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Walt Windsor World

Hi Walter. I’ve read a good bit of your autobiography, and I agree with your assessment that you have lived a very unusual life. I thought we’d take a moment to explore your childhood in your own words. It seems to me that your son, William Windsor, is simply following in the footsteps of you and your father.

Let's get started -  Your father, he was actually the very first of the Windsor name. Since it wasn’t immaculate conception, can you please tell our readers how the Windsor name came to be.

My father was born Walter Winkopp. In his early days in vaudeville, his act was due to play a theatre in The Bronx, New York, and the fellow putting up the “billing” complained that Winkopp was not a suitable name and should be changed.  My father looked up at the marquee and saw the name of the emporium was Windsor Theatre.   Then and there he became Walter Windsor, and subsequently so did I.  I was named after a theatre!

Wow, too weird. I recently heard something on the news about a fellow who named himself “Clark Rockefeller.” It seems he's pretty famous now too! 

So, your mother died when you were quite small. That must have been hard.

At the age of one, I was placed in the care of my paternal grandmother, who, along with assorted aunts and uncles, harbored me for several years.

Harbored? Isn’t that what they do with crim . . .  Nevermind . . . uh. . . So, where was your father?

 All this while my father had mostly been “on the road” staging shows, occasionally popping in with a gift and a “hello, Pal!” One day he stuck his head in the door and said, “Guess what I brought you this time - a new mother!”

Well, that certainly was a lovely gift, wasn’t it?

He and his new wife, and a new baby half-brother named Howard, came to visit and ended up staying with us in what was already a crowded house.  Not long after that he announced that he had made a big deal and we would be moving as a family (pop, mom, two boys)  to California.

Oooh California.

We traveled by train to Youngstown, Ohio, where, nearly as I can tell, Dad was booked to put on a holiday show, then move on to Los Angeles.   We had Christmas and New Year’s in Youngstown.  The highlight of Christmas was my receiving a beautiful tenor saxophone.

A saxophone for Christmas? My, you were a lucky lad, weren’t you?

Soon after that, we were on another train, heading west, all except the saxophone, which I have since deduced was one of a number of items that ended up in a Youngstown pawn shop to raise the money for the trip.

Ummmmm. That’s just sad.

Moving on . . . . So, about this big deal in California, we’re all excited to hear about how Walter Sr hit it big.

The “big deal” that took us to California became tragically entangled in the maelstrom created when “talking pictures” took over from silent movies and sounded a death knell for most live entertainment of the day, particularly for vaudeville.

Oh, no, not the maelstrom? Golly Gee. Nobody could ever have foreseen that the "talkies” would stick around.  

My dad’s deal with the theater tycoon Alexander Pantages was to produce and stage live shows to accompany the showing of silent movies in his many theaters across the nation.  Just as the hopeful young Windsor family hit L.A., the stuff hit the fan.  Pantages backed out on the deal.

Well at least your father can say he nearly had a deal with Pantages, what a claim to fame! So, what exactly happened with the “stuff hit the fan?”

I have never been privy to the details, but I know he welshed on the contract. There were many long telegrams back and forth  (I think this was the only way that Mr. Pantages communicated), and litigation existed for some time, all to no avail.  At first, Dad passed up other work opportunities, feeling he would win out in his war with Pantages.  

Litigation ensued? The Windsor legacy is born!

Soon there were no offers for stage work, and he was forced to accept directing burlesque shows to keep bread on the table. 

So what did your father do once he burned all his, err, I mean, after the work dried up?

He opened a dancing school called Windsor Castle . . .

 He started a business and named it after himself?? How very Windsoresque!

 . . . but it failed, just after I started taking tap-dancing lessons. 

A Windsor business failed? Say it isn’t so!

That was the end of my dancing career!

Well, knowing the Windsor family, I’m sure it was onto something bigger and better.

There was a feeler from the Warner Bros., even then a big force in the film industry, suggesting that Dad might choreograph and/or direct musical movies. 

Warner Brothers! Musicals were HUGE! Wow, perhaps it was best that the previous partner welched on the deal. It put him precisely in the right place at the right time. Warner Brothers!

He was thoroughly convinced that sound movies would fade out as a brief fad, and vaudeville would revive, so he spurned the idea.  I think the fellow they eventually hired was named Busby Berkeley.

Oh, well.  . . uh. That’s alright. He’ll get the next one.

This “fork in the road” of Dad’s life was most costly.  He could not support his family.  He continued to dream of great productions and plan them on paper, but nothing ever came of them.  His wife went to work for a real estate company that was then developing a large parcel of land that today is West Los Angeles.  She would sit all day in empty new houses, to show them to prospective buyers.  He would sit at home, dreaming dreams of his comeback and the return of the two-a-day, sending me to wherever she was working to borrow a quarter for two packs of Lucky Strike cigarettes.   He was a chain-smoker, and had been so since the age of fourteen; there always had to be cigarettes, even when there was no food.

Hmm. Chain-smoker who forced his kid to go beg change from his mom while she was working and dad was home day dreaming. . . . umm. I’m not feeling too good about this guy.

I have to do my father justice on one point.  He always took temporary work during the Christmas season, usually in the toy department of a local department store.  He saw to it that there were gifts and toys, although most of them were defective or damaged items the customers had returned, which the employees could purchase at a great bargain.

Broken toys totally make up for no food and begging for him.

So . .California! Such a fun place for a young boy to grow up!

 It was there that I had my twelfth birthday.  My greatest wish for some time had been to own a bicycle.  Every other kid had a bike.  With a bike, you could become a newspaper carrier and make money.  Nothing was promised, but on the birthday I was instructed to come straight home from school and not leave the house.  I disobeyed and left for a short time.  I was properly punished, but was also led to believe that the bicycle was to have been delivered and I wouldn’t get it because I wasn’t there.  I soon realized that, if not a terribly cruel punishment,  this was a cover-up for not being able to provide a bike.

The Windsors have great parenting instincts. Nobody wants to disappoint a little boy by telling him he can’t have a bike. Instead, just make it “his fault” he didn’t get it. That is brilliant!

Well, maybe you didn’t have wealth, but at least you all had each other!

The unfortunate domestic situation brewed conflict between husband and wife, which was complicated when some of her relatives from Nebraska moved into the house.  After numerous battles, Virginia took Howard and left some time in 1930.  I was then in the sixth grade.

Oh well, they had a good run - second grade to sixth.  . . . I bet you sure were sad without your brother though?

One day my father used me as a tool in an attempted abduction of Howard, but the law soon prevailed.  I never could figure out how he proposed to support three when he had no income with which to support two.  Virginia sued for divorce and charged him with a crime called, in California, “non-support.”  He was found guilty and sentenced to six months in the Los Angeles County Jail.

Umm. Well I’m positive Walter Sr was justified in trying to abduct his son. Food and shelter are overrated. I can’t believe Walter was jailed for this! I am shocked that corruption runs this far back!

So what happened to you then?

During much of this time, I had been living at 1936 Greenfield Avenue, in the house we had formerly rented, as the “guest” of an elderly woman who had been our landlady.  She loved to play the card game Casino, and I more or less earned my room and board playing this game with her.  Not gambling; she just wanted someone to play with. 

Not gambling. Right. Just like how we read that Bill doesn’t gamble. He just bets on green every time he passes a casino. . . .

One day my father, released from his incarceration during which he had worked as librarian,  came walking up the driveway.  He obtained a small apartment in downtown  L.A., and was involved in some proposed business transactions with two lawyers whose acquaintance he had made during the earlier legal proceedings. 

Earlier legal proceedings, I understand. But, friends? With lawyers?? A Windsor???

One of these ventures was the operation of a souvenir stand at the 1932 Olympic Games.  I helped out in selling items at the stand, and was rewarded with a ticket to attend the track and field events for one day.  Dad had also developed a board game, called OLYMP-O, which we tried vainly to sell at the Olympics.

I find it hard to believe that something developed by a Windsor would not become and an immediate success.

About this time, Dad opened, with the backing of his attorney friends, a little sporting goods shop in Westwood Village, about half a block from the entrance to the UCLA campus, called the Diversion Shop. 

Such a small world. Bill opened a similar shop right next to the Texas Tech University Campus!

I never knew what happened to this short-term venture, except that it ended quite abruptly.

UCLA and TTU must have a poor sports programs – only explanation.

Then the attorneys got the idea they wanted to own and operate a game attraction on The Pike in nearly Long Beach, to be managed by my father.   This was a great amusement park in its day, rivaling Atlantic City in its variety of rides, shows, games, dance palaces, and other diversions.  The game chosen was basically what we know as Bingo, except it was called OLYMP-O, and was based on the flags of the various nations on cards, with marbles shot to determine on which countries  you would place your markers..  I think we used dried beans. 

So, your dad invented Bingo? Or he just made it “better?” You must have been raking in the dough!!

Of course, we were broke, except for whatever compensation Dad received for managing OLYMP-O. 

Oh. Hey well, still, it must have been pretty fun to be a kid surrounded by games and prizes?

It was really a  gambling operation by this time, the prizes being cartons of cigarettes, which the winners could redeem across the street for cash.

I’m sure it wasn’t soo bad to be raised around gambling so long as it brought in the money and taught you the value of hard work, right?

The bingo game was closed down when the City of Long Beach decided to clean up The Pike.  Again my dad had no means of support.  We were “on relief,” which principally meant we could go stand in line for free food, usually potatoes and beans.  Dad was too proud to stand in the line, so I was elected to this honor.  It certainly did nothing to improve my self-esteem. 

Well, the Windsors are nothing if they aren’t proud.  It’s very important to stick to your core values.

My father was again dreaming of the big show he was going to produce. 

Well, there you go. The seeds of the Sundance Film Festival were sown.

He was always able to “con” people into believing in these projects and advancing cash for their preparation. 

Con is such a harsh word to use about your own father; it’s very important to have “investors.”

The Clarkes, owners of the apartment house, the Natalie, were also the parents of  Caryl, my best friend through most of the scout years.   I think we escaped rent-free for some time while these folks were involved in backing Dad’s latest fantasy.  There was an old piano in the lobby, and I nearly drove the residents crazy teaching myself to play by ear in the key of C.  Even today this is the only key in which I can play.

I’m with you. Who needs black notes?

One day there was a huge celebration at the Natalie.   Dad had spun his tales of his high times in vaudeville to one and all.  Mrs. Clarke was listening to the radio, and they introduced a song as being from, as she heard it, “a Walter Windsor Production.”  This seemed the first real proof of Dad’s high-flying past, and everyone in the apartment house knew about it and celebrated the occasion with a party at which Dad was the guest of honor.   It was years later that I realized it was a “Walter Wanger” (rhymes with “danger”) production.  But it was a great day at the Natalie, and my father took the accolades with modest grace.

Bravo for him! 

Well Walter, we have waaaay exceeded the time alloted for our interview. We'll just wrap it up on this high note in Bill's grandfather's career. In our next interview we'll delve into your adulthood and see exactly what you did to pass the Windsor ways on to Bill. I can hardly wait!


  1. BRAVO!! Brilliant article. The similarities are uncanny. I guess that saying really is true, but in this case, it's the rotten apple that didn't fall far from the tree.

    Here is the song that I hear as the Winkopp/Windsor theme song.

  2. Nobody wants to disappoint a little boy by telling him he can’t have a bike. Instead, just make it “his fault” he didn’t get it. That is brilliant!

    Years later, another nobody doesn't want to disappoint by telling a nation of victims they can't have a film. Instead, he's making it their fault they didn't get it.

    1. "He was always able to “con” people into believing in these projects and advancing cash for their preparation.

      And the legacy lives on...

    2. You've reached a new low Hopper. It's going to be hard to beat this one. Can you track down the grandkids, get some pictures, and make fun of how they look?

      Do you have any idea what the word "integrity" means? How about honor? How about decency? smh

    3. It's easy to downplay the accomplishments of others when no one know exactly what, if anything, you have ever accomplished isn't it?

      We don't know if you sit at home and collect disability for some trumped up "injury" or if you are on SS because you are a drug addict or alcoholic, of if you are a stay at home mom that spends her time on here while her kids are parked in front of the TV. You can laugh at how other people tried to feed their families, because no one on here knows your truth.

      I have a funny feeling that you don't personally have much to be proud of.

    4. Hopper didn't write this. Can't you read?

      And, enlighten me with what part of this isn't honorable? These are Walter's own words. My words are only the words in bold. I mostly left it to the reader to draw the parallels.

      Did I even make fun of how Walter looked? No, I didn't. In fact, I chose to leave out the parts where he talked about how unattractive he was (wall-eye), how socially awkward he was, and how undisciplined he was. My focus was generally on the moral compass and "success" of the first generation of Windsors.

      I'd apologize, but I don't find your beef. I hardly went and found some personal family photos that weren't shared with the world. is out there for the entire world to read. I'm sorry the abridged edition set up as an interview offends you so much, but I thought it was important to feature his own words rather than to have somebody like you say that my summary was incorrect.

      Run along now.

    5. Oh, and the grandkids are attractive. Luckily they got Barbara's looks.

      Personally, I hope the Windsor legacy dies with Ryan. Bill's daughter made the wise decision to keep him away from the existing grandkids. They don't share the last name, and hopefully they won't share anything else with the family known as Windsor.

    6. @Ollie Reader When exactly did his daughter stop him seeing her kids do you know? Just wondering if he ever had a relationship with his grandkids at all.

    7. whoa what's with the extreme over reaction by the Anon/Susan? If Walter didn't want to have his life exposed, he wouldn't have written all the details of it, and on his very own .com no less.

      Just like Bill. Plasters his life story on numerous .com sites and then bitches when people discuss it.

    8. Anon, I agree. Nobody really knows the accomplishments or lifestyle of the people that post on this site, or FB, or anywhere online. People lie. Some people bash other@ to make their sad, accomplished lives seem superior.
      Maybe were all loser drug addicts on ssi, or maybe none of us are. No one knows for sure.
      But, this particular site is about exposing a corrupt, evil man. It strays quite often into little personal tiffs, but its SUPPOSED to be about a nasty, mean, CRAZY, criminal that needs to be stopped.
      So, you may be right with your assesment on the worth of the ones that post, or, not. You are allowed to post just like anyone else. But, you might wanna ask yourself why you feel compelled to constantly post on a site where you are clearly, ummmmm.... unpopular? Lol. Berate people. Correct them every chance you get.
      As far as we know, you may be a drug addict on ssi too.

    9. Sarah, I don't know when she decided that for sure. He admitted it around May I think, but we saw signs earlier. He was awfully into grandparents' rights. Seems like it hit close to home for him. He mentioned that his daughter didn't like him saying his granddaughters' names on the web. That was years ago. I have to think there is more to the story, and that it precedes Lawless America.

    10. @ O R Yeah it must precede LA... Maybe one day we'll find out by reading HER autobio!.
      I browsed through the website dedicated to Walt.
      The photos of him on his death bed are sad & also a bit exploitative IMO. Who wants strangers seeing them in that state??  Pretty sure he didn't give his permission.

  3. Pie Man Zombie HunterJuly 26, 2013 at 12:42 PM

    anyone have the screen shots to this post? .....

    thank you, please send it to my facebook account....

    @tiny can I get a copy of what you have with Cox and Bill to frame you, can i have a copy of you PO too....

    @GS sorry if this is off topic

  4. OMG. .I thought this was a piss take!..

    How freaky that they've lived such similar lives!

    Gotta feel bad for poppa Windsor though.

    Wonder if there's a Kindle edition of the autobio.

  5. Not a peep out of Bitler today that I can see... Is he scheeming/furiously writing yet another giant manifesto? Traveling? Or did he die with a massive coronary on top of a craigslist meth adicted "provider"?? (AKA Lot lizard) Any guess as to which one Im hoping for??

  6. Replies
    1. Has the boob posted the name of the judge in Topeka yet?

    2. No. This is the first time he hasn't proudly posted that info, which could only mean it doesn't exist.

      He probably never even went back to a "hearing" in Topeka, and is hold up in a seedy motel in Texas or something, where he is probably really living. Maybe ol Ryan is loaning him one of his rental properties to stake out in. But, the chances are slim to none that he was in Topeka at all.

  7. Have you all seen my sons post on the LA FB page? He amazes me. I'm so proud.

    1. yes, it was awesome. However, heartbreaking at the same time, knowing that WindSour doesn't give a rats ass about the children he is hurting by going after their parents. This is the part that really pisses me off about him, is that he can't see the lives he has hurt, directly and indirectly, and when those people try to stand up for themselves, he comes at them with vengeance, spite, and vindictiveness.

      Only a sad, sadistic, pathetic little man like Butthurt Bill, would go to these lengths to destroy people, who decided he wasn't really doing what he said he was, and spoke up. Isn't that called Whistleblower retaliation? Aren't people who are whistleblowers supposed to be protected from unscrupulous, conniving, slime bags like Bill?

    2. Well, my son is very smart. Read everything on his own and formed his own opinion. What he wrote was so honest and so right on the money. My 17 yr old son with Aspergers is able to read the FACTS and see the boob for who he really is, but adults with no disabilities are not. THAT'S what is sad.

  8. Here's what he posted........... "I been havin a hard time sleeping lately so I been reading about all this lawless America drama. I read all of this page, all of your page, all of the joeykid page, all the allie page, Im sure theres a lot more but I think I got a pretty good feel of all of it. And I think its all pretty retarded. It seemed like you started out as a good guy an were tryin to help people like me an my mom an Lori an people that got screwed over by the courts. There are so many bad stories out there mine doesn't even seem so bad after reading em. So what happen? Some people posted some dumb stuff about you. So what! People tease me n make fun if me and say things that aren't true about me all the time. I know there not true and my friends and family and people that I care about know there not true so who cares. So just cause some people posted things about you online, you freak out an stalk em and sue em and forget about helping the victims from the court? Thats crazy! An I read it all an you post some pretty mean stuff about people too. You call people names too. How does that make you a better person? It dont in my eyes. An you say all them people are stalkers. Whats it called what you do to them? Sounds to me like your a big hypocrite that can dish it out but cant take it an you just want money. I asked you with respect to take my name off your dum website and you couldnt even have enough respect back to answer. I'm out in cali suppose to be havin fun and im too pissed to have fun. I always have respect for my elders but you dont deserve my respect. Or anybodys. Cant you figure out thats why they post those things about you? Because, im sorry but your a jerk an it seems like your a liar too like you call people. Go ahead an sue me too. I be happy to see you an tell you what I think. How can you sleep when you try your hardest to screw over people that been through so many bad things already? Do ya have a soul mister? Those people didnt make your life bad, you did it all to yourself. Im mad, but im a Christian so im gonna pray for you. How does ruining peoples lifes make you happy? That is crazy and evil. I know nothin I write to you will make a difference to you an I dont care cause maybe somebody will see it and see you for what you really are or maybe one of the people you are tryin to hurt will read it and it will help them. I did your so called movie cause I wanted to help people by gettin my story out and it was a lie. Your movie was. And you are a horrible person. I hope you open your eyes and make a change before its too late an before you hurt anymore people. Your not gonna get any money. Your just doin it to be a jerk and screw them over which makes you worse than dfs cause at least they ruin people lifes for money. You just do it to hurt them. An for anyone out there that reads this that still thinks this man is tryin to help people. Im 17 years old and the state ruined my familys life for nothin. I was in 8 different places over 2 years and got abused, couldnt see my family or friends, they drugged me an put me on meds that made me sick, an my mom lost everything but she still never gave up an fought for me till I got to go home. I was in worse than prison for 2 years and I didnt do anything wrong and nither did my mom and we drove all the way from KC toefferson city on Halloween 2012 with Lori or Allie overstreet to meet Bill Winsor and let him film us telling our storys and he said it was gonna be at film festivals and congress was gonna see it which was a lie an now hes tryin to sue my mom and Lori for really dum reasons an most of it aint even true. If you still think he is gonna help you an you support him, I feel sorry for you cause if you read everything like I did you will see the truth."

  9. Oh the lies! He already said he went back to Live in a Box Elder to finish up his false address for his drivers license. Now it's more b.s. Like he didn't have his social security card? Please!! Barbara, really, what the hell???


    Allie Overstreet's attorney, Weasel Curley, doesn't want to have the scheduled hearing on August 1. If the judge or Clerk can agree to what I need approved on Monday, I am happy to postpone. That means I can hightail it to Montana via the South Dakota route so I can finally get my driver's license. My ex-wife FedExed my social security card -- the last bit of the huge pile of documentation needed.

    1. The boob is afraid of tiny. Lolololol! Bill Windsor, Sofa King. We Todd did! I just can't believe there are still idiots that read his poo and think, " sounds legit. Poor Bill" Hahaha. Too FRIGGIN much!

    2. He should be afraid, be very afraid...

    3. Hey Trooth, there is a serious disconnect between the content and the delivery of your "son's" post. Someone has overcompensated big time in trying to hide their writing style.

      It's sort of what would happen if I tried to mask one of my posts to sound like I was Huck Finn. People can do the math. It doesn't work. One of the hardest things in the world is to try and write as if you are someone else. smh

      Why are so many people in this world SO DISHONEST??? Oh, never mind, that was a stupid question to ask this crowd.

    4. Hey anon 3:10 Snoozan troll? What you're not privy to is concrete proof this was written by her son.

      Maybe he did a video you haven't seen with those words? We know how you love to be right but in this case, the child wrote this. Even if his mother helped him, so what. HE is still the messenger bitch! Why you have such a sadistic need to abuse everyone on the blog is beyond me.

      Maybe your own children and grandchildren have disowned you like your Willy is experiencing so you have a need to attack everyone who makes you feel insignificant & inferior in order to get your daily boost of adrenaline so your system balances out.

    5. Susan loves attacking children and adults. She doesn't care if the woman's teen will suffer from her words, she gets a high off of it. As long as it makes her feel good, that's all that matters.

    6. It isn't/wasn't Susan. This time.

      "TROOTH" is elusive in many ways.

    7. Lol. Yes anon. You're right. I hacked my teenage sons Facebook and wrote it. You caught me. OR.... Maaaaaybe.....he talks like me and uses the same slang or whatever because he's MY SON? Ya. I think some people just have to act like they know shit. Lol. So, if it makes you feel better, you're right. I'm a total fraud. I faked his video where he said the exact same thing too. Eluuuuuuuuusiiiiive.......Lmao.

    8. And my boy is not upset by that post. He thought it was as funny as I did.

  10. Great article Oreader!!

    Fantastic insight into a piece of this family's dynamics.

    Walters' dad always on the take, new inventions, failing in litigation, never obtaining decent consistent work to support his family. While Bill may have money, it's a good hunch he's clearly been able to master the con job skills passed down to him.

    Still in the end like Grandpa, Bill lost everything because of his ego and narcissism.

    Dream Big Billy! Those are some incredible ghosts you're chasing. smh

  11. Someone asked the daunting question to Bill, that most won't. This was the false belief he gave people, and why they all joined in. Sad, when we all know, nothing has been done, he didn't fix any cases, there weren't any laws changed, there wasn't an intention in the first place to do so, just empty promises.


  12. Replies
    1. On his personal FB in a comment.

  13. The www. has been updated

    1. All of the pages are great. You did a wonderful job putting all the information together for people to see.
      Good Job!

  14. New contest!!!!

    Why has pie boy been so quiet lately? Especially given his big fake "trial" in Topeka, I'd think he would be posting videos et al. Since he reads here, (f you bitler) in sure he will answer just like the other day.
    I'm still going with he had a coronary while doing some meth adicted toothless hooker and he's in the icu. Or dead, I prefer dead..............

  15. Missouri? Circling like a buzzard in Missouri?

    1. Searching for the elusive hater he still hasn't served.

    2. You'd think he'd want to find his dick first of all things he cannot find.

  16. Beautiful article that succeeded in taking on the daunting task to trace the origins of this insanity known as the Winkopp/Windsor "legacy" of lunacy. If nothing but the pic of old walt himself puttin' on the Ritz with his get-up surrounded by some coke whores (or to look like coke whores). Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Take heed Ryan.

  17. And you "people" aren't pathetic cyber stalkers? No yes you are

    1. Oh I agree. Stalking is too undefined under the law. For example, a man who admits to having a gun and trespassing late at night should be given a psych eval. Do you agree?

    2. That comment doesn't mean Billy isn't a stalker too He is ALSO a stalker

  18. Go ahead, define cyber stalker for me.

    Tell me how taking Walter Windsor's (a self described local celebrity) own words that he published on constitutes stalking? If you don't want people to know your life story, why publish it?

    Again, I'm going to ask. Please define "stalking" in your terms.


    How in the world Gutzon Borglum figured out how to do this with dynamite blasts is simply amazing.

    Mount Rushmore is only a few miles from my little home in Box Elder South Dakota."

    What, is there a mouse in his pocket? He means Bill Windsor and Bill Windsor visits Mount Rushmore.

    And, silly Billy, some of us know where you are dear, and it ain't South Dakota. Keep trying.

    1. Yeah I would say his home in South Dakota is small. About 8 x 16 inches in fact

  20. Maybe he's on the run from IRS, EFF BEE EYE and someone other acronyms?

  21. Bill has no standing to represent another in
    Is that why there are courts.
    Bill is not an official judge.
    He made some losers in court feel like
    they were robbed of justice.
    He made others feel like they were robbing others
    of justice.
    At least, Walter and his Pa put on a show, and
    did not toy with people's lives in the
    justice system.

  22. Bill was Busy all weekend Drafting his claudine website and publishing it.

    1. He says, "We have a Traffic Manager program installed here that enables us to track the IP addresses of the actual location where the user is located.

      Surprise, surprise, lengthy time has come from TOPEKA!"

      Too bad he's so stupid he doesn't know that there are other people in that area, who just might be checking out what he is saying. While he professes to be so "scared for he and his family" I guess he forgot all about all the nasty shit he did to provoke the situation. And the little hate video he made MONTHS before any of the "evidence" he says he has against her came out, you know the one he said AMPP should be wiped off the face of the earth.

      Too bad it was Bill that launched the war against them, calling them a hate group which can be proven
      to discredit him. And, it was Bill that told everyone not to support them, and if they did, he would delete them from his pathetic little revolution. NOPE, I would say, HE opened Pandora's box.

    2. Pie Man Zombie HunterJuly 29, 2013 at 10:49 AM

      I look at some of his crap... he is blaming her for Curtis and Tiny

      he is using a hate blog For MM, that throw julia under the Bus

      It is so funny, nothing point to her but he post alot of nothing that prove nothing

    3. I noticed that in everything he files, he is always amending them. Like he just can't get it right the first time or something, or he is so overly compensating for his own guilt he has to keep going back and changing stuff.

    4. That is on purpose.