Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So Whats Up With the National Liberty Alliance?

The above picture is an action photo of John Darash/Virdurek researching up for one of his weekly papers to the court.  Well, so how is the new lawless america...aka the NLA doing these days? Have they taken their country back?  Not quite, in fact they are still in the same place they were about a year ago.....writing pointless papers to the court and making inept demands.  While they are not getting anywhere in terms of the court or even any real recognition.....John has started to combine his stupid people with some of the other stupid people groups out there.  Just this week, the NLA picked up Redneck Radio who will simulcast the NLA's redundant Monday night call on their network.   In exchange for that great privilege, the NLA will start hawking some of the Redneck Radio crap on their website. If you are looking for a good deal on Freedom oxygen or survival seeds....now you can go to the NLA website for all your shopping needs.  So to sum up, they are still stuck in neutral but donations are up so lets keep going.  Are you jealous Bill?

Anyway, the main reason I brought back up this topic was mainly to highlight a comment that came on this blog the other day in response to my last NLA article about the unmasking of John Darash as Virdurek.  We got this comment/threat:

"AnonymousFebruary 16, 2015 at 3:09 PM
Everything about this article is non-sense. Show me some of your work poster. You like many others that came before you, like to shine the light on those who stand up to the gang bangers. Let me just say this, how would you like it if i told EVERYBODY, that every freaken single law out there does not apply to us. But that it applies to you, the PERSON, CORP. in the day to day operation of your businesses, and in the courtrooms, to beef up your juris-FICTION. Every law is copy-write protected meaning that when "we the people" use these laws, you ignore us as you are not operating under any constitutionality or oath of office unless i disclose your w-9, Dunns Account and Cage # and GSA account. For which the public should write up so many bills you won't know what hit you. People, the only way they have power over you, the CIVILIAN, is when you CONSENT. There are 12 presumptions of law you must rebut, so look that up and rebutt them have them pre-written up so you can send these charlatans to hell. They are using Lieber Codes, Special Admiralty, Title 50, spoils of war, and use no laws whatsoever people. They are using opinions, they call it case law, you call it common-law, but it is only the common law of their inner circle. Don't mess with me, I'll spill some more beans on your sorry behinds, i'll cream your arses in court too."

Ahhh, there you have it, the typical SovCit rant complete with no paragraphs and random all caps and multiple threats. My favorite part of this rant by this this domestic terrorist is this part here:  
"Let me just say this, how would you like it if i told EVERYBODY, that every freaken single law out there does not apply to us. But that it applies to you, the PERSON, CORP. in the day to day operation of your businesses, and in the courtrooms, to beef up your juris-FICTION.:

There we go, and yes that really sums it all up doesn't it?  Not only is that Windsor's life-long mantra, thats the key ingredient to all these Me the People mutant's creed.  The law applies to us, but not to them, they are above it, over it, superior to it.  They will bully, intimidate and threaten anyone who dares speak against them. They will use the law or abuse the law more accurately to go after those people, but that same law never applies to them.  He should be the new PR person for these people.


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  3. Ironically in real life, Liam is the very definition of phony macho.

    1. To make that statement about Liam, you apparently have never landed 5 clicks into a hot LZ my friend. He was the only thing standing between me and death in Bosnia. I'll tell him you said that.

    2. Great.

      1) I'm not your friend.
      2) IMO, you're a marginal actor at best.
      3) I'm waiting for both of your punk asses to land on my property.
      4) It's strictly a BYOBB offer--(Bring Your Own Body Bag).

  4. Ever get the feeling, that all the childhood bullies, the belligerent tyrants who failed in life, are now grown version of the entire make up of Lawless America and it's flunkies, NLA?

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    Here you go guys! She's single and available! I'd call her but I've had my fill of crazy women to last the rest of my life.GOd BlEss AMen

    1. Maybe he'll chill with Flordie ... hopefully she can teach him to spell Westechester & Reeces correctly.

      " Bill Windsor reportedly spent the day chilling in New York City with some of the NBA stars. Then he took the train back to his hideout in Westechester County. Ah the life of leisure!"

    2. He won't use spell check, because he hates being corrected, or told what to do.

    3. The life of leisure? Print screen. So he likes this life and he's happy. So much for suing us for damages because he "can't live a normal life."

    4. How'd you like to have to bring a paycheck home to that every week?

    5. wow I take that train all the time

    6. Prolly not #ThatTrain
      Take a look.


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  6. I think it's hilarious that these so called "leaders" like Darish and Windsor get these followers, and make all kinds of promises to them, but when it comes down to taking action, they are the biggest woosies around.

    Windsor claimed after DC, they WERE filing charges against all the "Corrupt" government officials. I think "D" day was April 1st or something. Then, nothing. Zip, nada, zilch. He didn't even mention it again. Big Bad Bully Bill's empty threats once again.

    Diaper Boy Darish? Same crap. Cites SovCit "laws" or "codes" or whatever (clearly not legal by any means) and gets a bunch of fall guys to take the lead, points and tells them what to do, but none of them have the balls. Why is that? Do they know the crap they're spewing won't work? Do they know they'll end up behind bars faster than Bill eats Reeces?

    Why does anyone listen or follow them? Empty promises, nothing but threats, end results? "Joey's" around the world laughing their asses off!

  7. Bill Windsor is celebrating - End of Day 50 on Lawless America Road Trip #3

    Day 80-Bill Windsor is still free and intends to sue the Congress of the United "Corrupt" States

    Day 214 Bill Windsor is still a free man, though he has found microchips in his food and a tracking device under his car as well being followed by a fleet of drones.

    Day 398 Bill Windsor is still alive, however his thoughts are being read by satellites from a government agency, requiring him to wear a hat lined in lead.

    Day 598 Bill Windsor is continues to uncover corruption, and is suing 312 Million Americans as potential Joey's.

    Day 769 Bill is Grumpy, his motion to the Hague, charging the president and his staff as corrupt war criminals has been ignored by the corrupt politicians there.


  8. "Kelly Holland Bingaman-- How do we know if our story is part of the movie? I feel like lawless America has closed down to all us victims. DC was a great experience. We all supported each other and helped and I feel like I'm all alone"

    Wake up Kelly!! Your story isn't in the "Movie" because there is NO movie. You are all alone if you still support Lawless Bill and his Lawless America because if it doesn't revolve around Bill, it's non existent. DC was all about Bill, not about you people. It was a ploy to gain supporters for the Revolutionary Party. See snippet from DC. (don't forget to throw your penny on the table)

    Still think there is going to be a movie? Not!! Read the daily diary drivel. Not once has he mentioned finishing the movie with all his fugitive spare time. Not once!

    1. How much do you want to bet he deletes her comment?

    2. LOL no kidding. Or, maybe he'll call her a "Joey."

      He'll probably tell her that he can't finish the movie because he has no money--which will be a lie. Or, he'll tell her he has a lot of very important law suits to handle first. Which will also be a lie, he's only got one--his criminal case. Or, he'll ignore her completely, which is standard Bill tactics when he can't answer. No matter what he does, it will be smarmy Billshit.

    3. {H]e'll tell her he has a lot of very important law suits to handle first. Which will also be a lie, he's only got one--his criminal case.a

      Actually, Windsor still has several pending actions open against Boushie in Montana, as well as the action the civil action (90610) against Ellis Co., Texas, the state of Montana, and, you guessed it, Sean Boushie. Oh ya--don't forget his appeals still pending with the 10th District.

    4. Until he pays the $8300 to Ellis Co, the appeals aren't going anywhere. Then there is that pesky "where is your leave to fill" problem.

    5. Yeah, doesn't he owe money in all those aforementioned cases/appeals in TX besides the pesky leave thing? Don't know anything about any cases in MT, those don't seem to be on line.

      Whatever games he is playing it appears to all be stall tactics. Eventually, they'll be dismissed because he failed to follow through $$, which was my main point about no "active" ( guess I should have specified ) cases except his criminal case.

    6. What pending actions open against Boushie in Montana, does he have anon@ 6:32 & I thought the 10th District already kicked his crap to the curb weeks ago.
      And didn't young Tyler in Montana request he not be allowed to file more crap?

    7. He hasn't got anything pending in Texas. Well, that pesky Failure To Appear warrant thing.

    8. Not true. Three 10th Appellate cases are still on the docket:

      10-14-0040 -- Habeas Corpus Bail
      10-14-0039 -- Windsor v. Flemming
      10-14-0035 -- Windsor v. Round

      I don't get how the last two can still be on-going given the predicate case has been dismissed, but oh well. Windsor hasn't paid the filing fees for these,
      and he's going to hit the "Thrashing" floor too. A response is due from him by Feb 27.

      Boushie has at least two cases pending in MT (working to get those case numbers) plus he's on Ellis Co. Civil Action No. 90610.

    9. The HC bail has been denied because he isn't currently incarcerated. The other two appeals, you're missing a key letter that was sent out. That's all I'll say about those for a couple of days.

    10. Alrighty then. I guess the 10th doesn't keep their website up to date because Windsor recently filed yet another brief in his HC case.

      Key letter, you mean the one on Jan 22?

    11. Just because Windsor is filing doesn't mean it's open. He filed on #88611 last week and it's been dismissed how long? He filed on the MOM case after he signed a settlement closing that suit. And no, I'm not referring to the Jan 22 letter.

    12. Just because Windsor is filing doesn't mean it's open.

      Fair point; I stand corrected. I conclude the online court info is incomplete.
      Are you saying Ellis Co. 90610 is done too?

    13. No, it's open. But it's just sitting there. Nothing has ever been done with that one. I think that was just a Windsor get out of jail thing. Once he was out, it became useless.

    14. Just like Windsor. Useless. Yet one more frivolous court abuse/harassment case by the Vexatious asshole. Since he won't be appearing, he won't be requesting any hearings. Perhaps if the defendants request a hearing, they can get him sanctioned for filing in the first place. Bad faith!

    15. The Ellis County Commissioners' Court will be discussing and possibly taking action on a number of important issues during the next commissioners' court meeting.
      The commissioners' court will also consult with legal
      council during executive session regarding Cause No. 90610, William M. Windsor v. Ellis County, Texas; State of Montana, et al. The meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 9 at 10 a.m.

    16. Ellis County Commissioners' Court - February 09, 2015

    17. Ellis County Commissioners' Court - February 09, 2015 - Video

    18. so they didn't get around to Bill?

    19. Anon@ 6pm. Yes, the Commissioners did discuss Windsor - behind closed doors, during the meeting - but they did not come to a resolution.
      My take: the State of Texas isn't going to do anything about Windsor, and he won't be arrested unless he goes to Montana.
      And, that could be the reason why DA Wilson isn't filing any additional charges against Windsor in regards to these hate-websites.

    20. I respectfully disagree with you @Renee : I think Wilson will file new charges and work with Montana to assure that the fugitive, once captured is held accountable for these new charges that Wilson will present once the fugitive is in custody.

    21. I agree Anon.
      What is DA Wilson supposed to do? Send out posse? Bloodhounds? Windsor isn't the only case going in Ellis County. Same for Montana.
      Windsor is sloppy & an attention hoe.
      No one but us, 3 letter #LEagencies are really the only audience he has, besides the remaining brainiacs like Vic, the Sharins, Tim, KPat, Cruz....
      I can wait. I'm patient.
      So far? It's working out great for me!

    22. *Sharons
      Anderson & Galloway aka GaryWinston
      Oh! And MaryD! Facepalm! MaryD!

    23. Exactly SFW .. Wilson is sitting back letting the idiot pile up charges and once he's in custody like I said above ... Wilson will present them .. like you said the fugitive is one of many criminal cases Wilson is working on & contrary to the fugitive's belief, not his (Wilson's) main priority. When the time comes, Wilson will be there ... IMHO

    24. Some of us, locally, actually know the commissioners, live in those precincts. We attend those meetings.
      The felon, fugitive, bail jumping Windsor was not a concern, much less a mention.

    25. I am looking at this from the perspective of having worked with domestic violence victims for 25 years - 10 of those years with victims of Officer Involved Domestic Violence.
      With these hate-websites that Windsor has created, he has exposed confidential addresses of crime victims and dv victims - thus putting their safety in jeopardy.Some of these victims are completely unaware that Windsor has posted these websites, exposing their addresses - and putting that information in their abuser's hands.
      I have given DA Wilson information on each of these hate-websites, and I have informed the DA of the sensitivity of these victims' addresses.
      At that point, DA Wilson was obligated to contact the LE agencies of each of those victims' - so the LE agency could take proper precautions to protect the victim.
      DA Wilson has not done that - and I know that for a fact, having been in contact with many of the victims of Windsor's hate-websites.

    26. Did you ever consider contacting the DA's that represent the area these victims actually live in? Does a DA in Texas have the jurisdiction to take down a website that is harming someone in Michigan? Are the websites being operated by someone in Texas? Why are the DA's that are responsible for the protected addresses not working to protect their victims. Why isn't your local DA protecting you? So you blame a county DA for not doing it? Was Wilson responsible for Windsor's release? You're barking up the wrong tree. Whoever is responsible for the person being protected is responsible for getting the websites removed. If Windsor shows up at your house tomorrow, are you going to call the Ellis County Sheriff to come arrest him!

    27. And one last thing Renee, please show me where it was stated that giving up the Boushie website was ever mentioned as a condition for Windsor to receive bond. The Montana TRO said he had to give the website up. Where did you see any conditions given about Bill receiving bail?

    28. How was Windsor able to obtain these protected victim addresses? Did the victims themselves give him the address? How did he get your protected address Renee?

    29. Good point anon 12:46. I would be going after whoever released these victims info. Surely a person who has worked with DV victims for 25 years would know to NEVER give up personal information to anyone that could use it to put them in harms way later if they have a falling out. That would just be plain stupid.

    30. I totally agree Anon@12:26-12:56 ... I was thinking the exact same thing, DV victim's have their own prosecutor's /DA's who handled their cases in their own states that they would go to , to try and obtain a PPO or in some states ( inc. Michigan) a a No Trespass order against the fugitive. Wilson is not responsible for taking that action for these alleged victims of DV. As a DV advocate, you must know that, Renee.
      The judge that ordered your & other DV victim's supposed confidential addresses would be who you would complain, inform demand action from, not Wilson.

    31. You missed the point: There are victims out there that are completely unaware that Windsor has obtained their domain name; created a hate-website in their name; and posted their name, photo, and addresses.
      If the victim is unaware of this - then so is their LE and thus their DA. No one in this scenario can take the necessary action to protect the victim.
      However, DA Wilson is aware of this.

      As for how Windsor obtained victims' confidential addresses, you would have to ask Marty Prehn of St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

      Also, Windsor has put up rewards [twice] for contact information on victims.

    32. "No one in this scenario can take the necessary action to protect the victim.
      However, DA Wilson is aware of this."

      So you work with these victims but you didn't bother to warn them? What action can DA Wilson take that the local DA's cant? And you claim Marty Prehn was able to obtain protected victim addresses? If that's true, you must have the most incompetent LE and public officials in the country. I guess now I understand why you expect my tax supported DA to save you from your incompetent tax supported DA. I'll also assume you never found the document you were quoting from when you said releasing the Boushie domain was a condition for Windsor to receive a bond.

      None of your comment makes any sense.

    33. In Bill's 66.6 years of pure evil on this earth.....no one has ever done more to stop him than the authorities in Missoula MT and Ellis TX. Fact. If you want to whine about your perpetual "victim" status and bash LE, you are on the wrong blog.

  9. Glad "they" can admit no one understands them. Admitting is always the first step.

    "Bill says he is still laughing his you-know-what-off about the last paragraph of last night's article. Since no one has commented and hundreds have read it, he suspects that many folks may not understand our sense of humor. Bill Windsor jokes A LOT, and I do, too."

    LOL for several reasons. Now, instead of a movie, submit a story for one of Windsor's hate sites. HAHAHAHA Alrighty then!!

    "Bill Windsor is anxious to report as many stories of INjustice aned corruption as we can get"

    1. I'm still waiting on the often promised TalkShoe...

      Movie, TV show, book, whatever. It all boils down to a bunch of Icelandic hate sites.


    2. [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/k1tloh.jpg[/IMG]

    3. [IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/16ify43.gif[/IMG]

    4. " Brandy B - Mr. Bill, I'm sorry, maybe I am dumb, but I don't get the paragraph joke? I know who Don Xiote is and I looked up the Kearns guy. (I saw the movie about him) but what's the funny part? "

    5. I agree with Brandy. No funny parts there unless he's going with the irony that he is crazy. If he's trying to say he invented something amazing and somebody stole it from him, that's laughable, just not in the way he wants.

    6. Brandy Bee tickles me! "what's the funny part?"

      She may be too swift to be over there!

    7. LOL something about having to explain your sense of humor, completely negates the belief you have one.

      "Bill Windsor-- Brandy, you are not the least bit dumb. I have a quirky sense of humor. To me, the funny part is picturing an old man sitting in a hideout eating Peanut Butter Cups and Peach Pie while hiding from the police....and saying he's not crazy. As far as Robert Kearns, I'm sure a lot of people thought he was crazy. But I have tremendous respect for anyone who stands on principle. He probably fared better than I will. he ended up getting to court and winning, and he got most of his family back in the end."

    8. Mr. Picky notes that, unlike Bill, Robert Kearns' did something useful by inventing the intermittent windshield wiper, then sued after automakers stole it. Bill just appears to be upset that, after he lost the Maid of the Mist case and went off the rails, people on the Internet made fun of him.

      I'd also note that, by representing himself, Robert Kearns missed filing deadlines in several of his cases. Those cases, which were dismissed due to the missed deadlines, were probably worth at least another$30-90 million. Not such a grat job in going pro se, and certainly not a great legal victory when considered in that light.

    9. Oh my Bill, did you miss the part about Mr. Kearns wandering the streets? Did you miss the part about him being committed? Or the part that said he had a nervous breakdown.

  10. So he's hiding out with "butch", eh?

    That's probably code for Crystal Cox...

    1. LMAO!! I thought the same thing!

    2. CC is one scary bitch ... he probably likes getting his ass ordered about & kicked by her ( reminds him of mommy )

    3. Yikes! That's exactly what I thought!
      I hope they get in a big fuss! She'll beat the fat offa his ass!

  11. [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2dwgorc.jpg[/IMG]

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Deborah Bill, call Rose in Butte, Montana. 406-494-8352.

    Yeah give her a call you silly fugitive BUT for her to "mediate" your case, you'd have to turn yourself in ... LOL !!!
    ( Rose Everett-Martin, CM, w/Family Designation
    Federal, State & Private Mediator
    Missoula, Montana Area Legal Services)

    1. Is Deborah Bill the personality who wears the lipstick and rouge?

    2. Anon@9:48 Are you referring to the series of pic's of the possible disguises the fugitive may use? If so ... yes, the rosey rouged cheek one w/red lipstick Ha, ha ha

  14. OMG!! The Texas Governor had an interview today regarding the immigration bill that was overturned by a TX Judge. On the wall behind him it looks a bit like a pic. of Bill in the gnome outfit! Even more disturbing if you play the interview backward, at half speed, you hear "I am a Joey"!


    1. Stop!! Omggggggggg!!!!
      Bwahahahahahah hahahahahaha

  15. I think this is the one and only thing Bill learned from his Daddy's short days with WC Fields.

    1. Damn you WC.....look what you started

    2. LOL but since Bill has no sense of humor, he didn't realize it was a joke.

    3. Here is one Windsor should have listened to! Far more educational! Especially for him.

    4. Wouldn't surprise me if BW starts screaming about copyright violation, claiming his daddy penned those W.C. quotes.

  16. Broken record Bill just keeps posting the same stupid stories about the U of M ranking. How utterly boring his life must be, he's run out of other things to post already. zzzZZZZzzzz Poor butthurt, boring Bill. Nothing to do...no courts to get vexi in, no drive by stalking tours, no snapping photos of "haters" as he drives by...no sheriff stations to stand in front of while he rambles on about "Criminal Charges he just filed"....awwwww!!

  17. LOL read up on this guy Windsor put up the article on Judges being above the law


    1. LOL, maybe Bill is a purchaser of this guys handbook(yes he wrote one). They sound so much alike.

  18. Wow,Tim sounds like he needs some mental health intervention

    ( Tim Vawter - From my examining Bill's case, I would say it's a 95% chance they used COINTELPRO on Bill and his children to get them at odds with each other. Just look at what the perps did to me by sending out emails pretending to be me, causing people to hate me. Numerous friends of mine won't even speak to me anymore. This is likely what was done to Bill to get his kids against him, without Bill or his kids even knowing it. It can be undone,but it would require a real federal investigation, which can be ordered by filing a federal lawsuit and asking the judge to order it. )

    1. pass the tinfoil...And Tim, people can choose to dislike you, possibly because you rant nonsense. It's not cool to do that all the time.

    2. and Anon 1:48, good point, but do you have any idea how many of his lemmings believe they are targeted individuals, and being assaulted with COINTELPRO ? Heck, I had never even heard of half of the conspiracies I see the lemmings mention until I saw them on the lemmings pages. They should be buying foil by the truckload over there.

      Then you add in those who also refused help, or meds? SMH It's sad how many of them are truly living in misery believing that crap.

    3. IKR, Oceans ? It's a pathetically sad, mentally unbalanced group of people that he exploits.

    4. IS Bill for ISIS twitters, or against them ?
      It is hard to tell given his raging, and looney tweets., from his ICELANDIC blow project, in his constant flushing out his vile ranging from Mont, to Texas.
      Of course, he claims a first Amendment special to smear people, entire states, Universities. IS TEX TECH ashamed of its grad, did he get s degree from there while selling T -Shirts. Yet, Windsor does his P R that he is like the JOAN of Arc of the first Amendment. Very Sad, and pathetic, TEX TECh must be so ashamed that lonny even went to its school. Of course, there are plenty of crooks , and convicts who went to Harvard and Yale, too.
      So, go figure..

  19. Maybe, the Fugitive is Hiding/Camping out with Tom @ Area 51

    " Blink-182's Tom DeLonge: I've Had Contact With Aliens when camping out at Area 51 and My Phone Has Been Tapped and my Computer Hacked by the Government for exposing

  20. Incoming!!!!
    Looks legit, right?


    1. Poor thang.
      He's so far behind on his mail.
      He needs more time.
      And? Could the judge tell him his name?
      Then? He's gonna need to ☏ telephone in his appearance.

      Hello? Case dismissed. Could Bill Windsor tell William Windsor to figure this snit out? Bill Windsor started this, then beat his tankass © outta here...

      Bwahahahahahah hahahaha hahahaha!
      Hey! Mr Windsor? ^ that's me, ROTHFLMAO^

    2. I was giggling so hard? Tears blinded me!!

    3. I failed to mention that Windsor sent that to my address, not my attorney's. Mine!

    4. Ou, violation of restraining order. I hope nutbag gets nailed in Texas for this!

    5. SFW,
      I hope to hell DA Wilson does something now.

    6. Pffffft! Windsor is miserable, alone, can't play Vexi & scared shitless!
      I sleep fine at night & enjoy my family & friends in the sunshine.
      Seems like Karma works great. After she's done? #LE & #Justice will take over.
      How much better could it get?
      AND? Bill is butthurt!
      That's #winning

    7. Maybe I'm missing something. Texas had Bill in custody for 53 days. Montana still hadn't supplied the Governor's warrant in that amount of time. But now you hope Wilson finally does something? Shouldn't Montana be the ones you're expecting to work harder to catch the fugitive they didn't seem to be in a rush for while he was locked up? What exactly should Wilson be doing instead of Montana?

    8. Anon@ 10:47PM - Texas screwed up on releasing Windsor in December - prior to the extradition order being signed by the Governor.
      Part of Windsor's bond conditions was that Windsor wasn't to be released until he tuned SeanBoushie.com over to Sean Boushie. Windsor didn't - and Ellis County decided to still release Windsor.
      And that is why we are where we are with Billshit....

    9. Whoa. The warrant that the Governor of Montana had to have signed? And have it in the Ellis County, Texas judge's hand prior to the hearing (that Windsor was released) was not available.
      One small rural county in Texas & that county's Judges, District Attorney's Office, Clerks, Sherriff's Department, ect are not the sole reason Windsor is a fugitive. This entire debacle is complicated, a complete clusterf*ck. why? IMO? The one common denominator. Windsor.
      I've been frustrated & disappointed, too, Renee. I don't live in Ellis County. But, I've tromped to & fro over the past 12 months enough, that I feel Ellis County did the best it possibly could. Blaming their DA, who argued adamantly to NOT release Windsor to Judge Cindy, is just not right. Neither is blaming Montana & their officials.
      Let's place blame squarely where it belongs. Upon Windsor. Windsor is responsible, period.
      I see Windsor now reaping the rewards of all his endeavors. And? He's just getting started! The consequences Windsor faces only escalate in severity with each passing day that he chooses to continue 'running' and 'hiding'. The view is from seat? Spectacular! Nothing anyone or any court could impose upon him would ever be as awful as what he, Windsor, has created for himself.
      I do not expect any county or parish in the nation to drain their tax funded resources on a nationwide 'dragnet'. I may be very wrong, but I sincerely believe Windsor will be apprehended, or his poor health, stress & age will cause him to falter, either surrendering or being apprehended.
      I'm not trying to be disrespectful, Renee. I'm trying to be realistic. What would your plan of action be, if you were making the decisions? Which state(s), counties, should incur the cost(s)? Ellis County has certainly invested a sizable chunk already. What does your DA suggest? Your DA should be doing something to assist in this Windsor apprehension endeavor since you've been targeted.
      Reiterating Renee, I 'get' your frustration. I was in the courtroom with Windsor over the last year. I've gotten a dose of his venom. So have countless others.
      I don't understand how one DA, District in Texas or Montana is now responsible for 'capturing' the Assrag that is Windsor.

    10. Renee, how about trying to contact your own DA, and have them do something instead complaining about The DA down here, you have connections in your area apparently, so use them and let's see them take down your hate site

  21. [IMG]http://i62.tinypic.com/2d2c4qr.jpg[/IMG]


    1. I know!!
      He was in too big a hurry to slap a different address label over his GA address!
      And he scribbled along sides, like afterthoughts!

    2. LMAO!!! Another great one, Spam :)

  23. Here's an interesting tidbit from a recent post on lawlessamerica.com:

    The ridiculous alleged acts were all committed in Dallas, Texas, where I have been from August 31, 2013 to December 29, 2014.¹

    Now note the following about South Dakota law:

    Applicants who use a South Dakota mail-forwarding address now are required to sign an affidavit swearing they have no other residence outside of South Dakota. A person who lies on the affidavit could be charged with a class-six felony.²

    Isn't that interesting?



    ² http://rapidcityjournal.com/news/south-dakota-officials-target-vehicle-license-plate-fraud/article_3d0515e8-7d34-11df-b02e-001cc4c002e0.html

    1. Ou, he's racking up the charges.

    2. Hahahaha. Maybe more felony charges in yet another state for the malignant narcissist, hopefully.

  24. "This from Angel:

    "For those who don’t know, the short story is this: Bill Windsor set out to film a movie exposing government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption. He traveled to every state (except Alaska), and he filmed over 750 stories of corruption and has thousands more who wanted to be filmed. Evil people, some working for various government entities and committing crimes, set out to destroy Bill Windsor and the movie, Lawless America. Bill Windsor has been defamed online in the largest case of defamation in U.S. history. His life has been threatened many times. A UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE, Sean Boushie, attempted to murder him. He was put into the Ellis County Texas Jail illegally for 53 days as a political prisoner. The State of Montana has filed five criminal charges against William M. Windsor for sending a Tweet, publishing the UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE's name (the would-be killer Sean Boushie) four times, sending a legal notice email to a University of Montana attorney, and filming the movie and the pilot for a TV show that will expose Montana as the most corrupt state in the country. In a recent development, “law enforcement” had LawlessAmerica.com removed from the Internet. This website contains over 1,400 articles exposing corruption. Bill Windsor worked with a friendly offshore hosting company to return the website to the Internet outside the clutches of American evildoers. He wasn't so lucky when Facebook removed the movie page falsely claiming it promoted nudity, pornography, and solicitation of sex ... or when AT&T canceled the email that he used on everything related to the movie for years falsely claiming he violated their Terms of Service."

    This is the exact same blah, blah, that Windsor himself has been posting for over a month. Now? He wants to try and say "Angel" which is probably Snoozie wrote that? So what? Does he think this will get him off the hook for more charges because of the publishing of the same Boushie? Nah, he's written too many times, he would start doing it. Nice try Snooze aka Scout aka Angel Shark aka Sharon V Galloway aka Vexatious bitch troll.


    Bill Windsor
    52 mins ·

    This is a pdf of the Third Amended Verified Complaint.
    William M. Windsor files Third Amended Verified Complaint in case against Joeyisalittlekid, et al

    This was executed under oath before a notary public, and William M. Windsoir swore, under penalty of perjury, that everything in it is true and correct based up[on his personal knowledge.

    HOLY $HIT!!!! Under oath!!!! And before a Notary Public!!!! You're scaring us now, ond by the way, you spelled your own name wrong. A##HOLE!!!!

    1. Lies, lies, lies. All Windsoir does is tell big, fat, whopping lies, then gets a notary to stamp it, and submits it to the court. Not one time did he ever get charged with perjury in those oh so "Corrupt" courts. I'd say, ALL the Judges gave Bitler way more leeway than they should have. Not sure why he complains, he played them all like a fiddle. But, at the end of the day, his cases had no merit, so there wasn't anything to do but kick his big, fat, pruney ass out the door. Frankly, he should have been sanctioned way more than he has been!!

    2. VERIFIED COMPLAINT ? Verified by whom ?

    3. A notary can only verify that that Windsor's true signature appears on the "document".

    4. Verified by the arrogant stalker Windsoir himself. The great and mighty who is sending himself directly to prison for what looks to be quite a while.

    5. He's so durn mad, he can't type? Or is the fractured skull? Or tax season & blinded?
      Thank you to my attorneys! & BarbH!


  26. He's kinda miffed, huh?
    Bwahahaha hahahaha!!

    He's stomping his little Facebook feeties!

  27. The Windsor logo looks very Atlas-Shrugged-ish. That would be about right. William Galt Windsor.

  28. Why is Billyboy mad at us ? We're the biggest audience he's ever had! He's a great source of entertainment.I laugh my ass off every night reading his nonsense. I know it's not nice to gain pleasure from other people's misery but it's not like he's a decent human being. He is now and will be soon, getting what he deserves. I personally like to picture him reading this blog. I can see the torment in his face.Kind of like poking Hitler with a pitchfork.

  29. More Facebook Court charges filed? Glad he doesn't have my address. Saves the trash man's back.

  30. DID Old Sean B work in a wild life lab in Missoula, funded by fed funds.
    Hopefully, it was not a trapper experiment run on BILLY W...
    IT is hilarious how he rushed up to Missoula, now he is raving on ever facet of the state. Actually, that Sean B is a professional trapper, on MONT state(GOV) trapping boards, Nobody could mistake BILL for big-foot.
    BIG Mouth, and trappers, It is ironic. Why did he travel into BIG SKY country, seems like he is at a lost to explain the why on that. He had a chance in court, and came up short

  31. Maybe he'll try to go back to the Midlothian PD again, in Ellis County & 'file'' butthurt charges on me, because I live in Kemp, Kaufman County? That was a good giggle.
    Oh! I forgot, he can't. Bill is a wanted criminal fugitive in Texas! Maybe he could call in to the Kemp PD?
    He's so funny! He'll spin all night how he's been 'victimized' AGAIN. Poor thang.
    The burner phone will be on fire & he'll be slinging paper tomorrow like confetti!

    He's so #InFear! That was another hilarious one!
    At least he's consistent with his goofy snit!
    Pass popcorn!

  32. Bill Windsor says Bill Windsor's skull is still fractured after a year, hence Bill Windsor can't possibly drive back to where Bill Windsor originally fled from...

    That'll work.

    1. Yup. That's legit.
      Stay up there! Waaaaay up there! Texas thanks you!

  33. I am 66-years-old, never arrested, never charged with a crime, not even a traffic or parking ticket in 15 years.*

    Windsor cuts & pastes this blurbage at every opportunity, but is it true?
    Answer: only the info about his age! In point of fact, Windsor has been arrested, has been charged with multiple felonies, and has had a traffic/parking ticket not more than 12 years ago.

    Although Windsor took down his roundamerica.com site in his latest Internet scrubbing campaign, screen captures of it still exist:


    To sum up: liar, liar, Billy Windsor's pants remain on FIRE!


  34. In his pdf blather he posted a bit ago, he upon-information-and-belief'd that Stacy Emerson is the person posting anonymously as Life in Pierce County, when yet clearly, on my Life in Pierce County website, it says "My name is Stacy Emerson. I am one of his victims."

    Anything anonymous about that? No! And, he's known that I (Stacy Emerson) am Life in Pierce County since I first wrote to him 2 years ago, but now acts like he 'got me'.

    And really? In his 94 page "Third Amended Verified Petition" doozy, he felt the need to truncate a comment I made on JIALK? Instead of going after me for my website which, for over a year now, has featured a summarized exposé on Bill Windsor; the spin doctor, domain-squatting, obsessed stalker, vexatious litigant? Is he scared of leading people to my website? Must be.

    He’s a pathetic human being, and I hope he gets locked up for a really long time for all he’s done to those who have made effort to warn others about him.

    Stacy Emerson

    1. If anyone's interested in reading my full comment that he intentionally truncated - http://joeyisalittlekid.blogspot.com/2013/04/billy-calls-in-judge-snooty-for-backup.html

    2. Life in Pierce County is outstanding, Stacy. You've been nothing but completely honest and candid about Windsor's character and folly. He's doing exactly what anyone could expect from him: Lie, distort and flip his nasty doings onto good people like yourself. Thanks for all you do in warning others of his con-man games. I am truly grateful for your efforts in protecting unsuspecting and potentially countless victims. You are going to heaven, gurl.


    3. You're doing an incredible service, Stacy. Thank you!!!

    4. I heart Stacy Emerson. She makes the world a better place.

    5. Well he might not send people to your website, but we do. The letters sent to various authorities have included a link because you are so good at collecting and summing up the information.

    6. I heart Stacy Emerson to infinity and beyond.
      Her website is an extremely useful tool for #LE and #Prosecotors. I do know that the investigators in Ellis County have used it.
      For the work, time & effort Stacy has put in?

    7. The bright side of this is that my circle of friends has grown by [virtually] meeting some incredible people who I likely never would have met if it weren't for this mess Windsor manufactured. :-)

    8. Agreed!
      Had he known then, what he's learned in the last few months? He'd #FacePalm himself!
      He only ran off, shoo-ed away & turned on the best of the best! His losses? My substantial lifetime gains!
      Thank goodness he couldn't run off Sharon/SnoozaLose/Scout/Angel with a sh*tty mop, other than her Willy? No one anywhere wants her! That? Is funny.?

  35. Wasn't he all giddy last year over the thousands of dollars each Joey would have to spend defending themselves?

    Total amount seems to coincide with recent judgments against him...

    1. I love that he is still filing against a closed case. He can't appear anywhere, and he knows it. His warrants in two (or is it three now) states pretty much nix his possibilities in the court room. Warrant trumps civil lawsuit, don't you play cards Bill? Play some Kenny Rogers...you got to know when to fold 'em

    2. LMAO at him trying to claim he is a private person. His incessant need to publish his every thought and every filing and his every owie made him public. So yeah, did you forget the courts already ruled you a limited public figure.

      His desire to make money off vexi lawsuits pretty much makes the case for his vexiness Spamanon LOL
      How many failed lawsuits and judgements against you are filing appeals or amendments on? How many closed cases are you filing on this week Windsoir? The more you copy and paste from case to case the more vindictive and vexi you look. Stellar job there Bill.

      LOL, and yes you were arrested, and detained. And yes you have been charged with felonies. You need to update your copy quotes.

    3. As part of Windsor's restitution, he should have to replant a couple of forests for all the trees who lost their lives for his shit load of paper court filings.

  36. oceans is cracking up hereFebruary 18, 2015 at 11:50 PM

    OMG he thinks there is a clubhouse? I can't even go there BwahahahhahhaHA ....and he thinks he knows where I am? Dude, there is no club house, it's a blog, and I am an OCEAN (hint think water Windsoir) what would you find in an Ocean? or should i say on an ocean?

    LOL and those lies you verified as true, guess again Bill, every thing I have posted about you comes from your own blabber. You are your own worst enemy. And you litter the internet with it everywhere.

    1. I'm laughing too. Le't's just place all the times he insists that the case belongs in Texas in one pile, and all the times he tried to place the same case in another state in a second pile, and all the times he insisted his loss in Texas was due to corruption in the second pile too. And gee, Windsor with these two stacks alone, I am ready to see you in court. What day was the hearing again?

    2. Let's just start all over in another state.

      47 of them buggers left...

    3. I'm afraid that if you want to see Windsor in court, you'll have to wait until he's arrested and sent to MT. Until then, Willy won't be appearing in a courtroom near you.

  37. "Why did he travel into BIG SKY country, seems like he is at a lost to explain the why on that."

    That is THE reason he's a fugitive right now. Or that is the 20 gallons of gasoline poured on the stack of old tires -- the tweet and mailings he cries about is just the Zippo lighter. Were it not for that trip to Montana to stalk SB, there would have been no protective order to violate, nothing to ignite.

  38. It is Windsor himself who insisted online activity (tweets and blog posts) be elevated to criminal and legally actionable status. He raised up quite a large dog and it ended up biting him in the ass.

    That's so perfect it leads me to guess there might in fact be a God.

    1. Online is all he's got!
      Reminds me of this:


  39. He lost his wife of 40 years but he is now saying he is most concerned not about losing her, but about losing his granddaughters. He "breaks out into a cold sweat"that they won't remember him. Perverted.

    1. Yeah there is something really "off" in that statement.

      When he started out filming people, he told some that he was not allowed contact with his grandkids. It seems this is what drove him to push for "Grandparent" rights. He's WAY too touchy on this subject, which to me, indicates that whatever he was doing, prior to his fake movie road trip, is the real reason for him being "Severed" from their lives.

      If he really wants to keep pushing this issue, along with others, he will inevitably bring the real issues out by depositions with Brittany and Robert. It's been enough of his shitty games, demanding everyone under the sun help him build his case, but not ONCE has any defendant been able to put Windsor and fam under the microscope.

      Windsor wants to pretend he didn't make himself a "limited public figure" yet he supplied a questionable percentage (Windsor math) of articles dedicated per subject. Almost half he claims were about his family? All this proves to me, is that he not only made his political life public, he made virtually every aspect public, therefore open to public opinion.

      He wants to cry about defamation, then he really needs to search real public figures and what they face on the internet as far as meanie comments, and see how many of them are so completely Windsorish immature they sue. He wanted everyone to know his name, and yet, doesn't want anyone saying anything negative. If you put it out there for the world to see, and form opinions on, you better toughen up. Going back to his runs for office? Could you imagine the ridicule, mockery, jokes, and hyperbole he would have faced? Yeah, that's not the make up of someone who would succeed in office.

      And now, he's still trying to figure out how to get millions to know about him? WTF if wrong with this guy? The majority of population will think he's a loon, a nut, a whacky government hater. It will not fare well for him by any means. Is he trying to set up the entire world for a defamation case? Will Whiney William M Windsor launch the worlds largest suit in a Federal Court? And instead of 1000's of "Joeys" it will ultimately turn into Millions? And who's going to hear the case? He's claimed there isn't ONE honest Judge in America. (Yeah, that would be his smallest website....post from the other day) Is this all just an illusion to claim the only way possible for him to get justice is by Citizen (or his new verbiage) Special Grand Juries?

      It's all asinine gibberish. We are being plagued by a menace, who is attempting to still amass millions of anti government conspiracy nuts. Defaming people at mock speed for standing up to the tyrannical dictator William M Windsor. All started with the courts in GA, and built up hatred from there and targets to sue. It's ridiculous how blatant his hatred is, and how many people he's been able to harass, threaten, stalk, and bully.

      I for one hope his maniacal terroristic days are at an end. Enough is enough.

  40. Be careful, Gingersnap. When NLA "comes to power" they will certainly indict you with all their fake papers. Right after they indict and convict all elected officials and judiciary with their fake papers.

    A couple of the NLA geniuses think Bill Windsor and Richard Fine are "victims" and there is a Lawless America movie. One genius wants to contact Fine to see if he's willing to join up with NLA but hasn't yet figured out Fine's phone number is posted all over the internet.


    1. yeah the good news is Darash/Virdurek isn't infinitely wealthy and right now he is more interested in taking donations than actually doing anything.....other than writing his weekly papers and mailing them with two cent stamps

  41. This just in. Recently discovered SCOTUS reply to Windsoir.

  42. Maybe Nash is finally seeing Windsor for what he is - a complete fraud.

    Nash Estafan
    Lawless america needs a new leader to bring dying cause to life. Bill winslow is ain,t got it.he is going nowhere.
    I tried to finance his cause.bring cause one step up.
    44 mins

  43. which post is that on?

    1. @12:39

      Bill Windsor is requesting action by the Governor of Montana - End of Day 49 -

    2. This one - https://www.facebook.com/billwindsor1/posts/10206255551054257?comment_id=10206282821656005&offset=0&total_comments=28

    3. Well, snap damn! Nash? There IS hope!
      I hope Nash keeps every cent he has worked for & EARNED in his account! I also dearly hope he would call, write or email ALL his elected officials and tell them exactly what his problems are!
      And the next time he has $$$ to poof on an RV? He'd consider donating that amount or even ⅛ of it to a charity benefitting children or US Military Veterans, or medical rearch or buy shoes/coats for homeless people! Anything, except anti-gov't hate groups! Heck, keep it all Nash! You earned it!

    4. That is hilarious! What takes these people so long?

      What none of them seem to grasp is that Windsor had NO PLAN to fix anything. What exactly was the plan for Lawless America? What exactly would a little feeble 'movie' actually do, (if he ever intended to make it) to expose "Corruption?" Nothing. Look at the other "Documentaries" that started after Windsor, and finished long before. I think there are a few the Lemmings have posted. What did they do? What did they accomplish? Nothing.

      Aside from Windsor's main beef about his own case, what has he actually done to help others, which was the main lure to get them to support him? Nothing. He set up websites to complain about HIS cases. He's still posting about how HE was done wrong. Yeah, occasionally he will share some story someone pointed out, but what is that really doing? Nothing. It just keeps them all dangling on the hope, he will get off the stick and make good on his promises. He won't.

      Glad Nash finally realizes he was played, and Windsor, in the whole scheme of things, only wanted to build up his on line presence, because he probably thinks that makes him some kind of "star." It doesn't. It won't, and he is a laughing stock by everyone who has functioning brain cells.

    5. Have any of his silly videos ever even approached going "viral"?

      Does anyone really give a sh&t about these losers and their bull crap stories?

      Those are ready-made previews to "Lawless America... The Movie".

      The prosecution rests.

  44. THE INFAMOUS JAY HOSKINSFebruary 19, 2015 at 4:53 PM



    Ellis County & District Attorney - Patrick Wilson

    Page Liked · 8 mins ·



    I am happy to report that the multi-state fugitive William Windsor has been arrested. He is now in custody in the state of Idaho.

    I want to extend special thanks and congratulations to two of my investigators, Jeff Ward and Bob Allwardt, for their diligent and thorough efforts in tracking down this wanted man.

    1. WHOOP WHOOP !!!!
      I HEART Idaho, Ellis County's Patrick Wilson & his investigators, Jeff Ward and Bob Allwardt !!!!

  45. THE INFAMOUS JAY HOSKINSFebruary 19, 2015 at 4:56 PM



    Offender Details
    Offender ID:1061367Date of Birth:10/02/1948Age: 66 Race: White Gender: Male
    Custody Status: In Custody Location of Offender:Ada County Sheriff's Office

    1. YAY!!! Happy Day!! Happy Day!!

    2. Fascinating. I agree with Mr. Wilson: the investigators who tracked Windsor down are impressive. Well done!

      Now we may find out the answers to several questions, such as:
      * Who gets to try Windsor first--Ellis County or Missoula County?
      * How many protective-order violations will Missoula County charge Windsor with?
      * Will Windsor hire (or accept the appointment of) defense counsel?
      * Will we ever hear the full saga of Messrs. Ward and Allwardt's pursuit of the fugitive?

      And perhaps even:
      * Are there actually any Joeys in Missoula County who could attend Windsor's trial hearings and report back to the blog?

    3. I know of one that will have a front row seat!!!!!!

    4. Ah, but will (s)he tell the blog here all about it?

  46. The Infamous Jay HoskinsFebruary 19, 2015 at 5:00 PM

    My bad, 10 hours ago he was on Day 53. Oops, Day 49 was a few days back. At 7 AM mountain time or thereabouts tomorrow, you can see Pieman's current mugshot here https://adacounty.id.gov/webapps/sheriff/reports/arrests

  47. Replies
    1. This can NOT be posted enough!! It is a fantabulous day I tell you!! Fan-fricken-tabulous!

      Age: 66
      Date: Thursday, 2/19
      Time: 3:12 PM
      Status: I
      Meridian Police F Fugitive To Idaho I19-4514(F) 2/20
      Meridian Police F Fugitive To Idaho I19-4514(F) 2/20

  48. A little geography help:

    Ada County is the most populous county in Idaho; it's the location of Boise, the state capital. (It also appears to be a little over seven road hours from Missoula, Montana.)

    Interesting place to hide out.

  49. Happy dance her in Montana !!!!! Thanks all. Lots of covert behind the scenes stuff going on for a while.

    Ward and Alltwart, I owe you beer!!! Shermer too.. Just let me know what kind.

    the infamous #1 hater.

    1. I'm sure everyone here would love to hear the story of the "behind the scenes stuff" at some point.

  50. Now about the Ellis Seven...