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Monday, August 26, 2013

Pervert On the Run

Bill Windsor goes to Missoula Montana, spends two weeks stalking and annoying everyone he can, especially all the local adult book stores,  makes up his own "sting" operation and then is served a restraining order from Sean's wife forcing Bill to pack up and leave town with nothing to show for his terroristic efforts. So after cutting and running, he heads to Great Falls Montana where the sexual deviant and national terrorist tries to exploit the death of a young child for his own gain in a vain attempt at diversion from the failure in Missoula.

So it turns out that the great "sting" that Bill orchestrated on the grounds of the University of Montana was the evidence the Boushies needed to go to the local municipal court judge and get a restraining order, not only for her but for the property of the U of M as well.  Windsor filmed the serving of the order to him. Two officers calmly and clearly gave and explained the order to Bill as they both towered over the diminutive, pasty white and portly little coward from Georgia.  The interaction between the 5'8 Windsor and the two officers, who both looked to be in excess of 6'3, was classic.  Bill tried to control the conversation and tried to keep glancing at his stationary camera with his sheepish, insecure little smile that gave away that he was both frightened and nervous all at once.  Despite all his online puffery, when faced with law enforcement in real life, Bill is terrified and deeply insecure and for good reason.  Throw in the fact that both of these officers were actual real men, you then have Bill completely out of his element.  At the end of the video he tried to tell the officers a story about his made up magazine days, but it failed miserably as Windsor is no longer able to converse with real people in the real world, especially if they are not required to listen to him.

Windsor packs up his mobile terrorism vehicle and leaves town with his tail between his legs.  He heads to Great Falls to re-aggravate a story he already covered in his first go round with Lawless.  It its a tragic story of domestic violence that has gained much attention locally, but Bill wants to re-stir that pot especially since he is desperate to change the topic from his failure in Missoula.  Bill, always looking for the shock value, posted several pictures on his personal fb page showing the dead child with the wounds visible.  He tries to blame CPS for allowing this to happen.  I think in a lot of ways, this marks the bottom of the barrel for the sexual deviant, domestic terrorist and murderer advocate.  Exploiting a deceased child in this shock value type of way is something no human being could do.  Windsor is not even a human being, and should not be given the rights and privileges that we give to other human beings.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lawless America Officially Endorses Murder

Just as I predicted the other day, Bill rides in to Sevierville in support of vigilante justice in the form of cold blooded murder.  He described the convicted killer as a "sweet 69-year-old".  He also left his million dollar home in Marietta Georgia to come up there and declare which officials were correct and which ones were corrupt including the defendant's own counsel.

Even though he calls for the complete abolishment of the CPS, he bases his entire argument on the findings of CPS in this particular case.  And as I said last time, that no longer is the issue anyway, the issue now is taking the law into your own hands.

Jimmy Robinson had a hearing yesterday to ask for a re-trial.  Even though he admitted to the murder and accepted the plea deal, he now feels he was wronged by the system and deserves a second chance.  He can count on the domestic terrorist group Lawless America and Bill Windsor for support in that endeavor.  But fortunately justice prevailed and he was denied a new trial.

So where are you David Schied?  Trish?  Judge Snooty?  Julia Fletcher?  PMA?  Naomi whatever your last name is this week?  I don't see anyone speaking out against this therefore you are in support of murder along with paper terrorism.  Silence is complicity.

"Lawless America spent April 26, 2013 at the Sevier County Courthouse for the hearing on a new trial for Jimmie Robinson. Bill Windsor arranged in advance to film the hearing. Gee, imagine my surprise when I arrived to set up and was told a local TV station had gotten permission instead of me. Then imagine my surprise when there was no TV station. I believe this corrupt courthouse didn't want to be exposed on film. I was allowed to take still photos. This is a long story, but sweet 69-year-old Jimmie Robinson was denied a new trial. Another TRAVESTY of the so-called justice system. Jimmie Robinson's attorney, Mr. Poston, was incompetent, in my opinion. He was most certainly ineffective, and that was the criteria by which Jimmie should have been given a new trial. Mr. Poston pressured Jimmie into accepting a 17 1/2 year prison sentence at the age of 67 -- what amounts to a life sentence. Jimmie was not told about possible defenses. Mr. Poston wanted his family to lie and claim daughter Wendi did it. He never interviewed a single witness. He lied on the witness stand today claiming he was told that the CPS worker who knew the biological father was a pedophile and more was not credible as she was fired and was a criminal -- none of which was true. Poston sat at the attorney's table with the prosecuting attorney! When Judge Richard Vance gave his opinion, he sang the praises of Poston. I believe Judge Richard Vance is a corrupt judge. This was an outrage. If "the system" had worked properly, this crime would have never happened. The biological father would be in prison for sexual abuse of his little boy. When it was clear that the Sevier County Courts were going to allow the pedophile to get unrestricted access to his victim, Jimmie snapped. He shot the biological father to protect his grandson. Jimmie was denied a jury trial. Poston indicated that the little boy (age 6) didn't matter. It was obvious to me that he didn't matter to Judge Richard Vance. Absolutely sickening."