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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bill Windsor Takes a Dive

Its not easy being a vexatious litigant.  Bill Windsor checked in today with his new story that he had fallen on ice and cracked his skull.  Yes with looming mental exams on the horizon, Windsor has decided to beat his detractors to the punch and declare himself not right in the head.  Even though everyone was told to shelter in place, Bill thought it was his American duty to venture out and see if it was safe to travel to the local Golden Corral.  Now his lemmings must once again pray for (or to?) their messiah as he will not be able to make it to his upcoming court dismissals.

BILL WINDSOR IS ALIVE, BUT HE SUFFERED A FRACTURED SKULL ON DECEMBER 6, 2013. are we talking to ourselves in third person now?
I slipped and fell on some ice. I hit my head how can anyone who feels themselves falling not put their hands out to brace themselves and protect their head?. I started bleeding from my right ear maybe your ear just had enough of listening to your lies. I was taken to the Emergency Room by a fire department ambulance wasting tax payer dollars again. Several cat scans and all types of tests were run, and I was diagnosed with Basal _______ Skull Fracture that extends to my right jaw.
I was transferred to another hospital that has a neurosurgeon on duty at all times you should have gone to the vet, hospitals are for real people. More tests, more cat scans to eliminate neck and spinal cord involvement. Diagnosis confirmed.
I can't hear out of my right ear....not yet known if the hearing will come back it matters little though because I only hear what I want to anyway. I feel like a truck hit me I can see how your fat ass hitting the pavement might feel like that, constant headache, blurred vision didn't you complain about this before?. But I am told that I am very lucky to have avoided brain damage ohhh I would get a second opinion on that.
It is hard for me to sit here and type oh you are such a trooper, doing this just for the poor little lemmings, but I will update all of you wonderful people regularly. "wonderful people" did you hear that? That means he is going to be looking for donations again, fire up the paypal accounts, Windsor fell on his ass
NEVER WALK ON ICE. NEVER. thanks, but I already knew that, you skate on ice

Friday, November 22, 2013

Marty Prehn in Medically Induced Coma. In Protective Custody

Fresh off his "I'm Dying" campaign, Marty Prehn is now claiming to be in a coma due to injuries sustained after being brutally beaten at a recent dust up with Rev Terry Jones in Michigan.

However, and there are always plenty of howevers with Marty, Terry Jones was not at any Michigan protests in over a year.  In spite of Marty trying to get that Purple Heart for being the vanguard of Free Speech, it turns out that the above claim is another complete fabrication - apparently to silence a potential whistle blower.

Claiming to be an investigator "working the crime scene", Marty repeatedly sent texts to a woman's cellphone stating that Marty listed her as next of kin and then chastised her for hampering an investigation by inquiring about his wellbeing on Facebook.  Marty then informed her that if she reported this to the authorities she would be arrested.

This is serious business, folks.  Marty's psychosis has rapidly accelerated past his infamous Special Agent hat.

If this one victim came forward - on this very blog - how many others are out there?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marty Prehn: Man, Myth, or Monster? Part two

By Bob Cookout

In this post we'll address some of Marty's most outrageous claims. There is no way to cover all of them here because there are so many. I'll touch on a few and everyone can feel free to add their favorites in the comments. 

Marty's biggest claim to fame is the day he spent with Ronald Reagan making plans to tear down the Berlin Wall.  He claims to have been in Reagan's security detail during a campaign stop at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.  His profile picture on Facebook is from that day.  However, Marty acquired that very picture quite accidentally only a few years ago, through - you guessed it - Facebook.  Someone else shared the picture and then the legend was born!  It's hilarious how he presses the person who shared the picture for dates and details of "that historic day".  Regardless, he still is unclear on whether it happened in 1979 or 1980, but certainly can embellish the details of him and Reagan chewing that fat, exchanging favorite jokes and planning world peace.  He wasn't in the security detail but managed to get close enough to get in a picture.  It's like what they call photo bombing today.  There was no dialog exchanged between Marty and Reagan. The two never spoke. Marty was more than likely ordered by a real security detail to get the hell away from the candidate. I'd be willing to bet my house & kids that Nancy never flirted with Marty about his dimples. 

Out of this one photo came the claims that Marty gave Reagan the idea to pursue the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Marty's father was a German soldier who still had family in Germany. He made trips back to his homeland roughly once every three years.  This is where the photos of him collecting pieces of the wall come from, not dissimilar to about a million other pictures of Germans and tourists at the time. There was no state sponsored trip for Marty's father to participate in the removal of the wall - and even if there was - wouldn't the State Department and Reagan want to include their favorite muse for the idea? 

Why wasn't an important man like Marty invited to participate when it was his idea?  Surely Reagan, Thatcher or Gorbachev would have wanted him there?

Maybe Marty was busy back in the US plotting his evil plans for the future.  Or maybe he was busy rescuing the elderly, veterans or some other victim of the moment. 

The above begs the question - Why? According to several of Marty's old classmates, he was always a compulsive liar. Marty wasn't a popular kid and he was always overshadowed by his more popular siblings. I assume this caused Marty to start lying to make himself seem like the someone he so desperately wanted to be. It's almost like the lazy mans way of being accomplished in life.  Marty's father made a career of working for the JL Hudson Company.  Marty tried to follow in his fathers retail footsteps at JC Penny, but failed.  His life is void of genuine accomplishments and he continuously seeks to fill that void with the most outlandish stories, made famous by this blog as "Marty Moments".

I guess his only true success has been found in providing countless of hours of enjoyment to those keen enough to see through his legacy of lies.

Coming soon: Has Marty ever served our country and what exactly is his version of a " Special Agent"?

DISCLAIMER:  The opinions expressed above are mine alone. They are not the beliefs of any cookies,alpacas,chihuahuas,  large bodies of water,Asian warriors,canned ham products,pumas,play doh men,anyone who wears a morph suit and jumps fire pits,or any other animals or objects residing in an alleged clubhouse. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Windsor Finally Heads To the Mental Institution

After going crazy with the heat in both Arizona and Nevada, Bill now heads to the funny farm to check out the operation.  The man with no home had been previously touring prison facilities, but now he wants to check out his other possible final destination.

The reason for this visit is he plans to spook the latest Lawless follower to be institutionalized (even odds on either Mary Deneen or the Rhode Island woman as next up) in Connie Fielding.  Bill even points out that the "likes" on his facebook page are dwindling but he blames that on the new settings he said he put in place.  The truth is the core of his followers are ending up in jail or committed.  It is fun watching them give Bill advice on his health when Bill is either complaining about his ear or the heat.

Domain Names:  Windsor has decided to adopt the Crystal Cox tried and failed method of taking out domain names in the name of the person or group you are stalking.  He has recently put one up on Boushie, Claudine, and all of the AMPPs.

Crazy with the Heat:  Bill gave daily and sometimes hourly updates of the current temperature on the Las Vegas Strip as he took his photo's all from a half mile radius of the MGM Grand

Drive-by Shotings:  The Jeep now has a ceiling cam on it so that now Bill won't even have to get out of the car to do his filming.

Utah:  Bill took his crime scene tape to Utah as he filmed a woman he knew nothing about for 3 hours.  He was fascinated by her story calling it maybe the most compelling story he has filmed yet.  The main reason he believes her is because she apparently has some gruesome images Bill can't wait to upload for shock value.

Ear owie:  He blamed the gale force wind from the hotel air conditioners (someone should let him know that he can control those) for having an ear ache.  He claimed to visit several clinics in the area but disagreed with their diagnosis and told them to cease and desist.  He used that excuse as a way to stay a few extra days in Sin City as he lived it up and worked on his Missouri lawsuit filings.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Terrorist Bill Windsor Increases His Stalking of Allie

Fresh off his "victory" in the court room yesterday, Billy decided to show everyone just how petty and vindictive he really is.  He couldn't just leave, he couldn't just let it go and move on with his pathetic life, he has to rub it in.  To continue to stalk and harass a single mother is just to good to pass up for Windsor.  This is what he posted just a short time ago:

Following the trial when Allie Overstreet was shown to have committed perjury, Judge John Frerking directed Bill Windsor to present his charges to the Sheriff of Lancaster County. And so he did, and the Sheriff's Deputy directed Bill to fi...le some of then charges with the Higginsville Police Department. So, Bill traveled to the rural town of Higginsville, saw the police, drove quickly by Allie Overstreet's house, and snapped a few shots around town.See More
— in Higginsville, MO.
And yes, he included a pic of Allie's home.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Round America Version 3.0 Begins

You could almost hear a certain jeep in Marietta (with its axle slanted to the left) moan as Bill waddled out and got inside to start another pointless road trip.  Windsor has run out of followers and now he must embark on another trip to trick new people into liking him on facebook and following his never ending drama with messiah-like worship.  In exchange for their unquestioned loyalty, Bill will record whatever they want to say and upload it to youtube, a great deal indeed.

Also, this trip will have a duel purpose of intimidating Bill's "haters".  He wants to stalk his "stalkers" as he drives around their homes filming whatever he can. 

But what his trip really about, is a chance to feel like his has some sort of family.  Being home alone is not much fun for today's narcissists.  Bill just wants people to listen to him again.  He needs more hero worship.  That's why he can't stop pointing out how many miles and days he has spent on the road as some sort of public servant hero.  The "haters" seem to out number the lemmings at this point, and Bill is determined to change that.  He will follow his pie hole wherever it takes him, but we can be sure he won't spare any details (with plenty of lies mixed in) as he chronicles his road show.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just Like in DC, Bill will be Exposed as the Loser He is Monday

Its all fun and games as the lonely old fat man hides out deep in his basement, posting away and attempting to control his own version of reality.  But like we saw in DC, where Bill has to actually show up for a big event, reality takes over and he is exposed.  This will happen Monday in Missouri.  Bill will do what he has done his entire life...he will lose.  Allie will get her protective order and he will get either a strong admonishment from the judge, or he may even earn contempt of court.  Either way you slice it, the court will act just like his own family has done and deny his request.

I'm sure he already has a scheme to spin his looming failure into some kind of "not guilty" verdict of a crime he wasn't charged with.  This will work on his especially stupid followers, but his exposure will cost him many others.  He will probably be able to swing a few especially koolaid drunk followers out to Lexington to stand with him.  None of this will matter as Allie will prevail and he will be dealt another blow, both legally and in the PR world.

Obviously then the question is what will he do then?  Go back to driving around to any state he can find to get new followers to swear their allegiance to his greatness?  Will he spend that time trying to track down his "haters" that law enforcement doesn't seem interested in listening too?  Will he go back and start to work on his grand jury stunt which is less than a month away now?  Whatever he choses to do, it will be stupid and ultimately fail.  For Bill Windsor, there is no other option.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bitler Update

So Bill files a protective order against Allie

He says he rejected a contract from an agent, and now he has no options for the show/movie (possibly because he doesn't have a show/movie)

He claims to now have 100 affidavits in his "trail" against Allie, all of the un-notarized filings have a certain date with a wastepaper basket  (some tress were harmed in the making of this stunt)

Move over Bangledeshians....Lawless jumped 5,000 likes in one night and Bill is blaming it on the Russians.  Someone better tell Billy boy that you best avoid stiffing the Russians like he did the Indians, the mafia guys over there will take that pie off you one way or the other.

He blames the 5K Russian increase on Facebook.  Is this the new Cold War?

Asks for more donations before his new filming trip and then lays out his locations for Lawless America 2.0 (most of the places he has announced he plans to visit are locations thought to be were some of his "haters" reside)

But most of all he continues to harass Allie and the courts as prepare for his hearing in Missouri.  Bill does not miss a chance to take as many personal shots at Allie as he can in his filings (no matter how off-topic).  He even goes right in to her custody case as he tries to re-open those wounds and gladly offers help to her ex simply out of spite.  I really don't see any evidence of anything human left in the obese carcass legally known as William M. Windsor.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Lawless Shipmates Are Getting Restless

They may have been mildly amused at first, but as Bill continues to spend all this time going after his made up haters, some of the followers are growing tired of the never ending tail-chasing Bill is engaged in.  They signed up for a movie, or a cause they thought was about changing the legal system.  Instead, it seems they are followers of an old man who happens to be a drama king.

Now Bill prepares to go back on the road for what he calls filming, but it really looks like an escape from his local problems with Maid of the Mist and a scouting trip to go do research on his "haters".  No more talkshoe lectures, haven't even heard much about the little citizen grand jury stunt and certainly no word on his fake movie.  They are starting to feel that they are hopelessly adrift at sea, and the only movement seems to be from the daily wind direction and nothing more.  You can start to see their frustrations coming out in the comments to Bill:

Sharon Anderson Why Promote adverse Hate Group Sorry delete I have more important Issues to Advocate4Bill

Naomi Gutierrez I agree. Hate groups should be ignored. Giving them attention fuels the fire. I have something more constructive one can do right here: Please Sign

Stephanie Lynn Bill I trust you... So.... Did you threaten to go to her hearing for her daughter? And work with her ex? And publish the address of her children? I know you have never threatened anyone with a gun. You stated a while back you bought one for protection because you were being threatened. But you never threatened anyone.

Rebecca Potter Please folks, understand the dance of the dysfunctional!!!! They always use threats, lies, intimidation and false scandals and false statements to divert the real truth. This is the dance of the psychopath. Psychopaths always unite to distort the individual who unmasks them. This is why so many who are fighting the "Crazy Courts" are targeted by the psychopaths in and out of the system.

Darin Karl I have been reading Lawless America posts the past couple of weeks, trying to follow along. 
I do have one question, Bill. Do you really think its a safe option to confront your haters at their own residences?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Total Dram King

He just can't stop with his Allie thing:


Unfortunately, most of my time has been spent preparing for my "trial" as a would-be serial killer scheduled for April 8, 2013 in Lexington, Missour I guess if you went down to fight a traffic ticket you would say you are standing trial for capital punishment?i. I have filed motions and my vexatious black blood was really running at this point requesting to film and audio record and broadcast the hearing LIVE the circus is in town; for a court reporter and my own court reporter you know, one to actually record what was said and then another to record what I say happened; to allow affidavits to be presented in lieu of live testimony or, in the alternative, depositions or testimony by telephone; for a jury trial thats all fine and dandy except for that little fact that its NOT A TRIAL; for accelerated discovery anything but slow an methodical. I have also filed a counter-complaint against Allie L. Overstreet citing eight crimes committed I don't want anyone to forget how vexatious I really am. This photo is Lafayette Hall in Lexington, Missouri, where my hearing will be.

I still cannot access I've spent hours on the phone with GoDaddy, Enom, and AT&T and up to 5 minutes actually talking to them. I can't update the site, as I can't access it just in case you haven't caught on by now I'm not too bright. Once I can access it, I will post everything that I have filed it will almost feel like I filed them again....ohhh what a rush.

Thanks so much to the many people who have sent affidavits to be presented to the court you are all now my legal bitches. I've received approximately 40 so far. Six people have confirmed that they are coming to the hearing in Lexington, Missouri. If you can, Meet Me in Missouri lets make an event out of it.

I will be sending out news releases to all the media in Missouri you are never one to let a trash can get a day off are you?. Maybe some of them will show up to cover the "trial"heh notice how I put "" around trial, oh you didn't notice good little lemmings of a disowned grandpa  accused of being a would-be serial killer ummm no, accused of being a stalker which you are most definitely going to prove.

I hope I can squeeze out a day to go to Florida yeah isn't that just down the road from Missouri? to look at an RV before I head to Missouri you could probably look at an RV in Georgia Bill, they are all over the place and for you they are all the same...meaning you cant have one. I very badly want to have an RV that can be set up with a permanent film studio inside I'm going to call it The Fugitive. If I had such a set-up on the 241-day movie road trip, I would have saved at least 200 hours of set-up and tear-down and maybe you dumb lemmings might have a movie by now, not to mention all the carrying, loading, and unloading I'm fat and old, give me a break please. I also would have been able to stop anywhere along the route to film ummm I think you can do that with any vehicle that has brakes in it. Our second would-be RV provider appears to have fallen through, and I have no money, but I must figure out how to accomplish this buy a lottery ticket?.

I have to reschedule my film trip you mean the one no one understood why you scheduled in the first place? as soon as my status as a serial killer is resolved spoiler alert...I plead down to stallker. I hope to film a number of people on the way back to Georgia. I will probably go from Kansas City Missouri down to Dallas come get me Billy, Houston yappy is ready too, Biloxi and Gulfport Mississippi, Destin Florida, Birmingham Alabama, and back home in Atlanta. If you are anywhere near that route, please email with FILM TRIP in all caps in the subject line and I will be there to give you your life dream of filming yourself and uploading it to youtube.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Nothing But The Best For Bill Windsor, While His Followers Suffer

I'll admit, catching Bill in a lie is like shooting fish in a barrel, but since I still think its funny I'm gonna keep shooting.  Lets go back to the Failure in DC.  Turns out that one of the nobodies thinks he is a somebody after all.  Here is what bill said about the issue Allie O raised about him getting an upgraded room:

"Largest Suite at the Crowne Plaza.  No, I did not change to anything, and I was not in a large suite.  I had the same style room used throughout the movie road trip, a room with a small adjoining "living room" that could be used for filming.  We filmed there two days.  My rate was $165."

Notice the semantics he is playing with the my room was $165 like everyone else.  Well that's true, but here is the whole story:

From: Johnson, Debra
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 10:51 AM
Subject: Room blocks

Good Morning Bill,

I wanted to let you know that we have extended your groups cutoff dates at
both hotels to this Friday, January 25.  So please let your participants
know that they can make reservations through Friday.

Thank you,

Debra Johnson

Regional Sales Manager

Description: cid:image001.png@01CCC564.A7BF5F00

Crowne Plaza National Airport

1480 Crystal Drive

Arlington, VA 22202 <>

 <> Description: Description:
Arlington Virginia Hotel

Holiday Inn National Airport

2650 Jefferson Davis Highway

Arlington, VA  22202 <>

703-842-1221 Direct Line

703-416-1651 Crowne Plaza Fax

703-684-3217 Holiday Inn Fax

From: Bill Windsor []
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 6:52 PM
To: Johnson, Debra
Subject: RE: Windsor Rooms

Debra, I called Reservations and added Sunday.

Will you be able to comp my room and upgrade to the largest suite you
have?  As a trade show and conference producer for 25 years (in the old
days), we used to get comped or at the very least, one room per x number of
room nights. With donations going so well and production costs below anticipated numbers, I want your largest suite.

From: Bill Windsor []
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 4:48 PM
To: 'Johnson, Debra'
Subject: Windsor Rooms

Hi Debra.

How many did we end up with?  It looks like it will be Standing Room Only in
the Arlington Ballroom.  The Senate gave us two 250-seat theaters for our
presentations the night of the 6th, and we added 60 speakers in a day.

When do you have me arriving and departing?

We have been speaking with the various police.  We have hired one officer to
be with us at the hotel all day three days.


From: Johnson, Debra []
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2013 8:26 AM
Cc: Barbara Windsor
Subject: RE: Windsor Rooms

Hi Bill,

Please see the pickup below at each hotel.  Yes, we have you arriving on
February 3 and departing on February 7.  I had already upgraded you to a
suite.  If you would be so kind to give us the name and number of the
officer you hired I will pass it along to our front desk and security.


Holiday Inn

Crowne Plaza














Yours in Hospitality,

Debra Johnson

Regional Sales Manager

Crowne Plaza National Airport

Holiday Inn National Airport

Direct:  703-842-1221

Fax:  703-684-3217

Anyone notice how his wife makes an unusual appearance as he copies her to his booking of the rooms?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bill Windsor to All the "Haters": RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!!!!
sorry about the commercial, but the clip is just too perfect

So Pie Baby said he spent all day Monday filing charges, or planning to, on the 37 yes count them 37 meanies out there that cause him to shake in his bed each night.  So here we go:

On February 25, 2013, Bill Windsor filed criminal complaints against 37 cyberstalkers..
Included were Allie Overstreet, Mark Supanich, Sean Boushie, Claudine Dombrowski, Lorraine Tipton, Shannon E. Miller aka Elizabeth Hope Hernandez, Jennifer Herbert aka Jennifer Dotson, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Brannon T. Bridge, Connie Bedwell, Justin Thompson, Loryn Ryder, Cheryl Sosby, Gail Lakritz, L. Wilson, Lisa Jones, Trinity Baker, Diane Gochin aka Diane Rose aka Diane Rostesky, and others. Wow, Allie and Mark pass up the infamous tiny handed Sean Boushie and now rank at the top of the Pie's most wanted.  Brannon is still ahead of me, but at least I'm on the list, or who he thinks I am.
Stalking is a form of mental assault awwwe, the poor whittle baby needs a hug, in which the perpetrator repeatedly, unwantedly, and disruptively breaks into the life-world what the hell is a "life-world" of the victim, with whom he has no relationship (or no longer has). The separated acts don't you mean separatethat make up the intrusion may not always by themselves cause the mental abuse sometimes that person is already mentally ill, but do taken together (cumulative effect).
Internet technology has enabled online groups of anonymous people like this to self-organize to target individuals with online defamation, threats of violence, and technology-based attacks.  Internet technology has also enabled fat narcissist who seek revenge on the world to deceive desperate souls and prey on them 
In this case, there seem to be some "professional" stalkers at work conspiracy stalking?.  According to online posts, the American Mothers Political Party (a hate group) teamed up several years ago with a group of "Joeys" who operate a hate website at  So let me get this straight, a group of women fighting against domestic abuse decided to team up with a bunch of kangaroos who somehow operate a website?
They have published lies, doctored photographs, threatened violence, posted sensitive personal information, e-mailed damaging statements to many people, and are manipulating search engines to make damaging material about me more prominent.  I'm sorry, are we still talking about the kangaroos?
I fear for my safety and the safety of my family. I am in fear of bodily harm to myself then put down the pie and eat a salad and my family you have no family, violent injury to my property what in the world is that?, and more.
On February 25, 2013, I filed my second criminal complaint My name is Bill Windsor, I'm a criminal and I would like to complain.  This named at least 37 people and entities.  Included were online aliases such as Ginger Snap, Petunia Pigg, and others. also be on the lookout for an alpaca that smiles, a roo, a yappy, a slugo, a mountian lion, a ninja and a guy in a morph suit 
My complaint is for stalking, harassment, harassing communications, threats (including death threats or veiled threats of bodily harm by four people). but if you can think of any other words I forgot, I would like to complain about them too
There is absolutely no question that these people have followed me online and contacted me online for the purpose of harassing and intimidating me I have followed their footprints all over the internets. They have attempted to terrify, threaten, harass, annoy, and offend me with lewd and profane language, lewd and lascivious acts, threats to inflict physical harm, and more I just can't think of any more words, where is Allie when I need her.  
Virtually all of the stalking and harassment has been cyberstalking, the use of the Internet and email to stalk and harass me and those acquainted with me.  so can you please just shut down their internet, I have already asked gmail, yahoo, and hotmail but they wont do anything.
The stalking includes the making of false accusations and false statements. These include that I am a pedophile, a pedophile lover, anti-gay, bigoted, a tax evader, a criminal operating a scam, and much more.  somehow these crazy kangaroos have figured out a way to make a video that looks like me, sounds like me, and claims to be me saying all these things
The stalking includes monitoring, as the stalkers claim to be tracking my Internet activity you mean like how you like to search for escort services?.  Some stalkers participate in my online radio talk shows to monitor and/or to disrupt the calls and the online chat.  The monitoring includes repeated online posts of libelous, threatening, harassing statements. this is treason right?  If that isn't I dont know what treason is
I fear identity theft as they say they have my social security number. they even have my mailing address that I attach to the bottom of all my emails
Many of these perpetrators spend a lot of time gathering information that may be used to harass. so they are good at it?
The stalking is apparently motivated by a desire to control me and interfere with my activities. Their sole goal is to damage me and my charitable efforts.  you even manage to write a puff piece in your criminal complaint?
The initial cyberstalker was a person who I do not believe I know so how do you know he existed?.  He was joined by people I do know and many more who I wouldn't know from Adam thats a stupid statement Bill.  These stalkers have solicited involvement of other people online who do not even know me.  so the kangaroos went and got the help of the alpacas, pigs and cougars?
The libel and slander is truly unbelievable ohhh except it very much is believable, in fact its true.  These stalkers invent one false claim after another.  People who I don’t know make statements in writing that have no truth whatsoever and can be easily proven to be false.just dont expect me to be able to prove it  It’s like they feel they can say anything and get away with it.  
The stalkers have repeatedly violated my privacy rights didn't you make yourself a public figure? and copyright by using photos and videos of me that they have no legal right to use.  Photographs of me have been doctored.  Absolutely sickening videos have been produced about me.  The worst is one that has one scene after another of feces – big piles of shit in various settings – and it’s all attacking me.  dont forget to show them the hitler ones
They have created fake blogs about me containing defamatory content.  so are you saying the blogs dont really exist, they only appear to?  Much like a certain movie of yours?
Internet technology has enabled online groups of anonymous people like this to self-organize to target individuals with online defamation, threats of violence, and technology-based attacks. They have published lies, doctored photographs, threatened violence, posted sensitive personal information, e-mailed damaging statements to many people, and are manipulating search engines to make damaging material about me more prominent.  how senile are you that you repeat what you just said 3 paragraphs up?
It would take a team of people full-time to capture all the stalking and slander so I'm requesting that you put the entire force on this one.  I have 882 megabytes of evidence, but it is a fraction of what is out there.  if you don't at least have a gig, dont bother....oh and byte me
Any reasonable person what would you know about a reasonable person? in possession of this information would regard it as sufficient to cause another reasonable person distress.
I have massive civil charges that I intend to bring against these folks.  because, I dont know if you have heard or not, I'm what the courts call a vexatious litigant.  I once brought charges against a hornet for biting me
I say to all of the people cybertsalking me, slandering me, libeling me, defaming me, etc., CEASE AND DESIST yeah thats cute, but did you forget you are at the police department?.  I consider your actions to be both criminal and civil violations, and I intend to file criminal charges against each of you well unfortunatly its going to boil down to how the police feel about it, not you.  I also plan to file a civil action against each of you if I could just find the money to put up as bond.  And you will be featured in one of two new movies, Slanderella or Slanderfella.  wait, you are making two new fake movies out of it now?  And you stole our clubhouse name on fella.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Remember The Hilton

First of all, lets take a quick moment of silence to remember the 45,000+ departed followers of Lawless America.  Has anyone sent out a missing person's report?  Its like they all vanished into thin air.

Second, we get dueling banjo's tonight as the weekly Nazi Radio Program is going to be shadowed by the AMPP's doing a show of their own dedicated to the victims of Lawless America

So Billy has decided to make his stand in defense of his Minister of Propaganda Allie as she battles for custody of her child.


Remember the Hilton in Phoenix? I was evicted and they called the police for the crime of photography. HUNDREDS of Nobodies called, emailed, faxed, and generally caused an uproar that Hilton Hotels said unprecedented.

Well, REMEMBER THE HILTON! It's time to crank up our combined effort to come to the aid of Lawless America Vice-President, Allie Allie Lorraine Overstreet. Her ex has filed actions to take away her parental rights, sanction her, and force her to take down her videos. This is an outrage on every level. First, no judge has a legal right to terminate parental rights as being a parent is a human right. Second, freedom of speech is a Constitutional right that this judge and no court has the right to infringe upon. Third, no pervert should get anything but prison.

We will post a sample letter below.

The hearing is March 4, and I will be there with six cameras. Meet Me in Missouri!
Even as he tries to rally the lemmings to intimidate the judge in her case, he can't help but to still make the whole thing about him by mentioning his eviction from a hotel.  Such a narcissist.  He goes on to name the judge and give out his address.  Billy assumes the role of judge in the case and explains why the case should be decided the way he see's fit.  Allie, so thankful for all the "help" she is receiving, reaffirms her undying love for her Fuhrer with this:
Allie Lorraine Overstreet My gag order expired And Bill is the best boss in all the land.
This is going to end badly for all those involved, you can book that.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rut Roh!!! Billy is Coming After Me

First of all, congrats everyone who has made this day possible.  For a month and a half we have been doing our best to get on Bitler's #1 Most Wanted List, but we could never seem to get noticed.  But today, he promises to come and get me:

Bill Windsor <>
8:15 PM (16 minutes ago)
to me
Justin Thompson aka Ginger Snap aka Joeyisalittlekid:
Cease and desist the libel, slander, defamation, and cyberstalking.
I am filing criminal charges against you on Monday, and I will file one or more civil actions.
I am headed to Garland, Texas soon. 
William M. Windsor
Phone: 770-578-1094
PO Box 681236
Marietta, GA 30068
Please sign our petition:
First of all Billy...are you really going to leave this "sign our petition" link in a cease and desist email?  You know how stupid that makes you look?
Second...bring it on.  Why don't we just throw out jaywalking while we are at it?  Are you bringing your whittle gun too?  Are you going to be able to steal some more frequent flyer miles to make it down here, or are you going to fire up that poor jeep again?  I'm sure the City of Garland and the local lot lizards would love the economic "stimulus" your tourism might bring.  All I will say is bring it on fatty.  I'm willwy scared aka frightened aka startled