Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Interesting Week Ahead for Inmate 14-1898

Windsor's plan to hamstring Judge Carroll and delay his ruling till past the 20 day mark needed for an anti slapp ruling was foiled when Carroll called his bluff and scheduled a hearing for tomorrow at 1:30 with Judge Mary Murphy presiding.  Bill's dog and pony show tomorrow will be missing both the dog and pony as he won't be able to back up any of his assertions about Carroll's alleged bias other than "just take my word for it".  What's worse, super attorney Barbara Hachenburg will be there and has already put in an answer to Bill's motion to recuse that categorically refutes everything that Bill claims, while using......actual evidence.  In short, he's going to get a legal bitch slapping tomorrow but I guess it still beats hanging out with "the guys" in the tank.  Maybe he can catch up on his sleep in the courtroom tomorrow.

Bill has in effect, hit the nuke button in the Ellis County case.....and like a North Korea test fire, it never even got of the ground before malfunctioning.  But the intent was duly noted.  Now Judge Carroll has experienced first hand the depths of Bill's lies, harassment, and intent to use the court for his own for his personal goals of vengeance.  In short, the jig is up for Bill in Ellis County and while he will try and appeal, even he knows that has virtually no shot.....its time for a new venue, one which isn't up to speed on the American vexations terrorist know as William Windsor.

Friday we have the extradition hearing, and if everything is in order, that could be the last day for Bill in Texas as he might finally be off to Montana to face the music.  Bill was hoping that he would be let go after 30 days based on his misunderstanding of Texas extradition laws.  Turns out they have 90 days if he chooses to fight extradition but Bill didn't want to read it that way.  This again will be another hearing where Bill will try everything he can think of to change the subject. He will want to talk about bond postings, the merit of the charges and just how much he really hates that Sean Boushie guy....but the problem is none of that will matter at the hearing.  The only thing that will matter is: does MT have the governors warrant in?  Is this the right person?  And are the charges in order?  Outside of that, he is off topic for that particular hearing.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

BIll Windsor Thrashes Judge Carroll


Just as predicted, Bill has turned on Judge Carroll for following the law.  The law is what separates us from the animals....and guess which way Bill divides up in that exchange?  Yes, the sweet ole grampa act came to a screeching halt as the 40th District Court got to see the real Windsor on full display, fangs, foaming mouth and all.  Following exactly the Windsor standard operating procedure, just as he did to Judge Thrash right before Thrash issued the vexatious litigant ruling, Bill has decided to pre-empt Carroll's anti-slapp ruling by declaring that Carroll should recuse himself.



We need to all thank OReader for transcribing the crazy man prison scribble to word format. Notice how inmate 14-1898 now notarizes his own affidavit now?

Anyway, on to the rabid dog motion.  Windsor, like he has in the past with every other judge he has gone before, says that Carroll is impartial by the fact that he hasn't ruled in Bill's favor.  That of course is the Windsor standard of justice in a court.  That part is par for Bills course.  But we quickly deviate from that as Bill puts on his tinfoil hat and claims conspiracy with the DA, the Sheriff and Judge Carroll being at the center of it all.  Its even Carroll's fault that he is in jail for charges in Montana.

Judge Carroll must recuse himself because, upon information and belief (Bill's favorite line to quote before he gives a lie), Bob's wife is perhaps a Joey.  Well since no once knows what the hell a Joey is, how could anyone prove that she is not?  For that matter, Bill is a Joey since he reads the blog constantly and comments on it.  But the really interesting part is how that crazy idea came to him.....yep its none other than John Margetis.  Yes this nice fellow here:


Ahhh yes, and for a perfect set of irony, thats Joey Dauben, Margetis' partner in crime at the time, who was filming that encounter.  Margetis has been in and out of jail regularly.  He has devoted his life to trying the destroy Bob Carroll and many other judges who issued justice in his personal case. Hmm, that sounds familiar.  And just like Bill, Margetis is a pathological liar and notorious vexatious litigant who frivolously and and unsuccessfully sued this blog.  Margetis is also the one that went on Bill's radio show several times over 2 years ago and was the one that got Bill to take up the domain name JudgeBobCarroll.com.  Margetis is every bit as pure evil as Bill is, and he is knowingly and intentionally lying about the Carrolls in an effort to get Bill to go after them.  Just like Bill, any lie is good as long as it serves to help your own personal cause.  Margetis first got with Joey and tried to use him to attack Judge Carroll and now he wants to use Bill who is now more than willing to blame Bob for everything.

But, in the end, rabid animals like Margetis and Windsor are after not really the person, but the institution of justice.  They are both lawbreakers and as such, judges are their natural adversaries. Judicial corruption coming out of Bill's mouth is actually true justice.  They don't seek to reform a problem, they want to blow up the entire thing.  And with this motion, Bill has hit the nuke button in Texas. He is a rabid dog, nothing will stop him from attacking any and everything in front of him. He can't be reasoned with, he can't be reformed, its simply time for the judicial system to in effect....put him down.  That is the only thing that can stop something so warped and so vile.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Who's Line is It Anyway?

Here is the new lawsuit that Bill filed in Ellis County

First, you will notice that when he isn't asking for access to his computer, his hand writing greatly improves.  As you can see in the scribble, Bill wants to go ahead and void the Montana charges and just try his case in civil court in Texas.  And what better way to base your new made up lawsuit than a complete straw man argument?

Inmate 14-1898 thinks his entire incarceration centers around him serving legal papers on Sean Boushie.  He claims that the MT order doesn't affect him in TX and its basically Judge Carroll's fault he violated the rules because Carroll told him to serve all defendants properly.  Of course it would have been helpful had he not been trying to deceive Judge Carroll and alerted him to the pre-existing order of protection.....that might have been useful information.

The other thing Bill leaves out in this new lawsuit is that he fails to mention that the protective order against him by Boushie was in place before he filed the frivolous lawsuit last December.  No matter how you slice it, Bill is doubling down and continuing to lie about his activities.  As usual, the joke is on Bill and his lemmings as they don't even understand which game they are playing.  Montana doesn't want Bill for serving Sean those papers, they want him for some of his other stalking activities.

Oh what a tangled web Bill weaves and its never smart to insinuate that its Judge Carroll's fault that he is in jail....no less than a week before that same Judge decides the monetary judgement amount that Bill must pay defendant Sean Fleming.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bill Windsor Has Gone Completely Insane

So what is more insane than suing the prison you currently reside in?  Well, it turns out Bill answered that for us.......suing the State that wants him for felony violations and recommitting the infraction that got him part of that charge in the first place.  Turns out, even jail can't curtail Bill's vexatious and felonious activities with help from his accomplices on the outside.  Monday, Bill gave berth to lawsuit #90610 in the 40th District Court with three different defendants, and in all three he is asking for a declaratory judgement:  Sean Boushie, State of Montana, and Ellis County.  We had already seen in his prison scribble that he was requesting a new suit for declaratory judgement against the jail....basically he wanted the judge to make those meanie guards give him back his computer because he is special and the rules never apply to him.  Instead, he wants to go out legal guns a blazing by adding Sean and Montana to his insane action.  Is this his way of saying I don't want to play court in Montana, lets play it down here in Texas instead?

Meanwhile, back at the institution, otherwise called his facebook page....one of his accomplices is inflaming the lemmings and driving up the comments as it seems Bill's PR campaign is back in full swing.  While most of the remaining followers continue to give their daily prayers to their messiah Windsor, several others seem to be starting a letter writing campaign to elected officials to ask for inmate 14-1898's release.  How long until they decide to convene a citizen grand jury to release Bill? Nicki, consistent with her sovereign citizen following, is suggesting that they use NLA (new lawless america) to come help. The person who is updating everything on Bill's page mentioned that if bill is held for 90 days he will be released.  Is this his plan?  Or is there a coup going on and a new leader of the mindless is coming to power?  And with all that going on, we still have the hearing on the 8th coming up where Bill must hear just how much he owes Sean Fleming, from the Sean Fleming Show, in his anti-slapp judgement.

All I can say is I dare anyone to script something like this.