Friday, April 26, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

As Bill heads out to Tennessee in support of vigilante justice in the form of cold blooded murder, we learn that his jeep with 36,000 miles was just too much for him and he had to upgrade to a brand new Jeep.  Yes thats right, after "consummating" himself with a 2013 RV which he then decided he couldn't use, he now decided he needed to pimp his ride.  This while constantly crying like a baby about his visit to the dentist.  He wanted to keep the old jeep for "historical" purposes, but decided against it.

Just like his upgraded hotel room in the Meet me in DC failure, Bill lives an occupant lifestyle while directly preying on people with hardly any money or possessions to spare.  Right after leaving his upgraded hotel suite, he would go downstairs with the commoners and take, in some cases, the last few dollars they had left.  Again we see this this playing out, as he is rolling around in a brand new RV and Jeep, he is constantly asking his followers to hit him up for donations for his upcoming vacation.

Oh yes, Bill has no money as he readily tells everyone.  "I'm just like you, except I have millions hidden in my wife's name".  Yep, just your regular joe nobody, travelling around the country on his tiny budget in his humble vehicle.


  1. I am just floored by this new Jeep. IF his wifey poo had the money for the Jeep, why did he need a donor for the RV? Add into that, a one day drive in it, and it's now not functional for this trip with many stops. Like he didn't know that prior to the scam? He just HAD to have this RV to make this trip more functional, but no one (other than the clubhouse) noticed he said most of the filming was outside locations. LIE, LIE, LIE.

    It is not only disgusting that he flaunts his new Jeep, he just dismisses his Con Job for the RV as, an 'oh opps, I shouldn't have done this', and his followers are all good with it.

    Don't forget to donate now 'folks', he probably still owes contempt fees to the court he needs you to pick up the tab for.

    In all this, I find the timing of the 100 g's for Maid, and the RV purchase(probably the same amount) very coincidental. So is wifey going to sell the RV to pay herself back? And it releases any liability for the 'donor' to come back and sue him, because he did use the money to buy it, there just wasn't a time frame to keep it?

  2. Yunno, the being a millionaire doesn't bother me so bad. It's the being a millionaire and scamming po folks out of their grocery money that makes me sick. Maybe an exaggeration in some cases, but not all. I sat at that table in DC and listened to those people as they filled a jar with cash. There were all socioeconomic groups there, so they said different things as they dropped anywhere from $5 to $500 in that jar.

    "I will need a receipt for tax purposes, what a wonderful thing he is going here."

    "Times are hard, but I can spare a little."

    "Please give him this, I don't mind sleeping in the chair, it's just hotel room money, it's worth it."

    "God bless him, it's the least I can do to skip a meal and hitchike home, please, take it."

    Those aren't direct quotes, I used quotations so it'd be cleear those are the sorts of things people said. I myself even barely got home after using my "get home money" for extra hotel rooms. Some actually hitchiked there. Some gave him their rent, their grocery money, their social security check, their hotel money. One guy slept on the ballroom floor and ate Whatever we brought him.One lady got there on her last dime and was stranded in DC when it was over. One man gave him his lawyer money he was going to use to fight his case.

    Of course, they weren't all that destitute, but even the ones with the money to travel, like me and most, put themselves short for his pipe dreams. And the more financially sound, the more educated, asked for receipts. Billy had told them he was a non profit and donations were tax deductions., at that point in time he was not a non profit. I had one lady chew me out and leave because she wanted a real receipt, not the one I scratched out on notebook paper. I don't blame her. She dropped a hundy in the jar and I thought she was going to reach back in and retrieve it. lol.

    That all from three days and a donation jar. Imagine what goes on inside the PayPal account. Thank God I never donated any money. One of these days I will dig out the message of him begging Dottie and I for ideas on what to do because he'd lied and didn't put a trademark or a copywrite on anything. He was asking for ideas how to "own" LA. Private messages admitting he's not allowed to own it. I even suggested me owning it and he being CEO. Lolololol....Too bad that WTP FPR group are just FB mouths. They could really put a wrench in his vacation if they used their TM on LA correctly.

    The DC donation/receipt thing tipped me over the edge. That day, he went from a douchebag to a professional scammer in my eyes.

    1. yeah I would clarify that I am all for someone who earns a lot of money honestly...using it however they desire. Thats the American dream. I do wonder, now knowing who Bill is, how much of his fortune came by honest means?

      But yeah, beyond that debate is the main issue of the false pre-tense. No millionaire with any kind of conscience could take up donations from followers like that who didn't even have the gas money to get back home. Bill has no conscience at all. Which is also why he is no longer human.

    2. I mean think about it, and this is what is really happening...some woman gives him her $65 which was her gas money to get home and now she has to risk her life and hitch hike, while bill will use that extra $65 to go for a room upgrade for one night on his next vacation

    3. A few indications of scam show, I noticed in DC. If you've never met him, or only met him once for filming, he seems normal. But spend three days with him and you can see the real personality peek through now and then.

      #10: He said the ladies running his registration desk were an embarrassment. They kept bugging him with questions, going out to smoke, and one wore pajamas. Their services were free, but he didn't think they were good enough.

      #9: He rolled his eyes and grabbed stuff out of people's hands as they tried to help him set up and break down the ballroom. They were getting on his nerves.

      #8: He told me to "handle" the internet blog newspaper guy because he was a know it all.

      #7: He bitched the hotel staff didn't empty our trash fast enough.

      #6: He chewed out the waitress and stomped out of the bar when they were swamped and his dinner wasn't there in ten minutes.

      #5: He personally invited two of his public haters then published they crashed his party.

      #4: He instructed everyone to the Washington Post and became irritated when they didn't have cab fair. He told me to order six cabs them stuck me with the bill for the three unused ones, never batting an eye.

      #3: He refused the donation receipts I made people, and snapped that he didn't have time for that.

      #2: After disappearing for hours on game day to entertain Deseree', he returned pissed and red faced. He stomped past people trying to shake his hand. He stomped so hard his body leaned forward like walking in a wind storm. When someone asked if he wanted a late breakfast he shouted (and I mean shouted) "NO!" and kept stomping past.

      And the number one funny reason you should never blindly follow a spoiled con artist.....

      #1: People were hungry. They'd put all their money in his jar and slept on floors. Some guy sprang for dozens of orders of burgers and fries for anyone who couldn't afford the restaurant. Bill sat to eat his. He shoved fries in his mouth three and four at a time, bitching they were cold and the service sucked. He complained the whole time, about the hotel, the volunteers, the service. About the cold fries, the lack of media, the haters. About the hard work, the lack of help, the unorganized event. And he ate every one of those free, cold fries, never saying thank you. Meanwhile, in the corner, a man who hadn't gotten any was eating the lettuce and onions someone tossed off theirs.

    4. I can totally see that in him, and that is what really gets to me the most. Take, take, take, lie, lie, lie, con, deceive, swindle, without the slightest care in the world.

      "And he ate every one of those free, cold fries, never saying thank you. Meanwhile, in the corner, a man who hadn't gotten any was eating the lettuce and onions someone tossed off theirs"

      So sad. ( I will keep from making any further comments on this matter, as I am out of the kind of money I would need for the swear jar fine)

    5. Yeah, my car load barely made it home from DC too, thanks to Gas Buddy, Paypal, Priceline, Sam's Club and borrowing from a relative along the way.

      A bee will pee in Bill's pie on the highway someday.

    6. Pie Man Zombie HunterApril 26, 2013 at 4:21 PM

      Sorry, I could not read, what Allie posted about the People in DC, without feeling very heart broken ....How is this Not a Crime?

      How can anyone still follow him, after that? I have nothing funny to said about him hurting all these people

    7. Pie Man Zombie HunterApril 26, 2013 at 4:28 PM

      @Allie, any of those people still following him that went to DC?

    8. Yes. Two in particular that slept on the floor in the lobby.

  3. Did anybody see this yesterday? I haven't kept up enough to see if it was linked . . .

    1. I noticed it in his new pictures. Wonder if he does this to drive in the carpool lanes, or to make it look like he isn't the only dummy in the car.

    2. I really like the comment that was made next to the photo.

    3. I didn't see one, what did it say?

    4. LOL it said "V for Vexatious"

      What a creepy photo. He put a hat and anonymous face on his passenger seat with a jacket?

      Everything Allie said doesn't surprise me one bit. WIndsor is a complete waste of skin. It's exactly how I assumed he behaved in real life, what a disgusting sick creature.

      Karma / God / call it what you will always comes back around in life to those who are evil and hurt others, it never fails. It may take years and may not be what was expected but they always get what they deserve in one way or another.

    5. LOL @ Vexatious Comment. Too funny. Glad there is a screen shot of it! (Totally missed that before. SMH)

    6. So now, the guy has a 2013 Jeep and 2013 RV. I don't care if he paid for it himself without any help from Lawless "donations." He's not being honest. Profit businesses and charities both have to be honest about how their money is spent with the IRS. If he isn't keeping receipts. If he can't prove what was spent where, he's not being honest. His comments about needing his original docs for the MoM financial disclosures speak volumes about that. He might not have had his original calculations, but he should have been able to use the same data and come to the same conclusions without perjuring himself. The reason he couldn't was because he is clearly never honest.

      There is nothing wrong with being successful and making money. And, it's not my business how anybody who makes money in a legitimate fashion spends their earnings. (of course, I think more highly of prosperous people who feel fortunate enough to help others) If Bill is using charitable donations to make his travels more comfortable than necessary, I do have a problem with that. I can go on Hotwire any day of the week and find a clean and comfortable motel/hotel for about $40 (and most of the time they are Fairfield Inns and other things Bill regularly stays in). I'd be willing to bet that Bill picks the hotels he wants to stay at and pays whatever the rack rate is. Only the best for Bill.

    7. Life in Pierce CountyApril 27, 2013 at 2:41 AM

      Hilarious! Score for Kinley!

  4. After calling me a nutcase lets see if Naomi Chambers responds to this; Naomi, What are your thoughts on Bill Windsors trip to film the sentencing hearing in a murder trial. Grandfather Jimmie Robinson shot and killed the biological father of Jimmie's grandson after repeated reports of sexual abuse of the child. So do support Bill's Idea to bringing justice for Jimmie Robinson and getting him out of Jail because he has been wrongly sentenced. Can you make us a video about your thoughts on this matter in regards to the trial and conviction.

  5. Since the Robinsons have had time to work on their stories, seems things keep changing. I mentioned this before, that Wendi said there was no divorce, but then other reports state there was. Why lie? Hiding something Wendi? Feeling guilty about something?

    Wendi Robinson Hicks says:
    April 21, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    "This is Wendi Robinson. The only thing I will correct, is the fact that we were not and never had a divorce hearing!!!!!!! The newspapers have printed A LOT of false information..."

    Then here in the petition for Justice for a Grandfather (who does that sound like?)It looks like this petition was created in Feb 2012, before Wendi's above comment.

    "... the Judge hearing the divorce case, granted the children's father regular visitation with the children under the supervision of the paternal grandmother and step-grandfather."

    And... "It appeared imminent that two courts, despite overwhelming evidence.... were about to turn over three, precious, innocent baby boys for their father to victimize over and over and over at his leisure."

    That is why Pa took matters into his own hands to protect the children

    Then Pie Jerk said "The judge had just awarded custody to the pedophile"

    The stories don't match up. The mother/wife of Jimmie contradicts her daughter, herself and Bill.

    1. family court matters is Marlene Debeks/Julia Fletchers "blog"

    2. Right. Good old Julia, and here is her comment about the hearing photo's.

      Julia Fletcher I would love for someone like Wendi to add photos to this album to show her dad as he was in life before the judge forced him to wear the striped suit.

      First off, the Judge didn't force him to wear the striped suit, he plead out for a shorter sentence. He made the choice to pull the trigger. He solely decided to end someone's life. It is not the Judge's fault, nor a corrupt system. He has to answer for HIS decision.

    3. you read my mind....check the new post

    4. Booyah!! We are in sync!

  6. The following is hypothetical. I have not ever murdered, attempted murder, or even threatened to kill anyone.

    Here's the way I see it. I'm a 68 year old grandfather. My daughter and grandson's are in danger from an abusive pedophile. I think things will eventually escalate to their murder. Or, at very least, my grandsons will never have normal lives because of the psychological consequences of their abuse. I've contacted authorities. I have tried every single legal venue to fix this. They award the bastard custody. Well, I'm 68 (which in my world is actually still young), but I've lived my life. I've had my youth, a profession, a loving family . . . I have made my mark on the world, and it's time for the younger generation to take over. The only way my daughter can get away from this guy is for me to kill him. So I do. I get caught. I go before the jury and say, yes, I did this, and this is why. Punish me however you see fit. I tell my family to go on with their lives, and I go to prison for the crime and sin I committed. But, I sleep better at night knowing my family is safe. I find a way to give back in prison by teaching a trade or whatever skill I have that can help the younger guys that will get out again. I feel good about myself.

    Blah blah blah. I probably would never reach this place myself, but if he felt it was the only way, he should accept the consequences. Done deal.

    1. He doesn't want to accept responsibility now. Now, it's several years later and they want to justify the murder. My problem is that in his wife's own words, "It appeared imminent that two courts, despite overwhelming evidence.... were about to turn over.

      Not that the Judge DID give him custody, it "APPEARED". There was still a chance the evidence of abuse would be enough to keep him away. Based on what SHE said, there was still hope to find protection. They gave up, and took the easy way out.
      (Even if he had gotten custody, there were still other options)

      Death was their only option? The mother and boys couldn't have gone into hiding? There were plenty of other options, this was their/his choice. It was a choice that ruined several people's lives, and he/they should have thought about that, before he pulled the trigger.

  7. Off topic, sorry - but to clear up some old business for the original JIALK crowd: Haily Dunn's remains have been found. She was found at JB Thomas Lake, northwest of Colorado City. Investigation is on-going. I still have a problem with mom moving to Austin. The only way that makes sense to me is if she knew Haily wasn't coming home.