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Monday, January 20, 2014

Joey Dauben, One Year Later

So its now been a year since a jury convicted Joey Dauben of 3 counts of sex with a minor, and the Judge decided to stagger his sentence giving him a 30 year prison term which really is staggering.  It was not the end of Joey's life, but it was the end of his online life as he and we knew it.  No doubt he has now had to adapt to the new reality of prison life.  He is still trying to work the appellate process, but in all reality he isn't going anywhere any time soon.

The conviction marked the sad end to a life that got off track.  Joey had lots of enthusiasm for local politics, and he would no doubt be having fun covering hotly contested local races this year.  He had a zest for that and frankly its something that more people need to do, it served a purpose in the community. But he learned that his biggest reactions to his stories came from those where he made the most outlandish claims.  He enjoyed the spotlight and for him to stay in it, he had to continue to state wild accusations against elected officials and community leaders.  He would do this all on hearsay, rumor, or in some cases...pretty much made the entire thing up by connecting his own dots.

Joey also started to hang out with the wrong crowd as he got a little too close to some dirty gypsy cops in Bardwell and Combine.  They corrupted him and helped push him more down the path of everything is a conspiracy.  Then he teamed up with the infamous John Margetis, a member of Lawless America, and the man who spends most of his time attacking judges and officials with extreme slander.  Joey liked the limelight that came with this, even though it was decidedly negative.

He then decided that he had cracked the decades old murder case of Amber Hagerman.  Even though his theories were dismissed by law enforcement, he crusaded on with his claims to having found the killer as well as an underground child sex ring.  This eventually evolved into him getting involved in family court/custody issues and is how he eventually crossed paths with Bill Windsor and Lawless, although his conviction came before they could ever really work together.  Once Joey was convicted of sex with a child, Bill dropped him and moved on.

Unlike Bill, Joey was truly likeable as a person, and I do believe he really did mean well, at least originally.  He wasn't trying to deceive people he just never learned that there are two sides to every story.  His zeal and arrogance caused him to libel many people.  Thats the main reason this blog ever started was a way to give his victims and others a chance to tell the other side of the story that Joey ignored.  Joey missed his sister's wedding this year, among other things.  I hope for the day where a responsible Joey can emerge, one who has learned that you must investigate to get all sides of a story before printing something.  But even more than that, as the name of this blog implies, I hope Joey can move on with his life and realize he can't fix all the worlds ills, and instead he needs to focus on his own problems.  That is what separates those like Bill and the Lawless crowd, from all the actual adults in society.  Superman is a fictional character.  The real supermen and women in life are the ones that handle their own lives and families.  They realize that for them to even make a minor change for the better in just their own community, they need to put down the bullhorn and get involved with their community and try and change it from within.  You may not end up in history textbooks for that 80 years from now, but you will live a life that actually did something about your world as you knew it, instead of just complaining about it.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bill Windsor: "I Hate to Sound Vindictive, But I Guess I Am"

So Bill says he has to cancel the filming of his fake movie yesterday because of the weather, even though it was partly cloudy and nice all day.  So instead of fake working, he spent the day doing what he planned all along, hunting all over the area for a certain spicy cookie.  He was able to locate, after being pointed to the break room in several of the local police stations, several chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, but not what he was looking to file charges on.

Well then its back to the tried and failed method of trying to file charges against someone in your address book.  So Bill waddles up the steps to the Ellis County Sheriff's office to whine about Brannon making videos.  As the deputy continues to point out the front door to Bill, he finally relents and says well you can take all this crap to the DA if you want, oh and feel free to fill out one of our comment cards in the suggestion please, exit the building.

Windsor then takes his shifty eyes, shaking hands, and overly swollen neck on in front of his camera to do a video to document his stalking activities.  He also releases the video he did in Biloxi while he was stalking EHH.  He blames the "haters" for the loss of his wife, his daughter, and the reason he can't speak to his granddaughter.  He attacks Brannon and this blog and took a swipe at Joey Dauben as a way to gain leverage against Brannon (will David Dauben be liking this post as well?).  He may have forgotten the history, but we have not.  While this blog was always against the slandering and liable that Joey did, he Bill Windsor went down to film Joey while he was held in the ECSO detention center awaiting his trial.  This is how, and why, Joey's particularly stoooopid father painted up his beloved blazer to the Lawless America paint to match his new messiah Bill Windsor.  Once Joey was convicted, Bill dropped him like a hot potato as he was now a pr liability.  But Brannon, as a true friend, did not.  Brannon doesn't support or stand for any of the actions of Joey, but he won't abandon his friend just because its no longer advantageous to claim you know Joey.

Another interesting facet of both of his videos, which also shows his unbridled vindictiveness,  is how he goes into detail about how he wants Brannon and EHH to be incarcerated   He even hopes that EHH is moved to a prison he filmed earlier in Mississippi so she can fight of the rat infestation while she serves her time.  This is no doubt a lonely, perverted old man who has allowed his jealousy and rage literally eat him alive.  He also mentions, for the first time, how the "haters" are harassing not only him but "others".  This new wrinkle is a shout out on behalf of is little shrimpy friend David Schied who is still quietly hiding in the corner trying to karate chop some wood.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

When the Lawless Lemmings Attack

Ok, so in case you guys missed it, down at the bottom of the "Billy Sets High Noon Showdown" blog we had an attack by a lemming.  In comes this Debby Reagan
who seems to be a conspiracy theorist in the highest order, along with a Windsor Koolaid drinker.  She has been the best example yet of what a lemming sounds like outside of her little cult.  She hasn't got the slightest clue what this blog is about or who is who, but that's not going to stop her with spewing her premade koolaid all over the place:

You said "In his mind, the only move to get all that back is to head out to Missouri and try and ruin Allie face to face"....and an anonymous asked "Why is Bill even traveling to Missouri ?".... and my comment/answer would be because it's a court order to go answer before a judge to answer the temporary charges against him. If he doesn't, then he could be charged for a longer stretch of time. So, he's going there to protect himself, just as anyone would. If Allie hadn't charged him, he wouldn't be going. 
Anything else that may be going on, as both sides claim....has nothing to do with my answer here. I have purposely kept out of things because in my mind, it's just a big pissing contest between both sides. But, here....I can see that you all have lost sight as to the fact that in THIS instance, the reasoning behind Bill having to travel to Missouri is because Allie has made it that he has to answer in court by filing what she did. Not saying it's right or wrong, not even arguing the points/merits of her claim....just saying that he's doing what anyone else would properly do if served with charges to go before a judge...and that's to appear and answer to the charges before a judge! So, it's not that he's going to ruin her face to face, it's that he was forced to go to court to answer to a judge because Allie has charged him with something. And naturally, he's going there to defend himself. It's that simple. Just as Allie will most likely go to defend herself against any claims/filings against her. 
I think that all of this is just a big shameful situation. We ALL have had our government abuse us in one way or another and they have managed once again to divide a big group of us who got together to expose them! They always manage to infiltrate and cause problems that end up fracturing, dividing and causing hate & discontent within, so the group fights amongst themselves instead of completing their original goal...which is to fight the governmental abuses upon us! This is really sad. And I mourn for us all. Because the ONLY victor through all the government! *BIG SIGH*
its a restraining order, not like he is standing trial for a felony. Any normal human being would say "fine ok I will leave her alone" and leave it at that.

He is going all the way out there for the right to continue to harass and stalk Allie. Thats why you fight a TRO like this when there is no family or any other kind of connection to each other, there is no other reason but that.

This life lesson has been brought to you by you are welcome're wrong. It's called defending yourself! He lives in Georgia....she lives in Missouri. It's not like they are neighbors...or even within 100 miles of each other! And if he doesn't stand before the judge, the restraining order will go onto his record because he didn't show up in court and the judge will take his silence as agreement. So, he has his right, just like anyone else, for his day in court. And I'd say the same thing if it was the other way around! She has charged him with something which gave her a TRO....and he has the right to defend himself and tell the judge HIS side of the story. And no, if you think most normal people would stand by and let someone put a RO out on them, when they felt they were wrong and just say...I'll leave it be...then you are delusional! He's fighting it because he sees it differently and unneeded. Whether YOU agree with him or not, isn't the point. He has the right to defend himself...and if I were him, and thought I was right, I'd fight too! Just as if I was Allie, and I thought as she does, I'd have done the TRO too! That's why we have it can be hashed out there!
But I can see that there'll be no reasoning with you because you already have him tried, convicted and sentenced, cause you are the rightful judge! And that's why we do have a lawless America now....cause there's too many tunneled visioned and short sighted and narrow minded biased people who refuse to see that there are 3 sides to EVERY story....his side, her side and then the truth somewhere usually in the middle! 
No where in my previous statement, did I EVER say that Allie was wrong....or that Bill was right. All I said is that BOTH of them need to stop it! THAT simple! And get back to what matters....and that's stopping the abuses done by our government!
I never said Bill doesnt have the right to defend himself, I just said its not worth defending. Who cares if she gets a TRO, if he doesn't plan on harassing her what difference does it make?

And let me reiterate again, I dont believe in your cases. I dont believe in Laweless America. I consider you and Bill both mentally insane, I know you think I'm a sheeple but on the flip side I think your are a nutcase
-And now, on this last one, I gotta do my bold over writing this is maybe the dumbest post ever put on this blog-
Well NOW who's being libelous/slanderous ummm Bill, unless you are going to claim that me saying bill should stay home in my opinion is libel? You whine and complain that Bill has done this I laugh and make fun of...but yet you have no compulsion huh? in doing it yourself again, if stating my opinon on my blog that he should not go to Missouri is liable then I guess you are right? And who are you to decide what is worth defending on anyone else's behalf well ummm on my blog I'm Ginger Snap, and I call the shots? Apparently, you don't realize the gravity of being accused of threatening people with a gun no I guess I don't especially in this case where its barely even an aside in terms of the whole TRO? So OF COURSE it's important to show up and defend himself! Don't know what planet you're from earth...but here on this one no tell me which one are you on?, you better show up and speak to the judge when someone accuses you of criminal threatening its a restraining order, you leave them alone, who cares after that?! So, if you don't believe it's important to defend one's self about that, then you're the nutcase! well now I know where the nutcase line is
And I have NO cases! I have had NO involvement in Bill's adventures. I do take care of the Maine's lawless page ummmm so you are the state coordinator for Maine but you have NO involvement with Bill's adventures?...making sure that there's no bickering or swearing...etc wow that's a big job, I can see why you are under so much stress. So, don't even know me well now I do, yet you call me mentally insane uh huh. You don't even know me I think we just covered this...yet you say that I think you're sheeple. Lady who's a Lady?, I don't know you to even say such a thing well now you do. And I could NOT care less to, either! I have never called you anything...cause unlike you....I don't prejudge someone BEFORE I know them I just check with Alex Jones to tell me what conspiracy you are involved in before I speak!
So, let ME reiterate again reiterate again and again and again? How about re-establish? have absolutely no right to do what you complain that Bill is doing I got my rights, and you don't know my complaints....libelous and slanderous comments, because it could be used by Bill...or anyone discredit you and your groups efforts to prove your claims sure, if it were true. Ever heard of...clean hand doctrine I don't need a doctrine to tell me to clean my hands? If not...look it up! that's ok, I'm washing them again just in case
You seem to think that it's ok for you to do mean things and it's ok ok, and again I say ok. But let anyone else do the same...and you scream foul what the hell are you talking about?! Be careful...what is good for the also good for the gander they are both geese, and I'm a person so I'm good on that one! And believe me, I'm one of the most sanest and intelligent people you would ever meet right next to Billy huh?. but then again, maybe not yeah, then again maybe I have a sneaky suspicion that I wouldn't want to meet you you have no idea how mutual that is. You just seem way to over the edge for my liking yeah I'm over the top, to the extreme, I need to calm down. HAGD Ginger ummm is that a derogatory term aimed at women?....try to educate yourself more before jumping into any more conversation with me you do realize you came on to MY blog to tell ME what I should be doing?. NM...nix aren't worth my time. I have better things to do ohhh I doubt fighting governmental abuses of all include theft of children I'm Batman. Have a nice life. so you promise to leave?
And to this site crap she is still talking... I do apologize for this chat line of negativity ummm what?. I shouldn't have allowed Ms. Negative Snap to bring me down to her level. I wish you all the best in your endeavors with your fight for Joey That's right guys chin up, remember Joey, we fight for him, don't ever lose sight of this fight we are will be in my prayers mine too! I lost 2 grandchildren to DHHS ummmm, you did say "grandchildren" didn't you?... I fought for 2 1/2 years to keep them from falling into their hands...and lost well umm, wouldn't the actual parents have a key role in all that?. I know your pain...I'll pray for you ohhh we are so on the same page here Debby, keep fighting the good fight!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Windsor Continues To Act Out His Temper Tantrum

Billy continues to drag out this Allie restraining order issue.  He thinks that this is going to be a good rallying subject for his followers.  So far he has whipped up some support since he won't tell them the whole truth about what the RO is really about.  Lawlessnomore has a great run down of this tantrum

In his latest edict, Billy says:  "I have heard that Sean Boushie (my original stalker) is planning to be there to testify for Allie.  Two or more liars against one honest man can be devastating."

"Allie Overstreet and her friends are not permitted to read this website.  This article is not abuse, a threaten to abuse, stalk, molest or disturb the peace of Allie Overstreet.  I am simply a member of the press reporting what has happened to me."

Why is it that all this hucksters that we end up following always go to the "you can't get me I'm a member of the press" playbook?  He Bill, ask Joey Dauben how that works out for ya.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Google Has Our Back in the Clubhouse

Ain't nothing but a G-thang for us gangsta's in da house.

Long back story here, but the quick version is that John Margetis was a wanna-be Bill Windsor in that he wanted to destroy our legal system because he could never win in it.  He hung out and corrupted Joey and in so doing became one of my main targets.  Margetis hates me and hates me with a passion and he couldn't let it go.  So he decided to come after me and Black Ops (OReader) and tack on Google while he was at it.  Bad move.

For those who want to expose public corruption, I strongly suggest you go with Google for you blog of choice as we learned that the cowards over at Wordpress will kick you to the curb with only one unsubstantiated complaint, while Google will literally go to the mat for you.  Not only did Google put the smack down on Margetis today, they went for blood as he now might be on the hook for legal fees as well.  You might want to pay attention to this one billy and the other haters of the clubhouse.  You can hate all you want, but if you decide to come after our clubhouse, you may end up paying for it.....literally.

Pass me a beer Petunia

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pie Baby Attacks More Woman, Joey Dabuen Sent to State Prison

Mainly I had to make a new post as the comments were about to max out on the last one.  Anyway, this is from anonymous so its not verified, but sounds legit:

Well, our favorite internet terrorist Joey Dauben has caught the White Blue Bird.. also known as the CHAIN BUS. He is no longer an inmate of the Navarro County Jail! Probably about now, he is getting his OFFENDER ORIENTATION HANDBOOK and is contemplating how his first few days, nights, weeks and months will be in THE BIG HOUSE.
Again, in all seriousness, justice was served but it still makes me sick to my stomach that Joey will be locked away like that for at least 20 years.  Such a sad waste of a life that had so much potential.
Ok, now back to the outing of the day from Der Fuhrer:


I have been provided with information this evening to indicate this is (name redacted) also known as (name redacted) the head of the Australian Mothers Political Party and one of the ringleaders of the Amer...ican Mothers Political Party, working with Claudine Dumbrowski, Loraine Tipton, and (name redacted).

I believe (name redacted) lives in (name redacted), (name redacted) Australia. I need a full street address for the police and a phone number and email, if possible. She may be in a relationship with (name redacted), a tour guide with (name redacted) and a member of a band named "(name redacted)."

Please email any information to me at

I have been too busy with real work for Lawless America to file my Criminal Warrant Applications against these women, but I hope to fill in a few blanks and have them ready to file tomorrow.
See More

Looks like he will never deviate his course of outing any and all people, mostly woman, whom he has decided to hate on.  He is especially after any and all Petunias in his Nazi army, be they a pig or an alpaca.  But, as he said, he is too busy planning his fake charges and fake grand jury (whatever happened to the fake movie?) to be bothered with really doing anything other than outing the woman.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Well Folks, I Guess My Time Is Up Today

If you mess with bull, you get the horn or something like that.  I slept in this morning, cleaned off my tooth brush, gave my dogs an extra scooby snack and went to my neighbor's farm and shared a touching moment with an alpaca.  I'm ready to meet my fate.

As you all probably know by now, today is the day Bill Windsor is going to file charges against me for:
"libel, slander, defamation, and cyberstalking. I am filing criminal charges against you on Monday, and I will file one or more civil actions."

And as we have learned, whatever Bill says is true because he never lies, my impending incarceration is only minutes away.  I'm sure they will take this blog down and tear apart the clubhouse.  I'm gonna miss you guys.  Maybe me and Joey can become crayon colored pen pals.

Signing off from the clubhouse,sniff sniff

Sunday, February 10, 2013

So, About Last Night....

Lets just take a quick moment to hit the main points from all that happened last night:

-Brannon and Yappy did an outstanding job with their Blogtalk radio test run.  Lots of people participated and that looks to be an avenue that could become very effective in helping some people to understand what Lawless America is really about.

-I finally get the infamous Cease and Desist from Billy himself and our email exchanges ensue.  He said he is going to file all kinds of charges on me whatever name I am and he is coming to Garland something I guess.  Then he decided to report me to the gmail police, so I knew at that point my work with him was done (we all know how tough those gmail policemen can be).

-Billy goes to his lemmings for help in fighting the big bad Ginger snap:

Lawless America
I need some help getting personal information on people who are haters. Please email me at if you have access to databases for criminal history, driver's license, social security, etc. THANKS!
The lemmings are coming! The lemmings are coming!!!
-While all of this was going on, Bill's Minister of Propaganda Allie had reality strike her hard as it looks like she may lose all parenting rights, so they had to drop their sleuthing and hold a séance for her.  I really don't know Allie's story that well, she may be telling the truth, but she is doing the absolute worst thing she could possibly do for her case by associating with the lawless scam.
-Then, as if the irony wasn't enough, old man Webby pops back in.  First, Billy outs Webby as one of his sources against me calling him an "investigative journalist", when of course he is just an old blogger.  Then webby comes on here as an anon and posts this:
Your mother, Beverly, said that she didn't really thing you were literate enough to be writing all of this stuff and that Kenny must be helping you. Who knows? Who cares? You think 750 people in a week is a big thing? I love going to bed laughing. It always make for a nice night of sleep.
What he is referring to is the name of the person Joey Dauben outed me as over a year ago.  He took the liberty of actually calling this person's mother and harassing her about it.  As hilarious as this is, I really continue to feel sorry for these poor folks so I will say once again...I am not Justin or Karl Thompson and have nothing to do with them whatsoever.  That name, and the email are as fake as Billy's 45,000 (now hidden) followers.  I am Ginger Snap, please file your legal paperwork accordingly.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Windsor Continues to Cry While His Scam is Being Exposed

First, thanks to Funday for that great undercover audio of Joey inside his jail cell.

So it looks like Gail is losing her homeless mind as she tries to log in to her lawless page but his unable, maybe she fears she is on the purging block.  Just to be safe she takes a shot at Loryn but then calls her a nobody.  She is a loyal Nazi she just doesn't quite understand how to conduct herself as one.

Pie Baby won't take back any of his slander hit pieces that he threw out in the last 24 hours even though he can't supply one shred of evidence to back up his tantrum.  But he has lemmings and they never demand proof they just believe in their messiah who never lies.

Speaking of lying, many of those in our clubhouse have been perusing the facebook followers on the Lawless page and can report that at least 95% of them are fake accounts.  One of the dead give aways is the fact that most of them are not even in this country, so why would they care about lawless America?  It will be interesting how the fat man tries to explain this to his lemmings, or if he just avoids it completely as there is no way he can deny the fraud he is committing.  How many of these movie producers, tv shows, and politicians were given his facebook followers numbers to sway them to his cause?  I wonder what facebook would think about this fraud?

Stay tuned as we have another round of Nazi radio coming up tonight, and then we start the Failure in DC starting tomorrow.  The only thing we can count on is more lies and fraud from the Pie Baby, and more blind following by his minions. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Did David Webb Cause Joey Dauben To Recieve The Max?

As people continue to reel from the especially punitive sentence Joey received today, one has to wonder why Judge Lagomarismo would choose such a severe penalty?  The sentencing was originally set for Tuesday but he moved it till today presumably to take more time to research it.  The anger of this Judge was especially evident in his maxing out the probation at 10 years after the 30 year sentence.  This is one pissed off judge, so what sent him to such extreme measures?

Joey's behavior in the courtroom, particularly his testimony certainly irked the Judge, but I think there is something more at work here.  I think someone alerted him to the vomit inducing article that David Webb wrote after the sentencing.  David Webb had already been called to the court for being Joey's mouthpiece while in jail, so Judge Lagomarismo knew the connection.

In Webb's "alcohol binge" article, he clearly blames the consumption of alcohol and the boy not saying no (and being alone) as the main culprit of the rape:
"To the best of my knowledge Dauben was straight, but apparently anything can happen late at night when two people are drinking alcohol alone."
"It didn’t matter that the teenager, now 20, testified he willingly participated in the sexual activity, and that he came from a broken, troubled home that probably contributed to him being alone late at night drinking with an adult 12 years older than him."
Ok, obviously that has already been covered on here, but lets draw our attention to another quote in this article:
"The once-promising writer who started off in high school as a sports reporter for a small town Texas newspaper an hour out of Dallas acknowledged to me after the verdict he was highly intoxicated on the night of the crime."
Red alert, Red alert.  Joey clearly testified that he had only had a "swig" to drink and he wasn't even buzzed.  Most judges don't like defendants perjuring themselves in their courtroom.  Webb, in his quest to write a blame shifting article on Joey's crime may have caused the Judge to come down in such a punitive way.  What an ironic way to end this story full of irony, his friendship of Webb very well may cost him an additional 9 or more years in prison.

Joey Dauben Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

I guess this is one last little lesson he learns after its too late....don't piss off the judge.  Joey Dauben was sentenced today and they will stack his sentence instead of running them concurrently.  "At the end of the day what this court has to look at is Mr. Dauben is like any other pedophile,” Wolf said. “There’s nothing special or unique about him.” from the Corsicana Daily sun.  How truly sad it is that Joey finds out that the rules do apply to him in such a devastating way.

This ruling is vindication for many of the victims Joey has attacked through his Ellis County Observer, but its a sad day all around.  Most sex offenders are not granted parole until 80% of their sentence is served, so Joey will be a 55 year old man before he gets out.  He was also given 10 years probation once he is released.

First and foremost, we should all thank this brave witness who’s actions and testimony ended countless future crimes by Joey.  And no, the lesson of this trial isn’t about not drinking alcohol, its about a demented mind.  If you think you have even the slightest urge to have sex with a child, please do the right thing for yourself and society and get treatment before your story ends in tragedy like Joey’s.  Tell a trained doctor in private about your problem before everyone reads about it on the front page.

Joey Dauben had everything at his fingertips.  He started out so young and energetic, he was willing to work hard at his job and he loved doing it.  His enthusiasm was certainly an asset to the Ellis County Press, at least initially.  Joey would get in his car and drive all around the county to track down leads wherever they took him.  He especially liked the political election season, as his boss Charlie Hatfield would take the handcuffs off Joey and he would be allowed to write political hit pieces on certain candidates.  This was what Joey really loved to do, and the buzz he generated county wide as a result of it only fueled his ego.

Pretty soon he just wanted to do the shock jock stories.  All the others seemed boring and mundane.  This caused friction with him and Charlie as Hatfield was trying to run a business, not a gossip site.  Eventually they parted ways and there was bad blood on both sides.  Joey took his Ellis County Observer and turned in into a 24/7 gossip site.  He started to get into the missing children and pedophile ring coverage and decided to not limit himself to just Ellis County, but go nationwide instead.  This is what led him to Barbara Farris, Presley Crowe, and Connie Bedwell.  The more he got into this the more unhinged he became, perhaps knowing that he would be accused of this very thing all along.  Even his friends would admit that they don’t really know the Joey Dauben of today, they just remember the fun optimistic Joey they first met.

Joey Dauben will now fade away from the lime light, but he will never be forgotten.  Some will remember him as a political activists, an advocate, a slanderer, a gossip whore, a friend, and now as a convicted child rapist.  There are so many lessons that his life should serve as a warning to us.  I think one of the biggest lessons is for parents in how tragic an ending you can have if you never allow your child to face the consequences for his actions.  If Joey had to pay in full for some of the lesser crimes he committed early on, he may not have had to pay this devastating price now.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Be Careful You Never Get Caught in The Spider Webb

So yesterday and last night, a fight erupted on this blog between David Webb, close friend and confidant of Joey Dauben, and just about everyone else.  David was a friend of Joey's and covered his entire downfall from Joey's and only Joey's point of view.  Court observers report that Joey and David were very chatty and in fact Joey conversed more with David than he did anyone else in the courtroom including his parents.  Kind of hard to pretend you are some unbiased reporter covering a trial of a man charged with sexual assault of a child and do that.

Anyway, David wrote something that he should never opinion piece.  Especially if that opinion is coming out of his head.  His story was a wrap up of the Joey trial and conviction where he blames alcohol as the main factor in the rape.  So lets have some background info for all the new people.  Here is the boys testimony (and since Joey perjured himself on the witness stand on at least two key points, there really isn't any question about who's testimony was considered truthful  the jury took less than two hours to convict on all counts).  Now keep in mind this is the testimony from a then 14 year old virgin:

"The young man said he thought Dauben was an assistant to the Messianic church’s rabbi when Dauben arrived at the camp that day. The boy said he and two other teens ended up the evening talking to Dauben around the campfire, after all the parents and the rabbi had drunk heavily and gone to bed.

Dauben allegedly pulled out a bottle of Wild Turkey, poured red Solo cups of whiskey and challenged the teens to see who could drink the fastest. The other two kids went to bed shortly thereafter and Dauben asked the alleged victim if he wanted to go out on the lake on a raft. While on the raft, Dauben began describing sexual encounters and asking the boy about his own experiences. The boy told the court that he was a virgin at the time.

After being on the raft, Dauben and the boy went to the public showers at the park, where Dauben said he was going to masturbate. When Dauben walked out into the shower area naked, the boy said he felt “awkward. But I didn’t want to seem uncool.”

“I was doing what I thought was normal,” he testified. “I didn’t want to seem weird, so I went with it.”

The victim said Dauben initiated sex acts with him.

During this portion of the testimony, Dauben, who sat at the defense table farthest from the witness stand, took off his glasses and dropped his head into his hand, covering his eyes. Later, he shook his head as the boy continued."   from the Corsicana Daily Sun

So David Webb writes his opinion piece with the headline "Alcohol, underage companionship, lead to disaster"
In this article he has one very disturbing paragraph:
"It didn’t matter that the teenager, now 20, testified he willingly participated in the sexual activity, and that he came from a broken, troubled home that probably contributed to him being alone late at night drinking with an adult 12 years older than him"

That certainly sounds like he was making an excuse for Joey by blaming it on the booze and the kid having a troubled home as the reason he was raped.  So we gave David a chance to clarify himself on this blog and to our horror, he meant it exactly as we thought he did.

Here are some of his quotes from last night:

"He indicated that he went along with it, and he didn't object. He had many chances to have walked away from the situation and never did. There was one time that he said he was standing outside of the shower house and returned back inside where Joey was because he "didn't want to be alone." My guess is that it is possible if he had ever said no, nothing would have happened. Perhaps, it was the effect of the alcohol he drank. I don't know."

"He didn't have both a biological mother and father looking after him to prevent him from being out by himself at a lake park drinking alcohol. His father apparently was drunk inside a tent asleep with the teenager's stepmother, with whom the youth didn't get along with well. The youth and his stepmother regularly argued, including while they were at the camping trip, according to the testimony."

"I feel sorry for the youth. I also feel sorry for Dauben. I think that if neither one of them had been out there drinking alcohol that night none of this would have ever happened. That's my OPINION, which basically is what one imparts in a column."

"The teen was not raped. It was consensual sex by his own admission. He never said no. The only reason it was classified as a child sexual assault is that he was not old enough to give his consent. It is the adult's responsibility not to engage in sex with someone who is under the legal age of consent, but there was no force or violence involved."

"I do not excuse Joey Dauben of the crime. I wrote a column that was actually intended to remind people that they need to be careful about what they do when they are drinking alcohol in the company of underage youth. Your hysterical wife, the author of this blog and you and have turned it into something entirely different. Shame on you."

"If Joey Dauben had not been drinking alcohol, I don't believe that any of this would have ever happened. Even if he was drinking alcohol, if he had not been in the company of a 14-year-old alone it would not have happened. What is so hard to understand about that? I a not blaming the victim. I am blaming his parents for not taking better care of him."

I will let the readers come to their own conclusions I just thought it was important to let everyone read David in his own words.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

David Webb Blames Joey Dauben's Demise on Alcohol

David Webb is the Joey apologists that stuck by Joey's side all the way to the end.  Yes he did cover the trial itself in a balanced manner but leading up to it, he acted as the mouthpiece for Joey as his stories always reflected the Joey Dauben slant.  He even went along with the Joey/Presley "we are about to get married" lie and watched it blow up in his face as she didn't even bother staying for the trial.  Anyway, he makes a few good observations, but on the whole he still doesn't understand who Joey Dauben is.

David's opening statement says it all:  "After sitting through a surreal, six-day child sexual assault trial recently I came away with the knowledge that the least likely of people can fall victim to disaster if they are foolish enough to consume alcohol with a minor who legally cannot give consent to sexually activity."

-least likely?  fall victim?  Its alcohol's fault?

"It seemed impossible that the youthful, charming Dauben who came from a humble background and seemed so driven to be someone someday could succumb to a fate so sinister that it would destroy his life."

-humble is an understatement.  Why was this impossible?

"To the best of my knowledge Dauben was straight, but apparently anything can happen late at night when two people are drinking alcohol alone." 

-well first of all your knowledge of Joey is very limited, in fact its limited to only what Joey told you.  There goes the blame alcohol excuse again.

"It didn’t matter that the teenager, now 20, testified he willingly participated in the sexual activity, and that he came from a broken, troubled home that probably contributed to him being alone late at night drinking with an adult 12 years older than him"

-ummmm, what a horrible statement.  If we are to believe the victim's testimony I would not go as far as say he "willingly participated", I would say the boy wanted out of there but he just didn't say no loud enough to stop Joey.  At no point in time did I hear anything that sounded like the boy wanted this.  What the hell does the broken home have to do with him being alone that night?  IT WAS A CHURCH CAMP!!!!!  It was the responsibly of the organizers to oversee the boys that night, not the parents.

"The Texas youth did not make an “outcry” about the sexual contact with Dauben until the summer of 2008, a year after it happened, when he told a friend, who told a pastor, who told the youth’s father."

-yeah but he did tell someone shortly after the event, and actually this is fairly common in most rape cases that the victim, especially a young boy who had a hard time understanding what happened,, would be scared to come forward.

"Another peculiar element of the saga emerged when I learned a sizable number of people had complained that the blogger unfairly and unjustly accused them of sexual assault and other crimes and improprieties.  A group of people went so far as to start a blog where they could support each other and vent their rage about Dauben’s outrageous reporting."

I and I alone started this blog and I have never been accused by Joey Dauben of anything, much less sexual assault   Can you get anything right David, I mean anything?

"When Dauben took the stand against his lawyer’s advice, the jury obviously saw a deeply troubled man who might be suffering from paranoid delusions and denial. He repeatedly broke down and cried on the stand. It was unclear whether Dauben’s mental problems began prior to the crime he committed six years ago or if they began later, slowly festering afterwards as fear enveloped him about the crime."

-Ahh, finally a sentence we can all agree with

"It’s hard to make sense of Dauben’s relentless, reckless pursuit of villains unless his fear about being discovered led him to it in an effort to divert suspicion from himself. In turn, the subjects of his reports and others in the community probably became fearful of him, leading to complaints to law enforcement authorities and the Ellis County charges. It became a vicious cycle that eventually ensnared Dauben."

-the first sentence is true, the second has no evidence to support that claim.

"Some of the last words Dauben said to me in the courtroom before the bailiff led him off in handcuffs were, “I’m going to take responsibility for this.”

-Joey has no idea what the world responsible means, so how can he take it?