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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Presley Dauben-Tuma

We all remember Presley Crowe through one way or the other.  We got to see her first as Joey Dauben played a Nancy Grace wanna-be in trying to raise publicity for selected cases of sexual molestation of a child.  Joey fell head over heels for Connie Bedwell and her story as soon as he saw her picture.  Based on her picture, she had to be telling the truth so Joey turned everything over to her including his then nightly radio show.  It was there that we were introduced to Connie's partner in crime, Presley Crowe.  Presley had become Connie's "plus one" to just about everything they did out there in California.  As Connie slowly rebuffed all of Joey's attempts to get a "personal" interview, Joey started to turn his attention to Presley. And, unlike Connie, Presley was willing to give Joey the time of day even without him asking.

Presley's story is somewhat unique in that she is not fighting for her own child, she is claiming to be fighting for her half sister whom she says was abused just as she was.  Presley decided to come forward with her own claims of sexual abuse by her dad over a decade after the fact and during a contentious divorce between her dad and mom.  Her claim to fame was going on the Dr. Phil show with her claims even though she didn't use her real name on the show.

So Joey, having been shown the Heisman pose from Connie, decided to really start interjecting himself in to Presley's war on her father.  This included Joey making posters that Presley then passed out at her half sister's school, calling her dad a pedophile with a picture of him on it.  Then the hammer dropped and Joey was charged with having sex with a then 14 year old boy on a camping trip.

Presley dropped everything out in Califorina and rushed to Ellis County to be with her new hero and boyfriend Joey Dauben.  She even changed her last name to Dauben and used the disgraced reporter David Webb to proclaim that she and Joey were engaged.  The clear inference they were trying to make is that "Joey can't be gay, see he is in love with Presley and they plan to be married".  Well as the trial started Presley bolted and left Joey to fend for himself as he was convicted on all counts and sentenced for the main part of the rest of his life in prison.

No, it was on to her new hero in life, none other than Bill Windsor and Lawless America.  Presley thought he would be her saviour and she filmed several youtube clips for Bill where she sobbed uncontrollably and rambled off a bunch of incoherent names, dates and instances.  She was so taken with Bill that she called him her daddy, and of course being the sexual deviant that he is....he went along with that name calling as well.

Well trouble brewed again as Connie, who had also fallen for the Lawless scam, got in to a fight with Bill and of course he banned her and all her friends including Presley.  This put Presley in a tough spot as her former "daddy" was now calling her a liar and threatening to sue her, so she went back crying to Bill and pleading with him to take her back.  Bill did, in that he didn't name her on the list of people he wanted to sue, but she lost her youtube rights and her connection to Lawless.

Now its back to Connie.  And low and behold Connie's father is now accused of being a serial rapist of young girls.  Once again Presley shows her undying support for child molesters by changing her last name to Tuma in support of Connie's pedophile father.  And, once again, he is convicted and will spend the rest of his life in prision.....and does Presley learn her lesson as recently as last week?
Presley Renae Crowe I'm so proud of you & wish I could be there to raise some hell with you! I LOVE YOU! #FreeTimothyBedwell we should get that hashtag trending on Twitter! 31 August at 23:27 via mobile · Like · 1

Nope, looks like nothing has been learned even still. Now why do I bring all this up again? What still kills me about Presley is that she, absent all the stupid she has inserted in her life, is a bright young girl with her whole future ahead of her. But she is choosing to fight other peoples battles and it is sucking the life out of her. She has pushed away all her family, and the more isolated and alone she is, the more she gets used and abused by all these predators. We saw how this can end tragiclly as it did for Trish Krauss, who like Presley was a smart vibrant person full of life but allowed others and these "causes" to literally suck that life out of her.

We are never going to change the minds of the Bill Windsors, David Schieds, Connie Bedwells of the world. They sold their soul and there is no turning back for them.  I can only hope that we can do something to help the future Presley and Trish Kraus' of the world from falling in to their web of lies and abuse.  If Presley had never met Connie, Joey, and Bill....I have no doubt that her life would be in a much better, more productive and happy place.  If Trish had never met the vampire known as David Schied....I have no doubt she would be alive and well.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Please Don't Pass the Pie

So yeah, any and everything is a threat if it comes from us, while nothing is a threat if it comes from him.  So Billy the Kid responds to being called a kid by throwing a temper tantrum and running to mommy to tattle on us.  Once again the point is awarded to the Clubhouse.  At least we are back in his crosshairs where we belong with our "24 hours-a-day" coverage of Bill and his traveling circus.

As billy the kid threw his tantrum, he decided to drink the hemlock that old man Webby has been serving up for a while now.  He goes on to name some of those that post here:  Brannon, Mist, and Curtis but then adds MVZ.  Since this blog has been effective in combating internet frauds and hucksters, we have accumulated quite a following of roaches and spiders and other vermin.  These pests, in their hatred and rage against this site have collaborated and come up with some theories that are categorically incorrect, but that won't stop them from continuing them.  MVZ has absolutely nothing to do with this blog in any way shape or form, she does not come here or post here.  Any continued harassing of her will result in my aiding her in litigation against said vermin.  Take that however you want, but if you actually know MVZ you would know she would gladly jump at a ready made case such as this.

Then Bill goes on to repeat vermin mantra number 2.  "A number of these people are said to use dozens of aliases to make it seem like people actually read the site and comment."  You can believe that if you want, but its asinine in every way.  All the "aliases" and even real names of those that post on here are all different individuals entirely.  Not only that, but those that post represent about 1/20th of those that read this site.  Again, believe what you want but that's the cold hard facts.

Monday, February 11, 2013

We Get Pulled Back Into The Spider Webb

Well its 3:00 pm and I'm still free.  Not only that but the Lawless page is down.

Ok, I have been doing my best to avoid old man Webby, I really have.  Yeah so he thinks bad parenting and alcohol was the main factors in Joey's rape conviction,  so he has been trying to hunt me down all over metroplex talking to people who have nothing to do with any of this.  So he collaborated with Lawless in an effort to throw out dirt on me, so he lurks on this blog daily, hoping that we jump back into his Webb.  So he tried to make fun of me as an air conditioning man whom he assumed I was.

I was still going to let all that go, until he had to throw out his latest article on his rare reporter (what he means by rare is common sense and moral decency).  Now, I'm not a big fan of Rick Perry, I think he is a dolt and I thought that way before his presidential run.  And I'm not going to get into the gay vs. anti-gay war.  Everyone has a right to believe what they want, and the Boy Scouts are a private institution and they get to make their own policies.  Welcome to America.  So, with that as my disclaimer, against my better judgement.....lets get caught back into the spider Webb:

IRVING, TX -- Ignorance and fear can play an amazingly influential role in halting progress, and the nation recently saw that played out once again at the highest level of political influence on a charitable organization.  A bit dramatic don't you think?

In the face of mounting conservative public opposition, Boy Scouts of America announced it would delay making a decision on striking down its anti-gay policy targeting scouts and leaders.How do you know they didn't just delay the ruling? An affirmative vote, originally scheduled for Feb. 6 by the Irving, Texas-based national group and now delayed until May, would have allowed local troop sponsors to decide on whether to accept gay scouts and leaders.

It's no coincidence that the Boy Scouts announcement followed on the heels of anti-gay Texas Gov. Rick "I'll never step down unless I can be president" Perry saying that he would oppose such a policy change. it might be, how do you know? Perry, a former Eagle Scout who published a book in 2008, "On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting For," probably can be credited with derailing the vote. It would be nice to have a little more evidence to support this other than the title of a book he wrote 5 years ago

That's a shame because Perry you mean your hypothetical reason?, more than most people, probably knows that anti-gay discrimination often targets people who might not be gay. On no, here it comes Perry has fought rumors that he himself is gay yeah he just went there, welcome to the bottom of the barrel ever since he went to Austin as a state legislator representing Haskell County in 1984. In fact, Perry was the subject of "Head Figure Head: The Search for the Hidden Life of Rick Perry," a book written by former openly-gay Texas Rep. Glen Maxey, which alleged to document the governor's closeted gay life. but it could never be substantiated so no responsible media outlet ever said anything about it

What's even more curious about Perry's stance is that when he was a scout in Haskell County omg, we can drop even farther now? he was involved in an incident of an alleged appearance of impropriety. One night on a camping trip when Perry was about 10 young boys on a camping trip, where have we heard that before?, he apparently got cold and crawled into a sleeping bag with an older scout to get warm. When the scout leader discovered the pair the next morning he reportedly scolded the older scout for allowing Perry to sleep with him. The older scout said he took the brunt of the scolding because he was told that as the older youth he should have known to wake the scout leader rather than allowing Perry to sleep with him.

Presumably, Perry and the older scout might have been expelled for their behavior under today's scouting policy,the scouts have always had that policy and God forbid what might have happened to them had they been involved in some common child experimental sex game. Common?  What kind of sick perverse world did you grow up in?  I guess we can all be thankful that there was no booze involved because then they would have been open season to be raped by the scout leaders.

The sleeping bad incident came to light when a Huffington Post reporter researched rumors about Perry's alleged secret gay life during the governor's unsuccessful bid for the Republican Party's presidential nomination in 2012. The reporter dismissed it because it quite rightly meant nothing, and so should you except that it possibly scarred the young Perry's mind and instilled a sense of fear in him about the perception of being branded as gay. so he really is gay, but this scared him straight and he has been living a lie ever since?

Friends of Perry from of his scouting days -- some of whom remain in close contact with him still -- swear that he has has never engaged in off-color jokes about LGBT people or practiced anti-gay discrimination in his political offices. Yet every chance he gets, Perry comes down on the side of the debate with the likes of anti-gay zealot Robert Jeffress Perry is pretty far right, that would be consistent with his political platform, senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, who from his appearance ought to understand something about the threat of being wrongly perceived as gay. Did you just make fun of his appearance because he looks effeminate?  You are doing wonders for the LGBT agenda, let me tell ya

Effeminate straight men often become the targets of anti-gay hate crimes, according to organizations that track hate crime violence.  Often?  Do you know what the word often means?

According to the organization's website, the Boy Scout's mission is to do duty to God and country, obey Scout Law, help others at all times, stay physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. Scouts are encouraged to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

Obviously, none of that mentions sexual orientation, unless someone wants to try and argue that "morally straight" means not gay, which hopefully no one would be dumb enough to attempt such a debate.  they didn't really invite you to a debate, but I think that is how they are reading it Instead, discrimination of any kind would appear to be violating Scout Law.  What where?  I don't read discrimination anywhere in it?  They don't allow girls in as well, those nazis.  How does something that is not there "appear" to be there to you?

It doesn't help the cause for eliminating anti-gay discrimination in the organization that everyone realizes the Boy Scouts are likely only considering a policy change because of the fear of loss of corporate funding, which increasingly requires commitments to equality for all people.  thats probably true, but facts are always good to back this up

Rather than listening to a governor whose motives are more likely based on politics and personal gain rather than fairness, it would better serve Boy Scouts leaders to listen to the words of someone like President Barack Obama.So you don't think Obama is motivated by politics and personal gain even though up until the last year he was anti-gay marriage? The president you should capitalize President, show respect noted that all young people should have the opportunity to learn and prosper as part of the scouting tradition.

It's hard to imagine anything more deplorable than the thought of scout leaders and the scouts they mentor targeting and excluding a youth from a troop because they view them as unacceptable for presumed homosexuality or whatever reason. so this is the worst thing that can happen to a human being, rape murder so on takes a back seat to this? The earlier children are taught to live and let live the better it will serve them in later life, and it's never to late for someone to learn that lesson either.  that's a pretty weak ending, but whatever

Sunday, February 10, 2013

So, About Last Night....

Lets just take a quick moment to hit the main points from all that happened last night:

-Brannon and Yappy did an outstanding job with their Blogtalk radio test run.  Lots of people participated and that looks to be an avenue that could become very effective in helping some people to understand what Lawless America is really about.

-I finally get the infamous Cease and Desist from Billy himself and our email exchanges ensue.  He said he is going to file all kinds of charges on me whatever name I am and he is coming to Garland something I guess.  Then he decided to report me to the gmail police, so I knew at that point my work with him was done (we all know how tough those gmail policemen can be).

-Billy goes to his lemmings for help in fighting the big bad Ginger snap:

Lawless America
I need some help getting personal information on people who are haters. Please email me at if you have access to databases for criminal history, driver's license, social security, etc. THANKS!
The lemmings are coming! The lemmings are coming!!!
-While all of this was going on, Bill's Minister of Propaganda Allie had reality strike her hard as it looks like she may lose all parenting rights, so they had to drop their sleuthing and hold a séance for her.  I really don't know Allie's story that well, she may be telling the truth, but she is doing the absolute worst thing she could possibly do for her case by associating with the lawless scam.
-Then, as if the irony wasn't enough, old man Webby pops back in.  First, Billy outs Webby as one of his sources against me calling him an "investigative journalist", when of course he is just an old blogger.  Then webby comes on here as an anon and posts this:
Your mother, Beverly, said that she didn't really thing you were literate enough to be writing all of this stuff and that Kenny must be helping you. Who knows? Who cares? You think 750 people in a week is a big thing? I love going to bed laughing. It always make for a nice night of sleep.
What he is referring to is the name of the person Joey Dauben outed me as over a year ago.  He took the liberty of actually calling this person's mother and harassing her about it.  As hilarious as this is, I really continue to feel sorry for these poor folks so I will say once again...I am not Justin or Karl Thompson and have nothing to do with them whatsoever.  That name, and the email are as fake as Billy's 45,000 (now hidden) followers.  I am Ginger Snap, please file your legal paperwork accordingly.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Did David Webb Cause Joey Dauben To Recieve The Max?

As people continue to reel from the especially punitive sentence Joey received today, one has to wonder why Judge Lagomarismo would choose such a severe penalty?  The sentencing was originally set for Tuesday but he moved it till today presumably to take more time to research it.  The anger of this Judge was especially evident in his maxing out the probation at 10 years after the 30 year sentence.  This is one pissed off judge, so what sent him to such extreme measures?

Joey's behavior in the courtroom, particularly his testimony certainly irked the Judge, but I think there is something more at work here.  I think someone alerted him to the vomit inducing article that David Webb wrote after the sentencing.  David Webb had already been called to the court for being Joey's mouthpiece while in jail, so Judge Lagomarismo knew the connection.

In Webb's "alcohol binge" article, he clearly blames the consumption of alcohol and the boy not saying no (and being alone) as the main culprit of the rape:
"To the best of my knowledge Dauben was straight, but apparently anything can happen late at night when two people are drinking alcohol alone."
"It didn’t matter that the teenager, now 20, testified he willingly participated in the sexual activity, and that he came from a broken, troubled home that probably contributed to him being alone late at night drinking with an adult 12 years older than him."
Ok, obviously that has already been covered on here, but lets draw our attention to another quote in this article:
"The once-promising writer who started off in high school as a sports reporter for a small town Texas newspaper an hour out of Dallas acknowledged to me after the verdict he was highly intoxicated on the night of the crime."
Red alert, Red alert.  Joey clearly testified that he had only had a "swig" to drink and he wasn't even buzzed.  Most judges don't like defendants perjuring themselves in their courtroom.  Webb, in his quest to write a blame shifting article on Joey's crime may have caused the Judge to come down in such a punitive way.  What an ironic way to end this story full of irony, his friendship of Webb very well may cost him an additional 9 or more years in prison.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Be Careful You Never Get Caught in The Spider Webb

So yesterday and last night, a fight erupted on this blog between David Webb, close friend and confidant of Joey Dauben, and just about everyone else.  David was a friend of Joey's and covered his entire downfall from Joey's and only Joey's point of view.  Court observers report that Joey and David were very chatty and in fact Joey conversed more with David than he did anyone else in the courtroom including his parents.  Kind of hard to pretend you are some unbiased reporter covering a trial of a man charged with sexual assault of a child and do that.

Anyway, David wrote something that he should never opinion piece.  Especially if that opinion is coming out of his head.  His story was a wrap up of the Joey trial and conviction where he blames alcohol as the main factor in the rape.  So lets have some background info for all the new people.  Here is the boys testimony (and since Joey perjured himself on the witness stand on at least two key points, there really isn't any question about who's testimony was considered truthful  the jury took less than two hours to convict on all counts).  Now keep in mind this is the testimony from a then 14 year old virgin:

"The young man said he thought Dauben was an assistant to the Messianic church’s rabbi when Dauben arrived at the camp that day. The boy said he and two other teens ended up the evening talking to Dauben around the campfire, after all the parents and the rabbi had drunk heavily and gone to bed.

Dauben allegedly pulled out a bottle of Wild Turkey, poured red Solo cups of whiskey and challenged the teens to see who could drink the fastest. The other two kids went to bed shortly thereafter and Dauben asked the alleged victim if he wanted to go out on the lake on a raft. While on the raft, Dauben began describing sexual encounters and asking the boy about his own experiences. The boy told the court that he was a virgin at the time.

After being on the raft, Dauben and the boy went to the public showers at the park, where Dauben said he was going to masturbate. When Dauben walked out into the shower area naked, the boy said he felt “awkward. But I didn’t want to seem uncool.”

“I was doing what I thought was normal,” he testified. “I didn’t want to seem weird, so I went with it.”

The victim said Dauben initiated sex acts with him.

During this portion of the testimony, Dauben, who sat at the defense table farthest from the witness stand, took off his glasses and dropped his head into his hand, covering his eyes. Later, he shook his head as the boy continued."   from the Corsicana Daily Sun

So David Webb writes his opinion piece with the headline "Alcohol, underage companionship, lead to disaster"
In this article he has one very disturbing paragraph:
"It didn’t matter that the teenager, now 20, testified he willingly participated in the sexual activity, and that he came from a broken, troubled home that probably contributed to him being alone late at night drinking with an adult 12 years older than him"

That certainly sounds like he was making an excuse for Joey by blaming it on the booze and the kid having a troubled home as the reason he was raped.  So we gave David a chance to clarify himself on this blog and to our horror, he meant it exactly as we thought he did.

Here are some of his quotes from last night:

"He indicated that he went along with it, and he didn't object. He had many chances to have walked away from the situation and never did. There was one time that he said he was standing outside of the shower house and returned back inside where Joey was because he "didn't want to be alone." My guess is that it is possible if he had ever said no, nothing would have happened. Perhaps, it was the effect of the alcohol he drank. I don't know."

"He didn't have both a biological mother and father looking after him to prevent him from being out by himself at a lake park drinking alcohol. His father apparently was drunk inside a tent asleep with the teenager's stepmother, with whom the youth didn't get along with well. The youth and his stepmother regularly argued, including while they were at the camping trip, according to the testimony."

"I feel sorry for the youth. I also feel sorry for Dauben. I think that if neither one of them had been out there drinking alcohol that night none of this would have ever happened. That's my OPINION, which basically is what one imparts in a column."

"The teen was not raped. It was consensual sex by his own admission. He never said no. The only reason it was classified as a child sexual assault is that he was not old enough to give his consent. It is the adult's responsibility not to engage in sex with someone who is under the legal age of consent, but there was no force or violence involved."

"I do not excuse Joey Dauben of the crime. I wrote a column that was actually intended to remind people that they need to be careful about what they do when they are drinking alcohol in the company of underage youth. Your hysterical wife, the author of this blog and you and have turned it into something entirely different. Shame on you."

"If Joey Dauben had not been drinking alcohol, I don't believe that any of this would have ever happened. Even if he was drinking alcohol, if he had not been in the company of a 14-year-old alone it would not have happened. What is so hard to understand about that? I a not blaming the victim. I am blaming his parents for not taking better care of him."

I will let the readers come to their own conclusions I just thought it was important to let everyone read David in his own words.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

David Webb Blames Joey Dauben's Demise on Alcohol

David Webb is the Joey apologists that stuck by Joey's side all the way to the end.  Yes he did cover the trial itself in a balanced manner but leading up to it, he acted as the mouthpiece for Joey as his stories always reflected the Joey Dauben slant.  He even went along with the Joey/Presley "we are about to get married" lie and watched it blow up in his face as she didn't even bother staying for the trial.  Anyway, he makes a few good observations, but on the whole he still doesn't understand who Joey Dauben is.

David's opening statement says it all:  "After sitting through a surreal, six-day child sexual assault trial recently I came away with the knowledge that the least likely of people can fall victim to disaster if they are foolish enough to consume alcohol with a minor who legally cannot give consent to sexually activity."

-least likely?  fall victim?  Its alcohol's fault?

"It seemed impossible that the youthful, charming Dauben who came from a humble background and seemed so driven to be someone someday could succumb to a fate so sinister that it would destroy his life."

-humble is an understatement.  Why was this impossible?

"To the best of my knowledge Dauben was straight, but apparently anything can happen late at night when two people are drinking alcohol alone." 

-well first of all your knowledge of Joey is very limited, in fact its limited to only what Joey told you.  There goes the blame alcohol excuse again.

"It didn’t matter that the teenager, now 20, testified he willingly participated in the sexual activity, and that he came from a broken, troubled home that probably contributed to him being alone late at night drinking with an adult 12 years older than him"

-ummmm, what a horrible statement.  If we are to believe the victim's testimony I would not go as far as say he "willingly participated", I would say the boy wanted out of there but he just didn't say no loud enough to stop Joey.  At no point in time did I hear anything that sounded like the boy wanted this.  What the hell does the broken home have to do with him being alone that night?  IT WAS A CHURCH CAMP!!!!!  It was the responsibly of the organizers to oversee the boys that night, not the parents.

"The Texas youth did not make an “outcry” about the sexual contact with Dauben until the summer of 2008, a year after it happened, when he told a friend, who told a pastor, who told the youth’s father."

-yeah but he did tell someone shortly after the event, and actually this is fairly common in most rape cases that the victim, especially a young boy who had a hard time understanding what happened,, would be scared to come forward.

"Another peculiar element of the saga emerged when I learned a sizable number of people had complained that the blogger unfairly and unjustly accused them of sexual assault and other crimes and improprieties.  A group of people went so far as to start a blog where they could support each other and vent their rage about Dauben’s outrageous reporting."

I and I alone started this blog and I have never been accused by Joey Dauben of anything, much less sexual assault   Can you get anything right David, I mean anything?

"When Dauben took the stand against his lawyer’s advice, the jury obviously saw a deeply troubled man who might be suffering from paranoid delusions and denial. He repeatedly broke down and cried on the stand. It was unclear whether Dauben’s mental problems began prior to the crime he committed six years ago or if they began later, slowly festering afterwards as fear enveloped him about the crime."

-Ahh, finally a sentence we can all agree with

"It’s hard to make sense of Dauben’s relentless, reckless pursuit of villains unless his fear about being discovered led him to it in an effort to divert suspicion from himself. In turn, the subjects of his reports and others in the community probably became fearful of him, leading to complaints to law enforcement authorities and the Ellis County charges. It became a vicious cycle that eventually ensnared Dauben."

-the first sentence is true, the second has no evidence to support that claim.

"Some of the last words Dauben said to me in the courtroom before the bailiff led him off in handcuffs were, “I’m going to take responsibility for this.”

-Joey has no idea what the world responsible means, so how can he take it?