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Monday, September 23, 2013

Bill Thinks He Scared Us

Yes Bill spent the weekend ranting and raving about all the meanie people in the world he wished he could get.  He thinks his never ending barrage of threats is somehow having an effect on us.  The truth is he is simply a bore and has nothing new to say, just a tired old rehashing of his empty threats.  Its been what like 8 months now that he has been promising to have a "big surprise for us"?  Lets just say no one believes you or cares any more Bill, you have been exposed as a liar and fraud so there is no reason to believe anything you say.

Bill sent out this feckless rant over the weekend:


My father would have been 95 today he also would have been wishing for death knowing the monster his oldest son turned in to.. He was a "special" person . Sadly, his memory is one of the victims of the criminals who have stalked me thats all you can remember about him?. If you didn't see it and almost no one did, these scumbags be specific please set up Facebook pages in his name with photos of him in his casket and on his deathbed I only remember seeing one page. They also published a photo of what was allegedly his bones, and in another photo, they showed him on his deathbed talking on the phone with a caption saying he was having phone sex with my dead mother who died 30 years prior so see judge, this couldn't have been true. This scum will be held accountable for this this scum, that scum, those scums....who are you talking about?.

This is a photo of me at age 2 you were even a liar at age 2.

There have been a lot of developments Syria has agreed to give up its chemical weapons. A lot of the defamation, libel, and stalking has disappeared nuh uh, you are still posting as these criminals are trying to hide their work before they have to deal with the courts and law enforcement I'm not hiding anything...its all here you don't even have to download my site. Fortunately, I downloaded all the sites what did I just say? that I was aware of many megabytes were harmed in the process. I have also sent preservation notices to Facebook, and subpoenas have been issued to a boatload of people and entities what exactly does a liar consider a boatload to be...hey bill dont get your hopes up too high on those, just saying.

Claudine Dombrowski of the American Mothers Political Party has been put out of business by the courts I think that would be news to her, but she is violating the court order if you say soOn Monday, I will file a motion to have her found in criminal contempt not just contempt but criminal contempt?, and I will file a complaint with the Topeka Kansas Police Department to show that she is in criminal violation of the court order and KSA 21-5924 and KSA 21-5427 when was the last time those little stunts turned out like you wanted?. I expect her to be arrested but you know she wont be, and she should be subject to both state and federal firearms restrictions so should you be.

I have sued the American Mothers Political Party, Claudine Dombrowski, and her co-conspirators (which includes every member of this so-called group). Discovery is beginning and its ending just about as fast as it begun..

The new judge in Missoula Montana has terminated Sean Boushie's protective order against me yeah well great but wasn't the PO from his wife and UM?. I filed a civil action against Sean Boushie yeah and I just clipped my toenails but I was planning on sparing everyone of that pointless detail, and I am preparing to name the University of Montana, President Royce Engstrom you just did name him, and all the players so you are going after the athletic department?  there in a very special legal action again special needs to be "".

My lawsuit against Allie Overstreet is rolling along after I whipped her attorney, Weasel Curly, in federal court. He filed an absolutely outrageous and frivolous I'm pretty sure you still don't know what the word means removal to federal court of the Missouri state court action. So, discovery is flying out of here on that case and I think you will discover that you know very little about anything. I have set a hearing for October 8, 2013 in Missouri to ask the judge to throw the book the phone book? at Allie Overstreet and Weasel Curly for contempt, sanctions, failure to appear for depositions, failure to provide discovery, etc. I have asked the judge to order a mental examination of Allie Overstreet, and much more do you think you can pass such an examination Bill?  careful, these are dangerous waters for you.

I appear to have pretty much stopped the Joeyisalittlekid people from their criminal activities ummm, it appears not as I'm back to your "criminal" activity of taking your own words and commenting on them. I've now got two of the Joeys seemingly wanting this is seemingly not much of a sentence to trade information for a release from liability and criminal action by me too bad there is no such "information" to trade. A BIG surprise is coming to the Joeys as I am holding JoeyCon, a national convention of all the Joeys yay, reunion, I know you must mean it mr bill, you wouldn't keep lying to us all this time would you?. It is an invitation-only event sponsored by some high-ranking people high ranking like what? who's who?. There's a lot of exciting stuff coming to the Joeys thats right, this is the party that never stops.

All of this legal activity can require that I change direction quickly please use your turn signal, but I am hoping I can get to California for filming in mid October or early November yeah that will make it a California thats all your movie lacks. It appears that filming in the midwest and east will have to wait until Spring nooooooo, what are those poor people going to do without you saving them?.

I am still working on financing meaning you have none other than your inheritance from daddy. That's one of the reasons I need to get to California they don't finance idiots.

I am working on the pilot for the proposed Lawless America TV show no one is going to fly that. It is being edited now, and I am drafting a script for studio segments that will introduce some of the pieces sure, and while we are making up things why not say its being produced and directed too?. It will be a one-hour show they have already done a show about nothing, and it will be presented as the first show in a weekly series as long as its just one week. The first show is all about cyberstalking, Sean Boushie, and the University of Montana you mean your stupid "stakeout"?. Subsequent shows will feature three stories each week as well as important brief updates on stories covered in previous shows you might as well promise to have a unicorn guest host it. All of the stories will be about victims of various forms of INjustice.

Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone it, People Like Me

Bill is in full drama queen mode in Montana.  He is still trying to get his protective order against Boushie, but now he is turning his attention to the authorities in Montana.  He senses that he is really now in danger as he continues to cross lines.  But instead of backing away when he senses real danger, he is escalating his stalking and paper terrorism activities.  Bill plans to bombard the courts and local law enforcement with 500 plus pages of vexatious complaints (many trees were harmed in the making of these complaints).  Even if he had a point or even proof....good luck finding it buried in that massive amount of wasted paper.

Then Bill takes an odd moment to himself by posting a pic of him wearing a cowboy hat and then asking his few remaining followers if noses grow with old age.  Uhhhhhhh that would be lying that made yours grow Bill.  Constant pathological lying.  Before this, Bill was commenting on how he needed a hair cut.  He seems to know that his body is breaking down, even in the pics he posts, but he refuses to accept the real reason for that.  His vanity won't allow him to accept the truth.

Then we have our old buddy little David Schied dropping in.  He posted on Bill's page that he wanted to know what it takes to get a call from Bill.  Poor little Davey, sitting quietly in the corner waiting for Bill to tell him what's going on.  For the rest of his so-called life, Schied is forever going to be tied to Windsor and his antics and he can't even get Bill to answer to phone.  All those hours of study on citizen grand juries and Bill is wasting it all out conducting his own circus in Montana. These poor sovereign citizen folks can't ever seem to get anywhere in their terrorism, as insanity seems to be a requirement for admission to the group.

Monday, May 6, 2013

David Schied Has to Remain in the Kiddie Corner

We are just three weeks away from the big grand jury stunt that will set in motion the means to "take their country back", but there was no talkshoe from Bill or even David, no one knows what to do or even if its still on.  They are supposed to be coordinating with their followers in every county of every state as they put the Nation on notice, yet its complete chaos.

While Bill is still popping pain pills in Tennessee and finally discovering (320 something days into it) that he is going to need to paint a visual story not just non-stop personal testimonies for his fake movie, David has been relegated to kicking rocks over in the corner.  David even tried to reach out to Bill on his facebook page with this:  David Schied Call me ASAP.  but until he becomes a "hater" he will continue to get the cold shoulder as he is simply a nobody inside Lawless America.  He will not get the coordination and support he needs from bill to set up this grand jury stunt..but guess who will get the blame for the impending failure?

And, to make matters worse for David, while he is sequestered over in the kiddie corner, it looks like his know the one he "became married to with kids", is ready to speak out and shed some light on this former convict.  His ex posted this on the Lawless page of all places:  Barbara Iserman Schied
what was done to me was wrong!!!!! and I am going to start speaking up now!!!

I guess David and Bill can commiserate together about the pitfalls of marrying a Barbara.  I gotta go make sure I have plenty of popcorn on hand for this one.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Windsor Spits The Bit After One Day in the RV

Uhhhhh, yeah about that RV that I said was the most important thing to making my filming more effective, well it turns out that a large RV guzzles a lot of gas, its hard to keep steady with my shaking hands and a north wind, and I can't seem to get around in town in it.  So, just like everything else in my entire life, I quit with the RV thing, its back to the jeep.  Ohhh and while I was trying to lean my head out the window to yell CEASE and DESIST to an angry passing motorist, I chipped my tooth so I have to go to the dentist, I don't get workman's comp for this so I want to remind everyone of the pay pal link on the bottom of the page.  And I need some gas money too, why did you lemmings talk me into this?

So lets see, he has failed at over 50 businesses, he failed as a father, grandfather, husband, book writer, movie producer, facebook page owner, politician, at diet and exercise, Meet me in DC, pro se litigant, and now we can add RV driver to the list.  Oh well, its only someone else's money right?  If at first you don't succeed, fail fail fail fail fail fail again.

Austin and Chris of Olathe RV did a great job disconnecting the drive train on the Jeep so it could be towed, and then securing the Jeep to the tow dolly. Then all 54-feet of us was off. The first day went pretty well. Some learning to d...o. But the second day was miserable. Strong winds had me battling to keep the RV between the white lines. I was extremely uncomfortable towing the Jeep. While I have now taken an oath that I will try to avoid ever towing anything again EVER, I screwed up. The RV woiuld have been perfect for the first trip, but I believe it is wrong for thie second trip. Filming primarily outside on location requires the ability to maneuver and work in small spaces. The RV won't do that. So after all the attempts to get an RV, all the thinking and planning, I'm going to head to Sevierville and elsewhere in Tennessee this week for filming in the Jeep. I suspect I will make this entire Trip II in the Jeep. There are several reasons for this decision. I know it's the right decision; I just wish I had been considering all of the factors before I spent a week getting the RV. Sometimes we don't see the trees for the forest, and sometimes we only look at the prettiest part of the forest and ignore the rest....See More
— in Gardner, KS.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Windbagmobile

Determined as ever to remove all physical exertion out of his life, Bill is turning to his lemmings to pony up the cash for his slothful lifestyle.  After suspiciously getting an RV donated to him, which would remove all that hard muscle movement that he had to exert by pulling the camera down from the top of the jeep, the man who claims he has no money now has him a 3-wheel scooter to get around the urban areas.  Now if he could just find some kind of contraption to push him out of bed each morning and to put the gas hose in the gas tank for him, he would have it made.


I'm on the road again uhhh yeah we know, you have been saying that for a week now. The backup camera is set up for filming, and the Canon Service Center in Virginia will have the big camera today, and they will advise how long it will take to fix it how can you afford all this if you are broke?.

I'm traveling Route 66 today from south of Chicago to Springfield, Illinois thats not much of a trip, you need lots of potty breaks or something?. Tomorrow, I go to Joplin, Missouri haven't those people suffered enough?.

Then on Friday morning, I'm back in the Kansas City area where I inspect the RV that has been chosen and consummate the acquisition uhhhh, is this the kinds of things a lonely, old, horny man says?. I'm excited I see that, now please put your pants back on. I'll miss the Jeep, but an RV will make this job so much more efficient I'm moving up the projected 2042 movie release date up to 2037 thanks to this RV alone. I don't expect to work any less because I'm retired, but I expect to pack more into every day lot lizards and pie, what a life.

I believe I have the solution for getting around in urban areas take the loop?. a little of the money we we, we who? saved who saved?  I thought it was donated, what was the budget? with finding a much better deal on a used RV will be spent on a trike -- 3-wheel motorcycle it earned 4 stars from AARP for its bathroom accessibility. We're just confirming that the lift and carrier we've found will accommodate it dont lie bill, you plan to use the lift yourself dont you?. It has a trunk large enough to carry the film gear and my doggie bags, and I'm not comfortable with a 2-wheel bike one or both of the wheels keeps going flat. And I'm really not comfortable with towing something else behind a 32-foot RV you're not comfortable? what about all the traffic around you?. I was never good at backing while pulling a trailer thats why I always like to walk forward.

So, the plan continues to be to acquire the RV on Friday and "consummate" it; drive straight to Georgia to load up the rest of the equipment; and try to get it painted and 'wrapped' before heading to Sevierville I'm going to dollywood, Tennessee for Jimmie Robinson's hearing and filming at several prisons they might not let you back out. From there, it's Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Hollywood, Santa Clara, San Francisco, and Sacramento cue Johnny Cash. Anyone wishing to be filmed along that route needs to contact me ASAP just be waiting on the shoulder next to the specified mile marker. This will complete filming in Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. The itinerary is yet to be determined beyond Sacramento no Hawaii?  does this RV not float?.

Everyone needs to review this article, because the logistics are different for the Lawless America Movie Road Trip II.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Terrorist Bill Windsor Increases His Stalking of Allie

Fresh off his "victory" in the court room yesterday, Billy decided to show everyone just how petty and vindictive he really is.  He couldn't just leave, he couldn't just let it go and move on with his pathetic life, he has to rub it in.  To continue to stalk and harass a single mother is just to good to pass up for Windsor.  This is what he posted just a short time ago:

Following the trial when Allie Overstreet was shown to have committed perjury, Judge John Frerking directed Bill Windsor to present his charges to the Sheriff of Lancaster County. And so he did, and the Sheriff's Deputy directed Bill to fi...le some of then charges with the Higginsville Police Department. So, Bill traveled to the rural town of Higginsville, saw the police, drove quickly by Allie Overstreet's house, and snapped a few shots around town.See More
— in Higginsville, MO.
And yes, he included a pic of Allie's home.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In The End, Everything Was Dismissed

Late yesterday afternoon in a court room in Lexington Missouri, Judge John Frerking decided to toss out all motions except the one to dismiss the case.  After its all said and done the only thing that mattered was any evidence that directly related to a threat of physical harm.  Bill most definitely used the internet to threaten those that dislike him, but he was not specific with his threat and therefore skates by on that technicality.  Bill's motion for a protective order against Allie was also tossed on the same grounds, meaning they fought to a draw in Lexington.

I figured that the Judge would grant the PO just on principle alone after having to review all the voluminous and frivolous filings that Bill made in this case, in fact I thought the Judge might want a PO himself from ever having to read another filing of Bill's.  It turned out that Bills vexatious litigant approach may have paid off as the Judge refused to read any of it, including Allie's filings except for things that directly related to the statue needed in this case.  In short, Judge John Frerking decided to wash his hands clean from the entire circus and just focus on the specific letter of the law.

Even though this would be one of the thousands of judges across the Nation that Bill wants executed for treason, Judge John Frerking proved exactly why Bill's movement is a complete scam and waste of time.  Generally speaking, judges do adhere to the letter of the law and are not a respector of persons.  There are, certainly, cases out there where judges deviate from the letter of the law and inside the family court system, where just about everything is a gray area, its even more so.  But yesterday, Bill unintentionally highlighted exactly why the entire premise for Lawless America is wrong and doomed to fail.

But, as I pointed out from day one, this was never about the actual court case itself, this was a publicity stunt by Bill aimed at trying to give a shot in the arm to his struggling movement. Bill and the lemmings were on such a high from him "winning his trial" that the comments and activity spiked on Lawless America, including the calls for more funding for Bill.  Just like Hitler torching the Reichstag, Bill had manipulated his own little scam and used it to fire up his troops.

The online euphoria is in direct contrast to the 4 goons that made the trip out there with Bill. They spent hundreds of dollars to go all the way out there just to watch Bill's crazy antics.  Their facial expression says it all.  This is what it looks like when Bill's followers see him for what he is in the real world:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well this one is worth several thousand.

Bill will try and parley his big "win" into synergy for this pointless road trip.  But just like the euphoria after his made up award in DC, this will all wear off quickly as the reality of the situation sinks back in that he has nothing but a revolving group of followers.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Round America Version 3.0 Begins

You could almost hear a certain jeep in Marietta (with its axle slanted to the left) moan as Bill waddled out and got inside to start another pointless road trip.  Windsor has run out of followers and now he must embark on another trip to trick new people into liking him on facebook and following his never ending drama with messiah-like worship.  In exchange for their unquestioned loyalty, Bill will record whatever they want to say and upload it to youtube, a great deal indeed.

Also, this trip will have a duel purpose of intimidating Bill's "haters".  He wants to stalk his "stalkers" as he drives around their homes filming whatever he can. 

But what his trip really about, is a chance to feel like his has some sort of family.  Being home alone is not much fun for today's narcissists.  Bill just wants people to listen to him again.  He needs more hero worship.  That's why he can't stop pointing out how many miles and days he has spent on the road as some sort of public servant hero.  The "haters" seem to out number the lemmings at this point, and Bill is determined to change that.  He will follow his pie hole wherever it takes him, but we can be sure he won't spare any details (with plenty of lies mixed in) as he chronicles his road show.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Billy Calls In Judge Snooty For Backup

As Bill continues to create drama and clog up the legal system in Missouri, his fellow co-conspirator Sharon Kramer descends from on high once again to deliver her unique brand of ignorance and condescension to the confused Lawless followers.

So with the backdrop of Bill mentioning this:

"My Motion for Continuance to obtain discovery was deniedMy Motion to Vacate the Order of Protection was denied.  My Motion to Film the proceedings was denied.  My Request for a Jury Trial was denied.  Other than that, I'm doing great. "

-Hmmm, maybe you are not quite the attorney you thought you were huh Billy?  If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result...well call him insane because he sure isn't going to stop or even change course.

Then, cue the angels singing as here come Jude Snooty (glasses pulled down) to report to bill what us "haters" have been saying about her Fuhrer:

Sharon Noonan Kramer Bill and All, 

This appears to be very telling. It seems that some of those who are attacking Bill have stated they are motivated to stop people who have exposed corruption in the courts from being able to succeed. They have stated they are here to support the government.

#1. First poster defending Bill and discussing that one has to stand up to corrupt courts: "Anonymous March 31, 2013 at 8:29 AM Get a grip on reality. PLEASE. Stand up for your self and be willing to do jail time for what you believe is RIGHT. If your court order is ILLEGAL ......BREAK IT..... what keeps you in bondage. Seems to me, that few and far between have the back bone to change the corruption. Bill Windsor can NOT fix everything. Your eyes are on the wrong person.......only JESUS can fix this problem. If the Judge and Attorney's are your own Attorney. IF your cause is not worth Jail or Dieing for..........Lay it down and shut up."

#2. A primary attacker of Bill, stating their motivation: Ginger SnapMarch 31, 2013 at 9:09 AM "Stand up for your self and be willing to do jail time for what you believe is RIGHT. If your court order is ILLEGAL ......BREAK IT..... what keeps you in bondage.' This is why you are my enemy. You are a terrorist, like Bill. You want to destroy the fabric of our society because you can't win in your own little cases. I'm standing up for our government against those like you....yes its not perfect and it does need reforming but blowing it up is not the answer. Self-centered anarchists like you and Bill are a clear and present danger to our way of life. I certainly hope you get a chance to do some of that jail time you are advocating for, one more of you people off the street is a win for society."

#3. The group think of the attackers: NinjaMarch 31, 2013 at 10:27 AM "Ditto Ginger!! That Anon right there, is proof positive they feed off anger, vengeance, and control. They will DO WHATEVER it takes, to control the situations, even BREAK LAWS. Bill has taught them well."

Lawless America Sharon, those nuts aren't worth a second's thought. They are terminally impaired.

-but somehow you have given us way more than just a second thought haven't you Billy boy, with our 24-hours a day website?

Sharon Noonan Kramer Lawless America, Right. I was just trying to understand their motivation for this wrath. As is stated above. "This is why you are my enemy. You are a terrorist, like Bill. You want to destroy the fabric of our society because you can't win in your own little cases. I'm standing up for our government against those like you." CLEARLY this is not just an attack on Bill. Its a heinous attack to stop court corruption from coming to public light.

-thats right you better explain yourself a little better and kiss the ring, your rhetoric is starting to wander.

Lawless America Sharon, I believe it's much simpler. I believe it's jealousy by people who wish they were in charge, and it's simply an attempt to cause trouble because I discovered dishonesty of people like L. Wilson, Diane Gochin, Connie Bedwell, Loryn Ryder, Claudine Dombrowski, and others.

There you go Bill, its just Connie and Loryn trying to get back at you.  You obviously have us all figured out dont ya?  Ok, echo, where is my echo?

Sharon Noonan Kramer Lawless America, yes. That has to be a big part of it. Why else would these people join to attack you w/people who are directly stating they think these videos "destroy the fabric of our society because you can't win your own little case." If they felt this way then why did they make the videos in the first place? Its not even a question if they are liars. The only question is "Were they lying then or are they lying now?"
-thank you for your forced agreement Judge Snooty....see lemmings, she agrees with me, we have cracked the code, all these people are just jealous because we called them liars and they can't be in the fake movie.  Yeah thats it...right Sharon?  Yes sir Bill that must be it, mainly because you just said that was it.  Good I'm glad you are here to help me think these things through.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Lawless Shipmates Are Getting Restless

They may have been mildly amused at first, but as Bill continues to spend all this time going after his made up haters, some of the followers are growing tired of the never ending tail-chasing Bill is engaged in.  They signed up for a movie, or a cause they thought was about changing the legal system.  Instead, it seems they are followers of an old man who happens to be a drama king.

Now Bill prepares to go back on the road for what he calls filming, but it really looks like an escape from his local problems with Maid of the Mist and a scouting trip to go do research on his "haters".  No more talkshoe lectures, haven't even heard much about the little citizen grand jury stunt and certainly no word on his fake movie.  They are starting to feel that they are hopelessly adrift at sea, and the only movement seems to be from the daily wind direction and nothing more.  You can start to see their frustrations coming out in the comments to Bill:

Sharon Anderson Why Promote adverse Hate Group Sorry delete I have more important Issues to Advocate4Bill

Naomi Gutierrez I agree. Hate groups should be ignored. Giving them attention fuels the fire. I have something more constructive one can do right here: Please Sign

Stephanie Lynn Bill I trust you... So.... Did you threaten to go to her hearing for her daughter? And work with her ex? And publish the address of her children? I know you have never threatened anyone with a gun. You stated a while back you bought one for protection because you were being threatened. But you never threatened anyone.

Rebecca Potter Please folks, understand the dance of the dysfunctional!!!! They always use threats, lies, intimidation and false scandals and false statements to divert the real truth. This is the dance of the psychopath. Psychopaths always unite to distort the individual who unmasks them. This is why so many who are fighting the "Crazy Courts" are targeted by the psychopaths in and out of the system.

Darin Karl I have been reading Lawless America posts the past couple of weeks, trying to follow along. 
I do have one question, Bill. Do you really think its a safe option to confront your haters at their own residences?

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Please Don't Pass the Pie

So yeah, any and everything is a threat if it comes from us, while nothing is a threat if it comes from him.  So Billy the Kid responds to being called a kid by throwing a temper tantrum and running to mommy to tattle on us.  Once again the point is awarded to the Clubhouse.  At least we are back in his crosshairs where we belong with our "24 hours-a-day" coverage of Bill and his traveling circus.

As billy the kid threw his tantrum, he decided to drink the hemlock that old man Webby has been serving up for a while now.  He goes on to name some of those that post here:  Brannon, Mist, and Curtis but then adds MVZ.  Since this blog has been effective in combating internet frauds and hucksters, we have accumulated quite a following of roaches and spiders and other vermin.  These pests, in their hatred and rage against this site have collaborated and come up with some theories that are categorically incorrect, but that won't stop them from continuing them.  MVZ has absolutely nothing to do with this blog in any way shape or form, she does not come here or post here.  Any continued harassing of her will result in my aiding her in litigation against said vermin.  Take that however you want, but if you actually know MVZ you would know she would gladly jump at a ready made case such as this.

Then Bill goes on to repeat vermin mantra number 2.  "A number of these people are said to use dozens of aliases to make it seem like people actually read the site and comment."  You can believe that if you want, but its asinine in every way.  All the "aliases" and even real names of those that post on here are all different individuals entirely.  Not only that, but those that post represent about 1/20th of those that read this site.  Again, believe what you want but that's the cold hard facts.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Windsor Continues To Act Out His Temper Tantrum

Billy continues to drag out this Allie restraining order issue.  He thinks that this is going to be a good rallying subject for his followers.  So far he has whipped up some support since he won't tell them the whole truth about what the RO is really about.  Lawlessnomore has a great run down of this tantrum

In his latest edict, Billy says:  "I have heard that Sean Boushie (my original stalker) is planning to be there to testify for Allie.  Two or more liars against one honest man can be devastating."

"Allie Overstreet and her friends are not permitted to read this website.  This article is not abuse, a threaten to abuse, stalk, molest or disturb the peace of Allie Overstreet.  I am simply a member of the press reporting what has happened to me."

Why is it that all this hucksters that we end up following always go to the "you can't get me I'm a member of the press" playbook?  He Bill, ask Joey Dauben how that works out for ya.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Billy Sets High Noon Showdown With Allie

Yesterday Bill put up a post about being served for the restraining order from Allie.  He only disclosed a few details to his lemmings, but this got them all fired up, especially the head of his gustapo the evil Julia Fletcher.  She, like the good little terrorist her Fuhrer had trained her to be,  called on all the lemmings to email and call the court in Missouri and intimidate them on behalf of Bill.

The logical move here is to just leave Allie alone.  He has kicked her out, he has told his followers she is bad, and at this point there really is no further need to be involved with her.  But Bill isn't logical, he is consumed by hate and vindictiveness.  Not only that, but he has been exposed by us and others as completely feckless. His threats no longer have any teeth in them.  In his mind, the only move to get all that back is to head out to Missouri and try and ruin Allie face to face.  Despite all the talk of having a gun, and being a good shot, its another kind of shooting that may prove to be the most disruptive.....his youtube camera being on the whole time.  He will do anything to wreck Allie's personal life, and if it means going to extremes to accomplish that, then he is willing and able.

Hopefully, Allie and the authorities can stop him before it gets that far.  Don't forget about the P B & Y show tonight at 10 cnt

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Billy Starts to Feel The Heat Coming Down on Him

After his criminal charges backfired, and with the Maid of the Mist lawsuit getting close to asset seizure, Bill Windsor feels the urge to get back on the road film some more, yeah thats its film.

After sending out the call for donations, errr I mean, buy these T-shirts that I'm going to forget to mail you, Billy knows he has to skip town.  He does need a new group of lemmings, that much is clear, but other than that there really is no other reason to go back on the road other than fleeing the authorities.

In the meantime, in a move old Joey would be proud of, Billy has decided to take some pre-emptive strikes against judges.

Who is the WORST JUDGE in America?

Lawless America is conducting a Best & Worst in Lawless America Contest, and nominations are now being accepted for Worst Judge.

So here is your opportunity to name your judge THE WORST....

Nominate the corrupt judge or judges in your case. Email the name, address, and other contact information for your judge along with an explanation of why you feel your judge is worthy of this infamous title. please email a photo, if possible.

Send your entries to with the subject in all capitals: WORST JUDGE IN AMERICA. Deadline for entries is May 1, 2013.

The Worst Judge in America will be recognized with a special award certificate (suitable for framing) and a special music video guaranteed to obtain an extremely high search engine ranking.

Additional Best & Worst Contests will be held -- Worst Attorney, Worst Court Clerk, Worst So-Called Social Worker, Worst CPS Worker, Worst Court Employee, Worst Elected Official, Worst Company, Worst Prosecuting Attorney, Worst Public Defender, Worst Guardian, Worst Child Abuser, Worst Pedophile, Worst Liar, Worst Law Enforcement Officer, and much more. — in United States.

Well thats cute, I'm sure this is exactly where your followers expected you to be a this point.  Notice he says he will hand out the Best and Worst awards but when he lists them its only the worst that get an award.  Ok, lets just go ahead and call the time of death...Bill Windsor is completely out of ideas

Monday, March 18, 2013

Billy's March Maddness

So its been a rather dreary March for Bill and Lawless America.  Nothing has been accomplished.  He has lost a good portion of his followers.  The authorities seem to be putting the clamps down on him at every end.  Blogs are springing up all over the place now exposing Bill for what he is.  While he did have some talented followers initially  the only ones left spend several hours a day yelling out "THERE IS NO ANYKEY" at their computers, so he can't expect much help from them.  And, once again he can't seem to work a facebook page.

Here is the latest edict from Der Fuhrer:

Bill Windsor provides an update on the Lawless America Movie and Lawless America Revolution

  • PDF

I'm alive and well  well maybe the first part is true.  I posted earlier in the week that there would not be a TalkShoe Show tonight, March 17, 2013. so stop the presses, I actually told the truth
Instead, if you have specific questions for me about May Day - Grand Jury Criminal Charges Filing, please email me with the subject in all caps PHONE CALL. even though I don't read my emails
I had planned to call people tonight but then I realized I don't like people, but I need to delay that a bit.  Please email me with your name, address, and phone, and if possible, list your key questions.  I will call you.  yeah lets do email, at least that way you can't dominate the conversation and I have to listen to your voice
I have been working all night for the last two nights adding photos to the Movie Listing Pages. so now have we taken our country back?  I have finished through the letter I (alpha by first names) somehow with you, it seems that the letter I is the only one in the alphabet.  I want to finish this before we begin distributing to the state legislators. huh, what is this you speak of?  What happened to the movie?
There are many Movie Listing Pages without a summary of the victim's story.  This is terrible after all the work we all have done and guess who's fault this is? (spoiler alert:  not Bill's).  PLEASE check your page, and if there isn't a summary of your story, please write something and email it to me at nobodies@att.netwith the subject in all caps -- MOVIE LISTING.  I will add everything sent.  I won't be featuring anyone in the movie who doesn't have a summary on their Movie Listing Page because failure to meet this fundamental requirement indicates to me that those folks aren't as serious about this as others. you stupid lemmings, you can't do anything right, why do I have to spend my time with you dolts, I'm so much better than this
The judge who I am waiting for an answer from on the Criminal Warrant Applications that I filed advised me to take some lessons at a firing range ummmmm how do I say this...BS.  I had a class this afternoon.  I feel much better prepared to defend myself as a result.  Using the instructor's 9 mm pistol, I never missed in an 18" x 24" rectangle set at 21-feet.  The instructor rarely strayed from a 3" x 3" 50-feet!  hear that everyone, even though I got the shakes I can shoot.  Thats not a threat, but it was meant to be.
If you want to seek justice in your case, please read this article about our effort to file criminal charges against judges, attorneys, perjurors, government oficials, and others nationwide.  Then prepare and begin issuing the letters needed. and while you are reading this, let me go back to the restroom to wash my hands clean of you
There is a lot of really strange stuff happening with Facebook some people want me to fertilize their crops, someone poked me, I was "tagged" in a photo.  The number of likes varies by several thousands down and up with no explanation for why maybe I should have read the contract I signed with my fake facebook followers.  Facebook suspends me for several days at a time because others post things on my page that they claim are objectionable.  No one can control what someone else posts huh?  You delete 80% of everything posted on your page, so this is an outrage.  It's past time to give Facebook the old heave ho.  Heave ho, lets go.....where?
To the thousands who have requested to be filmed who have not yet been filmed, please find a computer with a webcam, and record yourself and it really doesn't matter if its good or not since it was always a con anyway, just make sure you feel emotionally invested in my fake movie.  Use our Lawless America Self-Filming Instructions.  
I'm not sure when I can hit the road, but I need to make another film trip it may end up being a fugitive trip.  I need to visit Stafford County Virginia, New York City, Ilion - Elmira - and Vestal New York, Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, Sevierville Tennessee, Grand Rapids Michigan, Jefferson City Missouri, Dallas Texas, Houston Texas, Biloxi Mississippi, Destin Florida, and a few other stops most of these have to do with the "haters" and not fake movie related.  I have very specific places to go court dates to meet and people to see in these towns.  If you are along this general route and would like to be filmed if I happen to be driving by your house and you offer me pie, I might get the cam out for ya, please email with the subject in all caps: APRIL FILMING.  
I've been procrastinating you could end the sentence there on signing the contract that I have been given by a motion picture/television agent.  Steven Spielberg hasn't called, so I guess a bird-in-the-hand is better than an empty hand.  you are so funny, pardon me while I chuckle
Stay tuned.  oh you know we will