and Claudine.  Bill, of course, sued Allie in her home county for the exact same thing he is suing her in TX.  That case went on for over a year and then Bill dropped the case when it came time for him to answer questions.  That case is in Lafayette Co in # 13LF-CV00461
He sued Claudine and the American Mothers Political Party in her home county in KS again for the exact same thing:  Shawnee County KS  case number 2013-CV-001045

This is how Bill operates. All of these cases are about harassment and intimidation, not justice. He will modify his lies however he needs to in order to get his foot in the door with a lawsuit. Then its immediately to discovery where he tries to force the court to make the defendants give up personal information which he will then post on website domains he took out in their names. And even if he is ordered to remove his defamatory content from a website...he still wont do it....enter Montana and their 3 felony charges, or at least part of those charges.

Bill wanted to ask for a stay in the TX case. He used a couple of his classic excuses. Seeing how the jail wasn't up to Marriott Rewards standards, he has developed a cough that seems to only effect him during court time. Some of you will remember way back when, he used this same excuse about an uncontrollable cough as a way to get out of talking to his followers. Then he employed my personal favorite of the ole "I can't see" excuse. This time it was because he didn't have his glasses. I wonder if the Court knows that this is the same person who claimed this in court in GA:

"The 2009 income tax return is inaccurate. It was submitted when Windsor was unable to read. It will be amended when time and reading permit. The 2010 Income tax return is on extension due to the same factors."

Windsor wants his laptop back.....BAAADLY!! Those meanie guards took it, and it seems it may be heading up to MT as *gulp* evidence. Uhhh Ohhh, it just got real for Bill and all of those on his email list. No telling what kinds of incriminating evidence they will find on that poor machine. Bill tried to get the TX court to intercept his damning evidence before it reaches Montana, but TX will have no part of that.

He claimed to have an attorney for his criminal case...and named dropped Clay Jenkins, but he said he hadn't paid the retainer. This of course would also expose his "I'm broke" lie. He says, in true Windsor fashion, that he is going to fight extradition to Montana. I guess he wouldn't be Bill Windsor if he didn't.

Judge Carroll asked him if he was still interested in dismissing the crazy case as he mentions in his emergency stay motion. Bill claimed it was a moment of weakness, or maybe clarity, and that his vexatious blood had returned and he was ready to continue on to the bitter end.

The next hearing is on the 20th where he will have to deal with Anti-slapp motions. It doesn't help matters that he claims in his 3rd amended petition that even after suing the "Joeys" they still won't shut up. Yeah thanks Bill, thats the exact essence of Anti-Slapp. Will he even be in Ellis County on the 20th? Or will the extradition hearing be over and he's on his way up to Montana?

Heh, I forgot to mention one of the main procedural points from the day.....Bill is a limited purpose public figure and must prove actual malice in statements by defendants.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

William Windsor Has Been Arrested!!!!

It seems that the civil court hearing was the least of Bill's worries yesterday and into last night. The saying "don't mess with Texas" should be rightly applied to the State of Montana as they are the ones that don't seem to take criminal activity lightly.  Immediately after the hearing, Bill was arrested and sent to the Ellis County Sheriff's Office for incarceration.  He is wanted and should be extradited back to Montana on 3 felony counts of violating the PPO.  Bill of course has been flaunting and taunting that PPO order ever since it was handed down...and now it seems that the law really is the law.  The good news for Bill?  He can get back to being up close and personal with his buddies down in the cell block as they swap stories of judicial corruption and wacky conspiracies.  Maybe he can stay in the same exact cell that Joey Dauben stayed in.....oh the irony.  He better enjoy his stay in Texas as its quite cold up in Montana.....and for him its going to be cold in more ways than one.  Sean Boushie, his wife, and the University of Montana get the last and ultimate laugh as Bill's criminal activity has finally caught up with him.  I applaud all of them, along with the DA who is prosecuting this.

All jokes aside.....well nah lets keep em coming for at least a week or so, Bill's entire life just came to a crashing halt.   His nationwide stalking and defamation tour takes a way back seat as he must now fight for his freedom....and not in a patriotic sense. Will he defend himself pro-se? Will the State he called the most corrupt judicial system in the entire country let him off easy? Will he be on suicide watch?

The only message I would leave him with is this:
Numbers 32:23 - But if you do not do so, then take note, you have sinned against the Lord; and be sure your sin will find you out

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Eve For Bill Windsor

For most children, Friday is the day they will put on a costume and go out in public and pretend to be something they are not.  For Bill, that day will be tomorrow afternoon in court.  The hearing in Ellis County sets up to be a day of doom for Windsor as he must show cause as to why he isn't to be considered a vexatious litigant as well as fend off Anti-Slapp measures.  Bill's legal defense to both of these is the "thats not fair" defense.  If that fails, he has already indicated he wants to ask for leave to pursue his challenge to the State on Anti-Slapp.  If, for some reason, Judge Bob Carroll isn't in the mood for a side show circus, Bill could be in real trouble Tuesday....legally speaking.

Because of his impending date of doom, Bill has been on full spin cycle on his facebook page for almost a week now as tries to project the fear he is experiencing on to those he arbitrarily decided to attack in court.  At first, the lemmings loved it as they thought he was trying to talk to them as real human beings again.  They soon found out he still doesn't care about them and was simply trying to relay a message to the "joeys" of "be scared, be scared dammit".  Finally realizing this, the lemmings simply stopped trying to understand what it was that Bill was saying and just joined hands in a circle to recite their prayer:

"Hail Windsor, full of mace,
The Lord is with Thee.
The Lord is Thee?
Blessed art thou over women,
and blessed is the fruit of Thy labor,
Lawless America.

Holy Windsor,
pray for us lemmings,
now at the hour of our hearing.

Well, Bill's full spin cycle culminated into one of the most insane
posts I think he has ever made late last night:

After a few of the things that I have posted have been send you forgot to edit by Joeys what is a Joey?, I can only imagine that the Joeys are going nuts speculating about where and how I found out certain things I don't think even you know what you are talking about anymore. And whether I actually know anything you don't, we already cracked that code almost two years ago. They are probably pointing fingers at each other. LOL.yes, the second one.....laughing out loud
I guess they are unaware that IP addresses were provided to some folks in some legal matters and you are unaware that I had a pretty tasty hamburger last night. I guess they are unaware that sometimes the walls have ears no, they don't, walls are just walls you can't fool me. There are actually some people in Ellis County who aren't Joeys well how the hell can anyone tell the difference? but seem to know some of what goes on with Joeys I bet they could tell you what the Easter Bunny does in the winter too. Hey, I should spend more time in the finest barber shops what is a "fine" barber shop?, beauty shops usually men don't go to those, nail salons see previous response, and saloons saloons?  Back in the wild west are we?  Just how many drinks for you until the bar becomes a saloon? in beautiful Ellis County. And heaven forbid if there is a divorce or such things involved, because there's nothing quite like a scorned ex, be it woman or man hey watch it are scaring your lemmings again, saying scorned ex is like yelling bomb on an air-plane to them..
It does bring a smile to my tired face I hope you are as tired of your face as the rest of the world is to know these guys probably turn on each other in a nanosecond no one can resist your big $10,000 reward offer......ok, the Joey's did it, now pay up. Hey, I'll let you all in on a little secret:
"Joey did it."  Even in jail?  Its still all Joey's fault?
Photo Copyright 2013-2014.  its almost 2015

Well, suffice to say Bill is worried.  Bill is hoping his Anti-Slapp is killing my right to paper terrorism defense holds up somehow, because if it doesn't he must open his check book in a very painful way. A good night sleep tonight will be hard to get in Windsorworld.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Windsor's Empty Threats

While Bill racks up a long list of legal defeats across the nation, he continues to check in now and then on his facebook page....not to talk to his brain dead followers, but to try and scare those who speak the truth about him.  If the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.....Bill is completely insane.

TURN OUT THE LGHTS, THE PARTY'S GONNA BE OVER oh its been over for well over a year now are just a little slow to catch on.

My cyberstalkers aka truth tellers will be like this old sign on an abandoned building. They won't even have a bulb left I have to say, thats a pretty lame analogy even by your standards.

I'm sorry that I haven't had time to be posting things I just haven't had any good news to report. I've just been burning the midnight oil on legal matters maybe you should try "working" during the day instead of internet stalking all night long.

Mark your calendars not again: July 24, 2014 nope, I'm busy that day, we will have to cancel. That's the day that I hope a court compels Facebook to produce documents, IP addresses, server log information, and more you do realize you have a much higher chance of being knighted by the Queen of England by that date?.

I don't know how much longer it will take for me to organize all the evidence that I already have given your mental inabilities I would say never, but as soon as I do and again that date is never, I'll pursue a full-court press on getting people suboenaed, etc ummmm, its been over a year now that you have been trying to pull this pathetic scare tactic.....why don't you admit the obvious, you can't and you wont.

By piecing together a lot of information you mean random guesses, I continue to identify the actual identities of the many fake pages on Facebook you actually haven't been able to identify even one. I wonder if there are thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands at least a gazillion. I've identified dozens of fake identities most of them are my followers who have posted defamatory comments about me on Facebook. I reported each of them to Facebook, and surprise surprise, the fake pages have never been removed maybe they are real and you are fake?. That's against Facebook's terms so is buying fake followers. But perhaps even more important, I am asking the court to hold Facebook liable as the publisher of that defamation because there isn't a valid agreement with a fake identity, so that makes Facebook the publisher kinda like if someone was publishing that they were filming a movie but were actually just deceiving people. There's no question that Facebook needs to be held accountable for all that they've done oh there are several questions and you won't be able to answer those questions in usual, especially for removing the Lawless America Facebook page which was for a fake movie claiming it contained nudity, pornography, and sexual solicitation when it never had any such thing it did have your porn surfing link on there.

The dishonesty in America is mind-boggling especially for a mind that doesn't work. I think we all need to be concerned abut a big fire or a giant flood what no earthquakes, asteroids?. And it will either start in Silicon Valley or Ellis County Texas if the winds get high enough you may see a few grass fires but no reason to get your panties in a wad.

Photo copyright William M. Windsor, 2014 because I said so. All of William M. Windsor's photos and videos are copyright William M. Windsor because....I said so. Unauthorized use will be charged $1,000 per day per unauthorized use payable in Confederate or Monopoly money. — in Texas 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Windsor's Disdain for Judges Comes Out{33BAC0EB-396B-4110-A0EF-1C79067EC4B0}

Bill filed his "brief" which was anything but, for the appellate case in Montana.  To sum up, everything that Boushie said is perjury and everything that Bill said is the facts on record.  He claims Boushie defamed him while calling Sean a "serial criminal" which of course is point blank libel right there.  Bill brags about his over the top filings as if its some kind of indicator of truth:
65. Contrary to the mere 15 pages and 9 unauthenticated exhibits by BOUSHIE [Exhibit#’s_1,2], WINDSOR has at least 233 pages of sworn testimony (all by me) and at least 617 pages exhibits in the RECORD."  I hate to break it to Bill, but his "sworn" word in a court of law is no good and does not constitute a fact.  This can be seen by the courts reaction to all of Bill's dead trees:  "85. DC completely ignored the massive sworn testimony and evidence of WINDSOR. WINDSOR filed and the RECORD contains 203 pages of WINDSOR’S sworn testimony under penalty of perjury and 140 authenticated exhibits. [Exhibit#’s_3,4,19,22,24]

Pffftt....Sean didn't even slaughter a forest of trees in his answers, how could you listen to him?
You see Bill, you are going to have to come up with something more than just your word.
The next paragraph will show just how much Bill can't grasp this concept:

86. DC ignored the undeniable fact that WINDSOR has sworn under oath
under penalty of perjury before a notary that BOUSHIE’S sworn statements are
false. The RECORD contains detailed sworn filings and affidavits by WINDSOR
that controvert virtually everything alleged by BOUSHIE and his attorneys.
[Exhibit#’s_3,4,19,22,24.] There is absolutely no legal basis whatsoever to allow
this or any court to ignore the undeniable facts before it as DC has done. DC has
ignored its obligation to rule based upon the facts and to conduct a hearing to allow
WINDSOR to provide further undeniable evidence of the massive perjury and
criminal acts by BOUSHIE.

Bill claims he is no vexatious litigant

90. False Statement #3 – WINDSOR has filed sworn evidence showing
this to be false. WINDSOR is not a vexatious litigant and never has been.
[Exhibit#22,¶¶143-151; Exhibit#24,¶¶143-151.] In this matter, WINDSOR had an
action filed against him. [Exhibit#1.] Even if WINDSOR was a vexatious litigant,
which he is not, it would be totally irrelevant and is absolutely inappropriate for

DC to include in its November 14, 2013 ORDER.

Ahhh, but you are Bill.  Just because you don't agree with Judge Thrash's ruling, doesn't change the fact that you were deemed a vexatious litigant in a Federal court.  And yes Bill it is extremely relevant to everything you are doing right now, and for the past decade.

That's not my fat body

WINDSOR drove by ONCE to take photographs from a moving vehicle on the public road using a telephoto lens for use in the TV special that he is filming. BOUSHIE’S home had a giant plywood sign in the driveway with WINDSOR’S face mounted on a fat person’s body. WINDSOR did not
return to BOUSHIE’S home ever again

And how many times did Boushie drive by your house and take pictures?

Card carrying member of the press

You see what may look like a crazy old man driving from Georgia to Montana to stalk someone he doesn't like, isn't really that.  Its a member of the press going up to film a tv show that he never produced, wrote, directed or even got permission to make.

"WINDSOR publishes online publications, and is the producer of a
documentary film and pilot for a proposed weekly TV series that will feature
BOUSHIE. WINDSOR is a card-carrying member of the press; has been a
magazine publisher for most of his career; began his media work in high school;
has been a radio and TV announcer and radio news reporter; formerly hosted a
weekly TV news show. For the last several years, he has published online, and he
has produced online radio and TV shows. He has over 1,200 news videos active at WINDSOR has been working for several
months on a TV special about BOUSHIE and the University of Montana. The
alleged stalking consists solely of WINDSOR filming his television news program
and segments for a documentary film."

Now please don't ask me to produce this "press card" I claim to have.  And please don't ask me to produce examples of a flim or TV shows.  I can show you lots of random youtube videos though, that counts right?

Its all corruption and a conspiracy

Bill has figured out why the lower court didn't rule in his favor....yep thats right they are all corrupt and working for Sean for some reason.

50. The Missoula Municipal Court (“MMC”) and the District Court
(“DC”) in Missoula County have acted in a bizarre and seemingly corrupt manner
in denying WINDSOR’S applications for a TOP just as have the Justice Court and
the District Court in Ravalli. [RECORD and Montana Supreme Court Dockets in
OP 13-0697 and DA 13-0540 and DA 13-0618.]

WINDSOR is concerned that the Ravalli County and Missoula 
County courts and law enforcement may be protecting BOUSHIE for as yet 
unknown reasons.Some have a theory that BOUSHIE is a professional cyper-stalker who works for governmental entities and personal to stalk and harass people such as WINDSOR.  Another theory is that BOUSHIE has sexual blackmail on one or more powerful people.

105. This isn’t a case of an incompetent judge. This appears to be the case 
of a corrupt judge who has committed the crimes of obstruction of justice, 
misprision of felonies, perjury, and more.

Always a smart argument to make in a court of law.  So have you told the court what you want to try judges like this for?  Yep, treason.  And have you told them what the penalty for treason is in your lawless america? Death

Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Frivolous Lawsuits

 113. CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATION #2: The lower courts violated 
WINDSOR’S inalienable rights by depriving him of liberty and property without 
due process of law. WINDSOR has been denied the liberty of pursuing his career, 
enjoying freedom of speech and freedom of the press, serving BOUSHIE with 
legal papers, and much more in the outrageous TOP. [Exhibit#2.] WINDSOR has 
been denied property rights in his website, and he has been denied his handgun 
purchased for his protection.

way to go court, you are depriving Bill of his "right" to keep serving Sean with frivolous papers, I think the Founding Fathers are rolling over in their grave again.  Oh...and you wont let him carry his gun that he doesn't have a permit monsters.

Windsor has an extraordinary need for discovery

131. WINDSOR has been denied any discovery [Exhibit#12], but 
discovery is essential to proving that BOUSHIE has committed perjury in his 
entire PTOP. DC Order (Exhibit#12) cites Lear v. Jamrogowicz as authority that 
discovery is not allowed in orders of protection matters. The facts are not at all the 
same here. WINDSOR has an extraordinary need for discovery as it is the only 
way to prove he is the victim. TOP’s were not designed so that a stalker 
(BOUSHIE) can reinjure his victim (WINDSOR), but that is what has happened 
here, and WINDSOR’S rights to due process must be paramount.

Unless people tell bill everything they have done for the last two years, he doesn't have a case.....where else do we see that?

Disabling my ability to commit paper terrorism

This issuance of the injunction was done in complete denial of due process to 
WINDSOR. WINDSOR received no notice or opportunity to be heard. 
WINDSOR does not have $50,000, so the requirement of $50,000 deprives 
WINDSOR of any ability to ever file a lawsuit against this judge and the other 
corrupt judges and judicial employees who WINDSOR intends to sue and intends 
to seek a grand jury to bring criminal charges against the corrupt judges, corrupt
court employees, and corrupt law enforcement officials. There was no show cause
order issued to WINDSOR, and WINDSOR was not given an opportunity to be
heard on this matter as is required by law. Meaningful access to the courts is a
Constitutional right that has been denied by DC, and this alleged ORDER denies
significant rights.

Yeah court, you are wrong, I dont have $50,000, I have a lot....lot.....lot more money than that in case anyone wants some.  Dont you dare stop my right to sue all these judges and bring forth my made up citizen grand juries.  This is my Lawless America, I make the rules.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bill Windsor Thinks He Scared Us

Leave it to Bill to think that his vexatious actions somehow "scares us". is the website that has defamed and/or harassed, stalked, and emotionally distressed me many thousands of times in the last 16 months. I think these people have finally shut up because they know they are in serious trouble. Yappy, nothingbettertodotoday, anonymous, attorney, Ginger Snap, Allie Gate, lawlessnomore, Windsor Sluggo, Brannon, Curtis Butler, O Reader, Ollie Reader, tinylittlefeetnhands, and many others should be afraid to say anything more in public.

Awwwwe, "we" emotionally distressed you? Donations for your fake movie has really tailed off hasn't it? The truth is that this blog has kept you from harming others. And no Bill, you don't scare me and I'm not going anywhere, but you do, however, bore me. This same ole song and dance is beyond old. When is your next radio show?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Windsor Suffers Defeat in Montana

While his lemmings continue to wait for a proof of life, Bill Windsor suffered a humiliating defeat to Sean Boushie in District Court in Montana.  Not only was Boushie's temporary order of protection, first issued by the local municipal court, upheld, it was put in full effect for an indefinite period, possibly forever.  In addition to that, Bill's vexatious litigant status is now established in the entire state of Montana as his terrorist reputation precedes him.

Judge John Larson issued a scathing and long overdue smackdown of Bill.  While Bill claims that he is being stalked and harassed by Boushie, it was Bill's driving to Boushie's home and place of work that triggered the legal rights to the TOP for Boushie.  Sean claims that he has never "met, spoken to or emailed Windsor". For those of us that have followed this squabble the first two are probably true but the last part is most certainly not.  But here is the rub, this isn't Bill's Lawless America Facebook page where he can dictate reality as he sees it.  This is a court of law and he must establish facts with actual proof.  Windsor can't even prove where his place of residence is, much less can he prove that Boushie ever emailed him.  So to this end, there is no evidence that Boushie had anything to do with this squabble, but no matter how you slice it, it got real when Bill, as the court pointed out, "drove from Georgia to Montana to stalk Sean and his wife's home and place of work".  And just to make it easy on Sean, Bill actually filmed his stalking and posted it on his webpages for all to see.  Bill also made it easy for the court as he has, in addition to, had the and websites to show the court that he has a pattern of stalking and defaming others.  In just about every way, Bill cooked his own goose.

The Court also took a stab at Windsor's half hearted attempt to claim journalistic privileges.  If the court had recognized him as such, "any person with a video camera would be absolved or relived of any stalking activities".  "Windsor has no television show, nor has he made any sort of documentary film."......ohhhh ohhhh court, don't say that, or at least please don't let that get back to my followers, they still believe in me. Yes lemmings, those are indisputable facts, Bill has no TV show nor does he have a documentary film, and you know's your fault he doesn't.

And as if this smackdown wasn't enough, the court turns directly at the terrorist that is known as Bill Windsor as they uphold his vexatious litigant status.  Because of Bill's repeated abuse of the State judicial system from his malicious, voluminous and frivolous filings he must be tagged as a paper terrorist.  "The administration of justice will suffer irreparable harm if Windsor is allowed to continue to file frivolous, malicious, and vexatious litigation against persons involuntarily involved in his vexatious campaigns"......amen. Some have wondered why I continue to follow Bill like I have, that statement sums it up.  It is imperative to our Country and our way of order that we continue to expose enemy combatants like Bill, David Schied, Kevin Brady, Marty "I'm Special" Prehn and so on.  It is also important that we don't allow Bill to quietly hit the reset button and try and new scam and pretend like all his sins from the previous one won't follow him. Leeches like Bill depend on the general indifference of the public in order to keep replaying their scams, and its up to us to protect our society by exposing him.

The worst news for Bill in this is it provides a blueprint and recent case law for all his other stalking victims. No doubt the party is over for Bill now in Kansas and Missouri as well as with any of the other people he wanted to try and attack.  They will, most likely, all be able to obtain a TOP as he has documented his physical stalking of their residence as he did with Boushie, and made the case easy for them.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Joeycon Cancelled

Thanks to Bill's new conveniently made up illness, the party dubbed (by Bill) as JoeyCon is now cancelled.   I was looking forward to meeting everyone and finding out who I (and you all) really am but it looks like this bash is going to go down as another Windsor empty promise.  Even though there was no location set, nor time and date, I had my bags packed and was ready for my special invitation which never seems to come.

The truth of the matter is we have called Bill's bluffs so many times even he is tried of trying it.  At the end of the day he has nothing at all to prove anything he claims, and this is why he needs a sudden illness to get out of testifying in a certain court in Missouri.  Not one single person on his list of 500+ "haters" has been silenced.  The truth is everyone is growing tired of his same old antics as he slips away into irrelevancy.  His name is mud, his family's name is trashed and it will forever be that way on the internet.  The very thing he wanted to do to his "haters" has been done to him and now the jig is up.  There is nothing left for him to try now but make up and fake his own illness and declare a draw and run away.

To that end my goal with Bill is finally accomplished....albeit one that took much longer than I had anticipated.  I despise frauds in whatever capacity and Bill represented it at its most raw and basic level.  The only way to stop people like him is to fully expose them to the world for what they really are.  Bill Windsor will forever be known for what he really is, not what he claims to be.  That is internet justice or karma or whatever you want to call it.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Windsor Needs Tech Support

Tomorrow he takes over the United States of America, but today he is going to need help turning on his laptop.  After spending last weekend making one empty threat after another against all those who ever said a negative word about him, Bill has been very quiet this week and it seems because all that late night porn surfing has crippled his hard drive once again.

Hey folks, sorry I haven't posted much lately. I have been very busy, and I have a computer problem that I hope will be repaired tomorrow when a nice rent-a-geek comes calling with his magic.
I'm not going to disclose a lot of what I have been working on until it happens. But please stay tuned as there is some BIG stuff coming down.

Bill, its not "magic, its called "system restore". He says he is not going to disclose what he has been working on until he figures out what exactly he has been working on. And yes Bill, with you weight problem we are all aware that there is some BIG stuff coming up. How many more empty threats can he possibly make? Does he think it really scares anyone now that he has been exposed to the world for who he really is?

Then one of his new lemmings feels sorry for Bill in his helpless state and makes this suggestion:

Camille Zohar Carmelit McMillan Bill, is there a way that some of your friends can get together and legally purchase you a new computer? about an hour ago · Like · 2

Camillie, first of all pick a last name and go with it, second, I know you are new here but Bill doesn't do anything "legally" so you lost him there. Now if you would like to send him donations for his illegal non-profit, he is always down for that, but there will be no talk of doing something legally in his Lawless America. Oh and another point....Bill doesn't have any friends, just a few lemmings.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Windsor Admits to Cyber Terrorism

So this site was temporarily down last night for a brief period and both Bill and his former partner in crime "Susan Harbinson" immediately jump on facebook to gloat and proclaim the death of joeyisalittlekid.  Evil hates exposure, and for a brief moment they screamed with glee at the thought of not having their words and actions critiqued.  Bill of course bragged that he gotten the site taken down so he was left chewing on his foot when the site came back several minutes later.

But it was what Bill said in the comments after that are really interesting:
Bill Windsor I guess they were trying to figure out how to stop the total download of the site along with all logins and passwords that has been running on their site for 20+ hours so far. If any of you need a magic way to totally download a website, just email me at 29 minutes ago · Like · 2
Bill Windsor 27,459 files and counting 29 minutes ago · Like · 2

Hmmmmm, that sounds a whole lot like he is trying to hack and cyber attack the site. So now we can add cyber terrorism to paper terrorism, mail fraud, sexual perversion and constant stalking that Bill has directly admitted to doing.

Then this morning he is back to his stalking practices:
It's Joeys' Time! Now if I just knew who these screen names are and where they live. The court clerk says "under a rock" is not an acceptable address.
I'm going to test my "under a really slimy rock" theory. My position is that it is the last known address.
William M. Windsor
Thats right, every single one of you...even though we have over 20,000 comments on this site Mr. Bill is going to drag every single on of us to Criminal...yes, Criminal court. What kind of crimes have we committed you might ask? Ahhh, we are part of a racketeering enterprise according to Mr. Bill. And just so we know what he is actually alleging by is what Criminal Racketeering means:
Racketeering is an illegal act which constitutes the operation of an illegal business or scheme in order to produce a profit. Racketeering is a broad category that can include a variety of criminal acts, such as bribery, illegal gambling, the exploitation of children, money laundering, etc.
Yep....he sure pegged us on that.  There is so much money flying around on this blog its almost as if its not even there in the first place.  What if someone made up that they were making a movie and took in volunteers and donations with no tracing of the funds to any organization whatsoever along with avoiding to file a tax return?  I'll just let all you other gangsters weigh in on what you think about this criminal enterprise we have going on here.

Friday, August 30, 2013

After Defeat Bill Goes in to Hiding

The showdown in Missoula was supposed to get Bill's mojo back.  He was going to go down there and get Sean Boushie arrested, get a restraining order, or at least fired and declare victory of his chief "hater".  In true vigilante style he orchestrated his own sting operation.  Turns out, playing police officer is a quick way for his adversary to get a restraining order against him.

So Windsor had to flea Montana with his tail tucked between his legs.  Reality is his biggest adversary and it is really bearing down on him now, he can't seem to escape the fact that his entire life is one big lie and a failure.  Bill is out of ideas, and is possibly running out of his never ending supply of cash.  Yes those perpetual trips with $150 a night Courtyard at Marriott bills are catching up to him.  I'm guessing the T-shirt sales are down, not to mention he probably never even sent out the ones that were purchased.  His lawsuit against Allie is going sideways, his stalking against Sean backfired, and all his "haters" have not been fact they have multiplied exponentially.  His remaining few followers are not only nobodies, they have nothing of value to offer bill.  They have no money, no skills and no connections, in short they are all worthless to Bill.

So Bill is left with nothing, and he has to resort to made up accolades like going on a diet or taking great pictures out of his car.  Yes he has failed, but sadly this is nothing new for him.  He has done this his entire life, he will go in to hiding, ignoring all the problems and obligations his most recent stalking tour accrued, and eventually emerge again with a slightly different vision of his same old scam.  This is the life of a gypsy con man.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pervert On the Run

Bill Windsor goes to Missoula Montana, spends two weeks stalking and annoying everyone he can, especially all the local adult book stores,  makes up his own "sting" operation and then is served a restraining order from Sean's wife forcing Bill to pack up and leave town with nothing to show for his terroristic efforts. So after cutting and running, he heads to Great Falls Montana where the sexual deviant and national terrorist tries to exploit the death of a young child for his own gain in a vain attempt at diversion from the failure in Missoula.

So it turns out that the great "sting" that Bill orchestrated on the grounds of the University of Montana was the evidence the Boushies needed to go to the local municipal court judge and get a restraining order, not only for her but for the property of the U of M as well.  Windsor filmed the serving of the order to him. Two officers calmly and clearly gave and explained the order to Bill as they both towered over the diminutive, pasty white and portly little coward from Georgia.  The interaction between the 5'8 Windsor and the two officers, who both looked to be in excess of 6'3, was classic.  Bill tried to control the conversation and tried to keep glancing at his stationary camera with his sheepish, insecure little smile that gave away that he was both frightened and nervous all at once.  Despite all his online puffery, when faced with law enforcement in real life, Bill is terrified and deeply insecure and for good reason.  Throw in the fact that both of these officers were actual real men, you then have Bill completely out of his element.  At the end of the video he tried to tell the officers a story about his made up magazine days, but it failed miserably as Windsor is no longer able to converse with real people in the real world, especially if they are not required to listen to him.

Windsor packs up his mobile terrorism vehicle and leaves town with his tail between his legs.  He heads to Great Falls to re-aggravate a story he already covered in his first go round with Lawless.  It its a tragic story of domestic violence that has gained much attention locally, but Bill wants to re-stir that pot especially since he is desperate to change the topic from his failure in Missoula.  Bill, always looking for the shock value, posted several pictures on his personal fb page showing the dead child with the wounds visible.  He tries to blame CPS for allowing this to happen.  I think in a lot of ways, this marks the bottom of the barrel for the sexual deviant, domestic terrorist and murderer advocate.  Exploiting a deceased child in this shock value type of way is something no human being could do.  Windsor is not even a human being, and should not be given the rights and privileges that we give to other human beings.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Sting

I have really enjoyed our guest writers and their contributions so far and I can't wait for the others. And thanks to OReader for setting this all up.

Obviously I need to jump in real quick so we can recap the infamous "sting" that Bill performed yesterday on the campus of the University of Montana.  Out of all the crazy claims he makes against his "haters", there is one particular area of vulnerability that Sean Boushie had, and that is in his employment through the government at the U of M.  What he does on government time is open to the public just like any other government official.  Up until this point, Boushie has been able to slide by based solely on the utter and complete incompetence of Bill.  But yesterday, Bill may have finally barked up the right tree (even though he is a skunk).

Windsor went to the extraordinary length of fabricating, yes he Bill fabricated something, a made up announcement of something "big" involving Sean.  He then goes to the parking lot of the building that he says Sean works at, turns on his camera and starts filming the truck, he says, belongs to Sean.  Bill thinks that this is proof that Sean is in the building and at work.  So he films for almost an hour of dead air time as he films lots of people whom he doesn't have consent from, and then he says he got his big email response from Sean.  Bill then calls the UM PD....they take his report and give him the "don't call us, we will call you" treatment.  As time goes by and it becomes clear to bill that they are not coming, he then calls the Missoula PD who quickly patch him back to the UM PD once he tells them where he is.  The UM PD sends an car out there to try and shut him up and as they roll up they see a crazy old man out filming the building.

Now we finally have an interesting moment...and guess what....Bill doesn't film and we can barely hear what happens.  But from what you can hear, its clear that the officer asked Bill what he was doing.  Windsor whined about all the things he says Sean did to him.  Bill goes on and on about how he fears for his life and how he must wear the bullet proof vest.  The officer then asks the logical question of why would anyone who fears someone that much actually go to that person's place of employment and start filming their vehicle? Windsor then lies directly to the officer's face and says that Boushie cost him his 42 year marriage and he is dead set on seeing him arrested.  Bill then has to bring up his new favorite topic of glory holes and the officer quickly shuts the creepy sexual deviant with a camera down.

The UM PD tells Bill that they may not have jurisdiction (possibly assuming that Sean might have emailed it from his personal phone device) but Bill....knowing their job better than they, points out that they are wrong. In the end, they tell him they wont be making any arrests today and that they will take his information and look in to it.  This, of course, equals a huge victory for Bill and he celebrated with his "full strength" pepsi when he got back to the hotel.  He shouted out from the rooftops to his 15 remaining followers that they had finally taken their country back.  This was it, the culmination of all those miles, hours, pie, rv's, lemmings, talkshoe shows, congressional testimonies, his entire family and all ends with this.  He called the police, and they responded and took his report.  What a victory.

I think, in the end, this will not result in any kind of criminal charges.  But Sean could be in trouble with his employer.  At some point this becomes an annoyance to them and they may feel its best to extricate the University from this school yard pissing match.

Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone it, People Like Me

Bill is in full drama queen mode in Montana.  He is still trying to get his protective order against Boushie, but now he is turning his attention to the authorities in Montana.  He senses that he is really now in danger as he continues to cross lines.  But instead of backing away when he senses real danger, he is escalating his stalking and paper terrorism activities.  Bill plans to bombard the courts and local law enforcement with 500 plus pages of vexatious complaints (many trees were harmed in the making of these complaints).  Even if he had a point or even proof....good luck finding it buried in that massive amount of wasted paper.

Then Bill takes an odd moment to himself by posting a pic of him wearing a cowboy hat and then asking his few remaining followers if noses grow with old age.  Uhhhhhhh that would be lying that made yours grow Bill.  Constant pathological lying.  Before this, Bill was commenting on how he needed a hair cut.  He seems to know that his body is breaking down, even in the pics he posts, but he refuses to accept the real reason for that.  His vanity won't allow him to accept the truth.

Then we have our old buddy little David Schied dropping in.  He posted on Bill's page that he wanted to know what it takes to get a call from Bill.  Poor little Davey, sitting quietly in the corner waiting for Bill to tell him what's going on.  For the rest of his so-called life, Schied is forever going to be tied to Windsor and his antics and he can't even get Bill to answer to phone.  All those hours of study on citizen grand juries and Bill is wasting it all out conducting his own circus in Montana. These poor sovereign citizen folks can't ever seem to get anywhere in their terrorism, as insanity seems to be a requirement for admission to the group.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Windsor vs Boushie, Can Anyone Win?

Bill is becoming distracted as his frivolous lawsuit in Missouri is conflicting with his stalking activities in Montana.  Seems as though "Weasel Curly" has pulled a fast one and now Bill feels he is about to lose his grip on that case.  But what can he do?  He has to get some kind of result in Missoula.  How can they do this to him when he has now declared himself a cancer patient?

Windsor says that today is the "main event" for his showdown with Boushie as he will attempt to get a restraining order against him (have we taken our country back?).  Yes folks, that's right, this is what 50 states, 1,500 videos, and lots of pie has culminated in.....a restraining order against some guy in Montana. It may be the case that he isn't even granted the restraining order in which case he will turn his attention to attacking the local courts and law enforcement.

He then says that he has mastered the art of being flexible.  The secret to that is have no job, no family, no life, no purpose or even reason for existing.  He is free to stalk and file frivolous lawsuits against anyone. Even though his over hyped and perpetually delayed showdown with Sean is going out with a whimper, Bill will move on and declare something else as the most important thing in the world.  Its Bill's world, we are all here just paying rent.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Badges? We don't Need No Stinking Badges!!

So we are now well in to Piemegeddon.  Yesterday, Bill took a brief break from his stalking and vexatious activities to put on his sexual deviant hat.  Windsor took the opportunity to post, in graphic detail as only his perverted mind can, about the subject of what is known as a glory hole. Yes, he would like everyone to know that they should send him their stories of not just rape and incest, but now he is ready to hear a good glory hole story to help with his "media" endeavours.

Bill then posted his subpoena request that he says was issued to Sean Boushie and Sean's wife. Bill would like to know....among other things, what Sean had for breakfast, his travel desitnations, is he an organ donor, the name of his pets, his boy scout merit badges, the mowing records of his property, his high school book report topics, favorite Muppet character, choice of deodorant (if any), his alibi on the morning of Sept. 11 2001, choice of pie, and....everything else he and his wife have ever done or said.

The adventure in Missoula has not gone as expected for Bill.  He hasn't been shot at, there was no police escort waiting for fact no one even cares that he exists.  Since he can't get anyone to pay attention to him including Sean....he has already signalled that he will be escalating his temper tantrum and aiming it at the local law enforcement and University officials.  Prancing around everywhere in a bulletproof vest with a bodyguard hasn't seemed to get him the attention he desires, so the American Terrorist named Bill Windsor now needs to escalate the terror watch to level orange for Missoula Montana.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Windsor is "beyond excited".  Yesterday he dropped Brenda from his lawsuit which then allowed him to apply for subpoenas.  Yes that means, once again, his over hyped and chronicly delayed showdown with Boushie....must be delayed once again as bill is distracted by his new shiny object.  He may be so distracted now, in fact, that he will forget he is looking for the recipe for a certain spicy cookie.

Bill Windsor begins issuing court-ordered subpoenas for Facebook, Cyberstalkers, and Other Kooks in Windsor v. Allie Overstreet.
Judge Dennis Rolf granted my motion, and the Clerk of the Court is now issuing subpoenas for me to take depositions and obtain documents from non-parties in William M. Windsor v. Allie Overstreet and 1,000 John Does.  I have been trying to get this for months.  Now I’ve got it.
Now the cyberstalkers have really got something to look forward to.  Facebook, Google, Yahoo, CraigsList, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, and many others will be having subpoenas winging their way to them.  And a whole host of individuals are being subpoenaed.  American Mothers Political Party members, Joeys, would-be killers, and others.
I am beyond excited!

First of all, is MySpace still up?  Who really does LinkedIn?  How can he separate the cyber-stalkers from just the kooks?  What constitutes "a Joey"?  How can he possibly find where to start?  How many days before Bill names Google, Facebook and company to his listed of named defendants?  What about all the physical stalking (not to mention cyber) that he is currently doing to Allie?  Does this mean he will start naming his John Does?  What happens when he names them and Allie is dismissed?  How will the court have any jurisdiction over someone who must likely will be out of state?

Ahhh, stay tuned as this circus never seems to end and Bill is rejuvenated with the superpowers he was granted in his frivolous lawsuit.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stalking is Conflicting With His Stalking

After hyping up and promising his long awaited showdown with Boushie in Montana, Bill, once again, postpones it as he claims his stalking of Claudine has now impeded his stalking of Sean. Windsor claims he has to race back to to Kansas for a hearing/trial against Claudine for his temporary restraining order he applied for.  But what about the camera crew that was waiting in Missoula?  How about the big already scheduled press conference with all the major media outlets in the area.  What about that vexatious lawsuit in Missouri?

All this driving back an forth from South Dakota to Kansas and on to Montana is causing him to lose whatever remaining marble he had.  He still pretends that he is filming for a movie (you know the one that we must wait for a rich person to pay for it).  He congratulated himself for driving down a road where the pavement ended for having the where with all to turn around and go back. Metaphorically speaking, it perfectly sums him up.  He doesn't know where he is going, or even why.  But don't let that stop him from pointing out how successful he is.

Friday, July 19, 2013

AMPPing It Up

After stalking Claudine for two days in Kansas, Bill has decided to "craft" a lawsuit against many of the member (former and present) of the American Mothers Political Party.  Bill says he is bringing this against: Claudine Dombrowski, Lorraine Tipton, Jennifer Dotson, Shannon E. Miller, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Connie Bedwell, and Loryn Ryder.  The lawsuit is to be filed at the Shawnee County Courthouse in Topeka, Kansas.  Tipton (Wisconsin), Dotson (Florida), Miller (Mississippi), Wigglesworth (Connecticut), Bedwell (California, and Ryder (Ohio) will all have to come to Kansas to participate.

He gives away his true intention right off the bat as he admits this is all about inconveniencing his detractors. Keep in mind the operative word still here is wants to file this lawsuit; he has not yet been granted the right to take his vexatious handcuffs off.  Bill claims that the AMPP's have caused harm to his business.  What business is that Bill...the fake movie?  the fake non-profit?....ohh how about the Revolutionary Party?  He says his reputation in the community has been lowered as a result of their actions.....not possible Bill, it could not possibly get any lower than it was thanks to the actions YOU have taken.

Even if Bill gets his wish and is allowed to file this lawsuit, he may want to re-think this.  Uniting all these women together in a court of law in Kansas may just allow them to turn the tables back on him and all his many past actions.  Barbara Windsor better hope Bill doesn't file this as she was the one writing all the checks when all the "events" took place.  Getting a divorce won't extricate her from her role in the scam formerly known as Lawless America.  What would happen in discovery when the books that were hidden in the Maid of the Mist case are finally revealed?  Something tells me there are still plenty of assets left for a counter-claimant to find worth their while.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We Have Reached a Verdict: Not Competent

Yesterday in Lexington Missouri, Windsor had most of his motions tossed out along with Mark Supainich being dismissed from the case.  But he was allowed to continue on with a specified discovery process that will include a deposition of Allie.  Obviously this is going to be spun as a big win for Bill as he avoided contempt of court (although he was threatened with it) and the entire case was not thrown out and he gets to keep playing Perry Mason, at least for a little while longer.

Apparently the Judge needed more in the way of discovery to be able to rule on the merits of the case.  One point that was made very clear to Bill, and I'm sure ignored, is that he really needs to hire an attorney, his utter incompetence is basically unreadable in a court of law.  He was visibly shaking in the courtroom and fumbling over his mountain of vexatious documents.

In Bill's mind, Allie committed the ultimate sin by retaining counsel in the lawsuit he filed on her.  Now he knows he is going to lose, he knows he is going to be exposed and he is now directing that anger at her attorney Matt O'Conner:

"I have developed an instant intense dislike for Allie Overstreet’s attorney, Matthew J, O’Connor.  He wears these really ugly alligatorish patchwork black shoes.  Picture a slick hair used car hustler, and that’s what I see when I look at him.  He has lied in court pleadings, and he has filed false pleadings.  He lied to the judge today, and I called him on it right there.  I’m going to refer to him as Weasel Curly.  My late former father-in-law used to tell stories about a guy he knew named Weasel Curly.  The guy looks and acts like a Weasel Curly, in my opinion." 

Translation.....this guy is smarter and more connected than me in every way.  He is legitimate....Bill pretends. He works for a living, Bill spends his life trying to avoid actual work.  He is a somebody, Bill is a nobody. He gets asked to be on TV, Bill can't even hijack a real television camera.  He knows the law, Bill knows he hates any kind of law.

Windsor blames us, his "haters", for the demise of his movie scam, his drop in fake followers, and his family leaving him, and we should all pay him a cool one million each at the very least for resitution.  Why thank you Bill, I guess what you are admitting to is that we literally own you in every conceivable way.  You have allowed your unbridled hate for anyone that calls you on your bluff to the point that it has completely consumed you.  Case in point, today you are back on the stalking warpath as you try and stalk Claudine at her Kansas home.