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Monday, March 24, 2014

The National Liberty Alliance Stole Bill's Pie

As Bill continues to scream and demand attention, the fact of the matter is his lemmings have moved on. John Darash has been able to gain the attention Bill has yet to get, in just a few months.  Darash has taken over the controls of the Me The People movement and isn't playing games.  Unlike Bill, he really is a 99%, he doesn't have two mansions and over $1 million saved up in a retirement account to fall back on.  He is just a mere carpenter.  He doesn't seem to have a personal vendetta either.  To Darash, this isn't a game, he isn't scamming people, he is a true believer.  Darash also adds a religious twist to his movement that gives it "extra" authority on top of his citizen grand juries and Common Law.  Darash is a Harold Camping disciple so we know he doesn't posses an iota of discernment, which, the lack thereof, is a prized asset in the Me The People community.

Darash comes from the Oathkeeper movement but after forming his National Liberty Alliance (he did a better job than you Bill in picking a name) he has begun to execute on the plan Bill had set out a year ago.  John is taking over the Country, county by county and claims to already have the State of New York with 67 counties in Florida.  He also claims to have three world powers backing him too in UK, Canada and Australia.  What do you have Bill?  Just some youtube videos?  Darash is targeting all the county elected sheriffs as he demands they take action on his made up citizen grand jury charges.  He even has his own seal and everything, you couldn't even register your movement's name Bill.

This Darash guy is proving to be what they had hoped for in Bill.  Bill's lemmings are flocking to him as even old Niki gave Bill the link to the new movement and said he could call in and listen to their blogtalk shows....I pause for the irony.  Bob Shultz, Jon Roland and even David Schied have moved on to this new Davash guy. When David was being questioned by the FBI, it was the National Liberty Alliance website, not LA, that David told the agent to go check out to get some "education".  Poor old Mary B now writes her daily affirmations about her new hope, the NLA.

All along, they have been looking for someone like this.  They have plenty of creative writers, they have a script, supporting cast, and even a stunt man.  What they lack is a lead actor that will get them the media attention they desire.  Darash is proving to be that person as his citizen grand juries are getting the attention of the local media and the FBI.  John is a quoteist, in that he uses out of context quotes from many of our Founding Fathers to fit his current purpose.  Its not about him, its about the cause.  The nobodies believe in him because they can sense that he really is one of them, not an actor like Bill.  He is focused, specific, and on target and most importantly he seems motivated to do something instead of just endless chatter. Obviously, all these factors make John exceptionally dangerous and is why he has the attention of the FBI. But for the time being, he is their new William Wallace...not another William Windsor.  Bill had his shot, and he blew it.  Now they all move on as Bill continues to scream and cry like a baby who just lost his candy.

Thursday, February 27, 2014



Bill Windsor said:   “I am not now and never have been a so-called ‘sovereign’.    Anyone making such a claim to the FBI or anyone else is making a false accusation and is defaming me by trying to link me to radical groups.”      Well, maybe Bill is not a ‘sovereign’ as he understands the term.  But it is a fact that GRIP and Lawless America were formed by Bill Windsor to take action based on the political views and methods of change advocated by several radical groups.  

Webster’s defines radical as:   very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary, having extreme political or social views that are not shared by most people.    And, a: very different from the usual or traditional:  extreme  b:  favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions, c:  associated with political views, practices, and policies of extreme change, d:  advocating extreme measures to retain or restore a political state of affairs.     

For the sake of argument, let’s say the overwhelming majority of American people do not share the view that it is a good idea to form Citizen Grand Juries to oust elected and appointed judiciary, government and law enforcement officials from office for treason, with threat of forced compliance through deployment of militia groups and possibly a death sentence.    Given that the majority of people do not share that vision, any individual or group that does share and support that vision would fit the definition of radical.   

All through this blog we have made connections between several radical groups and Bill Windsor.    So, I put a list together (though, not exhaustive) of the individuals and groups linked to Bill Windsor that, in my opinion, are radical by definition.     Again for the sake of argument:  the term SovCit is used broadly in the list below, to include groups or individuals sharing views similar to Bill’s and each other, on the Constitution, politics and how they want to affect change in the government and judiciary.      

Starting with the CC2009, Bill has direct connections to several state delegates and/or signers of the Articles of Freedom.

Continental Congress Articles of Freedom:

Alaska – Schaeffer Cox:  Alaska Citizens Militia and SovCit

California – Orly Taiz: Birther and SovCit

Connecticut – Deborah Stevenson: SovCit

Iowa – Michael Angelos: SovCit

Maine – Wayne Leach & Jack McCarthy: SovCits

Michigan – David Schied: SovCit

Missouri – Ray Herron: SovCit

New York – Robert (Bob) Shultz: SovCit, Birther and Militia

Pennsylvania – William Taylor Reil: Sovcit

South Carolina – Karen Ruff: SovCit (Bio on page with Schied who lists Lawless America in his bio)

South Dakota – Justin David Shultis: SovCit

Texas – Michael Badnarik: SovCit

Texas – Jon Roland: SovCit and Militia

Edgar Steele: Aryan Nations

Delegates to CC2009 with connections to Bill, David Schied and Jon Roland, were on the GRIP Steering Committee and were state Coordinators.    Bob Shultz was asked to be on the steering committee. 

Others involved with the start-up and organization of GRIP and Lawless America are: 
George Mcdermott: SovCit

Arnie Rosner: SovCit

Diane Gochin: SovCit

Denise Loughlin: SovCit

Phil Stimac: SovCit

Ron Branson: SovCit

Rod Class: SovCit, Militia and “Private Attorney General”

Other individual and group connections to Bill Windsor:  

Stephanie Strong: SovCit

Gene Paulson: SovCit

Carl Swennson: Birther, SovCit and Militia (announcement of formation of Citizens Grand Juries that have returned indictments for treason) 

Bob Hurt: SovCit  

Richard Fine: SovCit

Robert Fox: SovCit (and Canadian Fugitive)

Veronica (Niki) Hannevig:  SovCit

National Liberty Alliance: SovCit

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bill Windsor Thinks He Scared Us

Leave it to Bill to think that his vexatious actions somehow "scares us". is the website that has defamed and/or harassed, stalked, and emotionally distressed me many thousands of times in the last 16 months. I think these people have finally shut up because they know they are in serious trouble. Yappy, nothingbettertodotoday, anonymous, attorney, Ginger Snap, Allie Gate, lawlessnomore, Windsor Sluggo, Brannon, Curtis Butler, O Reader, Ollie Reader, tinylittlefeetnhands, and many others should be afraid to say anything more in public.

Awwwwe, "we" emotionally distressed you? Donations for your fake movie has really tailed off hasn't it? The truth is that this blog has kept you from harming others. And no Bill, you don't scare me and I'm not going anywhere, but you do, however, bore me. This same ole song and dance is beyond old. When is your next radio show?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Bill Windsor Vs Boushie

While the lemmings continue to send out distress signals for an answer to why their messiah has seemingly left them (no Merry Christmas or happy new year) , Bill continues to double down in his fight against a protective order from Boushie against him in Montana.

One quick check of the docket at we can see that Bill is certainly alive and up to his usual horseplay in the courtroom.  In this great showdown between Bill and Sean one might ask the question "what are we fighting for?"....oh yeah, a stupid protective order is all. Boushie is trying to get the appellate court to ignore Bill's appeal of the PO because he is a vexatious litigant. But that doesn't really have anything to do with things like a protective order.  Meanwhile, Bill is saying hey...while I got you here and after all this talk of me being a vexatious litigant, could I please be allowed to sue Sean Boushie in civil court?  Thats right, Bill is desperately trying to figure out a way to parley his appeal of Sean's PO in to civil litigation against Sean.

Sean has his own problems as Bill has raised the flag to the court that Sean's hands are not only tiny, but they may also be unclean.  Boushie's claim of never emailing Bill could prove to be his undoing if Bill is allowed discovery on that particular point and known IP's can be traced to those emails.  The old saying of if you play with the pigs you are going to get dirty comes to mind.  Sean made a mistake by taking action, having learned nothing from Allie in her attempt to get a PO, against Bill.  He then compounded his mistake by misleading the court in saying he has never emailed Bill.  Because of that, a long costly court battle may be on the horizon as the court may see both sides with unclean hands.  In the end this is how Bill wins.  If he can get you to spend money to defend yourself against his allegations, that alone will bring this lonely old man joy.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

ITS OFFICIAL: Marty Prehn is a monster.

By Bob Cookout

After the previous two articles were posted about Marty - and he gives out a tremendous belch from the free meals he had Monday by pretending to be a veteran - people continue contacting me with information about him.  

Most of it was already known to us because Marty loves to post on Facebook, but ultimately his voracious appetite for food and fame will be his downfall. There was one item that took my breath away. The following video is that piece. 

Perhaps he can bring a copy of this video with him when he meets with the Governor of Michigan on November 19th to discuss elder abuse

Monday, November 11, 2013

"The Joey's Must Have Gotten Windsor"

Yes that is the common refrain going on now from a group of panicked lemmings who have not received instructions from their Fuhrer.  No doubt Bill must have come under the spell of those dangerous "joeys" down in Texas because he always checks in on facebook that he is alive and well.  Some have said that they must face the reality that he is probably gone as they now look for a new huckster in chief to lead them deeper into the swamp.  Maybe the Scientology people got him?  Maybe that last piece of pie was too much and his heart finally gave up?  Maybe he forgot his password to login and just gave up?

Well here is a bit of truth for you lemmings since this is the only place you are going to hear such a thing in this wacky world of windsor.  Bill Windsor is alive but most certainly not well.  He is an evil, sick, perverted terrorist, who most of all is a narcissist.  And you know who narcissist care about?  Thats right only themselves.  Windor has been very busy filing brief after brief (even this very week) in his vexatious litigation both in Missouri and Montana.  Yep he is still doing what he always does, but since you lemmings stopped sending him money he no longer feels the need to check in with you.  He played you for a fool, a role you seem to be typecast for life.

Oh sure Bill will be back and ready to con again, but he most certainly wants a new group of followers next time around.  Bill blames you, the Lawless followers for his failure.  You didn't send in the right back story videos, you didn't send enough money.  You didn't like enough of his websites and drive up his google hits. Yep, it seems you "nobodies" really are a bunch of nobodies.  You have no connections, no pull, no leverage and in the end you are nothing but a waste of time to Bill.  There is a valuable lesson here, but I doubt you will learn it.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Where's Windsor?

Now that Lawless America is dead, Bill has gone in to hiding from public view but he continues to engage in his favorite form of domestic terrorism in being a vexatious litigant.  But several of his especially stupid lemmings still haven't figured out that he has given up on them.

Susan Ramsey Last I heard he was alive & well but working on getting funding. His jeep was broken into & several items stolen a few weeks ago. He's been busy editing & filing legal charges on several in TX as well. He'd mentioned a few times that he wouldn't be posting much because of all this. 4 hours ago · Like · 1
Kpat Brady WHERE IN TEXAS ?? 4 hours ago · Like
Susan Ramsey All over the State, he's going after all the "joeys" there. 4 hours ago · Like · 1
Kpat Brady lets hope the joeys havent got him 4 hours ago · Like · 1

Ahhh those pesky "Joey's" must have done it. In some ways its true. The constant exposure of his daily scams and lies has forced him in to hiding. He can no longer be annoyed by his pushy followers with their issues, he must focus on his vexatious activities of his own.

And to that end, he has been busy as he goes after Sean Boushie in the Montana Supreme Court. Windsor is throwing a temper tantrum that Boushie and the University of Montana where able to obtain a order of protection against him while he was unable to obtain one against Sean. To make matters worse, Boushie has brought up the Judge Thrash order of vexatious litigant against Bill and that has caused Bill to start a separate tirade about the unconstitutionality of that order. Bill decided and declared Thrash biased and therefore having no jurisdiction to issue such ruling. Therefore the ruling is void and Thrash is guilty of treason in Bill's lawless America.

In the end, Bill will continue to lose in every court he steps foot in. In fact, he can't win because he can't contain his anger and his rage. As he continues to lose it will no doubt spark another public scam of his where he will prey on those who feel victimized by the court system. The beast will need to feed soon, and vulnerable, emotional people will be his prey. Its all he has left.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Windsor Stays in Hiding

Windsor continues to hide the Dallas area, as he stays out of the limelight for the most part.  He did release a facebook message last week saying that he was ok, and he was not planning on having his surgery until December for his made up problem.  For those scoring at home, that means he made up a bogus excuse for missing out on his hearing in Missouri.  This is Bill putting Judge Rolf on notice that Bill considers him a fool; I guess we will see if Bill is right about that theory or not.

Then we have Bill trying to file for a default judgement against the American Mothers Political Party in Kansas.  But the question has to arise over who was actually served, and what exactly would he be getting a judgement against?  Yeah, no matter which case you look at...either his attempt in Missoula, Missouri, or Kansas, all three don't seem to be getting any where and the more he tries the more he can't hide his failure.

It's interesting to see how the remaining lemmings are coping with the reality that Lawless America is dead. David Schied is still begging Bill to call him.  Bambi pays homage with her own hail to her Fuhrer statement filled with praise and honor for all the things Bill only said he would do....but never delivered on.  But for the most part, the lemmings have moved on from the Lawless America scam as they seek a new fraud to lead them out of their own abyss.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Windsor's Fake Movie Gets Fake Press Coverage

As Bill continues to hide out from all his court obligations he has created through his made up illness, a tip of the hat to Ninja for finding this little nugget out there in cyberspace.  This article comes from a crackpot site called

Bill Windsor's Lawless America
                                            Posted By: MaryMaxwell <Send E-Mail>
                                           Date: Saturday, 14-Sep-2013 15:40:43

Bill Windsor’s Lawless America Show its a show alright 
By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Have you seen the series of Youtube videos called “Lawless America”? we can assume the answer is no A 64 and 11/12ths-year-old guy from Georgia formerly..he was kicked out goes around the 50 make that 48 states to help fight lawlessness. He is doing a brilliant job. yes, by any measure 
Bill Windsor’s method is to demonstrate that the system is so bad that ordinary folks there is nothing ordinary about Bill get beaten up, routinely, by the courts.this seems especially true when they do something wrong Let me describe his most recent caper good word choice, in Montana. Here, Bill has placed himself in the role of victim uhhh loser would be more appropriate, but in most of his work he doesn't actually work he locates other people who have been victimized, and analyzes for us what is really going on. if by analyze you mean he makes up something out of his are correct
So what’s a former Georgian doing in court in Montana? stalking It began when a man named Sean started to cyber-stalk Bill. The thing that provoked Sean was, apparently, Bill Windsor’s advocating for the right of a Montana journalist or maybe his constant lying, Crystal Cox. She says Sean has been regularly threatening her with bodily harm and she is far from credible. She tried to get a restraining order but was rebuffed by the court. oh and she owes over $2 million in damages
So far, pretty boring, right? nuh uh, I'm already kinda laughing Indeed many of Windsor’s cases are boring but not nearly as boring as he is, but the cumulative effect is what we need to be reminded of, and he does indeed draw a quite riveting picture of that. wait what?  Its a bunch of random pointless videos that have nothing to do with each other
Anyway, the man named Sean emailed Bill allegedly by Bill with explicit threats and even told Bill that he had shot a bullet at Bill on the highway, but missed and hit another car instead. In other words, Bill possesses a written confession by Sean of his crime! ummmm I think he was trying to be funny 
Bill applied to a court in the relevant county, Ravalli, MT, what is relevant about it? seeking a protective order. On the Youtube video you see Bill walking waddling out of the courthouse. (Does he have a dear friend who films him? No, he has a dear tripod with his own camera on it.and his only friend) He tells us that the clerk accepted his properly filed case. but then again, he is a liar
Next we learn that the judge rules that Bill is not eligible for a protective order. The reason he gives, in writing, is that the accused (Sean) hasn’t been convicted of the crime. Of course this is ridiculous or maybe its legit. People seek protective orders before the threatened violence happens, not after.but Bill isn't a "people"
Bill theorizes that's all he ever does that the judge somehow knows he must not accommodate Bill's request, as the alleged offender, Sean, is a protected person of some sort. ummm, I need some tin foil stat In other words, Sean may be a paid harasser. make that two rolls I recall from the Patrick Knowlton lawsuit, related to the death of Vince Foster, that some of the persons who gang-stalked Knowlton were FBI men, "off duty." uh huh, wink wink, nod nod
(By the way, a San Diego lady whom Bill interviewed (by the way, why are we in () now?  Is this to signify that you are deviating from your logical progression in your story?) says that when she gets gang-stalked, it is commonly the case that the licence plates of the stalkers have both a double number and double letter. ummm better make that the industrial size on the tin foil please I have only been gang-stalked once in my life birds do it to me all the time, I swear, and when it happened, two years ago, I copied down the number.of people?  Lotto ticket?  Receipt number? What a chuckle when I looked it up. It starts with PP33. A chuckle and a frown: this means the gig is state-sanctioned oh clearly, I can't think of any other explanation.)
So, Bill Windsor thinks he is entitled to the law’s bounty and discovers that he is only entitled to the laws iron bars a few people are apparently entitled to it, but not the majority!  Bill has nothing to do with the majority And you don’t know which you are, until you test the system ohhh I know. See what I mean about cumulative effect?  ummm, no I don't, but I'm sure you do
Bill Windsor, who has got court procedure down pat heh you could say that, then asks to appeal the Montana judge’s decision and is told it isn’t appealable. Needless to say, that is incorrect. then why did you even say it?
Then his dear tripod follows him I'm thinking he carried it to a grassy spot outside the newspaper office in Missoula, Montana. We see Bill coming out disappointed, after the editor has told him that the paper will not be interested in the crime story he is reporting. mainly because he isn't a reporter of any kind
Lest you think Bill may have made a bad showing, perhaps looking like a fringe person, no. forgive me but I'm gonna have to stick to that perception He is neatly dressed in a kevlar vest that says TV? and well-spoken not really, he mumbles. Also he understands the Constitution in its spirit but certainly not in content. He is duly jaw-dropped when the press changes its approach from being the voice of the people to being a voice of government. or maybe they just told the crazy fat guy to get the hell out of their office
Sometimes a cyber-harasser like Sean does not really exist. you just blew my mind I mean, the stalking is occurring, but is from a centralized anonymous office. ok where is that order of tin foil...I can't take much more of this Here, though, Bill has traced the man and his red truck.traced to what..his etch a sketch? Bill finds (or should I say, alleges yes, you should always say that with him) that Sean works as a lab technician at the University of Missoula campus. (Don’t get me started on the participation of academia in the cause of injustice, OK?) (don't get me started on nutjobs that wander off with their own () remarks and never remember what the original dumb point was)
The area of court-corruption that Windsor covers in depth is that of “child custody.” no, he moved on to murderer's rights You would be amazed at how many parents have their children taken by the state and fostered out, on apparently no basis at all. Please don’t believe me. good, I wasn't going to Why should anyone believe that such a thing is happening! are you talking to yourself now?
Ah, but it is. can't argue in the face of that kind of overwhelming proof Recently, Bill put up a video in Minnesota of a lady whose eleven-week old baby was taken away. Please see it; I think you will decide right then and there that you need to do something to help our society, and yourself. like put Bill in jail
By the way, no point asking Congress to assist. good I wasn't going to, that would be stupid On February 5th and 6th, 2013, Bill Windsor brought many you mean a few court-victimized people to Washington, DC actually to Arlington Va. He invited all 535 Congresspersons plus all their staff members, to join these citizens at a convenient location to discuss matters, some of which are life threatening. Total number of Hill people who showed up? Zero.
Don’t go away crying.what about laughing? Bill Windsor is not here to say “See? There’s nothing you can do.” He is here to say “We intelligent human beings do not have to put up with a perverted situation and I'm going to need some donations.”
The one disappointment of his cancelled“Lawless America” show is that it does not give the thousand-or-more interviewees a way to band together to brainstorm the issue.especially since he banned them all Possibly interested parties could use as a way to congregate. or just forget it altogether That will bring infiltrators, but so what? everything brings infiltrators. dammit....I don't have near enough tin foil for this woman
One of the persons interviewed on the Lawless America Youtube show, Martin de la Graza of New Mexico, who feels done in by state government corruption, says he is willing to die for the cause. You really can't beat that. yeah huh...actual proof beats that any day of the week
A man from Los Angeles, Larry Mendoza, is equally ready to do what he must do to band with others for protection. maybe Schied can teach him some karate moves As far as I know which isn't very far there is nothing to prevent you from asking your local library to give you use of a meeting room once a month to host discussion of "The Lawless America Interviews." can they all hold hands and sing campfire songs? If you do ask and are refused, please let me know! Thank you.
Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, can be emailed at her website

Monday, October 7, 2013

Joeycon Cancelled

Thanks to Bill's new conveniently made up illness, the party dubbed (by Bill) as JoeyCon is now cancelled.   I was looking forward to meeting everyone and finding out who I (and you all) really am but it looks like this bash is going to go down as another Windsor empty promise.  Even though there was no location set, nor time and date, I had my bags packed and was ready for my special invitation which never seems to come.

The truth of the matter is we have called Bill's bluffs so many times even he is tried of trying it.  At the end of the day he has nothing at all to prove anything he claims, and this is why he needs a sudden illness to get out of testifying in a certain court in Missouri.  Not one single person on his list of 500+ "haters" has been silenced.  The truth is everyone is growing tired of his same old antics as he slips away into irrelevancy.  His name is mud, his family's name is trashed and it will forever be that way on the internet.  The very thing he wanted to do to his "haters" has been done to him and now the jig is up.  There is nothing left for him to try now but make up and fake his own illness and declare a draw and run away.

To that end my goal with Bill is finally accomplished....albeit one that took much longer than I had anticipated.  I despise frauds in whatever capacity and Bill represented it at its most raw and basic level.  The only way to stop people like him is to fully expose them to the world for what they really are.  Bill Windsor will forever be known for what he really is, not what he claims to be.  That is internet justice or karma or whatever you want to call it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Windsor Resorts to Blackmail

So the man who supports convicted murderers, engages in stalking, harassing, slandering, lying, mail fraud, cyber hacking, and internet threats has turned to blackmail now as his way to crack that cookie he can't seem to break.

HEY ALL YOU JOEYS -- WANT TO AVOID THE HUGE EXPENSE OF CIVIL LITIGATION? WANT TO OBTAIN A "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" CARD FROM LAWLESS AMERICA? WANTED: ONE JOEY WHO WANTS TO BE PROTECTED WITH A RELEASE FROM ME IN EXCHANGE FOR THE LIST OF SCREEN NAMES AND REAL NAMES FOR ALL THE JOEYS. Just email me at with JOEYS RELEASE WANTED as the subject line. Or private message me on Facebook. This is a one-shot deal for one person other than Ginger Snap, OReader, Megan Van Zelfden, Brandy Owens, Curtis Butler, or Brannon Bridge. Better hurry.

Wow, what a deal.....for giving up that list of all of our names and addresses he is just sure must exist, you won't have to answer for all that wire fraud, witness tampering and general criminal racketeering you most certainly are going to face. Can you trust him? Why sure you can, he hasn't told a lie that he is aware of and he hasn't had a parking ticket in 10 years so what more do you need to know?

Then the lemmings chime in with their brilliant thoughts:
Trisha Wakat Shafer Joeys a little kid said some bad post about me.. I am not sure how I got involved in the mess. I.just try to ignore the negatives 52 minutes ago via mobile · Like Danny Scheltgen their has to be someone who wants to have a cleaned heart that's a great start bill 48 minutes ago · Like Bill Windsor Trisha, this is all about a group of criminals, a stupid group, but none of it is about childish games. This is a major part of the group that I intend to see brought to justice both criminally and civilly. 41 minutes ago · Like · 2 Bill Windsor Okay, we have one Joey candidate. Do we have more? I need someone with as much identity poop as possible. 39 minutes ago · Edited · Like Trisha Wakat Shafer Are you still doing the movie? I hope things are going great for you. 38 minutes ago via mobile · Like Bill Windsor The movie is alive and well. Just dealing with scum for a while. 30 minutes ago · Like · 1

Oh now we are stupid? And yeah Trisha, the movie is alive and well he is just not ever going to think or talk about it again.

The only thing this really reveals is that he is both desperate and hopeless in his chase of the "Joeys". He has played pin the tail on the donkey with names for over a year now and he is no closer to cracking the cookie than he was back then. At the end of the day he can't take away our right to espousing an opinion on our own site about the things and words he chooses to make public. His continued over the top threats and resorting to racketeering is his way of admitting defeat. Just like his movie...after all that time, money and effort he has nothing.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Windsor Admits to Cyber Terrorism

So this site was temporarily down last night for a brief period and both Bill and his former partner in crime "Susan Harbinson" immediately jump on facebook to gloat and proclaim the death of joeyisalittlekid.  Evil hates exposure, and for a brief moment they screamed with glee at the thought of not having their words and actions critiqued.  Bill of course bragged that he gotten the site taken down so he was left chewing on his foot when the site came back several minutes later.

But it was what Bill said in the comments after that are really interesting:
Bill Windsor I guess they were trying to figure out how to stop the total download of the site along with all logins and passwords that has been running on their site for 20+ hours so far. If any of you need a magic way to totally download a website, just email me at 29 minutes ago · Like · 2
Bill Windsor 27,459 files and counting 29 minutes ago · Like · 2

Hmmmmm, that sounds a whole lot like he is trying to hack and cyber attack the site. So now we can add cyber terrorism to paper terrorism, mail fraud, sexual perversion and constant stalking that Bill has directly admitted to doing.

Then this morning he is back to his stalking practices:
It's Joeys' Time! Now if I just knew who these screen names are and where they live. The court clerk says "under a rock" is not an acceptable address.
I'm going to test my "under a really slimy rock" theory. My position is that it is the last known address.
William M. Windsor
Thats right, every single one of you...even though we have over 20,000 comments on this site Mr. Bill is going to drag every single on of us to Criminal...yes, Criminal court. What kind of crimes have we committed you might ask? Ahhh, we are part of a racketeering enterprise according to Mr. Bill. And just so we know what he is actually alleging by is what Criminal Racketeering means:
Racketeering is an illegal act which constitutes the operation of an illegal business or scheme in order to produce a profit. Racketeering is a broad category that can include a variety of criminal acts, such as bribery, illegal gambling, the exploitation of children, money laundering, etc.
Yep....he sure pegged us on that.  There is so much money flying around on this blog its almost as if its not even there in the first place.  What if someone made up that they were making a movie and took in volunteers and donations with no tracing of the funds to any organization whatsoever along with avoiding to file a tax return?  I'll just let all you other gangsters weigh in on what you think about this criminal enterprise we have going on here.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Terrorist Bill Windsor Rides Again

Well the idea that maybe if you just ignore him, he will go away just wont work with with Bill.  As Bill went in to hiding after his defeat in Missoula, he has spent all that time doing the only thing he can do....stalking people.

First, Bill went back to his old stand-by stalking target of Claudine and the AMPP.  He claimed to have gotten a restraining order against her and her organization which includes anyone who has ever said a meanie thing about him.  He says everyone is connected and that must be true because he said it and he is Bill Windsor.  Of course the only "proof" of such an order is coming from Bill and it most certainly does not include all those that he is trying to broad brush it in to pertaining too. 

Then its on to stalking his favourite cookie and us "racketeers" at Joeyisalittlekid:

BILL WINDSOR OF LAWLESS AMERICA a now defunct terrorist organization IS HEADED TO IRVING AND PLANO TEXAS BECAUSE IT IS JOEYS' TIME well then why would you go to irving and plano....Joey is in Prison in West Texas?.
My attention has been focused on bringing Allie Overstreet, Sean Boushie, Claudine Dombrowski, and the American Mothers Political Party to justice and I failed miserably on all counts. Now that each of those projects is well underway projects? you mean you made a website and tried to go stalk their residences?, it's Joeys' Time I'm sure Joey will appreciate that, he has been waiting for that his whole life. I will now turn some attention to as opposed to reading it every waking hour......night and day?. I want to see everyone associated with that criminal racketeering enterprise put in prison yeah its a hell of a racketeering operation we got going on here.
Megan Van Zelfden has been the person behind Joeyisalittlekid no, she has nothing to do with this site and never are slandering her and I hope she sues you for that. I have received reports to indicate that she is a dangerous person who may be capable of doing just about anything uhhhh, no that would be you. I will be investigating the Church of Scientology and a practice called Scientology Fair Game thats a great idea Bill....I hear they love people snooping around their operation asking stupid questions. See:
Megan Van Zelfden, Curtis Butler, Brannon Bridge, and assorted others...their time has come I bet Brannon is ready to do the happy dance. I will be visiting the Church of Scientology facility in Irving Texas, and I may take a quick trip to Longmont Colorado where some strange stuff has happened yeah you do that Bill.
I am going to strategically position myself between pie and adult book stores for a few days in states where defamation, libel, slander, and stalking may be prosecuted in the state where the crimes are received kinda sounds like entrapment. This will make it easy for me to get all the Joeys in one friendly court a bunch of baby kangroos in a kangaroo ironic.
William M. Windsor
Then, in response to that we get this from his number two terrorist:
David Schied Bill: They have published so many fraudulent and defamatory statements about me and I have captured numerous screen shots. They also contributed to the defamatory pressures that Trish Kraus felt before she committed suicide. I understand that there has been at least one (other) suicide caused directly by these defamatory practices. Contact me. My info has not changed. 20 minutes ago · Like

Schied has been franticly trying to do everything he can to try and divert his own culpability in Trish's death and project it on to both this site and to her loving family. This included unleashing this especially stupid individual:
This is Marty Prehn who considers himself a special agent for the gubment. He has been out saying all of this about who he, Bill and David, all think run this site and trying to shift the blame away from terrorist David Schied in the suspicious death of Trish Krauss.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bill Takes To the Streets to Beg For Money

Out of ideas and now low on funds he said he never had in the first place, Bill has gone into hiding as he begs and pleads for someone to give him money.  Windsor had let his emotions and his rage cloud his scamming instincts as he kept banning and vanquishing any and everyone from his group.  While this served his most basic revenge element, it was not wise in the more grand scheme of his scam.

Lawless America never cared about what your particular story was, everyone was welcome as long as they wanted to overthrow the government and as long as they worshipped Bill as their unquestioned leader.  But as he turned all his attention to his stalking and terroristic activities, he lost the remaining followers he had. Now the bloom is off the rose.  There is no longer any buy in from all those that he filmed as most of them can now see that it was a hoax all along, they don't even ask about the "movie" anymore, they know they were duped.  This also means he has poisoned his well, he can't go back to the same characters, for the most part, with whatever new version of a scam he comes up with.  He must now come up with a whole new set of future victims to scam and he will need to put and emphasis on getting their money this time not just their following on facebook.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lawless America Dies!!!!

Bill Windsor has gone into hiding.  He has stripped off the advertising on the Jeep and ordered all his followers to stop harassing him with their issues.  This is his way of admitting complete and utter defeat. After all the miles, all the videos, all the hype, all the pie, he is right back where he started.....with nothing.  No movie, no funding, no tv show, no home, no family, no reason to even get up in the morning and exist.

While its clear from his history that Bill will re-emerge with a new scam and ultimately new victims, it is comforting to know that this Lawless chapter is over.  Windsor has scammed people all his life, but never before did he prey on the raw emotions of people desperate for anyone to listen to them like he did with Lawless.  He wasn't just taking their money and time, he was taking and crushing their hopes and dreams. This scam lasted much longer than I ever anticipated, and while he still has his court cases in Montana and Missouri to lose, I am happy to announce that the scam known as Lawless America is over.

Even though Lawless is now over, the stalking and harassing of others from Bill will not cease till he has taken his last breath.  You can bet that he will continue to devolve in his methods and tactics as he seeks to bring pain and suffering to others.  To this end, we can only hope that law enforcement or the judicial system will finally put a stop to him.

Friday, August 30, 2013

After Defeat Bill Goes in to Hiding

The showdown in Missoula was supposed to get Bill's mojo back.  He was going to go down there and get Sean Boushie arrested, get a restraining order, or at least fired and declare victory of his chief "hater".  In true vigilante style he orchestrated his own sting operation.  Turns out, playing police officer is a quick way for his adversary to get a restraining order against him.

So Windsor had to flea Montana with his tail tucked between his legs.  Reality is his biggest adversary and it is really bearing down on him now, he can't seem to escape the fact that his entire life is one big lie and a failure.  Bill is out of ideas, and is possibly running out of his never ending supply of cash.  Yes those perpetual trips with $150 a night Courtyard at Marriott bills are catching up to him.  I'm guessing the T-shirt sales are down, not to mention he probably never even sent out the ones that were purchased.  His lawsuit against Allie is going sideways, his stalking against Sean backfired, and all his "haters" have not been fact they have multiplied exponentially.  His remaining few followers are not only nobodies, they have nothing of value to offer bill.  They have no money, no skills and no connections, in short they are all worthless to Bill.

So Bill is left with nothing, and he has to resort to made up accolades like going on a diet or taking great pictures out of his car.  Yes he has failed, but sadly this is nothing new for him.  He has done this his entire life, he will go in to hiding, ignoring all the problems and obligations his most recent stalking tour accrued, and eventually emerge again with a slightly different vision of his same old scam.  This is the life of a gypsy con man.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

RIP Trish Kraus

As I have spotlighted him for quite a while as Bill's number two domestic terrorist, David Schied leaves pain and suffering to those he leaves behind.  His ex-wife, who reportedly has a learning disability, was left to fend for herself with her son as she lives out of her van.  That was the woman that David "became married to with a child".  Then he leaves her and shacks up with Trish Kraus as we saw them both show up in Missouri to support Bill on his terroristic endeavors against Allie.  So what happened with Trish and David?  Well, this is how they are spinning it at Lawless:

"Marty Prehnposted toBill Windsor 8 minutes ago Bill it is with a very heavy heart that I am sharing with you and our LAWLESS AMERICA family that on Friday August 16, 2013 that our dear friend Trish Kraus died unexpectly and is now in heaven. Please contact me at my cell number and I can share with you more. This has been confirmed by David Schied in a phone call I recieved from him an hour or so ago. When funeral arrangements are made I will see that they are posted so that those in Michigan can attend and say their good bye's to a very courageous woman who took on many battles in her lifetime and won. This one she did not. There is only so much a heart can take before it breaks as was the case here. REST IN PEACE Trish Kraus. Trish was 50 years old. She was the driving force behind LAWLESS AMERICA in Michigan."

But well before that was posted we had this posted on the blog which I believe is very much credible from the second it was posted.  I had emailed with Trish's daughter back in June where she was concerned for her mother and worried that David was causing her great pain and alienation from everyone (much like a cult).  I think its important that the world hears this as it relates to David, again this is just what was posted:

I live long a distance from my mom trish and all of my family. So as i sit at the computer typing to the people i need to notify, i see the link on my desktop to this webpage. i figured id update you. dave and my mother are no longer together. he tried to control her life. he didnt want her working. he was keeping mail from her. he even held her dog hostage for approximately a week. they are no longer together and she is no longer a part of lawless. she committed suicide today :'( she was very mentally ill. because of david, she alienated her whole family. he convinced her we were all the enemy (there are email messages between them to prove this). when she could no longer be with him because of his controlling ways, she ended up with no one. and now she is lost to us forever. i blame her mental illness first, she wouldnt get help. i blame david second. he is why she thought her family was the enemy. i dont think you will ever hear from me again. there is no need for me to be here.

Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone it, People Like Me

Bill is in full drama queen mode in Montana.  He is still trying to get his protective order against Boushie, but now he is turning his attention to the authorities in Montana.  He senses that he is really now in danger as he continues to cross lines.  But instead of backing away when he senses real danger, he is escalating his stalking and paper terrorism activities.  Bill plans to bombard the courts and local law enforcement with 500 plus pages of vexatious complaints (many trees were harmed in the making of these complaints).  Even if he had a point or even proof....good luck finding it buried in that massive amount of wasted paper.

Then Bill takes an odd moment to himself by posting a pic of him wearing a cowboy hat and then asking his few remaining followers if noses grow with old age.  Uhhhhhhh that would be lying that made yours grow Bill.  Constant pathological lying.  Before this, Bill was commenting on how he needed a hair cut.  He seems to know that his body is breaking down, even in the pics he posts, but he refuses to accept the real reason for that.  His vanity won't allow him to accept the truth.

Then we have our old buddy little David Schied dropping in.  He posted on Bill's page that he wanted to know what it takes to get a call from Bill.  Poor little Davey, sitting quietly in the corner waiting for Bill to tell him what's going on.  For the rest of his so-called life, Schied is forever going to be tied to Windsor and his antics and he can't even get Bill to answer to phone.  All those hours of study on citizen grand juries and Bill is wasting it all out conducting his own circus in Montana. These poor sovereign citizen folks can't ever seem to get anywhere in their terrorism, as insanity seems to be a requirement for admission to the group.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Badges? We don't Need No Stinking Badges!!

So we are now well in to Piemegeddon.  Yesterday, Bill took a brief break from his stalking and vexatious activities to put on his sexual deviant hat.  Windsor took the opportunity to post, in graphic detail as only his perverted mind can, about the subject of what is known as a glory hole. Yes, he would like everyone to know that they should send him their stories of not just rape and incest, but now he is ready to hear a good glory hole story to help with his "media" endeavours.

Bill then posted his subpoena request that he says was issued to Sean Boushie and Sean's wife. Bill would like to know....among other things, what Sean had for breakfast, his travel desitnations, is he an organ donor, the name of his pets, his boy scout merit badges, the mowing records of his property, his high school book report topics, favorite Muppet character, choice of deodorant (if any), his alibi on the morning of Sept. 11 2001, choice of pie, and....everything else he and his wife have ever done or said.

The adventure in Missoula has not gone as expected for Bill.  He hasn't been shot at, there was no police escort waiting for fact no one even cares that he exists.  Since he can't get anyone to pay attention to him including Sean....he has already signalled that he will be escalating his temper tantrum and aiming it at the local law enforcement and University officials.  Prancing around everywhere in a bulletproof vest with a bodyguard hasn't seemed to get him the attention he desires, so the American Terrorist named Bill Windsor now needs to escalate the terror watch to level orange for Missoula Montana.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Bill Finally Makes it to Montana

If you thought Bill couldn't get any don't know bill windsor.  He has finally crossed over to his arch enemies' state of Montana as he heads to his long delayed showdown with Sean Boushie in Missoula. He has hyper-escalated his drama queen persona as he starts predicting that he will be murdered by Sean. Even some of his followers asked the obvious question of why he would go to the home town of a person he claims makes him fear for his life?

Bill says that:

I want to be clear about this: I am in fear for my safety and my life. I am taking a wide variety of precautions. I am doing this because this man has done this to many people, including four who have been filmed by me. I am doing this because law enforcement and the various powers-that-be have not done anything. If I can't shame law enforcement into arresting him, then I will expose all of the authorities who let this would-be killer commit crime after crime.

There you have enforcement has not done what he tells them to do so he is going to do their job for them and try and then go after them for failing to obey the great Windsor.  At this point, Bill has hyped this showdown up so much that he has to at least fake something to make it seem like he wasn't lying all along. Will he get arrested?  Will he fake his own death?  Will he abduct himself?  Will he actually go to Sean's house?  Will he be arrested when he walks in to the Missoula Police Department?  How about that "tv show" he says he is filming?  I guess Piemegeddon is about to commence.