Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nazi Radio Show Tonight at 8 central

So Billy had a very bad week, how will he spin it tonight?

I wanted to address this but the AllieGate scandal erupted, but lets look more closely at what our American Terrorist Bill Windsor has planned:

Bill Windsor feels no body cares what you feel Bill corrupt judges and government officials who ignore the Constitution should be charged with TREASON.

Treason is defined as violation of allegiance or duty to one's country or its government.  It is also defined as violation of allegiance or of faith and confidenceand it also has to do with siding with the enemy during wartime, you kinda forgot that part

So, in my opinion your ear lobe has more value in this world than your opinion, there is absolutely no question that these people are committing treason.

Federal officials, including Congress, federal judges, and every commissioned officer in our military take this oath of office:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God."

Federal officials in the United States are bound by this oath to reject anything that violates the Constitution of the United States.  When Constitutional rights are denied, the laws are ignored, and government officials allow corruption to go unchecked, tht's TREASON to me. well its not treason to anyone else, especially those that know and understand the law  This is crystal clear to me.  again, who cares what you think?

Since we have federal government officials who have allowed the Constitution of the United States to be usurped you have not established this as fact, these people are domestic enemies of the peopleNO YOU ARE THE DOMESTIC ENEMY I personally would rather die fighting someone might arrange that against the domestic enemies that have usurped power in our country than live in a country where we think we are free.  then leave Bill, get out of my country if you hate it so much  I believe we must work to educate our fellow Americans about what has happened. you cant because you don't have the facts to back you up  The first step is to expose these domestic enemies at all levels of government, and Lawless America has begun that process. you have begun the process of revealing yourself to the country as a terrorist

Domestic enemies are those within our own government who pursue legislation and programs that are contradictory to the powers and principles embodied in the Constitution. yeah, you better pay attention to what you just said Domestic enemies are those who deny our Constitutional rights as a pattern and practice again, you just made that up out of thin air.  Domestic enemies are those who either refuse to acknowledge the Constitution at all, or speak praises about its importance in public, but in private act in a manner that contradicts its restraint. more magic air  Domestic enemies of the Constitution also include all those who support political officers who themselves are enemies of the Constitution.  yeah lets make sure we don't leave anyone out

Treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against our country.  A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitoragain, you are avoiding the definition of treason

Treason was specifically defined in the United States Constitution, the only crime so defined.  Article III Section 3 delineates treason as follows:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.  No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.  The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

The Constitution does not itself create the offense no; it only restricts the definition (the first paragraph), permits Congress to create the offense, and restricts any punishment for treason to only the convicted (the second paragraph) so maybe charge the constitution with treason?.  The crime is prohibited by legislation passed by Congress. Therefore the United States Code at 18 U.S.C. § 2381 states "whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States." The requirement of testimony of two witnesses was inherited from the British Treason Act 1695.  again, this has to do with wartime

I personally support elimination of the death penalty for all acts except treason well that's about the dumbest anti-death penalty stance I have ever heard, let the cop killers roam free but if they commit my made up crime of treason, they die.  I feel no one cares about how you feel this way for two reasons.  First, our criminal justice system is horribly broken opinion, and way too many innocent people get convicted opinion.  Second, treason is so dangerous to so many that I believe death must be retained as a deterrent. stupid opinion

I love America and our government liar, you hate it with ever fiber of your being.  What I hate is the USA are the corrupt public officials who violate their oaths and have broken America, the traitors who have committed treason. your made up definition of it  I do not in any way advocate overthrowing our government another lie, yes you do, its phase 3 of your Nazi solution.  I advocate ridding us of all the corrupt traitors.  potato patato


  1. Come join us at the clubhouse blogtalk for a live chat during the show.

  2. Did anyone else see the nugget my girl Allie O dropped on us in the last thread:

    "the grand jury plan would be ok if he left out the part about having a grand jury for everything under the sun including stubbing your toe, and left out the part about jailing everyone for treason if they didn't respond to his silly letter"

    Now I'm going to take to task Susan on this one, part of the reason you don't seem to mesh with the regulars on here is you keep reading us yesterday's headlines. You see, we read those headlines the day before yesterday. We put out tomorrow's headlines the day before.

    If you want to hit a homerun you have to read the spin out of the pitcher's hand. So when I was talking about domestic terrorism and citizen's arrest and what not, we didn't need Captain Obvious to explain that he hadn't done it yet. The bottom line is you are way behind us, which is ok, but just know that before you tell us to watch out where we are going.

    1. @Ginger:

      Susan writes: I’m not sure what the quote from Allie has to do with anything you have previously stated. I’m not even sure what you are trying to say here, but I’ll take a shot at it.

      Ginger said: “…the reason you don't seem to mesh with the regulars on here is you keep reading us yesterday's headlines.” And, “…if you want to hit a homerun…”

      Susan writes: I have repeatedly stated that I don’t post here to impress anyone. Why would I have any interest in trying to hit a home run with the regulars? I’ve stated several times that most of my posts were written in the hope that Willy and/or some of his followers would see them.

      Even if I were posting for the regulars, do you expect new people to assume that all of you know everything there is to know about Willy? It is “obvious” from some of the things people on the blog write, that they do NOT all know everything. It is “obvious” that some of them are misinformed.

      Ginger said: So when I was talking about domestic terrorism and citizen's arrest and what not, we didn't need Captain Obvious to explain that he hadn't done it yet.

      Ginger previously wrote: And it needs to be overstated that everyone involved with Lawless America is connecting themselves with terrorist activities specificity delineated by the FBI. … The Pied Piper is leading you down a patch of certain destruction.

      Susan writes: In the domestic terrorism article, you correctly noted that Willy is friendly with a known birther and that Willy is copying one form of protest previously used by said birther.

      But then you somehow transformed those two facts, into this, “But lets get back to this Sovereign Citizen Movement that all these characters seem to fit under.” Wait…WHAT? Exactly how did Willy, or his friend for that matter, suddenly become members of the SCM? If you read your own FBI article about the SCM, you’ll see that Willy is a long way from fitting that profile.

      Concluding that because Willy knows a birther he must be a member of SCM, is like concluding that if someone smokes pot, they are certain to become a heroin addict. Both conclusions are grossly unwarranted. They are based on nothing more than an obviously biased assumption.

      But you proclaimed that Willy’s Grand Jury protest qualifies as terrorist activity. You didn’t say that he MIGHT progress to terrorist activity, you warned the followers that he IS engaging in such activity.

      Everyone here regularly and justly condemns Willy for his wild, self-serving, gross exaggerations of the actual facts. I’m sure you already know where I am going with this and I don’t need to state the “obvious”.

    2. you said:
      I know this won't be a popular view, but the truth is Windbag is merely exercising his complete right to complain to and about the government. As crazy as he is, he has not broken any laws. Unless or until he does, if the government tried to shut him down, *I* would actually have to join those that protest against it.

      In this country he is allowed to make his position known by ANY peaceful means. How much more peaceful can you get than sending out what amounts to some junk mail, lol?

      The big day of filing "criminal charges" in courts across the country will achieve exactly the same results as D.C. The prosecutor receives the request, takes a quick glance at it, probably sends out a form letter stating that the request must be denied as a matter of law, and forgets about it.

      I'm sure Windbag thinks it will be a big enough deal to possibly get news coverage. It's really D.C. all over again. All of those packets went right in the trash and so will these letters to the prosecutors.

      Me say now: you never really paid attention to the paper terrorism part of this. What I said in the article is that this is going to end with the lemmings taking the law into their own hands and acting as law enforcement. They may never actually lay their hands on these officials, but they are engaging in a form of terrorism. That is where this story is headed, that's how it will end unless billy is stopped before this.

    3. I get the paper terrorism concern.

      I just don't think the Grand Jury fiasco meets that definition.

      I know the next step on Willy's agenda is to hold phony hearings, etc. but I don't think he will ever get to that point. I think this blog is the reason he won't get that far and you deserve a lot of credit for that.

      I find it disturbing that the FBI is classifying these paper protests as a form of terrorism. I have to conclude they would have classified the anti-Vietnam protests and the civil rights protests as terrorism too. So what is the difference between a protest and terrorism? How are the protests of the SCM any different from the previous movements in this country?

    4. your use of the word protests is about to become non- applicable. Yes, up until now and including the DC trip, that was I guess, a form of protest.

      But once you start having your own grand jury meeting (conspiring) and then serving those papers on your targets (impersonating a law enforcement official) and then ultimately attempting to detain those are no longer protesting but are now involved in domestic terror.

      They are no longer just protesting the government, they are now creating their own illegal shadow government. No matter how silly or ineffective it is, this is where we are going, its no longer just protesting the government, they are ignoring and creating their own government

    5. Ginger I think we will have to agree to disagree on exactly where someone crosses the line between exercising his right to protest and becoming a domestic terrorist.

      I will give you this though. Willy's 2-21-13 article on treason, is the closest I have ever seen him come to advocating any type of violence. He still hasn't made a direct threat to anyone, but after writing that the death penalty is appropriate for traitors, he said:

      I love America and our government. What I hate are the corrupt public officials who violate their oaths and have broken America, the traitors who have committed treason. I do not in any way advocate overthrowing our government. I advocate ridding us of all the corrupt traitors.

    6. ok, take away the domestic terror terminology, how is what they are now talking about doing considered protesting? Creating fraudulent legal documents and then serving them on elected officials, how is that protesting? I mean I get mock demonstrations and all that, but these people really think they are acting as law enforcement when the serve those papers. They really think, and intend, to serve those in a legal capacity, not just a mock demonstration

    7. All they are doing right now is writing out arguments that certain people have committed crimes. These documents are not fraudulent if they are filed in good faith. These people actually BELIEVE they have grounds for criminal complaints. They are not acting as law enforcement, they are acting as any victim of a crime would act, because they believe they are victims.

      There is no harm in them presenting their concerns to the proper authorities. Do you have any idea how many habeas petitions and baseless lawsuits are filed by prisoners each year?

      We allow people in this country many different ways to bring attention to their concerns. It is costly, but it is an investment in maintaining a peaceful society. The alternative is to shut these people out. With no lawful way to air their grievances, many people will resort to street justice.

      The GJ plan is not as disruptive as the sit-ins that took place in the 60s or the occupy movement of last year. One good, loud gathering of actual people is more effective than 3,300 individual complaints spread across the county courts in the country.

      The only harm in the current GJ plan, will be to the followers. Their complaints will be received and processed just like all of the other baseless complaints that get filed. Even if all of them were allowed to present to their GJs, since it is unlikely that any of them have grounds for an indictment, it will be a hollow victory. It will be just like what happened to them in D.C.

  3. k, everyone go here to get in the chat this will work out better: don't call in though cause there is no host, that I know of, I created it just to make the chat easier well see how this works out for a chat though:

    1. @ Brannon: That worked great, thanks for the effort on short notice. It was fun.

  4. Pie Man Zombie HunterFebruary 24, 2013 at 8:13 PM

    this dumb .....

    Name: Julia Fletcher on Feb 21, 2013
    Comments: I witnessed the AMPP attacks on PMA, horrible. We all need to work together. AMPP is unable to work together in harmony with others. I tried to create peace, but AMPP continues to attack others .

  5. So, there is this pissing contest, between G-SNAP and BILLY W....
    In the middle are a whole horde of people, who Billy put on film, their stories,(IN the 1st PERSON) and uploaded to UTUBE.
    They were intersecting with the Judicial branch in the USA.
    Were some framed, were some bringing bogus suits, were some badly represented, were some ones who had fools for a client, were some, what.... the questions could go on for some length.
    Because some were trafficking through Billy W, they are branded minions, lemmings, dupes, or
    ' GOOD Germans", all in the latest of G-SNAP branding BILLY W as the HIGH COMMANDER , and others mere RANK and file in some CHAIN of COMMAND.
    Billy W is no officer of the Court, in terms of passing any BARS, he professes to represent big patches of ALL of America, his GRANDE TOUR to supposedly all 50 States..... THE BILL-TOUR
    He puts one dude on UTUBE from, FL, who has a long beard, and looks like a warmed over HIPPIE,
    now ranting about the GOV... Like W--- George Bush JR--- Billy served in the GUARD., not the FRONT LINES, NAM
    Paramount in all this is the truth. Who is to judge such a broad brush of CLIPS......
    Does not Ginger SNAP have his LEMMINGs, and minions, and BILLY W has his.....?
    Key to the way the U S Constitution was written was the notion of separation of powers.
    Obviously a Court is not Congress, or is the Senate a COURT. People were desperate, had no VOICE, now thy are branded "nobodies " by BILLY W, and mocked here.
    Fact is no others were involved in most others Court actions, were not witnesses, parties, or lawyers.. etc etc..... Billy W is some glue which holds what together. ?
    What... I don't know this BILLY W, this GINGER SNAP(the person beyond the nom de PLUME), nor am I in the travel business, or took a TOUR to see NIAGRA FALLS.
    I hesitate to throw out to you all: GET a life, or , stop wasting time ? THE USUAL SLOGANS.
    It is your time, other people's lives, and you know nada in large measure about real people who are caught in the middle of this crusade, on creating some Notion of LAWLESS America.
    If I had a Production studio, and the urge, I would make a full length feature on how NICK Marsh got framed.
    You know who he is. .... DO You ?? He was a prosecutor in the DOJ, who was one pursuing an indictment against TED Stevens. He committed suicide. Dead men don't talk... RIGHT.
    Billy W, touts he is one real smart fellow, but he never labored in a D A's office, as an Asst U S Attorney, in public service.
    Who wants to do a full length MOIVE on NICK Marsh, and how he got framed..

    IF any from SONY Pictures are(or ever) get the time to engage in reading this BLOG....? OR Harvey W-stein.....
    Put your replies up, GENTS...

    1. If you want a response, perhaps you should try writing something that makes sense.

      As far as what I could understand? I personally can take an interest in whatever I want. And if somebody like Bill is out there using and abusing people, that is of interest and actionable.

      Ginger doesn't have lemmings. If you read here, you'd know that there are many opinions on various subjects. And, those opinions are all based on evidence even if we don't all draw the same conclusions.

    2. Pie Man Zombie HunterFebruary 24, 2013 at 9:21 PM

      that funny, the clubhouse is a cult just like Billy the con man fraud followers.....

      wow Ginger has done more good saving people from the Con Man movie house is reading this BLOG, but the DOJ did.....looking forward to Bill going to Jail

    3. eh, not really a Pissing Contest, it's just G-snap is making fun of Bill, that's it, Bill is the doofus

    4. NothingbettertodotodayFebruary 24, 2013 at 9:35 PM

      Anon 8:45 - Are you drunk?

    5. I'm going to guess they are high, not drunk

    6. High, drunk, .... is this even in English?

    7. Another example of someone else's mom who should have used Plan B

    8. yappy is now the B Plan versionFebruary 24, 2013 at 11:21 PM

      ROFLMAO ^^^^ Always stick to Plan B

  6. You seem to be certified proof that you are one of Ginger's main LEMMING.
    I suppose you are next going to claim your are hot on what "actionable" means.
    As to what conclusions you draw on what, it was the height of non-sense. or NADA.
    Evidence, did you travel to all 50 states, too, what is your basis for evidence, like what, who when where why, the whole taco.....?
    Because Ginger hides beyond a NOME DE PLUME, he has you as his SARG Schultz, in effect.
    Please don't make the rest of the lemmings laugh at how clueless you are.
    Obviously, you betray any sense that you even know that the OATH to the U S Constitution is that many take. AMERICANS.....Are you in some SNAP to it mode too...? Why Billy focused on Garland Texas, is kind of weird. But, he is from Texas before he did his PEACHY things....
    As to actionable, then are you some ESQUIRE just shooting your mouth off on claims you represent who....?

    You almost sound like a CLONE of Bill, amazing.

    1. And you sound like a madlibs Nigerian.

      Perhaps you should learn how to make your subjects and verbs match.

      And it's "nom de plume." Should you attempt to sound "smart," you probably should spell the phrase correctly.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Nah, I've been high before. I know I made more sense than that.

      Ditto - Bravo, OR!

    4. Ok, I'm with Yappy.... Is that English?

  7. More proof, OREADER that your are Ginger's SARG Schultz, nit picker on Ginger and his AKA, as SNAP.
    But beside the nit picker gig, do you play some COLOR car at the drop of a hat, too, so TEXAS, road house. On Feb 15, you noted Billy "plays the game so poorly"' Plus you noted you love how BILL undermines his "group" Do you ever get beyond some vapid stage in your
    rantings MR LEMMING ?
    Is GINGER going to wonder about your too obvious attempts to be a BUT SUCKER, KISS ASS for this "group".
    Yeah, your are not the only LEMMING make it plural LEMMINGS.
    "Actionable" is that the biggest word you have used, that you don't have a clue to what it means in terms of specifics,....?
    What is that thing on one of Bill's SUBJECT... ###, wearing her glasses 1/2 way down her NOSE, that drove GINGER over the top... ?
    So, Mr Lemming were you one of Billy's subjects; SUBJECT ######.._____
    What is your thing, then MR LEMMING ?
    OREADER, oh so CLEVER... BTW, I am not thrilled at BILLS fake VIDEO that he interviewed the COMMANDER AND CHIEF ?
    Which was not that HA Ha like PARODY...
    But, sure it must be easy to play off of Bill when he sucks people in, sets them up as NOBODIES and he has you as another NOM De P..., in SNAPS CAMP, ready to prove what an eager LIL BEAVER LEMMING you are.
    MADLIBs is that a word Mr picky in the English Language.... ?
    Geez, or is that more of your Texas ROAD house LINGO ...? SOME LBJ. LONE Star specials to impress the other RED NECKS....

    1. go to you happy place anon...and turn down the lights. This will wear off....

      Dude, if this doesn't wear off soon, you should go to the ER and get checked...

  8. Pie man Zombie HunterFebruary 24, 2013 at 10:24 PM

    I think she is High on ergot fungus......but this my FAV of Bill Windsor

  9. Oh, you haven't seen nit picking stage. Anybody with 1/4 of a brain could rip your writing apart. I just decided to point out how your attempt at picking a word with less common usage actually backfired on you, "BUT(T) SUCKER."

    And why do you keep writing "your are not"? Are you trying to make a you're/your hybrid to cover all bases because you can't figure out which word is correct?

    Really? I don't know what the word actionable means? Yeah OK. Sorry, I haven't used big words to facilitate your rant, but my pedagogues taught us early on that it sounds imbecilic to be inordinately verbose when short words will suffice.

    Apparently all the pot in Denver has done some serious damage to your mental capacities.

    1. Driveby stopped by? Can't she write in English when she's high?

    2. If it's not Driveby, they really should grab a cup of Dazbog and become friends.

    3. She was in our chat radioblogtalk last night. I waved at it~

    4. Well if it isn't the thee sexy demo throat specialist, we should be nice and hook this one up with Driveby. It's only fair they not spend life alone wandering like this.

  10. OR, in other words, you have no clue what actionable means where you throw it out as to:
    who, what, where, when why.

    Anybody with 1/12 a brain could rip your logic apart, your non-sense, your rants, your English, or poor attempt to claim you write English, but, actionable must mean to you, what...?
    Come on Mr LEMMING, the same old same old.
    Please don't tell us your were BILL's subject 348, and so you spent great deals of time on
    KIDS BLOG, AKA SNAP, to restore you status in the "pedagogues" CLUB.....
    You are a riot, fess up, was it : Bill had you do a tape, and found out you were such an outcast in society it would ruin his reputation if it ever AIRED outside of his DARK ROOM, or Travel circles....
    What exactly Mr FELLOW MENSA dude with BILL...? What ??
    Why are you even writing stuff, ORE, ..?
    Why the expression "are you", well if the shoe fits, you know.
    I suppose we could debate what a MENSA guy you are just like BILL....
    But, does PIE-..Zombie have enough time, to dip into your METRICS...
    Denver, WRONG...... Who is Bill's COLORADO, HEAD MASTER..... State, HEAD BANANA.... Do you know that ESQ. I bet he knows that the WORD ACTIONABLE MEANS..
    Do you know.... ?
    What do you know ORE, besides your claims on short of words, to prove you are failing as a stellar LEMMING...?

    1. Unlike you I don't use words I don't know or can't spell.

    2. And, it's not about using short or long words. It's about using the most appropriate word. When multiple words are equally correct for the intent, it's best to use the most common to have a succinct and easily understood message.

      But, that is probably a complex concept for somebody who can't finish full thoughts or sentences.

    3. This is an extra special lemming O. I think their mama dropped them on their head - on purpose. or is it there.. or they're... lets ask the expert.

    4. why is it that we never get any smart people to attack this blog?

    5. Well, the good news is that whatever intoxicant it is, it's starting to wear off. The posts are making more sense - at least the first part.

    6. It's either making more sense NBTDT, or I am getting too tired to know it's not.

      This anon is really a stellar communicator- NOT and I hope that is actionable for Anon, because I can tell that is a favorite word for him/her

  11. I laugh more and more each day here. Wowza, the E-net attracts some dooozies.

  12. Pie Man Zombie HunterFebruary 24, 2013 at 11:05 PM

    Do not blame me, I did not eat any of his brains.....but Miami, Florida has some great RUM

  13. does anyone have a clue what that was all about in those posts??

    Any highlights from the pie people tonite?

    1. The posts above? Ginger is attempting to locate a monkey to decipher but this late on a Sunday night is tough. They all want to be paid double time. Once they see this? Triple.

      Someone else should give an update from the pie show. My eyes glazed over about 15 minutes in. Sorry :/

    2. rather.. meant my ears glazed over.

      Oh noes, the grammar nazi is going to bitch slap me for my 'error'.

    3. Pie Man Zombie HunterFebruary 24, 2013 at 11:18 PM

      one posted on LAFB page today and in his youtube post said he has a sixth grade ed.....I was wondering if that is him

    4. Grammar nazi = the NEW anon posting

    5. The pen might be mightier than the sword but in your case anon it's an unloaded killing tool

  14. YUP! Lemming. Found his video.

  15. Here's a bright one: Mary Neal on LA FB - "I purchased a new computer, Bill Windsor. I look forward to joining tonight's TalkShoe presentation by phone or computer. I would say I could help you more now, but stalkers took over my Google Chromebook time I brought it to my home, which is surrounded by CoIntelPro."
    3:55pm (5 hours ago)Reply

    1. how does that women ever even set foot out of her house?

    2. Oh, and ooops. It was on BW's FB page, not LA's. I'm always one to correct my errors, unlike some people. :-)

    3. I think Bill is scraping the bottom of an empty barrel...

      Mary Neal posted this on at least one of the LA pages too. And yes, I have to admit, she taught me something. I had never heard of CointelPro before I read a post of her's a while back.

      She and Wendy Beal probably have matching conspiracy theory trading card sets.

      Before I started reading up on some of the lemmings I was clueless about the shear volume of conspiracy theories out there.

    4. Mary N is one of those that think Facebook is controlling her computer, and that any slow down in posting or stupid user errors are the government trying to control her life and sabotage all the important stuff she wants to say.

      No, really...

    5. I read this and this is hilarious. These people are also filing grand jury notices and presenting their case pro-se. No wonder why they have issues.

  16. So we got a shout out from my girl Allie O,

    Allie Oxxxxxxxxx
    For a "hater blog" they sure get more correct than he gives them credit for. For the record, I still don't like that blog and I haven't as he says, begun to be one of them. I AM saying, they get more correct than he wants you to know.

    There is sooooooo much going on right now that the best I can do is give a cliff note's version of the run down. We have all heard at least some of the story by now, but the truth to the story is vomit inducing.

  17. @ Gingersnap: all loonie tune speak aside ^^^, good comments on Bill's post. I find it interesting that on this post has 2 comments, and one is re: about something that happened in 1966. Bill's post re: Allie has 6 comments.

    1. #3 MOLLY 2013-02-24 14:19
      Bill I have stated this to you and Allie prior. It is my belief that my former husband. A big time scammrer, sadist and covert stalker is involved here. Something very strange occurred to me re face book this wknd. too. Note Brian Long is positively w/o a doubt one of his fake people.
      Everything facebook went quiet. Friends vanished.

      lol- wow

    2. OMG! The ex husband wrote the hoax letter?????!!!!!

    3. thanks NBTDT. Yeah its telling that his lemmings are not really paying attention to his fine print. He starts off everything with his opinion and by the end he has twisted his opinion into undeniable fact of treason. I dont know if the koolaidaholic's can notice that subtle little journey from one man's worthless opinion to a call to arms over undeniable proof.

  18. This seems to be some kind of quasi-cell block to PARROT SNAP...
    ORE still can't prove he even knows what the word "actionable" means.
    So, Bill brags he is MENSA....the top 1/4 of 1/10 of 1 % in brains in GEORGIA...(so he blathers)

    YAPPY and Nija seem to be jocking around to see who will be the HEAD LEMMING.
    ORE proved he can't even fathom a short word like "actionable", like meaning.
    Obviously, he is a big disappointment to the other LEMMINGS on this SNAPPY
    place. Ironic, lots of goose stepping goes on at this "cliff" note fad joint.
    ORE is a real "subject", like what SNAPPY's subject 238.
    Yeah, Bill and his "subjects', and SNAPPY and his subjects.
    Didn't your Texas KIng George tell you all he wanted you to be citizens, not "subjects"..

    Subjects sound like some kind of HHS HIV test group, this BLOG....
    I am not going to touch any more of what ORE is pushing.

    Waaah, ORE and his subjects and obsession on how to spell BUTT

    1. This annon looks like a cross between lyme disease Mary and Crystal "I'm going to sue the world" Cox. Perhaps either or both drunk and stoned.

    2. Try typing in the comment box instead of copying and pasting from wherever you are initially writing your rants.

      If you are confused about the meaning of actionable, bing that shit.

      Perhaps you should bing Mensa also. It is simply the top 2% - like 135 on Stanford Binet. That is hardly genius level. I wouldn't be surprised if Bill is "gifted" intellectually. However, his ego tends to override any brain he might have. He also proves to be lazy. I see little evidence he has finished anything in his life.

    3. My vote is, just your average, every day sociopath. Doesn't know how to engage and play well with others.

  19. Doesn't Bill start out his VIDEO shoots, with Numbers like a cell #, and then puts on TAPE
    Subject, 492.. or what ever "subject" shoot he is in.
    Snappy is so obsessed on the "subject" thing, & he is stark raving jealous that Bill W is MENSA....\, as he announced to the WORLD... Mr Bill that Georgia MENSA.
    Is Bill really that worried since SNAPPY is not the brightest bulb in the basement, and surrounded by even dimmer twits..
    He has to create some friction on who will be the HEAD Lemming, and is finding out he has some real dim wits in his LEMMING Platoon.
    Going back to square one: see on separation of powers if none of your DIM wits have never even read the U S Constitution. This is a pathetic BLOG, it is a waste of TIME.
    I had some time to waste with the big storm, stuck at the Airport.
    But, I don't waste time day after day, (here) like the head-cases that follow SNAPPY around like he is the HEAD CULT-MEISTER.
    Yeah, how many "subjects' are on this BLOG, who have DUIs, arrests for assorted, and
    ..... RAISE your hands.... That is what I thought, it is all NOM DE DARK COVER...

    1. They don't use Comcast Cable for internet at DIA. Good try.

    2. You haven't seen anything here that would cause you to think we haven't read and understood the Constitution. In fact, two of my ancestors helped write it and signed it. When your buzz wears off and you can read a little better, read the Constitution again, look for the name Pinckney.

      But, that's not really the issue, is it? We are all very comfortable with our lives, with who we are and with each other. And for some reason that's just bothering the living crap out of you.

  20. Snappy's Lt , LEMMING, ORE, says he sees little evidence that CAPiTIAN AMERICA, BILLY W , has finished anything in LIFE..... What, you never saw evidence of his 6 years in the U S Army Reserve. or his College at Texas Tech . What has Lemming Ore accomplished in Life to brag about....?
    He still can't figure out the meaning of "actionable", and even relate it to anything germane to any "subject, at hand. SNAPPY is surrounded by some who seem unable to figure out anything germane to the subject. Probably, ORE's biggest claimed accomplishment is his obsession on BUTT.
    The snow is clearing, my flight is about ready to board, so VIPERS, good luck on your crusade,
    Bill has nothing to worry about, he is a self proclaimed MENSA, something like that would impress
    ORE, of course, even though it was self- serving hype.
    What next ORE gives us the meaning and application of the terms "goy", Semite,
    Sunni, Shitte, and Yankee.....

    1. Again, unlike you, I can manage to capitalize and punctuate in a coherent manner. Perhaps that is due to my college education or Mensa membership.

      Actually it seems you are the one with the "butt" obsession, as I only pointed your improper spelling out a single time.

      I still say if you are having a problem understanding the word "actionable," bing the heck outta that shit. Context clues are your friends.

      And instead of using germane twice in such close proximity, may I suggest the words "relevant" or "pertinent" as more suitable substitutes so you don't sound quite so limited in your vocabulary?

  21. Germane in close proximity, that is a riot ?
    Why don't you and DUFUS, Snap, use a search engine to look up
    who did the FRESCO's at the Capital since you are always ranting on Allie.(see the latest BIg PIC of BILL and ALLIE in the CAPITOL... WWW-BILL)
    You don't punctuate properly, you should have had a comma after, "actually" in the above, just to note one oooops, by the self-serving ZERO, BUTT BOY, who is not able to give meaning to "actionable" in any sentence that ORE) writes, because, it is doubtful he have even a High School Degree.
    Your MENSA membership, please, this is making the other LEMMINGS laugh, you and and Cpt AMERICA, BILL.(CLUB -M)
    What was your degree in, Art History, in the Greek isles.. ?
    Why has SNAP surrounded himself with such B S artists... ?
    "Actionable" is not a nurse report on your bowel movements,
    but, you have now proven, you are big at diversions, because your vapidness is only exceeded by your obfuscation ruses.
    You are the perfect LEMMING for SNAP.
    As to relevant, your seem unable to note any context on the word 'actionable", because it is either due to some brain damage you have or,
    there is some cult dynamics that deters you from writing anything in a clear manner, here.

    1. What happened to your "flight?"
      Coherently and properly have different meanings. Bing!
      You punctuate in neither manner.
      I do not use apostrophes to indicate plural words.
      What fine institute of higher learning taught you that skill?
      My original use of the word actionable completely correct within its context. There is no need for me to use the word again to prove my knowledge of the definition.

  22. DIA, sorry, wrong PORT, do you always jump to the wrong conclusions, ORE.
    How would you know what ISP hooks up there are at assorted places,.
    Your digital tracking skills are no better than your grasp of the word
    actionable, ORE..
    But, sure, the GREAT tracker that hooks into SNAP'S B-MACHINES.
    and you are now elevated to the HEAD BUTT BOY. SNAP ORG..
    You appear not to fathom routing dynamics on the NET to the SNAP
    IS that a two way STREET, RUFUS.....?
    So, you and SNAP are using the SAME KEYboard..
    My My, what else is your brilliant revelation of the WEEK @.
    BTW, have you followed the weather lately, it is bad, all kinds of back up in the AIR SYSTEM/ GRID , hold overs, and @ the INN.

  23. I guess you forgot that you wrote that your flight was getting ready to board? (Two hours ago?) Ooooops.

  24. Oh, God, some DAUGHTER of the AMERICAN Revolution great great GRANDSON, harking back to some SLAVE HOLDER KIN.
    What, you going to give us a sermon on the slave clauses embedded
    by the Rebs....Maybe your MENSA PAl should dredge up slavery by some of those who signed the Constitution.
    Have you issued a P R release on this to BILL in DEEP PEACHY Georgia his HIGH LORD, PIC.
    Bill was a bit to flip on his stuff on his FAKE interview with the Command and Chief, so at least you have some of that REB kinship, huh, Mr Nothing Better---- Sports.
    Maybe the storm will blow over tomorrow, and SNAP's HEAD Lemming will still be checking ISP Flows....

  25. Are you clueless, on the weather, and the back ups in the AIR System, Mr MENSA... What next, you do a radar check at the PORTS, also.
    What about the fugitive slave clauses that the PIC guy was associated with, are you going to weigh in on that, and HAVE SNAPY issue some P R releases to Billy Boy in Georgia....
    Things are fluid, lots of flights never took OFF.
    Have you ever flown in the winter, DUFUS...
    I will be outa this INN, soon, and will take off tomorrow, and then you and your REB buddies can WOW all with your grand sermons on
    " actionable".

  26. I am amazed at the pushing on this BLOG to see who will be the MASTER LEMMING......

    So, tell America what was it that caused all you REB Lemmings to get crosswise with BILLY BOY,
    the deep in high Cotton Texan transplanted to the RED CLAY of Georgia...?

    Are there any of you who can even put up a full sentence to tell AMERICA, or are you all semi RETARDS, like MENSA Dude..

    1. Oh honey, why don't you just enjoy your high thread count linens and call it a night? I will make sure everybody gives you a nice send off in the morning.

      Yes you clearly have us all figured out. NBTDT and I are two bad ass dudes. We all live with Ginger taking turns with the keyboard. It's how a good team operates. Everybody gets to take a swing.

      Regretfully, I cannot tell you who I am as I have been embedded deep undercover with this group even since before Bill began his movie trip.

    2. What? NBTDT is a badass and I'm not? *bawling eyes out*

    3. You are a badass too, just not a dude like we.

  27. Did you mean , everyone likes to take a swig...? @ SNAPPY's JOINT.
    yeah, so all are ANNON, same as NON De PLUM... Sugar, Ginger, and CANDY...
    DEEP embedded undercover... Waaah.

    Are you afraid of BILLY BOY.....?

    He claimed his PA was a joke writer for W C FIELDS...// HIS CLAIMS...
    It is amazing how Bill sprung loose the urge for so many to get on FILM to be uploaded to UTUBE..
    As to your make SURE RAP, yeah sure, like noted the STORM is blowing over, and it will be hasta la vista to the INN.(bright an EARLY on 25.
    DEEP undercover, like you make it sound like under COLOR OF LAW, like the PINK Panthers...
    You are so reluctant to give meaning to "actionable", like you dislodge it as a term of art in the
    scope of your COVER.... YOUR DEEP COVERs... As what,
    head of the B Street Boys in EAST GARLAND.....

    Bill is miffed he wrote a long E......his BYE BYE ALLIE........(WWW-BILL).....

    Well, the OATH, the OATH to the U S Constitution, yeah, some TAKE that,
    JFK, ask not what your Country and DO for you ..(but what...........)...
    Obviously, your are are in a different TIME ZONE, on your KEY-CLOCK........ DIFFERENT from......, not close to...

  28. Where in the world did you go to school, anon 3:32? Interesting play on......letters and parenthesis?

  29. Roxanne Grinage throws down!

    1. Cox is a "junk yard dog".
      Oh ya, Crystal's little youtube I am so great, I have never hurt anyone, I am innocent has just been discredited, obliterated, and disproven beyond a reasonable doubt.

      GOOOOOOO Roxanne


  31. Well it's rather sad to awake and not see Ginger's monkey here to translate the above information. Talk about nonsensical gibberish.

    So back to Allie's shout out.
    I'm not surprised she doesn't really like us, that's a given. What I'd like to know is which parts are we hitting that nail. I think we get it closer most of the time and that's WHY Billy is so upset about 'moles'.

    He would not be asking who the moles are if we were wrong. Must drive him loopy sitting in that basement in his "made from curtains" undies.

    Can someone point me in the direction of these posts by Allie? I have no idea where to find comments much of the time. Thank you

    1. Always always always insert coffee first yappy. sheesh

      * I think we get it closer / I think we are closer to the truth much of the time

    2. Such a little mixed up Anon. Now it's a non de plum. . . I don't think our new little Anon is smart enough for that to be a play on words - just thoroughly mixed up on words.

      Ask not what your country "and" do for you?

      Again, with the "your are."

      Such great use of ellipses.... why finish a thought...when you can just drift off into........

      This anon's stupidity should be "actionable." It could do some real damage to the general population.

    3. LOL @ actionable. I agree. I lost a lot of brain cells reading it this morning.

      AND I saw the AND bit too. I wasn't even born when that AND speech was made but I'm pretty certain that's not how JFK stated it.





      ... AND....... this is why we need the monkey brought in to translate. Maybe I'll take it to the Houston zoo today and show them myself.

    4. And, he's not all that up on the Constitution. The Pinckney's didn't represent GA.

  32. Here's another yappy 'hunch'.

    Bill's RV story came up in DC. His wife as we already know, wasn't home, probably still isn't given the fact he also 'forgot' he told his listeners he was heading to pick her up at the airport during his one talkshoes.... but never shut up long enough to follow through with that lie.

    I'm thinking the MRS took that moment to empty the house and leave. I think the foreclosure proceedings on his properties are in the works and Billy's about to be homeless.

    I believe he's the one that bought an RV and the MRS probably moved in with the daughter or son or a combo between the two children. The fact is, his wife of 40+ years is NOT around Billy 99% of the time and definitely not there during what I would consider to be important moments in his life / career / standing by her man. Its all too painfully obvious she wants nothing to do with his crap.

    Without bothering to focus on his original movie, he's already wanting to get right back on the road to do it over again?

    Why? He has by his accounts 1500 victims filmed. If their larger interview was up to 10 minutes (some more) then that's about 250 hours of footage. Slicing it down to a workable 120 minute documentary or even 2 to 3 part series, he already has way more than he needs. (aside the fact they're completely boring to watch and many lack substance or finite details).

    I think Billy bought the RV himself knowing he has no place to call home. It will also make tracking his movements harder especially if others provide gift gas cards, etc. Which, in my books, makes him that much more dangerous as well.

  33. This is continued from the last post, here is Allie O going at it with Little Miss Can't Be Wrong, as I call her, or Judge Judy as Allie calls her (I got to admit, JJ might be better), this was on their facebook and is in response from Sharon "look at my low hanging glasses) to her continued questions about bologna and not knowing that the boy was at the hospital:

    Allie Overstreet
    I am reading....and smiling at the amount of honest and NOT blinded/biased friends here. I'd like to take a second to address Judge Judy here. First, your facebook frenzy is a courtroom not. I owe you zero explanation. Secondly, I have all the emails (the real ones) , as well as text messages relating to your questions. Unfortunately, your bad acting and theatrical attorney roll play leads me to tell you you will have to supeona them if you'd like to see them. Thirdly, you are taking second and third hand information and smushing it all together with your alreafy biased opinion, making it irrelevant. You see, the hearsay rule may apply in family court but it doesn't apply in my facebook comments. Fourth, you are just dying to hear my answers to your "cold hard facts" and questions. Okay, I'll bite, and you still won't believe because you have it in your head you're right. Problem is, you aren't. Just like REAL court, you take what is fed to you, form an opinion , feed your ego on how smart you are, convince yourself you are being objective and using only hard facts, and ride on it until you either win the case or ......look like a moron.

    Allie Overstreet
    Hang with me JJ, I have to scroll up and back down to find your rambling questions before I can answer. See, I am on my phone. The same phone that has the text messages with date and time stamps on them. The same phone that recorded my activity during the "caper".

    Allie Overstreet
    1) How did Allie know the child had not committed suicide without talking to anyone? I laugh every time I see you type that. You have the screen shots, you "took the time to read extensively. The answer is, I did talk to someone. Both before and after Bills ego maniac post.

    2) Had she talked with the mother, she would have also known the child was in the hospital, not home eating bologna......gawd I feel like I'm in an episode of Scooby Doo. If it weren't for those pesky kids, I'd of gotten away with it too.....the answer is, I did talk to the mother. Perhaps dear Sharon, some of us don't tell everyone everything. Perhaps, he isn't in the hospital. Perhaps, mother didn't feel inclined to tell me intimate details. Perhaps, she told me and it was none of anyones business.
    Like · 1 · Edit · 2 hours ago
    Allie Overstreet
    3) The mother stated in email he doesn't eat bologna. ......ahah! The butler did it. Give me a break, seriously, a kids life is being strewn all over the internet without his permission and here we are in facebook court arguing over bologna. .....the answer, is mother said eating. In a casual conversation , because it was before Bills freak out drama, she and I were chatting. We do that alot, because we are real life friends. Maybe that is a new concept for you, but sometimes people actually hang out and talk about nothing. Her kids were eating, the tv was on, I was painting my toenails, She was folding laundry, anything else you'd like to know? I added the bologna part. Shoot me. Xxxx, the other child , was actually the one eating bologna. I know that now because mother and I have had dozens of conversations about yours and your leader's accusations.
    Like · 1 · Edit · 2 hours ago

    1. continued:
      Allie Overstreet
      4) Are you calling me a horse? Shit just got real. .....lololol.
      Like · 2 · Edit · 2 hours ago
      Allie Overstreet
      5) Allie didn't know it was a cruel hoax sent to Bill. Allie knew it a cruel hoax written by Bill. How did I know? Because I know mother . I know son. I know Bill. And while I knewvit was bullshit, I still called mother immediately upon reading it because it was a horrible thought. I said to myself, self? Why would mother tell Bill of Lawless America that her son had passed before she told her best friend? Why would she tell Bill of Lawless America in the same two hour timeframe it happened? The answer was, She wouldn't.

      Allie Overstreet
      6) I have already answered you. Allie was very certain it was a hoax BY Bill, not TO Bill, because Allie had just talked to mother a few hours prior, Allie talks to mother several times per week, Allie had seen Bills inner workings, And Allie Knew mother would have calked her right away if it were true. I was very certain, not one hundred percent certain. See, that is a pretty heavy statement to read online from a meer aquaintence, about someone you know and love. My hands shook, my gut hurt, and I picked up the phone to make sure nothing horrible had happened in the last two hours.

      Allie Overstreet
      7) As for you wanting to see my evidence.....bite me. You are not my opposing council, did you stsy in a Holiday Inn last night? Mother and I are in agreement with the Po Po on this one. My proving evidence stays off facebook to protect the kids privacy. Now take some screen shots and go run to pieman.

      -did I mention how much I love Allie O?

    2. ****tears of happy joy! Allie is rocking shit at that glasses on nose uptight Judge Judy wannabe****
      Go Allie!!

    3. ohhh the one liners in this post:

      I'd like to take a second to address Judge Judy here

      Unfortunately, your bad acting and theatrical attorney roll play leads me to tell you you will have to supeona them if you'd like to see them

      Hang with me JJ, I have to scroll up and back down to find your rambling questions before I can answer

      gawd I feel like I'm in an episode of Scooby Doo. If it weren't for those pesky kids, I'd of gotten away with it to

      I said to myself, self? Why would mother tell Bill

      You are not my opposing council, did you stsy in a Holiday Inn last night?

      I dont know which one I like best

    4. My fav is simple and to the point...
      BITE ME.

    5. I actually giggled out loud with the "I said to myself, self?" I'm glad Allie is keeping her sense of humor through Bill's beatdown. It's just another little thing to get under his skin. He no longer "owns" Allie or her reputation. Even the majority of his lemmings aren't buy that he is being fully truthful.

      Has anybody asked questions regarding jealousy and intimacy? Is Bill a wanna-be lover scorned? Is that why he dragged her new boyfriend into all this?

  34. OMG Julia, really?
    So everyone who discovered LA is a scam read the CIA's simple sabotage field manual? LMFAO

    Julia Fletcher shared a link.

    13 hours ago.
    In case anyone's wondering about all the failed attempts to sabotage the Lawless America Project, here's a copy of the CIA's Simple Sabotage Field Manual. Luckily, Bill 's already read it and was prepared for #7 on page 30. ;)

    1. Julia will never be welcome on this blog. When she gets shipped off the island, she will stay at sea, she doesn't meet the minimum qualifications to participate.

    2. It's a good thing Bill read it.

      How did they figure it out? Do we have a mole?

    3. I bet Bill was well prepared for #7(c)on page 22

    4. I think we're safe (for now). It only goes to page 32. They're missing the other 243 pages WHEW

    5. Julia? here?
      I'll miss y'all.

      Thank you, Ginger! *waves at Julia bobbing at sea in leaky vessel*

    6. I knew it that I seem bill some where was that not the name of that agent the greatest American hero?

  35. here is a video:

  36. Bill Windsor as a CIA operative? Ha! I doubt he could track his own shadow!

  37. Replies
    1. lol. That face is actionable.

  38. This rant is not necessarily for the clubhouse peeps just a general OMG what does this accomplish kind of rant.

    So I'm just scrolling through some FB posts, and I come across Miss P.'s re-post of Marks statement. I felt bad for her, that so many people chose to air their grievances on that thread. She was doing a good thing, bringing together victims. But the hatred and anger kind of blew that up.

    Bringing the pie man down is the common goal is it not? Getting past the personal b.s. and unite with the proof of the scam.

    Attacking those with the evidence and proof will only suppress the truth longer. Allie and Mark were also victims. Just like everyone else who was chopped, they all supported Pie Man at one point or another.

    This is about protecting anyone else from getting hurt.

    I hope that everyone with evidence will get in contact with each other, put aside their differences and stop this prick before he causes further harm.

    1. Hoping the outsiders will understand Ginger and the snaps postings, and take it one step further.

    2. I did not support pieman, nor did many of the other women who were named by him. The common goal is not taking down pieman. Perhaps for some of the victims but not all. Many of us feel that joining with Allie and Mark is the same as joining with the groups who funded the loss of our children. Some of us also feel that Allies comments and Marks were just as cruel as Bill's. They both knew what he was doing and participated. Perhaps those who once supported Bill will find it easier to join forces with them. Those of us who saw Lawless for what it was were not stupid enough to join Lawless then and are not stupid enough to join Allie now.

  39. Pie Man Zombie HunterFebruary 25, 2013 at 12:15 PM

    @NBTD I know a may get hell for this but I have been hearing about AXJ dealing with child Porn, for years now....

    a couple of days ago I saw one of them post on LAFB and today the BIG ONE IS POSTING on LA person page the one that was close for 7 days

    John Aster thank you for posting this .... I had not seen this one.
    Yesterday at 9:38am · Like..!/user/pirateradio/john_aster_admits_to_child_porn_offences

    1. @ Pie Man: I've read the rumors too. At one point, I read AXJ took credit for exposing Joey. Have you found a main stream media or court report to support the admission?


      Just curious is Glenn G part of AXJ? Googled AXJ Lawless America and got a few links. This one goes to Glen G.

  40. Replies
    1. I see a little L Ron Hubbard action there.

    2. Twilight Zone's "To Serve Man" on Vimeo (24:56)


      This episode is the perfect meme to express what Windsor is about.

  41. for all the Red Neck's at Ginger's

    Still having trouble with capitalization and the proper use of apostrophes, eh?

  42. Why are you here? Can't you befriend the other renters in the trailer park, or are they too smart for you?

    1. I think we may need an exorcist for this one Sluggo. It doesn't sound like it's doing too well. Sluggo, do you have any spare priests in your stock photo file?

  43. I should think the disability check for your condition should keep you in comic books and Skiddles for the month, but apparently not.

    Please, do yourself and everyone a favor: CRANK UP YOUR THORAZINE DRIP!

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