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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bill Windsor Drops the Cookie

The leader of the revolutionary party and lawless America which wants to "take back this Country", slipped up and posted a screen shot of his computer which he didn't really think through.  Thanks to an anonymous reader catching it, we now have this  notice on the first screen shot, between "bank of America" and "scam tv".

That's right...the sexual deviant sometimes referred to as Bill Windsor surfs porn even in the middle of the day.  Is this what Lawless America supports?  Does Bill know what kind exploitation of underage girls he is supporting in doing this?  What other things does he film with his movie camera?  We will look for the lonely old pervert to answer these questions that the public demands at his next scheduled radio show.  Has he disqualified himself from leading this movement?  Has he sought help for his porn addiction?  I would suspect so, but tune in next Sunday as Bill Windsor must answer to Tabgate 2014 which is spreading like wildfire.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Windsor Resorts to Blackmail

So the man who supports convicted murderers, engages in stalking, harassing, slandering, lying, mail fraud, cyber hacking, and internet threats has turned to blackmail now as his way to crack that cookie he can't seem to break.

HEY ALL YOU JOEYS -- WANT TO AVOID THE HUGE EXPENSE OF CIVIL LITIGATION? WANT TO OBTAIN A "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" CARD FROM LAWLESS AMERICA? WANTED: ONE JOEY WHO WANTS TO BE PROTECTED WITH A RELEASE FROM ME IN EXCHANGE FOR THE LIST OF SCREEN NAMES AND REAL NAMES FOR ALL THE JOEYS. Just email me at with JOEYS RELEASE WANTED as the subject line. Or private message me on Facebook. This is a one-shot deal for one person other than Ginger Snap, OReader, Megan Van Zelfden, Brandy Owens, Curtis Butler, or Brannon Bridge. Better hurry.

Wow, what a deal.....for giving up that list of all of our names and addresses he is just sure must exist, you won't have to answer for all that wire fraud, witness tampering and general criminal racketeering you most certainly are going to face. Can you trust him? Why sure you can, he hasn't told a lie that he is aware of and he hasn't had a parking ticket in 10 years so what more do you need to know?

Then the lemmings chime in with their brilliant thoughts:
Trisha Wakat Shafer Joeys a little kid said some bad post about me.. I am not sure how I got involved in the mess. I.just try to ignore the negatives 52 minutes ago via mobile · Like Danny Scheltgen their has to be someone who wants to have a cleaned heart that's a great start bill 48 minutes ago · Like Bill Windsor Trisha, this is all about a group of criminals, a stupid group, but none of it is about childish games. This is a major part of the group that I intend to see brought to justice both criminally and civilly. 41 minutes ago · Like · 2 Bill Windsor Okay, we have one Joey candidate. Do we have more? I need someone with as much identity poop as possible. 39 minutes ago · Edited · Like Trisha Wakat Shafer Are you still doing the movie? I hope things are going great for you. 38 minutes ago via mobile · Like Bill Windsor The movie is alive and well. Just dealing with scum for a while. 30 minutes ago · Like · 1

Oh now we are stupid? And yeah Trisha, the movie is alive and well he is just not ever going to think or talk about it again.

The only thing this really reveals is that he is both desperate and hopeless in his chase of the "Joeys". He has played pin the tail on the donkey with names for over a year now and he is no closer to cracking the cookie than he was back then. At the end of the day he can't take away our right to espousing an opinion on our own site about the things and words he chooses to make public. His continued over the top threats and resorting to racketeering is his way of admitting defeat. Just like his movie...after all that time, money and effort he has nothing.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Windsor Admits to Cyber Terrorism

So this site was temporarily down last night for a brief period and both Bill and his former partner in crime "Susan Harbinson" immediately jump on facebook to gloat and proclaim the death of joeyisalittlekid.  Evil hates exposure, and for a brief moment they screamed with glee at the thought of not having their words and actions critiqued.  Bill of course bragged that he gotten the site taken down so he was left chewing on his foot when the site came back several minutes later.

But it was what Bill said in the comments after that are really interesting:
Bill Windsor I guess they were trying to figure out how to stop the total download of the site along with all logins and passwords that has been running on their site for 20+ hours so far. If any of you need a magic way to totally download a website, just email me at 29 minutes ago · Like · 2
Bill Windsor 27,459 files and counting 29 minutes ago · Like · 2

Hmmmmm, that sounds a whole lot like he is trying to hack and cyber attack the site. So now we can add cyber terrorism to paper terrorism, mail fraud, sexual perversion and constant stalking that Bill has directly admitted to doing.

Then this morning he is back to his stalking practices:
It's Joeys' Time! Now if I just knew who these screen names are and where they live. The court clerk says "under a rock" is not an acceptable address.
I'm going to test my "under a really slimy rock" theory. My position is that it is the last known address.
William M. Windsor
Thats right, every single one of you...even though we have over 20,000 comments on this site Mr. Bill is going to drag every single on of us to Criminal...yes, Criminal court. What kind of crimes have we committed you might ask? Ahhh, we are part of a racketeering enterprise according to Mr. Bill. And just so we know what he is actually alleging by is what Criminal Racketeering means:
Racketeering is an illegal act which constitutes the operation of an illegal business or scheme in order to produce a profit. Racketeering is a broad category that can include a variety of criminal acts, such as bribery, illegal gambling, the exploitation of children, money laundering, etc.
Yep....he sure pegged us on that.  There is so much money flying around on this blog its almost as if its not even there in the first place.  What if someone made up that they were making a movie and took in volunteers and donations with no tracing of the funds to any organization whatsoever along with avoiding to file a tax return?  I'll just let all you other gangsters weigh in on what you think about this criminal enterprise we have going on here.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bill Takes To the Streets to Beg For Money

Out of ideas and now low on funds he said he never had in the first place, Bill has gone into hiding as he begs and pleads for someone to give him money.  Windsor had let his emotions and his rage cloud his scamming instincts as he kept banning and vanquishing any and everyone from his group.  While this served his most basic revenge element, it was not wise in the more grand scheme of his scam.

Lawless America never cared about what your particular story was, everyone was welcome as long as they wanted to overthrow the government and as long as they worshipped Bill as their unquestioned leader.  But as he turned all his attention to his stalking and terroristic activities, he lost the remaining followers he had. Now the bloom is off the rose.  There is no longer any buy in from all those that he filmed as most of them can now see that it was a hoax all along, they don't even ask about the "movie" anymore, they know they were duped.  This also means he has poisoned his well, he can't go back to the same characters, for the most part, with whatever new version of a scam he comes up with.  He must now come up with a whole new set of future victims to scam and he will need to put and emphasis on getting their money this time not just their following on facebook.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lawless America Dies!!!!

Bill Windsor has gone into hiding.  He has stripped off the advertising on the Jeep and ordered all his followers to stop harassing him with their issues.  This is his way of admitting complete and utter defeat. After all the miles, all the videos, all the hype, all the pie, he is right back where he started.....with nothing.  No movie, no funding, no tv show, no home, no family, no reason to even get up in the morning and exist.

While its clear from his history that Bill will re-emerge with a new scam and ultimately new victims, it is comforting to know that this Lawless chapter is over.  Windsor has scammed people all his life, but never before did he prey on the raw emotions of people desperate for anyone to listen to them like he did with Lawless.  He wasn't just taking their money and time, he was taking and crushing their hopes and dreams. This scam lasted much longer than I ever anticipated, and while he still has his court cases in Montana and Missouri to lose, I am happy to announce that the scam known as Lawless America is over.

Even though Lawless is now over, the stalking and harassing of others from Bill will not cease till he has taken his last breath.  You can bet that he will continue to devolve in his methods and tactics as he seeks to bring pain and suffering to others.  To this end, we can only hope that law enforcement or the judicial system will finally put a stop to him.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yes I Con

 - By The Yapinator (formerly known as Yappy)

This article topic started out with my repulsion of seeing Windsor's heartless post & photo of a homeless man in Missoula. It was painfully obvious Bill didn't care about the man, his plight or how much the man has to struggle on a daily basis for his basic needs. Most days, those basic needs are not met.

As Windsor rolls around in his 2013 fully loaded luxury model leather-interior Jeep (msrp $44,000) sleeping in his $160+/night room at the Marriott Courtyard (rm. 402 in Missoula), we read his endless whining online daily about the perils of living in such a deplorable & corrupt country like the USofA (his words, not mine). He keeps insisting he has no money whatsoever so who's bankrolling the roly-poly beast of Lawless if not his family? It's clear the man has no clue what it truly means to suffer or struggle in life.

The biggest life lesson Windsor could have is being dropped in the middle of a remote (and politically unrest) African village butt naked left alone to find shelter, food, water, clothing (yes PLEASE clothing) and safety. There's no way he could survive past day 3.

Bill's extreme narcissist need to post his every waking moment online provides us with tremendous insight into Bill's psyche. There's a couple in-depth fantastic articles on this blog where people wrote in detail about the narcissistic side of Windsor. Taking their lead, I decided to dig a little deeper and found further interesting information. In my opinion, I believe Bill Windsor to be a high-functioning sociopath with extreme narcissistic tendencies.

In the 10 traits listed below we can see Windsor come to life.

How to spot a sociopath - 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job.

10 signs for spotting a sociopath 

#1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a "glow" about them that attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. Watch out for over-the-top sexual appetites and weird fetishes.

Sexual deviant appetite; Seeks out the most desperate victims in our society who hit rock bottom often because they're easiest to charm

#2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn't do. They are unbound by normal social contracts. Their behavior often seems irrational or extremely risky.

drive around the USA stalking people he hates; sporting a bullet-proof vest while going onto a University campus

#3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others.

Stalking, divorcing without a second thought, suing people and enjoying it. Quote Windsor: When stalking his prey the other day, he was elated and proclaimed, "Such Fun!"

#4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time.

examples: Lied about the amount the courts sanctioned against in him in the MoM case. He owed around $100K but claimed it was $4 million. Lied about the SCOTUS voiding the supreme court to the point he paid up to $10,000 for a fake press release to be sent out to all media across the nation. He's a FLAWLESS liar to say the least.

#5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and "win" at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.

Vexatious litigant - vexatious litigant - vexatious litigant. Need I say more? 

#6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent, but they use their brainpower to deceive others rather than empower them.

one area that doesn't seem to fit Windsor unless you consider he's intelligent enough to use and re-use other people's idea's and put his personal take on it. 

#7) Sociopaths are incapable of love and are entirely self-serving. They may feign love or compassion in order to get what they want, but they don't actually FEEL love in the way that you or I do.

Washed his hands of his entire family and within 48 hours he was back on the road stalking people. He wouldn't allow his wife or family to tell him what to do and he didn't even bother to grieve for the loss of his marriage or give an appearance of grieving because he has no idea what normal people do or act in that situation. In fact, he seems overly relieved he no longer has to play THAT role in life 

#8) Sociopaths speak poetically. They are master wordsmiths, able to deliver a running "stream of consciousness" monologue that is both intriguing and hypnotic. They are expert storytellers and even poets.

He sure is able to tell quite the fairytales on about almost any subject he dreams up. 99% of Windsor's world are complete fabrications when fact-checked.

#9) Sociopaths never apologize. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologize. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack.

I do not believe Windsor has ever apologized in his life.

#10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth merely because they say it!

Bill's words: "To the best of my knowledge, I've never told a lie or I've never knowingly told a lie."   

To see a phenomenal (and remarkably insane) insight into Bill and how he believes the world should run read his own words here:

The Internet is unlike anything any other generation has ever experienced. It's a fast and vast growing machine, tracking our every move, providing insight into all aspects of life from G-rated Leave it to Beaver world all the way down to the darkest glory holes of hell.

In the case of Bill Windsor (Lawless America) what's played out over the past 18 months online at this blog and elsewhere I believe has provided a great warning for the rest of society. Windsor, whom I believe is a prolific life-long con artist has been able to get away with his con's for over 40 years large in part because he moved frequently and there was no one keeping track. What troubles Bill the most about a blog like this exposing exactly what he is (with his own words and actions) is the fact he can no longer get away with what he's doing to others. That's why he's in a rage and is attacking everyone he can locate. His scams are exposed, the jig is up. He knows no other way of life but the con and to take his ability to con and scam away, takes away his entire meaning in life.

When we take a close look at Windsor - the conman - what do we see that fits with every other sociopathic-con man? Below is a great piece that describe's Bill Windsor, the career con man sociopath.

To read the rest, go here:

When we look at the common psychology of con men and scam artists,              what do we learn?

  •  First and foremost, most career con men are sociopaths. They are self-absorbed and believe that anything they say and do justifies a positive outcome for themselves. They can’t imagine or don’t care about the consequences their actions have for the people they may hurt. They rationalize away any concern that they are harming other people with any number of self-delusional discussions, if they consider the ethical side of their scams at all. What’s good for them is, by definition, what’s good…period. 

  •  A sociopath, according to Dr. Robert Hare in his book Without Conscience, is characterized by many factors, including a lack of empathy and guilt, an abundance of charm, an inflated sense of his self-worth, an inability to accept responsibility, difficulty forming deep relationships despite an accentuated ability to fake commitment, heightened skills for manipulation, and a parasitic lifestyle. Psychologically, you couldn’t formulate a better mix of traits to create a con artist, and someone who has developed to this mental point couldn’t find a more comfortable career fit. 

  •  Based on their personal experience and personality traits, they probably have cultivated the skills to be an outstanding con man before they hit puberty, and would gravitate toward a con man’s lifestyle whether or not it was a conscious choice. 

  •  Most career con men have above-average intelligence, and that may help them stay a step ahead of the law, concoct complex money-making schemes, or adopt new technologies to use as tools better than other folks. Studying the complexity of some scams would reveal that the con man has a vast array of skills, from a knowledge of computers to well-developed planning and organizational talents. 

  •  A con man’s “people skills” are off the charts. To be a good con man, you need to be manipulative, charming, and a flawless pathological liar. Being a successful con man often depends on your ability to persuade people to ignore common sense and their own best interests, and you have to be convincing to do that. Sociopaths have developed those skills to the point of instinct. 

other great links on sociopath/psychopaths & con artists for reference:

None of us know how this is going to end but oh I'm so ready for an ending to this horrible fake life of the lawless man. In my opinion, there's no question we're watching a self-destructive mentally-ill man run around the USA continuing to hurt many people. As much as we'd wish Windsor would stop, pack it up, call it a day and crawl back to his wife and family begging for forgiveness, that's never going to happen. It won't happen because Windsor isn't wired like the rest of us. He's incapable of real love, real emotions and real connections. He is heartless to those he harms, in fact, he gets a sickening pleasurable high off of hurting others. The only way to stop him from hurting, stalking and harassing others is to take away his "drug of choice". To do so, we need law enforcement and his family to step in and stop this monster. We need a true selfless real American hero to step up to the plate and put an end to the insanity!

On a side note, I write a blog about a woman named Connie Bedwell. Approximately a year ago she was filmed by the great Bill Windsor. Bill eventually gave her the good ole C&D (no abate at that time because Bill didn't know the word existed). Prior to filming with Bill, she had Joey Dauben write up some very scandalous and untruthful reports about her EX-boyfriend.

She's one of the worst false accusers out there in the court system and has done a great deal of damage to real cases of custody and child abuse. She accused her EX of molesting her child many years ago but upon an extensive investigation it was proved untrue. Back in June 2011 all rights to her child were removed although she had not seen her child since early 2009. Since then, she's been in and out of court with DUI's, 2 felonies and 3 charges of breaking a court order.
Connie's father, Timothy Bedwell is accused of raping several young children over the course of many years. His trial started late last week. Yesterday, Connie was admonished by the court for her outrageous behavior during trial and breaking a gag order that was issued to her moments earlier. She was removed from the court property and not allowed to attend the remainder of her fathers trial.
The land of the lawless where people like her, Windsor and several others believe the rules and laws of the courts don't apply to them. They will act how they want and thumb their nose at the justice system every chance they get. As she and Windsor are learning, there are consequences to their repulsive behavior.
Here's a link to my blog for more detailed information:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pervert On the Run

Bill Windsor goes to Missoula Montana, spends two weeks stalking and annoying everyone he can, especially all the local adult book stores,  makes up his own "sting" operation and then is served a restraining order from Sean's wife forcing Bill to pack up and leave town with nothing to show for his terroristic efforts. So after cutting and running, he heads to Great Falls Montana where the sexual deviant and national terrorist tries to exploit the death of a young child for his own gain in a vain attempt at diversion from the failure in Missoula.

So it turns out that the great "sting" that Bill orchestrated on the grounds of the University of Montana was the evidence the Boushies needed to go to the local municipal court judge and get a restraining order, not only for her but for the property of the U of M as well.  Windsor filmed the serving of the order to him. Two officers calmly and clearly gave and explained the order to Bill as they both towered over the diminutive, pasty white and portly little coward from Georgia.  The interaction between the 5'8 Windsor and the two officers, who both looked to be in excess of 6'3, was classic.  Bill tried to control the conversation and tried to keep glancing at his stationary camera with his sheepish, insecure little smile that gave away that he was both frightened and nervous all at once.  Despite all his online puffery, when faced with law enforcement in real life, Bill is terrified and deeply insecure and for good reason.  Throw in the fact that both of these officers were actual real men, you then have Bill completely out of his element.  At the end of the video he tried to tell the officers a story about his made up magazine days, but it failed miserably as Windsor is no longer able to converse with real people in the real world, especially if they are not required to listen to him.

Windsor packs up his mobile terrorism vehicle and leaves town with his tail between his legs.  He heads to Great Falls to re-aggravate a story he already covered in his first go round with Lawless.  It its a tragic story of domestic violence that has gained much attention locally, but Bill wants to re-stir that pot especially since he is desperate to change the topic from his failure in Missoula.  Bill, always looking for the shock value, posted several pictures on his personal fb page showing the dead child with the wounds visible.  He tries to blame CPS for allowing this to happen.  I think in a lot of ways, this marks the bottom of the barrel for the sexual deviant, domestic terrorist and murderer advocate.  Exploiting a deceased child in this shock value type of way is something no human being could do.  Windsor is not even a human being, and should not be given the rights and privileges that we give to other human beings.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Sting

I have really enjoyed our guest writers and their contributions so far and I can't wait for the others. And thanks to OReader for setting this all up.

Obviously I need to jump in real quick so we can recap the infamous "sting" that Bill performed yesterday on the campus of the University of Montana.  Out of all the crazy claims he makes against his "haters", there is one particular area of vulnerability that Sean Boushie had, and that is in his employment through the government at the U of M.  What he does on government time is open to the public just like any other government official.  Up until this point, Boushie has been able to slide by based solely on the utter and complete incompetence of Bill.  But yesterday, Bill may have finally barked up the right tree (even though he is a skunk).

Windsor went to the extraordinary length of fabricating, yes he Bill fabricated something, a made up announcement of something "big" involving Sean.  He then goes to the parking lot of the building that he says Sean works at, turns on his camera and starts filming the truck, he says, belongs to Sean.  Bill thinks that this is proof that Sean is in the building and at work.  So he films for almost an hour of dead air time as he films lots of people whom he doesn't have consent from, and then he says he got his big email response from Sean.  Bill then calls the UM PD....they take his report and give him the "don't call us, we will call you" treatment.  As time goes by and it becomes clear to bill that they are not coming, he then calls the Missoula PD who quickly patch him back to the UM PD once he tells them where he is.  The UM PD sends an car out there to try and shut him up and as they roll up they see a crazy old man out filming the building.

Now we finally have an interesting moment...and guess what....Bill doesn't film and we can barely hear what happens.  But from what you can hear, its clear that the officer asked Bill what he was doing.  Windsor whined about all the things he says Sean did to him.  Bill goes on and on about how he fears for his life and how he must wear the bullet proof vest.  The officer then asks the logical question of why would anyone who fears someone that much actually go to that person's place of employment and start filming their vehicle? Windsor then lies directly to the officer's face and says that Boushie cost him his 42 year marriage and he is dead set on seeing him arrested.  Bill then has to bring up his new favorite topic of glory holes and the officer quickly shuts the creepy sexual deviant with a camera down.

The UM PD tells Bill that they may not have jurisdiction (possibly assuming that Sean might have emailed it from his personal phone device) but Bill....knowing their job better than they, points out that they are wrong. In the end, they tell him they wont be making any arrests today and that they will take his information and look in to it.  This, of course, equals a huge victory for Bill and he celebrated with his "full strength" pepsi when he got back to the hotel.  He shouted out from the rooftops to his 15 remaining followers that they had finally taken their country back.  This was it, the culmination of all those miles, hours, pie, rv's, lemmings, talkshoe shows, congressional testimonies, his entire family and all ends with this.  He called the police, and they responded and took his report.  What a victory.

I think, in the end, this will not result in any kind of criminal charges.  But Sean could be in trouble with his employer.  At some point this becomes an annoyance to them and they may feel its best to extricate the University from this school yard pissing match.

Friday, August 16, 2013

He Came, He Saw, He Squandered

So its now been over a week in Missoula Montana, and Bill has still not be able to get noticed.  Really, the only thing he can brag about at this point is that a Justice of the Peace threw his wadded up paper at him. Sean Boushie is still employed with the University of Montana.  He is still married and with his wife, unlike Bill.  There are no criminal charges out against Sean and it seems Bill still can't even get a judge...any judge to give him a protective order against Sean.

Things are really getting bad for Bill.  His room is piling up in his own filth (usually he leaves by now so he never has to notice just a slob he really is).  He is tired of wearing his kevlar vest....he can't seem to get anyone on campus to care that he is holding a camera.  Yeah, he doesn't much like Montana but he can't seem to leave until he can get a feather in his faded out cap.  Bill has now resorted to touring all the adult book stores to see if they know or have seen Boushie.  Given his proclivity to sexual deviancy, I would image that he will end up visiting all the adult book stores in that entire region for his "research".

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Badges? We don't Need No Stinking Badges!!

So we are now well in to Piemegeddon.  Yesterday, Bill took a brief break from his stalking and vexatious activities to put on his sexual deviant hat.  Windsor took the opportunity to post, in graphic detail as only his perverted mind can, about the subject of what is known as a glory hole. Yes, he would like everyone to know that they should send him their stories of not just rape and incest, but now he is ready to hear a good glory hole story to help with his "media" endeavours.

Bill then posted his subpoena request that he says was issued to Sean Boushie and Sean's wife. Bill would like to know....among other things, what Sean had for breakfast, his travel desitnations, is he an organ donor, the name of his pets, his boy scout merit badges, the mowing records of his property, his high school book report topics, favorite Muppet character, choice of deodorant (if any), his alibi on the morning of Sept. 11 2001, choice of pie, and....everything else he and his wife have ever done or said.

The adventure in Missoula has not gone as expected for Bill.  He hasn't been shot at, there was no police escort waiting for fact no one even cares that he exists.  Since he can't get anyone to pay attention to him including Sean....he has already signalled that he will be escalating his temper tantrum and aiming it at the local law enforcement and University officials.  Prancing around everywhere in a bulletproof vest with a bodyguard hasn't seemed to get him the attention he desires, so the American Terrorist named Bill Windsor now needs to escalate the terror watch to level orange for Missoula Montana.

Monday, July 29, 2013

I Guess He Is Not in Kansas Anymore

Bill spent the weekend stalking Allie and Cluadine and continuing to avoid his showdown with Boushie in Montanta.  He fired up the Claudine site and listed this sworn affidavit he says he filed with the court there:
I, William M. Windsor, the undersigned, hereby declare under penalty of perjury which means nothing to me anyway:
  1. I am over the age of 21 way way way over, I'm 64 and 7/10ths years old, am competent to testify ohhh, I'm a pathological liar so you might want to take that with a grain of salt, and have personal knowledge of the matters stated herein.  I provide this affidavit to be used in this matter and in any other legal proceeding never stop vexaiting.
  2. I failed at life to include Exhibit 5 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 5.
  3. I failed at life to include one document in Exhibit 6 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 6A.
  4. I failed as a son, husband, father, grandfather, RV owner, movie producer, activist, taxpayer, author, business owner, being a human being to include Exhibit 8 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 8.  This exhibit is information posted on the American Mothers Political Party Facebook page.  Page 4 shows one mention of watching the movie “Kill Bill.” it's a pretty good movie  The members of the organization were encouraged to watch it.  This document is filled with many other defamatory published statements.  DOMBROWSKI has published that she and she alone is responsible for everything on this website.  This is shown in Exhibit 47 hereto.
  5. I failed at everything, yes we know Bill to include Exhibit 9 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 9.
  6. I failed a telling pattern huh? to include some documents with Exhibit 10 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 10A.  Sean Boushie has stalked me by email I think we all know just how serious email stalking can be, Facebook messages and posts oh my, by mail you guys are pen pals, and through published information online.  He has threatened me in many ways the worst of which is he challenged my manhood.  He uses lewd language and is continually telling me to go fuck myself but judge....I don't even know how to do it.  He publishes information online pretending to be me, and he uses aliases including John Smith and John Brown btw...isn't this about Claudine?.  He sends me emails showing the email address as and and I have reason to believe he created those email addresses just for me.  He is associated with DOMBROWSKI and the American Mothers Political Party as well as with how?  I don't see him listed on the member list.....bluff called.
  7. I failed so just quit to include Exhibit 19 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 19.  This exhibit shows some of DOMBROWSKI’S websites.  She stalks and defames a number of local attorneys, doctors, and social workers by setting up websites in their names.  Note that she publishes all of their personal information – name, address, phone, email, and more and we know how horrified you must be of someone that would do something like that.  These websites were set up before she and her organization and associates began stalking me how many times has she driven by your house and taken pictures of it?.  It demonstrates a pattern and practice of wrongful behavior by DOMBROWSKI.  Page 1 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Dr. David C. Rodeheffer.  Page 2 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Dr. Milfred ‘Bud’ Dale.  Page 3 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Christopher Dykes.  Page 4 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Kara Haney.  Page 5 of Exhibit 19 is one of several websites about Rene Netherton.  Page 6 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Donald R. Hoffman.  Page 7 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Drex Flott.  Page 8 of Exhibit 19 is a website about Jill Dykes.  Page 9 of Exhibit 19 is the website about GAL Scott D. McKenzie.  Pages 10 and 11 of Exhibit 19 are websites about her former husband, Hal Richardson.  Page 12 of Exhibit 19 is another website about Jill Dykes is this give a shout out night?.  Page 13 of Exhibit 19 is another website about Rene Netherton.  Pages 14-18 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Glenn’s Cult that also attacks Rene Netherton.  Pages 19-21 of Exhibit 19 is a website called The Truth About The Family Court.  Pages 22-23 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Kansas Court Whores, one of the sites that published an article calling me a sexual predator.  Pages 24-29 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Kansas Fatherhood Initiatives, one of the sites that published an article calling me a sexual predator.
  8. I have been unable to locate Exhibit 7 oh no, not exhibit 7....this whole thing doesn't make any sense without exhibit 7.  A recent posting online by DOMBROWSKI said she would have an army to meet me when I came to Topeka but after checking with the Pentagon, she doesn't have command of any known armies.
  9. Exhibit 47 hereto includes several publications by DOMBROWSKI that make it clear that she is the American Mothers Political Party and claims full responsibility for everything that appears on its web pages.  She states that she created the American Mothers Political Party.  Thousands of people involved with family court issues nationwide know that DOMBROWSKI is the American Mothers Political Party have you actually talked with all of these people to verify this or are you just talking out of your ass?.
  10. Exhibit 48 hereto contains two published articles by DOMBROWSKI on the news service, Newsvine.  One shows the video that I filmed of her and says I am a con man you are.  The other says I am a sexual predator.  These articles clearly show they were published by her.
  11. I ask the Court to realize you can't ask the court to realize anything, present evidence and allow them to make their own conclusions that it is not possible for the hundreds and hundreds of defamatory articles posted in the name of DOMBROWSKI could have been done by anyone other than her.  She also claims responsibility for everything published by theAmerican Mothers Political Party, and there is a massive amount of stalking and defamation done on their Facebook page, which is provided as part of Exhibit 1 – flash drive hey, flash drives get thrown in the trash, just saying.
  12. Exhibit 49 hereto is a publication that DOMBROWSKI made that talks about the Safe At Home program and shows her card with the assigned address.  This is the address published online for the American Mothers Political Party.  This is defamatory and stalking what is?  the Safe at Home program?  Have you just randomly said those words so many times you forget their original meaning?.  For someone else to have written this article, they would have to have access to her state-issued ID card as well as information about this program.  DOMBROWSKI wrote this, just as she has written and claimed all of the stuff that has been published.
  13. Exhibit 50 hereto is the home page of a website titled “I-am-a-pedophile-william-windsor.”  It shows 102 articles have been published about me on this site in 2013.  It lists many other sites about me, including sites about me being a pedophile, having a tiny penis do you plan to contest this in court?, being a terrorist you are a paper terrorist, by definition, being a sexual deviant asking for strangers to tell you their stories of rape and incest qualifies as sexual deviancy, not having balls you plan to show the court that this is not true?, liking to suck cock I, and I'm sure the court, can't believe you actually filed all this, and other such outrageous terms.
  14. Exhibit 51 hereto is DOMBROWSKI’S most recent post on her website.  In this post, she admits that she and the American Mothers Political Party are on in the same.  She speaks of an article that recently denounced her written by internationally-renowned spousal abuse advocate, Lundy Bancroft Lundy advocates spousal abuse?.  This article is included in a prior exhibit.  Additional pages from her website are included with comments about me.
  15. I have shown that I am in fear for my safety look hands, even now they are shaking.  I have demonstrated that my family is terrorized in fear for their safety what family? They are doing much better after they dumped you.  I have shown a perhaps unprecedented volume of stalking ohh you mean that flash drive...yeah sorry about that, in terms of both the number of people involved and the volume of written material I think what is unprecedented is the amount of vexatious litigation you have done in your so called life.  I have shown that Google shows over 15,000 web pages did you really count them all? that publish that I am a sexual deviant.  I am not a sexual deviant uh huh, don't ask for strangers to send you their stories of rape and incest then.  I am not any of these things that these sick people publish.  I have shown a continual publication of hundreds of articles over a long period of time that is continuing as I type this well stop typing.  I have proven as well as anyone could ohhh others could have done a much better job that DOMBROWSKI published an extensive amount of defamatory and stalking material.  To say that she didn’t publish this material would be to say that someone has stolen her information, ID card, identity, business, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, MySpace pages, YouTube pages, WordPress pages, numerous websites, Business Week login, Newsvine login, and has done all of this without the very active DOMBROWSKI ever saying someone was doing this I seem to remember you pulling that trick...."my facebook page was hacked, I didn't post what I posted".
  16. I have filed criminal charges with the Topeka Police Department you filed a complaint.  I ask this Court to contact the District Attorney and ask him to investigate guys got to help me out here or I'm just chasing my tail.  If this doesn’t meet the criminal defamation statute, I don’t believe anything ever will and I can not overstate how much the State of Kansas cares about your opinion of defamation.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Its Court Day!!! Windsor Stays in His Own World

The case of Windsor vs. Overstreet and a civilized society gets its first big hearing today.  Allie has a motion to dismiss while Bill got vexi with it yesterday by throwing up 15, yes count them, 15 motions or notices.  Bill is trying his best to give the Judge no other option but to hold him in contempt of court.....let's review what factors can lead to such action:

A finding of contempt of court may result from a failure to obey a lawful order of a court check, showing disrespect for the judge double check, disruption of the proceedings through poor behaviour you can count on this, or publication of material deemed likely to jeopardize a fair trial ummm like

But before Bill heads to court for a very possible contempt detaining, along with watching Allie be dismissed from the case, he left everyone with a funny story that did or did not happen to him the other day:


I was driving over to the courthouse in Lexington Missouri this morning about 70 miles per hour on the Interstate crazy old me who shake and can't hear shouldn't drive that fast. Up on my right came a man in a pickup truck honking and waving and motioning for me to roll down my window he wanted to point out that you were in the median. I did. He was VERY excited to tell me: "MY cousin is in that movie!" I'm sure he meant the real movie with Tom Hardy and Shia Labouf His cousin was filmed in Minnesota if it was with you he means youtubed. I love it when things like this happen out of nowhere. It helps remind me how important the movie is to people did you bother to mention to him that you have given up the movie idea and moved on to stalking people 24/7.

I worked until 4:30 you mean vexaited, dont call that work am preparing my filings, and then I was up at 7:30, off to the UPS Store for notary service and copying, then over to Lexington its not easy being vexatious is it?.

We have hearings in Lexington Missouri tomorrow in the case of Windsor v. Overstreet and the world. According to my reading of the laws and case law involved, I should prevail on everything to bad you have no training or understanding of the law whatsoever. Fat chance in your case that's always true, though. But I'm told the judge is excellent, so we shall see that means you have zero chance of prevailing, zero.

Some people are upset with me posting about my battles with the cyberstalkers, death threateners did you just make up a word?, liars, libelers, slanderers, and thieves of my life as I knew it how dare they, those are my things, that is for me to do. I say to you: Sorry. Thanks for visiting and for you donations and pie, but you probably need to move on to another project and page because I'm tired of even pretending to care about your issues. Throughout my career, I always told my fellow employees in orientation you mean confused interns that took a left instead of a right at the end of the hall that if you ever find you don't enjoy working here, please do us both a favor and go somewhere else and no one has ever made it past that first step. I explained to them as I am explaining to you who is you? now that I don't mean that in a mean way at all it just comes out that way because I'm mean. It's just a way to be happier in life than you would have been otherwise ummm, lets rework this sentence shall we?. My personal primary goal in life is to expose these people given your proclivity to sexual perversion, what kind of exposure are you talking about?. I will continue to battle judicial and government corruption you mean end up in court for breaking the rules, but the two will have to split my time. Each will get at least 40 hours a week as I usually work 80+ thats right, stalking the first half of the week and then in court for stalking the second half of the week.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Power of An Attorney

With his Lawless America scam completely dead and gone, Bill is now trying to claim legitimacy and special powers as both a member of the press and a pretend attorney.  He has channelled his inner Joey Dauben and started to set up dozens of websites named after any and all of the people critical of him.  He claims he can do this as he is a member of the press.  He has even turned up his attacks on Mist, Curtis and Stacy.  But, as the man who destroyed the Windsor name always seems to do, he failed.

Bill is using his not-so-pro-se attorney powers to the most vexatious end he can conceive off in Allie's case. He claims that Allie's distinguished and credentialed attorney, Matt O'Conner, should be disqualified from representing her because Bill didn't feel that Matt made the proper introduction in Bill's most unprofessional opinion.  Bill is also angry that Allie won't agree to meet with him Sunday for his own personal deposition of her.  He is not satisfied with her explanation of why she and Matt can not meet with the American Terrorist and sexual deviant known as Bill Windsor at some shady hotel room on a Sunday afternoon.

Allie Overstreet refuses to show up for her deposition scheduled for July 14-15, 2013.
Matthew J. O’Connor is the alleged so-called attorney. He had his assistant call me and claim that Allie Overstreet had a prior commitment. I asked her to identify what prior commitment took precedence over a legal matter, and she failed to respond. She then claimed Matthew J. O’Connor had a court hearing on Monday that would make that day impossible. I asked for the court, judge, and case number, and she failed to respond. I asked the same information of Mr. O’Connor, and he failed to respond. I have developed a strong dislike for Matthew J. O’Connor in very short order. In my opinion, he seems to be the type of attorney who is a discredit to the broken legal system.For those who don’t know, Allie Overstreet is the thing who swore under penalty of perjury that I published many times that I had bought a gun and planned to use it on her and a group of people. She lied her a$$ off. She is a serial liar.
According to a filing by Mark Supanich, he and Allie Overstreet are no longer dating.
- See more at:

"the alleged so-called attorney"
Blames another assistant and infers that they are lying
he calls Allie "the thing"

Bill says that he has developed a strong dislike for Matt in very short order.  This is that same dislike that he has developed for all his past judges and attorneys.  Throw in law enforcement in the mix as well.  Windsor hates the law, in whatever form.  He hates anyone who adheres to it and anyone who upholds it.  For Bill, the law is not the bedrock to a civilized society, its his own imagined roadblock that keeps him from achieving his goals.  People like Bill are what is wrong with society.  They are the cancer, and they must be exposed to the world as the deadly sickness that they are.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bill Tries To Turn Up the Volume

Windsor tried to pull the ole "I know who you are but I'm not gonna tell ya" stunt yesterday against me and everyone else on this blog.  Of course he wouldn't be Bill Windsor unless he was lying, and that is the case once again.  But the more he screams and complains about his "haters", the more he ignores his followers and his stated goal (which changes daily).

Speaking of stated goals....he keeps making up new ones as he congratulates himself on accomplishing his new made up goal:


An important part of the Lawless America project to me is visiting all 50 state capitols. I was in Salt Lake City 6-7 months ago, but I forgot to go to the Capitol as I geared up for a 500-mile day of driving. I remedied that today.

To reach Bill Windsor and Lawless America, email

The mysteries of the universe will now slowly start to unlock themselves for Bill as he now nears the holy grail of visiting all 50 state capitals.  How can one human being accomplish so much in just one lifetime? 

This American Pie Tour version 3.0 was supposed to be about filming back stories to cases he filmed on version 2.0.....but where is this?  So far all he has been able to film are back roads and prison buildings, and maybe a dust devil.  What version 3.0 has actually emerged as is a support tour for criminals, particularly violent ones.  Mutilation, torture and vengeance are the stories Bill has been drawn too, while he stalks and tries to terrorize any and everyone that disagrees with him.

One of the things that eats at Bill is the inescapable feeling that he is supposed to be better than he is.  This is the first born son of Walter Windsor, he was born and trained to be something special and he had all the resources at his disposal to do it.  Bill Windsor is in the 1%.  But he has no moral character and below average intelligence.  This is why he has fundamentally failed at every single endeavor he has embarked on, and will continue to fail until his body has finally cease and desisted..ohh and abated.  Deep down, Bill knows he was supposed to be more than this, you can hear it in his latest videos as he tries to pin the blame for this failures on his haters and his followers.  But as he reminds us, its just him on this trip, and he is a nobody.  He made up his own crusade, he pushed away at anyone trying to help him, and in the end he has absolutely no one else to blame but himself.  Bill Windsor was born a somebody, but will die as a nobody and there is nothing he can do at this point to change that.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bill and Barbara's Divorce, Lets Hear Some Details

While Bill is out trying to make Claudine his stalking target of the day, a woman he now admits he is devoting his life to exposing her (kinda sounds creepy from a sexual pervert), the details are emerging from the one woman who had the unfortunate experience of spending most of her life with this man.

Bill claimed his divorce was caused by all the threats from the "haters" and the distress it has caused his family.  We said no, it was the American Terrorist named Bill Windsor that caused his divorce and the details show that we were right...and he (wait for it) lied.

First, and certainly foremost, the great news is that Barb got the cat.  Kitty really dodged a bullet on that one.  She also got full possession of both homes while Bill got to keep his drum set (I guess he needs something to beat on).  Even the Jeep, the mobile terrorism command center, is in her name.

What does she not want?  Anything that has any association whatsoever to Lawless America or Round America.  She wants all of that out of her house, and she wants to make sure that she is no longer associated in any way shape or form to any of Bill's scams.  "The Wife has no, nor has she ever had, interest in, responsibility in, or association with Lawless America, its legal matters, videos, or films produced by them or her Husband".

Then, just because Barb knows just how evil and vindictive Bill really is, we get this:  "The Husband shall not mention the Wife, or any other family members by name on inference, without express permission of that person, on his website or facebook page".  Ahhh yes mister 64 and 3/8ths year old grandfather, you are not a grandfather, you are not a father, you are not a husband and you are not even a man.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Oh The Never Ending Life of Pie

First up, we have more P, B and Y Clubhouse radio tomorrow night at 9 Central

As Bill continues to vacation in the kinda great State of Arizona, he has thrown up two testimonies, both of which show just how far down at the bottom of the barrel he is operating from.

First up, we have the case of Julian Soncco, Bill lays out the case like this:


Four years ago, Julian and his family were wrongfully evicted from their home. No foreclosure. Done while they were not at home. Someone else is living there. But I am holding a 2011 letter from GMAC Mortgage confirming that the mortgage is paid in full and remitting a $3,650.28 overpayment. But no one seems to be doing anything about this.

I believe this story is why the Arizona Attorney General's Office wants to go on camera. This story stinks so badly that they may be looking to do damage control. Julian cc'd me on communication with the Attorney General a while back, and that seems to be why the AG's office has been pursuing me for an interview.

To the Arizona Attorney General I say this: Get Julian and his family back in their home, and I will make the Arizona Attorney General's Office look good in the movie with a success story such as this will be.

That is patented  Bill.  Nothing but lies and deception ending with a threat to a law enforcement agency under the guise of his fake movie.  Now, how about the truth?  The truth is this man, like many others, had a home that plummeted in value from the housing crash.  He became upside down on his loan, and he was duped in to a lease back offer.  So he sold his home...the mortgage was satisfied, but the new owner didn't like the lease back idea and kicked him out.  The Attorney General did sue on behalf of many homeowners who fell victim to this scheme, but the guy is now insolvent and no one is going to get restitution.   This isn't a story about government corruption or anything like that.  This is a story of a guy who became upside down on his mortgage and in desperation fell prey to a run of the mill scam artist, and now he is falling prey to a new scamster in Bill.

Then we have the porn star and B movie actress Sheri Thomas.  Even though Bill had just explained to a follower that he was not in position to quickly upload their movies to youtube, Bill excitedly welcomed this washed up porn star in to his private hotel room for some "filming".  Bill quickly uploaded her video's to youtube and set up her sob story this way:


Sheri is the mother of two boys who are now young men, and she has seen them only five times in the last 20 years. Her sons were courtnapped, and she (a stay-at-home mom) was literally put out in the street -- left homeless and penniless. Her aerospace executive (six figure income) ex-husband planned the whole deal while his lover waited in the wings.

Sheri's story is incredibly maddening. Her life was destroyed by this man. 

But as they say, karma is a bitch. It seems the divorce never actually went through. Her "husband" remarried, and if this is confirmed in court, that makes him guilty of the crime of adultery. He should also have to pay spousal support and cough up at least half of the marital assets.

I look forward to the new developments in this story. Sheri is a beautiful woman inside and out, and I hope her sons see her Love Letter to her Children and begin to understand how she was victimized.

Thats cute, and she gives everyone a taste of just how talented of an actress she is with this clip (which Bill would like you to click on the thumbs up btw)

Well the truth is she divorced in 1988, the father was awarded custody of their two boys and they seem to be living very well adjusted lives now in their early thirties and twenties respectively.  Sheri, in contrast, has devoted her life's profession to selling her body in the form of adult videos.  Now, in her 50's and hideously deformed by too much botox along with ageing) that she can no longer sell her body for the kind of living she has become accustomed to, so she is after her ex for alimony money.  Yes...I know, tomorrow was supposed to be the big day for the grand jury stunt..but now this, apparently, is how we take our country back.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beware of the Shadows

So Bill spent the night again at the Residence Inn in Mesa Arizona.  And of course, he also reads this blog religiously, as he has from the very first day he became aware of it.  Bill is now freaking out that we have him on our terrorist watch list:


The serial stalkers you know it is true, sometimes in the morning I am a cereal stalker and terrorists who are stalking and threatening citation needed here me are now publishing names, addresses uh no, but I could if you really want me to, and even photos of the places where I am staying and will be filming I even have pics of inside your hotel room....but I'm saving that for later.

I will be meeting with the Mesa Arizona police tomorrow I bet they could use a laugh, and I will be requesting protection. Perhaps the police will send someone over to be here during the filming, or we may relocate the filming to the police station I think there is a very secure location inside the police station we would all like for you to relocate to.

Everyone who comes to be filmed in the future needs to bring a driver's license which is generally a good idea anyway for those that drive to your hotel room or passport and a photocopy of the license or passport for my stalking records. I am also now refusing to film anyone who does not provide the required information in advance meaning if you are a female, single, and you look good...I will consider it.

These safeguards are necessary for my protection you mean for your stalking...don't deceive people Bill. I hope these crazy people will not be able to figure out where I will be in the future you mean after you announce your itinerary on your site? . I don't believe they will be dumb enough or smart enough? to continue to stalk and threaten since every new effort builds the case against them I thought we were already toast, you mean you are just now starting to build a case?. And surely they won't be smart enough to figure out where I will be filming at my next stop -- San Diego surely not

Bill wasted the day yesterday, the one thing he did to was break with his norm of supporting murders and criminals.  After seeing a picture of Sheri Thomas, and being told that she is ok with coming up to his hotel room alone for a private "filming", he was more than happy to make an exception for her.  He noted how pretty she was and can't wait to follow any further developments in her case.