Friday, October 31, 2014

Windsor Waves the White Flag and Admits He Lied

It didn't take long for Windsor to breakdown in jail.  While still waiting for his long cold trip up to Montana, Bill sent in this hand written (penmanship is not his strong suit) motion for an emergency stay.

Just in case you are not up to date on reading psychotic writing, here is what it says:

"William M Windsor ("Plaintiff") hereby files this emergency motion for stay.
1. The plaintiff was incarcerated at the Ellis County jail following the Oct 28, 2014 hearing.
2. The plaintiff was not given a phone call until after midnight. He was unable to reach anyone.
3. On October 29, 2014 the plaintiff learned that the the Montana Court will not accept an Ellis County or Texas bond.
4. The plaintiff began work on a Montana bond but the necessary funds required some time with getting a check from the plaintiff's family, getting it to the jail for signature, and overnighting it to Montana.
5. The plaintiff is not being allowed to see his case files or access his computers, so the plaintiff is unable to prepare the reply to defendant Sean Fleming's response to the plaintiff's motion to declare him a private individual.
6. Therefore, the plaintiff requests a stay of at least 48 hours after he is released from incarceration.
7. this will not impact the TCPA motion since this court has previously allowed a stay to extend the time.
8 As the plaintiff writes this late afternoon on October 29, he feels like he will dismiss the lawsuit. The plaintiff feels that the bad guys have won and his life has been ruined and now destroyed. The plaintiff's third amended verified petition is contingent upon the plaintiff as a private individual. The plaintiff feels very strongly that the case law establishes that, but without even being able to identify the true defendants after 10 months, it is probably time to dismiss and the plaintiff may be facing the rest of his life in prison for providing defendant Sean Boushie with service copies of documents filed in this case.
9. The plaintiff asks the court to order a stay until at least 48 hours after the plaintiff is released. This will give him time to reply on the private individual motion or dismiss the case. Respectfully Submitted, 29 October 2014 William Windsor.
The plaintiff will serve this on all defendants except Sean Boushie once he is released. The plaintiff asks that the clerk or court coordinator provide this to the defendants except Sean Boushie"

Several huge red flags that should be going off in Judge Bob Carroll's mind here. He can't serve Sean Boushie? Is this the same person you were just begging Carroll to serve sanctions on for refusing to respond? Seems like you have some perjury you need to admit to in front of the Judge here. Why are you getting a check from your family? You swore to the court that you no longer have a family because of the actions of the defendants. How is it your family is bailing you out now? More perjury before the court? So after 10 months you still don't have the "true defendants". I wonder if the current defendants think they were fake? Are you finally admitting that you have no clue why you are suing people and just hoping the judge would never ask? Don't these current defendants who you admit were sued wrongfully deserve restitution for this injustice?

Judge Carroll has a fiduciary and moral obligation to step in and restore justice to the defendants named in this fake lawsuit. Windsor lied to get his foot in the door, and now that it has slammed on him, the lies are flying all over the place.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

William Windsor Has Been Arrested!!!!

It seems that the civil court hearing was the least of Bill's worries yesterday and into last night. The saying "don't mess with Texas" should be rightly applied to the State of Montana as they are the ones that don't seem to take criminal activity lightly.  Immediately after the hearing, Bill was arrested and sent to the Ellis County Sheriff's Office for incarceration.  He is wanted and should be extradited back to Montana on 3 felony counts of violating the PPO.  Bill of course has been flaunting and taunting that PPO order ever since it was handed down...and now it seems that the law really is the law.  The good news for Bill?  He can get back to being up close and personal with his buddies down in the cell block as they swap stories of judicial corruption and wacky conspiracies.  Maybe he can stay in the same exact cell that Joey Dauben stayed in.....oh the irony.  He better enjoy his stay in Texas as its quite cold up in Montana.....and for him its going to be cold in more ways than one.  Sean Boushie, his wife, and the University of Montana get the last and ultimate laugh as Bill's criminal activity has finally caught up with him.  I applaud all of them, along with the DA who is prosecuting this.

All jokes aside.....well nah lets keep em coming for at least a week or so, Bill's entire life just came to a crashing halt.   His nationwide stalking and defamation tour takes a way back seat as he must now fight for his freedom....and not in a patriotic sense. Will he defend himself pro-se? Will the State he called the most corrupt judicial system in the entire country let him off easy? Will he be on suicide watch?

The only message I would leave him with is this:
Numbers 32:23 - But if you do not do so, then take note, you have sinned against the Lord; and be sure your sin will find you out

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Eve For Bill Windsor

For most children, Friday is the day they will put on a costume and go out in public and pretend to be something they are not.  For Bill, that day will be tomorrow afternoon in court.  The hearing in Ellis County sets up to be a day of doom for Windsor as he must show cause as to why he isn't to be considered a vexatious litigant as well as fend off Anti-Slapp measures.  Bill's legal defense to both of these is the "thats not fair" defense.  If that fails, he has already indicated he wants to ask for leave to pursue his challenge to the State on Anti-Slapp.  If, for some reason, Judge Bob Carroll isn't in the mood for a side show circus, Bill could be in real trouble Tuesday....legally speaking.

Because of his impending date of doom, Bill has been on full spin cycle on his facebook page for almost a week now as tries to project the fear he is experiencing on to those he arbitrarily decided to attack in court.  At first, the lemmings loved it as they thought he was trying to talk to them as real human beings again.  They soon found out he still doesn't care about them and was simply trying to relay a message to the "joeys" of "be scared, be scared dammit".  Finally realizing this, the lemmings simply stopped trying to understand what it was that Bill was saying and just joined hands in a circle to recite their prayer:

"Hail Windsor, full of mace,
The Lord is with Thee.
The Lord is Thee?
Blessed art thou over women,
and blessed is the fruit of Thy labor,
Lawless America.

Holy Windsor,
pray for us lemmings,
now at the hour of our hearing.

Well, Bill's full spin cycle culminated into one of the most insane
posts I think he has ever made late last night:

After a few of the things that I have posted have been send you forgot to edit by Joeys what is a Joey?, I can only imagine that the Joeys are going nuts speculating about where and how I found out certain things I don't think even you know what you are talking about anymore. And whether I actually know anything you don't, we already cracked that code almost two years ago. They are probably pointing fingers at each other. LOL.yes, the second one.....laughing out loud
I guess they are unaware that IP addresses were provided to some folks in some legal matters and you are unaware that I had a pretty tasty hamburger last night. I guess they are unaware that sometimes the walls have ears no, they don't, walls are just walls you can't fool me. There are actually some people in Ellis County who aren't Joeys well how the hell can anyone tell the difference? but seem to know some of what goes on with Joeys I bet they could tell you what the Easter Bunny does in the winter too. Hey, I should spend more time in the finest barber shops what is a "fine" barber shop?, beauty shops usually men don't go to those, nail salons see previous response, and saloons saloons?  Back in the wild west are we?  Just how many drinks for you until the bar becomes a saloon? in beautiful Ellis County. And heaven forbid if there is a divorce or such things involved, because there's nothing quite like a scorned ex, be it woman or man hey watch it are scaring your lemmings again, saying scorned ex is like yelling bomb on an air-plane to them..
It does bring a smile to my tired face I hope you are as tired of your face as the rest of the world is to know these guys probably turn on each other in a nanosecond no one can resist your big $10,000 reward offer......ok, the Joey's did it, now pay up. Hey, I'll let you all in on a little secret:
"Joey did it."  Even in jail?  Its still all Joey's fault?
Photo Copyright 2013-2014.  its almost 2015

Well, suffice to say Bill is worried.  Bill is hoping his Anti-Slapp is killing my right to paper terrorism defense holds up somehow, because if it doesn't he must open his check book in a very painful way. A good night sleep tonight will be hard to get in Windsorworld.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Windsor's Time is Kinda Valuable

Inside the lawsuit of Windsor vs. the World, there is a fracas breaking out between Bill and Sean Fleming....specifically his attorney Barbara Hachenburg.  In short, she is making Bill look like a fool and he doesn't appreciate that.  In addition to her air tight argument that Bill is a public figure and her anti-slapp motion, she also made one that makes the case that Bill should be labelled a vexations litigant and put up $50,000 in security in the extremely likely scenario he loses and is charged with Fleming's expenses.  This is not a happy subject for Bill as he thought he already dodged that monkey by playing his "ohhh I forget to pay the fee on time" game.

So that starts this little email game that Bill likes to do "please advise me on your strategy to fight what I'm doing so I can prepare for it"

Notice her shut-down of him at the end....uhhh yeah what is the name of that business entity you are suing for damages again?  Crickets chirp, Windsor goes dark on that one.  She could have also asked him to show her that affidavit from Barbara Windsor where she claims she divorced him because of the "Joeys".  His entire suit is based on lies.

Anyway, back to the spat.....Bill thinks he wins because she filed this 4 days past his calculated deadline while she points out the court has the inherent power to do whatever it wants.

So, apparently it took bill 4 "long" days to come up with a response to the simple fact that he most defiantly is a vexatious litigant.  He could have spent that time filing additional frivolous motions and asking for discovery on defendants who have stayed all discovery.  Maybe if he had those 4 "long" days back he could have finally sorted the 37,000 comments on this blog by author (he says 96% of them are anon).  If Bill had paid for this tedious work which he performed pro se, he would have paid $15 an hour totalling $480.  Now, when we break down the math on that, it turns out that those 4 "long" days equate to 8 hours a day.  So now we know what a really long work day is according to Bill.

So in the "interest of economy"....lets just strike this whole motion altogether without having to make me try and argue against the merits of it.  And, even though the "court can't give me back my valuable time" can just pay me the $15 an hour I'm worth.

Notice #35. seems that some of these defendants are copying from their classmate's answers. This really bothers Bill.....if there is one thing he can't stand is for someone to just copy and paste duplicative charges and accusations against someone else without specific and unique evidence in each case.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Even the Nobodies Forgot . . .

Today he isn't a half, a quarter or even 3/8ths, he is just one old(er) geezer who is now eligible for probably on social security, that is if he ever had a real job in his lifetime.  It's the first second birthday he has celebrated completely alone and single in the last 40 years.  It's only fitting that he end this way since he has no room left in his heart to love anyone else but himself.

Bill didn't even check in with his lemmings last night saying that he experienced a convenient car burglary.   Some pesky kids happened to smash his windows and take his hard drive and files right before he was to produce his "proof" in front of the court in Missouri next week.  A likely story.  This is going to be his convenient excuse to cancel and weasel out of his hearing in Missouri that he filed for and he forced upon Allie.