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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bill Windsor Takes a Dive

Its not easy being a vexatious litigant.  Bill Windsor checked in today with his new story that he had fallen on ice and cracked his skull.  Yes with looming mental exams on the horizon, Windsor has decided to beat his detractors to the punch and declare himself not right in the head.  Even though everyone was told to shelter in place, Bill thought it was his American duty to venture out and see if it was safe to travel to the local Golden Corral.  Now his lemmings must once again pray for (or to?) their messiah as he will not be able to make it to his upcoming court dismissals.

BILL WINDSOR IS ALIVE, BUT HE SUFFERED A FRACTURED SKULL ON DECEMBER 6, 2013. are we talking to ourselves in third person now?
I slipped and fell on some ice. I hit my head how can anyone who feels themselves falling not put their hands out to brace themselves and protect their head?. I started bleeding from my right ear maybe your ear just had enough of listening to your lies. I was taken to the Emergency Room by a fire department ambulance wasting tax payer dollars again. Several cat scans and all types of tests were run, and I was diagnosed with Basal _______ Skull Fracture that extends to my right jaw.
I was transferred to another hospital that has a neurosurgeon on duty at all times you should have gone to the vet, hospitals are for real people. More tests, more cat scans to eliminate neck and spinal cord involvement. Diagnosis confirmed.
I can't hear out of my right ear....not yet known if the hearing will come back it matters little though because I only hear what I want to anyway. I feel like a truck hit me I can see how your fat ass hitting the pavement might feel like that, constant headache, blurred vision didn't you complain about this before?. But I am told that I am very lucky to have avoided brain damage ohhh I would get a second opinion on that.
It is hard for me to sit here and type oh you are such a trooper, doing this just for the poor little lemmings, but I will update all of you wonderful people regularly. "wonderful people" did you hear that? That means he is going to be looking for donations again, fire up the paypal accounts, Windsor fell on his ass
NEVER WALK ON ICE. NEVER. thanks, but I already knew that, you skate on ice

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marty Prehn: Man, Myth, or Monster? Part two

By Bob Cookout

In this post we'll address some of Marty's most outrageous claims. There is no way to cover all of them here because there are so many. I'll touch on a few and everyone can feel free to add their favorites in the comments. 

Marty's biggest claim to fame is the day he spent with Ronald Reagan making plans to tear down the Berlin Wall.  He claims to have been in Reagan's security detail during a campaign stop at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.  His profile picture on Facebook is from that day.  However, Marty acquired that very picture quite accidentally only a few years ago, through - you guessed it - Facebook.  Someone else shared the picture and then the legend was born!  It's hilarious how he presses the person who shared the picture for dates and details of "that historic day".  Regardless, he still is unclear on whether it happened in 1979 or 1980, but certainly can embellish the details of him and Reagan chewing that fat, exchanging favorite jokes and planning world peace.  He wasn't in the security detail but managed to get close enough to get in a picture.  It's like what they call photo bombing today.  There was no dialog exchanged between Marty and Reagan. The two never spoke. Marty was more than likely ordered by a real security detail to get the hell away from the candidate. I'd be willing to bet my house & kids that Nancy never flirted with Marty about his dimples. 

Out of this one photo came the claims that Marty gave Reagan the idea to pursue the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Marty's father was a German soldier who still had family in Germany. He made trips back to his homeland roughly once every three years.  This is where the photos of him collecting pieces of the wall come from, not dissimilar to about a million other pictures of Germans and tourists at the time. There was no state sponsored trip for Marty's father to participate in the removal of the wall - and even if there was - wouldn't the State Department and Reagan want to include their favorite muse for the idea? 

Why wasn't an important man like Marty invited to participate when it was his idea?  Surely Reagan, Thatcher or Gorbachev would have wanted him there?

Maybe Marty was busy back in the US plotting his evil plans for the future.  Or maybe he was busy rescuing the elderly, veterans or some other victim of the moment. 

The above begs the question - Why? According to several of Marty's old classmates, he was always a compulsive liar. Marty wasn't a popular kid and he was always overshadowed by his more popular siblings. I assume this caused Marty to start lying to make himself seem like the someone he so desperately wanted to be. It's almost like the lazy mans way of being accomplished in life.  Marty's father made a career of working for the JL Hudson Company.  Marty tried to follow in his fathers retail footsteps at JC Penny, but failed.  His life is void of genuine accomplishments and he continuously seeks to fill that void with the most outlandish stories, made famous by this blog as "Marty Moments".

I guess his only true success has been found in providing countless of hours of enjoyment to those keen enough to see through his legacy of lies.

Coming soon: Has Marty ever served our country and what exactly is his version of a " Special Agent"?

DISCLAIMER:  The opinions expressed above are mine alone. They are not the beliefs of any cookies,alpacas,chihuahuas,  large bodies of water,Asian warriors,canned ham products,pumas,play doh men,anyone who wears a morph suit and jumps fire pits,or any other animals or objects residing in an alleged clubhouse. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Windsor's Fake Movie Gets Fake Press Coverage

As Bill continues to hide out from all his court obligations he has created through his made up illness, a tip of the hat to Ninja for finding this little nugget out there in cyberspace.  This article comes from a crackpot site called

Bill Windsor's Lawless America
                                            Posted By: MaryMaxwell <Send E-Mail>
                                           Date: Saturday, 14-Sep-2013 15:40:43

Bill Windsor’s Lawless America Show its a show alright 
By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Have you seen the series of Youtube videos called “Lawless America”? we can assume the answer is no A 64 and 11/12ths-year-old guy from Georgia formerly..he was kicked out goes around the 50 make that 48 states to help fight lawlessness. He is doing a brilliant job. yes, by any measure 
Bill Windsor’s method is to demonstrate that the system is so bad that ordinary folks there is nothing ordinary about Bill get beaten up, routinely, by the courts.this seems especially true when they do something wrong Let me describe his most recent caper good word choice, in Montana. Here, Bill has placed himself in the role of victim uhhh loser would be more appropriate, but in most of his work he doesn't actually work he locates other people who have been victimized, and analyzes for us what is really going on. if by analyze you mean he makes up something out of his are correct
So what’s a former Georgian doing in court in Montana? stalking It began when a man named Sean started to cyber-stalk Bill. The thing that provoked Sean was, apparently, Bill Windsor’s advocating for the right of a Montana journalist or maybe his constant lying, Crystal Cox. She says Sean has been regularly threatening her with bodily harm and she is far from credible. She tried to get a restraining order but was rebuffed by the court. oh and she owes over $2 million in damages
So far, pretty boring, right? nuh uh, I'm already kinda laughing Indeed many of Windsor’s cases are boring but not nearly as boring as he is, but the cumulative effect is what we need to be reminded of, and he does indeed draw a quite riveting picture of that. wait what?  Its a bunch of random pointless videos that have nothing to do with each other
Anyway, the man named Sean emailed Bill allegedly by Bill with explicit threats and even told Bill that he had shot a bullet at Bill on the highway, but missed and hit another car instead. In other words, Bill possesses a written confession by Sean of his crime! ummmm I think he was trying to be funny 
Bill applied to a court in the relevant county, Ravalli, MT, what is relevant about it? seeking a protective order. On the Youtube video you see Bill walking waddling out of the courthouse. (Does he have a dear friend who films him? No, he has a dear tripod with his own camera on it.and his only friend) He tells us that the clerk accepted his properly filed case. but then again, he is a liar
Next we learn that the judge rules that Bill is not eligible for a protective order. The reason he gives, in writing, is that the accused (Sean) hasn’t been convicted of the crime. Of course this is ridiculous or maybe its legit. People seek protective orders before the threatened violence happens, not after.but Bill isn't a "people"
Bill theorizes that's all he ever does that the judge somehow knows he must not accommodate Bill's request, as the alleged offender, Sean, is a protected person of some sort. ummm, I need some tin foil stat In other words, Sean may be a paid harasser. make that two rolls I recall from the Patrick Knowlton lawsuit, related to the death of Vince Foster, that some of the persons who gang-stalked Knowlton were FBI men, "off duty." uh huh, wink wink, nod nod
(By the way, a San Diego lady whom Bill interviewed (by the way, why are we in () now?  Is this to signify that you are deviating from your logical progression in your story?) says that when she gets gang-stalked, it is commonly the case that the licence plates of the stalkers have both a double number and double letter. ummm better make that the industrial size on the tin foil please I have only been gang-stalked once in my life birds do it to me all the time, I swear, and when it happened, two years ago, I copied down the number.of people?  Lotto ticket?  Receipt number? What a chuckle when I looked it up. It starts with PP33. A chuckle and a frown: this means the gig is state-sanctioned oh clearly, I can't think of any other explanation.)
So, Bill Windsor thinks he is entitled to the law’s bounty and discovers that he is only entitled to the laws iron bars a few people are apparently entitled to it, but not the majority!  Bill has nothing to do with the majority And you don’t know which you are, until you test the system ohhh I know. See what I mean about cumulative effect?  ummm, no I don't, but I'm sure you do
Bill Windsor, who has got court procedure down pat heh you could say that, then asks to appeal the Montana judge’s decision and is told it isn’t appealable. Needless to say, that is incorrect. then why did you even say it?
Then his dear tripod follows him I'm thinking he carried it to a grassy spot outside the newspaper office in Missoula, Montana. We see Bill coming out disappointed, after the editor has told him that the paper will not be interested in the crime story he is reporting. mainly because he isn't a reporter of any kind
Lest you think Bill may have made a bad showing, perhaps looking like a fringe person, no. forgive me but I'm gonna have to stick to that perception He is neatly dressed in a kevlar vest that says TV? and well-spoken not really, he mumbles. Also he understands the Constitution in its spirit but certainly not in content. He is duly jaw-dropped when the press changes its approach from being the voice of the people to being a voice of government. or maybe they just told the crazy fat guy to get the hell out of their office
Sometimes a cyber-harasser like Sean does not really exist. you just blew my mind I mean, the stalking is occurring, but is from a centralized anonymous office. ok where is that order of tin foil...I can't take much more of this Here, though, Bill has traced the man and his red truck.traced to what..his etch a sketch? Bill finds (or should I say, alleges yes, you should always say that with him) that Sean works as a lab technician at the University of Missoula campus. (Don’t get me started on the participation of academia in the cause of injustice, OK?) (don't get me started on nutjobs that wander off with their own () remarks and never remember what the original dumb point was)
The area of court-corruption that Windsor covers in depth is that of “child custody.” no, he moved on to murderer's rights You would be amazed at how many parents have their children taken by the state and fostered out, on apparently no basis at all. Please don’t believe me. good, I wasn't going to Why should anyone believe that such a thing is happening! are you talking to yourself now?
Ah, but it is. can't argue in the face of that kind of overwhelming proof Recently, Bill put up a video in Minnesota of a lady whose eleven-week old baby was taken away. Please see it; I think you will decide right then and there that you need to do something to help our society, and yourself. like put Bill in jail
By the way, no point asking Congress to assist. good I wasn't going to, that would be stupid On February 5th and 6th, 2013, Bill Windsor brought many you mean a few court-victimized people to Washington, DC actually to Arlington Va. He invited all 535 Congresspersons plus all their staff members, to join these citizens at a convenient location to discuss matters, some of which are life threatening. Total number of Hill people who showed up? Zero.
Don’t go away crying.what about laughing? Bill Windsor is not here to say “See? There’s nothing you can do.” He is here to say “We intelligent human beings do not have to put up with a perverted situation and I'm going to need some donations.”
The one disappointment of his cancelled“Lawless America” show is that it does not give the thousand-or-more interviewees a way to band together to brainstorm the issue.especially since he banned them all Possibly interested parties could use as a way to congregate. or just forget it altogether That will bring infiltrators, but so what? everything brings infiltrators. dammit....I don't have near enough tin foil for this woman
One of the persons interviewed on the Lawless America Youtube show, Martin de la Graza of New Mexico, who feels done in by state government corruption, says he is willing to die for the cause. You really can't beat that. yeah huh...actual proof beats that any day of the week
A man from Los Angeles, Larry Mendoza, is equally ready to do what he must do to band with others for protection. maybe Schied can teach him some karate moves As far as I know which isn't very far there is nothing to prevent you from asking your local library to give you use of a meeting room once a month to host discussion of "The Lawless America Interviews." can they all hold hands and sing campfire songs? If you do ask and are refused, please let me know! Thank you.
Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, can be emailed at her website

Friday, October 4, 2013

Eating Pie Can Lead to Bad Health?

It turns out that going around the country stuffing your pie hole with....pie, isn't all that great on your body. Bill hasn't figured that connection out yet as he blames his ancestors on his new made up illness and plays hooky from the court in Missouri.

I have been making the medical rounds. No skin cancer; physical was normal, but need to lose more weight; cholesterol was 153 (thank you ancestors); no cavities. But, I have had a hiatal hernia -- a weakness in the abdominal wall above my navel -- and my recent cold and violent coughing really tore it open.
I will have surgery the week after next. I won't be able to lift or carry much for a month, can't drive all over the country. I'm happy to have it done. It doesn't hurt, but it sticks out and looks bad. I'll keep you posted.

Maybe his body has had about all the Billschit (c) it can take and its having a violent reaction to him. His body, like his life long scamming, is starting to shut down. It turns out he is going to be....I know I know who could have seen this coming.....unable to go to court and produce the evidence to back up his multitude of lies and wild claims. Yep, between those pesky kids stealing his hard drive with all his evidence and his new made up illness, it seems Bill is going to have to take a rain check on putting his money where his pie hole is. But as fishy as this may all sound to the discerning reader, it all must be true because Bill said it and according to him he doesn't lie.

Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone it, People Like Me

Bill is in full drama queen mode in Montana.  He is still trying to get his protective order against Boushie, but now he is turning his attention to the authorities in Montana.  He senses that he is really now in danger as he continues to cross lines.  But instead of backing away when he senses real danger, he is escalating his stalking and paper terrorism activities.  Bill plans to bombard the courts and local law enforcement with 500 plus pages of vexatious complaints (many trees were harmed in the making of these complaints).  Even if he had a point or even proof....good luck finding it buried in that massive amount of wasted paper.

Then Bill takes an odd moment to himself by posting a pic of him wearing a cowboy hat and then asking his few remaining followers if noses grow with old age.  Uhhhhhhh that would be lying that made yours grow Bill.  Constant pathological lying.  Before this, Bill was commenting on how he needed a hair cut.  He seems to know that his body is breaking down, even in the pics he posts, but he refuses to accept the real reason for that.  His vanity won't allow him to accept the truth.

Then we have our old buddy little David Schied dropping in.  He posted on Bill's page that he wanted to know what it takes to get a call from Bill.  Poor little Davey, sitting quietly in the corner waiting for Bill to tell him what's going on.  For the rest of his so-called life, Schied is forever going to be tied to Windsor and his antics and he can't even get Bill to answer to phone.  All those hours of study on citizen grand juries and Bill is wasting it all out conducting his own circus in Montana. These poor sovereign citizen folks can't ever seem to get anywhere in their terrorism, as insanity seems to be a requirement for admission to the group.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Windsor's Rigor Mortis Sets In

Even though Lawless America is now dead, like a snake, Bill continues to wiggle around as if he has no knowledge of his situation.  The LA facebook page is still down, the regular website hasn't been updated, but Bill has been very active going back to his one true love:  stalking Sean Boushie.  On the Sean site, Bill is giddy about his upcoming stalking of Sean in Missoula Montana, you know the one he keeps postponing for no reason.

Bill tries to give out some new information including Sean's marriage license as he pleads with his lemmings to help him in his stalking endavors.  He does this while posting 10 year old pics of himself on his personal facebook page, looking for any kind of compliment he can get.  Just enough to get him through the day.

Bill Windsor of Lawless America schedules Press Conference for Missoula Montana yeah well I just scheduled a press conference to talk about your press conference, so there to introduce TV Show filming how can you actually introduce the act of filming? of Sean Boushie and University of Montana Expose hmmmm, written consent?.
At 10 am on July 26, 2013, Bill Windsor of Lawless America will hold a press conference in Missoula Montana in your hotel room?.  All media outlets in Montana will be invited to attend so that was what, 5 invitations? as well as the Board of Regents and powers-that-be are they aware that they are now a power that be? with the University of Montana, Wynette Boushie ehhhhh, getting way to stalkerish and personal now, and key law enforcement personnel good, hopefully the ones that can give you permanent residency in Montana.
Bill Windsor will explain the Lawless America TV show’s plans you mean the out of this world hopes and dreams, and he will specifically discuss the pilot episode they are all pilot episodes on youtube Bill that will be filmed in Missoula from July 24-31, 2013.  The pilot for the proposed weekly series will be an expose of University of Montana teacher ummm, he is not a teacher, that is slander to both him and UM and cyberstalker, Sean Boushie.
Bill Windsor has received numerous threats from Sean Boushie, so he will have security personnel with him at all times no you won't, you have to pay for that, and he will wear a bulletproof vest whenever he is out in public in Montana is that a bulletproof vest or are you just fat?.  Who knows, this could be one of the most exciting press conferences ever smart money is on no; Bill could be shot in the head and killed as he speaks form the podium yeah way to point out the part that is not covered on your body, you really want to become your own martyr don't you?.
Everyone interested in attending is asked to email with the subject in all caps: PRESS CONFERENCE.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Oh The Never Ending Life of Pie

First up, we have more P, B and Y Clubhouse radio tomorrow night at 9 Central

As Bill continues to vacation in the kinda great State of Arizona, he has thrown up two testimonies, both of which show just how far down at the bottom of the barrel he is operating from.

First up, we have the case of Julian Soncco, Bill lays out the case like this:


Four years ago, Julian and his family were wrongfully evicted from their home. No foreclosure. Done while they were not at home. Someone else is living there. But I am holding a 2011 letter from GMAC Mortgage confirming that the mortgage is paid in full and remitting a $3,650.28 overpayment. But no one seems to be doing anything about this.

I believe this story is why the Arizona Attorney General's Office wants to go on camera. This story stinks so badly that they may be looking to do damage control. Julian cc'd me on communication with the Attorney General a while back, and that seems to be why the AG's office has been pursuing me for an interview.

To the Arizona Attorney General I say this: Get Julian and his family back in their home, and I will make the Arizona Attorney General's Office look good in the movie with a success story such as this will be.

That is patented  Bill.  Nothing but lies and deception ending with a threat to a law enforcement agency under the guise of his fake movie.  Now, how about the truth?  The truth is this man, like many others, had a home that plummeted in value from the housing crash.  He became upside down on his loan, and he was duped in to a lease back offer.  So he sold his home...the mortgage was satisfied, but the new owner didn't like the lease back idea and kicked him out.  The Attorney General did sue on behalf of many homeowners who fell victim to this scheme, but the guy is now insolvent and no one is going to get restitution.   This isn't a story about government corruption or anything like that.  This is a story of a guy who became upside down on his mortgage and in desperation fell prey to a run of the mill scam artist, and now he is falling prey to a new scamster in Bill.

Then we have the porn star and B movie actress Sheri Thomas.  Even though Bill had just explained to a follower that he was not in position to quickly upload their movies to youtube, Bill excitedly welcomed this washed up porn star in to his private hotel room for some "filming".  Bill quickly uploaded her video's to youtube and set up her sob story this way:


Sheri is the mother of two boys who are now young men, and she has seen them only five times in the last 20 years. Her sons were courtnapped, and she (a stay-at-home mom) was literally put out in the street -- left homeless and penniless. Her aerospace executive (six figure income) ex-husband planned the whole deal while his lover waited in the wings.

Sheri's story is incredibly maddening. Her life was destroyed by this man. 

But as they say, karma is a bitch. It seems the divorce never actually went through. Her "husband" remarried, and if this is confirmed in court, that makes him guilty of the crime of adultery. He should also have to pay spousal support and cough up at least half of the marital assets.

I look forward to the new developments in this story. Sheri is a beautiful woman inside and out, and I hope her sons see her Love Letter to her Children and begin to understand how she was victimized.

Thats cute, and she gives everyone a taste of just how talented of an actress she is with this clip (which Bill would like you to click on the thumbs up btw)

Well the truth is she divorced in 1988, the father was awarded custody of their two boys and they seem to be living very well adjusted lives now in their early thirties and twenties respectively.  Sheri, in contrast, has devoted her life's profession to selling her body in the form of adult videos.  Now, in her 50's and hideously deformed by too much botox along with ageing) that she can no longer sell her body for the kind of living she has become accustomed to, so she is after her ex for alimony money.  Yes...I know, tomorrow was supposed to be the big day for the grand jury stunt..but now this, apparently, is how we take our country back.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bill Windsor: "I Hate to Sound Vindictive, But I Guess I Am"

So Bill says he has to cancel the filming of his fake movie yesterday because of the weather, even though it was partly cloudy and nice all day.  So instead of fake working, he spent the day doing what he planned all along, hunting all over the area for a certain spicy cookie.  He was able to locate, after being pointed to the break room in several of the local police stations, several chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, but not what he was looking to file charges on.

Well then its back to the tried and failed method of trying to file charges against someone in your address book.  So Bill waddles up the steps to the Ellis County Sheriff's office to whine about Brannon making videos.  As the deputy continues to point out the front door to Bill, he finally relents and says well you can take all this crap to the DA if you want, oh and feel free to fill out one of our comment cards in the suggestion please, exit the building.

Windsor then takes his shifty eyes, shaking hands, and overly swollen neck on in front of his camera to do a video to document his stalking activities.  He also releases the video he did in Biloxi while he was stalking EHH.  He blames the "haters" for the loss of his wife, his daughter, and the reason he can't speak to his granddaughter.  He attacks Brannon and this blog and took a swipe at Joey Dauben as a way to gain leverage against Brannon (will David Dauben be liking this post as well?).  He may have forgotten the history, but we have not.  While this blog was always against the slandering and liable that Joey did, he Bill Windsor went down to film Joey while he was held in the ECSO detention center awaiting his trial.  This is how, and why, Joey's particularly stoooopid father painted up his beloved blazer to the Lawless America paint to match his new messiah Bill Windsor.  Once Joey was convicted, Bill dropped him like a hot potato as he was now a pr liability.  But Brannon, as a true friend, did not.  Brannon doesn't support or stand for any of the actions of Joey, but he won't abandon his friend just because its no longer advantageous to claim you know Joey.

Another interesting facet of both of his videos, which also shows his unbridled vindictiveness,  is how he goes into detail about how he wants Brannon and EHH to be incarcerated   He even hopes that EHH is moved to a prison he filmed earlier in Mississippi so she can fight of the rat infestation while she serves her time.  This is no doubt a lonely, perverted old man who has allowed his jealousy and rage literally eat him alive.  He also mentions, for the first time, how the "haters" are harassing not only him but "others".  This new wrinkle is a shout out on behalf of is little shrimpy friend David Schied who is still quietly hiding in the corner trying to karate chop some wood.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Windbagmobile

Determined as ever to remove all physical exertion out of his life, Bill is turning to his lemmings to pony up the cash for his slothful lifestyle.  After suspiciously getting an RV donated to him, which would remove all that hard muscle movement that he had to exert by pulling the camera down from the top of the jeep, the man who claims he has no money now has him a 3-wheel scooter to get around the urban areas.  Now if he could just find some kind of contraption to push him out of bed each morning and to put the gas hose in the gas tank for him, he would have it made.


I'm on the road again uhhh yeah we know, you have been saying that for a week now. The backup camera is set up for filming, and the Canon Service Center in Virginia will have the big camera today, and they will advise how long it will take to fix it how can you afford all this if you are broke?.

I'm traveling Route 66 today from south of Chicago to Springfield, Illinois thats not much of a trip, you need lots of potty breaks or something?. Tomorrow, I go to Joplin, Missouri haven't those people suffered enough?.

Then on Friday morning, I'm back in the Kansas City area where I inspect the RV that has been chosen and consummate the acquisition uhhhh, is this the kinds of things a lonely, old, horny man says?. I'm excited I see that, now please put your pants back on. I'll miss the Jeep, but an RV will make this job so much more efficient I'm moving up the projected 2042 movie release date up to 2037 thanks to this RV alone. I don't expect to work any less because I'm retired, but I expect to pack more into every day lot lizards and pie, what a life.

I believe I have the solution for getting around in urban areas take the loop?. a little of the money we we, we who? saved who saved?  I thought it was donated, what was the budget? with finding a much better deal on a used RV will be spent on a trike -- 3-wheel motorcycle it earned 4 stars from AARP for its bathroom accessibility. We're just confirming that the lift and carrier we've found will accommodate it dont lie bill, you plan to use the lift yourself dont you?. It has a trunk large enough to carry the film gear and my doggie bags, and I'm not comfortable with a 2-wheel bike one or both of the wheels keeps going flat. And I'm really not comfortable with towing something else behind a 32-foot RV you're not comfortable? what about all the traffic around you?. I was never good at backing while pulling a trailer thats why I always like to walk forward.

So, the plan continues to be to acquire the RV on Friday and "consummate" it; drive straight to Georgia to load up the rest of the equipment; and try to get it painted and 'wrapped' before heading to Sevierville I'm going to dollywood, Tennessee for Jimmie Robinson's hearing and filming at several prisons they might not let you back out. From there, it's Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Hollywood, Santa Clara, San Francisco, and Sacramento cue Johnny Cash. Anyone wishing to be filmed along that route needs to contact me ASAP just be waiting on the shoulder next to the specified mile marker. This will complete filming in Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. The itinerary is yet to be determined beyond Sacramento no Hawaii?  does this RV not float?.

Everyone needs to review this article, because the logistics are different for the Lawless America Movie Road Trip II.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Lawless Shipmates Are Getting Restless

They may have been mildly amused at first, but as Bill continues to spend all this time going after his made up haters, some of the followers are growing tired of the never ending tail-chasing Bill is engaged in.  They signed up for a movie, or a cause they thought was about changing the legal system.  Instead, it seems they are followers of an old man who happens to be a drama king.

Now Bill prepares to go back on the road for what he calls filming, but it really looks like an escape from his local problems with Maid of the Mist and a scouting trip to go do research on his "haters".  No more talkshoe lectures, haven't even heard much about the little citizen grand jury stunt and certainly no word on his fake movie.  They are starting to feel that they are hopelessly adrift at sea, and the only movement seems to be from the daily wind direction and nothing more.  You can start to see their frustrations coming out in the comments to Bill:

Sharon Anderson Why Promote adverse Hate Group Sorry delete I have more important Issues to Advocate4Bill

Naomi Gutierrez I agree. Hate groups should be ignored. Giving them attention fuels the fire. I have something more constructive one can do right here: Please Sign

Stephanie Lynn Bill I trust you... So.... Did you threaten to go to her hearing for her daughter? And work with her ex? And publish the address of her children? I know you have never threatened anyone with a gun. You stated a while back you bought one for protection because you were being threatened. But you never threatened anyone.

Rebecca Potter Please folks, understand the dance of the dysfunctional!!!! They always use threats, lies, intimidation and false scandals and false statements to divert the real truth. This is the dance of the psychopath. Psychopaths always unite to distort the individual who unmasks them. This is why so many who are fighting the "Crazy Courts" are targeted by the psychopaths in and out of the system.

Darin Karl I have been reading Lawless America posts the past couple of weeks, trying to follow along. 
I do have one question, Bill. Do you really think its a safe option to confront your haters at their own residences?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Nothing But The Best For Bill Windsor, While His Followers Suffer

I'll admit, catching Bill in a lie is like shooting fish in a barrel, but since I still think its funny I'm gonna keep shooting.  Lets go back to the Failure in DC.  Turns out that one of the nobodies thinks he is a somebody after all.  Here is what bill said about the issue Allie O raised about him getting an upgraded room:

"Largest Suite at the Crowne Plaza.  No, I did not change to anything, and I was not in a large suite.  I had the same style room used throughout the movie road trip, a room with a small adjoining "living room" that could be used for filming.  We filmed there two days.  My rate was $165."

Notice the semantics he is playing with the my room was $165 like everyone else.  Well that's true, but here is the whole story:

From: Johnson, Debra
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 10:51 AM
Subject: Room blocks

Good Morning Bill,

I wanted to let you know that we have extended your groups cutoff dates at
both hotels to this Friday, January 25.  So please let your participants
know that they can make reservations through Friday.

Thank you,

Debra Johnson

Regional Sales Manager

Description: cid:image001.png@01CCC564.A7BF5F00

Crowne Plaza National Airport

1480 Crystal Drive

Arlington, VA 22202 <>

 <> Description: Description:
Arlington Virginia Hotel

Holiday Inn National Airport

2650 Jefferson Davis Highway

Arlington, VA  22202 <>

703-842-1221 Direct Line

703-416-1651 Crowne Plaza Fax

703-684-3217 Holiday Inn Fax

From: Bill Windsor []
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 6:52 PM
To: Johnson, Debra
Subject: RE: Windsor Rooms

Debra, I called Reservations and added Sunday.

Will you be able to comp my room and upgrade to the largest suite you
have?  As a trade show and conference producer for 25 years (in the old
days), we used to get comped or at the very least, one room per x number of
room nights. With donations going so well and production costs below anticipated numbers, I want your largest suite.

From: Bill Windsor []
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 4:48 PM
To: 'Johnson, Debra'
Subject: Windsor Rooms

Hi Debra.

How many did we end up with?  It looks like it will be Standing Room Only in
the Arlington Ballroom.  The Senate gave us two 250-seat theaters for our
presentations the night of the 6th, and we added 60 speakers in a day.

When do you have me arriving and departing?

We have been speaking with the various police.  We have hired one officer to
be with us at the hotel all day three days.


From: Johnson, Debra []
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2013 8:26 AM
Cc: Barbara Windsor
Subject: RE: Windsor Rooms

Hi Bill,

Please see the pickup below at each hotel.  Yes, we have you arriving on
February 3 and departing on February 7.  I had already upgraded you to a
suite.  If you would be so kind to give us the name and number of the
officer you hired I will pass it along to our front desk and security.


Holiday Inn

Crowne Plaza














Yours in Hospitality,

Debra Johnson

Regional Sales Manager

Crowne Plaza National Airport

Holiday Inn National Airport

Direct:  703-842-1221

Fax:  703-684-3217

Anyone notice how his wife makes an unusual appearance as he copies her to his booking of the rooms?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

"I Can See Clearly Now That Bill is Gone"

Thanks to the Pie Baby's latest temper tantrums, there as been a large exodus from the Lawless America Movement.  Upon leaving the flock, they all start to see things for that they really are.  Mary B is upbeat and positive without all the daily bill drama to bring her down.  Allie O is having fun over in the Clubhouse and getting to showcase her humor which was banned under the Pie regime.

Then we have this woman who decided to create her own blog.  This blog chronicles her journey from kool aid centred diet to a more balanced and healthy one.
btw her account corroborates Allie's in terms of what is now known as AllieGate.  Her creative writing is outstanding.

Ohh, and since Billy called all us Clubhouse members gangsters.....well we now have another movie

Thats like 28 movies from us now Bill, you still dont even have one  *****WestSide*****

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bill Windsor to All the "Haters": RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!!!!
sorry about the commercial, but the clip is just too perfect

So Pie Baby said he spent all day Monday filing charges, or planning to, on the 37 yes count them 37 meanies out there that cause him to shake in his bed each night.  So here we go:

On February 25, 2013, Bill Windsor filed criminal complaints against 37 cyberstalkers..
Included were Allie Overstreet, Mark Supanich, Sean Boushie, Claudine Dombrowski, Lorraine Tipton, Shannon E. Miller aka Elizabeth Hope Hernandez, Jennifer Herbert aka Jennifer Dotson, Kimberly Wigglesworth, Brannon T. Bridge, Connie Bedwell, Justin Thompson, Loryn Ryder, Cheryl Sosby, Gail Lakritz, L. Wilson, Lisa Jones, Trinity Baker, Diane Gochin aka Diane Rose aka Diane Rostesky, and others. Wow, Allie and Mark pass up the infamous tiny handed Sean Boushie and now rank at the top of the Pie's most wanted.  Brannon is still ahead of me, but at least I'm on the list, or who he thinks I am.
Stalking is a form of mental assault awwwe, the poor whittle baby needs a hug, in which the perpetrator repeatedly, unwantedly, and disruptively breaks into the life-world what the hell is a "life-world" of the victim, with whom he has no relationship (or no longer has). The separated acts don't you mean separatethat make up the intrusion may not always by themselves cause the mental abuse sometimes that person is already mentally ill, but do taken together (cumulative effect).
Internet technology has enabled online groups of anonymous people like this to self-organize to target individuals with online defamation, threats of violence, and technology-based attacks.  Internet technology has also enabled fat narcissist who seek revenge on the world to deceive desperate souls and prey on them 
In this case, there seem to be some "professional" stalkers at work conspiracy stalking?.  According to online posts, the American Mothers Political Party (a hate group) teamed up several years ago with a group of "Joeys" who operate a hate website at  So let me get this straight, a group of women fighting against domestic abuse decided to team up with a bunch of kangaroos who somehow operate a website?
They have published lies, doctored photographs, threatened violence, posted sensitive personal information, e-mailed damaging statements to many people, and are manipulating search engines to make damaging material about me more prominent.  I'm sorry, are we still talking about the kangaroos?
I fear for my safety and the safety of my family. I am in fear of bodily harm to myself then put down the pie and eat a salad and my family you have no family, violent injury to my property what in the world is that?, and more.
On February 25, 2013, I filed my second criminal complaint My name is Bill Windsor, I'm a criminal and I would like to complain.  This named at least 37 people and entities.  Included were online aliases such as Ginger Snap, Petunia Pigg, and others. also be on the lookout for an alpaca that smiles, a roo, a yappy, a slugo, a mountian lion, a ninja and a guy in a morph suit 
My complaint is for stalking, harassment, harassing communications, threats (including death threats or veiled threats of bodily harm by four people). but if you can think of any other words I forgot, I would like to complain about them too
There is absolutely no question that these people have followed me online and contacted me online for the purpose of harassing and intimidating me I have followed their footprints all over the internets. They have attempted to terrify, threaten, harass, annoy, and offend me with lewd and profane language, lewd and lascivious acts, threats to inflict physical harm, and more I just can't think of any more words, where is Allie when I need her.  
Virtually all of the stalking and harassment has been cyberstalking, the use of the Internet and email to stalk and harass me and those acquainted with me.  so can you please just shut down their internet, I have already asked gmail, yahoo, and hotmail but they wont do anything.
The stalking includes the making of false accusations and false statements. These include that I am a pedophile, a pedophile lover, anti-gay, bigoted, a tax evader, a criminal operating a scam, and much more.  somehow these crazy kangaroos have figured out a way to make a video that looks like me, sounds like me, and claims to be me saying all these things
The stalking includes monitoring, as the stalkers claim to be tracking my Internet activity you mean like how you like to search for escort services?.  Some stalkers participate in my online radio talk shows to monitor and/or to disrupt the calls and the online chat.  The monitoring includes repeated online posts of libelous, threatening, harassing statements. this is treason right?  If that isn't I dont know what treason is
I fear identity theft as they say they have my social security number. they even have my mailing address that I attach to the bottom of all my emails
Many of these perpetrators spend a lot of time gathering information that may be used to harass. so they are good at it?
The stalking is apparently motivated by a desire to control me and interfere with my activities. Their sole goal is to damage me and my charitable efforts.  you even manage to write a puff piece in your criminal complaint?
The initial cyberstalker was a person who I do not believe I know so how do you know he existed?.  He was joined by people I do know and many more who I wouldn't know from Adam thats a stupid statement Bill.  These stalkers have solicited involvement of other people online who do not even know me.  so the kangaroos went and got the help of the alpacas, pigs and cougars?
The libel and slander is truly unbelievable ohhh except it very much is believable, in fact its true.  These stalkers invent one false claim after another.  People who I don’t know make statements in writing that have no truth whatsoever and can be easily proven to be false.just dont expect me to be able to prove it  It’s like they feel they can say anything and get away with it.  
The stalkers have repeatedly violated my privacy rights didn't you make yourself a public figure? and copyright by using photos and videos of me that they have no legal right to use.  Photographs of me have been doctored.  Absolutely sickening videos have been produced about me.  The worst is one that has one scene after another of feces – big piles of shit in various settings – and it’s all attacking me.  dont forget to show them the hitler ones
They have created fake blogs about me containing defamatory content.  so are you saying the blogs dont really exist, they only appear to?  Much like a certain movie of yours?
Internet technology has enabled online groups of anonymous people like this to self-organize to target individuals with online defamation, threats of violence, and technology-based attacks. They have published lies, doctored photographs, threatened violence, posted sensitive personal information, e-mailed damaging statements to many people, and are manipulating search engines to make damaging material about me more prominent.  how senile are you that you repeat what you just said 3 paragraphs up?
It would take a team of people full-time to capture all the stalking and slander so I'm requesting that you put the entire force on this one.  I have 882 megabytes of evidence, but it is a fraction of what is out there.  if you don't at least have a gig, dont bother....oh and byte me
Any reasonable person what would you know about a reasonable person? in possession of this information would regard it as sufficient to cause another reasonable person distress.
I have massive civil charges that I intend to bring against these folks.  because, I dont know if you have heard or not, I'm what the courts call a vexatious litigant.  I once brought charges against a hornet for biting me
I say to all of the people cybertsalking me, slandering me, libeling me, defaming me, etc., CEASE AND DESIST yeah thats cute, but did you forget you are at the police department?.  I consider your actions to be both criminal and civil violations, and I intend to file criminal charges against each of you well unfortunatly its going to boil down to how the police feel about it, not you.  I also plan to file a civil action against each of you if I could just find the money to put up as bond.  And you will be featured in one of two new movies, Slanderella or Slanderfella.  wait, you are making two new fake movies out of it now?  And you stole our clubhouse name on fella.