Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marty Prehn: Man, Myth, or Monster? Part two

By Bob Cookout

In this post we'll address some of Marty's most outrageous claims. There is no way to cover all of them here because there are so many. I'll touch on a few and everyone can feel free to add their favorites in the comments. 

Marty's biggest claim to fame is the day he spent with Ronald Reagan making plans to tear down the Berlin Wall.  He claims to have been in Reagan's security detail during a campaign stop at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.  His profile picture on Facebook is from that day.  However, Marty acquired that very picture quite accidentally only a few years ago, through - you guessed it - Facebook.  Someone else shared the picture and then the legend was born!  It's hilarious how he presses the person who shared the picture for dates and details of "that historic day".  Regardless, he still is unclear on whether it happened in 1979 or 1980, but certainly can embellish the details of him and Reagan chewing that fat, exchanging favorite jokes and planning world peace.  He wasn't in the security detail but managed to get close enough to get in a picture.  It's like what they call photo bombing today.  There was no dialog exchanged between Marty and Reagan. The two never spoke. Marty was more than likely ordered by a real security detail to get the hell away from the candidate. I'd be willing to bet my house & kids that Nancy never flirted with Marty about his dimples. 

Out of this one photo came the claims that Marty gave Reagan the idea to pursue the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Marty's father was a German soldier who still had family in Germany. He made trips back to his homeland roughly once every three years.  This is where the photos of him collecting pieces of the wall come from, not dissimilar to about a million other pictures of Germans and tourists at the time. There was no state sponsored trip for Marty's father to participate in the removal of the wall - and even if there was - wouldn't the State Department and Reagan want to include their favorite muse for the idea? 

Why wasn't an important man like Marty invited to participate when it was his idea?  Surely Reagan, Thatcher or Gorbachev would have wanted him there?

Maybe Marty was busy back in the US plotting his evil plans for the future.  Or maybe he was busy rescuing the elderly, veterans or some other victim of the moment. 

The above begs the question - Why? According to several of Marty's old classmates, he was always a compulsive liar. Marty wasn't a popular kid and he was always overshadowed by his more popular siblings. I assume this caused Marty to start lying to make himself seem like the someone he so desperately wanted to be. It's almost like the lazy mans way of being accomplished in life.  Marty's father made a career of working for the JL Hudson Company.  Marty tried to follow in his fathers retail footsteps at JC Penny, but failed.  His life is void of genuine accomplishments and he continuously seeks to fill that void with the most outlandish stories, made famous by this blog as "Marty Moments".

I guess his only true success has been found in providing countless of hours of enjoyment to those keen enough to see through his legacy of lies.

Coming soon: Has Marty ever served our country and what exactly is his version of a " Special Agent"?

DISCLAIMER:  The opinions expressed above are mine alone. They are not the beliefs of any cookies,alpacas,chihuahuas,  large bodies of water,Asian warriors,canned ham products,pumas,play doh men,anyone who wears a morph suit and jumps fire pits,or any other animals or objects residing in an alleged clubhouse. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Marty Prehn: Man, Myth, or Monster?

By Bob Lookout

When I decided to give this a try, I had big plans for a post.  I was going to link court documents and quotes to support my ideas about Marty.  After extensive research and questioning people that know him, I decided he was just not worth it.  Bill Windsor at one time had a large following he called the "Nobodys".  Marty is literally a nobody. I wanted to expose him for what he is but with the exception of about five people, no one cares who he is.

We all find humor in the outrageous claims he makes but deep down Marty is a very disturbed narcissist desperate for attention and accolades.

This will be the first installment in a series that will review a man who's life has and never will amount to anything.  For this segment, I'll cover his claims regarding his poor mother. No one in Marty's family will speak to me about him for fear of the harassment they are sure will follow. That means I have to piece together the story from reviewing all that has been posted

For the 17 years preceding the death of his mother, Marty depended on his parents for all of his financial needs, as he was unemployed that entire time. He had the ability to manipulate his father into paying his way through life. It went as far as having his parents pay for not only his home but also a cottage on the lake near the one owned by his family.## When his mothers health began to fail, he convinced his father to establish a trust and name Marty the successor trustee. This would insure Marty access to his parents savings and that they could continue to finance his life even after his fathers death. When his father passed, Marty became his mothers primary caregiver. That was the beginning of a nightmare for Marty's mother and his siblings. From the information I've been able to gather from people who know Marty - who shall remain anonymous - his care of his mother was severely lacking.

While Marty spent his days dinning out for all meals and generally just trying to act like a big shot, his mother, suffering from old-age related dementia, was left lying in bed all day with only the TV to keep her company. When word of the poor treatment reached Marty's sister in Colorado, she took action and moved her mother into her home in Colorado. Marty didn't object to this until his control over the savings accounts was stopped. With her daughter, his mother now had health care and even an in-home caregiver that would be there when a family member could not. From all accounts she was well taken care of in a very loving environment. Marty's sister dedicated her life to making the final years of her mothers life as enjoyable as possible. This high level of care required resources. A new power of attorney and trust were needed to provide for Mrs Prehn and when Marty refused to allow the family access to the accounts they were forced to legally take control of them.

Marty then started to legally challenge the Colorado ruling.  He would claim to have documents to back up his claims, but even after being given time extensions to produce them, never could. His legal challenge finally ended when he was required by the court to provide an accounting of the money spent while he was in control. He refused to do so. After Marty's legal challenge failed, he then began an online hate campaign against his sister. He went so far as calling her a murderer and circulating an online flier, wishing death on her kids - his own nephews.  I find it interesting that none of Marty's siblings joined him in questioning the sisters actions regarding their mother. The only child in the family that objected was Marty and that wasn't until he lost control of the money. You draw your own conclusion.

Marty now continuously seeks pity and charity by saying he is homeless after two foreclosures at the hands of his siblings.  Actually, the properties were foreclosed on because Marty could no longer use his parent's savings to pay for his personal expenses. But here's the rub; Marty shouldn't claim to be homeless. He inherited the family cottage on the lake. It was paid in full with even the taxes covered by his parent's estate. A search of property records show the transfer of the deed into his name and it remains there as of this writing. Marty's parents worked their whole lives in order to own their homes.  Marty, on the other hand, only had to wait until they died so he could own his.  I have no idea of the habitability of this property, as Marty claims to reside about 190 miles south of it. 

This story cannot be told without pointing out the incredible price paid by Marty's sister. She did everything in her power to provide for her mother in the most loving and respectful way possible. I'm sure Mrs Prehn's final days were the best they could be because of the love her daughter showed her.  Now she is harassed by a monster who cared about no one except himself.  He has even gone so far as to sick his real or Facebook friends including Helen Childers and Barbara Nemeth on his family. 
Marty didn't even bother to attend his mothers funeral.  Rest in peace, Bernice.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Windsor Stays in Hiding

Windsor continues to hide the Dallas area, as he stays out of the limelight for the most part.  He did release a facebook message last week saying that he was ok, and he was not planning on having his surgery until December for his made up problem.  For those scoring at home, that means he made up a bogus excuse for missing out on his hearing in Missouri.  This is Bill putting Judge Rolf on notice that Bill considers him a fool; I guess we will see if Bill is right about that theory or not.

Then we have Bill trying to file for a default judgement against the American Mothers Political Party in Kansas.  But the question has to arise over who was actually served, and what exactly would he be getting a judgement against?  Yeah, no matter which case you look at...either his attempt in Missoula, Missouri, or Kansas, all three don't seem to be getting any where and the more he tries the more he can't hide his failure.

It's interesting to see how the remaining lemmings are coping with the reality that Lawless America is dead. David Schied is still begging Bill to call him.  Bambi pays homage with her own hail to her Fuhrer statement filled with praise and honor for all the things Bill only said he would do....but never delivered on.  But for the most part, the lemmings have moved on from the Lawless America scam as they seek a new fraud to lead them out of their own abyss.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Windsor vs. the Cookie (coming to theatres this Christmas)

As Bill continues to flounder around filing pointless motion after the other, its time to celebrate the death of lawless america and its fake movie with a big preview of our own movie.......where is your preview Bill?