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Bill Windsor said:   “I am not now and never have been a so-called ‘sovereign’.    Anyone making such a claim to the FBI or anyone else is making a false accusation and is defaming me by trying to link me to radical groups.”      Well, maybe Bill is not a ‘sovereign’ as he understands the term.  But it is a fact that GRIP and Lawless America were formed by Bill Windsor to take action based on the political views and methods of change advocated by several radical groups.  

Webster’s defines radical as:   very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary, having extreme political or social views that are not shared by most people.    And, a: very different from the usual or traditional:  extreme  b:  favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions, c:  associated with political views, practices, and policies of extreme change, d:  advocating extreme measures to retain or restore a political state of affairs.     

For the sake of argument, let’s say the overwhelming majority of American people do not share the view that it is a good idea to form Citizen Grand Juries to oust elected and appointed judiciary, government and law enforcement officials from office for treason, with threat of forced compliance through deployment of militia groups and possibly a death sentence.    Given that the majority of people do not share that vision, any individual or group that does share and support that vision would fit the definition of radical.   

All through this blog we have made connections between several radical groups and Bill Windsor.    So, I put a list together (though, not exhaustive) of the individuals and groups linked to Bill Windsor that, in my opinion, are radical by definition.     Again for the sake of argument:  the term SovCit is used broadly in the list below, to include groups or individuals sharing views similar to Bill’s and each other, on the Constitution, politics and how they want to affect change in the government and judiciary.      

Starting with the CC2009, Bill has direct connections to several state delegates and/or signers of the Articles of Freedom.

Continental Congress Articles of Freedom:

Alaska – Schaeffer Cox:  Alaska Citizens Militia and SovCit

California – Orly Taiz: Birther and SovCit

Connecticut – Deborah Stevenson: SovCit

Iowa – Michael Angelos: SovCit

Maine – Wayne Leach & Jack McCarthy: SovCits

Michigan – David Schied: SovCit

Missouri – Ray Herron: SovCit

New York – Robert (Bob) Shultz: SovCit, Birther and Militia

Pennsylvania – William Taylor Reil: Sovcit

South Carolina – Karen Ruff: SovCit (Bio on page with Schied who lists Lawless America in his bio)

South Dakota – Justin David Shultis: SovCit

Texas – Michael Badnarik: SovCit

Texas – Jon Roland: SovCit and Militia

Edgar Steele: Aryan Nations

Delegates to CC2009 with connections to Bill, David Schied and Jon Roland, were on the GRIP Steering Committee and were state Coordinators.    Bob Shultz was asked to be on the steering committee. 

Others involved with the start-up and organization of GRIP and Lawless America are: 
George Mcdermott: SovCit

Arnie Rosner: SovCit

Diane Gochin: SovCit

Denise Loughlin: SovCit

Phil Stimac: SovCit

Ron Branson: SovCit

Rod Class: SovCit, Militia and “Private Attorney General”

Other individual and group connections to Bill Windsor:  

Stephanie Strong: SovCit

Gene Paulson: SovCit

Carl Swennson: Birther, SovCit and Militia (announcement of formation of Citizens Grand Juries that have returned indictments for treason) 

Bob Hurt: SovCit  

Richard Fine: SovCit

Robert Fox: SovCit (and Canadian Fugitive)

Veronica (Niki) Hannevig:  SovCit

National Liberty Alliance: SovCit

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Windsor Found Not Credible in Montana{5B24CC86-9BAA-4E96-8863-187A822BB699}
Just a day after being slapped with the vexatious litigant tag in Texas, Bill suffered a humiliating defeat in Montana in his appeal for a temporary order of protection against Boushie.  The Montana Supreme Court issued a memorandum opinion which is not subject to case law (sorry Bill you wont be famous) in which they denied both of Bill's attempts for a TOP against Sean.

Bill had applied for a TOP in Ravilli County, and then once denied, he tried it in the City of Missoula, again being denied.  As we have chronicled, Bill's entire life is built on not taking no for an answer so he appealed it all the way up to the Montana Supreme Court.

The Court found that all of Bill's extravagant claims of cyber-stalking and being in fear of bodily harm were not supported by actual evidence or the facts.  Why would someone drive over a thousand miles and come in to close proximity of the person he claims is threatening his life?  Those are not the actions of a person who is in fear of his life, the Court found (they are calling him a liar basically).  "The District Court thus found that Windsor’s claim of reasonable apprehension of bodily injury “appears specious.”  Thats a fancy way of saying, you lied Bill.

Then they addressed the infamous car bursting on fire incident.  You know, the one where Bill was driving up to go stalk Boushie and the car in front of him burst in to flames, obviously, as Bill claimed, part of a murder attempt by Sean.  Bill quickly got out of his car and took some high quality no doubt copyrighted photos of the incident (again, if you thought you were being shot at why did you stop and get out of the car?)  One photo was submitted in court as "proof" of wild Bill's claims.  The Court addressed it by saying:  "Windsor submitted one of these photos; however, the District Court observed that “[t]he ‘photo’ of this incident submitted by Windsor is a virtually all black Rorschach blot, indecipherable, and contributes nothing of value, except to increase the Court’s skepticism of Windsor’s credibility.”  I hate to break it to you here Bill, but they are basically calling you a liar once again and a bad photographer.

As a parting gift, the Court gave Bill another blow to his other frivolous lawsuits all across the Country.  "There is no credible evidence that Boushie harassed, threatened, or intimidated Windsor.
Moreover, the offense of stalking does not apply to a constitutionally protected activity,
§ 45-5-220(2), MCA, and, as the District Court noted, the blogging alleged here involved
“First Amendment ‘free speech’ rights with which [Windsor and Boushie] each appear
familiar and in which they regularly engage.”
NOOOOOOO Court, you got it all wrong, only Bill's speech is protected by the First Amendment, everyone else is defamation, stalking, identity theft, libel and malicious fill in the blank...and any other words I come across that I can add.

You can find a good scouting report on vexatious Bill over here

Monday, February 24, 2014

Don't Mess With Texas

Windsor came in to Judge Bob Carroll's court this morning in what he told his followers was a "trial".  It was actually just a hearing on Google's special exception.  Not only was Google's exception upheld, but Carroll ruled that Bill must adhere to Judge Thrash's vexatious litigant ruling. Windsor tried to tell Judge Carroll about all the new motions, names and fillings he wanted to add but he was cut off mid-sentence and told that they were only there to address the Google issue. This means that Joeycon is on hold while Bill begs for a federal judge to let him sue his legion of unknown "haters".  Windsor's horrible reputation precedes him.

The back of Bill's head started to turn red as Carroll read his ruling.  Windsor's hands were visibly shaking as you could feel the rage building.  Now all his named defendants can be dismissed upon request while he waits for a federal judge to let him continue his frivolous lawsuits in Texas.  If the federal judge learns that Bill tried to sue 50+ judges in Georgia alone, he most certainly will not be granted permission.

Having suffered a huge loss today as his made up "trial", Bill is once again looking for a new home. The vexatious litigant is not allowed to ride in Texas and Georgia now, so where will he go to quench his insatiable thirst for frivolous lawsuits.

Friday, February 21, 2014

First Rule of Fight Club?

So the phrase of the week seems to be citizen grand juries.  It seems that Bill and David Schied were both contacted by the FBI and asked about their involvement in the Sovereign Citizen movementand specifically their plans related to citizen grand juries.  And with this coming on the heels of Lawless member Paulson being arrested for trying to carry out the stupid stunt, Bills' and David's answers differ quite a bit.

Bill is only playing games and he can change his story in mid sentence without batting an eye.  When asked if he was a Sovereign....he adhered to the first rule of being a Sovereign  He then brought in a new phrase to his lexicon by saying he didn't propose citizen grand juries but rather "Special Regulatory Grand Juries" despite the mountains of documents and videos where he did propose citizen grand juries.

Then we have ole David Schied who really is a believer.  He isn't playing games and he refuses to lie.  This puts him at a great disadvantage in this world of underground anarchists and makes him a liability to the them. David recaps all the details and more in this article:

Incredibly long story slightly FBI agent contacted David because of his connections to both the late Trish Kraus and Bill Windsor and that they "were somehow involved in a "domestic terrorist" organization called Lawless America".  Will Bill now be adding the FBI to his lawsuits?  Well, instead of following SOP, David like a boy scout went right ahead and gave this agent a long lecture about the sad state of our Country, particularity the legal system. Then when asked about the buzz word of the week, citizen grand juries, instead of denying it or making up a new word like Bill, David went full speed ahead.

"In addressing Agent Brand’s concern about independent grand juries springing up in Michigan without the authorization of these very same (corrupt) judges (and their counterparts in the executive branch), I reasoned that I and others across Michigan and the United States have enough evidence to show that We The People have no other means of accessing any other state or federal grand juries for reporting these government crimes. As case-in-point, I referred to my own numerous case demands to both the judicial and executive branches of both state and federal government for access to the real government of “the People,” by way of either petit or grand juries, and as both a civil “plaintiff” and as a bona fide “crime victim.” I also described how I have thereafter been repeatedly denied such access to anyone outside of government (i.e., “the People” of a petit or grand jury) by both the courts and the prosecutors. I pointed out that I have had so many denials of grand juries by the judicial branch that the latest responses to my demands, at both the state and federal levels, have been to threaten me with sanctions if I file such a court action again clarifying and redressing my demand of this all-important recognition that government crimes are being committed…in spades."

So there you have it mr. FBI agent in an unusually open, honest and transparent way.  Agent Brand goes on to articulate the whole platform of this blog and why we have been following bill and his appointed number two guy Schied:

"I doubt that Agent Brand was taking notes, though he was likely recording our conversation as he further elaborated upon his characterization of the classic sovereign by his definition. He described the person as one who locates a single code or statute and uses it to justify one’s own exemption from being subjugated to the chain of other written laws. This is the person who propagates wrongful information while relying upon just that one statute and a limited interpretation of the law, even though such an interpretation might be entirely correct. His concern was the disregarding of the greater context of other laws, either leading up to or encompassing the one being referenced by the sovereign; and that they were encouraging others to join in on relying upon such a limited interpretation of the law while breaking other laws. In regard to those who are undermining and circumventing the laws to form their own grand juries, Agent Brand insinuated that some of those involved in this movement appear to be people who might have fought numerous court battles and emerged as “disgruntled litigants” (like Bill Windsor) who simply did not like the results of the judicial rulings against them."

I give a standing ovation to our brave public servant FBI agent Brand in articulating exactly what is going on here.  Bill, David and Lawless are not about exposing real government corruption, its about revenge against a system that rendered a ruling they didn't like and they simply refuse to abide by the ruling of the court. Instead, they want to destroy the very fabric of our society.  No evidence, no due process, no actual democracy, just pure vigilante justice at its most primitive form.

The rest of the piece is Schied putting on his reading glasses and giving the agent a long....long.......loooong lecture filled with the usual Sovereign Citizen propaganda with the all caps word TREASON littered throughout the dissertation.  The main point being that when asked by a man with a badge, David didn't run from the Lawless America dogma, he reiterated it.  Bill Windsor, when put in the same spot, ran from his previous initiates.  For all his faults, and they are many, Schied sticks to his guns as a true believer in what he espouses.  I can at least respect that.  Bill is just simply a vindictive baby hell bent on getting back against any and everyone who dared to speak out against his self serving goals.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Windsor Report

Remember that movie Minority Report where three psychics could see the future through precognition with such certainty that they could prevent crime before it happened?  Well Bill has added that power to his super vexatious abilities.  Yes he can sue you before you defame him, he just knows you will.

Bill Windsor 32 minutes ago · Edited
WITH JOEYISALITTLEKID ALONE, APPROXIMATELY 8,000 PAGES OF STUFF what is stuff?, SINGLE-SPACED well why would you double space it?, 9-POINT TYPE.  yeah you are the master of specificity
The Joeys include many people who were filmed ummm name one? and proved to be dishonest your definition of proof doesn't jive with Websters'. You all know many of the names you mean random names you constantly throw out?. You may be surprised at a few that will soon be disclosed. don't tell me Santa Claus is next
I can't even hazard a guess how many libelous statements there are well you kinda have to in a court of law. I would guess tens of thousands not millions?. Each libelous, defamatory statement is a separate violation of the law. It could take the rest of my life just to cite them all what a fulfilling life you have here Bill.
These things you can't sue objects Bill, but I would leave it to you to try will not be able to prove that any of these libelous statements they made are true.
Let me state a few things for the record: the record is now on a facebook page?
I am not now and never have been a so-called "sovereign." you can't stand their monthly dues Anyone making such a claim to the FBI or anyone else is making a false accusation and is defaming me by trying to link me to radical groups. other than adopting all their ideology and trying to carry out most of it on my own, I have nothing to do with them
I am absolutely non-violent, and I have never proposed or supported any violence. Anyone making such a claim to the FBI or anyone else is making a false accusation and is defaming me by trying to link me to radical groups.  this is starting to sound like you know you are in trouble
I have never proposed that any American be put to death except public officials for treason. You believe what you choose preferably the truth, but I personally support abolishing the death penalty in all cases except treason well you just contradicted yourself, maybe we can see a Windsor vs Windsor case coming to a courthouse near you. I believe treason is as serious as it gets forget murder, potentially affecting every American. I believe the death penalty should remain for treason as a deterrent and lets let the cop killers run off. And if a jury finds a person has committed treason and decides the death penalty is proper, then I support that and who gets to define this treason of yours?. I am totally opposed to the death penalty in all other matters because the system is so hopelessly broken with dishonesty, corruption, and an apparently widespread convict-at-all-cost mentality that sounds like a lot of death penalties you have lined up then doesn't it?. Anyone making the claim to the FBI or anyone else that I have proposed killing all (or even one) elected official, appointed official, or government employee is making a false accusation of a crime and is defaming me. YOU JUST SAID THAT EXACT THING BILL.  You can't even make one sentence between lies anymore
I have never proposed "citizen grand juries" as the solution to our problems yeah, you proposed them without the "". I proposed the creation of "Special Regulatory Grand Juries" by state legislatures well this is news to all those Lawless Followers and all those talkshoe shows where you gave them step by step instructions to infiltrate local grand juries. This has been fully explained on www, we can both agree on that. IF we can't get some honest people elected who will try to save America from the rampant corruption, then I proposed that we create some type of citizen review structure where we bring the corruption to light uh huh, case by case. Anyone claiming that my proposal is to create citizen grand juries of the type that have failed in the past is making a false accusation and is defaming me. ohhh here we go with the Bill semantics....yeah, you only propose the kind that won't fail, other than that its the same ole garden variety citizen grand jury.
I have never in my life scammed anyone where can I get a copy of Round America?, committed fraud what happened to the donated RV?, or conned anyone where can I see the movie Lawless America?. Anyone making such a statement is making a false accusation of crimes and is defaming me. or being deadly accurate with what you have been doing
I have never evaded taxes in my life you just don't file tax returns, at least not lately. All donations received by me for the movie what movie, videos what videos?, and Lawless America projects like pie eating contests? have been fully accounted for where is this?  Why not be transparent?. The movie trips and work have been financed approximately 75% by me wow, that's a lot more donations than I thought. Until I formed a 501 c 3 was it approved?, I never said any donation was tax-deductible yeah you said they might be, and I have proof galore of that. Once the 501 c 3 was formed, a very small number of donations were received (perhaps less than $2,000), and I don't know if those are deductible or not show me the money. Anyone telling the FBI, IRS, State of Delaware, or anyone that any money is unaccounted for, a receipt was not provided if requested, or that anything improper was done is making a false accusation of a crime and is defaming me. why not prove that?
Neither my ex-wife, my son, nor any family member has ever owned any part of Lawless America, my websites, or the movie uhhhhh, if you say so Mr. Bill. I used to use my son's hosting service uh huh, but when the threats got to be too great, he told me I had to leave he said dad has to go. I moved to Godaddy you took him literally several years ago -- before the movie trip and then to Bulkregister wait so the "threats" were that bad even before you started your fake movie tour?. My ex-wife was listed as the administrative contact for all web domains that I own yeah that would kinda imply she had something to do with it. That does not in any way indicate ownership but certainly points to it. I always owned them. I set them all up you did do lots of set ups, I'll give you that. I paid for them. Anyone making claims about involvement of my family and ex-wife is making false accusations for which there is and can never be any proof, is defaming me, and is wrongfully attempting to include people who are not involved just to cause trouble. sounds like you are pretty worried about Barb getting sworn in for court testimony
Anyone who claims I ever stalked anyone is making a false accusation of a crime and is defaming me so you just drove by Allie, Boushie, Brannon, and Hernandez's houses and post the pictures of them online by happenstance?. All I have ever done is expose criminals name one, and I will continue to do so with every ounce of energy that I have so you stalk and you will continue to stalk?. If you don't want to be in a video or movie, be honest and don't defame and cyberstalk me. If you do, I will expose stalk and harass you. I will come to your town to film, if possible. that's what we call stalking...Mr. bill
I will soon start posting the evidence to you are coming over here to stalk us now? It will chronicle all the legal filings and evidence in this case. I bet the court clerk loves seeing you come in Other evidence and legal filings may be seen at ,, www,, those are three examples of cyber stalking, and
We we?  all the voices in your head? now have a very good system for capturing all the online statements wow, most people had that 15 years ago. I have sued every person who has defamed me or will defame me what if the other two agatha's disagree?  Sue em as I have named "John Doe, Jane Doe, and Joey Doe" parties sounds like you really have them pinned down. I would be delighted to add you as long as the courts allow it he is now speaking to all humanity here, and if you defame me, I will sue you and expose you and even if you don't, consider yourself sued. That's not a threat; it's a promise and you have the vexatious badge to back that up. I want to make each and every one of the cyberstalkers famous but you don't have a movie though do you. I hope my cases will establish precedents that will serve as a deterrent to others hope isn't a plan.
I could type for the rest of my life, so I will stop. you should try sleeping sometime, maybe a nice walk in the park or a night out on the town, your obsession is consuming you
I pray that I have gotten lucky with honest judges and that I will get to present this outrage to jurors we don't have enough trees to survive that. These people have all but "killed" Lawless America good that was the goal, the movie so you admit there is no movie, and me you are still around aren't ya?, and we need a massive financial award and removal of all the defamation and stalking to have a chance to continue effectively. so no movie it.