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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bill Windsor to All the "Haters": RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!!!!
sorry about the commercial, but the clip is just too perfect

So Pie Baby said he spent all day Monday filing charges, or planning to, on the 37 yes count them 37 meanies out there that cause him to shake in his bed each night.  So here we go:

On February 25, 2013, Bill Windsor filed criminal complaints against 37 cyberstalkers..
Included were Allie Overstreet, Mark Supanich, Sean Boushie, Claudine Dombrowski, Lorraine Tipton, Shannon E. Miller aka Elizabeth Hope Hernandez, Jennifer Herbert aka Jennifer Dotson, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Brannon T. Bridge, Connie Bedwell, Justin Thompson, Loryn Ryder, Cheryl Sosby, Gail Lakritz, L. Wilson, Lisa Jones, Trinity Baker, Diane Gochin aka Diane Rose aka Diane Rostesky, and others. Wow, Allie and Mark pass up the infamous tiny handed Sean Boushie and now rank at the top of the Pie's most wanted.  Brannon is still ahead of me, but at least I'm on the list, or who he thinks I am.
Stalking is a form of mental assault awwwe, the poor whittle baby needs a hug, in which the perpetrator repeatedly, unwantedly, and disruptively breaks into the life-world what the hell is a "life-world" of the victim, with whom he has no relationship (or no longer has). The separated acts don't you mean separatethat make up the intrusion may not always by themselves cause the mental abuse sometimes that person is already mentally ill, but do taken together (cumulative effect).
Internet technology has enabled online groups of anonymous people like this to self-organize to target individuals with online defamation, threats of violence, and technology-based attacks.  Internet technology has also enabled fat narcissist who seek revenge on the world to deceive desperate souls and prey on them 
In this case, there seem to be some "professional" stalkers at work conspiracy stalking?.  According to online posts, the American Mothers Political Party (a hate group) teamed up several years ago with a group of "Joeys" who operate a hate website at  So let me get this straight, a group of women fighting against domestic abuse decided to team up with a bunch of kangaroos who somehow operate a website?
They have published lies, doctored photographs, threatened violence, posted sensitive personal information, e-mailed damaging statements to many people, and are manipulating search engines to make damaging material about me more prominent.  I'm sorry, are we still talking about the kangaroos?
I fear for my safety and the safety of my family. I am in fear of bodily harm to myself then put down the pie and eat a salad and my family you have no family, violent injury to my property what in the world is that?, and more.
On February 25, 2013, I filed my second criminal complaint My name is Bill Windsor, I'm a criminal and I would like to complain.  This named at least 37 people and entities.  Included were online aliases such as Ginger Snap, Petunia Pigg, and others. also be on the lookout for an alpaca that smiles, a roo, a yappy, a slugo, a mountian lion, a ninja and a guy in a morph suit 
My complaint is for stalking, harassment, harassing communications, threats (including death threats or veiled threats of bodily harm by four people). but if you can think of any other words I forgot, I would like to complain about them too
There is absolutely no question that these people have followed me online and contacted me online for the purpose of harassing and intimidating me I have followed their footprints all over the internets. They have attempted to terrify, threaten, harass, annoy, and offend me with lewd and profane language, lewd and lascivious acts, threats to inflict physical harm, and more I just can't think of any more words, where is Allie when I need her.  
Virtually all of the stalking and harassment has been cyberstalking, the use of the Internet and email to stalk and harass me and those acquainted with me.  so can you please just shut down their internet, I have already asked gmail, yahoo, and hotmail but they wont do anything.
The stalking includes the making of false accusations and false statements. These include that I am a pedophile, a pedophile lover, anti-gay, bigoted, a tax evader, a criminal operating a scam, and much more.  somehow these crazy kangaroos have figured out a way to make a video that looks like me, sounds like me, and claims to be me saying all these things
The stalking includes monitoring, as the stalkers claim to be tracking my Internet activity you mean like how you like to search for escort services?.  Some stalkers participate in my online radio talk shows to monitor and/or to disrupt the calls and the online chat.  The monitoring includes repeated online posts of libelous, threatening, harassing statements. this is treason right?  If that isn't I dont know what treason is
I fear identity theft as they say they have my social security number. they even have my mailing address that I attach to the bottom of all my emails
Many of these perpetrators spend a lot of time gathering information that may be used to harass. so they are good at it?
The stalking is apparently motivated by a desire to control me and interfere with my activities. Their sole goal is to damage me and my charitable efforts.  you even manage to write a puff piece in your criminal complaint?
The initial cyberstalker was a person who I do not believe I know so how do you know he existed?.  He was joined by people I do know and many more who I wouldn't know from Adam thats a stupid statement Bill.  These stalkers have solicited involvement of other people online who do not even know me.  so the kangaroos went and got the help of the alpacas, pigs and cougars?
The libel and slander is truly unbelievable ohhh except it very much is believable, in fact its true.  These stalkers invent one false claim after another.  People who I don’t know make statements in writing that have no truth whatsoever and can be easily proven to be false.just dont expect me to be able to prove it  It’s like they feel they can say anything and get away with it.  
The stalkers have repeatedly violated my privacy rights didn't you make yourself a public figure? and copyright by using photos and videos of me that they have no legal right to use.  Photographs of me have been doctored.  Absolutely sickening videos have been produced about me.  The worst is one that has one scene after another of feces – big piles of shit in various settings – and it’s all attacking me.  dont forget to show them the hitler ones
They have created fake blogs about me containing defamatory content.  so are you saying the blogs dont really exist, they only appear to?  Much like a certain movie of yours?
Internet technology has enabled online groups of anonymous people like this to self-organize to target individuals with online defamation, threats of violence, and technology-based attacks. They have published lies, doctored photographs, threatened violence, posted sensitive personal information, e-mailed damaging statements to many people, and are manipulating search engines to make damaging material about me more prominent.  how senile are you that you repeat what you just said 3 paragraphs up?
It would take a team of people full-time to capture all the stalking and slander so I'm requesting that you put the entire force on this one.  I have 882 megabytes of evidence, but it is a fraction of what is out there.  if you don't at least have a gig, dont bother....oh and byte me
Any reasonable person what would you know about a reasonable person? in possession of this information would regard it as sufficient to cause another reasonable person distress.
I have massive civil charges that I intend to bring against these folks.  because, I dont know if you have heard or not, I'm what the courts call a vexatious litigant.  I once brought charges against a hornet for biting me
I say to all of the people cybertsalking me, slandering me, libeling me, defaming me, etc., CEASE AND DESIST yeah thats cute, but did you forget you are at the police department?.  I consider your actions to be both criminal and civil violations, and I intend to file criminal charges against each of you well unfortunatly its going to boil down to how the police feel about it, not you.  I also plan to file a civil action against each of you if I could just find the money to put up as bond.  And you will be featured in one of two new movies, Slanderella or Slanderfella.  wait, you are making two new fake movies out of it now?  And you stole our clubhouse name on fella.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Der Fuhrer Issue New Edict and New Naughty List

Bill Windsor spent all day yesterday looking through and blocking out everyone who has any friends that are considered independent thinkers.  Then, in the wee hours of the morning, he issues this edict for all his followers:

Bill Windsor and Lawless America have been attacked, libeled, slandered, and threatened by people associated with the American Mothers Political Party, and others (son of a motherless goat, what the hell do I have to do to get a shout out over there?).  These people are doing this to damage a movement that seeks to save America. (or because you are defrauding a bunch of desperate people who blindly follow you)
These horrendous liars just keep going and going and going.  So, here's my new standard operating procedure. (wait, are you implying you had a previous one, I can't find it on the LA page)  I will be filing complaints and requests for restraining orders in the courts where these liars are active. (ummm, you have been threatening this for about a month now, how is this new?)  This may help some honest spouses to gain custody, etc. or at least serve to set the record straight about the dishonesty of people appearing in that court. (actually its just about your own personal vengeance, which is all Lawless is about anyway)  There's more than one way to obtain "justice" from a court. (that just sounds corrupt)

The judges may not consider my request for a protective order, but they will get the message as will the opposing party. (yeah, that you are powerless to stop them)  I will carefully document the lies so I can prove to the court that these people have lied about me in writing for no reason.  And if they will lie about me when I am trying to help people and save America, then I believe a court should hesitate to believe anything that these people say. (you haven't had much success in a court of law, have you Bill?  I mean afterall, that's why you are running this scam in the first place because you are unable to win anything in a court of law)

So, I say to all the libelers, slanderers, defamers, cyberstalkers, and crooks, if you want to lie about me and Lawless America, I will expose ypou where it will hurt the most. (and down with spell check)  You will become infamous on the Internet, and the opposing party and the court will have evidence to use against you. (we are doing a pretty good job with your internet legacy "old white fat man".  So you are going to try and help the "opposing party" simply because you don't like someone?  I'm glad we will never see you control a court system)

After Meet Me in DC (what, I can't wait that long, you already promised to do this last week), my initial legal filing (you said you did a bunch of them the other day) will be against Claudine Dombroswki, including a filing with the international court trhat she is involved with.  Then Loryn Ryder, Connie Bedwell, Cheryl Sosby, Nancy Goates, Shannon E. Miller Hope Hernandez, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Gail Lakritz, L. Wilson, Diane Gochin, Lisa Jones, Trinity Baker. (that's it, I quit, what do I have to do to make your list?)

I do not like doing this at all (because you are not very good at it), but I am left with no option. (you simply just don't have any options)  Since these people lie, defame, and harass again and again and again, it appears that I either have to allow them to continue to damage me and Lawless America or battle where it will really hurt.(this is going to really hurt you, not them)  Slander and lie about me, and I will provide the evidence and sworn affidavits to the court and to their adversaries. (lets just say your sworn affidavits would be better used as evidence for the other party than the one your are swearing for)

In my 64 years, I have NEVER seen anything like these people. (usually people don't get mad and rise up until after my scam is over) Hatred seems to just ooze out their pores. (they despise all my lies and threats)  Father haters.  Grandparent haters. (there is that little grandparent thing again)  Bill Windsor haters.  Lawless America haters.  Hate, hate, hate, and slander, slander, slander. (that was supposed to be my job)

All lies, and I can always prove it. (just don't ask me to)
It's not worth going into the details, but this group has libeled and slandered me. (meaning I can't prove it but you better take my word for it, that's an order)  They are violating our copyrights. (you mean the ones in your head that you never actually applied for?) They have blatantly ignored cease and desist and takedown notices. (since you are not an authority of any kind, except for pie, I don't see why anyone should obey your orders)  Some associated with AMPP have breached contracts and, of course, lied about it. (so sue them, oh yeah, you can't, my bad)  And they have tortiously interfered with our contracts with people filmed. (somehow I think you have heard that phrase directed at you many times before)  They have harassed me by email, telephone (didn't you call mommy Bridge), and Facebook messages and posts.  I have screenshots, emails, Facebook page archives, and phone messages to prove at least what I and others have seen. (and you aint seen nothing yet)

All hate groups are unacceptable to me and should be unaceptable to you. (if I don't like a kind of pie, you are not allowed to eat it)  I will not allow anyone associated with any hate groups to be involved in the movie or our video presentations. (I will not allow?  You really are a man after Hitler's own heart)  You should know that anyone associated with that group is NOT your friend because they are doing such things in an effort to stop your story from being told and to stop efforts to save America. (isn't this what cult leaders say to their flock?)