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Thursday, December 11, 2014

BIll Windsor Thrashes Judge Carroll

Just as predicted, Bill has turned on Judge Carroll for following the law.  The law is what separates us from the animals....and guess which way Bill divides up in that exchange?  Yes, the sweet ole grampa act came to a screeching halt as the 40th District Court got to see the real Windsor on full display, fangs, foaming mouth and all.  Following exactly the Windsor standard operating procedure, just as he did to Judge Thrash right before Thrash issued the vexatious litigant ruling, Bill has decided to pre-empt Carroll's anti-slapp ruling by declaring that Carroll should recuse himself.

We need to all thank OReader for transcribing the crazy man prison scribble to word format. Notice how inmate 14-1898 now notarizes his own affidavit now?

Anyway, on to the rabid dog motion.  Windsor, like he has in the past with every other judge he has gone before, says that Carroll is impartial by the fact that he hasn't ruled in Bill's favor.  That of course is the Windsor standard of justice in a court.  That part is par for Bills course.  But we quickly deviate from that as Bill puts on his tinfoil hat and claims conspiracy with the DA, the Sheriff and Judge Carroll being at the center of it all.  Its even Carroll's fault that he is in jail for charges in Montana.

Judge Carroll must recuse himself because, upon information and belief (Bill's favorite line to quote before he gives a lie), Bob's wife is perhaps a Joey.  Well since no once knows what the hell a Joey is, how could anyone prove that she is not?  For that matter, Bill is a Joey since he reads the blog constantly and comments on it.  But the really interesting part is how that crazy idea came to him.....yep its none other than John Margetis.  Yes this nice fellow here:

Ahhh yes, and for a perfect set of irony, thats Joey Dauben, Margetis' partner in crime at the time, who was filming that encounter.  Margetis has been in and out of jail regularly.  He has devoted his life to trying the destroy Bob Carroll and many other judges who issued justice in his personal case. Hmm, that sounds familiar.  And just like Bill, Margetis is a pathological liar and notorious vexatious litigant who frivolously and and unsuccessfully sued this blog.  Margetis is also the one that went on Bill's radio show several times over 2 years ago and was the one that got Bill to take up the domain name  Margetis is every bit as pure evil as Bill is, and he is knowingly and intentionally lying about the Carrolls in an effort to get Bill to go after them.  Just like Bill, any lie is good as long as it serves to help your own personal cause.  Margetis first got with Joey and tried to use him to attack Judge Carroll and now he wants to use Bill who is now more than willing to blame Bob for everything.

But, in the end, rabid animals like Margetis and Windsor are after not really the person, but the institution of justice.  They are both lawbreakers and as such, judges are their natural adversaries. Judicial corruption coming out of Bill's mouth is actually true justice.  They don't seek to reform a problem, they want to blow up the entire thing.  And with this motion, Bill has hit the nuke button in Texas. He is a rabid dog, nothing will stop him from attacking any and everything in front of him. He can't be reasoned with, he can't be reformed, its simply time for the judicial system to in effect....put him down.  That is the only thing that can stop something so warped and so vile.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Joey Dauben, One Year Later

So its now been a year since a jury convicted Joey Dauben of 3 counts of sex with a minor, and the Judge decided to stagger his sentence giving him a 30 year prison term which really is staggering.  It was not the end of Joey's life, but it was the end of his online life as he and we knew it.  No doubt he has now had to adapt to the new reality of prison life.  He is still trying to work the appellate process, but in all reality he isn't going anywhere any time soon.

The conviction marked the sad end to a life that got off track.  Joey had lots of enthusiasm for local politics, and he would no doubt be having fun covering hotly contested local races this year.  He had a zest for that and frankly its something that more people need to do, it served a purpose in the community. But he learned that his biggest reactions to his stories came from those where he made the most outlandish claims.  He enjoyed the spotlight and for him to stay in it, he had to continue to state wild accusations against elected officials and community leaders.  He would do this all on hearsay, rumor, or in some cases...pretty much made the entire thing up by connecting his own dots.

Joey also started to hang out with the wrong crowd as he got a little too close to some dirty gypsy cops in Bardwell and Combine.  They corrupted him and helped push him more down the path of everything is a conspiracy.  Then he teamed up with the infamous John Margetis, a member of Lawless America, and the man who spends most of his time attacking judges and officials with extreme slander.  Joey liked the limelight that came with this, even though it was decidedly negative.

He then decided that he had cracked the decades old murder case of Amber Hagerman.  Even though his theories were dismissed by law enforcement, he crusaded on with his claims to having found the killer as well as an underground child sex ring.  This eventually evolved into him getting involved in family court/custody issues and is how he eventually crossed paths with Bill Windsor and Lawless, although his conviction came before they could ever really work together.  Once Joey was convicted of sex with a child, Bill dropped him and moved on.

Unlike Bill, Joey was truly likeable as a person, and I do believe he really did mean well, at least originally.  He wasn't trying to deceive people he just never learned that there are two sides to every story.  His zeal and arrogance caused him to libel many people.  Thats the main reason this blog ever started was a way to give his victims and others a chance to tell the other side of the story that Joey ignored.  Joey missed his sister's wedding this year, among other things.  I hope for the day where a responsible Joey can emerge, one who has learned that you must investigate to get all sides of a story before printing something.  But even more than that, as the name of this blog implies, I hope Joey can move on with his life and realize he can't fix all the worlds ills, and instead he needs to focus on his own problems.  That is what separates those like Bill and the Lawless crowd, from all the actual adults in society.  Superman is a fictional character.  The real supermen and women in life are the ones that handle their own lives and families.  They realize that for them to even make a minor change for the better in just their own community, they need to put down the bullhorn and get involved with their community and try and change it from within.  You may not end up in history textbooks for that 80 years from now, but you will live a life that actually did something about your world as you knew it, instead of just complaining about it.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Windsor Stays in Hiding

Windsor continues to hide the Dallas area, as he stays out of the limelight for the most part.  He did release a facebook message last week saying that he was ok, and he was not planning on having his surgery until December for his made up problem.  For those scoring at home, that means he made up a bogus excuse for missing out on his hearing in Missouri.  This is Bill putting Judge Rolf on notice that Bill considers him a fool; I guess we will see if Bill is right about that theory or not.

Then we have Bill trying to file for a default judgement against the American Mothers Political Party in Kansas.  But the question has to arise over who was actually served, and what exactly would he be getting a judgement against?  Yeah, no matter which case you look at...either his attempt in Missoula, Missouri, or Kansas, all three don't seem to be getting any where and the more he tries the more he can't hide his failure.

It's interesting to see how the remaining lemmings are coping with the reality that Lawless America is dead. David Schied is still begging Bill to call him.  Bambi pays homage with her own hail to her Fuhrer statement filled with praise and honor for all the things Bill only said he would do....but never delivered on.  But for the most part, the lemmings have moved on from the Lawless America scam as they seek a new fraud to lead them out of their own abyss.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Windsor Resorts to Blackmail

So the man who supports convicted murderers, engages in stalking, harassing, slandering, lying, mail fraud, cyber hacking, and internet threats has turned to blackmail now as his way to crack that cookie he can't seem to break.

HEY ALL YOU JOEYS -- WANT TO AVOID THE HUGE EXPENSE OF CIVIL LITIGATION? WANT TO OBTAIN A "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" CARD FROM LAWLESS AMERICA? WANTED: ONE JOEY WHO WANTS TO BE PROTECTED WITH A RELEASE FROM ME IN EXCHANGE FOR THE LIST OF SCREEN NAMES AND REAL NAMES FOR ALL THE JOEYS. Just email me at with JOEYS RELEASE WANTED as the subject line. Or private message me on Facebook. This is a one-shot deal for one person other than Ginger Snap, OReader, Megan Van Zelfden, Brandy Owens, Curtis Butler, or Brannon Bridge. Better hurry.

Wow, what a deal.....for giving up that list of all of our names and addresses he is just sure must exist, you won't have to answer for all that wire fraud, witness tampering and general criminal racketeering you most certainly are going to face. Can you trust him? Why sure you can, he hasn't told a lie that he is aware of and he hasn't had a parking ticket in 10 years so what more do you need to know?

Then the lemmings chime in with their brilliant thoughts:
Trisha Wakat Shafer Joeys a little kid said some bad post about me.. I am not sure how I got involved in the mess. I.just try to ignore the negatives 52 minutes ago via mobile · Like Danny Scheltgen their has to be someone who wants to have a cleaned heart that's a great start bill 48 minutes ago · Like Bill Windsor Trisha, this is all about a group of criminals, a stupid group, but none of it is about childish games. This is a major part of the group that I intend to see brought to justice both criminally and civilly. 41 minutes ago · Like · 2 Bill Windsor Okay, we have one Joey candidate. Do we have more? I need someone with as much identity poop as possible. 39 minutes ago · Edited · Like Trisha Wakat Shafer Are you still doing the movie? I hope things are going great for you. 38 minutes ago via mobile · Like Bill Windsor The movie is alive and well. Just dealing with scum for a while. 30 minutes ago · Like · 1

Oh now we are stupid? And yeah Trisha, the movie is alive and well he is just not ever going to think or talk about it again.

The only thing this really reveals is that he is both desperate and hopeless in his chase of the "Joeys". He has played pin the tail on the donkey with names for over a year now and he is no closer to cracking the cookie than he was back then. At the end of the day he can't take away our right to espousing an opinion on our own site about the things and words he chooses to make public. His continued over the top threats and resorting to racketeering is his way of admitting defeat. Just like his movie...after all that time, money and effort he has nothing.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Power of An Attorney

With his Lawless America scam completely dead and gone, Bill is now trying to claim legitimacy and special powers as both a member of the press and a pretend attorney.  He has channelled his inner Joey Dauben and started to set up dozens of websites named after any and all of the people critical of him.  He claims he can do this as he is a member of the press.  He has even turned up his attacks on Mist, Curtis and Stacy.  But, as the man who destroyed the Windsor name always seems to do, he failed.

Bill is using his not-so-pro-se attorney powers to the most vexatious end he can conceive off in Allie's case. He claims that Allie's distinguished and credentialed attorney, Matt O'Conner, should be disqualified from representing her because Bill didn't feel that Matt made the proper introduction in Bill's most unprofessional opinion.  Bill is also angry that Allie won't agree to meet with him Sunday for his own personal deposition of her.  He is not satisfied with her explanation of why she and Matt can not meet with the American Terrorist and sexual deviant known as Bill Windsor at some shady hotel room on a Sunday afternoon.

Allie Overstreet refuses to show up for her deposition scheduled for July 14-15, 2013.
Matthew J. O’Connor is the alleged so-called attorney. He had his assistant call me and claim that Allie Overstreet had a prior commitment. I asked her to identify what prior commitment took precedence over a legal matter, and she failed to respond. She then claimed Matthew J. O’Connor had a court hearing on Monday that would make that day impossible. I asked for the court, judge, and case number, and she failed to respond. I asked the same information of Mr. O’Connor, and he failed to respond. I have developed a strong dislike for Matthew J. O’Connor in very short order. In my opinion, he seems to be the type of attorney who is a discredit to the broken legal system.For those who don’t know, Allie Overstreet is the thing who swore under penalty of perjury that I published many times that I had bought a gun and planned to use it on her and a group of people. She lied her a$$ off. She is a serial liar.
According to a filing by Mark Supanich, he and Allie Overstreet are no longer dating.
- See more at:

"the alleged so-called attorney"
Blames another assistant and infers that they are lying
he calls Allie "the thing"

Bill says that he has developed a strong dislike for Matt in very short order.  This is that same dislike that he has developed for all his past judges and attorneys.  Throw in law enforcement in the mix as well.  Windsor hates the law, in whatever form.  He hates anyone who adheres to it and anyone who upholds it.  For Bill, the law is not the bedrock to a civilized society, its his own imagined roadblock that keeps him from achieving his goals.  People like Bill are what is wrong with society.  They are the cancer, and they must be exposed to the world as the deadly sickness that they are.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Great Cookie Caper

I guess this is the end.  We are all about to be outed.  That's right, Bill Windsor, the admitted mail fraudster, has people working behind the scenes on all of our identities and he will soon get that information, and he plans to raid the cookie jar.  Ahhh yes this lonely father's day is tough for the man with no home or family, but it will all be worth it if he can find that ginger snap he so longs for.


I want to thank the wonderful folks who have provided information and assistance in my battle against stalkers, harassers, libelers, slanderers, and those who threaten me in various ways, including those with death threats.

I understand that I am now the recipient of a report that identifies the people with the screen names used on I anxiously await the forwarding of my mail.
So is he going to pay up on that $1,000 offer he made a few weeks back?  What about his ever sliding showdown with Sean Boushie that has already been dubbed Piemageddon?  Yesterday Bill marked his 365 day of failure by filming himself in the dessert during a windstorm.  You couldn't really hear anything he had to say, but that's ok because he didn't have anything new to say.  He has failed as a stalker, he has failed as a bully, a father, a grandfather, an American, a son, a husband, and as a human being.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bill and Barbara's Divorce, Lets Hear Some Details

While Bill is out trying to make Claudine his stalking target of the day, a woman he now admits he is devoting his life to exposing her (kinda sounds creepy from a sexual pervert), the details are emerging from the one woman who had the unfortunate experience of spending most of her life with this man.

Bill claimed his divorce was caused by all the threats from the "haters" and the distress it has caused his family.  We said no, it was the American Terrorist named Bill Windsor that caused his divorce and the details show that we were right...and he (wait for it) lied.

First, and certainly foremost, the great news is that Barb got the cat.  Kitty really dodged a bullet on that one.  She also got full possession of both homes while Bill got to keep his drum set (I guess he needs something to beat on).  Even the Jeep, the mobile terrorism command center, is in her name.

What does she not want?  Anything that has any association whatsoever to Lawless America or Round America.  She wants all of that out of her house, and she wants to make sure that she is no longer associated in any way shape or form to any of Bill's scams.  "The Wife has no, nor has she ever had, interest in, responsibility in, or association with Lawless America, its legal matters, videos, or films produced by them or her Husband".

Then, just because Barb knows just how evil and vindictive Bill really is, we get this:  "The Husband shall not mention the Wife, or any other family members by name on inference, without express permission of that person, on his website or facebook page".  Ahhh yes mister 64 and 3/8ths year old grandfather, you are not a grandfather, you are not a father, you are not a husband and you are not even a man.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Bill Windsor Show

There will not be a movie, tv show, or even a book, but we are all getting a 24/7 look at the ugliest kind of person..a self absorbed, self centred, egotistical tyrant in Bill Windsor.  He hates his country, he hates his followers, hates his family and is obsessed with his critics.

Bill tried to apply some humor to his usual deception.  He made a news headline-like report that he was rushed to the morgue on his facebook page.  Well none of his followers know what humor is nor have the time to even look it up, so they freaked out.  They censured Bill for this little stunt and he tried to explain his way out of it by saying "hey it was technically true, I did go there", but none of the lemmings were buying that.  Then he goes out and posts a generic photo and then comments underneath it that his account was hacked and he didn't post what he posted.  Ironically, that post he claimed was hacked got more likes than any of the ones he claims.  Anyway, this was all part of his scheme to create plausible deniability with his lemmings.  If he says something you like....that was me.  If it was something you didn't like, that was this mysterious hacker.

He then sticks his rapidly ageing body back in front of his unmanned camera to attack Sean Boushie once again.  He then takes shots at all his other "haters" and vows to continue his stalking of us.  He scolds his followers for not waiting all day for him to arrive for their big youtube filming and chides them to not waste his time like that.  He even tells them that they will be removed from his imaginary movie.

The more he allows himself to be consumed by his hate of us exposing him for who he really is, the less time he has for ruining other people's lives.  This blog, and others will be what writes his obituary, at least in terms of the internet.  And as Bill knows, it doesn't really matter what is said on your tombstone its what google says about you in the end.  He has literally destroyed the Windsor name and reduced it to trash, and some of that falls on the rest of the family for not publicly distancing themselves from this monster (and its not like they can pretend to be a private family).  Bill knows he is losing this battle, and the more he tries to lash out, the more we can cement his legacy as to what it really is...not the windsor spin.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bill Windsor: "I Hate to Sound Vindictive, But I Guess I Am"

So Bill says he has to cancel the filming of his fake movie yesterday because of the weather, even though it was partly cloudy and nice all day.  So instead of fake working, he spent the day doing what he planned all along, hunting all over the area for a certain spicy cookie.  He was able to locate, after being pointed to the break room in several of the local police stations, several chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, but not what he was looking to file charges on.

Well then its back to the tried and failed method of trying to file charges against someone in your address book.  So Bill waddles up the steps to the Ellis County Sheriff's office to whine about Brannon making videos.  As the deputy continues to point out the front door to Bill, he finally relents and says well you can take all this crap to the DA if you want, oh and feel free to fill out one of our comment cards in the suggestion please, exit the building.

Windsor then takes his shifty eyes, shaking hands, and overly swollen neck on in front of his camera to do a video to document his stalking activities.  He also releases the video he did in Biloxi while he was stalking EHH.  He blames the "haters" for the loss of his wife, his daughter, and the reason he can't speak to his granddaughter.  He attacks Brannon and this blog and took a swipe at Joey Dauben as a way to gain leverage against Brannon (will David Dauben be liking this post as well?).  He may have forgotten the history, but we have not.  While this blog was always against the slandering and liable that Joey did, he Bill Windsor went down to film Joey while he was held in the ECSO detention center awaiting his trial.  This is how, and why, Joey's particularly stoooopid father painted up his beloved blazer to the Lawless America paint to match his new messiah Bill Windsor.  Once Joey was convicted, Bill dropped him like a hot potato as he was now a pr liability.  But Brannon, as a true friend, did not.  Brannon doesn't support or stand for any of the actions of Joey, but he won't abandon his friend just because its no longer advantageous to claim you know Joey.

Another interesting facet of both of his videos, which also shows his unbridled vindictiveness,  is how he goes into detail about how he wants Brannon and EHH to be incarcerated   He even hopes that EHH is moved to a prison he filmed earlier in Mississippi so she can fight of the rat infestation while she serves her time.  This is no doubt a lonely, perverted old man who has allowed his jealousy and rage literally eat him alive.  He also mentions, for the first time, how the "haters" are harassing not only him but "others".  This new wrinkle is a shout out on behalf of is little shrimpy friend David Schied who is still quietly hiding in the corner trying to karate chop some wood.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Are the Nobodies of Lawless America “victims” or unwitting “volunteers”?

Part 3 

So, prior to 2010 we have a coalition of activists with issues that range from domestic to government corruption to judiciary corruption to sovereign rights to constitutional interpretation, to avoiding the IRS.    It appears leaders in the activist groups formed a think tank, of sorts.  

Around the time Restore America Plan was formulated, e-mail within the General Congress discusses steps to address common concerns.    The answer appears to be, rally a movement to oust government officials and judiciary by forming grand juries and/or through existing government.    

Clive Boustred:  The only remedy you have is to gather your neighbors together, form Grand Juries and your own courts and take back America one neighborhood at a time. For goodness sake, you are the government! 

All we need is for the masses to get off their asses.  

By the way, why file it in a private court?  You are the government, form your own Common Law court and jury.  You don’t need judges.  Besides all criminal cases must be prosecuted by jury only.
Sam Kennedy:  Those of you who have ALREADY JOINED ASSEMBLIES ARE VERY WELCOME to take the covenant of office for the Guardians of the Free Republics and the De jure Grand Juries. In this way, you can enjoy direct participation in restoring sovereign control 

The power rests with YOU, with all of the collective members of the sovereign People who make a simple collective decision… 

So in essence, YOU are the remedy 

…that the remedy lies within you. It is up to YOU to come together and reclaim your birth right in the presence of the Lord .

WD Duff
it is in all our interests to compell them to perform as designed......  and hold accountable anyone who would ignore that mandate.  that would include any act, statute or code by our agents that tended to block our ability to enforce that mandate. 

John Roland:  The people, acting collectively through constitutional convention or referendum, are indeed sovereign, and they may indeed choose to change the legal system, but they haven't, and you, as an individual or dissident faction, can't do it by yourselves…… I expect economic collapse, after which people might become more receptive to our message, if we organize ourselves to deliver it 

Copied in e-mail from Cynthia from Bastialaw regarding acting as  Private Attorney and forming Grand Juries:   If more people would do it, or combine their resources to do it, would be a more accepted practice and most effective in holding the Bench & Bar Gang, and all others we have given a sacred trust of honoring our Constitution, preserving its integrity, accountable to the Rule of Law with us as the Sovereigns, the Masters, over them, our servants. 

During this time Bill is tied up with his own legal issues.   David Schied is an activist in Michigan, busy with his legal issues, working to set up RSI and using his experience in the movie industry to tape stories of victims of government corruption.   After the failure of the Restore American Plan, all discussion goes quiet.    

Fast forward to February 2011.   Bill starts a blog about his legal filings and government corruption.    Bill tells his audience that he has researched many sites on various related subjects.   He launches a Face Book cause page called “I Support the Constitution and Bill of Rights”.   He needs and challenges 1 million people to join his cause.    

On February 27, 2011, the first conference of the cause is held.   It is announced as non- political, non-religious; all activist and cause groups are invited to join under the Lawless America umbrella with single purpose, address corruption.  Goals include generate 1 million supporters, “take matters into our own hands”,  get all government officials to sign an Honesty Pledge, get 3 minute videos of corruption stories .  David Schied volunteers first to be a State Coordinator.   Bill points out he has one state covered – 49 more to go. 
On March 6, 2011, the second conference was held.   David Schied participated in chat, Jon Roland appears to have been the phone guest.   The discussion was focused on Article V, with relates to citizen presentment to Grand Juries and organization of a mass movement.  The group discussed a march for July 4th , the event is called Meet Me in DC.   

Not much happened in April.   Then on May 3, 2011, David Schied provided Bill with the statute to present criminal charges to Federal Grand Juries.   Bill posted the information, instructions in how to file and said every victim “should do this”.  

 From May through September of 2011, Bill posts a lot of information and discussion on Grand Jury petitions, suing judges, RICO violations, government corruption, judicial corruption, filing criminal charges and death threats.   He pleads in several posts, urging   readers to go public.  Everybody should join the cause and prepare affidavits to present to Grand Juries on all corrupt government officials and judges.   RICO filing information is posted for every State.   

On November 15, 2011 Bill posted a lengthy endorsement of a candidate for DA in Texas from Jon Roland.   Then on December 7 and 11, 2011 Bill announces that he is regrouping, Save Our Constitution Konvention (SOCK) is taking shape.   He will produce videos, there will be a web blitz and links to GRIP and all cause groups.  SOCK will be held January 15, 2012. 

On December 15, 2011 the SOCK agenda is posted.   Special guests include Jon Roland, David Schied, David Grossack, Rev Freddie Pinkney (associate of David Schied), Jeff Lind and Jack Bauer.    Bill posts on January 2, 2012 that John Margetis (of joeyisalittlekid fame) and Carl Swensson have confirmed to their attendance.     In brain storming ideas to motivate and involve more people, the movie is first mentioned.   

  After SOCK is held, Bill posts the steering committee: 

The GRIP Steering Committee

The following people have agreed to be on the Steering Committee for GRIP: David Schied, Will Gallison, Sally Borghese, Wes Hoyt, George McDermott, Dr. Joseph Zernik, Arnie Rosner, David Grossack, Diane Gochin, Denise Loughlin, Eliot Bernstein, Joe Norman, Larry Hohol, Jon Roland, Phil Stimac, Professor Roger Roots, and William M. Windsor.
During February of 2012 Bill announces that the best way to get people involved with the movie to tell really good stories.   Also during the month, he announces his candidacy for US House and Chief Magistrate Judge.  

In early March, Bill announces that his trip may need to be delayed because there aren’t enough victims coming forward.   About mid-month Bill announces that he will draw more victims to be filmed through the promise to film and present proposed legislation in every State capitol and testimony will be provided to every member of states legislation, the US House and Senate.   He asks for those willing to be filmed to help by “identifying other people we should interview”.    
On April 5, 2012 Bill gives a seminar in how to “sneak” evidence into a Grand Jury.  I point this out as the methods Bill suggests got him banned from the court house and nearly got him arrested.    Similar methods of addressing a Grand Jury were written by Jon Roland on July 13, 2002 and can be found on his web site.   Mr. Roland cautions that the suggested methods may result in arrest.    
So, the movie road trip starts in June 2012.   With the help of the cause and activist groups, a data base of over 200,000 names has been compiled and 1,100 victims are scheduled to be filmed.    In August Bill extents the road schedule to accommodate the growing number of victims that want to be in the movie.   
In October 2012 Bill announces the Lawless America Revolution.   He says “we want our country back” and we no longer have our Constitutional rights.   Bill proposes that those that are aware of our loss of rights join forces to educate the masses.   “We simply need to educate our fellow Americans and remove all of the corrupt and dishonest people from office.”
As we watched the drama of the cause group withdrawals and were horrified that some of the stories presented were not factual, we missed the point.  The facts of any given story were never important in the “revolution”.   The individual causes and situations were never important.   This is about numbers, collecting people and creating a movement with a specific agenda.   And how do companies (and sometimes the government) advance ideas and indoctrinate the masses?   They advertise, they market the idea and the product.    How do you get your message out and capture the attention of a large number of people?   You offer them something they want, for free.   In this case:  you volunteer to tell your story of corruption to us, participate in our cause and in return we will present your story as testimony to the government.   

Bill did tell the truth when he said the thought nothing would be accomplished in the DC event.   He said that all along, from the very beginning.   The Nobodies did not hear him; they were focused on the hope and the promise of their testimony being heard by somebody that mattered, somebody that could do something to help them.    

The DC event is over, the government didn’t listen, nothing happened.  The Nobodies are asking “now what?”   Bill is guiding the Nobodies as he gently reveals the agenda through instruction in blog posts and seminars Talkshoe shows and videos.   Now they are expected to be more than just a victim.   Now, the Nobodies are expected to understand legal terms like Writ of Mandamus and statutes like RICO.    They are told how to ambush judges and Grand Juries.   They are told to complete extensive reading assignments and carefully study their state laws.    Bill has told them all, in bold print, to prepare but not to take any action until they receive further instructions from the Lawless America Revolution.    Did they realize they would become active participants in the “revolution” to jam up the courts and oust the government?   Did they sign up for this?   

As the “victims” and the cause groups have withdrawn one by one, who remains?  David Schied is in the number two spot.   Jon Roland is working quietly in the back ground; he
is also running as a Libertarian or a TX US Senate seat.    The Lawless America agenda is now in full view, should anybody care to do their own research.   Bill has linked to Jon Roland’s site. d-audience-for-lawless-america-show-about-filing-criminal-charges-against-corrupt- judges-and-government-officials&catid=130:grand-juries&Itemid=105

Monday, March 11, 2013

Google Has Our Back in the Clubhouse

Ain't nothing but a G-thang for us gangsta's in da house.

Long back story here, but the quick version is that John Margetis was a wanna-be Bill Windsor in that he wanted to destroy our legal system because he could never win in it.  He hung out and corrupted Joey and in so doing became one of my main targets.  Margetis hates me and hates me with a passion and he couldn't let it go.  So he decided to come after me and Black Ops (OReader) and tack on Google while he was at it.  Bad move.

For those who want to expose public corruption, I strongly suggest you go with Google for you blog of choice as we learned that the cowards over at Wordpress will kick you to the curb with only one unsubstantiated complaint, while Google will literally go to the mat for you.  Not only did Google put the smack down on Margetis today, they went for blood as he now might be on the hook for legal fees as well.  You might want to pay attention to this one billy and the other haters of the clubhouse.  You can hate all you want, but if you decide to come after our clubhouse, you may end up paying for it.....literally.

Pass me a beer Petunia