Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What Will Bill Windsor Do Over The Holidays?

So, now that Bill's out of jail, how do you think he'll spend all his free time?
Will he make friends and start a hobby?

Will he get a little exercise and walk to the grocery store to get the goodies to prepare his feast? 

 Will he just chill in the pool?

Will he crash a holiday party to score some pie?

Or, will he go deep into hiding and write page after page of vexatious garbage?


  1. What I do believe is that if Bill got another room at the Marriott, it's not his only place to stay. I guess he's forgotten that he published that he got a "studio." And, he as at least one friend out in BFE. I think the Chuck Wagon may have already rolled out of town, but he can probably still catch a service at the Bluff Dale Baptist Church.

    1. Maybe he's fixin' to pull a Polanski.

    2. Think "safe houses".

      With a office.

    3. Yup, I did think of that, Spammy! Wilbur wasn't it, that was offering?
      When I think of Windsor's #tankass hauling outta Texas? Little dust puffs leaving a trail as the now wrecked Jeep hits overdrive!
      Big Bad Windsor was so certain paranoia was running amuck among commenters to this blog & defendants. Uh? Hmmmmm? Let's think that over, now, shall we?
      Windsor, (aka Montana aka OldSchool aka PawPaw) couldn't even do a 53 day stretch in county jail without whining like a bitchboy to the high heavens! "So freezing cold! Too noisy & loud, the tv blaring! Lights on all the time! bleh bleh bleh".
      His pampered #tanksss better learn the lyrics to #BuildMeUpButtercup real quick! He better be using his #free time that he's got left to hone his incarceration skills. He likes YouTube so well, there's hundreds of #HowToTips there. He should probably start with how to make tampons out of toilet tissue since he's pms whining after a mere 53 day #sit!
      Windsor's whining has been a rib tickler! What a magina! And, to ever claim he was going to take his country back? He couldn't take his TP back if he had to, & that was just county jail!
      His next aka will be BooHooBill. Oh! What a hero! *eyeroll* & Pfffffft ©

    4. He couldn't take his TP back if he had to

      In that case, shouldn't his jailhouse alias be "Wipeless Windsor?"

    5. Eyeroll to Windbad's weirdo displays that he's the almighty. he hê hè hè hè hé hé hehe hi hi hi hà hà hấ há hah ha ha hê hè hè hè hé hé hehe hi hi hi hà hà hấ háhê hè hè hè hé hé hehe hi hi hi hà hà hấ háhê hè hè hè hé hé hehe hi hi hi hà hà hấ háhê hè hè hè hé hé hehe hi hi hi hà hà hấ há

  2. LOL...so he's back to the hand full of nutty mc nuttersons begging for attention. Munchausen Mary by and thru Deenan, Tim I have no clue Windsor's bestie is Cox--who's suing me too, Debbie Lynn Marie I can't pick just one name Smith, Cruz on auto pilot cause no one's home Gomez, and a few others.

    He's already boring to them. HAHAHAHAH Day one...to now...back to zzzzzzzzzz same ol' same ol'

    1. Yup. Like a meth fiend with a $100! He simply cannot stop himself!
      Obviously, he wasn't too 'popular' in jail or he wouldn't have come outta there with this huge need for attention!
      The funniest thing, to me, thus far? (After 'the guys' didn't call him? Shocking, I know!) How proficient Windsor WAS at one time, manipulating Google Searches, but he claims he has no clue why (after mentioning #EllisCounty a gabillion times in 36 hours), promoted pages from that area's officials are now just appearing in the #SuggestedPages that run to the right of his page & newsfeed! #Duh *eyeroll* DumbshitDebbie is scared of the hack @NotBill! Bahahahahahaha
      The Lemmings? Lapping it up like syrup! They're hilarious! I've got a visual of them! They've got their tinfoil helmets on, SECURELY, so their computers can't read their thoughts while their licking their screens!
      Oh! What a collection of tales! That one about him talking to the 10th Court of Appeals? His case is about to be reviewed? That's an all time great #BillShitter right there!
      It's gonna get so deep? #HipWaders

    2. Great assessment, Anon 10:33. Times have changes and he's not going to like that the game he's playing has inherent checks to expose him. How stupid can anyone be? Posting online the way he does shows that he has extremely poor discretion after telling his multitude of lies.

  3. Screenshot

    Another uninformed, uneducated lemming is giving Windsor legal advice to "type up a quick law suit." This is too funny but wasting valuable court resources without good cause isn't.

    "Tim Vawter BTW Bill, since a lot of the offenses against you were conducted across state lines, that means they are federal offenses. Here's a quick one you might want to do if you have a few minutes. Would probably only take 20 minutes of your time. Type up a letter pointing out the more serious offenses against you. Say you want to press charges and ask that they call you within 10 days. Explain you have all the factual evidence needed for a federal prosecution. Send copies of that letter by certified mail to several FBI iffices near you, anmd to the Justice Dept in Washington. If they don't press charges or even contact you for the rest of the evidence, then you type up a quick federal lawsuit against the federal govt for failure to prosecute, for failure to treat you as a complete equal, for denying you your constitutional rights, and for failure to properly train its employees. Remember you cannot get punitive damages when you sue the govt, so list an apprpriate sum of actual damages. The Supreme court ruled that a pe3son can collect for things like serious anxiety and depression without seeing a psychologist or showing any psychology bills. So in your case, with all the headaches that the harassment caused you, you could list something like $800,000.00 in actual damages. Then file the suit in court."

    1. Yea, that is funny and sad. There are no "offenses" which is why he was kicked out of every sheriff's dept across the US when he tried to file his "criminal charges."

      Serious offenses? Really Tim? And why do you think there are "serious offenses?" Is that because Windsor said there were? Posted that he had "Serious offenses" all over the WWW, so all you blind lemmings would just take his word? Now you're all on a mission to help Mr. I'm suing the World? Filing more frivolous crap to bog down the courts until it's proven that Windsor doesn't have any evidence of those "serious offenses?"

      ridiculous! Windsor should be sued by the states for wasting their time, money and resources.

    2. Tim is another litigator, I noticed him a month or so ago, he's on FB, and yes he's sued Google and god knows who else, and is apparently doling out legal advice as a protectorate of the masses.

      All his advice may possibly do is get you on the "kook/lunatic" list with DOJ (yea, definitely mention to the FBI they need to treat you as an equal and properly train their employees via certified mail).

  4. "Bill Windsor-- Lynda, I think the Joeys are all nuttier than fruitcakes if they thought anything they have done would stop me. It's RAMMING SPEED time!"

    LMAO ok, full ramming speed? I'd say so, the courts just sent you a bill Windsor, for another 8K+ pay up or shut up pie boy! You are IMO a menace, and your being exposed as such!

    1. Missing his jailhouse ramming with the fellas already...

    2. In Windsor's mind, every criticism from the Joeys is a defamation, but every defamation from Windsor is a mere criticism.

  5. From the Saga Pt. 4:

    "There is no way that anyone with any honesty whatsoever could dismiss my case against Sean D. Fleming. The guy published repeatedly that I was a murderer -- a serial kiler with a plan to kill every government official in America. Now if that's protected free speech in America, then there is nothing to stop anyone from saying anything about another. It is defamation and defamation per se as he accused me repeatedly of crimes."

    Ok here are a few head scratchers.
    1) Fleming did not use the words that Windsor is accusing him of saying. It's Windsor semantics--which in his own theory, he should be charged with defaming Fleming.
    2) We are past the defamation and defamation per se shit. We have moved on to "Actual Malice." Why is it that he's still pushing "defamation" stuff?
    3) Windsor was asked repeatedly to show the court, these very things he is accusing Fleming of and failed to do so. Not one shred of proof or evidence. Nope, zip, nada, zilch, yet, he is posting absolute lies now, and should IMO get slapped with a restraining order from publishing things that have been disproven in court.
    4) What crimes? Seriously, no charges have been or were filed against Windsor for these particular things he's claiming were said--but failed to prove were said. Now he just keeps posting these same unfounded allegations as fact. Thinking the 250K was definitely NOT enough--he's still doing it after the order, by another Judge by the way, and not even Carroll!

  6. Everything he writes is flush with anger and hyberbole, liars! corruption! danger lurking everywhere! etc. Also mixed in is a heavy dose of wining about his health, finances, family, reputation, etc. No Judge in their right mind could take this nonsense seriously, the fact that they even listen to him is to humor him and cover their bases.

    Full Ramming Speed? Really Bill? Are you Admiral Farragut, Captain Kirk or 12 years old, which is it?

    And this stuff about the mystery gunshot back whenever, that hit his car somewhere in MT, or hit another car and was meant for his car, that there doesn't seem to be evidence of, but keeps being retold, OVER and OVER, this will be a sniper team contracted by Sean through covert ops ex-CIA by the time he's done re-telling it for the 200th FRIGGIN TIME. Bill, the courts laughed it off. Do you have a police report?

    He keeps saying that people won't communicate with him because of Joeys, Bill, could it be a case of transference here, and be that they are just tired of you and the crap that you bring in tow with you? If you hadn't spoken with Barb or Ryan in a while, think they appreciated the first call to be from Ellis County Jail? You said Barb gave you an ultimatum, drop this nonsense or your marriage is through, you said no one tells you what to do, then you want her help?

  7. Bill just keeps digging himself into a deeper hole, he ignores what is happening in the here and now, and just keeps seeing $$$$ signs on all the new people he can sue. If he files a suit against Ellis County, how does the Thrash ruling come into play?

    1. Not entirely dissimilar to Marty Prehn badmouthing a 15 year old girl on Facebook.

      Proportion is everything...

  8. [img]http://i59.tinypic.com/ofo6cw[/img]

    [img]http://i62.tinypic.com/sbj6yu.gif[/img][img]http://i62.tinypic.com/2927go0.gif[/img] [img]http://i62.tinypic.com/sbj6yu.gif[/img]


  9. I really like this nugget:

    Vic Fedorov
    Also Bill, let me venture this. If there is any one link that unifies all these conspirators, who cant be imagined as leading wholesome lives or truly proud or even not in fear themselves, i think just might be the two major political parties, particularily possibly the democratic party, though i can imagine either unifying a conspiracy against you, even though telling america the story of a corrupt judiciary in the end is good for everyone and historical or important.
    More · 1 hour ago

    I dunno wtf Vic said, but, I'll have ½ of whatever he's had & try to translate it after!

    It's freaking county jail! Windsor is/was his own attorney! How much 'legal' mail could he have been getting? Duh!
    Those that are forced to read his shit don't want to! Why in Tarnation would some jailer give a rat's furry ass? Corruption Smorupption!

    1. I didn't really understand Vic's point, but I don't see a lot of politics on this blog, I'm an independent Center Right, never voted for Obama, but did vote for my Dem. Senator and my Dem. Mayor. I think identifying slime transcends political affiliation.

  10. [img]http://i50.tinypic.com/beeck2.jpg[/img]

  11. My sincerest Season's Greetings and gift to Mr. William Windsor, performed by Master Bart Simpson of Springfield:


    Merry Christmas, Dude!

  12. If my home all in one fax/printer/copier could bear my weight, I'd copy my hairy ass, sack, the whole enchilada, and email it to the nobodies email address.

    Have a Wonderful Holiday and don't envision that.

  13. What will Bill do over the holidays? In my opinion, be re-arrested and spend the next few weeks in jail waiting for his extradition to MT. In my opinion, he can't control himself or get off the computer.

  14. Mr. Windsor loves this stuff. IMHO he will keep redirecting his sickness, anger, and addiction, to different people/agencies until he is quite literally stopped in his tracks. I can only hope that happens as I daydream it.

    ~Allie Gate