Thursday, July 3, 2014

Windsor Again Gets Caught With His Hands in the Cookie Jar

And the hits keep coming.  In the same week that he takes a true beatdown from the Federal Court in Montana, Bill then takes another blow out in California this time from the attorney for Facebook. After Bill played games with FB's demur motion, Julie Schwartz did the most damaging thing anyone could do to Bill....she made that court aware of his horrific past.  Thats right, she Thrashed him:

Uh Oh, Bill got caught with his dirty hand in the cookie jar once again.  He tried to play the same game in Cali as he did in Texas by sending a letter and assuming that no response means a yes.  Well that dog wont hunt and now they are filing an exparte order, and it was granted, to obtain the leave he never got.  The emails from Schwartz to Bill serve as the perfect example of who and what Bill is.  He is a liar and a bully.  He says the Thrash order is void and he will provide proof....but never does.  Of course the order is very much not void despite what he and his partner in crime "susan" claim it to be.  Bill's little game of semantics between "seek leave" and actually obtaining leave are exposed.  His third grade antics won't work here.

Another interesting thing to come out is Bill demands, in the email exchange, that Schwartz tell him who it was that alerted her to the GA order.  How dare she, or someone else bring up his paper terrorist history into this case.

The irony is that just like in the Texas case where Bill played this sneaking little "if you don't say no that means yes" game with a letter to the Federal Judge in that district, the FB case now backfires on him as he has already demonstrated to the court in California the exact behavior that mandated the ruling in the first place.  Had he gone in and obtained actual leave right off the bat...before anyone really knew who this monster was, he might have pulled it off similar to what he did in MO and KS. But as always, the biggest enemy to Bill is Bill himself.


  1. oceans is cracking up hereJuly 3, 2014 at 7:05 PM

    LOL, no cookies for Bill...wanna bet he is red faced and shaky as he tries to refute this latest smack down with a mountain of paper that the court will be returning to him?

    How many times will he try and fail with the same type of motions before he understands that no means no.

    How big of a tantrum is he throwing in his tiny little apartment? L O L

  2. Wow!
    This same Facebook he uses to spread his spew, as it has been referred to, smacked him hard! Montana earlier in the week! And Missouri next week, huh?
    The reading material just gets sweeter & sweeter! I have got to re-read those email exchanges again! Those were too funny!
    I can just imagine the hilarity in that office as the emails are being read aloud? Windsor has got to be a joke legend in law firms in numerous states!

    His 'in fear' must have kept him from coming back to Kemp, Texas to 'file' criminal charges on me, too all week! He didn't so much as call either:)

    Happy 4th of July!

    1. The email exchanges? Did you catch his condesending tone? Thinkinng he could bamboozle his way around producing the proof for the leave. Asking for citations, when he simply just states something and it's all good. Like his special math with the dates?

      Clearly he under estimates these attorneys at every turn. But, really--he is just an ass. IMHO

    2. It is indeed gratifying to see members of my profession, which Windsor has maligned so many times, take him to the woodshed. Repeatedly.

      You can't actually do our job as well as you think you can, sir. And filing multiple-hundred-page pleadings, motions, and affidavits just serves to confirm every ugly thing that Judge Thrash (and now judges in Montana and South Dakota and...) have written about you. Confirm it, moreover, to the very people you need to convince: the judges in California and Texas. (Can the judges in Missouri, Kansas, and other states be far behind?)

    3. "Confirm it, moreover, to the very people you need to convince: the judges in California and Texas. (Can the judges in Missouri, Kansas, and other states be far behind?)"

      From Attorney's lips (well, his keyboard really) to God's ear...

      Cracks me up that three of Bill's fiercest adversaries are female attorneys. It annoys me that he asked who told the FB attorney about his history. Maybe she figured it out all by herself. Or maybe the info was passed along as professional courtesy by another attorney Bill threatened and attempted to intimidate. A lot of people in several states are aware of Bill's history besides "Joeys". No matter how the FB attorney came to that knowledge, the fact that Bill even asked the question indicates he expected to circumvent the system.

    4. Ask nicely once, then sue for discovery!

      "Who's talking about me?"

    5. "he expected to circumvent the system" Absolutely NBTDT!
      He proved this by filing without leave in several states. He doesn't like his vexatious title, therefor it is "Void." Therefor, he doesn't follow any of the clear rules set forth by the courts.

      So, litigants are at the mercy of the courts in keeping Vexi Boy in check. He clearly isn't saying a word, and gets stuff filed and going before the truth is presented. Then, it takes the defendants time and money to put together their answers, asking the court WHY he was even allowed to file in the first place. He knows damn well, and has been told repeatidly, yet, nothing happens to punish his blatant disregard for those orders.

      I say that some kind of universal court program should list Vexatious Litigants, like the kind police have for warrants/wanted criminals, and if they try to file, it will flag their filings from being entered. It can save all the courts time and resources, not to mention unknowing defendants who are being targeted by a Vexatious litigant.

    6. V.E.I.N.

      Vexatious Enforcement Information Network...

    7. LMFAO!! Perfect!!

    8. @ Ninja - good points. It appears CA clerks are supposed to check filings against a list of vexatious litigants for pre-filing orders. TX is the same way + TX maintains a list of federal vexi litigants, as declared by US District Courts in TX. If LE can build a nationwide data base for DNA, seems there should be some way to flag vexi litigants from other states and all Fed courts.

      South Dakota seems to be the only state that caught vexi Windsor before he caused trouble in their courts. Who told them? Clearly, it was not a "Joey".

    9. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code - Section 11.054. Criteria For Finding Plaintiff A Vexatious Litigant

    10. In the meantime, taxpayers are footing the bill for all this vexatiousness. Maybe another law needs to be implimented that Vexatious Litigants need to pay back the Government for wasting all that money.

      Lets see, Windsor has suits currently pending in MO, KS, MT, TX, and CA. Someone should audit all those cases, and tab up how much he has and is costing tax payers. Also add in the years of the whole GA court fiasco. He won't stop filing, unless he has to dip into his multi millions. As long as this is basically a free game to him, it's game on. Also- since it appears the only reason he hasn't named Judges yet, is because of the 50K per judge, change that order to any suit against anyone, anywhere. Seems simple to stop a vexatious asshat.

  3. Replies
    1. By another woman attorney no less. You know that has g.o.t. to steam him. Google, Fleming's attorney and FB attorneys are not playing around with vexi boy. They are on to him like no other. It's awesome! The all rock!!

    2. I have never seen one guy get smacked down so hard twice in one week. It is now apparent that Bill Windsor's reputation precedes him throughout the entire federal court system.

      I'm surprised that it took various courts this long to find the Lynch ruling.

      I suspect that a "joey" somewhere deserves kudos for spreading the word.

      (Hey Bill, that's just my opinion. Besides, I think I'm already a defendant is some case or another)

      At any rate, it's clear that Bill Windsor is out of cards to play.

      The real question becomes, as the reality of it sinks in, will he just hurt himself, or will other innocents become involved?

    3. Is that you Jeffrey RMacDonald? The guy that made news in Feb.1970. Fort Bragg N.C.?

  4. Classy smack-down!
    Nothing from Facebook.

    Nothing from Google.

  5. Ninja you were right, it was sold I have the proof. They made a profit, then suddenly dissolved the company and filed a bankruptcy leaving creditors in the wind. Why did they not pay the taxes and the bills if indeed they has a huge intake from the sale? All interesting questions. I am going to find out more.

  6. Oh, so Windsor is going to try to get around yet another court by filing for a bogus PPO to manipulate the system. This guy is seriously out of control. He's already suing Fleming in TX, but since he keeps bitching about how he can't get the court to "enjoin" everyone there, he's going to use the Michigan courts to get his harassment rolling there. What an asshole!

    This is the Montana stalking crap all over again. He's posting he will be contacting all of Flemings friends, family, employers etc. Just like he did to Boushie. Using the bogus story of some "movie" to cover his tracks of stalking, harassing, and intimidating.

    Unbelievable how vindictive Windsor truly is.

    1. It was only a matter of time.

  7. HA! Speaking of arrests, Bill posted a link about the indictment of Paul Andrew Mitchell. Bill was taking advice from Mitchell, right up until Mitchell sent Bill an invoice for services. Then all of a sudden Bill decided there was no such thing as a Private Attorney General. Bill talked about Mitchell on his Talkshoe shows and wrote some not so nice things about Mitchell on his blog. Mitchell is charged with obstruction of justice, something about messing around with Grand Juries. Go figure.

    In his capacity as Private Attorney General, Mitchell filed a criminal complaint against 2 IRS agents last year.

    1. Hahahaha Oh yes, this is the same man Windsor was talking about on his .com and helped him with his "charges."

      "NOTE THIS: This Grand Jury Demand provided by Paul Andrew Mitchell. And 1215.0rg's Plan. And here is a federal case precedent courtesy of Paul Andrew Mitchell -- In Re: Grand Jury Application.
      William M. Windsor

      On the article where Windsor falsely claimed the Government put a hit out on him, he wrote this.

      "Private Attorney General Paul Andrew Mitchell recommended that I ask the federal court to issue a protective order for me as a federal witness. I will pursue that tomorrow! This will be interesting because the judge I will seek this from is one of the judges I am trying to get sent to prison for the rest of his natural born life. Won't it be interesting if he denies my petition?!"

      That PO was also denied and I believe it's listed in the FB evidence somewhere. LOL

      There are plenty of articles of Windsor working with Mitchell. Clearly though, he turned when Mitchell asked for money. Windsor always seems to turn on people when he can't use them for free. I think he did the same thing to Roxanne Griange and several of her associates. Then slandered and defamed their reputations on his .com. (but what's new?)

    2. There is a competency hearing set for Mitchell. He's sending handwritten letters to the court, one protesting that he was called a Sovcit and Montana Freeman.

      NOTICE OF HEARING as to Mitchell Paul Modeleski: Competency Hearing RESET for 7/10/2014 10:00 AM in Cheyenne Courtroom No. 1 (Room No. 2132) before Honorable Nancy D Freudenthal. (Court Staff, sal) (Entered: 06/13/2014)

      He's filed several criminal complaints government officials as a Private Attorney General. Some of the cases have nothing to do with him. This the PACER list for query in AZ, WA, MT & WY.

      1 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (jdb) flnbke 5:04-bk-50827 7 09/30/2004 01/06/2005
      2 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (op) waebke 2:09-ap-80003 01/09/2009 03/25/2009 Judgment Entered (Other)
      Civil Results
      Party Name Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

      3 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (unk) alndce 4:1997-cv-00022 440 01/06/1997 01/08/1997
      4 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (pla) caedce 2:2001-cv-01480 820 08/01/2001 01/25/2002
      5 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (pla) caedce 2:2003-cv-01513 470 07/16/2003 07/30/2004
      6 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (mov) candce 3:1988-cv-04306 870 10/27/1988 06/12/1996
      7 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (pla) casdce 3:2003-cv-00993 470 05/15/2003 07/09/2003
      8 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (pla) codce 1:2012-cv-00544 895 02/29/2012 04/16/2012
      9 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (mov) miwdce 1:2002-mc-00078 07/01/2002
      10 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (pet) mtdce 6:1996-mc-00050 895 09/24/1996 10/15/1996
      11 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (pla) mtdce 1:1996-cv-00163 890 10/04/1996 10/28/1996
      12 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (aty) nyedce 1:2011-mc-00632 09/07/2011
      13 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (intp) ordce 3:2010-mc-09178 08/23/2010
      14 MITCHELL, PAUL ANDREW (mov) paedce 2:2008-cv-04083 890 08/21/2008 10/24/2008
      15 MITCHELL, PAUL ANDREW (ntc) paedce 2:2003-cv-05273 360 09/12/2003 04/16/2004
      Criminal Results
      Party Name Court Case Date Filed Date Closed

      16 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (dft) wawdce 2:2014-mj-00030 01/28/2014 02/04/2014
      17 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (dft) wydce 2:2014-cr-00027 01/15/2014
      Appellate Results
      Party Name Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

      18 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (pty) 03cae 08-4443 1 11/06/2008 12/22/2008
      19 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (pty) 09cae 96-36101 3895 10/24/1996 12/18/1996
      20 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (pty) 09cae 99-16947 3530 09/10/1999 01/25/2000
      21 Mitchell, Paul Andrew (pty) 09cae 02-15269 3820 02/13/2002 12/13/2002

    3. The criminal cases are one and the same. Mitchell was living in WA when he was indicted in WY. WY feds had to go fetch him from WA.

    4. LMAO - Mitchell sued AOL for $2.6 billion, then filed criminal complaints against judges.

    5. LOL oh noooooo.... he and Windsor are nothing alike, and have nothing in common. Frivilous filings galore, false charges against Judges and other, self writting "because I said so" pleading and looking for *said in dr. evil voice* "Billllllions of dollars." or "One Hundred Millllllion Dollars."
      hahahahahaha ba hahahahahaha so silly!

  8. Happy anniversary to Nancy & Bill!

    Nancy Evans Two years ago today. July 4th.2012. I met with you in NYC.

    1. they so deserve each other. I wonder why she doesn't think he is Mike?

    2. ^^ Give it time. You know it'll happen eventually.

    3. And two years later...still no movie

    4. Which one of you Joeys was arrested per Bill yesterday? Obviously not the bignfish. I suppose

  9. LOL, billy re-appears to make a new round of threats and empty promises. And as usual, gloats over the arrest of someone who isn't a 'Joey'. He is just that desperate because he lost 2 more states for vexiness. At this rate, he won't be able to file anything in the entire country soon (oh wait, isn't that what Thrash's order already says?).

    LMAO- better find a new hobby Billy, or maybe you could just go back to pretending you are making a movie and keep filming more clips that don't fit together.

  10. I picture a line of Judges, all holding wooden paddles. Looking anxious and pissed. And the boob walking through the line. Every judge taking his turn. Lol.

  11. #OperationPatrioticPityParty has been implemented by a widow in Kemp, Texas.
    You may read it via Bill Windsor's PUBLIC Facebook page in the comment section on the post where he whines about not being excited about the 4th of July and how patriotic he once was. (And how he longer has any rights in America)
    In my opinion he is so ungrateful!

    1. He is anti american and anti patriotic in my humble opinion of course. He has made numeros posts insulting service memebers who I believe he said died in vein, mocked our Government just because he can't handle the facts that there are laws he violated, that have placed certain restrictions on him from the very things that he violated--laws which are supposed to protect us from jerks like him.

      I'd like to know how his rights have been violated when he has bypassed the laws set forth to protect us, and trampled all over innocent people, their rights to live free from terroristic attacks for the sole purpose of trying to take away everyone's 1st amendment rights, when he just simply can't put his big boy pants on and deal with life. Nope, Bitter Rich Boy is throwing his tantrum across the US, and infringing on the rights of numerous people along the way. He makes me sick!

    2. He's "infringed" & in fear.
      His wussie lala ass is in fear of me! Telling the truth.
      I'm not sick of him, I'm just getting started on his sorry good for nothing ass.
      He can spin his spew anyway he chooses, I'm still right. I'm also within my rights and not libeling, defaming or slandering him. I don't have to!
      He can publish my entire life all over the internet, I own every second of it.
      I've been down some dark paths and I've always managed to come out better. I've broken the law & paid the consequences. It wasn't corruption, I wasn't a 'victim' of a flawed judicial system. I served my consequences, boo hoo, and in America, that's how it works! My entire community, my extended family & my friends ALL already know.
      Windsor isn't going to humiliate or intimidate me with his "you're a criminal" spewing. I'm not estranged from my family, I'm not alone, I'm not wasting taxpayer's money, nor am I evading the IRS. I work for a living, I don't bog down courts, I don't drive from state to state to creep around strangers' homes or their employers. I don't video myself or claim I'm going to do things I am never going to do! I do what I'm supposed to do!
      The more I thought of his pity party on the 4th of July? How he doesn't have any rights as an American anymore? The more disgusted I've gotten! What other nation in the world would allow a fruit loop like him to roam around doing freely as he obviously has for YEARS?
      Shame shame shame on Bill Windsor! Lawless America my skinny ass! A grown ass man, unemployed, wealthy, attention seeking! Bring your big ass to Kemp, Texas and "file" all the criminal charges on me you can imagine up! Pack a sack lunch old man. Or? Bring your spew about judicial corruption to Kaufman County, Texas, where our DA, his wife & the ADA were murdered by an entitled, blowhard that was disgruntled with the consequences of his actions! I can just envision the reception Windsor would receive at Kaufman County bitching about me & my Facebook comments rebutting his fabricated post!
      I freaking fracking LOVE America! How dare some whiner that hasn't ever done shit patriotic ever utter that he no longer has rights! What an ungrateful, thankless idiot!
      This? Is my deep belief, my very biased opinion & I'm exercising my rights typing it! Criminal and all!
      Sue me again Windsor! File something somewhere! Don't dare do any real community service or donate of your time or your money to help another American! Just file. And then, Facebook a totally askewed, flawed version of how I have you 'in fear'!
      Good morning America! Happy 5th of July! Y'all all enjoy your rights today!
      Life IS good, no matter how difficult it may seem at times:) Try to have pity for those that, disgustingly, don't appreciate their rights.
      #myopinions #myrights #SemperFi

      ⚑ waving in Kemp, America!

    3. @ KMc: Great job of putting Bill, his threats and his spew in perspective. Thank you.

    4. Other countries might just chop off those keyboarding, sausage fingered hands for his anti government crap...

    5. One way to lose 10 lbs of ugly fat...

    6. I been eating my Wheaties and I'm fed up with him picking on random people!
      He picked me. I don't think that I'm all he hoped for!
      I do indeed have a criminal history and I am FAR from perfect, but I'll match my ONE crime (drug charge 1999) against ALL those of his 'followers'. I'm an American hero & success story compared to some of those he's defended/promoted and his sorry ass.
      Seriously! What kind of SCUM decides to post lies and disparaging remarks about a USMC veteran on the day his body is being searched for and his kids, wife, parents, friends and numerous surrounding communities grieve his loss?
      Windsor did that.
      That is the epitome of SCUM.
      Windsor unknowingly pissed off and thoroughly disgusted way more than just me.
      All my comments to his Facebook posts now come across the newsfeeds of many Veteran and USMC groups that Darin & I both liked or are friends of, & the Facebook groups we both had joined.
      Windsor feels he has no rights? Doesn't feel very patriotic? Can you guess how they feel towards him? After learning what he posted about one of their own?
      Windsor should ponder on that while he's 'in fear' of little bitty me.
      #SemperFi THAT Mr Windsor!
      He REALLY should attempt to figure out how Facebook posts appear in newsfeeds of users that are not his friends or following him. He's reaching a much larger user audience than I believe he can even realize (yet his numbers aren't climbing).
      He's so offensive to so many Americans that actually do give to their communities, country, to others! All while he's Facebooking and court filing!
      He appears to me to be an example of what not to ever be! That's his right, though, as an American. Sadly.


    7. Two types of followers:

      A) People who think he's mentally ill.
      B) People who actually are mentally ill.

      And you've got those purchased fake accounts, but those don't count as real...

    8. Mine?
      All real people, that know me personally.
      Some are even attorneys, law enforcement officers, government employees, retired state and district judges, teachers, veterans, welders, construction workers, cowboys, doctors, nurses, writers, news journalists, photographers... All kinds of real working Americans, a coupla Irish, one from Argentina.
      All friends of one woman from Kemp, Texas, America, that Mr Windsor decided to sue and use social media to attempt to intimidate.

    9. Hey!! So I guess us firemen don't count? I'll be pouting in the corner if anyone needs me.

    10. Yep. And before Spammy gets slammed for slander - Bill needs to consider that with every post it's obvious he solicits adulation from people with mental deficiencies.

      Here's another one. I was curious about Kevin Mulvey, because his avatar is a woman. The woman is Christa Worthington, who was murdered in MA. A man was found guilty 3 years after the murder, based on DNA evidence. Kevin has been following Bill at least since 2011. He believes Christa's murder was a government "hit" (Cointelpro) and the murder was committed by his nephew. Mulvey wanted Sen. Schumer to look into the case. When he was ignored, he accused Sen. Schumer of being involved in corruption. He thinks the FBI "is in bed with the mafia".,d.b2k

    11. Dammit!
      I overlooked firefighters, EMS, game wardens, social workers, paralegals, AC repairmen, electricians, IT techs, printers, amusement park workers & 100s of other professions that my real friends do as their daily jobs!
      There's over 1,200, so it is a vast and varied group!
      My sincerest apologies!

    12. NBTDT 9:12 - One only has to look as far as Mary D and Marty P.

      Can't forget Mike's ex...

    13. I almost wish Bill would take a trip down to the Kaufman Co DA's office to complain about "criminal" activity on FB. After what they've been through in the last year, a whiny old man who caused his own problems with made up sh*t is the last thing they need. I'd pay to watch them laugh in his face. I'd pay extra to watch KMc, all 112 lbs of her, back his butt up in a corner.

    14. You see. Bigger filings are safer.

      Less likelihood of being crumpled up and thrown back at him in another courthouse assault...

    15. It's all about being in fear...

    16. @ Spammy - no kidding. But, I think I keep looking hoping to find someone following Bill that is not vexi, is mentally balanced and/or someone with a legitimate case of corruption. But after 1.5 years of looking, I've finally decided nobody in their right mind would consider Bill a champion for any cause that would benefit our society.

    17. I know a cause I think Bill and Lawless America would be a great champion for. MENTAL HEALTH CARE REFORM!

    18. ahahahahahaha - RC3. I was just thinking the same thing. Bill should turn his attention to mental health care.

    19. Another perfect example of the Anti-American Windsor is by him posting the video on July 4th, for "Journey for Justice" showing three very young, impressionalbe kids, Windsor used for his "filming." These kids indicated they didn't know about "corruption" until they met Bill. Now, they have a better understanding about how messed up things are in the US. Lawless American Cult! Nice going Windsor, documenting how you twist people's minds to believe your twisted beliefs.

    20. Still, most don't have enough to twist.

    21. @ 10:07 - I agree, that posting bothers me on several levels. It's self promoting/serving. Look who produced it - Hey Mom! Productions, a bunch of college kids. Those kids did something with their experience. What has Whistleblower Productions accomplished?

      And he used those kids. Not only did they work for free, they were led to believe their efforts would be helpful in fighting a case of corruption. Instead, their work is being used as self serving propaganda. I hope Bill at least gave them the shirts & hats.

      I wonder what they think of the experience now, almost 2 years later. That production is not listed as a credit on their web site.

    22. I agree NBTDT. Self promoting/serving as usual to distract the lemmings from the fact that yes, two years later....nothing he promised has been done. As usual when he gets a smack down, he comes back with some kind of "notice me" post.

      The other one that is funny is the semantics game on isle two, about the "Cyberstalkers being arrested" Notice he doesn't answer when the lemming are jumping with glee, asking if they are in jail? Perhaps once upon a time, they were arrested, but we know how he twists things. Yes, once upon a time, perhaps there was a mug shot of the one person. He doesn't specify it is now. LOL he's so transparant.

      But, he needs them to believe he is actually making head way in his frivilous law suits, and keep them believeing this is the reason he can't make his movie. They are so easily manipulated.

    23. Well, shitfire! He did post a self-promotion video! He doesn't bother to acknowledge comments, unless they are back patting his fat ass or he's "in fear"!
      Huge EYEROLL!
      He will literally do anything and use anyone to get a LIKE on Facebook. Best I can see? His 'followers' don't ever read or click the links. They read the headline, lick him in the ear so to speak and then ramble for paragraphs about themselves. They're perfectly matched! The ME all about ME people on Bill Windsor's page!
      Like I asked before, what has he legitimately ever done that could be considered community or country service? Lemme know when y'all discover it. I'm still digging. Deep.

    24. I want a full discovery of who sent him the mugshots!

      Otherwise, I'm sending affidavits to be signed by everyone...

    25. And if they don't sign them, it means they are guilty and we can add them to the suit as conspirators. (isn't that how it works for Windsor)

    26. Phrase of the day: Unconsented Contact.

      Sounds kinda kinky, IMO...

    27. Good point about aisle 2. Besides the mug shot comment and no perspective as to that particular occurrence, he makes it sound like Paul Andrew Mitchell is a "Joey". I don't recall him complaining before about being stalked by Mitchell. Generally Bill's comments have been about the falling out over the fact that Mitchell expected to be paid for helping Bill.

    28. LOL exactly. Bill didn't say Mitchell is a "Joey" he wrote "Cyberstalker" which he knows people on his page will read as the "Joeys." Just read the comments there. He knows how to write things to sound one way, without actually claiming what he is implying.

      Mitchell was never said to be a Cyberstalker as far as I remember. He may have complained about him, after he nailed Bill about not paying him, and Bill wrote his standard, 'No, he's the bad guy because I said so' .com article, but not so much with the "Cyberstalking" claim. But...the main point is that the lemmings bought was he was selling, so it worked.

    29. LOL - Spammy. I was thinking same. With each new case, we get new terminology. re: discovery - I would like to know who sent the mug shot too, when it was taken and in which state.

  12. I was having a fairly decent hair day in my mugshot!
    I hope his Facebook friends and followers, those he YouTubed were in theirs!
    I'm exercising my rights to Free Speech again on his page. And public information.

    What a great country!
    God Bless America & especially Kemp, Texas

  13. Repairing a reputation he never had.

    Blaming his issues with his family on others, it was his actions, not a small blog that alienated him from his family. Wasn't it something like "no one will tell me what to do" when his family threw him a lifeline and asked him to desist?

    Calling out everyone for being liars and a lot worse, while suing everyone he can for comments that are based in fact and generally milder.

    He's been identified by the courts as someone not to be taken seriously, they have gone as far as they can, short of labeling him a vindictive loon. He's not getting IP's, he's not getting info. on screen names, but he keeps on going. More than "Joeys" have taken notice of what's happened to Bill.

    1. Too true & yeah, look "what's happened to Bill" I keep thinking about golf: you play to the level of the other players.

  14. Nice day to hang out behind the woodshed with your pants around your ankles.

    Just sayin'...

    Go, KMc!

  15. Oh crap, he is back to "cease and desist" on his Facebook page - LMAO he really has no idea that I can respond from my newsfeed and without visiting his PUBLIC page. Maybe, he really is a public (not a private) person with this public settings.

    Bill Windsor - change your Facebook settings (to friends only), get off my newsfeed, and stop whining about being "in fear" of made-up stuff so you can try for another vexi lawsuit to "make millions."

  16. Windsor is "baiting" people to respond to his post (by naming names & appearing on various non-subscriber newsfeeds - and that is not a healthy thing to do - it is a red flag of dealing with a personality disordered individual.

  17. That's a wrap!
    Literally. With extra strength tinfoil!
    What in the world is that Nancy woman talking about? Nazis? Handwriting analysis? Mike isn't even Mike?
    I can't continue with that woman, it's too sad.
    She could care less about anything Mr Windsor posts! She's just typing her Nazi Mike is not Mike stuff!
    Just wow.
    That's some wild stuff over there.

    At least I know my local law enforcement is watching!
    Thanks to whoever posted the screenshot of his about his gun. My police chief got a copy of it.

    I appreciate y'all!


  18. Nancy thought (proclaimed) all the people that posted over here were her ex-H, "Mike." Yup! Now, none of us are Mike because that was a fake name. I guess everyone is now "Jeff."

    I hope your police chief had a good laugh reading those Facebook threads. The gun - well, that seems to be a lot more real than the movie. He wears a bullet proof best, too.

    1. Interesting thing, a year ago he was stalking and posting about how "in fear" he was. One year later? Nothing has changed. He's still "in fear" and he's still out stalking, suing, making false police reports that he thinks are criminal charges. Wowzers. A whole year! Gone, poof, wasted.

      Then for the victims of Windsor--A year of stress, false allegations, wrong names and endless lawsuits all these innocent people have to fight against. Vexatious Litigant order? Ignored. Voided. Disregarded. Why? Because he's Windsor and he makes the rules. What Judge is going to put a stop to this insanity?

  19. Well that whole display on Windsor's page today supports the fact that they do live in a Lawless world. It is a world where they break the laws, and then bitch about why they didn't or couldn't get away with it.

    Forget verifying anything, or checking out fact. If Windsor says it, it's good enough for the lemmings. And, in turn, they count on the fact that Windsor won't check out their stories either. Lawless America, only on Windsor's facebook page. That is where all the Lawless people migrate to, to find support and back pats, from others who don't like to follow the rules. ACK! Bunch of losers!