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Friday, July 26, 2013

Walt Windsor World

Hi Walter. I’ve read a good bit of your autobiography, and I agree with your assessment that you have lived a very unusual life. I thought we’d take a moment to explore your childhood in your own words. It seems to me that your son, William Windsor, is simply following in the footsteps of you and your father.

Let's get started -  Your father, he was actually the very first of the Windsor name. Since it wasn’t immaculate conception, can you please tell our readers how the Windsor name came to be.

My father was born Walter Winkopp. In his early days in vaudeville, his act was due to play a theatre in The Bronx, New York, and the fellow putting up the “billing” complained that Winkopp was not a suitable name and should be changed.  My father looked up at the marquee and saw the name of the emporium was Windsor Theatre.   Then and there he became Walter Windsor, and subsequently so did I.  I was named after a theatre!

Wow, too weird. I recently heard something on the news about a fellow who named himself “Clark Rockefeller.” It seems he's pretty famous now too! 

So, your mother died when you were quite small. That must have been hard.

At the age of one, I was placed in the care of my paternal grandmother, who, along with assorted aunts and uncles, harbored me for several years.

Harbored? Isn’t that what they do with crim . . .  Nevermind . . . uh. . . So, where was your father?

 All this while my father had mostly been “on the road” staging shows, occasionally popping in with a gift and a “hello, Pal!” One day he stuck his head in the door and said, “Guess what I brought you this time - a new mother!”

Well, that certainly was a lovely gift, wasn’t it?

He and his new wife, and a new baby half-brother named Howard, came to visit and ended up staying with us in what was already a crowded house.  Not long after that he announced that he had made a big deal and we would be moving as a family (pop, mom, two boys)  to California.

Oooh California.

We traveled by train to Youngstown, Ohio, where, nearly as I can tell, Dad was booked to put on a holiday show, then move on to Los Angeles.   We had Christmas and New Year’s in Youngstown.  The highlight of Christmas was my receiving a beautiful tenor saxophone.

A saxophone for Christmas? My, you were a lucky lad, weren’t you?

Soon after that, we were on another train, heading west, all except the saxophone, which I have since deduced was one of a number of items that ended up in a Youngstown pawn shop to raise the money for the trip.

Ummmmm. That’s just sad.

Moving on . . . . So, about this big deal in California, we’re all excited to hear about how Walter Sr hit it big.

The “big deal” that took us to California became tragically entangled in the maelstrom created when “talking pictures” took over from silent movies and sounded a death knell for most live entertainment of the day, particularly for vaudeville.

Oh, no, not the maelstrom? Golly Gee. Nobody could ever have foreseen that the "talkies” would stick around.  

My dad’s deal with the theater tycoon Alexander Pantages was to produce and stage live shows to accompany the showing of silent movies in his many theaters across the nation.  Just as the hopeful young Windsor family hit L.A., the stuff hit the fan.  Pantages backed out on the deal.

Well at least your father can say he nearly had a deal with Pantages, what a claim to fame! So, what exactly happened with the “stuff hit the fan?”

I have never been privy to the details, but I know he welshed on the contract. There were many long telegrams back and forth  (I think this was the only way that Mr. Pantages communicated), and litigation existed for some time, all to no avail.  At first, Dad passed up other work opportunities, feeling he would win out in his war with Pantages.  

Litigation ensued? The Windsor legacy is born!

Soon there were no offers for stage work, and he was forced to accept directing burlesque shows to keep bread on the table. 

So what did your father do once he burned all his, err, I mean, after the work dried up?

He opened a dancing school called Windsor Castle . . .

 He started a business and named it after himself?? How very Windsoresque!

 . . . but it failed, just after I started taking tap-dancing lessons. 

A Windsor business failed? Say it isn’t so!

That was the end of my dancing career!

Well, knowing the Windsor family, I’m sure it was onto something bigger and better.

There was a feeler from the Warner Bros., even then a big force in the film industry, suggesting that Dad might choreograph and/or direct musical movies. 

Warner Brothers! Musicals were HUGE! Wow, perhaps it was best that the previous partner welched on the deal. It put him precisely in the right place at the right time. Warner Brothers!

He was thoroughly convinced that sound movies would fade out as a brief fad, and vaudeville would revive, so he spurned the idea.  I think the fellow they eventually hired was named Busby Berkeley.

Oh, well.  . . uh. That’s alright. He’ll get the next one.

This “fork in the road” of Dad’s life was most costly.  He could not support his family.  He continued to dream of great productions and plan them on paper, but nothing ever came of them.  His wife went to work for a real estate company that was then developing a large parcel of land that today is West Los Angeles.  She would sit all day in empty new houses, to show them to prospective buyers.  He would sit at home, dreaming dreams of his comeback and the return of the two-a-day, sending me to wherever she was working to borrow a quarter for two packs of Lucky Strike cigarettes.   He was a chain-smoker, and had been so since the age of fourteen; there always had to be cigarettes, even when there was no food.

Hmm. Chain-smoker who forced his kid to go beg change from his mom while she was working and dad was home day dreaming. . . . umm. I’m not feeling too good about this guy.

I have to do my father justice on one point.  He always took temporary work during the Christmas season, usually in the toy department of a local department store.  He saw to it that there were gifts and toys, although most of them were defective or damaged items the customers had returned, which the employees could purchase at a great bargain.

Broken toys totally make up for no food and begging for him.

So . .California! Such a fun place for a young boy to grow up!

 It was there that I had my twelfth birthday.  My greatest wish for some time had been to own a bicycle.  Every other kid had a bike.  With a bike, you could become a newspaper carrier and make money.  Nothing was promised, but on the birthday I was instructed to come straight home from school and not leave the house.  I disobeyed and left for a short time.  I was properly punished, but was also led to believe that the bicycle was to have been delivered and I wouldn’t get it because I wasn’t there.  I soon realized that, if not a terribly cruel punishment,  this was a cover-up for not being able to provide a bike.

The Windsors have great parenting instincts. Nobody wants to disappoint a little boy by telling him he can’t have a bike. Instead, just make it “his fault” he didn’t get it. That is brilliant!

Well, maybe you didn’t have wealth, but at least you all had each other!

The unfortunate domestic situation brewed conflict between husband and wife, which was complicated when some of her relatives from Nebraska moved into the house.  After numerous battles, Virginia took Howard and left some time in 1930.  I was then in the sixth grade.

Oh well, they had a good run - second grade to sixth.  . . . I bet you sure were sad without your brother though?

One day my father used me as a tool in an attempted abduction of Howard, but the law soon prevailed.  I never could figure out how he proposed to support three when he had no income with which to support two.  Virginia sued for divorce and charged him with a crime called, in California, “non-support.”  He was found guilty and sentenced to six months in the Los Angeles County Jail.

Umm. Well I’m positive Walter Sr was justified in trying to abduct his son. Food and shelter are overrated. I can’t believe Walter was jailed for this! I am shocked that corruption runs this far back!

So what happened to you then?

During much of this time, I had been living at 1936 Greenfield Avenue, in the house we had formerly rented, as the “guest” of an elderly woman who had been our landlady.  She loved to play the card game Casino, and I more or less earned my room and board playing this game with her.  Not gambling; she just wanted someone to play with. 

Not gambling. Right. Just like how we read that Bill doesn’t gamble. He just bets on green every time he passes a casino. . . .

One day my father, released from his incarceration during which he had worked as librarian,  came walking up the driveway.  He obtained a small apartment in downtown  L.A., and was involved in some proposed business transactions with two lawyers whose acquaintance he had made during the earlier legal proceedings. 

Earlier legal proceedings, I understand. But, friends? With lawyers?? A Windsor???

One of these ventures was the operation of a souvenir stand at the 1932 Olympic Games.  I helped out in selling items at the stand, and was rewarded with a ticket to attend the track and field events for one day.  Dad had also developed a board game, called OLYMP-O, which we tried vainly to sell at the Olympics.

I find it hard to believe that something developed by a Windsor would not become and an immediate success.

About this time, Dad opened, with the backing of his attorney friends, a little sporting goods shop in Westwood Village, about half a block from the entrance to the UCLA campus, called the Diversion Shop. 

Such a small world. Bill opened a similar shop right next to the Texas Tech University Campus!

I never knew what happened to this short-term venture, except that it ended quite abruptly.

UCLA and TTU must have a poor sports programs – only explanation.

Then the attorneys got the idea they wanted to own and operate a game attraction on The Pike in nearly Long Beach, to be managed by my father.   This was a great amusement park in its day, rivaling Atlantic City in its variety of rides, shows, games, dance palaces, and other diversions.  The game chosen was basically what we know as Bingo, except it was called OLYMP-O, and was based on the flags of the various nations on cards, with marbles shot to determine on which countries  you would place your markers..  I think we used dried beans. 

So, your dad invented Bingo? Or he just made it “better?” You must have been raking in the dough!!

Of course, we were broke, except for whatever compensation Dad received for managing OLYMP-O. 

Oh. Hey well, still, it must have been pretty fun to be a kid surrounded by games and prizes?

It was really a  gambling operation by this time, the prizes being cartons of cigarettes, which the winners could redeem across the street for cash.

I’m sure it wasn’t soo bad to be raised around gambling so long as it brought in the money and taught you the value of hard work, right?

The bingo game was closed down when the City of Long Beach decided to clean up The Pike.  Again my dad had no means of support.  We were “on relief,” which principally meant we could go stand in line for free food, usually potatoes and beans.  Dad was too proud to stand in the line, so I was elected to this honor.  It certainly did nothing to improve my self-esteem. 

Well, the Windsors are nothing if they aren’t proud.  It’s very important to stick to your core values.

My father was again dreaming of the big show he was going to produce. 

Well, there you go. The seeds of the Sundance Film Festival were sown.

He was always able to “con” people into believing in these projects and advancing cash for their preparation. 

Con is such a harsh word to use about your own father; it’s very important to have “investors.”

The Clarkes, owners of the apartment house, the Natalie, were also the parents of  Caryl, my best friend through most of the scout years.   I think we escaped rent-free for some time while these folks were involved in backing Dad’s latest fantasy.  There was an old piano in the lobby, and I nearly drove the residents crazy teaching myself to play by ear in the key of C.  Even today this is the only key in which I can play.

I’m with you. Who needs black notes?

One day there was a huge celebration at the Natalie.   Dad had spun his tales of his high times in vaudeville to one and all.  Mrs. Clarke was listening to the radio, and they introduced a song as being from, as she heard it, “a Walter Windsor Production.”  This seemed the first real proof of Dad’s high-flying past, and everyone in the apartment house knew about it and celebrated the occasion with a party at which Dad was the guest of honor.   It was years later that I realized it was a “Walter Wanger” (rhymes with “danger”) production.  But it was a great day at the Natalie, and my father took the accolades with modest grace.

Bravo for him! 

Well Walter, we have waaaay exceeded the time alloted for our interview. We'll just wrap it up on this high note in Bill's grandfather's career. In our next interview we'll delve into your adulthood and see exactly what you did to pass the Windsor ways on to Bill. I can hardly wait!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

As Bill heads out to Tennessee in support of vigilante justice in the form of cold blooded murder, we learn that his jeep with 36,000 miles was just too much for him and he had to upgrade to a brand new Jeep.  Yes thats right, after "consummating" himself with a 2013 RV which he then decided he couldn't use, he now decided he needed to pimp his ride.  This while constantly crying like a baby about his visit to the dentist.  He wanted to keep the old jeep for "historical" purposes, but decided against it.

Just like his upgraded hotel room in the Meet me in DC failure, Bill lives an occupant lifestyle while directly preying on people with hardly any money or possessions to spare.  Right after leaving his upgraded hotel suite, he would go downstairs with the commoners and take, in some cases, the last few dollars they had left.  Again we see this this playing out, as he is rolling around in a brand new RV and Jeep, he is constantly asking his followers to hit him up for donations for his upcoming vacation.

Oh yes, Bill has no money as he readily tells everyone.  "I'm just like you, except I have millions hidden in my wife's name".  Yep, just your regular joe nobody, travelling around the country on his tiny budget in his humble vehicle.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Windbagmobile

Determined as ever to remove all physical exertion out of his life, Bill is turning to his lemmings to pony up the cash for his slothful lifestyle.  After suspiciously getting an RV donated to him, which would remove all that hard muscle movement that he had to exert by pulling the camera down from the top of the jeep, the man who claims he has no money now has him a 3-wheel scooter to get around the urban areas.  Now if he could just find some kind of contraption to push him out of bed each morning and to put the gas hose in the gas tank for him, he would have it made.


I'm on the road again uhhh yeah we know, you have been saying that for a week now. The backup camera is set up for filming, and the Canon Service Center in Virginia will have the big camera today, and they will advise how long it will take to fix it how can you afford all this if you are broke?.

I'm traveling Route 66 today from south of Chicago to Springfield, Illinois thats not much of a trip, you need lots of potty breaks or something?. Tomorrow, I go to Joplin, Missouri haven't those people suffered enough?.

Then on Friday morning, I'm back in the Kansas City area where I inspect the RV that has been chosen and consummate the acquisition uhhhh, is this the kinds of things a lonely, old, horny man says?. I'm excited I see that, now please put your pants back on. I'll miss the Jeep, but an RV will make this job so much more efficient I'm moving up the projected 2042 movie release date up to 2037 thanks to this RV alone. I don't expect to work any less because I'm retired, but I expect to pack more into every day lot lizards and pie, what a life.

I believe I have the solution for getting around in urban areas take the loop?. a little of the money we we, we who? saved who saved?  I thought it was donated, what was the budget? with finding a much better deal on a used RV will be spent on a trike -- 3-wheel motorcycle it earned 4 stars from AARP for its bathroom accessibility. We're just confirming that the lift and carrier we've found will accommodate it dont lie bill, you plan to use the lift yourself dont you?. It has a trunk large enough to carry the film gear and my doggie bags, and I'm not comfortable with a 2-wheel bike one or both of the wheels keeps going flat. And I'm really not comfortable with towing something else behind a 32-foot RV you're not comfortable? what about all the traffic around you?. I was never good at backing while pulling a trailer thats why I always like to walk forward.

So, the plan continues to be to acquire the RV on Friday and "consummate" it; drive straight to Georgia to load up the rest of the equipment; and try to get it painted and 'wrapped' before heading to Sevierville I'm going to dollywood, Tennessee for Jimmie Robinson's hearing and filming at several prisons they might not let you back out. From there, it's Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Hollywood, Santa Clara, San Francisco, and Sacramento cue Johnny Cash. Anyone wishing to be filmed along that route needs to contact me ASAP just be waiting on the shoulder next to the specified mile marker. This will complete filming in Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. The itinerary is yet to be determined beyond Sacramento no Hawaii?  does this RV not float?.

Everyone needs to review this article, because the logistics are different for the Lawless America Movie Road Trip II.

Friday, April 12, 2013

On The Road Again, I'm Not Sure He Will Ever Get Off the Road Again

Nested in all the Allie stalking and fact spinning, Bill said he is going to be getting his RV.  All RV's need a name, so lets just call this one The Fugitive.  But the bigger question is how is he getting this?  Is someone donating it as if this is a legitimate non-profit?  Is Bill financing it somehow?  Is he lying?

"It's Day 301, and this is the Lawless America Movie Road Trip #2 no its version 3.0 don't forget your fake book tour Report from Bill Windsor - April 10, 2013.
I'm still in the Kansas City, Missouri area I can't stop stalking, I'm addicted to it, once you start you can't stop.  I have had several law enforcement and legal matters to deal with in this area involving Allie Overstreet correction, I wanted to deal with because I'm a vindictive petty old coot.
I still have one legal matter to handle the morning of the 11th, and then I am off bill, you are always off...
RV News

It does appear that we are finally going to get an RV we, who, how what? -- a Thor Serrano 31V. 
The  bedroom in the back will be set up as a small film studio -- perfect size for the interviews yeah because thats been such a huge deal finding a room to interview people in.  I will install permanent lighting in the ceilng and a permanent backdrop you mean you will hire someone to install it, you can't do physical labor..  The side walls will have desk areas  built-in.
This particular model has much more storage space than most other models and thats good because its going to have to store you.  We have a lot of gear we?  All the voices in your head?, so this was a key factor in the decision what decision, are you buying this?.  It's a diesel built on an excellent chassis.  31-feet long.

I hope we can afford to paint it solid black ok, the "we" is starting to get creepy now, and then wrap it with our Lawless America road logo and messages Please Pass The Pie
I will have to head back to Atlanta with it to pack up the rest of the gear, set up the studio, and get it painted and wrapped.
This means I won 't do much filming before that is done ummm so what, you already have like 2000 hours worth of testimonies, how much do you need?.
Having the RV set up as a permanent studio will make me far more productive nope, you will still never accomplish anything, and it will make the work much easier on me.  For 200+ days, I unpacked the Jeep every morning, set up, tore down, and loaded the Jeep the next morning as I then headed to the next stop.  That's at least an hour of work every day, and a lot of lifting and carrying some relatively heavy stuff.  All of that will basically be a thing of the past.  Most interviews will be done in the RV, so I can drive right up to someone's house, interview them, and drive off an hour later. So in short, this RV will help me put on another 100 pounds as I plan to cut all physical exertion out of my life (it was my new years resolution)
This will make it simple to do location filming as well, because everything is always in the RV.  So, we go to a location, remove a camera, microphones, and anything else we need, and film I wont even have to roll out of bed.
Inside the mobile studio, we will have multiple computers operating so I can monitor the Joey's all day long, so we can convert film to video all the time I'm going for the guineas world record of youtube videos.  With our piece of equipment that turns the RV into a Wi-Fi hotspot, we can also be doing email blasts to victims, the media, and more as we drive or when we are filming so sort of like a mobile 24/7 terrorist command post.  We'll have a printer, copier, and high-speed scanner but I dont know how to connect the cables to them, so we can load 50 sheets at a time into the scanner and scan the evidence that victims bring some trees were harmed in the making of this sentence.
If all goes as planned and it never has (and I have been to the altar twice before on an RV only to be left alone there) well maybe you should go to an RV dealer instead of an alter, the RV will be ready either Friday or Monday.  I will probably go to Illinois to film as planned, then get the RV, and head to Atlanta.  I hope the work there will take no more than a week, and then I will be off for two to three months or 4 or 5 or hell why would I ever come back to reality?.
I am planning to travel alone I think that is one plan you can count on.  I don't know how comfortable I would be cooped up in a small space for a long time with one or more others thats why I prefer the lot lizards, once you are done with them you can kick them out.  But on the other hand, I could accomplish at least twice as much if someone was with me no, with another person you could acomplish 700X's as much.  So I'm going to think about this some more if you would like to apply, please send me pictures of you in your evening wear.  If you would like to be considered as driver and assistant you might want to turn off the shake assist option if you do drive it, please email me with TAKE ME FOR A RIDE sometimes I don't even have to say a word do I Bill, you make it a joke yourself in all caps in the Subject line."

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Terrorist Bill Windsor Increases His Stalking of Allie

Fresh off his "victory" in the court room yesterday, Billy decided to show everyone just how petty and vindictive he really is.  He couldn't just leave, he couldn't just let it go and move on with his pathetic life, he has to rub it in.  To continue to stalk and harass a single mother is just to good to pass up for Windsor.  This is what he posted just a short time ago:

Following the trial when Allie Overstreet was shown to have committed perjury, Judge John Frerking directed Bill Windsor to present his charges to the Sheriff of Lancaster County. And so he did, and the Sheriff's Deputy directed Bill to fi...le some of then charges with the Higginsville Police Department. So, Bill traveled to the rural town of Higginsville, saw the police, drove quickly by Allie Overstreet's house, and snapped a few shots around town.See More
— in Higginsville, MO.
And yes, he included a pic of Allie's home.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Round America Version 3.0 Begins

You could almost hear a certain jeep in Marietta (with its axle slanted to the left) moan as Bill waddled out and got inside to start another pointless road trip.  Windsor has run out of followers and now he must embark on another trip to trick new people into liking him on facebook and following his never ending drama with messiah-like worship.  In exchange for their unquestioned loyalty, Bill will record whatever they want to say and upload it to youtube, a great deal indeed.

Also, this trip will have a duel purpose of intimidating Bill's "haters".  He wants to stalk his "stalkers" as he drives around their homes filming whatever he can. 

But what his trip really about, is a chance to feel like his has some sort of family.  Being home alone is not much fun for today's narcissists.  Bill just wants people to listen to him again.  He needs more hero worship.  That's why he can't stop pointing out how many miles and days he has spent on the road as some sort of public servant hero.  The "haters" seem to out number the lemmings at this point, and Bill is determined to change that.  He will follow his pie hole wherever it takes him, but we can be sure he won't spare any details (with plenty of lies mixed in) as he chronicles his road show.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Total Dram King

He just can't stop with his Allie thing:


Unfortunately, most of my time has been spent preparing for my "trial" as a would-be serial killer scheduled for April 8, 2013 in Lexington, Missour I guess if you went down to fight a traffic ticket you would say you are standing trial for capital punishment?i. I have filed motions and my vexatious black blood was really running at this point requesting to film and audio record and broadcast the hearing LIVE the circus is in town; for a court reporter and my own court reporter you know, one to actually record what was said and then another to record what I say happened; to allow affidavits to be presented in lieu of live testimony or, in the alternative, depositions or testimony by telephone; for a jury trial thats all fine and dandy except for that little fact that its NOT A TRIAL; for accelerated discovery anything but slow an methodical. I have also filed a counter-complaint against Allie L. Overstreet citing eight crimes committed I don't want anyone to forget how vexatious I really am. This photo is Lafayette Hall in Lexington, Missouri, where my hearing will be.

I still cannot access I've spent hours on the phone with GoDaddy, Enom, and AT&T and up to 5 minutes actually talking to them. I can't update the site, as I can't access it just in case you haven't caught on by now I'm not too bright. Once I can access it, I will post everything that I have filed it will almost feel like I filed them again....ohhh what a rush.

Thanks so much to the many people who have sent affidavits to be presented to the court you are all now my legal bitches. I've received approximately 40 so far. Six people have confirmed that they are coming to the hearing in Lexington, Missouri. If you can, Meet Me in Missouri lets make an event out of it.

I will be sending out news releases to all the media in Missouri you are never one to let a trash can get a day off are you?. Maybe some of them will show up to cover the "trial"heh notice how I put "" around trial, oh you didn't notice good little lemmings of a disowned grandpa  accused of being a would-be serial killer ummm no, accused of being a stalker which you are most definitely going to prove.

I hope I can squeeze out a day to go to Florida yeah isn't that just down the road from Missouri? to look at an RV before I head to Missouri you could probably look at an RV in Georgia Bill, they are all over the place and for you they are all the same...meaning you cant have one. I very badly want to have an RV that can be set up with a permanent film studio inside I'm going to call it The Fugitive. If I had such a set-up on the 241-day movie road trip, I would have saved at least 200 hours of set-up and tear-down and maybe you dumb lemmings might have a movie by now, not to mention all the carrying, loading, and unloading I'm fat and old, give me a break please. I also would have been able to stop anywhere along the route to film ummm I think you can do that with any vehicle that has brakes in it. Our second would-be RV provider appears to have fallen through, and I have no money, but I must figure out how to accomplish this buy a lottery ticket?.

I have to reschedule my film trip you mean the one no one understood why you scheduled in the first place? as soon as my status as a serial killer is resolved spoiler alert...I plead down to stallker. I hope to film a number of people on the way back to Georgia. I will probably go from Kansas City Missouri down to Dallas come get me Billy, Houston yappy is ready too, Biloxi and Gulfport Mississippi, Destin Florida, Birmingham Alabama, and back home in Atlanta. If you are anywhere near that route, please email with FILM TRIP in all caps in the subject line and I will be there to give you your life dream of filming yourself and uploading it to youtube.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time For Another Clubhouse Movie

Even thought Billy has yet to release even one movie (and for the sound if it, he doesn't even plan to work on it), we are ready to spit out another one, this is "A Round American"

Tonight Is the State of The Pie Address

Well first let me proclaim, I'm still here!!!  The big bad Pie Baby didn't get me like he promised.  So yay, we can continue to play in the clubhouse.

Bill is continuing to try and change over his facebook page to the new one, which looks a whole lot like the original one.  Is he trying to clean up his 50,000 fake followers now that facebook has been notified of his fraud?  Who knows.  He then wants to find a PI in Califronia, Montana (going after Sean) and Texas (going after me and us).  Would you like fries with that?

Then, as one never to miss an opportunity to put his fat mug in the middle of everything, he has proclaimed a State of the Union response tonight for his fake revolutionary party.  Act as if seems to be his plan of action.

Lawless announces that they have joined forces with a group called Stop the Silence.  They will look to use the credibility and and following that this Stop the Silence group has built and exploit it for their own agenda. Billy gave a hint of his next solution of his Nazi agenda as he said they are going to free 80% of those currently incarcerated and replace them with our duly elected officials.  Literally, he wants the inmates to run the asylum.  Once he realized he has this new group watching him and not just his mindless lemmings, he decided to pull that little titbit and hold it for a later time.  But no matter how you slice it or how many times he says "we are non-violent", he is quickly going to move up the ranks in domestic terrorism as he moves closer to his final solution.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Remember The Hilton

First of all, lets take a quick moment of silence to remember the 45,000+ departed followers of Lawless America.  Has anyone sent out a missing person's report?  Its like they all vanished into thin air.

Second, we get dueling banjo's tonight as the weekly Nazi Radio Program is going to be shadowed by the AMPP's doing a show of their own dedicated to the victims of Lawless America

So Billy has decided to make his stand in defense of his Minister of Propaganda Allie as she battles for custody of her child.


Remember the Hilton in Phoenix? I was evicted and they called the police for the crime of photography. HUNDREDS of Nobodies called, emailed, faxed, and generally caused an uproar that Hilton Hotels said unprecedented.

Well, REMEMBER THE HILTON! It's time to crank up our combined effort to come to the aid of Lawless America Vice-President, Allie Allie Lorraine Overstreet. Her ex has filed actions to take away her parental rights, sanction her, and force her to take down her videos. This is an outrage on every level. First, no judge has a legal right to terminate parental rights as being a parent is a human right. Second, freedom of speech is a Constitutional right that this judge and no court has the right to infringe upon. Third, no pervert should get anything but prison.

We will post a sample letter below.

The hearing is March 4, and I will be there with six cameras. Meet Me in Missouri!
Even as he tries to rally the lemmings to intimidate the judge in her case, he can't help but to still make the whole thing about him by mentioning his eviction from a hotel.  Such a narcissist.  He goes on to name the judge and give out his address.  Billy assumes the role of judge in the case and explains why the case should be decided the way he see's fit.  Allie, so thankful for all the "help" she is receiving, reaffirms her undying love for her Fuhrer with this:
Allie Lorraine Overstreet My gag order expired And Bill is the best boss in all the land.
This is going to end badly for all those involved, you can book that.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rut Roh!!! Billy is Coming After Me

First of all, congrats everyone who has made this day possible.  For a month and a half we have been doing our best to get on Bitler's #1 Most Wanted List, but we could never seem to get noticed.  But today, he promises to come and get me:

Bill Windsor <>
8:15 PM (16 minutes ago)
to me
Justin Thompson aka Ginger Snap aka Joeyisalittlekid:
Cease and desist the libel, slander, defamation, and cyberstalking.
I am filing criminal charges against you on Monday, and I will file one or more civil actions.
I am headed to Garland, Texas soon. 
William M. Windsor
Phone: 770-578-1094
PO Box 681236
Marietta, GA 30068
Please sign our petition:
First of all Billy...are you really going to leave this "sign our petition" link in a cease and desist email?  You know how stupid that makes you look?
Second...bring it on.  Why don't we just throw out jaywalking while we are at it?  Are you bringing your whittle gun too?  Are you going to be able to steal some more frequent flyer miles to make it down here, or are you going to fire up that poor jeep again?  I'm sure the City of Garland and the local lot lizards would love the economic "stimulus" your tourism might bring.  All I will say is bring it on fatty.  I'm willwy scared aka frightened aka startled

Lemmings OD on Koolaid

So as he can't find anything to hang his hat on in his Failure in DC, Pie Baby has decided to drown his lemmings with koolaid.  He tells them he needs an RV that must sleep 4 (up to 3 lot lizards at a time), then he says he took a picture of secret service agents but they disappeared from his photo.  He later finds the picture only to show that they appeared to be the janitorial service waiting for him and his lemmings to finish their play time.  Then he gets on his high horse with his good buddy Glen Gilbellina.  This is under a long post mainly calling for the end to the VAWA:

"In closing, Lawless America The Movie has gained another 30,000 followers in just the past month. Should something happen to Bill Windsor, many of us will continue what he started."

-Yeah of those 30,000 there is the possiblility that 3 of them might be real.

Windsor even gives a shout out to himself for buying all his fake facebook followers:

"We just topped the 50,000 mark ...for Friends and Followers!"

-You just better hope none of the lemmings start to look into who all those followers you bought really are.

But then listen to the comments between him and Glenn G:

Glen Gibellina There are more animal shelters than shelters for men and THEY didn't use title 4 money like always, FOLLOW THE MONEY

-so you want taxpayers to pay for more male specific shelters, who I guess are fleeing from their overpowering spouses who someone beat them up?  Count me as a hell no.

Bill Windsor The right to be a parent is a fundamental human right. The government has no rights and no business interfering in any manner with parenthood.

-ok, which amendment is this?  I can't seem to find it but I know it must be in there since you never tell a lie.  You cant just make up your own rights.

Just because you call someone corrupt or a false accuser doesn't make them one.  It just means you accused them of that.  Just because you say this Nation is broken doesn't make it true, it just means you think this Nation is broken.  Just because you say you are speaking to 300+ people in a room doesn't make it true, it just means you said it.  Somehow, these very simple sets of logic are lost of Bill and the minions. 

Der Fuhrer then goes on to preforms his favorite practice of female-human sacrifice as he outs another mother whom he has decided to hate.  He names her, puts up a pic of her and her family and calls on his goons to go after her.  Deep in the "we need to get her" comments we get one lemming that accidentally gets out of line with this comment:

Liz McGovern just maybe it the ppl you allow to "help" with things. One wouldn't allow a drug addict to tend the pharmacy- a child molester to baby sit kids- a bank robber to be a bank teller, etc. I am not comparing anyone connected to Lawless- to the scurges of society- but just maybe, if you could find ppl who aren't emotionally invested in what this group does- to do all your footwork, you might have better outcomes. Only a suggestion & pls don't anyone take it personal.

Umm Liz, if he eliminated all the pedophiles, druggies and thieves there wouldn't be anyone left in his Lawless America.  You get a frowny face for the day with that kind of individual thought.  Drink some more koolaid please.