Monday, March 25, 2013

Vexatious Bill Prepares for Court

So Billy is getting back to his roots, the thing he does best.....tie up a court room with frivolous motions and filings.  After all, this is his calling card.  Over the weekend, over 1,600 people received a surprise email from Billy.  Many of them might have thought they were finally going to get an update on this movie they thought they filmed for.  Nope, its a pleading from Bill to anyone who will listen to perjure themselves on behalf of Bill.  And you would figure the stakes must be pretty high for him to take a step such as this, right?  Well no its just for the temporary restraining order filed by Allie.  Ohhhh, so who cares?  Most of the nomral people would ask.  Well apparently its life or death for Billy and his lemmings and they have sent out a rally around the pie call all across the lawless nation.

Here is the avidavit Bill sent out pleading with his followers to fill it out:

I am writing to ask a personal favor.  There are a lot of people trying to interfere with Lawless America...The Movie.  I anticipate that I will be in court many times.  I definitely will be in court on April 8, and I am emailing to ask you to send me an affidavit for use at that time.

You may have read on Facebook that I experienced a first in my 64 1/2 years this week.

At 10 pm on March 20, 2013, a sheriff appeared at our front door.  I was served with an Adult Abuse/Stalking Ex Parte Order of Protection.

This is the first time I have ever had the police come to see me or indicate that I might have ever done anything illegal (other than traffic tickets) in my entire life.  I have never been arrested, charged with, or convicted of a crime.  I have never been in a jail or prison except as a visitor.  I haven't even had a traffic ticket or parking ticket in over 12 years.

The complaints against me by Allie Overstreet include that I have "bought a gun for use on a group of people."  She has made one lie after another under penalty of perjury.

The complaint against me is attached.  I also enclose a format that you can use for an affidavit, if you choose to provide one.  I have heard that Sean Boushie (the original stalker) is planning to be there to testify for Allie.  Two liars against one honest man can be devastating.  I don’t know that anyone will come to be there to testify for me, so I thought affidavits would be the next best thing.

If you want to provide an affidavit, please revise the template that I have provided to be in your words and address whatever you know about or feel.  Feel free to express your thoughts on whether I go around threatening people with a gun, what I do to help children and families, what you have read on the website or Facebook about threats against me, and anything else.

If possible, get the affidavit notarized.  If that’s a problem, just sign it and forget the notary page.  Please mail to: Bill Windsor, 3924 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta, GA 30068.  I will be leaving for Missouri as early as April 2, so please handle this right away.

If you have a scanner, I would also appreciate a scanned copy by email.  Please email to

If you are anywhere near Lexington, Missouri on Monday April 8, 2013 at 1 pm, please join me in Courtroom B of the Circuit Court of Lafayette County.

Thank you for your consideration,


CASE NO. 13LF-CV00289

Allie L. Overstreet                               §        IN THE CIRCUIT COURT
          Plaintiff                                     §
v.                                                       §        15TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT
William M. Windsor                            §
Defendant                                 §        LAFAYETTE COUNTY, MISSOURI

I, _______________________________________, the undersigned, hereby declare under penalty of perjury:
I am over the age of 21, am competent to testify, and have personal knowledge of the matters stated herein.  I provide his affidavit to be used in this matter and in any other legal proceeding.
I have been actively involved with William M. Windsor (“Mr. Windsor”) and Lawless America.
Lawless America’s website shows that it is a news outlet – magazine, radio, TV, and documentary films.  I believe Mr. Windsor has been involved in the media for most of his business career.
I have known Mr. Windsor since approximately ______________.
I know Allie L. Overstreet (“Allie”) through our involvement with Mr. Windsor and Lawless America.
I have read the complaint filed against William M. Windsor by Allie L. Overstreet.
I read the website, read the Lawless America and Bill Windsor Facebook pages, listen to the Lawless America TalkShoe online radio show, and I have been at events with Mr. Windsor.
I have never seen or heard anything from Mr. Windsor that in any way would be classified as “stalking” parents.
Mr. Windsor has informed me and others that he purchased a gun for protection.  I have read threats against Mr. Windsor that have been posted on Facebook and reported online.  I have never read or heard anything from Mr. Windsor that would be considered bragging about a gun.
Based upon my knowledge of the Lawless America and Bill Windsor Facebook pages, listen to the Lawless America TalkShoe online radio show, and events I have attended with Mr. Windsor, he has never threatened Allie L. Overstreet or anyone else.  Mr. Windsor has regularly made it clear that he and Lawless America are non-violent.
Mr. Windsor has stated online that Allie is a liar, and I know that she has lied as well.
Mr. Windsor did not “threaten” to show up at Allie L. Overstreet’s April 1 hearing, he simply said he was going to go there and try to film.  Mr. Windsor has expressed that he now knows that Allie is a liar, and he feels the court needs to know it.  Mr. Windsor has made it very clear to everyone that he has zero tolerance for liars.  One of his primary objectives with Lawless America…The Movie is to expose liars all over America, liars who have lied in court to cheat the opposing party.
Mr. Windsor has not asked me to stalk Allie, and I do not believe he would ever ask anyone to stalk another.  Mr. Windsor is the victim of terrible harassment and stalking.
I have read the Lawless America website very carefully, and Mr. Windsor has never published that he has bought a gun for use on a group of people.  I believe this is a horrible case of perjury by Allie in an effort to smear Mr. Windsor’s name and attempt to get him in trouble for something he never did.  I believe Mr. Windsor is way too smart and way too decent to ever threaten anyone with a gun.
I have never seen anything published by Mr. Windsor to show Allie’s kids address. 

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed this _____ day of March 2013.


   (Printed Name)


   Personally appeared before me, the undersigned Notary Public duly authorized to administer oaths, ______________________________, who after being duly sworn deposes and states that she is authorized to make this verification on behalf of herself and that the facts alleged in the foregoing VERIFIED COMPLAINT are true and correct based upon her personal knowledge, except as to the matters herein stated to be alleged on information and belief, and that as to those matters she believes them to be true.
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct based upon my personal knowledge.
This ______ day of _________________, 2013.


Sworn and subscribed before me this _______ day of ______________, 2013.



  1. Mr. Windsor did not “threaten” to show up at Allie L. Overstreet’s April 1 hearing, he simply said he was going to go there and try to film. Mr. Windsor has expressed that he now knows that Allie is a liar, and he feels the court needs to know it.

    So he is getting everyone too said, YES he did say he was going to the courthouse..... For whatever the reason is, this is a confession and his Dumb people are helping him go to Jail....

    1. Here, this comment goes with Anon's "dumb people" comment. LOL

      Candy Fletcher Bill I got your email and will do as much as I can here to help out...I need to look up the word "affidavit".....

    2. She needs to look up the word? bwahaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha

    3. I think that may make the top 10 all time dumbest lemming statements

    4. She should also look up the word "perjury"

    5. LMAO Bob!! *high five*

    6. ROTF Bob Lookout....too funny.
      Now he has been in the media for his entire career? What ever happened to selling boat ride tickets?
      Just when I think Windsor cannot possibly become more insane....he does!

    7. I have a quick question.

      Wasn't Bill forbidden by a judges order, to file any more lawsuits?

      That's what attracted to the man in the first place.

      I had never heard of anyone pissing off a judge to the point that they actually forbid someone from every filing again.

      That's quite a distinction.

    8. ROFLMAO --- omg seriously I have now heard it all..
      top 10 indeed!
      Yes dear look up PERJURY

      Seriously, It was his posts and threats and calling on all lemmings to stalk, harass and show up at Allies Custody hearing that he was going to film to intimidate her and support the abuser - that I saw and what I actually was responding too..

      Allie, I can be called as witness.

    9. hey Jeff, yeah he is legally tagged as a vexatious litigant. I had never heard of such a thing until him. But after reading through his thousands of frivolous fillings and motions you can understand why they had to do it.

      He can still file, but in GA and in theory anywhere else, he must post a $50,000 bond which he could lose if its found to be frivolous.

    10. Hi! Jeff! I'm glad you came! You & your wife can sit by me & Yaps~


  2. OMG, that is more than a " template"
    Holy shit, Bill goes beyond the pale, big time.

    1. I agree. In fact, I'd say it's subordination of perjury, IMHO.

    2. I believe Mr. Windsor is way too smart and way too decent to ever threaten anyone with a gun.


    3. Ok he has provided a witness statement t with proposed language. Everyone talks to witnesses and tries to form testimony. Since you are accusing bw of crimes can you refer to any actual statements by bw that show his proposed statement is a lie? Not just that you believe he is lying but actual contradictory writings videos etc. that should be sent to the court

    4. This is new territory for the most of us but do try to keep up.

    5. I can. And I will. In court. Period.

    6. LOL, oh Bill you really should proof read...and probably should not ask others to commit perjury.

      And Bill, there are screen shots to show what you are and have been up to. LMAO- you really are special aren't you?

      And Bill, you are not news media in any way shape or form. You should read up on how well that worked out for Joey. And possibly you should follow your own advice and read your own website. You have asked people to stalk others, and you have posted asking for personal information for people like their SS# DL# and employment information to be found for you to use.

      You have crossed so many lines so many times, you don't even understand what it is you have done to earn a TRO. It's not your first rodeo, and I think you need a timeout to contemplate what it is you have done to yourself.

    7. not to mention the screen shots where he threatens us with his Desert Eagle handgun. His minions forgot to delete those pages fast enough.

    8. lol, he deleted a bunch from his website, and some of the posts on fb too. Oh silly pie man, the internet is forever...and there are screen shots to prove it ya tool.

  3. So Bill was going to a Court House to
    observe a hearing, so what ?
    But, was he a witness to testify to
    anything of relevance which was the reason, purpose
    of the hearing ?
    Called by who, any party ..?
    Surely, Debbie in Maine was not his
    attorney, just because she blabbers she is
    a kick ass Marine, who is psyc- ops.
    Seems like Bill is raising more
    issues on his intentions in
    things : Lexington and the administration
    of justice .

    1. Fragnon, it's not "so what". He wasn't just going to listen to a hearing. He said he would testify against Allie, and for her ex, who he HAS contacted.

      I get that you like to post funny things, but this is about a mad man, trying to interfere with a child's life. It's not funny.

      There are two separate hearings going on here. This one, is part of the reason for the RO.

  4. So, he has in his possession a Temporary Restraining Order from her. (Basically a STFU and leave me the hell alone, and the Judge agrees order) He goes and not only posts everything on the www site, including her address, phone, etc. he also sends out 1600 emails with her name, asking everyone to call her a liar.

    I pray the Judge isn't as lenient as the MOM Judge. This assclown deserves a stiff Judgment, that he can not manipulate and file endless harassing frivolous motions.

    1. So he will be doing the notaries for the others who just sign the statements? This guy is funny. Predictio here is he will serve at least 30 days in jail

    2. Oh good point Sean, he said he is a notary didn't he? And if not, he probably has one or two on his "team"

    3. Here is the problem with jail he hasn't been subjected to the courts jurisdiction until he stupidly goes to the hearing and accepts the courts jurisdiction. Spo he can't be in contempt until he is under the courts jurisdiction. I'm sure you won't like that but he isn't a resident of that state. Please don't analogue to criminal matters they are different. Now once he shows up. Stupidly. He then can be jailed if he violates the actual RO. Not the ex parte a properly written and ordered ex parte RO can only preserve the status quo the present situation

    4. LOL, yes Anon 2:24, you are right, he is going into this court and it's jurisdiction in order to respond. Is there any doubt he will continue to harass Allie until then? He has been served, and is already skirting with violations to a legally served order.

      I need to look up the interstate RO's and see if he has a loophole. Thing is, once he is in court, he will open his mouth...yeah, it won't be pretty how deep he steps into proving he is actually going to keep on violating the order.

      Bill has already provided all the documentation of his actions, and his intentions. Going to that court is a mistake for Bill.

    5. THAT TRO is in full effect NOW and he has violated every which way from Face Palm Sunday. This is not going to end well for him as he might think and it's only the beginning on what is in store for him.

    6. I Heart Roo! (and everything you just said to Anon)

    7. Asking a third party..or in this case many third intervene on his behalf is a violation of the TRO. I hope this piece of cow pie spends some quality time in the local jail

    8. No where did I it wasn't "in effect" However a Court has to get personal jurisdiction over you If you live in another state you are not subject to its jurisdiction but BW is going to help them out and travel to the state and waive the jurisdictional issue additionally a proper restraining order can only restrain a person from changing the current status quo the present condition of the facts so it legally should be dont destroy your website comments emails etc and if enough "violence" is alleged dont come near me but it would not be dont say anything about me it might say dont say anything false about me but then we get into who is lying etc I realize as the arbiters of truth you know it is BW who is lying but believe it or not the court has a harder time the fact is unless he comes near her with a gun he is under no threat of jail sorry

    9. He is asking for support for his statements unless he asks them to commit violence again I understand the arbiters have determined he is lying It will come down to he says she says Unfortunately i would think BW would bring all the stories here which are different but not unlike BW's crap and i would expect that Allie will be restrained from specifically talking about BW here get ready for this blog to be a part of billy's defense just saying i have noticed mucho silencio from Allie recently (which Allie is a good thing)

    10. Sorry, but you are wrong. Jurisdiction is not at issue here. It is always with the party applying. But, since you don't believe us, here it is in Bill's own words.

      Darlene Keeton Dreisch How does Missouri have any jurisdiction at over Bill?

      Lawless America Missouri's protective order law allows someone to have venue where THEY live.

      AND this is actually funny that he would say that since he has violated it, he can't say he didn't know. So double Booya Billy Whammie.

    11. well that's incorrect Missouri has no power over someone who is not a resident its just wrong inorder to enforce it in another state they have to get it ordered in the state of origin then file it in the other state for enforcement which then allows BW to contest it there unless he appears in the original state. also i read the RO its a stay away order and do not contact so its very unlikely that any of his actions are violations especially in light of Allie posting about him but again you miss the point BW is accepting jurisdiction and he will be told to stay away and not talk about her possibly that's it also Allie will probably be told the same

    12. Yes MO does have power. I had a Protection Order while in hiding in MO. against My Abuser x who lived in KS.

      When I moved back to KS. the Local Police had the ORDER entered into the NCI data base. NATIONAL. Mostly bc they thought I would be killed and could quickly go after killer, vs waiting to call during business hours.

      Apparently it means something.

    13. Claudine there is a world of difference between a Protective order and a restraining order. a protective order is based upon actual violence and requires a much more extensive hearing and is quasi criminal. a restraining order is the civil version and is not an order to all law enforcement departments wherever and even you acknowledged that it had to be a national data base i am in no way siding with BW but to truly analyze this you have to get a grasp of the actual process or you are just like BW making up how it works

    14. Ok Anon, go to his website and read the order. She has an ex parte Order of Protection. In it, there is a list of stuff he is not to do, which he has clearly violated

    15. ahhh I see. I have only been on the one end So thanks for clarifying.

    16. exactly my point Ninja everyone throws out terms that they do not fully understand and then draw conclusions from the wrong facts i was responding to the facts submitted here, I should know better than that Its a stalking order of protection ex parte meaning only Allie gave facts and stalking from couple of hundred miles very weak without proximity or actual violence or threats of harm
      His potential violations only matter after he was served so ninja specify what he did after the date of service
      i believe again that BW is submitting to jurisdiction of the Court and that BW and Allie will be ordered to have no contact how the Court deals with online stuff is difficult and also impinges on their first amendment rights

    17. Wanna bet MOFO?? What is so fucking hard about leaving someone alone?? I mean really?! So someone files a order of protection against him, he doesn't want anything to do with her and vice versa. This is about him being a vindictive little man.

    18. Claudine this is directly to you if you know Allie she needs to have the emails, copies of the fake postings, copies of the publishing of the addresses copies of everything she mentioned in the petition or she will risk getting drummed out of Court. she cant just rely on her saying she read it she has to show the copies of each thing she referenced

    19. not sure what that means anon 931 I just got blocked too cogent What happened at the hearing today at 1pm

    20. you dont seem vindictive at all anon 931

    21. Anon 9:27 I am sorry if I or anyone else used the improper terminology for the order. It has been written both ways, and most everyone on here read the actual order he put up after he was served, which is what we were basing our statement on.

      You, chose to only focus on the words, and didn't investigate what he posted. Which is strange, because most people that post on here, verify what they read with what he has posted.

      I believe you are still missing very precise points of the order, but we will all see what happens in court.

    22. thats why everyone stated it was a restraining order good research. even someone called hmmmm Ninja "So, he has in his possession a Temporary Restraining Order " It was only when I noted the difference between a protective order and a restraining order that you had an aha moment. So I guess you are acknowledging my point that too many people here do not understand the terms they are using and the distinction in those terms. Also the stuff he posted only indicates it is a protective order. i already admitted that it was my bad for actually relying on anything that people researched here like you. lasr point the order says the hearing was today

    23. Wow, you are a bitter angry person. I was clarifying the wrong terminology used in the comment (clarify again that the word "statement" I used was the wrong wording) only because you are fixated on whether or not there was Jurisdiction. I don't give a rats ass if it's a restraining order or a protective order. It's an order signed by a Judge telling Pie Hole not to do things he is still doing.

      And no, it wasn't the ahha moment. I read what it was, but I wrote the wrong thing. BFD You just feel stupid because we all read it, but you didn't.

    24. ROFLMAO Angry much ninja... ha ha you stupidly used a term you did not understand I admitted to believing that you were intelligent enough to know the difference my mistake. If you had read it you would not have called it a restraining order. don't try to cover your tracks now you are just proving that you are stupid and angry. I asked what things he has done since the 20th has he called her or emailed her or gone to her house? I'm not entirely clear that calling allie a liar on the internet is a violation
      Just to reiterate I do feel stupid for relying on you for information, you obviously are too stupid to be relied upon for hmmm the weather or even the day of the week maybe the time of day no not even that LMAO

    25. Yes Anon, actually I am angry. Angry at myself for even trying to clarify anything to you. You don't deserve any information from me or anyone. And since you keep going, your obsession with me is kind of telling who you are.

    26. Its no doubt that you are angry when you are caught in your own stupidity and then try to lie your way out of it its frustrating for people like you. You are caught up and can't even read what is actually said and no you donot know me nor am I affiliated with you or lawless You did not clarify anything you exposed the fundamental flaw here you do not know what you are talking about and do not care what the facts are lmao

    27. That your best shot ninny? next time know what your doing oops reading and have someone explain it to you so you don't make an ass out of your aelf


    I hope we are all adult enough, wiccan or not, to recognize a witchhunt when we see it.

    1. Especially when as adults we learn the witch hunts were not about little girls playing around with love potions. This was about grown men and property rights, and the prejudice women faced when they were single or elderly and the only women in town who could legally own land. Billy's need to blame someone else for his own failures and as he says at the bottom of his kill list--reap financial gain--to pay off his MOM problems no doubt, couldn't serve much better as a modern parallel.

    2. Blessed Be LNM
      I'm not Wiccan, my husband is, but many of us here have been accused of being witches.

    3. ya, he accused me of being a witch so for that reason I made this video a while back, however it's only for comedy....


  6. Well, most don't know why Bill might
    be called as a witness, by who,
    and what real knowledge he has on
    that .
    I never said anything was " funny",
    on that.
    Please don't plant words in people's
    I am not inside the Allie- Bill - ex Hubby
    I never said a thing about that was
    " funny".
    That is the problem, people make up stuff, and
    attribute it to others .

    1. I am not putting words in your mouth, but you make light of hearing by what you say as in "so what."
      It has been written here several times that Bill has contacted the ex. So, in that, it would be the ex calling him to testify against Allie.

      I am only trying to get you to write a little less flippant.

    2. Frag, Allie was Billy's VP of Lawless and she has the 'goods' on his reality, the lies, the coverup, the hiding, you name it. If Billy can discredit Allie, then he can continue on his scamming with whatever followers he has left (not to mention the future ones). That's why he's doing this - for revenge.

      He didn't contact Allie's ex with any actual 'evidence' or personal knowledge that she's a bad mom or anything of the like. He did it after he booted her out to exact his sick revenge to control and scare her into silence. Clearly she wasn't going to cover up for him or hide what he was any longer.

    3. That man has never seen my daughter and has zero knowledge of my parenting.

  7. Well, if Bill is a witness called by who ...?
    Do you have anything to do with
    that Nija ..?
    Like this Blog is not a court house on all that.
    That is a matter in Lexington.
    You surely are not in Lexington, right .

    1. OMG why can't you just stay on one thread? why do you keep starting new ones with the same stuff?

      No, I don't have anything to do with it. Just like everyone here, we have nothing to do with it, we just want the truth to be told.

    2. Why can't we offer opinions even if we're not in Lexington? Are you against freedom of speech Frag? If so, why are you on here too? Surely you're not in Lexington right?

      I replied to you above this thread as well as Ninja.

    3. My mistake to think Fragnon wanted real answers, and not just to write some riddles. Fragnon's purpose here, seems to be, throw out senseless riddle/rhyme type crap, then move down the page. I guess it's best not to answer, cause whoever does becomes the next comment topic. No real help or information is offered from Fragnon.

    4. I think Fraggy just wants to be a rapper, and is working on the fragle rap by posting here.

    5. ahahahaha fraggle rap

      I totally forgot about Fraggle rock until you said that Oceans...hehehe

      0:35 seconds in......... Travelling free

    6. I know yappy, loved watching fraggle rock with my baby

  8. How to insult the entire state:

    Bill Windsor Have you ever had a "loose meat" sandwich? It's a specialty in this part of Missouri. That and lying.

    1. lol...I have lived in Missouri most of my life and I have heard of a loose meat sandwich except on an episode of Rosanne.

    2. LOL I think he was working on that little dig at the end, and not so much on the sandwich.

      Loved Rosanne BTW, she rocks!! Bill, not so much.

    3. Ya...his dig was stupid. No loose ANYTHING here BILLY.

  9. The .Com site is being moved today. Wonder if there will be earthshattering drama associated with it.

    Lawless America
    5 minutes ago.
    WEBSITE IS BEING MOVED TODAY is being moved from GoDaddy to a new hosting company today. the site will be down for a while.

    1. He's covering his tracks again. He obviously needs to go inside his FTP files and delete, delete delete. The endless excuses on changing servers, hosts etc is to the ridiculous level now. I wonder if Allie reported him to GoDadddy TOS? mmmmmm

    2. That thought ran through my head too yappy. If he goes in there and deletes all the articles that will support her claims, then he thinks he's in the clear. IDK but the timing in all these things is sure suspect. All of it. Oh my computer took a shit, oh look my .com site is down, then oh, I seem to be using too much's endless excuses.

    3. Ha! And now someone wants to talk about witness tampering. Wow.

    4. @LNM I agree with you, witch hunt, cult leader, all of it. He says jump, they say how high. He's sick. On the flip side, could you imagine the article he would write, if Allie was sending out affidavits for people to sign? Not one of his witnesses should be credible based on him sending out that bias, one sided dribble

    5. I hope someone has been screenscrapping his entire site including older posts. If he is deleting things this could lead to "spoilation of evidence" a big no no in criminal law.

    6. Well I'm sure a higher power than AT&T (smirk) has been watching him, but in the meantime, here's where a community of Bill watchers is handy.

  10. Off topic and not caught up with blog, but here is a link to some info about a real Sundance movie that I thought a few people here might appreciate for various reasons.

    I met this this father this weekend. A-MAZ-ING.

    1. This is amazing. I've got goose pimples. I live with horses and I have worked with a therapy riding organization since the late '90's. There is something that happens between a horse and a child with autism that transcends words. It is so spiritual, there aren't any words to explain the relationship. We have had several profoundly autistic children, without the ability to speak who learn to speak and even put entire sentences together because of their relationship with a horse. I have left many classes in tears because the transformation many children make after spending an hour on the back of a horse is so profound, there is no other way to express the feeling.

      And, OMG - talk about natural seats and great riders. I know one child that rides all gaits without hanging on, no saddle, with absolutely no fear. The horses are amazing too. Horses that would never put up with weird noises and jerking body movements from an adult or able child but will be quiet and calm all day long for an autistic child. I could go on about this all day, horses truly are one of God greatest gifts to man but even more so for those effected by autism.

    2. I knew you'd like it. ;-) I thought this was an amazing story, and the guy has a non-profit (a REAL one) where he provides services to entire families at no cost. Like say one child is autistic and gets services with the horse, but another child in the family wants Karate lessons, he facilitates those because he knows how hard it is on the other kids in the family to have some of their attention directed towards the child with special needs.

    3. That man is a true hero, he gets it. Thank you for that ray of sunshine. Very much appreciated after all this talk about Billy and his revolutionaries.

  11. Horse Boy, and the Ky green grass, and
    fields of dreams.
    So dare any ask, so what, what is its
    O Dark 30 should have won the Acd
    Awards, but a few prissy Hollywood
    Yids thought the H2O- board scenes were
    too real, after Cheney'a neocons sucked
    the U S Miltary into the MidE swamps.

    1. Hey dipshit. Not every post is for or about you. Go suck your thumb in the corner.

  12. Tap, speaking of Horses. Yap how
    far would u travel to heal, Bill.
    Are you the great healer or what ..?
    Actually, the supermarket in our area has
    autistic ones working there
    A friend of ours took their bull dog to the
    Supermarket, and the autistic kid freaked out,
    and thought the bulldog was a monster.
    He was the opposite.
    Some only see the bad in things like Bill,
    their world is warped, and he brings that out
    in others via a projection dynamics,
    so reflected in Cyber spaces.
    Yeah, the warped world view of the
    Human species.

    1. it's not hard to see the warped in you

  13. I am wondering in he is running his page now,

  14. So if Bill is not planting cyber bait, who
    is ...?
    Yeah, who ?

  15. Hickory Dickory Dock
    Fragnon is a block

    It writes some rhymes
    takes up our time

    scrolling past
    this annoying ass

    that has found this blog
    and is a posting hog

    offering no sense of hope
    this Fragnon will ever cope

    with the real comments we write
    Fragnon just wants to be trite

    1. Ninja,

      I second your sentiment and hope Frag et al will get blocked soon.

    2. I think "they" GS n company tried but Frag kept changing the last few digits of it's IP, maybe that's a mobile issue you can't prevent? I dunno. Any suggestions Sluggo?

  16. What about this part "Mr. Windsor has stated online that Allie is a liar, and I know that she has lied as well."

    1. bingo, this is where he wants them to perjure themselves on behalf of him. But hey, he is Bill and he never tells a lie so it can't be perjury right?

    2. It pushes credability that anyone who's been around long enough to know Allie would agree to other statements made in it. I love the part about them having read his website carefully and then he takes down the site.

    3. It's definitely what he wants them to say and he is definitely coaching them. Has Allie never lied? Do they believe she is a liar? At this point he is asking if they agree with him and writing up a script.

  17. can you imagine the defense of these people if they were ever to be questioned by the judge:
    So how do you know she has lied as well?
    well judge because I seen it on fb.
    Judge asks ok, were you involved in the immediate matter
    No judge Bill told me she lied and Bill never lies
    his word is perfection

    1. exactly it was not a smart strategy on BW especially publicizing it to 1600

    2. lmao -- omg it was on FB -
      cleaning off screen now

    3. There once was a pie man from Georgia
      Who was accused of being a forger
      He went to DC
      Deserae sat on his knee
      He hoped his wife could afford her © ™ ®

  18. No your focus is all misplaced.
    It is what Allie filed in a court,
    Then, all of N's crap is just jack
    Up bull.
    N is a total bull shooter as bad as Bully
    A real judge will cut through the fog.
    N just don't get it, what a stupid shit .
    How do u like the Jap cell phone
    Button , zap, wrap, , warp speed.
    U all baited Allie, shame on u.
    You all are master- batters.
    Shame on u, and your Tex B S in
    a cyber twisted zone .

  19. @GS, I have a dumb Question....... what is the symbol called on the address line before http.... and do you know what the New Lawless America. com symbol is?

    1. when I pull it up there isn't a symbol, does your's look like a lock?

    2. like a A with dots going around it.....

    3. I dont know what that is then

    4. half way around and the dots are bigger to smaller.... that why is I knew the name I could google the sysmbol and see who it is

    5. the A is Blue and the dots are green.... the site is very slow

    6. A blue pyramid/triangle shape with green dots going counterclockwise bigger to smaller~ is what I'm seeing~

    7. Joomla? webhosting? is that correct?

    8. It might be called a Favicon
      Some sites have their own, like this BlogSpot ^^^

      If you can figure out what company uses that, it will tell you who his new webmaster is.

    9. Ya, Petunia, you are right, at the bottom of his .com it says Joomla.

      Some people can make their own Favicon designs to go with their website.

    10. Joomia, build the page I do not think they host it


  20. Shouldn't he heed this earlier advise - in particular, this part - "Since, by your own admission, you are an “information content provider” under the Communications Decency Act, you and your company are not afforded immunity from this defamatory posting."?

    Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 5:22 PM
    Subject: RE: xxxxxxx: Fax sent November 14

    Mr. Windsor,

    If you truly have photographs, please send me a copy so I can discuss them with my client. As for the First Amendment protections, they do not come without qualifications. Since, by your own admission, you are an “information content provider” under the Communications Decency Act, you and your company are not afforded immunity from this defamatory posting. Allowing
    this posting to continue not only effects my client, but also his young daughter. Neither my client nor myself care about your “movie,” and neither my client nor myself consent to being a
    part thereof. Attempting to disparage my firm and the judges involved as well will not serve any legitimate purpose. I take it from your comments that you have no intent to remove this
    defamatory posting, and, further, that you intend to use this in your “movie,” despite the information you have been provided. If such is the case, then I will have no alternative but to
    advise my client to proceed accordingly. I strongly urge you to reconsider and remove this posting from your site, from YouTube, and from your potential “movie.”

    XXXXX Street

  21. Since lawless America is a news outlet then it is public content and stalking laws don't apply. You can read Fox News all day long. I would just sue bill but have discovery of his assets first.

  22. I suggest everyone go to the lawless America Facebook site and flag it for being categorized wrongly it is not a cause or a community it's a media outlet. If we all go there and click on it they will change it

  23. Yeah, sone Esq from Calif is bringing
    up decency Acts with Bill and his
    " content"
    But, if any look at a map, Ca is not Misouri..
    Yeah, the great geographic minds from Georgia
    to Houston to Lexington .
    Not funny really,
    Is there some has goose - gander rule the
    Club house via content on high- Moon
    and warp world.
    Geez, Texas and Fem manners.

  24. I got a kick out of the parody videos on Vimeo, y'all. I think not only will the judge grant Allie the TRO but she should also file a defamation/libel/slander tort suit, and harassment and stalking charges.

  25. I'm so excited!!! I get to see 'sackless' Billy again!

  26. Is Bill a " straight" shooter. ?
    Really, This is not meant in a John
    Wayne, Rambo thriller sense.
    It is meant in the sense of his dealing
    with people in " good faith", being
    if you will " straight" with people.
    This seems to be an over- riding issue.
    But, of course, is that a 2 way street as
    to the Bill- onic, tonic, sugar Snapper, Tea
    Clad Fems from Texas to Minn,
    to Wisc to the wild side of D C South
    of K street.

    1. What would we do without these geography lessons?

  27. All I can say to Bill is get used to it.

    Also, although I saw the lemmings clamoring over their selves with the 'dog blog' by Janice Levinson and their conspiracy theories about my comments here.

    lol now that they are dis-jointed and made --again complete fools of themselves.

    I was meaning Allie's Custody Case. Thinking how dare he show up and film her custody case -- AND I learned it from Dumb-A$$ Bill's LA posts on Facebook.

    I had no idea she filed a RO on billy---

    BUT even better, lmao its really funny to watch them grab onto whatever
    Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!!

  28. LMAO- yep, he cleaned up parts of his website...looks like the hit lists with hundreds he wanted retractions from is gone. Or am I missing it?

    Too late Billy Boy, there are screen shots everywhere....ROFLMAO- way to look guilty dude!

  29. Its still there its in the top panel



    1. thanks Brannon :) I get a headache looking through is slow, you rock!!

  31. Like Ocean is the Head Judge in Missouri
    Do any live in Missouri besides
    Alli , and the Barbeque king of ribs ?
    Sure, Yap has her wild opinions
    from 800 miles away in the swamps
    of Houston.
    Does that mean she has an exclusive
    unqualified 1st Am Rights, and
    has carte blanch on her warped opinions.
    Yeah, her crude advice go chech
    with the President.
    He might have better things to do
    than get involved in some proceedings
    in Missouri, where the froth was whipped
    up by Nijna and his turtles, and the bats in
    Ft Worth area .
    Sure Hicokey Clock, and his time, and
    John Wayne and the Alamo and
    some of that ; don't mess with Texas.
    Judge P in Missoui will cut through the
    fog in little time, that Court is not
    a Calif 3 ring circus .

    1. LOL fraggle rap, there is no ocean in Missouri ;)

  32. Yeah, Oceans , Lexington is about
    1200 miles from the nearest Ocean.
    Yet, Lexington is not a Sea- Side Community.
    Yeah, beach dude Ocans, and his
    sandy Bill specials on coastal fog .

    1., you are forgetting the the 3rd coast? The Gulf of Mexico is only 835.8 miles, 12 hours, 55 minutes from Lexington, MO. I know, I know, smaller waves and tar balls on the beaches but a closer ocean none the less.

  33. Just when you thought Bill had hit the bottom of the crazy lemming barrel, you find out it was deeper than than you thought. This guy Roberto Martinez goes on and on about the 9/11 attacks, with the same old conspiracy theory. Until the end, then he goes left with a part I've never heard before - sounds like it's right out of our old friend Connie's book:


    1. Jewish Lightning? Sure, why not, sounds 'reasonable' NBTDT. I presume those buildings must have all held pedos & pedo lovers?

    2. LOL. I got lost in the transition from the CIA planted demolition charges in the buildings to the Jewish Lightening hit them. If I wasn't blocked I would have asked, well which one was it the corrupt government or Yaweh?

    3. LOL haha I would love to have seen his reply.

      It was Yahweh and oooo the man up in Alaska in jail under those horrid false accusations. Elijah I think? Blame them because you and I both know (wink wink) the CIA is not smart enough to pull that off.

    4. Is Jewish ligtning even kosher?

    5. Noooo Roo, sadly it's not. I know because it smelled just like bacon.

    6. They should have a nice tall glass of milk and a ham sandwich, they'd be more happier people if they did.

    7. .... and a regular all american hot dog.

  34. Uh, oh....Among the Wolves is throwing AMPP under the bus, it's them caused the gun stuff long before Allie's TRO. OMG, so much drama, here's part of the post.

    "AMPP has made so many blatant lies and obviously false, and misleading statements, it is a wonder they have any credibility at all. If any AMPP member were to get on the witness stand, they would have alot of explaining to do..Keep in mind AMPP has publicly declared "war" on Bill Windsor and L.A."

    1. That actually looks like it was written by their messiah himself. Some of the lemmings are great at parroting .

    2. look Lord B is part of AMPP,

    3. Whatever, jealous, vindictive and sick women. AMPP not the ONLY ones talking to LE

    4. Delilah Michael: Tell dear old Allie to come on out to Oregon and meet a real Missourian!! I may be a great grandmother, but I have never backed down from the likes of her. LOLOL

    5. It went from what is REALLY written on the TRO, to him sensationalizing on one sentence and convincing people I said he is going to shoot people, to now, that I said he TRIED to shoot a bunch of people? Where oh where did all the normal people go? My gawd,,, read the damn thing, Billy posted it everywhere online with my address and private cell number attached.

      I have been emailed that some people really are coming to my home town on my court dates with bogus affidavits in hand and a tear Allie apart attitude in their minds. omg....he has sent a friggn mob instructions to harm me. He has gone way too far. And lets not forget what it was that I did to make him so pissed...

      I called him a liar and a scammer.

    6. Im part of AMPP where at on among the shitheads does it say that?

    7. Allie, shhhhh....I should have posted the rest of it. Wolf is blame shifting away from you, let it happen.

    8. Yeah why not, we get blamed for everything else, global warming, fat fucks that eat too much pie, Iraq war, so yeah just shhhhhhhhh. smh

    9. But why would it be ok to shift the blame right back onto AMPP ? I don't understand NBTDT, what do you mean? Can you post the rest of it? Thanks

    10. My comment was re: a personal opinion about Allie making herself a target and facing Bill alone. It's harder to blame a group, AMPP quote "But as survivors we alone are a terror, together we are a HOLY terror!" Among the Wolves post was basically re-post of the link copied by Anon below.

    11. Among The Wolves
      Bill Windsor is accused of trying to shoot a group of this legit or a conspiracy to shut down L.A.?

      Here's proof the gun accusations began LONG BEFORE this protection order was filed..and these claims about the gun are false allegations made by groups who want to sabotage L.A. (and who have stalked, harassed and wage numerous other false allegations vs. Bill Windsor).

      AMPP has made so many blatant lies and obviously false, and misleading statements, it is a wonder they have any credibility at all. If any AMPP member were to get on the witness stand, they would have alot of explaining to do..Keep in mind AMPP has publicly declared "war" on Bill Windsor and L.A.

      "American Mothers Political Party: ANYONE with screen shots is encouraged to contact the FBI as I just got off the phone with them regarding this gun toting DC bound fool. PLEASE PM AMPP for email as we will ONLY give it to those that we know and trust since the FBI is taking this matter VERY seriously. Thank YOU!
      February 1 at 7:40pm · Like · 2 (The FBI is taking it seriously because AMPP is saying Windsor is coming to Washington with a gun!)

      …..American Mothers Political Party: FBI is now WELL aware of him, his fb page and his website and VERY interested
      February 1 at 8:15pm · Like · 4"

      …American Mothers Political Party: please send all screen shots you have to:
      February 1 at 8:40pm · Like · 1

      ….American Mothers Political Party: We know wer can be radical and brusque in our ways. But as survivors we alone are a terror, together we are a HOLY terror!
      February 1 at 8:42pm · Like · 3

    12. @Allie and everyone else, there is an "I have to be right" Anon up above who will target you relentlessly for saying TRO/RO instead of "Order of Protection."
      We all read the order, but god forbid you write the wrong term.

      Focus on whatever isn't the real issue, just like the shooting thing, which is not even the crux of it.

    13. The gun issue has been a problem since HE posted about the "The Judge" gun he purchased, the sawed off shotgun, the riot police,bullet proof vests, armed body guards, getting on a plane w/a weapon (with or without a special box) ALL HIM posting, NOT AMPP, but no surprise that AMPP gets blamed ONCE again. That's okay, the agents were not impressed with screen shots that were sent in. HE did this to himself, but HE cannot see his nose despite his face, then again he can't see much below his gut I'm sure.


  36. Why are their so many Goys on
    this Ginger Blog ?
    Oh, Yeah Texas and Bull- baiting.

    1. To be clear, we are not anti-semitic. We are poking fun at a couple of people (who claim to be Jewish, but aren't really) that summon lightening strikes for their enemies. Which include us and Judges.

    2. and calling people "Goys" is not disparaging to non-jews? smh

    3. Geez FRAG! Stop your shit. If you don't know the background of Connie Bedwell and her bible coding pleas for literal lightning that she says will kill everyone in her world she hates...., then zip your shit.

      We're making FUN of her, not of anyone Jewish ---- at alll EVER ---!!

      Damn FRAG, please, get back on your meds.

  37. Well, there if you prefer, but
    to some there is no there, there,
    either in Lexington, or
    Atlanta, or Ft Worth .

  38. Among TheWolves
    Want Followers of Your Own?
    Let people follow you and they'll see your public posts in news feed.

    Learn More
    Follower List
    6 FollowersFind People to Follow

    Adela Blackader

    Sue Ellen Howard · 36 followers
    Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice

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    Oak Ridge High School, Conroe, TX

  39. Look up the Hebrew definition of
    Goy, and the scope of peoples
    who are Semities.
    Arabs are Semiites.
    Just because Yap is a Viking, she gets
    on her high horse.
    Why are we here, some sage ponders.
    Well, here is not Lexington.
    Nobody is in Lexington, except Allie.
    As to the major point in all;
    Bill never closely examined transcripts and
    all court resorts in matters where he put
    up people in his film gigs, he uploaded
    to the WWW.
    To note Bill is flying blind is an understatement.

    1. Look up the Websters definition of MORON, there's your picture FRAG.
      Take a spatula and scrape the shit out of your mouth.

  40. Frag,
    Please, please take your Hillbilly Haiku elsewhere!

  41. Ya Ya Ya Ya
    Pictures, Vikings, & assumptions
    and the Coffee Club of the
    House Wives of Dallas and Texas
    Suburbia, and the Fem Snarks

  42. I have a feeling something crawled up Frag's ass and has now taken residence. Interestingly, with Frag's obvious cranio-rectal inversion, at least he and his guest can have long, private chats with each other face-to-face.

    1. Sluggo ! ROFL

      The funniest ANAL-ogy I've ever read.

    2. Yeah, Yap is obsessed with Horse boys butt
      Must be her Ksnuck thing

  43. Google Zernick Affidavit and Windsor
    Gents and Viking wo-man, Yap.
    After all affidavits was the big coffee table
    topic of the day.
    Slug acts like Yap's pool boy.
    Geeez, she Yaps about Horses and
    And her Kanuck Buzz
    Zernick is an expert on
    saliva, as he drools a lot.

    1. So let me tell you about a woman whose email name is "Cynthia Given" and how ubber sensitive she was about her privacy. And how she tried to hard to write in her pseudo-poetic made up lingo that she was practically incoherent. And how she didn't seem to like Bill much but refused to explain herself in any straight forward manner and how she liked to use the word womb-man. Not saying it's the same WOMAN but Bill's circle of pals sure do behave with such peculiarity.

    2. And Frag acts like a bucket of shit...what's your point??? For that matter, what's the point of hanging around this blog when no one wants you here? There's more to life than being a troll; don't you know that?

    3. It's not even that, Sluggo. Personally, I can handle all kinds of opinions being given on the blog, and still be cool with the person being here. I don't even care if the author is always intelligent, well written or even well informed. I just care that they are expressing an opinion in a valid manner. Basically, just give me some SUBSTANCE. A post can be smart and insightful, matter of fact, angry and venting, or even just silly to break up the monotony. But if nothing else, make sense. This fragmented regurgitation that is designed to be irksome is just that.

      The author think they look smart. Except, just the opposite is true. All I see is an ink blotter. Somebody who soaks up bits of information & doesn't have the ability to filter or draw real conclusions. Instead it just becomes a sloppy mess of blurred ink and backwards text.

  44. A video I made and there is another one coming

  45. LA FB:
    "I am preparing for my trip to Lexington, Missouri. I don't anticipate much in the way of tourist activities. My "trial" is April 8 at 1 pm. I am so pleased that, so far, folks from Michigan, Minnesota, and Arkansas have informed me that they are coming. I'd like to tell all of you what all I am doing to prepare, but I'd rather let it be a surprise for my stalkers."

    Of course he over represented how many people would go to D.C. as well. There is a link between laughter, music, prayer, and meditation. Please everyone, send support of your choice to Allie that she may have strength. In standing up to Bill she has become a focus of something extremely unhealthy and dangerous, thank you.

    1. Due to direct sources, I can vouch for two people coming to support BW. Poor sheep.

    2. LOL...yah right...I'm sure Billy considers Attorney-at-Play his defining role, so he's been busy tuning up his wherefores and theretos.

      If you have read Windsor as much as I have or as most of the other "bricks" on Joey have, you'll soon figure out his legal arguments fit on a narrow continuum--from specious to inane.

      Billy reminds me of Gareth, a character on the original BBC version of "The Office". Gareth would tell everyone he was the Assistant Manager, but then the Manager would correct him, "'re assistant TO the manager!"

      That's just like Billy--seeking power of attorney for his wife and thinking he had "power of AN attorney". Hysterical.

  46. I'm listening to your latest BlogTalkRadio episode. The Ozarks are very familiar. The special Bangladeshi caller Dharma sounds German, kinda like Natasha on Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Petunia has a cute Southern drawl. I had to take my Baby to the ER for a kidney stone. So I didn't get to read up on here last night. I think we should all get together in person sometime, listen to Talkshoes and watch videos. Kinda of like Meet Me In DC, but drink, have fun, laughs without Bill, expensive hotel or boring, sad stories.

  47. Of course, none know if Yap will be
    along side the Road near Lake of
    the Ozarks, looking for Georgia plates, matching
    it up with PICs of Bills vehicle
    with Lawless America inscribed on
    his vehicle.
    When People see a person driving
    in such a tizzy way, do they wonder
    is that person insane.
    What a stupid name for a so called
    TM/ trade mark .

    1. well you would know insane.

    2. Spot on, Anon! Frag's personality is as schizophrenic as his syntax.

    3. Who knew.....Family Dollar dishwasher soap smells really refreshing and polished the shine back in my kitchen floor.... cleaning tip 101....

  48. I'd like to place my Justin roper dead up one Texas men azz, I will make him look like the yellow belly liar that he is.. Oh, I am coming for you and that is something most men will tell you, you sure do not want to hear from me, cause it sure isn't for sex and it is not gonna be nice, when I am finished..

  49. To whom do you refer? Mr. Windsor? You're calling him out are you?
    How can you expect to win if he wears his cowboy suit? If I were you, I'd be pounding the ground laughing hysterically.

    1. a suit doth not maketh the man

    2. Nor do the pies he doth throw.
      *~* Redd *~*


    1. so did you really write the whole thing about in ALL CAPS?

    2. Life in Pierce CountyMarch 31, 2013 at 3:45 AM