Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bill Windsor Wastes No Time Throwing his Temper Tantrum

It didn't take long for Windsor to start venting against Ellis County.  As soon as he got home (and not at a hotel at the Marriott but an undisclosed secret hideout) Bill went straight to facebook to start his rant against all the elected officials of Ellis County.

Windsor has declared war on DA Patrick Wilson, Sherriff Johnny Brown, and Judge Bob Carroll.  With his partner in crime John Margetis now feeding him his info, Windsor has become Joey Dauben and hopefully it will end the same way  it did for Joey.  Bill is going to use his legal terrorism to try and harass, intimidate and bully any and everyone who followed the law in his legal case and detention at the Ellis County Detention Center.   He wants to sue them all...and rally other lawless individuals to join in him a vexatious class action lawsuit.

Bill isn't telling his worshipers the truth on his facebook page.   He is playing it like he defeated Wilson and Carroll and was set free.  Far from it, and Bill's problems are all still hanging over him.  But why be truthful now?  Why not whip up his followers into a frenzy as he leads his new lawless crusade, this time against those that treated him with the respect and dignity he didn't deserve, but followed the law none the less.  If you defend and support our legal system and respect those in authority over are an enemy of Windsor and his ilk.  Windsor can't follow the law, and as such he seeks to destroy our legal system wherever and whenever he can.


  1. I see he's changed his FB "lives in" once again back to South Dakota. He's such a douche. He must have been up all night writing that crap. I mean, seriously, the man lives and breathes hatred.

    And Margetis? He's is/was a convicted felon? And this is the person leading the "upon information and belief" b.s.? Nah, there is something terribly wrong here. It's like this was part of the game plan all along, from 2012 when Windsor hooked up with Margeits & Daubin and filmed them. (Joey through Presley and Daddy Daubin's support) Like they plotted and planned on how to get into the courts there, specifically in Ellis, (when none of the main defendants live there--actually several being from other states) and only one out of over 1000 did? Windsor is always balking about conspiracy's, so I believe now, he was actually projecting onto others what he was doing. This really appears like a methodical plan for a Judicial "hit" job.

  2. He likes the attention, jail plays perfectly into that. I think he's loving every minute, in his psychosis. Eventually he'll run out of his "equal rights".

    ~Allie Gate

  3. This is going to spiral into something that someone mentioned should be made into a movie, this is going to get crazy sooner than latter.

  4. Well, the benefit is, Windsor still has an injunction barring him from filing without getting leave from the Federal District Courts. He seems to be riding high on the fact that Judge Carroll gave him leniency in allowing him to proceed, bypassing this injunction.

    If he files against all these Ellis individuals--naming any Judges, he still has to post a 50K bond, if they adhere to the injunction--which, was put there, specifically for this purpose, as the GA Judges and court personnel experienced this wrath first hand, and attempted to throw an extremely wide net around this ass-clown, which Carroll didn't properly research--28 USC 1651 or something like that?

    Now he's on to "assorted as-yet-unidentified people." Is this like the 1000 "Joey Doe's?" Will it now be "Ellis Doe's?" What a fricken hot mess!

    1. I don't know if Windsor can even file any more lawsuits in Ellis County, due to the SLAPP suit. I believe Windsor would have to pay Flemming and his attorney first, before he could file another suit - and then without obtaining leave.
      Hopefully, due to Flemming and his attorney, the Joey lawsuit bs is on the back burner.
      Also, keep in mind that Windsor's bond can be revoked ASAP if he violates any state or federal laws - oh, such as stalking, harassing, and hunting down his victims - or having someone else do his bidding for him.

    2. Hmm. All good points on filing new paper-terrorism. Excellent points, really. Yup, bond should be yanked and his tankass landed back into the jail if he breaks the law or has someone else break the law for him. I hope that was written down (spelled out) so he can't say he didn't know that... dealing with a narcissist is trying and this one is sadistic, too. He does not care who he hurts or what lies he tells. Not one shred of truth of that LA page. Not one. For shame.

    3. The system is corrupt whether Bill Windsor is a fraud or not, at least he has the balls to call them on it . If anyone thinks the system is not corrupt and police and authoritative officials are not revenue tools then your are sadly mistaken our current times with a time that may have existed long ago when Protect and Serve meant something.

    4. What system? The system of having police officers to protect the public? No they most certainly are not tools for revenue and over 95% of them are anything but corrupt. Which is a higher percentage than just about any other profession. You are singing the tired old mantra of those who intend to break the law

  5. Windsor needs some natural consequences for his menacing, bullying, stalking and threats. He needs to be spanked hard by Texas, by Montana and by other states where he's perpetrated.

  6. Reprint for educational purposes only

    From facebook December 20, 2014:

    "Bill Windsor Gotcha. I'll reach out. Someone like Sean needs to take the film work and finish the project. I'll help for free. I have over $250,000 invested and have 1,500 hours of high-definition movie film. I was never in this to make a cent."


    "In this unprecedented case of defamation and conspiracy by a sleazy group of people, I will seek to have each and every person who has participated in stalking, harassing, defaming me, inflicting emotional distress on me, to be ruled co-conspirators, so each should be found jointly and severally liable for the total amount of damages awarded by the jury. I anticipate that this could be one of the largest defamation awards ever -- certainly well in excess of $10 million, hopefully in excess of $100 million. I will use examples of other jury awards in the millions, and I will calculate the amount of the punitive damages per defamatory statement. I will then ask the jury to multiply that amount times the number of defamatory statements proven in my case. The result should be a gargantuan number."

    William M. Windsor

    Last Updated on Sunday, 06 July 2014 11:56


    He was NEVER out to make a penny? Hah. He repeatedly states that he wants a big fat check from the joeys. He made promise after promise on his 50-state tour and hasn't followed through on any of them. Instead, he's lied, stalked, menaced and been out for his own purposes.

    Sick dude!!!

  7. Just putting this here, as a reminder to Windsor, his 'associates' and his followers:


    18 U.S.C. 2261A Interstate Stalking (1996; 2000; 2006; 2013)


    (1) travels in interstate or foreign commerce or is present within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, or enters or leaves Indian country, with the intent to kill, injure, harass, intimidate or place under surveillance with intent to kill, injure, harass, or intimidate another person, and in the course of, or as a result of, such travel or presence engages in conduct that -

    (A) places that person in reasonable fear of the death of, or serious bodily injury to

    (i) that person;

    (ii) an immediate family (as defined in section 115 [18 USCS § 115]) of that person; or

    (iii) a spouse or intimate partner of that person; or

    (B) causes, attempts to cause, or would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress to a person described in clause (i), (ii), or (iii) of subparagraph (A); or

    (2) with the intent to kill, injure, harass, intimidate, or place under surveillance with intent to kill, injure, harass, or intimidate another person, uses the mail, any interactive computer service, or electronic communication system of interstate commerce, or any other facility or foreign commerce to engage in a course of conduct that -

    (A) places that person a person in reasonable fear of the death of, or serious bodily injury to a person described in clause (i), (ii), or (iii) of paragraph (1)(A); or

    (B) causes, attempts to cause, or would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress to a person described in clause (i), (ii), or (iii) of paragraph (1) (A), shall be punished as provided in section 2261(b) of this title.

    1. I hope the lemmings and "help" are reading, Renee. In addition, Texas is going to take every threat against their government officials as serious, eg, Kaufman. The Kaufman case was decided this past week.

    2. Yes, as a lifelong resident of Kaufman County, with friends & neighbors that worked with the victims, these threats are taken very seriously. Ellis being our neighboring county to the West, is without a doubt watching very closely.

      I was reading his #spewage about dental care should've been provided to jail inmates to my sons earlier. They both made very valid & humorous points, IMO~
      These inmates ARE issued a toothbrush upon booking into the detention facility. Whether they use it? Up to them. My 12 year old asked "so? meth heads with rotten teeth are supposed to be given a new grill cause they got arrested?" I agreed, but I am biased.
      We contine reading to the part about Novocaine not being administered to have rotten tooth removed. 12 year old busts out laughing! "Dang! Even little 6 year olds pull their own teeth everyday without Novocaine! What kinda puss cakes was he in the tank with?" I'm giggling pretty hard by this point :)
      Then, after we're done reading & having some good laughs at kid's insights? Older son chimed in with "so, Geezer's out on bond? gotta go back for hearings? & he's blasting the jailers, the sheriff, the judges, the judges' families? He just thought his last stint in there was unpleasant! Derrrrrr! Isn't is he glad at all to be out? What's really wrong with this Geezer?"
      ^ Headscratcher ^ where to even begin? I couldn't, so instead? We giggled some more, went out for lunch, not worrying that a bond was hanging over us or an impending arrest in Montana, or that $325,000+ had been #slapped on us.
      We also noticed that after the initial Facebook status update proclaiming he was out of jail? His audience went right back to the same dozen or less regulars. #yawn

    3. Anonymous at 1:06 PM - I am sure that Windsor and his groupies are reading these posts. Heck, Mary D signed into the courtroom chat, using her own name, the other days. So, they are unfortunately among us. And if they want to use the information on this site to assist Windsor in his terrorist stalking, and harassing of us, then let them be warned:
      IT'S AGAINST THE LAW .... FEDERAL LAW. And, the won't be able to play dumb with "I didn't know..."

  8. Doesn't look like Windsor is at the Courtyard Marriott Richardson with those Red Oak, TX posts from earlier this morning and even before his arrest.

  9. So, Im confused is he in South Dakota or Dallas, haha I just seen that he changed on fb that he changed that, via other poster up there, but yet he says, he is back to Dallas:


    53 days of absolutely illegal incarceration in the Ellis County Texas Jail. I just got back to Dallas. I need a shave, shower, hamburger, and fries. I will write a detailed account on

    later tonight or tomorrow."

    1. Looks like he was mad-posting from Red Oak, TX while we were all fast asleep. The Courtyard Marriott Richardson (TX) is about 45+ minutes from where he is posting (and that's my guess, could be a bit further). I have no idea why this guy is in hiding but it's quite funny to watch this one. The sadistic (and that's my opinion) stalker is hiding? Okie-Dokie.

    2. He's probably stalking or casing the Hargroves in Red Oak, Anon @1:12. He can't help himself.

  10. "Someone like Sean [Stone] needs to take the film work and finish the project."

    Oh I'm sure he'd jump at the chance to take over the "film".

    Sean Stone Wiki =

    "He is currently working on a healthcare documentary focusing on Jinns, supernatural entities in the religion of Islam."

    Genies, basically. Genies for Healthcare. Maybe this IS the right guy to take over Lawless America, The Film.

  11. It appears Windsor is doing something to his dot com site. It's all kinds of wonky right now and doesn't load right. Ok--so clearly the guy can drop 100K like it was nothing, and turn around and write an article that may be another violation of the PO. He thinks saying "Sushi" which rhymes with the name he can't write, is ok? Yeah, I'd say anything less than a million dollars at this point is child's play to him. Nothing seems to deter him.

    My name is William M. Windsor. I have never been arrested, charged with a crime, and had never been in jail prior to October 28, 2014.

    But for 53 days, from October 28 to December 19, 2014, I was detained in the Ellis County Jail in Waxahachie, Texas as a political prisoner.

    What follows is a sworn affidavit that I filed in criminal cause number 14-158 in the 40th Judicial District Court in Ellis County, Texas, Ex Parte William M. Windsor.

    I am writing this in several parts to tell the story of my experience as a political prisoner. This is Part 1.

    I will be linking evidence to these articles as soon as I get organized. As I begin writing this, I have been out of jail for just a few hours.

    Cause No. 14-158

    In Re: William M. Windsor
    Judicial District Court
    Ellis County Texas

    I, William M. Windsor, the undersigned, hereby declare under penalty of perjury:

    1.William M. Windsor (“Relator”) is 66-years-old. Prior to October 28, 2014, he had never been arrested, had never been charged with a crime, and had never been in jail. The Relator does not even have a traffic or parking ticket in over 14 years. The Relator has never committed a crime, has never used drugs, and is a non-violent law-abiding citizen. He has never shot anything but a target.
    2.The Relator began work on a documentary film titled “Lawless America” in February 2012. Shortly thereafter, the Relator began being harassed, threatened, and cyberstalked by [a University of Montana employee whose name rhymes with Sushi – a name that some judges say I do not have the right to print – hereinafter referred to as “Sushi”] SUSHI, an employee of the University of Montana.
    3.Over the next 19 months, SUSHI threatened the Relator with bodily harm dozens of times. He posted many hundreds of statements about the Relator on various websites. He sent dozens of stalking emails to the Relator, and he ignored over a dozen cease and desist notices from the Relator. He published outrageous defamatory statements, including one in which he said the Relator had a dread venereal disease.
    4.The Relator reported the crimes of SUSHI to law enforcement, but they did nothing.
    5.A number of other people began viciously defaming the Relator because he filmed people they hated or because the Relator dropped them from the movie due to dishonesty or some other issue.
    6.The haters joined together on the Ellis County Texas website, The defamation is of gargantuan proportions.
    7.On June 13, 2013, the Relator’s wife of 42 years divorced him out of fear that she, their children, or grandchildren would be killed by the people attacking the Relator.
    8.In early August 2013, the Relator drove to Missoula, Montana to film an expose about SUSHI, the University of Montana, and the cover-up of SUSHI’s crimes.
    9.As the Relator drove from Butte, Montana to Missoula [Montana], a car ahead and to the right of the Relator’s car burst into flames and smoke. When the Relator reached his hotel that evening, he received an email from SUSHI stating that he had shot at the Relator, missed, and hit the car next to him.
    10.The Relator reported the shooting and other crimes of SUSHI to law enforcement, and no one did anything.
    11.The Relator attempted to get protective orders against SUSHI, but the courts denied them in a manner that told the Relator that the courts were intentionally protecting SUSHI.
    William M. Windsor
    Last Updated on Saturday, 20 December 2014 10:56
    (***some parts removed to fit***)

    1. The Relator does not even have a traffic or parking ticket in over 14 years.

      LIE Windsor had a ticket near Savannah, GA the first day out during his Round America tour. In an effort to scrub the net and cover his lies and misdeeds, Windsor has taken the site down, but I'm sure this Round America 50-state trip was 2007-2008 (ie, not 14 years ago). If anyone has screen caps or copies of the site, please post.

    2. Sean Bouchie's PPO against William M. Windsor

      Montana Fourth District Court, Missoula County
      Dept. 3
      Cause No. DV-13-969


      "Windsor has a history of filing frivolous actuions in courts all over the country and engagin in precisely the type of stalking behavior alleged by Boushie in his original Sworn Petition..."[pg 4]

      "Windsor's website at is not Windsor's only website, nor is it his only website devoted to specifically harassing and threatening a particular individual. One need only visit one of Windsor's mutiple other websites like: or to note that what Windsor has done to Boushie is not an attempt to protect himself from Boushie. It is clearly a calculated pattern of behavior Windsor uses to intimidate and harass anyone who disagrees with Windsor..." [pg 5].

      "Windsor admites in his Response that in August 2013, he filed four separate peititions for protective orders against Boushie - all of which were denied. Windsor also admits he has filed approximately six police reports about Boushie over the last 19 months...To date, Boushie has not been contacted by the law enforcement and no charges have been filed..." [pg 5 / 6 ]

      "Prohibiting Windsor from publishing Boushie's name and order Windsor to shut down wil prohibit Windsor from continuing to harass and intimidate Boushie and Boushie's wife online..." [pg 6]

      "Both Boushie and his wife are victims of stalking at the hands of Windsor. Windsor has purposely or knowingly caused Boushie and Boushie's wife substantial emotional distress by repeatedly driving by the Boushie home and showing up at Boushie's work place. Windsor has repeatedly harassed, threatened, and intimidated Boushie and his wife by setting up a website at and posting defamatory and false information about Boushie and his. Windsor drove from Georgia to Montana to follow Boushie and his wife around with a video camera. Boushie and his wife are eligible for an order of protection because, despite a cease and desist letter, Windsor continues to follow, threaten, harass and intimidate both Boushie and his wife causing them both substantial emotional distres. Contrary to Windsor's assertions, Windsor's activities are not protected as a member of the press... Windsor films snippets of stalking his various victims and posts them to YouTube calling them news. In one such video, Windsor films Boushie's truck for over ninety minutes outside Boushie's place of work at the Univerisity of Montana. This is stalking behavior and any member of the press engaged in such would be held accountable under the criminal statues of Montana. Stalking is not journalism and is not a constitutionally protected activity" [pg 7 / 8 ]


    3. Sean Bouchie's PPO against William M. Windsor - Continued

      Montana Fourth District Court, Missoula County
      Dept. 3
      Cause No. DV-13-969


      "It is necessary to issue an injunction in this case because of the William M. Windsor's extraordinary abuse of the state judicial system by repeatedly filing frivolous, malicious and vexatious lawsuits against the persons to his many cases, because of the burden to clerical and judicial operations cause by his voluminous frivolous filings and because his continuing course of conduct has become an impediment to the administration of justice. The administration of justice will suffer irreparable harm if the William M. Windsor is allowed to continue filing frivolous, malicious, and vexatious lawsuits against the persons and others involuntarily involved in his litigous campaigns. The balance of the harm and the public intersest demands that William M. Windsor be stopped." [pg 9].

      It is hereby ordered that William M. Windsor, and any parties acting in concert with him or at his behest, are PERMANENTLY ENJOINED from filing any complaint or initiating any proceedings, including any new lawsuit or administrative proceedings in any Montana State Court or agency in the State of Montana without first obtaining leave of a District Court Judge in the district in which the new complain or proceeding is to be filed...If the lawsuit or administrative proceeding names judges or court employees, the William M. Windsor must also tender a $50,000 cash bond...Failure to obey this Order, including by attempting to avoid or circumvent the Intent of this Order, will be grounds for sanctions including contempt..." [pg 10.]

      Date this 14th day of November, 2013.
      District Judge John W. Larson

    4. "Stalking is not journalism and is not a constitutionally protected activity."

      H E L L O, dumbass Bubba Windsor. What's wrong with you? Can't you read and comprehend? The problem is that Bill probably should have been called out for arrogant behaviors 50 years ago. Time after time he's escalated violating the rights of others. Mary and Walter Windsor created a monster. He's currently out of control.

    5. [img][/img]

  12. Between:

    -Fighting judgments against him
    -Fighting extradition
    -Suing a boat load of people for millions

    I guess Bill will be busy with new profession, Professional Pro Se Litigator Extraordinaire!

    1. You mean liar, manipulator, thief, stalker, fraud extraordinaire.

    2. Boatload? Immediately made me think of the Bangladeshi! #Smeggie & his little peddling legs!


    3. You forgot a new role he will take on very, very soon in both criminal and civil actions against him: DEFENDANT.

    4. DEFENDANT. Hahahahahaha

  13. Me shaking pouring, and spilling Absinthe, I finally got some

  14. Marty Prehn alert - He's on a roll, folks and is now claiming that he is being cyberstalked... Ahem!

    Marty Prehn - Facebook page:

    Marty Prehn
    12 hrs ·
    Time to wake up America as to what is happening in our judicial system.

    William Windsor murdered or jailed for exposing all US Judges are Bribed?

    Marty Prehn
    12 hrs ·
    More to come.
    Joeyisalittlekid: Windsor is free on bond, then gets slapped.

    Marty Prehn
    15 hrs ·
    Cyber stalkers BEWARE for your end is in site.

    Marty Prehn shared Drea De Matteo's photo.
    December 18 at 11:00pm ·
    Heaps? MoCherry? Flimflam? If the shoe fits wear it. Your face is ass ugly I swear it.
    Fuck face: A person with a face that instantly pissed you off the moment you see it, and you have to fight an incredible urge to smash him or her in the mouth.

    Marty Prehn shared Silver Unit Racing's photo.
    December 12 at 7:31am ·
    Yep a true depiction of my cyber stalkers.

    Marty Prehn shared Codeblack Comedy's photo.
    December 10 at 5:47pm ·
    This is what my cyber stalkers look like. Talk about being OCD.
    Marty Prehn Flemboyant
    December 10 at 9:04pm

    Marty Prehn Flemboyant?
    December 10 at 9:05pm

    Marty's past hate history with Fleming and me:
    Bill Windsor
    September 4 ·

    Marty Prehn Bill I have identified the person posting as Bob Cookout III that started the Marty Prehn Chronicles as she finally exposed herself and I was able to confirm that she is one of the people posting as Bob Cookout or Robert Cookout III. I will send to your her photo and her address, cell phone number and e-mail address as she has made comments about you on both the Marty Prehn Chronicles and the Joey is a little kid HATE blog group. I was able to meet with the current Michigan Secretary of State and a personal friend Ruth Johnson who will address some of these cyber stalkers and others that committed a retaliation eviction against me and the son of the owner of the car repair place in Eastpointe, Michigan and will request that the Michigan State Police conduct the investigation regarding these different legal issues.
    September 5 at 12:47pm · 1

    Nancy Evans Yes.I repeat. Reneee Harrigton, looks like a TRANNY to me.
    September 6 at 1:09pm

    Marty Prehn Kinda of like Ursula the wicked sea witch from the little mermaid. There used to be a baseball player named no neck Williams. I wonder if they are related.
    September 6 at 1:11pm

    Marty Prehn Bill good luck on the 19th. May they all be found GUILTY and sent to prison for 10 years.
    September 9 at 7:48pm · 2

    Nancy Evans Renee isva Tranny.
    September 9 at 9:20pm

    Nancy Evans Hehe. I got a FB message from SEAN D.FLEMING yesterday.
    September 9 at 9:20pm

    Marty Prehn Nancy I just got a letter from the Madison Heights Police Department that will be posted across America about Sean D. FLEMING. Time now to have him served with the PPO that the police say is needed to STOP him from slandering and harrassing me. Which photo of him should I use for the front page article about HOW TO CATCH A CYBER STALKER. TIME FOR THESE PSYCHO NUTS TO BE EXPOSED AND PROSECUTED AND SENT TO PRISON.
    September 9 at 9:39pm · 2

    1. Renee, please read here. You'll see it all.


    2. Yeah, add more defendants to the Joey suit now. Sheesh. All paint on rust, no substance.

  15. Marty has had it out for me since 2012, when I went toe to toe with both him and Windsor for him revealing confidential information about an OIDV victim on the Lawless America Facebook page.

    Conversation started August 7, 2012
    Renee' Harrington
    8/7, 9:55pm
    Renee' Harrington
    Marty, This is Renee' Harrington from Lawless America Public Relations. I am concerned about your comment that you posted today, regarding XXXXX's case, as I run the Michigan Officer Involved Domestic Violence Project. I personally believe that your email poses a threat to XXXXX's safety as you have released confidential information regarding XXXXX's case. OIDV cases require specific procedures to protect the victim's safety. Currently, XXXXX is in great danger for the PPO request, due to her ex's position as a police officer and the consequences that the PPO will have on his job at the Department.
    I have spoken with XXXXX and have asked Bill to delete your post due to the threat it poses to XXXXX's safety. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

    "Marty Prehn - Here is an update from XXXXX. On Monday she went and filed for a PPO against her former husband as she fears now that she has gone public that he will retaliate against her. She also visited the XXXX County Prosecuting Attorney's office and found that there was no complaint filed with their office and then XXXXX went and stopped in at the XXXXXXX Police Department and talked with the internal affairs officer their who was helpful and supportive and was given a contact name of an ass't prosecuting attornery who handles the special sexual crimes division. The ex parte request for an emergency PPO was denied so there will need to be a hearing on August xx in Circuit Court with Judge XXXXX and her ex will need to be there as well. He will need to be properly served by the xx of August. XXXXX will continue to see that Justice is served and crimes committed against her prosecuted under Michigan law. She REFUSES to be a victim but is a survivor and will speak out in order to help other women of domestic violence to come forward especially those that involve police officers who believe that they are above the law.
    4 hours ago · Like"
    Seen Aug 7

    1. The two of them have been busy jeopardizing the safety of many people without a care for anyone but themselves. The teenager who "committed suicide" who didn't commit suicide was yet another thoughtless post by Windbag without a drop of concern and an enormous lack of awareness for the well-being of him/her. Really, really sick. These two are busy being vindictive for no reason.

    2. Did anyone catch his .com post? Where he specifically says his first meal in jail was a bologna sammich? Do we all remember the whole sammich story? It was the "evidence" about the lies? Yeah, this smells like rotten bologna...

  16. Windsor's "get out the criminal's for Christmas" list consists of:
    Drug dealer, criminal trespass and assault on family member, assault against elderly disabled person and parole violation, evading arrest, parole violation from burglary with drug possession and dwi/no license, drug possession and paraphernalia, abandon/endanger child and criminal neglect, and theft.

    Upstanding citizens, with the utmost character, surely all were wrongfully arrested and all innocent. It's just this messed up, corrupt judicial system right? Yes, these kindly gentlemen should be released before Christmas...what could possibly go wrong?

    1. No kidding. Besides, why is he soliciting funds in his own name? The last time he received "donations" he didn't keep his word.

    2. Ruby, Victoria and John Rosa have been introduced to a sociopathic narcissist who is working to release criminals from jail.

      His victory in court? Huh? You're out on bond, Bill. You've been bad-faith sanctioned to the tune of $250,000.00 plus 77k to the Barbara H and 3k to the court in your JIALK case with respect to only ONE DEFENDANT and your criminal case hasn't been heard. Your writ of habeas corpus was DENIED. You're going to burst into flames any minute.

      Bill Windsor "I just returned from Act Quick Bail Bonds Dallas Office. The best bail bond company in America! Ruby and Victoria are working with me, as is the manager John Rosa, and we have the paperwork in motion to get eight men bonded out of the Ellis County Jail. I haven't enjoyed a morning as much in a long, long time. I think I will enjoy this almost as much as I enjoyed my victory in court and release."

      Bill Windsor is a sick, psycho habitual liar who's on spin cycle.

    3. Oh yes. Let the actual criminals out, and work feverishly to get some poster on a blog sent to prison for the "rest of their lives." Yep, he is a sick, psycho IMO.

      Mr. I have no money your Honor...but I can put up my 100,000 and get several other criminals out too--oh, but please grant my appeals so I don't have to pay my court ordered sanctions because I wrote I am broke on one of my many perjury filled affidavits. I don't lie....YACK!

    4. Sorry Karen, your concerns don't fit in with his need for attention and drama right now...just keep patting his back, telling him how wonderful he is, and how corrupt the system is. Otherwise sweet kay kay, you'll get the boot, and sued. Haven't you been paying attention?

      3 mins

      "Bill Windsor-- Thanks, sweet KayKay. If they arrest me again, at least I had a great cheeseburger and cheddar fries, and I'm hitting my favorite Tex-Mex place on the way back to Ellis County Corruption Central."

    5. "Karen Jutkiewicz Oh no Bill we don't wanna see you back there as you don't belong and never did belong in jail i am just concerned if you bail them out and they never appear then it come back on you
      9 mins · Like

      Karen Jutkiewicz just concerned !
      9 mins · Like"

      Yack, yack, yack, gag. Do your homework and pay attention in class, sweet Kay Kay. Going through life dumbed down isn't such a good idea.

    6. Yikes, I wonder what evil plot Windsor has up his sleeve now - and what purpose these criminals he is assisting in getting released will serve his plot. After all, we know that Windsor isn't helping these criminals out of the kindness of his heart. Ahem.

      And zee plot thickens...

    7. In a WTF their domain names and set up web pages and blast the joeys???

      Bill Windsor Thanks, Karen. Understandable. It's worth a shot at helping some folks who are down on their luck with no one else to stand up for them. If they fail to appear, I'll just set up web pages in their names and blast all the Joeys. That'll fix 'em.

      2 mins · 1

    8. Screen shot to IRS! He's lost nearly all of his former followers, his family, his TT buddies, and is now attempting to target another cluster group that will end up in another cluster *)#& against Bill.

      Bubba, if you hadn't ripped of so many people, been downright nasty to them with your threats, stalking and other criminal acts over many years, you wouldn't be in the predicament you're in now. You have coming whatever jail/prison time you get and I hope it's a lot. Oh, and, Bubba, your family should have walked away from you a long time ago. You're evil.

      Been wanting to say that for a long time. It's my First Amendment right to do so on this blog.

    9. The sequel to Windsor's Meet Me in D.C.:

    10. I wonder if Boz and Sondra are setting up the shuttle bus for the prison break...uh, I mean inmate release. They were oh so helpful with the Lawless events.

    11. Yeah, Anon 11:19. The guy has no real friends. He uses intimidation tactics to maintain relationships. Maybe one of his criminal buddies will whack him when he turns on him.

    12. Renee, rest assured, as soon as one of these guys re-offends, they'll rat his ass out in a heartbeat!! Sorry dope, money can't buy you love!! HEE!!

  17. Oh how nice. Looks like Windsor is taking the "Guys in the tank" some pie. Although, I believe they are used to fudge, what a sweet gesture.

    1. I hope he does visit the jail today. It'll give people the chance to follow him back to his "secret location". Makes it easier to have him served.

    2. Me too! And? A terrific photo op! He does like having his mug plastered everywhere! Tis the season of giving, everyone should do what they can to see Windsor gets his just deserts.
      Gotta run! Brunch in the square awaits!

    3. Baffled. Confused. Scratching my head. Um, inmates - once released - aren't supposed to remain in contact with each other on the 'outside'.

      Palm smack to my forehead. Oh that's right, Windsor and the guys on the inside are all "innocent". And Windsor goes by Windsor laws and rules.

      Beggeth pardon for my brain fart. WTF was I thinking?

    4. LOL!! @ brain farts. Yep, doesn't make much sense does it? A guy, out on bond, facing numerous felony charges, is bonding out several other "inmates." Ok, so what's the deal here really?

      A) is this another Windsor harassment game? Pretending he's bailing out some of "the guys" so the "joeys" are supposed to be afeered...or B) is this a set up to claim another "Corruption" charge to the long list he's currently got planned, that he is being denied his rights to help a fella out? He couldn't provide an actual physical address to the court on Friday, and threw out a random "Marriott" as his residence (Even though on his sworn affidavit he claims some guy named Matthew is his landlord) will he falsely claim "corruption" for not being able to follow the laws for bonding people out?

      One has to wonder what this new game is. Windsor's always got one up his sleeve.

      I just can't see how a guy, who's up for multiple felony charges, would be allowed to bond out several inmates, without being able to prove he can pay the full fee's if they bolt, nor having a physical address, or assets to list if he can't pay the full fees cash etc. Head scratcher? You betcha.

    5. Ninja,
      LOL - I think Windsor has other bills to be paying than the bonds on his fellow inmates. Barbara's attorney fees and Flemming's Anti SLAPP lawsuit come to mind.

    6. Well sure, a rational person would surmise it that way, but come on! This is Windsor--those orders are simply void. Haven't we already learned that any order Windsor doesn't like--is in fact void, because he says so?

    7. It's just so much easier to catch the doofus because he is incredibly forthright about how he's going to offend. Screenshot, screenshot, screenshot.

  18. Paranoia is, indeed, reigning supreme here in Joeyland...

    1. Snort, giggle, snort.

    2. I saw that! ℗ ♛ ❥!
      His snit is pretty funny!

    3. Sigh. We are so misunderstood ;)

    4. Paranoia about all the creeps out on bail in Ellis...

  19. 3 of these people are no longer listed in the Ellis County Jail:

    Links to the mugshots and booking information of the men are listed in a list below. They are Zachary Glen Anderson, Michael Finch, Robert Jack, Zackery Jones, Michael McGowan, Nicholas Parker, and Matthew Rauen.

    1. Oh, he's about to get another invaluable lesson that money can't buy. Are they staying at the Courtyard Marriott Richardson too? Are all of their orders "void" too?

    2. Seriously? Wow!
      No words...SMDH

    3. Call me crazy, or just entertained, but I am loving this ''lets bail out the criminals because they were nice to me in jail'' thing. Yep, surely they will appear for their court date right? And make good on the signature (and promise) it takes to bail someone out. Oh, I can't wait for the invaluable lesson. I cannot wait. lol.

      ~Allie Gate

    4. I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of these criminals make him their next target.

    5. That would be justice & a true Christmas Miracle, in my biased opinion!


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