Thursday, February 12, 2015

Still Lost at Sea

It seems we are now entering the Ted Kaczynski phase for Bill Windsor.  He claims he is now holed up at a secret hideout location in the "boonies" as he now waits for the courts to give him the all clear signal.  Today, bill asked for help:

Would someone who knows how to run a warrants check please run a check for William M. Windsor, age 66, Madison South Dakota or Marietta Georgia or Dallas Texas?
I used a website once before, but I can't find it now. I used, but it shows no warrants. I haven't received word if Montana quashed the bench warrant, and I need to know if the crooks in Texas did anything.
If you could email me at, I'd really appreciate it.

Yeah Bill....come on out, its all clear.  None of your crack investigators can find even a trace of a warrant on you, that must mean that they approved your motion to quash a bench warrant.  I can't really come up with any other logical explanation.  I wonder how long until Bill employs his tried and true method of sending a letter saying "if you don't say no that means yes" in regards to finding out of he still has a warrant out for him.  Windsor just got at his supposed secret hideout and he already wants out.  What do you bet that he can't make it the 30 days he claims he will stay holed up?  He is certainty now stuck on his own secluded more ways than one.


  1. BWAAAAAAAA!!!! This just in!!! Bill has been spotted staying at the new million dollar pie mansion. Its an ultra posh one room cabin, located just outside Lincoln Montana!!

    1. [img][/img]

  2. Why doesn't Bill just enroll at the U of Mont, and become an adjunct professor of Communications, and maybe an Assistant Professor at its law school, on civil procedure ? Actually, i am a bit shocked he has never gotten into the constitutional right to travel, after all he has covered many areas of law, and issues forth daily as if he is an @ large Professor Cory, and wants to educate Seniors on capacity issues.

  3. Why doesn't Bill just enroll at the U of Mont, and become an adjunct professor of Communications, and maybe an Assistant Professor at its law school, on civil procedure ? Actually, i am a bit shocked he has never gotten into the constitutional right to travel, after all he has covered many areas of law, and issues forth daily as if he is an @ large Professor Cory, and wants to educate Seniors on capacity issues.
    I stand correct, that is COREY as in:Professor" Irwin Corey (born July 29, 1914) is an American comic, film actor and activist, often billed as "The World's Foremost Authority". He introduced his unscripted, improvisational style of stand-up comedy at the well-known San Francisco club, the hungry i. Lenny Bruce once described Corey as "one of the most brilliant comedians of all time"

  4. This is a fairly simple matter Mr. Windsnore. If you go into the county courthouse there are publicly available computer systems that anyone can access, but are not available via internet. All you have to do is walk into the Missoula county courthouse, pull up your appropriate warrants, press print, then collect them from the clerk on your way out. Don't forget to pay your 10 cents per copy. All of your warrant are available to you this way. I believe Ellis county is also set up much the same way.

    Go ahead, I dare ya!!!!

    Oh and make sure to get a selfie in front of your wanted poster that is posted on the wall right outside the court clerks office.!!!!!

  5. Facepalm!

    "Rocky B. Hunt-- Yeah but we've discovered that in the booking computer you are hidden under someone else's name & numba since, they know they have no lawful warrant to support their bogus claims. You are being unlawfully as a political prisoner under the provisions of the patriot act in order to initiate another fraudulent payment scheme using your private exemption numba that may involve a public/private partnership. Remember Bush Jr. alluded to this about 12 years ago. It's all an administrative fraud scheme to deprive peaceful inhabitants to equal protection of the laws and extort/embezzel their hard-earned fruits of their labor; property and/or proprietary interests from the rightful owners..go figure!"

    How embarrassing for Windsor. He's surrounded by morons. Oh wait, he's the leader, never mind.

  6. Translation of Rocky B Hunt's gibberish: "Yes, there are still warrants out for you."

    1. Pssssst! Rocky? You're being tracked via your Facebook! It's a numba they gave just for YOU!

      All the crazies, stupids, goofs, losers are 'there' for Windsor! Rocky coulda done the warrant search, but noooooooooooo!

    2. Have no fear! The lid to the crypt will creak open soon & MsKnowItALL will attempt to school her Willy & anyone with bandwidth.

      Let us pray now, bow heads for moment of silence. Hold hands of necessary. P says EB can lead Kumbayah today.

    3. Sharon Stephens "Hard t find out about Warrants -- they are afraid you will run..."

      uhhh, afraid he will?

      and there was this:
      Bill Windsor "I should have written arrest warrant reports."

      I guess I haven't spent enough time on the wrong side of the law, but is Bill expecting a notice in the mail telling him he has a warrant? I kind of thought that when you didn't do what you were supposed to do like pay a ticket, show up to court, disobey court orders, it was just assumed that a warrant would be issued. If the original document says that, do they have to send the person something in writing to say it was issued? None of the people that make appearances on COPS seem to have gotten the memo.

  7. Oh
    This blithering idiot that doesn't know he has warrants, also doesn't know how to find them? Yet, he can buy up domains/cyber squat on 1,000s of Judges', prosecutors' & private individuals' names? Hmmmm.... Sniff sniff? What is that? Oh! Aiding & abetting!
    Durn. So I won't have the great pleasure of seeing his infuriation aimed at me tomorrow in court in Ellis County? Pfffffft! #pussylala

  8. This is so awesome!! I was thinking of filing a Harassment RO against him and see if he will drive to my location. Maybe we should all file RO's and see which way old man windsnore drives his Toybota. #SemperFiWife4Life

    1. He's already itching to hit the stalking trail!
      He might wanna pack a sack lunch & Neosporin for his next drive by here. Slippery slopes for elderly Vextacious folks here. Just sayin...

    2. In all seriousness, filing RO's against Windsor right now, isn't a bad idea for those he has hate sites for. He lost his civil case, and instead of just letting it go, he unleashed his standard vindictiveness on the WWW writing completely unsubstantiated, harassment stories. That is all it is. Clear harassment because he lost.

      I would think a copy of the MT order, that ordered Windsor to turn over the Boushie hate domain to Boushie, along with the opinions that he has others just as bad, would further support the need for a RO, because a previous court found Windsor's behavior (with all the special terms mentioned by the Judge) is not "Media" and it's not "News." Not to mention Windsor is not listed as a card carrying member of the press, on the site he claims he is. (matters not--The MT Judge noted no media would get away with what he's done either, but it just supports he's just a bitter, angry tyrant, with a dangerously vindictive obsession to slander, harass, defame, etc. anyone he doesn't like)

      Just food for thought for those who want their domains removed and or released to them.

    3. anon@6:11 That certainly would trip up the fleeing fugitive & it is certainly the right to do so of those he has harassed via his vicious, vindictive domains/websites.

    4. That's another good point anon 8:37, the fact that Windsor is a fugitive. If anyone is planning on filing RO's they need to take a copy of the arrest/wanted poster, and one or two of the many "I'm on the run" articles, to show the Judge service would be impossible, and ask for alternative service methods, such as by email, or the Secretary of State for South Dakota (one of Windsor's favorite methods) since the fugitive planned on never being served with anything by keeping PO Boxes. Perhaps the sheriff of whom would be doing service could contact the Ellis Co. sheriff dept for a copy of Windsor's drivers license--to get the correct address on record. If it's the PO Box, that would be further evidence of the vagabond Billy, who evades LE, by having a PO Box, instead of a permanent address for issues such as this.

  9. It would not shock me if his fat ass is not sitting in front of a computer in Dallas. All his "hiding out blather" ... "hidden in the Boonies" etc ... is way over the top ... if he was "really" hiding out he would not be be trying so hard to convince everyone he is. It's like Shakespeare's "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

    "methinks the fugitive is trying to convince us too much that he's hidden in the boonies" JMHO

  10. 16 days. I hear that skip tracing is a great career.

  11. All the moronic mess of a fugitive had to do was retain a attorney to verify his outstanding warrants. He can't be this stupid, he has got to know that ...

  12. Proof that Windsor can use google and bing
    The sign he posted can be found on a google search. The location is off of old Route 66 in Missouri.

    1. The Windsor Chronicles. And the beat goes on. I wonder how he chooses which Internet picture or old 'Round 'Merica picture to post each day. Throws darts? Lol. I actually used to live down the road from where that cabin photo was taken. Dammit! I wish he really was there, the po po in that area are extremely country, extremely protective of their own, extremely loyal, and extremely serious about protecting their area. He'd go into "red neck, good ole boy" shock. He'd hear banjos. Bwahahaha. I've known all those guys for years. Good people.

      And no Billy, you aren't intimidating me (and I'm sure not Curtis or Brenda either) with the "omfg he's in Missouri" gig. You're a mess. Go home. Beg your kids back. Get psychological help. You'll never be famous like dad and grandpa. Even if you get yourself wanted in every state in the Union (oh, wait, lol), you will still only be known to a few hundred folks on the vast planet. My dogs Facebook page has more friends. Starting a Revolution.'re doing it wrong.

    2. So does my dog, Tater! And he's more entertaining! Makes more sense, too.

    3. Isn't bill worried about his "shaking hands" ?
      Is it carpal, or tunnel vision aliments ?

    4. In my opinion the only thing bill worries about is his arrest. Notice the only thing he is crying about right now are his hands. No mention of his hernia or fractured skull.

    5. Whatever!!!
      I'm frickin TERRIFIED!!!
      (just kiddin)
      DUCK SEASON!!!

    6. His hands must not be bothering him that much, he was spinning like frantic mad man writing up Hate Site's for multiple Judges.

      1) Judge Jerry W Baxter
      2) Judge Thomas W Thrash
      3) Judge William S Duffy
      4) Judge John W Larson
      5) Judge Bob Carroll
      6) Judge Richard J Leon
      7) Judge Kelly Lee

      Such a pathetic, vindictive, little man. So full of hate and anger, it's keeping him up all night, just being his evil, soulless self.

    7. But, aren't his "hands" tied ?
      YEAH, BIG SKY was just one of his places he drifted through, now he is trashing the whole state, except when he puts up some U S Bank case, that was in the MONT Court system. What does that prove, he can still read, all be with a 1/4 comprehension level, on legal matters, as a mere drifter.
      Bill the old drifter, just aimlessly drifting around, looking for the best pie on Interstate truck stops. hauling all his heavy baggage from place to place with a modem, and a router, and and upload button.( to have his ICELANDIC SERVER), do promo commercials for HIM.
      What was the point of the U S Bank case in Mont, does he still not get it ?
      U S Bank is headquartered in Minn, why doesn't he go bother that state, and take Joe Zernik with him ? Oh, did Joe Zernik flee too, from L A to Israel ? Yeah, Bill & Joe, and the Curly CYBER shows.

    8. Anon @ 8:49am - Those are domain names that Windsor has had since the Maid of the Mist lawsuit.

    9. And your point would be? Did he have them all active then? Or did he just start flooding the internet with his hate spew now? With his complaints of hand problems? That was my point. Not sure how long he's had the domains matters. Everyone knows he is a domain hoarder.

  13. It's all a big misunderstanding. He didn't know he had warrants.

    The facts that he ran and is in hiding with a disguise are mere coincidences...

    1. Zactly, Spammy! That's what I was thinking!

    2. ...and for the zillionth time...they've got the wrong Bill Windsor. The Bill Windsor they claim is the real Bill Windsor has been sworn by the affiant Bill Windsor and reported by the professional, card-carrying Bill Windsor not to be Bill Windsor. Affiant further sayeth naught.

    3. They should ask one of the Bills how things went in court in Ellis County for him today. They should prolly be prepared for #WindsorWrath! You know, that terrifying, in fear installing BillSchit spewage? Yeah, that.

      NananananaBooBoo, sure sucks being you, huh, Bill (whichever one of you)!

      Reckon he'll get the news in Boondoggle? Maybe next week!
      Happy Friday the 13th, y'all~


    4. How did things go in Ellis County court today? (I'm a Joey not a Bills).

    5. I won!
      That's what I do!
      Bill? Not so much.

  14. Here's reality, Windsor...

    Everyone you've sued, defamed or otherwise hate is having a great time laughing at your expense - both comical and financial.

    Everyone you've brainwashed is, well, brain dead...

    Meanwhile, you're "hiding out" spewing your garbage on a regular basis and it's slipped into the realm of Mary Deneen psycho babble.

    ¡Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!

    1. HAHAHAHA Billy D. You're so right on that. Psycho babbling, nonsensical by and thru spew!! HAHAHAHA perfect!

  15. "His hands must not be bothering him that much, he was spinning like frantic mad man writing up Hate Site's for multiple Judges."

    Unlike Bills other hate sites, this on accepts comments.

    I strongly encourage all of you to drop him a line, while you still can.

    Here's mine:


    Good ole Bill Windsor.
    A fugitive on the run.
    No court will any longer accept his frivolous filings.

    Which has reduced him to spamming the internet with these childish little “blogs” which no will read as frankly, nobody gives a whit about Bill Windsor.

    Except Bill Windsor.


    The sands of the hourglass continue to fall and it’s only a matter of time before Bill Windsor fades into the ash heap of history. Remembered and mourned by none. Not even his only family.

    Isn’t karma a bitch?

    1. He writes "so and so did blah, blah" or "so and so is such and such" except he can't back that shit up with actual, factual evidence. This is why he's lost ALL his frivolous cases. Yes, his little blogs are full of lies, slander, defamatory statements, not opinions. He claims they "Are" guilty of or they "Are" being exposed "for..." etc. Again, he's just a loser with a vendetta.

      Hoping that Karma bus is in high gear, barreling down on him in the "Boonies" with some pretty little silver bracelets. He's vile.

  16. "Bill Windsor may face new charges in Montana ... Yes, it seems that Bill Windsor could face life in prison if he is apprehended wearing yoga pants and a tight shirt. Bill reports that he is a fan of yoga pants."

    It's always gotta be about HIM!! Trust me -- he wouldn't be able to find a pair of yoga pants that would fit around his enormous belly!!

    And this, right here, proves he's washed up and out: he's resorted to inserting himself in stories (sort of) to try to be relevant. As Jeff said, he's fading fast into the ash heap of history ... and will be missed by no one, except people who need a good hard belly laugh now and then. But they'll find other sources for that.