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Monday, November 4, 2013

Marty Prehn Doth Overflow

This Comment Overflow has been inspired by the spillover of Marty's 
abdominous, steatopygous, and just generally corpulent bod. 


I've been told it just oozes out.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Terrorist Bill Windsor Rides Again

Well the idea that maybe if you just ignore him, he will go away just wont work with with Bill.  As Bill went in to hiding after his defeat in Missoula, he has spent all that time doing the only thing he can do....stalking people.

First, Bill went back to his old stand-by stalking target of Claudine and the AMPP.  He claimed to have gotten a restraining order against her and her organization which includes anyone who has ever said a meanie thing about him.  He says everyone is connected and that must be true because he said it and he is Bill Windsor.  Of course the only "proof" of such an order is coming from Bill and it most certainly does not include all those that he is trying to broad brush it in to pertaining too. 

Then its on to stalking his favourite cookie and us "racketeers" at Joeyisalittlekid:

BILL WINDSOR OF LAWLESS AMERICA a now defunct terrorist organization IS HEADED TO IRVING AND PLANO TEXAS BECAUSE IT IS JOEYS' TIME well then why would you go to irving and plano....Joey is in Prison in West Texas?.
My attention has been focused on bringing Allie Overstreet, Sean Boushie, Claudine Dombrowski, and the American Mothers Political Party to justice and I failed miserably on all counts. Now that each of those projects is well underway projects? you mean you made a website and tried to go stalk their residences?, it's Joeys' Time I'm sure Joey will appreciate that, he has been waiting for that his whole life. I will now turn some attention to as opposed to reading it every waking hour......night and day?. I want to see everyone associated with that criminal racketeering enterprise put in prison yeah its a hell of a racketeering operation we got going on here.
Megan Van Zelfden has been the person behind Joeyisalittlekid no, she has nothing to do with this site and never are slandering her and I hope she sues you for that. I have received reports to indicate that she is a dangerous person who may be capable of doing just about anything uhhhh, no that would be you. I will be investigating the Church of Scientology and a practice called Scientology Fair Game thats a great idea Bill....I hear they love people snooping around their operation asking stupid questions. See:
Megan Van Zelfden, Curtis Butler, Brannon Bridge, and assorted others...their time has come I bet Brannon is ready to do the happy dance. I will be visiting the Church of Scientology facility in Irving Texas, and I may take a quick trip to Longmont Colorado where some strange stuff has happened yeah you do that Bill.
I am going to strategically position myself between pie and adult book stores for a few days in states where defamation, libel, slander, and stalking may be prosecuted in the state where the crimes are received kinda sounds like entrapment. This will make it easy for me to get all the Joeys in one friendly court a bunch of baby kangroos in a kangaroo ironic.
William M. Windsor
Then, in response to that we get this from his number two terrorist:
David Schied Bill: They have published so many fraudulent and defamatory statements about me and I have captured numerous screen shots. They also contributed to the defamatory pressures that Trish Kraus felt before she committed suicide. I understand that there has been at least one (other) suicide caused directly by these defamatory practices. Contact me. My info has not changed. 20 minutes ago · Like

Schied has been franticly trying to do everything he can to try and divert his own culpability in Trish's death and project it on to both this site and to her loving family. This included unleashing this especially stupid individual:
This is Marty Prehn who considers himself a special agent for the gubment. He has been out saying all of this about who he, Bill and David, all think run this site and trying to shift the blame away from terrorist David Schied in the suspicious death of Trish Krauss.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lawless America Becomes a Cold Blooded Murder Advocacy Group

As always, there is the truth, and then there is what Bill says.  So here is what Bill said:


Gee, it looks so pretty in the photograph. It's a shame that what happens inside isn't pretty. When I exited the mens room, I heard people all over the courthouse talking about the Lawless America Jeep outside. I was quite the attention-getter all over this small town.

This is the courthouse where Stacy Ramsey and Theresa Deion Harris were found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole because they were riding in the cab of a pickup when a man in the bed of the pickup shot a boy. Felony Murder Rule -- if you are with someone who commits a murder, you are guilty of murder. One of our legislative proposals is to eliminate this outrageous law.

"Because they were riding in the cab of a pickup when a man in the bed of the pickup shot a boy" is how American Terrorist and murder advocate Bill Windsor sums up the case.  So lets consult the statement of facts that you can find here

Stacy Ramsey, Deion Harris, and Steve Smothers were riding in Stacy's truck to go over to Deion Harris' ex-boyfriend's house to beat him.  Ramsey's truck overheated and the three of them decided to carjack the next vehicle that came by and they agreed that they may have to kill the driver.  That unfortunate next vehicle,was operated by Dennis Brooks Jr., a 19 year old criminal justice student heading back home from his night job working at Subway.  Harris, the female in the group, was out by the overheated truck presenting herself as a woman in distress.  Brooks, being the good Samaritan that he was, stopped to help Harris.

All three grabbed Brooks and forced him into his truck and began driving.  They shot Brooks in his hip, a wound that would be fatal.  Screams of pain came out from Brooks and Smothers shot him in the head killing him instantly.  And the story doesn't end there, I will just cite the actual court records to paint the rest of the picture:

"Thereafter, the petitioner suggested that they bury the victim.
The trio decided to cut off the victim’s legs to make burial easier. Further, the autopsy revealed that
one of the victim’s arms and his penis were also amputated. At Harris’ behest, Smothers removed
the victim’s heart, and all three held the victim’s heart to their mouths. Additionally, they repeatedly
stabbed the victim post-mortem with a butcher knife. Next, they poured oil and gasoline on the
victim and his truck and set both ablaze. The petitioner was later discovered wearing the victim’s
shoes and possessing the victim’s shaving kit containing tools. The petitioner was convicted of the
first degree murder of Brooks, and he received a sentence of life without the possibility of parole."

The petitioner here being Ramsey.  So yeah, thats what Bill calls being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ramsey and Harris have started this crusade to free themselves as they have both decided that they had poor representation and that they should get a re-do.  Of course Dennis will never get a re-do but Bill thinks these monsters should roam free.

This is what Lawless America is about.  As Bill becomes more and more unhinged and deranged, the more violent his rhetoric is becoming.  So too are the zombies that are following him.  We are no longer talking about mothers rights or family court, we are talking about some of the most extreme cases of violence in this Nation.  If you support Lawless America, this is what you stand for...ignorance is not an excuse under the law.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In The End, Everything Was Dismissed

Late yesterday afternoon in a court room in Lexington Missouri, Judge John Frerking decided to toss out all motions except the one to dismiss the case.  After its all said and done the only thing that mattered was any evidence that directly related to a threat of physical harm.  Bill most definitely used the internet to threaten those that dislike him, but he was not specific with his threat and therefore skates by on that technicality.  Bill's motion for a protective order against Allie was also tossed on the same grounds, meaning they fought to a draw in Lexington.

I figured that the Judge would grant the PO just on principle alone after having to review all the voluminous and frivolous filings that Bill made in this case, in fact I thought the Judge might want a PO himself from ever having to read another filing of Bill's.  It turned out that Bills vexatious litigant approach may have paid off as the Judge refused to read any of it, including Allie's filings except for things that directly related to the statue needed in this case.  In short, Judge John Frerking decided to wash his hands clean from the entire circus and just focus on the specific letter of the law.

Even though this would be one of the thousands of judges across the Nation that Bill wants executed for treason, Judge John Frerking proved exactly why Bill's movement is a complete scam and waste of time.  Generally speaking, judges do adhere to the letter of the law and are not a respector of persons.  There are, certainly, cases out there where judges deviate from the letter of the law and inside the family court system, where just about everything is a gray area, its even more so.  But yesterday, Bill unintentionally highlighted exactly why the entire premise for Lawless America is wrong and doomed to fail.

But, as I pointed out from day one, this was never about the actual court case itself, this was a publicity stunt by Bill aimed at trying to give a shot in the arm to his struggling movement. Bill and the lemmings were on such a high from him "winning his trial" that the comments and activity spiked on Lawless America, including the calls for more funding for Bill.  Just like Hitler torching the Reichstag, Bill had manipulated his own little scam and used it to fire up his troops.

The online euphoria is in direct contrast to the 4 goons that made the trip out there with Bill. They spent hundreds of dollars to go all the way out there just to watch Bill's crazy antics.  Their facial expression says it all.  This is what it looks like when Bill's followers see him for what he is in the real world:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well this one is worth several thousand.

Bill will try and parley his big "win" into synergy for this pointless road trip.  But just like the euphoria after his made up award in DC, this will all wear off quickly as the reality of the situation sinks back in that he has nothing but a revolving group of followers.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Showdown in the Show Me State

Its ironic that Bill will be in the Show-Me-State today.  After all his wild claims, today he must show the evidence to back up his assertions.  The evidence is never on Bill's side.  He must feel like a 1.2 career gpa student going in to a final just never goes well.  Its all but certain that he will lose his "trial" today in Lexington Missouri.  But what will happen after his loss?

We learned last night that David Shied and several others are going to be with him today in Lexington.  That will mean several domestic terrorist will be in the court room today and, at lest for a while, be under the direct jurisdiction of a judge.  They will discredit the ruling as soon as they exit the building.  They will call the judge unfit to hold his position and void his ruling as such.

This is all an attack, not against Allie, but against our judicial system.  They don't want to reform it, they want to destroy it.  This is precisely why they are terrorist and enemies of all patriotic Americans.  We can all agree that our system isn't perfect and needs to be reformed.  But anarchy and mob rule are the ideas of those that hate this Country and our way of life.  Windsor and Shied want to take every opportunity they can to discredit our judicial system and thumb their noses at its authority.  That is why its critical that we continue to stand up against these enemies of the State and defeat them before they destroy us all.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bitler Update

So Bill files a protective order against Allie

He says he rejected a contract from an agent, and now he has no options for the show/movie (possibly because he doesn't have a show/movie)

He claims to now have 100 affidavits in his "trail" against Allie, all of the un-notarized filings have a certain date with a wastepaper basket  (some tress were harmed in the making of this stunt)

Move over Bangledeshians....Lawless jumped 5,000 likes in one night and Bill is blaming it on the Russians.  Someone better tell Billy boy that you best avoid stiffing the Russians like he did the Indians, the mafia guys over there will take that pie off you one way or the other.

He blames the 5K Russian increase on Facebook.  Is this the new Cold War?

Asks for more donations before his new filming trip and then lays out his locations for Lawless America 2.0 (most of the places he has announced he plans to visit are locations thought to be were some of his "haters" reside)

But most of all he continues to harass Allie and the courts as prepare for his hearing in Missouri.  Bill does not miss a chance to take as many personal shots at Allie as he can in his filings (no matter how off-topic).  He even goes right in to her custody case as he tries to re-open those wounds and gladly offers help to her ex simply out of spite.  I really don't see any evidence of anything human left in the obese carcass legally known as William M. Windsor.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Joey's Are Coming!!!

Billy is coming after the joey's, and he means business.  He has already filed suit against us in a Collin County court.  Why Collin County?  I have zero clue, but I guess if you want to bring a lawsuit against a bunch of baby kangaroos and accuse them of sending out likenesses of you over the internet....Colin County is just as crazy as anywhere else I guess.  Ohh I can't wait to see the paperwork he filed on this one.

btw is "the joeys" the best you noobies can come up with to call us?  I liked gangsters better.

Lawless America Pat, these Joey Jokers think we should believe anything they say as true? Isacsam has libeled me again...right here for all to see. I am suing the Joeys in Collin County, Texas. I am also attempting to get law enforcement to pursue criminal charges due to violation of Title 7, section 33.07 of the Texas Penal Code. Sec. 33.07. ONLINE IMPERSONATION. (a) A person commits an offense if the person, without obtaining the other person's consent and with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate, or threaten any person, uses the name or persona of another person to:
1) create a web page on a commercial social networking site or other Internet website; or

(2) post or send one or more messages on or through a commercial social networking site or other Internet website, other than on or through an electronic mail program or message board program.

(b) A person commits an offense if the person sends an electronic mail, instant message, text message, or similar communication that references a name, domain address, phone number, or other item of identifying information belonging to any person:

(1) without obtaining the other person's consent;

(2) with the intent to cause a recipient of the communication to reasonably believe that the other person authorized or transmitted the communication; and

(3) with the intent to harm or defraud any person.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Billy Starts to Feel The Heat Coming Down on Him

After his criminal charges backfired, and with the Maid of the Mist lawsuit getting close to asset seizure, Bill Windsor feels the urge to get back on the road film some more, yeah thats its film.

After sending out the call for donations, errr I mean, buy these T-shirts that I'm going to forget to mail you, Billy knows he has to skip town.  He does need a new group of lemmings, that much is clear, but other than that there really is no other reason to go back on the road other than fleeing the authorities.

In the meantime, in a move old Joey would be proud of, Billy has decided to take some pre-emptive strikes against judges.

Who is the WORST JUDGE in America?

Lawless America is conducting a Best & Worst in Lawless America Contest, and nominations are now being accepted for Worst Judge.

So here is your opportunity to name your judge THE WORST....

Nominate the corrupt judge or judges in your case. Email the name, address, and other contact information for your judge along with an explanation of why you feel your judge is worthy of this infamous title. please email a photo, if possible.

Send your entries to with the subject in all capitals: WORST JUDGE IN AMERICA. Deadline for entries is May 1, 2013.

The Worst Judge in America will be recognized with a special award certificate (suitable for framing) and a special music video guaranteed to obtain an extremely high search engine ranking.

Additional Best & Worst Contests will be held -- Worst Attorney, Worst Court Clerk, Worst So-Called Social Worker, Worst CPS Worker, Worst Court Employee, Worst Elected Official, Worst Company, Worst Prosecuting Attorney, Worst Public Defender, Worst Guardian, Worst Child Abuser, Worst Pedophile, Worst Liar, Worst Law Enforcement Officer, and much more. — in United States.

Well thats cute, I'm sure this is exactly where your followers expected you to be a this point.  Notice he says he will hand out the Best and Worst awards but when he lists them its only the worst that get an award.  Ok, lets just go ahead and call the time of death...Bill Windsor is completely out of ideas

Thursday, February 28, 2013

"I Can See Clearly Now That Bill is Gone"

Thanks to the Pie Baby's latest temper tantrums, there as been a large exodus from the Lawless America Movement.  Upon leaving the flock, they all start to see things for that they really are.  Mary B is upbeat and positive without all the daily bill drama to bring her down.  Allie O is having fun over in the Clubhouse and getting to showcase her humor which was banned under the Pie regime.

Then we have this woman who decided to create her own blog.  This blog chronicles her journey from kool aid centred diet to a more balanced and healthy one.
btw her account corroborates Allie's in terms of what is now known as AllieGate.  Her creative writing is outstanding.

Ohh, and since Billy called all us Clubhouse members gangsters.....well we now have another movie

Thats like 28 movies from us now Bill, you still dont even have one  *****WestSide*****