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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Will Bill Windsor Give a State of the Union Response Tonight?

A year ago, Bill gave his SOTU response on behalf of his anti-american revolutionary party.  He spent over 30 minutes explaining how he wanted to destroy America and replace it with his own form of dictatorial anarchy.  Well, a year has gone by, and thankfully Bill's plans have been foiled by....reality, and now he just sits as a lonely old man who can't even boss his cat around any more, much less the Nation.  Its been a bad year for Bill, and 2014 looks to be even worse.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Showdown in the Show Me State

Its ironic that Bill will be in the Show-Me-State today.  After all his wild claims, today he must show the evidence to back up his assertions.  The evidence is never on Bill's side.  He must feel like a 1.2 career gpa student going in to a final just never goes well.  Its all but certain that he will lose his "trial" today in Lexington Missouri.  But what will happen after his loss?

We learned last night that David Shied and several others are going to be with him today in Lexington.  That will mean several domestic terrorist will be in the court room today and, at lest for a while, be under the direct jurisdiction of a judge.  They will discredit the ruling as soon as they exit the building.  They will call the judge unfit to hold his position and void his ruling as such.

This is all an attack, not against Allie, but against our judicial system.  They don't want to reform it, they want to destroy it.  This is precisely why they are terrorist and enemies of all patriotic Americans.  We can all agree that our system isn't perfect and needs to be reformed.  But anarchy and mob rule are the ideas of those that hate this Country and our way of life.  Windsor and Shied want to take every opportunity they can to discredit our judicial system and thumb their noses at its authority.  That is why its critical that we continue to stand up against these enemies of the State and defeat them before they destroy us all.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Der Fuhrer Decides to Take Matters Into His Own Hands

Following his SOTU response video, and kicking out Mary B and a few others just cause, Windsor has decided to begin on the next step of his Nazi solution.  After blowing his and his followers' money in DC, now he wants to convene his own made up citizens grand juries which will then bring forth fake charges against whomever he pleases. 

Several of the lemmings are probably wondering how all this is going to help them get their child back, but since they put all their hope and faith in their messiah they won't ask questions, just obey.  To help distract them from rational thoughts like that, Bill continues to divert their attention to all the new fake "likes" and views he has bought for both the facebook page and his I Hate America video.  This isn't quite as big as getting a fake award from Obama or his 50,000 now deceased followers, but I guess its enough to keep the lemmings content, at least for another week or so.  Tomorrow night's Nazi Radio Broadcast should be interesting (for once) as instead of the "they done me wrong" (trademark NBTDT) stories, Bill is going to educate his followers on how they can become judge, jury and executioner.

Windbag has now come out with a long list of tasks he now says he wants his followers to perform for him.  Most of it has to do with someone being his personal secretary and the ground work for his next phase.  What is completely absent on this list is anything to do with making or formatting his fake movie.  The more he gets into all this other stuff, the less he even bothers to lie to his lemmings about the original lie they were sold to buy into his scam in the first know Lawless America the Movie.  No, in fact he wants to continue lining up people to film as its clear that he only wants these people's personal info and cult like support, but he never intends to hold up his end of the bargain.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tonight Is the State of The Pie Address

Well first let me proclaim, I'm still here!!!  The big bad Pie Baby didn't get me like he promised.  So yay, we can continue to play in the clubhouse.

Bill is continuing to try and change over his facebook page to the new one, which looks a whole lot like the original one.  Is he trying to clean up his 50,000 fake followers now that facebook has been notified of his fraud?  Who knows.  He then wants to find a PI in Califronia, Montana (going after Sean) and Texas (going after me and us).  Would you like fries with that?

Then, as one never to miss an opportunity to put his fat mug in the middle of everything, he has proclaimed a State of the Union response tonight for his fake revolutionary party.  Act as if seems to be his plan of action.

Lawless announces that they have joined forces with a group called Stop the Silence.  They will look to use the credibility and and following that this Stop the Silence group has built and exploit it for their own agenda. Billy gave a hint of his next solution of his Nazi agenda as he said they are going to free 80% of those currently incarcerated and replace them with our duly elected officials.  Literally, he wants the inmates to run the asylum.  Once he realized he has this new group watching him and not just his mindless lemmings, he decided to pull that little titbit and hold it for a later time.  But no matter how you slice it or how many times he says "we are non-violent", he is quickly going to move up the ranks in domestic terrorism as he moves closer to his final solution.