Monday, December 16, 2013

We Spoiled Bill's Pie

Marty Prehn, lemmings, losers, and zombies are Lawless Americas cult following.

Windsor checked in with his few remaining lemmings last night:

Bill Windsor December 15, 2013 -- 11:15 pm: I am feeling better today. I am no longer in excruciating pain when I chew...just some discomfort. Still not much progress on the hearing in my right ear. Not as dizzy as I was -- just a little off balance. After eating nothing but chicken noodle soup for several days, I ordered a pizza, and I've felt better ever since. There's a lot to report on the criminal cyberstalkers who have ruined my name and reputation online. I have people refusing to have anything to do with me because of the garbage. While that makes me upset, each time it happens, I add it to the damages file. I will continue to sue each and every one of the cyberstalkers.

Besides the typical self centered diatribe about what all he did today, notice the last part. Those pesky "cyberstalkers" have ruined his name and reputation....ruined as in past tense. Then the kicker, he has people refusing to be scammed by him thanks to all this online exposure, and while that ticks him off it makes me smile. He is directly giving us credit for not being able to get more victims of his scams thanks to the continual exposure. Ahhh but yeah, he is tacking on all this reputation damage to his lawsuits. I think even he knows just how scared we are of his litigious desires by now.

Then its always fun to do a lemming check and see how they respond to bill...besides the usual hero worship and the "all you need is a juicer" claims.....we get this:

Nancy Evans Figat Bill I know you doubt me.But..My gut rarely fails me. Those Cyberstalkers, are my ex.and his many fake profiles.Talking to eachother.I am soo tuned on to everything.I KNOW the lingo, I know his writing on the court docs you posted.They match my court documents, and many deed transfers and mortgage sats..He has court access, across US A.Crime ring is huge.He is signing for the judges, cops even doctors.Of course there is a reason. 4 hours ago · Like Nancy Evans Figat I am going to out those Yappys, Snordgrass psycho with Disasociative Identity Disorder.These are alters.They get on my Facebook page all the time.Have to unfriend non people..they are just profiles. 4 hours ago · Like Nancy Evans Figat He really has declined so much that, he has nothingbettertodotoday.He is the fatty, the pervert, fraudster and conman.COUNTER TRANSFERENCE. He sees his shortcomings in others, always did. 4 hours ago · Like

Ahhh, now there is an idea. Since Bill won't pay attention to our issues, lets claim that our problems are also Bill's problems. Sure, why not, when you spend your entire life making things up on the fly, what is to stop you from making a claim like that? This is the umpteenth time some certifiable lunatic has decided that everyone that posts here must all be the same person with split personalities. It must be difficult for all of Bills followers to have to come here to get their updates. Reality is like sunshine to zombies.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Bill Windsor's Tall Tale Gets Him A Stay of Execution

Even though his life was supposedly in danger as he had cracked his skull and was bleeding from his ear, Windsor was still somehow able to rush his version of the dog ate my homework excuse up to the appellate court in Montana.  Yes, never mind that all the roads were icy and shut down. Never mind that he was supposedly in the hospital as they performed multiple cat scams to check from brain damage.  No no, that can wait, first thing is first he must submit his lie to court so that he can get extra time to develop his new lies.

The reality is that Windsor has so many vexatious cases going right now he can't keep them all straight. While he was busy trying to subpoena a cookie in Kansas, he forgot that his answer to Boushie's motion for dismissal was due.  That is when it became imperative to hit his head on the ice.  And his lie paid off, he was able to buy an extra two weeks in Montana which is now due on the 20th.  Its funny how kids break in to his car and only take his laptop, or his slips on ice right before he is due to answer in court.  Once we look at his life we can see that this is only par for the course.  Windsor has been lying to take advantages of loopholes in our legal system all his adult life.  In fact, that may be the only thing he is really good at doing.

But reality won't be delayed forever.  Extra time won't give him that hidden cookie recipe he so craves. Even with the extra two weeks the clock will run out and he won't be able to give the Montana court a compelling reason not to dismiss the case.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bill Windsor Takes a Dive

Its not easy being a vexatious litigant.  Bill Windsor checked in today with his new story that he had fallen on ice and cracked his skull.  Yes with looming mental exams on the horizon, Windsor has decided to beat his detractors to the punch and declare himself not right in the head.  Even though everyone was told to shelter in place, Bill thought it was his American duty to venture out and see if it was safe to travel to the local Golden Corral.  Now his lemmings must once again pray for (or to?) their messiah as he will not be able to make it to his upcoming court dismissals.

BILL WINDSOR IS ALIVE, BUT HE SUFFERED A FRACTURED SKULL ON DECEMBER 6, 2013. are we talking to ourselves in third person now?
I slipped and fell on some ice. I hit my head how can anyone who feels themselves falling not put their hands out to brace themselves and protect their head?. I started bleeding from my right ear maybe your ear just had enough of listening to your lies. I was taken to the Emergency Room by a fire department ambulance wasting tax payer dollars again. Several cat scans and all types of tests were run, and I was diagnosed with Basal _______ Skull Fracture that extends to my right jaw.
I was transferred to another hospital that has a neurosurgeon on duty at all times you should have gone to the vet, hospitals are for real people. More tests, more cat scans to eliminate neck and spinal cord involvement. Diagnosis confirmed.
I can't hear out of my right ear....not yet known if the hearing will come back it matters little though because I only hear what I want to anyway. I feel like a truck hit me I can see how your fat ass hitting the pavement might feel like that, constant headache, blurred vision didn't you complain about this before?. But I am told that I am very lucky to have avoided brain damage ohhh I would get a second opinion on that.
It is hard for me to sit here and type oh you are such a trooper, doing this just for the poor little lemmings, but I will update all of you wonderful people regularly. "wonderful people" did you hear that? That means he is going to be looking for donations again, fire up the paypal accounts, Windsor fell on his ass
NEVER WALK ON ICE. NEVER. thanks, but I already knew that, you skate on ice

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, bully.

By NBTDT (Title by Tim Field Foundation)

The beginning purpose of this blog was to give people interested in the activities of an on-line bully a place to sort out fact from fiction through factual discussion of related events and sharing opinions. Over time our cause evolved into discussion to find the truth about other on-line personalities that claim their activities serve the public’s interest and the greater good. In searching for the truth, it is necessary to voice your own and consider the opinions of other people. An opinion is defined as:

 1. A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof

 2. A judgment based on special knowledge or given by an expert

 3. A judgment or estimation of the merit of a person or thing

 4. The prevailing view, i.e. public opinion.

 5. Law A formal statement by a court or other adjudicative body of the legal reasons and principles for the conclusions of the court.

Those contributors that are interested in nothing but the truth of a matter always separate fact from opinion and always support their facts and the basis for their opinions. As always happens when there is more than one person involved in anything, differences of opinion arise. The ability to handle an opinion different than our own is necessary for finding the truth and for personal growth. Contributors interested in the truth and personal growth can be identified by these behaviors in addressing differences:

 · Stays focused on the issue, not the other person

 · Keeps an open mind, seeks to understand different views

 · Never says the other person is wrong based on his/her personal perspective

 · Seeks a way to learn from the difference

 · Avoids arrogance and stubbornness

 · Thinks critically and re-thinks a position

 · Patience, makes it easy for the other person to re-think position

 · Respects the other person, leaves emotion (especially anger) out of it

 · If there cannot be agreement, parties agree to disagree then walk away from the topic

Those contributors that can manage different opinions do so and have become valuable members of this group. Contributors and personalities we’ve followed that cannot support their statements and/or lack ability to manage different opinions resort to bullying. The bullies will not recognize themselves in the information provided below. The information is to assist potential victims in recognizing bullying tactics so that a bully can be spotted more quickly and engagement avoided more easily.

The Tim Field Foundation published a paper in which one of the rules of dealing with bullies is to understand why people bully. According to an article in “Yourself Series”, there are 4 basic reasons why people cyber-bully:

1) Revenge. In this case, people who bully feel they are righting wrongs or protecting other people. Usually these people do not see themselves as bullies.

2) Power. In this case, people who bully are trying to show others how powerful they are. They want to make others do what they want and have control over them. They want others to be fearful of them.

3) Entertainment. Sadly, some people find bullying others entertaining. They think embarrassing others is funny. Usually these people Cyber-bully in groups, such as at a slumber party, or on a sports team outing. Having an audience is part of what makes this type of Cyber-bully fun.

4) Stupidity. Did we really just write that? Stupidity in this case means being unaware of your actions. Bullies in this category just respond to emails and postings without thinking, and thus, often inadvertently hurt other people. They click before they think.

Next it’s important to identify common traits and behaviors of a cyber-bully, which according to the Tim Field Foundation, are:

 1. Jekyll & Hyde personality:

-charming with peers and superiors, vicious and vindictive in private and to victims

 -possessed of an exceptional verbal facility and will out maneuver most people in verbal interaction, especially at times of conflict

 -unusually skilled in being able to anticipate what people want to hear and then saying it plausibly cannot be trusted or relied upon

 -highly manipulative, especially of people's perceptions and emotions (eg guilt)

 -often has an overwhelming, unhealthy and narcissistic attention-seeking need to portray themselves as a wonderful, kind, caring and compassionate person, in contrast to their behavior and treatment of others; the bully sees nothing wrong with their

2. Exploits the trust and needs of organizations and individuals, for personal gain

 -self-opinionated and displays arrogance, audacity, a superior sense of entitlement and sense of invulnerability and untouchability

 -take risks that others would regard as foolhardy

 -often act out of gratification and self-interest only

 -As leaders they are autocratic and dictatorial. Most of their actions, most of the time, are dictated by self-interest, self-aggrandizement and self-preservation

 -If crossed or unwittingly criticized, bullies can hold grudges for long periods and act on them late

 -behavior and chooses to remain oblivious to the discrepancy between how they like to be seen and how they are seen by others

 -has a deep-seated contempt of clients in contrast to his or her professed compassion

 -is a control freak and has a compulsive need to control everyone and everything you say, do, think and believe; for example, will launch an immediate personal attack attempting to restrict what you are permitted to say if you start talking knowledgeably about psychopathic personality or antisocial personality disorder in their presence - but aggressively maintains the right to talk (usually unknowledgeable) about anything they choose

 3. Convincing Liar

-Makes up anything to fit their needs at that moment; excels at deception and should never be underestimated in their capacity to deceive

-using gossip, back-stabbing and falsehood to undermine and discredit targets and others

-Background checks may reveal that their qualifications, experience, titles, entitlements or affiliations are ambiguous, misleading, or false.

-distorting, twisting and fabricating criticisms and allegations to justify implementing a disciplinary procedure

-criticize someone for doing something, and then do it themselves

4. Damages the health and reputations of organizations and individuals

-holds deep prejudices (eg against the opposite gender, people of a different sexual orientation, other cultures and religious beliefs, foreigners, etc)

-Serial bullies detest anyone more competent or popular than themselves, serial bullies despise anyone who enables others to see through their deception and their mask of sanity

-undermines and destroys anyone who the bully perceives to be an adversary, a potential threat, or who can see through the bully's mask

-is adept at creating conflict between those who would otherwise collate incriminating information about them

-A serial bully will not consider any boundaries when it comes to attacking his target. If the target does not bend to the serial bully’s will, the serial bully will go after others who matter to the target including the target’s children. When this happens, the serial bully sees nothing wrong with his or her behavior

-where a serial bully sees opportunity for himself or herself, he or she capitalizes on issues in order to gain attention for himself or herself. In other words, the serial bully thoroughly enjoys exploiting others’ misadventures, suffering and/or grief as a vehicle for personal gain. Examples would be misappropriating Twitter hashtags to attack someone the serial bully has targeted for cyber mobbing.

-provoking a target into giving an emotional or irrational response, and then seizing on it as evidence of the target's impropriety

5. Reacts to criticism with Denial, Retaliation, Feigned Victimhood
-refuses to be specific and never gives a straight answer

-is evasive and has a Houdini-like ability to escape accountability, when called to account, immediately and aggressively denies everything, then counter-attacks with distorted or fabricated criticisms and allegations; if this is insufficient, quickly feigns victimhood,

-may pursue a vindictive vendetta against anyone who dares to hold them accountable, perhaps using others' resources to attack his target, and will be contemptuous of the damage caused to other people and organizations in pursuance of the vendetta

-sometimes displays a seemingly limitless demonic energy especially when engaged in attention-seeking activities or evasion of accountability

-Those with average or below average verbal skills will still attempt to get out of trouble by lying or deliberately missing the point

6. Blames Victims

 -When something goes wrong, the bully will instinctively blame someone else before accepting responsibility.

-Bullies will make (or persuade others to make) decisions that are extremely damaging to other people, without the slightest concern for the effects of the damage on the person affected; any damage incurred is the fault of the target who would not yield to the serial bully’s demands

Common Intellectual traits are:

-is emotionally retarded with an arrested level of emotional development; whilst language and intellect may appear to be that of an adult, the bully displays the emotional age of a five-year-old

-exhibits unusual and inappropriate attitudes to sexual matters, sexual behavior and bodily functions

-Some have been described as being like a real life "Walter Mitty" (an ineffectual person who indulges in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs)

-loudly profess some religious belief or affiliation, but have none of the requisite qualities of a believer or affiliate

-The bully may be unable to maintain confidentiality, but breaches it with misrepresentation, distortion and fabrication

-They are emotionally untrustworthy

-Their writing style may be disjointed, lacking flow and consistency, tending to be filled with contradictory statements.

-They seem unaware that listeners do not all appreciate lies, ridiculous propositions, tasteless comments, malicious gossip and sick jokes that come out in the process

-typically have poor interpersonal and social skills, and miss even the most obvious social cues

-Important and urgent tasks can be jeopardized while the bully fusses - and forces others to fuss - over trivia.

Introvert Bullies, the most dangerous types:

They tend to sit in the background and recruit others to do the bullying for them. Become alert to provocation. It could be called "The Baiting Game". A provocative comment is made and those who respond spontaneously in irritation (eg non-assertively) are then encouraged to engage in conflict with those who respond without irritation (eg assertively). The provoker watches, waits and stirs the pot with the occasional additional provocation.

Ok, now that we know why and how a bully behaves, how do we avoid them and what do we do about them to preserve our right to peace in discussing relevant events and issues?

The number one rule is: don't respond, don't interact and don't engage. It's a natural response to want to defend yourself, and to put the person right. However, never argue with a serial bully; it's not a mature adult discussion, but like dealing with a child or immature teenager; whilst the serial bully may be an adult on the outside, on the inside they are like a child who's never grown up - and probably never will. Serial bullies and harassers often have disordered thinking patterns and do not share the same thoughts or values as you.

The sixth rule in Mr. Field’s list is the second on mine. Become an observer. Although you may be the target of the cyber-bully's anger, you can train yourself to act as an observer. This takes you out of the firing line and enables you to study the perpetrator and collect evidence (keep copies of all e-mail and posts). When people use bullying behaviors they project their own weaknesses, failings and shortcomings on to others. In other words, they are telling you about themselves by fabricating an accusation based on something they themselves have done wrong. Whenever you receive a flame mail or hate mail, train yourself to instinctively ask the question, "What is this person revealing about themselves this time?"

And finally, the lesson Bill Windsor should have learned: Sometimes refusing to respond and engage will result in the cyberbully losing interest and going off to find someone easier to torment. Sometimes though, especially if there has been interaction in the past, the cyberbully is so obsessed that s/he cannot and will not let go. You will have to make that person let go, but only through swift, hard, legal action, and only when the time is right. Don't deal with the abuser yourself (this encourages bullies and stalkers), use a third party such as a solicitor.