Thursday, July 31, 2014

Windsor Goes Back On the Road

With August approaching, its time to get out of Texas, and what better way for Bill to spend his summer vacation than by filming more frivolous actions and filming people for his YouTube channel? That's the plan anyway.  No movie?  No problem as he seems to have no shortage of idiots who want to go in front of the creepy old man's personal camera.  But first, its off to Missouri where he has a pointless 8 hour deposition of Allie which he has already stated will be a waste of time.


At long last, Allie Overstreet will appear for deposition testimony for eight hours on Friday, August 1 in Missouri. It should be interesting. The deposition will be transcribed by a court reporter, and it will also be taken by video.

Then it's off to beautiful Madison Heights Michigan and the Oakland County Courthouse for a hearing on whether I will be given a protective order against Sean D. Fleming. That's at 1:30 pm on August 6.

If you want to be filmed in Detroit Michigan, Springfield Illinois, Sioux Falls South Dakota, Wichita Kansas, or Tulsa Oklahoma, please be sure to email me at

Graphic copyright 2014, William M. Windsor

At long last?  He forgets to point out that its he who has been cowardly backing out of the depositions so far. Can anyone care to wager on how many times Matt O'Conner will have to say "objection, how is this relevant"?
Ahhh, but did you notice how he seems to be heading out after that deposition on the 1st?  That is interesting because he has a hearing in Missouri on the 6th and then he scheduled an "emergency hearing" in MO on the 5th to try and get out of the hearing on the 6th.  He also wants a stay in the MO case.  If there is one thing Bill should be a pro at, its knowing when a lawsuit is about to get thrown out. He seems to know his goose is cooked there.  But surely he won't flat out go AWOL will he?


Well, it's not like the two previous 25,000+ mile trips, but I'm off. The schedule keeps changing between Kansas City and Detroit. First stop is Kansas City. second stop is Sioux City South Dakota. Then a quick stop in Rockford Illinois before Detroit Michigan. we have his "home" in South Dakota in between MO and MI.  Judge Rolf scheduled the hearing on the 6th specially for that case as its the only one on the docket that date.  Bill and Allie agreed to that date a month ago in the Judge's presence.  Since that time, Bill filed for a PPO against Sean Fleming and now has a hearing on that scheduled on the same day, the 6th, as is the one in MO. Naturally, a new judge in Michigan who has not seen or heard of Bill Windsor is going to take precedence over the one who has had all he can take of the liar in chief.  This seems to be Bill's way of throwing in the towel in Missouri as he looks to ignore the case.  Remember, Bill has built his entire miserable life on starting things....but never finishing them.  He is also one of the biggest cowards in this nation as he loves to stalk women but runs like hell when its time to account for his evil deeds.
As we have said, Bill is a terrorist.  He is literally addicted to filing frivolous lawsuits and other legal filings. His addiction is out of control and only forced institutionalism or incarceration will help protect the American public from this evil monster.  Is there a judge out there that wants to be an American hero?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Windsor Counts Down to Nothing, Then Changes the Subject

After delaying the bloody red countdown for no particular reason, Bill finally capitulated and said: 


The countdown hasn't worked out yet. There was to be a significant development announced on Friday. Then I was told it would be Monday or Tuesday. Now I'm just waiting. I'll post the news just as soon as I receive it.

So now it must be time to change the subject huh?  First Bill did this with a disgusting slap against his mother:


Today is my mother's birthday. She died 36 years ago of breast cancer. She was one of the most wonderful ladies who ever walked the face of the earth.

Sadly, my cyberstalkers and Facebook have conspired to de
secrate her name. I have repeatedly sent reports and letters to Facebook and their attorneys complaining that Facebook has allowed one or more criminals to use her identity to set up a Facebook page. That page was then used to defame me as if it was my mother. But even worse is the image that these criminals have used -- a pile of skeleton bones with a wig thrown on top. The Facebook page says she lives in Hell-Ville, but my mother is firmly in place in Heaven.

If you want to see what the scum of the earth can do, do a Facebook search for Mary Windsor, and click on the one from Hell-Ville .

Obviously Bill Windsor hates his mother.  I have no idea who set up that tasteless facebook page but virtually all the traffic that has come to it has been from Bill linking and drawing attention to it.  If Bill actually cared about his mother or her memory, the last thing he would do is draw people to that page. But, as we know, Bill only cares about himself even if it means pissing on his mothers grave to try and get a one up in his miserable existence he calls his life.  I'm sure his mother greatly regrets the biggest mistake in her birth to Bill and unleashing this plague on society.

But the mothers day bit didn't really distract people enough from his countdown to nothing, so he had to come up with a new tactic.  Windsor looks like he is headed to Michigan to set up shop and do his stalking and paper terrorism in that State.


I am headed to Michigan for a hearing in my petition for a protective order against Sean D. Fleming of Madison Heights Michigan. The hearing is on August 6. 

If you have not yet been filmed for Lawless America...The Movie and would like to be, please send me a Facebook private message, and give me your name, email, and phone number.

For security reasons, I will not publish where I will be filming.

And if you are along the route from Detroit to Chicago to Kansas City to Tulsa to Dallas and want to be filmed, please Facebook message me.

So now he is heading up to Michigan to file a frivolous PPO order against Sean Fleming, of course from the Sean Fleming Show.  Oh and sure, while I am heading up there, if anyone is on my route I will film them for a youtube upload especially if they donate something to me.  I know I may have already told everyone the movie is dead, but my deceiving people will never end.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The “Joey” Chronicles


Per the request of a newcomer, the following is a recap of the history of the joeyisalittlekid blog.    
The namesake of the blog is Joseph (Joey) G. Dauben.   Several years ago Joey left the job he had as a reporter with a newspaper in Ellis County, TX to begin independently “reporting” on local events and politics.    As time went on, Joey’s news “publications” became more gossip than objective news reporting.     Joey considered his gossip to be “exposure” of those he thought were unworthy of their elected or hired government positions.    In the process of “reporting” the rampant “corruption” Joey found in this corner of the world, innocent people were hurt by the gossip, ½ truths and stuff Joey just made up.    The counties covered by Joey are made up of small rural communities.    It seems everybody knew somebody that had become a target of Joey’s.    

Joey had a habit of deleting comments and blocking his dissenters.    People that knew the truth of a matter and wanted to set the story straight could not be heard on Joey’s web sites.   Joey either ignored or attacked people that attempted give him facts or set him on the right path.     This blog was started to provide a forum for local folks that had something to say about Joey and what he was “reporting”.     The blog name comes from Joey’s tendency to behave like a spoiled little kid.        
So, everything was rocking along nicely.   We had our say regarding local politics and everything Joey was writing.    Then in the winter of 2011, the bottom fell out of Joey’s world.    Joey was arrested in Navarro County for sexual offenses.   A short time later, Joey was charged in Ellis County for publishing identifying information on a man without his permission.     All of Joey’s IT equipment, cameras, phones and web sites were seized.    Joey claimed the charges in both counties were a result of a conspiracy against him and retaliation for the “corruption” he had “exposed”.   

In the summer of 2012, with Joey in jail his girlfriend, Presley Crowe, hooked up with Bill Windsor through her association with American Mothers Political Party (AMPP).   Bill agreed to include Joey’s story of corruption in the Lawless America movie.     Presley was filmed by Bill outside the Ellis County jail.    Joey’s parents jumped on the Lawless America train too.   Joey’s dad even painted his wheelie Blazer with the Lawless America logo.     We were fascinated by Presley’s and the Daubens’ belief that Bill’s attention to Joey’s story would “expose the corruption” in Joey’s cases and help set Joey free.    Then we started to pay closer attention to what Bill was doing and saying.    At the same time, Presley was complaining about this blog to Bill on Joey’s behalf.  

Bill Windsor and Joey’s supporters maintain that this blog was started out of “hate” for Joey.   Not true.  While there were and are some people that may “hate” Joey, most of the people following Joey from this blog thought Joey meant well but was sorely misguided.    In the fall of 2012, one contributor got into a disagreement with another contributor in a late night rant.  It got really ugly and personal.  Someone was offended, reported the blog for being a “hate” blog and that blog was shut down.   This blog, with the same name was started in its place.   

In early 2013, just as Joey was going to trial in Navarro County, Bill had a falling out with AMPP.    Presley’s video testimony was taken off YouTube.    Thanks to Presley’s advertisement and her complaints to Bill about this blog, AMPP and several other of Bill’s dissenters found this blog – then we had contributors from around the country.    It was around this time that Bill began to refer to any one posting on this blog as a “Joey”.    As Joey’s legal issues were disposed, Bill kept our interest, I think, because he is a lot like Joey, only older and much more fascinating with a larger stage, his plan to “take back our country” and all of the law suits.    Our attention to Bill brought with it an awareness and interest in reform groups, groups with plans to take over the country and the people that make up the groups.    Bill complains about the on-going conversation regarding his activities and his connection to others that want to “take back our country”.   But as the newcomer pointed out, Bill actually directs people to this blog.      And now, we have international contributors.  

That about wraps it up.     For anyone that wonders whatever happed to Joey, Google is your friend.   And there is plenty of time, Joey is not going anywhere for the next 15 to 30 years.   

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Windsor Has Been a Bad Dog

Bill Windsor hates rules, and therefore hates those in authority over him.  It was March 10th that Judge Bob Carroll issued a stay in the Ellis County case of Bill Windsor vs. The World.  Bill was to go obtain the leave from the Federal court that he had been unable to do......he has still not been able to obtain it.  This of course was in direct disobedience to Judge Thrash's order permanently enjoining him from filling without leave.  Bill decided to issue that ruling void and more or less ignore it.

So nothing has happened in that case right?  Of course not, we are dealing with a pathological paper terrorist and that is evident in the fact that he has filed 33 different things (mostly motions) since the stay order.  He even appealed the case (that had not yet been ruled on) twice and was rejected at the appellate court.  As we have seen on his Facebook page he continues to threaten individuals by saying he will add them to his stayed case.  He's on pace to have filed 100 different things filed after one year of the stay order.

Bill has given a new meaning to the name Lawless.  He refuses to adhere to any judge or any court.  How much longer can he continue to operate until the court swats this bad dog into submission?  He is no more than an animal, and as such he can only learn by one thing....physical correction.  And this is just the TX case.  All the other cases are heading toward a similar conclusion.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Everyone is Out to Get Bill

First it was Google, then Craigslist, Ripoff Report, the AMPPS, the Joeys, Facebook, now its Ma Bell who is out to get Windsor.  AT&T through its Yahoo email site has pulled the plug on Bill's nobodies account. And of course that means they must be in on the conspiracy too.  Maybe this is all part of Judge Thrash's plan.  Bill sees $$$$ in his eyes as he continues to add muliti-billion dollar companies to his lawsuit roster. His cable provider better watch out as they may be next in line after a late night infomercial "lures" Bill into buying a knife that can cut through shoes.

Then again, maybe there is a simple explanation.  Maybe enemy of the State Bill Windsor really is the horrible person everyone says he is.  He did violate the terms of service and has been justifiably shut down....the better question is how was he able to use those conduits for his stalking and terrorist activities all that time?

Bill is also back to bashing Facebook as he claims to have received a message from their legal counsel:

"Then today, I received an email from the attorney for Facebook saying: " an active Facebook user you have agreed to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which provides in part that Facebook may stop providing all or part of Facebook if you violate the letter or spirit of the Statement or otherwise create risk or possible legal exposure for Facebook."

Now the first question is.....if Bill Windsor said it, can it be true?  I would maintain that its not possible. We have read, through court documents, just how these email exchanges go between FB's legal team and Bill. Just about every email he sends is laced with several scurrilous tirades followed by more threats. 
Facebook's attorney's respond with a professional, tempered and topic specific response.  But more to the point....why would Facebook continue to allow this monster to operate a page?  He is already suing them, while using their very service to slander and defame the company to his fellow zombies.  Case in point, he is currently using FB for some kind of countdown till Friday with bloody red background that could be construed as a threat for violence.

All of this is simply another attempt to distract his followers from his utter failure.  Even now they are sounding off their praise for their F├╝hrer, as they thank him for all that he has done (none of them can list one single tangible result, however).  But this little foray into his made up Lawless America world is only a brief exit from reality....and reality has pushed him into a corner he can not escape.  Even a slightly sane person would give up at this point knowing when he was beaten, but Bill has lived his evil life on not taking no for an answer so we can expect him to continue his hopeless endeavour of being a 65 and 2/10ths year old bully.