Friday, October 30, 2015

Windsor's Slam Dunk Comes Back in His Face

Bill received word today that all three of his felony charges were being dropped.  But sometimes the devil is in the is the order:

Windsor had been hyping up, on a daily basis, this idea that his charges were going to be dismissed because of his "slam dunk" brief that he filed which pointed out that the TOP was not valid at the time of the accused acts.  As you can see from Judge Haynes' ruling.....Bill and his"legal expert" Susan (henceforth know as Irrelevant Intermittent Chirper) were both dead wrong.  And like the MT Supreme Court had tried to spell out to Bill, once again Judge Haynes went into written detail so even someone as stupid as Bill and his Irrelevant Intermittent Chirper could understand.  The TOP was most certainly valid and this is now settled law.  Bill and his IIC had staked their worthless reputations to the idea that the TOP was void.

This ruling, while a slap to his ego, is of course a "win" for Bill in Montana.  He is now down to two misdemeanours and even those don't look too promising.  As I have pointed out several times on this blog....the charges against him in MT were "meh" at best.  Basically, all the charges amounted to ticky tacky fouls.  But how long until Windsor realizes that his "win" in MT is actually a loss for everything he has been screaming for the last decade?

No Corruption!!!!!!!!

Windsor went all in on the idea that Missoula MT, participially Judge Haynes, was corrupt and all working together in some kind of cabal that was out to get him so he wouldn't expose the rampant corruption.  He was hoping that a guilty verdict there would be the climax and proof (per se) that his claims were right all along.  Bill tried everything he could to get Judge Haynes removed calling him completely corrupt and incapable of rending a fair ruling.  How humiliating for Bill, and ironic, that after all that and after it was proven that the main contention of his entire pro se defense was rejected......a very fair and uncorrupted Judge who adheres to the rule of law instead of the emotions of the day ruled in his favor.  Judge Haynes ruled that the TOP, while upholding that it was in fact valid and in effect, still had major deficiencies in its ambiguity.

The other major theme from this whole TwitterGate of Bill's is that it took him over a year, with 134 days behind bars and additional felony bond jumping, a fugitive from the law for over a month, to finally rid himself of these ticky tacky charges that almost anyone could have remedied almost instantly.  Since Bill suffers from a lethal dose of ignorance and arrogance, he fought tooth and nail the extradition to MT that would have led to his freedom.  The phrase "making a mountain out of a molehill" is the perfect way to describe this last year for Bill.....and he has no one else to blame other than himself (of course he will spend the rest of his bitter days on this earth trying to point to the finger at anyone but himself for this fiasco)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Anniversary Bill!!!

One year ago, right before Bill's appearance in court, I wrote this article:

Obviously it turned out to be more accurate than even I had ever imagined as people in the courthouse in Waxahachie that afternoon were all wondering why was some woman screaming in the elevator.  Well, that woman screaming (as reported by many who were there) was actually Bill Windsor going down on the elevator....not to the ground level as he intended, but to the basement and on out to the Ellis County Detention center as he was under arrest.  Windsor's "life" changed last Halloween.  He turned what amounted to a slap on the wrist into over 130 days in jail and a felony bond jumping.  Bill spent over a month on the run as a fugitive before being caught in Ada Idaho and returned to Missoula Montana where he is still waiting to stand trail.

These days Bill "lives" on his facebook page.  Between staring at the clock and waiting for the slam dunk order from MT that never seems to come, and gushing over the latest effeminate male singer on The Voice....he has very little time left in the day for anything else.  But this Halloween has stirred up some emotions as he continues to lash out at Ellis County for ruining his nationwide campaign of legal terrorism.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BILL WINDSOR! from Bill Windsor, and by Bill Windsor
From the Ellis County Jail.  would you like to come back and re-vist your old "stomping grounds?"
Yes, one year ago today, William Michael Windsor was unlawfully incarcerated in the Ellis County Jail in Waxahachie Texas a great day for America. He was handcuffed for the first time; frisked for the first time (by a man) if only he could sing in a high voice; strip searched for the first time; and sprayed with de-licing spray for the first time in his life to bad all your lice are on the interior. Had his first mugshot taken. Was fingerprinted for the first time. Had all of his stuff taken away. Only had two phone numbers memorized well who's fault is that?, and neither his ex nor former son would accept even one of the dozens of calls he placed thats a pretty telling sign of a horrible human being that is Bill Windsor. Felt completely and totally alone for the first time in his life that's called reality, guess what Bill, you are completely alone.
Little did he know that he would be unlawfully incarcerated for 134 days "little did you know" is probably a phrase you can't use enough in describing your "life", handcuffed more times than he can count, frisked even more than that by both male and female deputies #equality, and shackled on numerous occasions. Forced to deal with a$$hole$. Denied every imaginable Constitutional right. Got free rides in an armored bus several times well there, look at the bright side.
It was a learning experience except you didn't actually learn anything. Bill Windsor learned first-hand just how horrendous law enforcement people are wrong answer. They don't give a sh*t about anyone lets watch our potty mouth shall we?. They don't even know what the Constitution is you haven't got the slightest clue what the United States Constitution is or what it says. They pretend they can't read and understand the law. It's screwzy vouzey youzey. are you trying to be funny again?
Perhaps the most disturbing thing is that most of the inmates aren't aware of how badly they are being abused or maybe they have accepted reality that they probably did violate the law and are now in the place most lawbreakers end up. Almost everyone has a public defender, and they care even less about their "clients" than the guards. why pay good money for an attorney when you know you did it?
Bill Windsor cannot wait to sue Ellis County for all the violations of his civil rights oh yea and Ellis County can't wait for you to pay up on your $100,000 bond you ran away from. The result should be that future residents of the Ellis County Jail have a law library, a toothbrush, and more. I'm sure they will all be thrilled, I can see the tshirt now "Bill Windsor came and fought for my freedom and all I got was this stupid toothbrush" 
Be prepared for the possibility that you could be arrested not me, you, you still haven't learned anything......random people don't just "get arrested", lawbreakers do....there is a direct correlation you still can't seem to comprehend. :

Bill's disdain for Ellis County is apparent, as in an earlier post he called it the most corrupt place on earth blah blah blah.  What Bill probably doesn't understand is that his constant attacks on Ellis County and Missoula Montana are actually ringing endorsements to good law abiding citizens.  When a sworn enemy of America and nationwide domestic terrorist like Bill Windsor decries living in a place like Ellis County or Missoula Montana....message is received.  Lawbreakers and severely mentally ill people (who are in complete denial about their condition) are probably better off steering clear of communities like that.  Lets just say.....the feeling is mutual. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Texas 10th Court of Appeals Gives Windsor an Overdue Spanking

The 10th Court of appeals in Texas has been more than fair to Bill.  They have given him plenty of time to get his story straight.   They have given him several redos and even one try again.  In short, no reasonable person could conclude that Windsor hasn't had more than ample opportunity to correct his severely flawed lawsuit.  Finally, the Court brought out its whooping stick in a harshly worded order.

There are currently four civil proceedings pending before this Court in which William Windsor is the appellant Bill, this is them identifying you as a vexatious litigant by your own actions. In each proceeding, Windsor has filed a brief which on its face is grossly deficient from compliance with the rules of appellate procedure what they are saying here is you are exceptionally stupid, even for a pro se litigant and you really have no business playing litigant in a court of law. The most glaring deficiency is that Windsor does not include “appropriate citations to authorities and to the record.” TEX. R. APP. P. 38.1 but but but.....he is the authority, didn't you read his signed affidavit? (i). He makes general references to the record without specific page numbers, or even volume numbers, thus requiring this Court to sift through a voluminous clerk’s record for the document Windsor references thats exactly part of his vexatious game, kill em with sheer volume. We are not required to sift through the record for support of Windsor’s arguments spoiler alert, even if you did, you still wouldn't find anything to support it. See Hajjar v. State, 176 S.W.3d 554, 566 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] 2004, pet. ref'd). Windsor v. Round, Fleming, McDougald, and Joeyisalittlekid Page 3 Additionally, some issues are not supported by citations to authorities at all. TEX. R. APP. P. 38.1(i). Windsor also includes an appendix with his brief containing a multitude of documents, many of which, if not all, are included in the clerk’s record and cites to this appendix as authority rather than to the clerk’s record thats what he calls "making it your own". Windsor had previously been informed by order of the Court issued on September 3, 2015 that he could not use his own documents in lieu of a clerk’s record how dare you violate his constitutional rights, its in there somewhere,. read the Constitution The appendix included with Windsor’s brief evidences a conscious decision to ignore that order Bill that means you wilfully disobeyed a direct order from the court, now bend over. This appendix was voluminous, unnecessary, and consumed an undue amount of time for this Court to process and file you just summed up Bill's entire legal history. Furthermore, there are a number of potentially dispositive issues pending decision by the Court, including pending motions to dismiss by some of the appellees oh and these motions actually follow the rules and cite specific case law to bolster the argument. In light of these facts, the Court stays the briefing schedule for the appellees in each proceeding to potentially avoid the cost and burden of complying with the due dates for filing an appellee’s brief that means no more motions Bill. The appellees may file their brief in response if they choose to, but the due date for those briefs is hereby suspended until further order of the Court you can respond if you want, but dont worry, we are about to take care of this monster. This does not, however, prevent any party from filing any interim response to the briefs or motions regarding other relief sought, if any but its a waste of time at this point. Finally, the Court is considering whether the briefs filed by Windsor should be stricken, as his previously improper briefs were, or whether it would be appropriate at this juncture, based on the history of this litigation, to dismiss the proceedings as a Windsor v. Round, Fleming, McDougald, and Joeyisalittlekid Page 4 sanction uh oh, Billy is getting the S word from the court. Windsor is invited to respond to the Court’s notice of its consideration of further sanctions against him you have any last words until we spank you?. Upon Windsor’s response, if any and we know he will.....and many trees will die in the process, other parties may reply to Windsor’s response if they so choose but again, there is no reason to, we got this.

Once again, we see a court that has given pre se litigant Bill Windsor all the leeway you could ever afford someone, but at the same time they are paying attention and taking note of Bill's deliberate and abusive tactics.  Not only that, but his entire argument is devoid of a rational thought, much less an actual legal claim.  He's wasting everyone's time, and most importantly the taxpayers are suffering as a result of Windsor unstoppable malicious litigation.  After this case is kicked, he now has another claim to add to his nationwide vexatious litigant title.......dead beat litigant.  Yes, he now has two separate judgements against him, both of which he has, and will try and continue to ignore. Bill started the fight, lost it, and then runs off when its time to account for his actions.  In short, among about a million other things...he's a coward.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bill Tells the Truth, Lemmings Freak Out

I generally ignore the remaining few walking dead (fb followers of Bill) because thats what everyone else in their life, including their own family does.  But this is just too much.  The other day, Bill in the midst of a flurry of nonsensical fb posts, tried something new and unique........what if he posted something that was 100% accurate and true?

What was I thinking?
What do I know? I'm just a lowly pro se defendant charged with five crimes. I have to be wrong. And the Joeys will gloat their little a$$e$ off.
I shouldn't have become overconfident. I shouldn't have become confident at all. I lose in court regularly."

That's an irrefutable and factually laced statement.  He is a lowly pro se defendant who loses in court regularly (in fact all the time)......why in the world should someone like that ever be confident about anything in court?  Of course Bill is simply trying to be sarcastic here, but his lemmings will have none of that.   Factual statements have no place Bill's Lawless America.

Crystal L Cox are you drunk or something this sounds delusional. of course we lose in court lose in court lose in court and then we win and change the world. your thinking is divine and of the light and you are a hero and have done everything right. you are a savior and you are paving the way for all victims to rise up out of the dark.

Deborah Lynne Connor Hang on Bill, you'll be fine.

Ruth Gange William Windsor. Don't you dare talk like that or have those thoughts in your mind. You have come to far and fought to long to be doubting yourself now. Never say never and I mean it. God Bless you sweety. Don't give in or give up. You got this.

Richard Wingret Dont You Dare Give Up If You Know You Are Right Dont Give In You Can Prove Them Wrong That's What Their Afraid Of Check Out Mine Miller County Missour

Carol Eaglin That is not the Bill I know you are our hero

As you can see, the zombies don't do humor, or facts.  And as always, Bill is reduced to trying to explain his attempt at sarcasm to his band of misfits:

Bill Windsor I'm not discouraged. smile emoticon Just a slightly-cryptic message to the Joeys. Stay tuned. The ghost of Darryl Dawkins just paid me a visit....

Bill you shouldn't do that, you might have several of your followers jump off their local really they might.  Bill is bragging 24/7 right now about his brief he filed and how it is a "slam dunk" to get the charges dropped".  He seems fascinated with athletic basketball players that can dunk.  And when you think about it, I guess that stands to reason here. Where else but on his facebook page would a 5'8, fat, and slow guy with exceptionally effeminate qualities dream of being a top level international athlete?   While we are announcing your victory over your opponent in the second quarter, you also might as well pretend that you are Lebron James.

Speaking of pretending, Bill Windsor's entire life in the court room could be summarized by imagining a short pudgy little boy watching a group of kids having fun playing duck duck goose.   He thinks to himself, that looks like fun and I want fun so he asks to play along and the group graciously lets him.  Once he now starts playing the game, the kid discovers a major flaw in his quest to have fun......he's embarrassingly slow and thus doomed to the goose role.  He tries to cut corners, get a head start or even trip a chasing kid in his attempt to discard the goose role, but none of those underhanded tactics work as his lack of quickness is too much to overcome.  Upon realizing that even with cheating he can't change the outcome of the game, he abruptly goes to his mother crying and saying that all the other kids are cheating and being mean to him. That sums up Bill's legal quest.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Joey Dauben Gets a Pen Pal

Probably out of sheer boredom on both sides, the Joey Dauben mailed a letter to the Bill Windsor and bill was delighted to receive it.  One reason I put this picture at the top of this article is to show how Joey can pull off something Bill will never be able to a solid six foot tall in his mug shot. Old man Windsor would be topping off around Joey's glasses.

In the letter, which very much seems originally solicited by Bill, Joey shows just why he is still such a kid.  Unfortunately, he is every bit as delusional as he was when he was running free in Ellis County.  Joey mentions how he still dreams about being vindicated for his crimes (no sign of actual remorse) and those very dreams reassure him that he is being persecuted for his godly crusade.  I had hoped that Joey would have changed.....drastically by this point.  He does indicate that he had recklessly harmed many good people's reputations with his gossip rag, but he doesn't seem set on changing course.  Joey is spending his time taking legal classes in the one day dream of coming out and becoming a lawyer.  That registered sex offender cloud hanging over his head will make that quite difficult, but why stop dreaming now?  Joey offered Bill some advice......always have two witnesses as Joey kinda got burned on the just one witness.  Again, zero remorse.....good luck on getting parole.

Meanwhile, Bill has consulted with his legal team (susan) and he has decided that the Judge is going to be soon dismissing his MT criminal case and its best to go ahead and start gloating about his imminent victory now.  With his long, long loooong career of losing in court rooms all across this nation, his instincts tell him he is sure to come out smelling like roses in this case.  So break out the champagne and reeces and lets party.

Bill's premature celebration has even taken the next step to ask the question of now what?  What is next after his already declared victory over the MT courts?  Well, that question is easy to answer in Bill's case.  He will continue to live his life filling vexatious litigation all over this nation under the made up guise of "fighting corruption".  Vindictive is his middle name, and you can count on a new offensive legal front against the judges, law enforcement, and criminal justice system that has pestered him for nearly two years now.  Vengeance is mine says the Windsor, and MT or anyone else thinks he might finally leave them don't know Bill Windsor. He will most surely spend the remaining days of his miserable life attacking any and all of those that dispensed justice (what he calls corruption) in his case.