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Monday, February 3, 2014

Bill Windsor Adds Google to His Frivolous Lawsuit List

Move over Facebook, Bill has a new multi-billion dollar company he wants to sue, yes that's right, its Google.  They wouldn't play ball in his Windsor vs. the world fishing expedition so now they must face the fury of his vexatious ways.  Proverbs 26:11 comes to mind, "As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly".

Bill thinks he is entitled to damages from Google for their "intentional infliction of emotional distress, tortious interference with contract or business expectancy, tortious interference with a perspective business relationship, conspiracy".  Ahhh yes, I guess like FB, google "lured" him in to using their free programs like youtube to peddle his fake movie.  And when those pesky "joeys" went and clicked the thumbs down button on his vidoes, Bill suffered embarrassment.  This must be what kept Bill from getting funding for his movie. You know, that funding no one ever offered? Therefore Google intentionally, yes he said intentionally, engaged in this act against Bill and why not throw in the word conspiracy while we are at it?  Yes, Google teamed up with "the Joeys" to make Bill look stupid. Google has nothing better to do than to figure out ways to harm Bill Windsor all day.

Now this suit is basically Bill vs Google and reality.  They won't bait his hook for his fishing trip and with no fish he has no conspiracy or case.  The ironic part is his "emotional distress" is just starting for him, wait till he sees what Google will do to him in a court of law while many people are watching. What happens when they point out that Bill is suing FB for the exact same thing?  What happens when they point out that he is suing people in multiple states right now for the very same thing with the same damages?  That he is a court ordered vexatious litigant? That he is a self-proclaimed public figure?  That he tried to blackmail them?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

You've Got MY Mail

We have chronicled many times just how stupid Bill Windsor is.  But I have to say, this one takes the cake. After threatening Google with adding them to his frivolous lawsuit, Bill asked Google to provide him with this:

2.  All documents relating or referring to, or evidencing, reflecting, or constituting communication to, from, or information about names, screen names, registration information, and server log information for users of Gmail who have emailed the Plaintiff at,, or from January 1, 2012 to present.

Thats right, Bill can't keep up with his emails, so Google could you help a brother out here, and while you are at it tell me everything you know about anyone who has emailed me in the last two years.  That is all.....well not really I have 84 more requests just like this.  Windsor continues to waive his vexatious wand of paper terrorism at any and everyone he can think of.  But one thing keeps coming up again and again...he is too dumb and lazy to ever remember any details.  Lets just throw everything out there and make the court sort it out while I just claim its a nationwide conspiracy.  Oh, and then we have another short and sweet request to Google:

3.  All documents relating or referring to, or evidencing, reflecting, or constituting communication to, from, or information about names, screen names, registration information, and IP activity for users of YouTube who have accessed from January 1, 2012 to present

You see, under some of these videos that I have put up where I single out judges and call them corrupt and guilty of treason, some people click the "thumbs down" button and some even leave meanie comments about me on these public pages.  I am Bill Windsor and I make the laws and I consider that defamation and I want everyone's personal info so I can stalk and harass them for unliking my youtube page.  So you better pony up that info Google, or you too will be on the receiving end of my sensationally frivolous lawsuit.  Oh and fyi....I'm loaded just in case you want a piece of my pie for legal fees.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Windsor of Oz
The scene in that movie at the end is so perfect to where we see Bill at this point.  The curtain has been pulled back, everyone can see he is just a crazy old man trying to play god, but he still keeps acting as if his cover isn't blown.  More analogies for that movie is that the lemmings are to follow the Lawless American brick road and never take one step off it.  And they do this to see their wizard, why?  Well because....because of the wonderful things he does none of which any of them can be give an example. Why is the Oz great?  Because they said he is, and he said he is, no more verification needed.

So the very public figure and man who gave the response to the State of the Union address on behalf of his political party, thinks he can play district attorney as well. This was posted by Bill back on the 7th of this month:

Bill Windsor- By the way, any Joey who would like to get a release from the lawsuit should contact me with all the info they have. I am willing to give one more release to someone who would rather spill the beans to me than go through this litigation. All Joeys should be aware that I am asking that each Joey be held jointly and severally liable for the damages. That means, Curtis Butler and Brannon Bridge and Megan Van Zelfden and all the other people who have posted defamation on will owe the full amount of the damage award. Consider this like a plea's your chance for a get out of Bankruptcy Free Card. And guess what, a judgment of this type is not dischargable in bankruptcy, so you will owe me forever and ever and ever. 6 minutes ago · Like

Ok, for like the 20th time now, Megan has nothing to do with this blog, and never has. But beyond that, he actually says the words "consider this like a plea bargain", he is playing DA and making his extortion offers public. Then he goes on to respond to his precious "Susan" with this little titbit.

Bill Windsor Thanks, Susan. Nice to see you on the right side. I anticipate that Joeyisalittlekid will default, and I doubt that Google will answer the lawsuit for them. I detailed a lot of the facts in the lawsuit simply so they have to respond to each point. Disclosures have been served, and Requests for Admissions should be ready tomorrow, to include a digital copy of every article and comment that has ever appeared on their site. 10 minutes ago · Like

Notice how he is bragging about how he intentionally got vexatious with his filling so that Google would want no part of the Windsor of Oz. His filings are just too much for Google to deal with and because of that he will roll them. Then, as of last night we got more attempts at intimidating Google from Bill.

The attorneys for Google have been very cooperative. My sense is that they don't want to be the one to pay tens of millions for all the defamation, stalking, and crimes perpetrated on their BlogSpot website.
I have given them a specific list of tings that I want, and they were served yesterday with several hundred document requests that will expose the identities and/or IP addresses of all the users on the Joeys site and other BlogSpot sites.
I can't wait. 17 people like this.
Ahhhh, the good ole blackmail Google approach, its gotta work right? They better play ball with Bill and give him the "several hundred document requests" he has sent them or if they don't watch out they will be at the mercy of this vexatious litigant known as Bill Windsor in the form of a named defendant. Thats right, this is Windsor's world where even Google is at the mercy of his legal skills.