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Friday, February 6, 2015

Bill Windsor Dreams of His Future

As he continues to manufacture his daily papers of copy and waste, Bill's thoughts and dreams start to betray him as he knows where his future now lays.  While he tries his best to picture his days in a Montana prison like the above picture....he knows its going to be much more gloomy than that.

Now that he is a fugitive, his rants and threats are even less threatening than before.  Because of this, his tone is becoming more and more Sovereign Citizenish in nature.  He says he is bringing forward charges against 5 different DA's and thinks he will do this before a grand jury.  Well surely even he knows this wont be happening before a real grand jury...but are we back to his citizen grand juries now?  Maybe he could call the clowns over at National Liberty Alliance and ask to borrow their official state stamp they have (express order from office depot).

Reality is slowly seeping in on Bill and even he is getting tired of his boring 3rd person "I'm alive and free" daily drivel.  He can't get the attention he demands, and he can no longer appear in a court....its his own vexatious limbo.  He tries to rely on his daily tantrums and threats to fuel his resolve....but even that is wearing off.  How long can Windsor survive without appearing pro se in court?

Friday, October 31, 2014

Windsor Waves the White Flag and Admits He Lied

It didn't take long for Windsor to breakdown in jail.  While still waiting for his long cold trip up to Montana, Bill sent in this hand written (penmanship is not his strong suit) motion for an emergency stay.

Just in case you are not up to date on reading psychotic writing, here is what it says:

"William M Windsor ("Plaintiff") hereby files this emergency motion for stay.
1. The plaintiff was incarcerated at the Ellis County jail following the Oct 28, 2014 hearing.
2. The plaintiff was not given a phone call until after midnight. He was unable to reach anyone.
3. On October 29, 2014 the plaintiff learned that the the Montana Court will not accept an Ellis County or Texas bond.
4. The plaintiff began work on a Montana bond but the necessary funds required some time with getting a check from the plaintiff's family, getting it to the jail for signature, and overnighting it to Montana.
5. The plaintiff is not being allowed to see his case files or access his computers, so the plaintiff is unable to prepare the reply to defendant Sean Fleming's response to the plaintiff's motion to declare him a private individual.
6. Therefore, the plaintiff requests a stay of at least 48 hours after he is released from incarceration.
7. this will not impact the TCPA motion since this court has previously allowed a stay to extend the time.
8 As the plaintiff writes this late afternoon on October 29, he feels like he will dismiss the lawsuit. The plaintiff feels that the bad guys have won and his life has been ruined and now destroyed. The plaintiff's third amended verified petition is contingent upon the plaintiff as a private individual. The plaintiff feels very strongly that the case law establishes that, but without even being able to identify the true defendants after 10 months, it is probably time to dismiss and the plaintiff may be facing the rest of his life in prison for providing defendant Sean Boushie with service copies of documents filed in this case.
9. The plaintiff asks the court to order a stay until at least 48 hours after the plaintiff is released. This will give him time to reply on the private individual motion or dismiss the case. Respectfully Submitted, 29 October 2014 William Windsor.
The plaintiff will serve this on all defendants except Sean Boushie once he is released. The plaintiff asks that the clerk or court coordinator provide this to the defendants except Sean Boushie"

Several huge red flags that should be going off in Judge Bob Carroll's mind here. He can't serve Sean Boushie? Is this the same person you were just begging Carroll to serve sanctions on for refusing to respond? Seems like you have some perjury you need to admit to in front of the Judge here. Why are you getting a check from your family? You swore to the court that you no longer have a family because of the actions of the defendants. How is it your family is bailing you out now? More perjury before the court? So after 10 months you still don't have the "true defendants". I wonder if the current defendants think they were fake? Are you finally admitting that you have no clue why you are suing people and just hoping the judge would never ask? Don't these current defendants who you admit were sued wrongfully deserve restitution for this injustice?

Judge Carroll has a fiduciary and moral obligation to step in and restore justice to the defendants named in this fake lawsuit. Windsor lied to get his foot in the door, and now that it has slammed on him, the lies are flying all over the place.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Windsor Melts Down, Admits He is a Fraud

With all his legal endeavours collapsing on him, Bill took to his facebook page in an effort of revisionist history.  He lashed at out Sean Fleming for putting Bill's words in his mouth, specificity his plan to form citizen grand juries and use them to try officials for treason.  Well lets look at the facts:

Seems pretty clear cut, surely he isn't pretending he didn't say and send all that?  This was in the comments under his meltdown post last night with his new #2 (of 2) Susan:

Susan Harbison Bill, Fleming and some of the other GENII indicate you propose the formation of citizen grand juries which would hold criminal trials and sentence the convicted. Is that statement true or false? Did you propose that the citizens grand jury could impose the death sentence and somehow see that it was carried out? I never heard you suggest such a radical plan but there are those that insist they did hear it. ???

Bill Windsor No, Susan, I never said any such thing. I never said any jury of any type could impose a death sentence and somehow carry it out. I spoke many times about the fact that citizens grand juries were worthless because no one pays attention to what they do. What I presented was a way for people to go to the county/ state and federal grand juries with their criminal complaints, and I shared the list of criminal statutes that I researched and determined to be possible. There have always been links to this information At one time, I used the term "citizens grand juries" (unfortunate choice of words since I feel they are a joke) as to something I proposed that could be done if the government grand juries could not be reached, but that was to be like the case review that the New Hampshire legislature has done. It would have no power, but it would be a way to highlight injustice and alleged wrongdoing. There were never any details discussed about that. These Joeyisalittlekid people have no evidence of any of this outrageous stuff they say.

Susan Harbison OMG, all this time from what I read on Joey I thought you were a proponent of citizen grand juries! So you were really just trying to help people REACH legitimate grand juries to try to get indictments? Incredible.
Bill Windsor They knew the truth. there are multiple looong TalkShoe shows about this. There are links on the home page of about this.
Bill Windsor There is a video where I used the term "citizens grand juries." That was a bad use of words by me. All the TalkShoe shows will show that my thought was never defined. My ideas had been made crystal clear, and there is massive proof of the grand juryeffort being the county/state and federal government-sanctioned grand juries. They then take the fact that I feel the death penalty should be abolished except for treason to be that a jury would find that death should be the penalty for treason. Treason is punishable now by prison and with the possibility of death as a sentence. I never ever said I wanted people to be sentenced to death. In fact, I joked about some of the victims volunteering to work for free at the prisons where the traitors would be put (if a legal jury found them guilty). I never planned executions and murder and all this garbage that these sick people have written. And the only way to get new people in office is to have them elected; that's how it works in America. Since these cyberstalkers cannot produce videos or audios or stories where I said I was going to kill people or have them executed, they have a big, big problem. Accusing someone of being a killer, murderer, executioner is defamation to the extreme.

Now, obviously we have the clear fact that his pants are on fire.  He lied, he didn't just misspeak one time on he made that the crux of his threatening letter to Congress (where he stole their seal too).  He can't run from his past, but he sure is trying.  I want to highlight another fact that he just gave away in his meltdown.......Bill admitted that what he was preaching to his followers was "worthless, waste of time, and a joke".  That is exactly why I call him a fraud, he doesn't even believe in what he is proposing.  Its all an illusion intended to scam his audience.  Last night, Bill said that very thing.  Its not defamation if its true.