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Monday, January 26, 2015

Bill Windsor Identified as a Ring Leader for Bill Windsor

As Bill continues to spin his own wheel of insanity deeper and deeper down into his own narcissistic abyss, this week shapes up to be a very bad one for him.  As he continues his countdown, now day 29 of never going to civil court again, the reality of his dire situation will really set in later this week as the courts get to make their say on his latest antics and the best part is he won't even be there to see it.

American terrorist and now fugitive felon Bill Windsor has made his terrorist demands to Montana that if they don't drop all his charges he will start saying Sean Boushie online as many times as he feels necessary.   You can almost feel the internal struggle going on with him....should I say it, why not, I'm Bill Windsor I can say whatever I want.  He can also feel that cold hard steel of life in prison closing in around him as well.  Which side will win today.....Windsor's rage or his fear?

I have spotlighted several times the paranoia that continues to overtake Bill as he tries to cope with life as a fugitive.  In his boring daily updates, you can see hints of that.  He continues to be unable to sleep at night (can't blame the Ellis County Detention Center for that any more).  He craves pizza in whatever new town he drives through, but upon seeing a police officer inside, his fear forces him to settle for chicken nuggets down the road.  He has played all his sending motions to the Supreme Court is about the same as writing a dear Santa Claus letter at this point.  His followers have grown bored with him as its clear to them once again he won't be helping them with anything.  Its game over for Windsor and he knows it.  His miserable hate filled life is about to spend its dying years behind bars.....and yet he still keeps screaming LOOK AT ME!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bill Windsor Phones It In

After a string of embarrassing defeats in both Michigan and Missouri, Bill is desperate for some good news in the form of a favorable ruling in the legal world.  Yesterday, his attention turned to his show trial in California of Facebook.


It looks like Bill knew this was doomed as the coward didn't even show up to the lawsuit he created. But then again, showing up in court these days runs a high risk of contempt for Bill. Facebook's attorney Julie Schwartz had been schooling Bill in her legal briefs before the court and he was clearly scared of facing her mono y mono in front of a judge. So he phoned it in.

Judge Foiles gave Bill 10 days to do the unthinkable.....get leave in accordance with Thrash's order in order to proceed. At this point you can just hear that phone vibrating as the crazy man on the other end of it starts screaming out "THAT ORDER IS VOID!!!!!!". As always, he can't get leave, his lawsuits are frivolous, in fact he is incapable of filing anything but. I guess he can kiss his dream goodbye of taking a slice of Facebook's "multi-billion dollar" pie. And, once again, Bill is legally destroyed in court by a female attorney which is especially rough on someone like him. Now Bill's vexi tour of frivolous lawsuits in Cali, MT, SD, KS, MO, MI, and TX is now just down to TX where the State motto is "Don't Mess With Texas". Its probably time to find another hobby as nationwide vexatious litigant isn't working out too well.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Bill Windsor doesn't understand concepts, words, definition of words or reality.  Some might think that this has come about as he ages, but lets go back and look at his past.  Bill can't stop talking about his misguided view of copyright.  He thinks every stupid mundane picture he posts is copyrighted simply because he said so.  For that matter he didn't even think to register Lawless America in the first place as a WTP group beat him to the punch.  It turns out that this is a lesson he should have already known about.

So here we are, 34 and 1/2 years ago and someone working for Bill (its never actually Bill himself that comes up with an idea) says why don't we publish a magazine called Texas Sports?  Great get to work on it and I'll start bragging about it says Bill to his employee.  Well it turns out some other guy already thought of that but not only had the thought, he took the effort to go register the name as a trademark.  Well don't let that stop Bill from a long drawn battle over something that isn't hardly worth anything in the first place. Forget that he had no legal grounds whatsoever, even back then Bill got his sick legal thrills by wasting the courts precious time as this Easterly guy offered a reasonable and cost effective (for both sides) settlement to end the madness.  Once a vexatious litigant, always a vexatious litigant.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Bill Windsor Files his Writ of Ignoramus

After reading Judge Solis' order to pay the $46 filing fee and hear what Solis thinks of him, Bill decided to protest paying the $46 by filing a $500 case with the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. That's right, Bill just dropped the legal equivalent of a nuclear bomb in his Texas case.  Bill needs this "emergency" motion because he claims that Judge Fitzwater and Solis' slow and then disheartening responses are damaging his vexatious behavior.

Windsor's convoluted argument seems to be based on his claim that Judge Fitzwater/Solis have no jurisdiction over him since State Courts and Federal Courts are separate (repeat that 10 times). The problem for Bill is that he seems to understand the authority when he wrote his two, if you don't say no I will take that as a yes, letters to Judge Fitzwater's office.  Then you have the additional factor of Judge Bob Carroll, in the State Court, saying that Bill had to get leave from the Fed.

No Windsor filing would be complete without a straight up lie:
"70.  Windsor has already had one party dismissed in the Ellis County lawsuit, and if Judge Fitzwater/and or Solis does not act, all will be dismissed.  This is an emergency"

No Bill, that's a lie.  Non-party Google was dismissed but no party has been.

If he pays the $46, Bill thinks that will give Solis personal jurisdiction over him, and he doesn't want to deal with that.  Instead, he spends the majority of his 41 page filling lecturing everyone on how Judge Thrash doesn't know the law, rules, and is corrupt because he wouldn't recuse himself. Judge Thrash has "foreclosed" on Windsor's ability to wield his paper terrorism across the Nation.You can almost hear Judge Thrash responding with a sigh "that was the point".

In the end, Bill is trying to paint himself as some kind of Constitutional martyr.  But too bad for him, no one cares.  Anyone that reviews his history will see exactly why the courts had to take the action that they did. Bill is always complaining about his rights but its the rights of everyone else that are being trampled in his vexatious fury.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Windsor Won't Pay the Filing Fees

The Texas case is currently stayed, but that would be news to Bill as he keeps filing away as if nothing changed.  The case is stayed while they wait for word from the Federal Judge on the vexatious litigant status of Bill and his lame attempt at circumventing the order.  Yesterday, Judge Solis issued an order:

Judge Solis isn't interested in beating around the bush and the opening line says it all:  "William Windsor is a vexatious litigant with a track record for filing frivolous lawsuits and, once those frivolous suits are filed, filing legions of frivolous motions."

History repeats itself, because that's exactly what he is currently doing in all his frivolous cases across the Country right now.  Now its going to take Bill several months and a small forest of trees to object to that first line, but Judge Solis gives Bill another hay-maker in the second line:
"In July 2011, the Honorable Thomas W. Thrash, Jr., of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia entered an injunction against Windsor, prohibiting him “from filing any complaint or
initiating any proceeding, in any court (state or federal) or agency in the United States without
first obtaining leave of a federal district court in the district in which the new complaint or
proceeding is to be filed.”

Honorable?  Bill has already declared Judge Thrash "massively corrupt" and Bill went ahead and voided his order.  You can feel Bill's hand shaking just reading this.  Then, Judge Solis addresses Bill's little sneaky attempt to get around the order with his game of "if you don't say no I will take that as a yes".

"On November 21, 2013, Windsor sent a letter to Chief Judge Sidney Fitzwater seeking
permission to file a suit in Texas state court. Doc. 2 at 4. In it, he stated that “[I]f I do not hear
from you by December 7, I will assume that you did not disapprove.” Doc. 2 at 4. On February
25, 2014, Windsor sent a letter to Judge Fitzwater’s judicial secretary stating the he “accepted no
response from Judge Fitzwater as ‘leave’ to file as [he] stated [he] would do in [his] letter.”

Oh no, they are on to you Bill.  And we see just how much in the footnote at the bottom of page one:

"Windsor appealed the decision to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, but the appeal was dismissed “for want of prosecution because the appellant… failed to pay the filing and docketing fees to the district court.” Windsor, Certified Copy of Order at 1, Sep. 15, 2011, ECF No. 119."

The ghost of Bill's legal past is coming back to haunt him.

"On March 15, Windsor submitted another letter to Judge Fitzwater’s chambers again seeking leave to pursue a state court lawsuit. Doc. 1 at 2. At that point, the issue was referred to the clerk’s office to be filed as a miscellaneous matter.
To this point, Windsor has not paid the filing fee to the Clerk of the United States District
Court for the Northern District of Texas. The Court will not address Windsor’s request for leave
until he has paid the filing fee. Windsor is directed to pay the Clerk $46.00 filing fee or file a
motion to proceed in forma pauperis within 21 days of the date of this order or the case will be
dismissed for want of prosecution."

Fool them once, shame on you, fool them twice....contempt for you.  Now Bill has a very tough decision to make with his $ it and hear what he knows he is going to hear?  Or just file a bunch of objections and try and sue Judge Solis?  Are we now about to enter the phase were this millionaire starts complaining about how he can't pay his filing fees......or...spoiler alert, defendant attorney fees?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Windsor Can't Stop Himself in Montana

Bill can't take no for an answer.  So after losing in MT, then losing his appeal, its time to go to the Montana Supreme Court as he is requesting supervisory control, with control being the one thing that continues to elude him.

Windsor thinks this is deserved because the judges are corrupt, Boushie is a serial liar, and he forgot to alphabetize his table of contents.  But here is what really fries his circuit board:

30. Judge Larson also issued an order placing filing restrictions on
Windsor. The filing restrictions injunction is outrageous. [APPELLANT'S BRIEF
in DA-13-0785, Exhibit#21.] [Exhibit#22,165; Exhibit#24,165.] There has been
no finding of anything that Windsor has filed that was frivolous or improper. No
court in Ravalli County or Missoula County made any such finding, nor could any
honest judge so claim. This issuance of the injunction was done in complete denial
of due process to Windsor. Windsor received no notice or opportunity to be heard.
Windsor does not have $50,000, so the requirement of $50,000 BOND deprives
Windsor of any ability to ever file a lawsuit against this judge and the other corrupt
judges and judicial employees who Windsor intends to sue and intends to seek a
grand jury to bring criminal charges against the corrupt judges, corrupt court
employees, and corrupt law enforcement officials. There was no show cause order
issued to Windsor, and Windsor was not given an opportunity to be heard on this
matter as is required by law. Meaningful access to the courts is a Constitutional
right that has been denied by DC, and this alleged ORDER denies significant
rights. [APPELLANT'S BRIEF in DA-13-0785, Exhibit#21, RECORD.]

Its like we are in a time warp, this could just as easily be Judge Duffy in Georgia and the year is 2012.  Bill's "rats" have been violated because he has to post $50,000 which he most certainly does have but doesn't want to post, so he thinks he no longer has meaningful access to the courts.  Meaningful being the operative word here.  Bill has had more access to the courts than thousands of people put together.  There is nothing meaningful about any of his filings as they are all copy and paste jobs of his previous frivolous filings.

Notice also Bill's terminology....he didn't say before a jury, he said he intends to bring these judges before a grand jury.  He doesn't want to let John Darash and the National Liberty Alliance steal all his fun, he wants to play judge, jury and executioner as well.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For Windsor, Its Always Someone Else's Fault

As we continue to look at the mountains of documents filed in the Maid of the Mist case, and appeal, we see a clear pattern of a complete lack of personal responsibility from Bill.  The judges are mean to me, I'm just a pro se litigant, the housing bubble popped and took all my money.  But what really drives Bill over the edge is when a judge uses a word that perfect describes his actions.

114. Judge Duffey even branded me as a “litigious plaintiff” in the order dated July 30, 2009 (attached hereto as Exhibit 2). “Litigious” is identified as “tending to engage in lawsuits.” (Exhibit 3 hereto.) A “litigious plaintiff” is a person who tends to file lawsuits.” Judge Duffey has no basis to say that. He would have no idea what I have and haven’t been involved with in terms of litigation unless he has false information obtained from some extra-judicial source. Other than Maid of the Mist’s totally improper lawsuit against me, the only lawsuits that I have been involved with personally for the last 15+ years were two legal actions involving real estate (one was an eviction in which my wife and I prevailed but never got paid, and the other was a small claims lawsuit by an attorney trying to buy our home that was dismissed because it was improper under the law). A third lawsuit was filed against me in California by a National Park Service employee who claimed his photograph taken by me at a National Park while he was on duty should not have been used on my personal travel web site. My insurance carrier paid the man $1,000 to go away. My 15-year history as what Judge Duffey describes as a “litigious plaintiff” is that my wife and I sued some people who bounced their rent checks on our unsold Ohio residence, stiffed us for $30,000 or so, and refused to vacate. Contrary to Judge Duffey’s presentation in the order dated July 30, 2009, that I am involved in “three cases,” the truth is that I am involved with one issue: Maid of the Mist and their attorneys. Maid sued me wrongfully. I have sued Maid. 115. The “litigious plaintiff” case that Judge Duffey cites in his order is Martin-Trigona v. Shaw, a case in which a litigant had filed over 250 lawsuits and used litigation as a cruel and effective weapon against his enemies, who are more often imagined than real. Trigona has reportedly sued literally hundreds, if not thousands, of attorneys, judges, their spouses, court officials, and other human beings. His lawsuits have been pursued with "persistence, viciousness, and general disregard for decency and logic." He has used legal pleadings to ventilate his contempt and hatred of persons of Jewish heritage and to level accusations which "have often been personal, have often emphasized racial or religious affiliations, and have often involved the members of ... judges' and counsel's families." The purpose, nature and effect of his resort to multiple litigation has been to involve as many persons in as many confounding legal processes as possible.

Judge Duffy hit the nail on the head, and Bill objected He then selectively choose 15 years because more than that would definitely prove the Judge's point. But what is particularly amazing is how Bill has an out of body experience as he characterizes the Trigona case as something far different than what he is doing. Unlike Bill, Trigona filed tons of lawsuits as a cruel weapon against his enemies, many of which are imagined. This monster even included "judges, court officials, their spouses and other human beings in an effort to involve as many persons in as many confounding legal processes as possible". Right, and we can all see how this Trigona monster differs from what Bill is doing?