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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Windsor Admits to Cyber Terrorism

So this site was temporarily down last night for a brief period and both Bill and his former partner in crime "Susan Harbinson" immediately jump on facebook to gloat and proclaim the death of joeyisalittlekid.  Evil hates exposure, and for a brief moment they screamed with glee at the thought of not having their words and actions critiqued.  Bill of course bragged that he gotten the site taken down so he was left chewing on his foot when the site came back several minutes later.

But it was what Bill said in the comments after that are really interesting:
Bill Windsor I guess they were trying to figure out how to stop the total download of the site along with all logins and passwords that has been running on their site for 20+ hours so far. If any of you need a magic way to totally download a website, just email me at 29 minutes ago · Like · 2
Bill Windsor 27,459 files and counting 29 minutes ago · Like · 2

Hmmmmm, that sounds a whole lot like he is trying to hack and cyber attack the site. So now we can add cyber terrorism to paper terrorism, mail fraud, sexual perversion and constant stalking that Bill has directly admitted to doing.

Then this morning he is back to his stalking practices:
It's Joeys' Time! Now if I just knew who these screen names are and where they live. The court clerk says "under a rock" is not an acceptable address.
I'm going to test my "under a really slimy rock" theory. My position is that it is the last known address.
William M. Windsor
Thats right, every single one of you...even though we have over 20,000 comments on this site Mr. Bill is going to drag every single on of us to Criminal...yes, Criminal court. What kind of crimes have we committed you might ask? Ahhh, we are part of a racketeering enterprise according to Mr. Bill. And just so we know what he is actually alleging by is what Criminal Racketeering means:
Racketeering is an illegal act which constitutes the operation of an illegal business or scheme in order to produce a profit. Racketeering is a broad category that can include a variety of criminal acts, such as bribery, illegal gambling, the exploitation of children, money laundering, etc.
Yep....he sure pegged us on that.  There is so much money flying around on this blog its almost as if its not even there in the first place.  What if someone made up that they were making a movie and took in volunteers and donations with no tracing of the funds to any organization whatsoever along with avoiding to file a tax return?  I'll just let all you other gangsters weigh in on what you think about this criminal enterprise we have going on here.

Friday, August 30, 2013

After Defeat Bill Goes in to Hiding

The showdown in Missoula was supposed to get Bill's mojo back.  He was going to go down there and get Sean Boushie arrested, get a restraining order, or at least fired and declare victory of his chief "hater".  In true vigilante style he orchestrated his own sting operation.  Turns out, playing police officer is a quick way for his adversary to get a restraining order against him.

So Windsor had to flea Montana with his tail tucked between his legs.  Reality is his biggest adversary and it is really bearing down on him now, he can't seem to escape the fact that his entire life is one big lie and a failure.  Bill is out of ideas, and is possibly running out of his never ending supply of cash.  Yes those perpetual trips with $150 a night Courtyard at Marriott bills are catching up to him.  I'm guessing the T-shirt sales are down, not to mention he probably never even sent out the ones that were purchased.  His lawsuit against Allie is going sideways, his stalking against Sean backfired, and all his "haters" have not been fact they have multiplied exponentially.  His remaining few followers are not only nobodies, they have nothing of value to offer bill.  They have no money, no skills and no connections, in short they are all worthless to Bill.

So Bill is left with nothing, and he has to resort to made up accolades like going on a diet or taking great pictures out of his car.  Yes he has failed, but sadly this is nothing new for him.  He has done this his entire life, he will go in to hiding, ignoring all the problems and obligations his most recent stalking tour accrued, and eventually emerge again with a slightly different vision of his same old scam.  This is the life of a gypsy con man.

Monday, July 29, 2013

I Guess He Is Not in Kansas Anymore

Bill spent the weekend stalking Allie and Cluadine and continuing to avoid his showdown with Boushie in Montanta.  He fired up the Claudine site and listed this sworn affidavit he says he filed with the court there:
I, William M. Windsor, the undersigned, hereby declare under penalty of perjury which means nothing to me anyway:
  1. I am over the age of 21 way way way over, I'm 64 and 7/10ths years old, am competent to testify ohhh, I'm a pathological liar so you might want to take that with a grain of salt, and have personal knowledge of the matters stated herein.  I provide this affidavit to be used in this matter and in any other legal proceeding never stop vexaiting.
  2. I failed at life to include Exhibit 5 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 5.
  3. I failed at life to include one document in Exhibit 6 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 6A.
  4. I failed as a son, husband, father, grandfather, RV owner, movie producer, activist, taxpayer, author, business owner, being a human being to include Exhibit 8 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 8.  This exhibit is information posted on the American Mothers Political Party Facebook page.  Page 4 shows one mention of watching the movie “Kill Bill.” it's a pretty good movie  The members of the organization were encouraged to watch it.  This document is filled with many other defamatory published statements.  DOMBROWSKI has published that she and she alone is responsible for everything on this website.  This is shown in Exhibit 47 hereto.
  5. I failed at everything, yes we know Bill to include Exhibit 9 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 9.
  6. I failed a telling pattern huh? to include some documents with Exhibit 10 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 10A.  Sean Boushie has stalked me by email I think we all know just how serious email stalking can be, Facebook messages and posts oh my, by mail you guys are pen pals, and through published information online.  He has threatened me in many ways the worst of which is he challenged my manhood.  He uses lewd language and is continually telling me to go fuck myself but judge....I don't even know how to do it.  He publishes information online pretending to be me, and he uses aliases including John Smith and John Brown btw...isn't this about Claudine?.  He sends me emails showing the email address as and and I have reason to believe he created those email addresses just for me.  He is associated with DOMBROWSKI and the American Mothers Political Party as well as with how?  I don't see him listed on the member list.....bluff called.
  7. I failed so just quit to include Exhibit 19 with the AMENDED VERIFIED PETITION FOR EX PARTE PROTECTIVE ORDER filed on July 26.  It is attached hereto as Exhibit 19.  This exhibit shows some of DOMBROWSKI’S websites.  She stalks and defames a number of local attorneys, doctors, and social workers by setting up websites in their names.  Note that she publishes all of their personal information – name, address, phone, email, and more and we know how horrified you must be of someone that would do something like that.  These websites were set up before she and her organization and associates began stalking me how many times has she driven by your house and taken pictures of it?.  It demonstrates a pattern and practice of wrongful behavior by DOMBROWSKI.  Page 1 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Dr. David C. Rodeheffer.  Page 2 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Dr. Milfred ‘Bud’ Dale.  Page 3 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Christopher Dykes.  Page 4 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Kara Haney.  Page 5 of Exhibit 19 is one of several websites about Rene Netherton.  Page 6 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Donald R. Hoffman.  Page 7 of Exhibit 19 is the website about Drex Flott.  Page 8 of Exhibit 19 is a website about Jill Dykes.  Page 9 of Exhibit 19 is the website about GAL Scott D. McKenzie.  Pages 10 and 11 of Exhibit 19 are websites about her former husband, Hal Richardson.  Page 12 of Exhibit 19 is another website about Jill Dykes is this give a shout out night?.  Page 13 of Exhibit 19 is another website about Rene Netherton.  Pages 14-18 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Glenn’s Cult that also attacks Rene Netherton.  Pages 19-21 of Exhibit 19 is a website called The Truth About The Family Court.  Pages 22-23 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Kansas Court Whores, one of the sites that published an article calling me a sexual predator.  Pages 24-29 of Exhibit 19 is a website called Kansas Fatherhood Initiatives, one of the sites that published an article calling me a sexual predator.
  8. I have been unable to locate Exhibit 7 oh no, not exhibit 7....this whole thing doesn't make any sense without exhibit 7.  A recent posting online by DOMBROWSKI said she would have an army to meet me when I came to Topeka but after checking with the Pentagon, she doesn't have command of any known armies.
  9. Exhibit 47 hereto includes several publications by DOMBROWSKI that make it clear that she is the American Mothers Political Party and claims full responsibility for everything that appears on its web pages.  She states that she created the American Mothers Political Party.  Thousands of people involved with family court issues nationwide know that DOMBROWSKI is the American Mothers Political Party have you actually talked with all of these people to verify this or are you just talking out of your ass?.
  10. Exhibit 48 hereto contains two published articles by DOMBROWSKI on the news service, Newsvine.  One shows the video that I filmed of her and says I am a con man you are.  The other says I am a sexual predator.  These articles clearly show they were published by her.
  11. I ask the Court to realize you can't ask the court to realize anything, present evidence and allow them to make their own conclusions that it is not possible for the hundreds and hundreds of defamatory articles posted in the name of DOMBROWSKI could have been done by anyone other than her.  She also claims responsibility for everything published by theAmerican Mothers Political Party, and there is a massive amount of stalking and defamation done on their Facebook page, which is provided as part of Exhibit 1 – flash drive hey, flash drives get thrown in the trash, just saying.
  12. Exhibit 49 hereto is a publication that DOMBROWSKI made that talks about the Safe At Home program and shows her card with the assigned address.  This is the address published online for the American Mothers Political Party.  This is defamatory and stalking what is?  the Safe at Home program?  Have you just randomly said those words so many times you forget their original meaning?.  For someone else to have written this article, they would have to have access to her state-issued ID card as well as information about this program.  DOMBROWSKI wrote this, just as she has written and claimed all of the stuff that has been published.
  13. Exhibit 50 hereto is the home page of a website titled “I-am-a-pedophile-william-windsor.”  It shows 102 articles have been published about me on this site in 2013.  It lists many other sites about me, including sites about me being a pedophile, having a tiny penis do you plan to contest this in court?, being a terrorist you are a paper terrorist, by definition, being a sexual deviant asking for strangers to tell you their stories of rape and incest qualifies as sexual deviancy, not having balls you plan to show the court that this is not true?, liking to suck cock I, and I'm sure the court, can't believe you actually filed all this, and other such outrageous terms.
  14. Exhibit 51 hereto is DOMBROWSKI’S most recent post on her website.  In this post, she admits that she and the American Mothers Political Party are on in the same.  She speaks of an article that recently denounced her written by internationally-renowned spousal abuse advocate, Lundy Bancroft Lundy advocates spousal abuse?.  This article is included in a prior exhibit.  Additional pages from her website are included with comments about me.
  15. I have shown that I am in fear for my safety look hands, even now they are shaking.  I have demonstrated that my family is terrorized in fear for their safety what family? They are doing much better after they dumped you.  I have shown a perhaps unprecedented volume of stalking ohh you mean that flash drive...yeah sorry about that, in terms of both the number of people involved and the volume of written material I think what is unprecedented is the amount of vexatious litigation you have done in your so called life.  I have shown that Google shows over 15,000 web pages did you really count them all? that publish that I am a sexual deviant.  I am not a sexual deviant uh huh, don't ask for strangers to send you their stories of rape and incest then.  I am not any of these things that these sick people publish.  I have shown a continual publication of hundreds of articles over a long period of time that is continuing as I type this well stop typing.  I have proven as well as anyone could ohhh others could have done a much better job that DOMBROWSKI published an extensive amount of defamatory and stalking material.  To say that she didn’t publish this material would be to say that someone has stolen her information, ID card, identity, business, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, MySpace pages, YouTube pages, WordPress pages, numerous websites, Business Week login, Newsvine login, and has done all of this without the very active DOMBROWSKI ever saying someone was doing this I seem to remember you pulling that trick...."my facebook page was hacked, I didn't post what I posted".
  16. I have filed criminal charges with the Topeka Police Department you filed a complaint.  I ask this Court to contact the District Attorney and ask him to investigate guys got to help me out here or I'm just chasing my tail.  If this doesn’t meet the criminal defamation statute, I don’t believe anything ever will and I can not overstate how much the State of Kansas cares about your opinion of defamation.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We Have Reached a Verdict: Not Competent

Yesterday in Lexington Missouri, Windsor had most of his motions tossed out along with Mark Supainich being dismissed from the case.  But he was allowed to continue on with a specified discovery process that will include a deposition of Allie.  Obviously this is going to be spun as a big win for Bill as he avoided contempt of court (although he was threatened with it) and the entire case was not thrown out and he gets to keep playing Perry Mason, at least for a little while longer.

Apparently the Judge needed more in the way of discovery to be able to rule on the merits of the case.  One point that was made very clear to Bill, and I'm sure ignored, is that he really needs to hire an attorney, his utter incompetence is basically unreadable in a court of law.  He was visibly shaking in the courtroom and fumbling over his mountain of vexatious documents.

In Bill's mind, Allie committed the ultimate sin by retaining counsel in the lawsuit he filed on her.  Now he knows he is going to lose, he knows he is going to be exposed and he is now directing that anger at her attorney Matt O'Conner:

"I have developed an instant intense dislike for Allie Overstreet’s attorney, Matthew J, O’Connor.  He wears these really ugly alligatorish patchwork black shoes.  Picture a slick hair used car hustler, and that’s what I see when I look at him.  He has lied in court pleadings, and he has filed false pleadings.  He lied to the judge today, and I called him on it right there.  I’m going to refer to him as Weasel Curly.  My late former father-in-law used to tell stories about a guy he knew named Weasel Curly.  The guy looks and acts like a Weasel Curly, in my opinion." 

Translation.....this guy is smarter and more connected than me in every way.  He is legitimate....Bill pretends. He works for a living, Bill spends his life trying to avoid actual work.  He is a somebody, Bill is a nobody. He gets asked to be on TV, Bill can't even hijack a real television camera.  He knows the law, Bill knows he hates any kind of law.

Windsor blames us, his "haters", for the demise of his movie scam, his drop in fake followers, and his family leaving him, and we should all pay him a cool one million each at the very least for resitution.  Why thank you Bill, I guess what you are admitting to is that we literally own you in every conceivable way.  You have allowed your unbridled hate for anyone that calls you on your bluff to the point that it has completely consumed you.  Case in point, today you are back on the stalking warpath as you try and stalk Claudine at her Kansas home.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Death of Lawless America

Lawless America, the scam, is now over.  Bill announced the news of its death this morning on the comment section of his personal facebook page.  But don't worry, Bill will still eat pie and stalk as many people as he can, he just needs to come up with a new scam as this one has run is course.

Bill gave us several updates over the weekend before this announcement:


But if you know, please don't tell. oh crap, sorry about that

I devoted most of yesterday to filing various legal motions against Allie Overstreet which will be laughed out of the courtroom in short order. I am suing her for mega damages you probably should be specific, but why start now? in court in Lafayette County Missouri.

I have said to myself since there is no one else to listen I guess you are the only one left to talk to that I will resolve my living arrangements by midnight Sunday or hopefully law enforcement can resolve them for you. I will finish looking at potential places to live this weekend.

Facebook continues to pretend that had nudity on it. Now Facebook has money "now", when did they not?. Maybe I can get a lawsuit to stick against them ummm no because they also have real attorneys. I'll file when I get to California. ahhh trick answer because you are not going to California 

It's laundry night. yeah hurry up and wash those Lawless shirts before they start to fade

I continue to get asked out on dates by women take that Barbara. It's very flattering and I like to be flattered. I had no idea women were so aggressive ummmm well thats because there is another word behind them....desperate, but that will be a new lesson for ya. It certainly makes life easier on us shy out-of-practice bachelors yeah you are a really shy guy with over 400 hours of youtube vidoes, why don't you come out of your shell?. But I'm not yet comfortable with actually having a date unless you can work out the details of the payment ahead of time?. I've been divorced for 18 days but separated for many years .

Then we get the goodbye cruel world post:

Bill Windsor I likely won't be in New York or California or anywhere but South Dakota unless or until we get funding. I can't afford to keep going. So, I will do the TV pilot, and then will hunker down and focus all of my efforts on obtaining funding.

So the time of death was actually last weekend during his Salt Lake video.  Its over its done with and he has nothing to show for it, not even a preview clip.  Now he must go in to hiding and try and retool everything in to a new scam.  But this time he doesn't have anyone to hide all his assets under, he ha exposed himself.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Billy Stops Paying Attention to His Latest Scam

Windsor gave this update last night on his personal facebook page:

BILL WINDSOR OF LAWLESS AMERICA ohh you mean that Bill Windsor IS TAKING A SHORT BREAK FROM FILMING you mean youtubing TO ATTEND TO PERSONAL MATTERS the only thing you ever do is attend to personal matters. IF YOU KNOW WHERE THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN, YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE HE IS. so you stole another picture and posted it?

I am not here that statement is fundamentally flawed on the most basic level, but it does look delightful. The only scenery I am seeing tends to be the four walls of a hotel room hopefully it will be redecorated soon with some iron bars.

The folks in the room next to me last night had a great time uhhhhh, did you send them a cease and desist?. I've never heard anything like it. I was blushing, I imagine *sigh*, no comment...but you know.

I did a lot of research on places to live there are lots of them out there huh, and I thought I had things narrowed down pretty well...but photos can be deceiving too bad you have never been able to go out and see all these places in person, like on vacation...oh wait. Little is easy that's especially true for stupid people.

I filed criminal charges against Curtis Butler of Springfield Missouri today.  and the crowd goes wiill...oh wait, no one cares any more

Thanks to his stalking obsession, Bill has been unable to properly respond to his vexatious filing in Missouri.  Yesterday, he tried to file and emergency motion for continuance.  He based this request on several parts:  1.  He says the court clerk is being mean and denying him subpoena powers to go out and discover what a ginger snap is.  2.  He has been out of town and unable to keep up with all the filings.  He claims he hasn't even seen Mark's answer.  3.  Brenda still hasn't been served, and Bill doesn't seem to know how to do it.  4.  Allie's attorney is being corrupt because he has only recently started to send everything to bill via email.  Bill says it can take up to two weeks to get his snail mail so its important that everyone take the extra effort to scan everything on to the computer and email it to him.

In light of this, I thought it would be nice to just go ahead and set the stage for a hearing between the judge and Bill at this point:

Bill:  Please allow me more time, I am out of town
Judge:  Why are you out of town? 
B:  Because I'm filming a movie
J:  Why are you filming a movie?
B:  Because judges are corrupt
J:  Why are judges corrupt?
B:  Because they ruled against me and labelled me a vexatious litigant
J:  Hmmm, ok lets back up a little, why did you have to file this lawsuit?
B:  Because Allie said mean things about me
J:  What?
B:  That my movie is fake
J:  Well when is this movie going to be out?
B:  I don't know, I need a rich person to fund it, someone to edit it, someone to write the story, someone to direct it and someone to produce it.
J:  So what do you have at this point?
B:  I have over 3,000 hours of random testimonies of people on youtube
J:  Ok, so why can't you get your mail?
B:  Because my wife divorced me and I had to leave
J:  Why did she do that?
B:  Because I wouldn't stop filming my movie
J:  So who are these 1000 John Does?
B:  I don't know, I was hoping you would help me find out
J:  Let me guess, they too said something negative about you "movie"?
B:  Exactly what is it gonna be Judge?

J:  this case is dismissed 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Over Here, Over There, But Never Headed Anywhere

Bill continues to wander around in the Utah wasteland.  He is currently trying to get his foot in the door to see Connie Fielding a woman whom her family committed to an institution.  Bill doesn't know her, knows nothing about her story, but since she posts on his facebook page and all her posts are very much pro Bill, he has declared her perfectly sane just on that alone and therefore wrongfully detained.  He does a video outside the facility that he is not allowed to enter.  In his self shot and poorly edited video, he rambles on for 8 minutes and looks to have put on about 25 pounds just in the last two weeks.

Windsor is gearing up for his delayed showdown with Sean Boushie in Missoula Montana.  Bill keeps claiming it will be a TV series (which will go straight to youtube) as he tries to get impressionable young college students to go on camera and say bad things about Sean.  Bill has even stooped as low as taking out an add on Craigslist seeking subjects to go on youtube for his fake documentary.  He also posted that he is renting a bulletproof vest for his stalking expedition in Missoula.  He wants to make sure his few remaining followers realize just how dangerous his made up crusade of stalking Sean really is.

While Bill was in Utah, he decided to go by the Sundance festival and see what real movie producers do.  It was more like a nostalgia trip down his own lying memory lane as it read as a "remember that lie I told you guys about my fake movie going to Sundance?  Well, I went by their information desk and had a conversation with the clerk how cool is that".

What happened to the RV?  Bill says he decided to sell it, he even said "we" sold the RV.  Of course the question is who is the "we"?  He and the voices in his head?  It wasn't listed as an asset in the divorce.   Does  "we" mean the non-profit that he set up but hasn't been keeping records of?  Where will that money go?  How will it be disbursed?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bill Tries To Turn Up the Volume

Windsor tried to pull the ole "I know who you are but I'm not gonna tell ya" stunt yesterday against me and everyone else on this blog.  Of course he wouldn't be Bill Windsor unless he was lying, and that is the case once again.  But the more he screams and complains about his "haters", the more he ignores his followers and his stated goal (which changes daily).

Speaking of stated goals....he keeps making up new ones as he congratulates himself on accomplishing his new made up goal:


An important part of the Lawless America project to me is visiting all 50 state capitols. I was in Salt Lake City 6-7 months ago, but I forgot to go to the Capitol as I geared up for a 500-mile day of driving. I remedied that today.

To reach Bill Windsor and Lawless America, email

The mysteries of the universe will now slowly start to unlock themselves for Bill as he now nears the holy grail of visiting all 50 state capitals.  How can one human being accomplish so much in just one lifetime? 

This American Pie Tour version 3.0 was supposed to be about filming back stories to cases he filmed on version 2.0.....but where is this?  So far all he has been able to film are back roads and prison buildings, and maybe a dust devil.  What version 3.0 has actually emerged as is a support tour for criminals, particularly violent ones.  Mutilation, torture and vengeance are the stories Bill has been drawn too, while he stalks and tries to terrorize any and everyone that disagrees with him.

One of the things that eats at Bill is the inescapable feeling that he is supposed to be better than he is.  This is the first born son of Walter Windsor, he was born and trained to be something special and he had all the resources at his disposal to do it.  Bill Windsor is in the 1%.  But he has no moral character and below average intelligence.  This is why he has fundamentally failed at every single endeavor he has embarked on, and will continue to fail until his body has finally cease and desisted..ohh and abated.  Deep down, Bill knows he was supposed to be more than this, you can hear it in his latest videos as he tries to pin the blame for this failures on his haters and his followers.  But as he reminds us, its just him on this trip, and he is a nobody.  He made up his own crusade, he pushed away at anyone trying to help him, and in the end he has absolutely no one else to blame but himself.  Bill Windsor was born a somebody, but will die as a nobody and there is nothing he can do at this point to change that.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Great Cookie Caper

I guess this is the end.  We are all about to be outed.  That's right, Bill Windsor, the admitted mail fraudster, has people working behind the scenes on all of our identities and he will soon get that information, and he plans to raid the cookie jar.  Ahhh yes this lonely father's day is tough for the man with no home or family, but it will all be worth it if he can find that ginger snap he so longs for.


I want to thank the wonderful folks who have provided information and assistance in my battle against stalkers, harassers, libelers, slanderers, and those who threaten me in various ways, including those with death threats.

I understand that I am now the recipient of a report that identifies the people with the screen names used on I anxiously await the forwarding of my mail.
So is he going to pay up on that $1,000 offer he made a few weeks back?  What about his ever sliding showdown with Sean Boushie that has already been dubbed Piemageddon?  Yesterday Bill marked his 365 day of failure by filming himself in the dessert during a windstorm.  You couldn't really hear anything he had to say, but that's ok because he didn't have anything new to say.  He has failed as a stalker, he has failed as a bully, a father, a grandfather, an American, a son, a husband, and as a human being.